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WIA 2017 AGM and Weekend Of Activities - Hahndorf

19th, 20th and 21st of May 2017
Inspiring Leadership: the Future of Amateur Radio

The WIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Technical Forum will be held over the weekend of 19th, 20th and 21st May 2017 at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre in Hahndorf.

Hahndorf is a small town in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. An important tourism spot, it has previously been a centre for farming and services. It is accessible from Adelaide, the South Australian capital, via the South Eastern Freeway. Being an easily reached and exceptional location it is expected that this AGM weekend will be very well attended.

About Hahndorf

Established in 1839 Hahndorf is a historic and attractive small township. It is classified as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement and a significant tourist attraction only half an hour from Adelaide along the South Eastern Freeway (M1 Highway). There is regular public transport to Adelaide. The township retains many buildings from its early years when it was established by Lutheran migrants fleeing religious persecution. Many were from a small village in Prussia (now in Poland) and most arrived on the 28th December 1838 aboard the Zebra. The township was subsequently named after its influential Danish captain Dirk Meinhertz Hahn and became a centre for farming and services. The small township’s tourist attractions and many food selections reflect its historic roots and include a monument to Hahn.

Tourists in the main street - Photos VK5PAS

Eateries in Hahndorf.

There are many cafes and restaurants in Hahndorf. However, if you are from interstate and visiting for the first time you might like to try one of the genuine German pubs in town: German Arms Hotel and the Hahndorf Inn.


Friday evening Meal - Adelaide Hills Convention Centre

The evening meal is the Adelaide Hills Pizza Grazing package at $33 per person

Chef’s Selection of an assortment of The AHCC Rustic Pizzas and will include..

Prosciutto and rocket
Virginian ham and pineapple
Virginian ham, wood mushrooms, truffle oil
Margherita - basil, fresh mozzarella, tomato [v]
Flammkuchen - sour cream, bacon, onion
Sopressa salami, kalamata olives, capsicum, red onion
Bbq chicken, bacon, pineapple, capsicum, red onion
Spicy garlic prawn, chorizo, jalapenos, parsley
Pissaladière - anchovies, red onion, black olives, fresh thyme
Garlic Bread

Note : A WIA check in and registration desk will be setup at this Adelaide Hills Convention Centre.

Adelaide Hills Convention Centre

The Adelaide Hills Convention Centre will be the venue for the majority of the activities over the weekend.

Located on Hahndorf’s western outskirts, the recently refurbished Convention Centre has a serene and scenic rural outlook as does the varied adjacent varied accommodation. Being outside a major city, it is easily accessible for those driving to Adelaide from the eastern states. .


The WIA Annual General Meeting

On Saturday morning the 20th May 2017 the Wireless Institute of Australia will conduct its national Annual General Meeting of members. This year’s AGM will be held in the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, commencing at 9:00am.

The AGM will be followed by the presentation of awards, after which the Open Forum will commence with reports presented on all WIA activities over the year and the opportunity to raise any issue desired. Morning tea and coffee will be served at 10:30am



Saturday Afternoon Technical Program

Prior to the lunch break you will hear from Doc (David Wescombe-Down) VK5BUG who will introduce a new manual he has prepared on operating on the low bands. This useful publication is very timely, considering the phase of the sunspot cycle we find ourselves in and the heightened relevance low band MF and HF operation will have to the Amateur Service over the next few years.

Following the formal AGM sessions Saturday morning and the lunch break, the radio clubs of South Australia wish to invite you to take a journey of discovery, into the future of the Amateur Service in Australia. We wish to showcase the Amateur Service in a new light, giving you an introduction to a range of advanced modes, fresh activities, new technologies and hopefully leave you with a new perspective on what Amateur Radio can be. We all need to be thinking collectively about how we as Radio Amateurs can contribute to the future of our hobby. With this in mind, our program has been designed to introduce you to new aspects of the hobby. We want to rekindle the “Magic of Radio” and leave you if not with a new interest, at least with an appreciation of what is out there, so that you can talk about it with people you meet who show any spark of interest in what we do. With these aims in mind, we have brought together some of the best practitioners of the Amateur Radio art in their fields, to showcase their expertise and give you a glimpse of what is possible.

So that no one misses out, the day will take on a new form. Don't expect the traditional technical symposium style event. This will be something new! You will be treated to a lively introduction to these facets of the hobby and afterwards be given a chance both on the Saturday and again on Sunday to sit down with the experts and learn much more about your chosen area in detail.

Guest speakers

David VK5KK and Iain VK5ZD
Introducing Amateur Microwaves - David and Iain have both been active in amateur microwave communications for many years now, and regularly participate in the microwave contests. With equipment up to 76GHz their experiments have been extensive, going as far as undertaking DXPeditions into the European Alps to ply their microwave trade. They hope to inspire you to come and try microwave communications and will conduct a live demonstration to whet your appetite. David will also talk about his 10GHz portable EME setup. While Saturday will provide an introduction, Sunday afternoon will give you an opportunity to get up close to their equipment and ask lots of questions about how you can get involved too in this fascinating aspect of the hobby. It is planned to activate 10GHz EME portable as well at the come and try event on Sunday.

David VK5DMC
Getting into Digital Amateur Television – David was the pioneer of digital ATV in South Australia’s Mid North, bringing a group of enthusiasts together to construct the VK5RDC digital ATV repeater, based on the ranges behind Port Pirie. David will show you how easy it is to start receiving digital ATV, give some insights as to what was involved in the repeater’s construction and most importantly show you the path towards transmitting your own ATV pictures.
Paul Simmonds VK5PAS
Operating Field portable in the great outdoors – Paul has been inspirational in encouraging local amateur radio operators onto the air, either in the field or back at base through the creation of the VK5 Parks Award. Paul is well-known for promoting and supporting the popular portable activities such as the VK5 Parks Award, World Wide Flora and Fauna (promoting conservation via Amateur Radio). Paul will take you through the steps of creating your own parks portable station and hopefully inspire you to get into the great outdoors! On Sunday, Paul will lead one of the “expedition teams” out into the field in a come and try parks portable event, somewhere in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.
Steve Adler VK5SFA
Operating Low Band HF in confined spaces - Steve has a love of low band HF, amongst many other things. The size of antennas on low band frequencies, and the man made noise problems encountered in your typical suburban block, usually make operating 160m and 80m difficult at best. Steve was looking for an alternative when he consulted with Lee Turner VK5KLT and Paul Lawson VK5SL. Together, they offered advice on how to refine Steve's design for a Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antenna, which solved the size and noise issues perfectly. Steve will discuss the antenna he has built and how he has used it to work 160m & 80m DX on an antenna only 3 metres in diameter and only 1.8 metres above the ground! Steve will also show and demonstrate his 60m-30m loop antenna, ideal for when VK Amateurs are finally granted access to the 60m band.
Mark Jessop VK5QI
High Altitude Balloon Tracking – Mark will update you on what has been happening in the Project Horus High Altitude Balloon project since the Mildura AGM, with a particular focus on the new SSDV live imaging payload system he has developed nicknamed ‘WeNet – The Swift one’. This payload, with it’s 115kbit/s downlink, is now sending pictures from the balloon mid flight. Mark will show everyone the very simple technology that you can use to download the images yourself, as well as describe the other ways you can track the balloons from home. Tentatively on Sunday a balloon launch is being planned – details closer to the day.
David Rowe VK5DGR (of FreeDV fame)
SSB had been the dominant voice mode for 50 years for good reason. David is on a mission to replace SSB, by developing the FreeDV series of digital voice modes for HF. During this talk, David will discuss the latest developments in FreeDV and how well it competes with SSB. He will show how you can get up and running with FreeDV, and experiment with the new mode yourself.
Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP
Promoting Amateur Radio – where to start –Joe and Julie are well known in Victoria for their work with their School Amateur Radio Club project. They will share a précis of their activities and demonstrate the sorts of things they have been doing with school children that have left a lasting positive impression of Amateur Radio on the younger generation.
STEM Practitioners
How we can all get involved in promoting Amateur Radio – Q&A Session with STEM practitioners, Maker Movement Representatives, Hacker Spaces, Science Teachers and more. Following on from the STEM symposium held in Canberra, Grant VK5GR and Matt VK5ZM will introduce local STEM identities and provide the opportunity for a panel discussion on how amateur radio can contribute to the STEM movement in education.


Alternative Program
Saturday Tour For Partners

The WIA hopes that partners will also choose to join in for the AGM weekend of activities. The weekend planning also includes a choice of two Saturday programs of relaxing social activities. The tours will be $80 each and include transport, lunch and any entry fees.
Tour 1. Mt. Lofty Lookout "Cedars" in Hahndorf for morning tea Beerenberg Jams Old Hahndorf Mill for lunch Either Lobethal Markets or Milan Rouge in Stirling, craft place with souvenirs. Melbas and the Cheese tasting place next doori. Please Note - Mt Lofty Tour is now fully booked.
Tour 2. Whispering Wall Barossa Chateau for morning tea then time to wander through antiques section and rose garden Lavender Farm Yaldara Winery with a tour and wine tasting before lunch Opal Shop in Hahndorf (opposite the Old Hahndorf Mill)

Saturday's partners tour will have two pickup points, the first will be from the Convention Centre, the second pickup point will be near the Haus for those staying there.


Saturday Evening Annual Dinner

Saturday Evening Annual Dinner
On Saturday evening the WIA will host it's Annual Dinner on "The Deck" at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. The evening will be a great social occasion as well as providing an opportunity for a few words from some key people.

Buffet Menu
The three course Dinner will be $60 per head. Wine, beer and soft drink will be available for purchase on the night.




Saturday Evening Annual Dinner
Guest Speakers


Keynote Speaker - Islands on the Air
Craig Edwards VK5CE

The Radio Clubs of South Australia have invited Craig Edwards VK5CE to come and speak about the Islands on the Air program. Craig, who is a prolific island activator and one of the leading advocates of the IOTA program in Australia, will introduce this fantastic aspect of the hobby giving both the practical and humorous side of what it takes to stage a DXPedition on a remote island. Rest assured there are tales to be told and stories to be had from Craig’s many adventures. It promises to be an entertaining yet informative look at this extreme site of Amateur Radio.


In addition to Craig, we will also hear from Sue VK5AYL. She will be launching an iPhone App that is specially tailored to the Parks and Peaks community linked with the Parks and Peaks website written by Allen VK3ARH. Small screens can create problems when trying to read information on a website. So the app downloads Spots and Alerts and formats them so that they fit nicely within the screenscape. You can also save Spots and Alerts back to the website. Searching for a site is quick and easy. When there is no mobile network you can record Spots and Alerts for later upload when the network is available. The app is intended to fill a void for iPhone/iPad users who wish to connect with the Parks and Peaks website, and will be a perfect add on especially for those who venture out into a park during the Sunday activities.



Sunday Morning - National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

On Sunday morning we will be visiting the National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

Since 1965 millions of people have enjoyed discovering their motoring heritage and the social history of motoring at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood, South Australia. As an international centre for the collection, research, preservation, education and display of Australian road transport history, the National Motor Museum is much more than a collection of vehicles. It is a social history of the way we were, the way we are now and the way of the future.

We encourage car pooling to assist those without transport attend the Birdwood motor museum activity.

Hahndorf Oval

Sunday Afternoon Program
Hahndorf Oval.

Following on from the introductions to the many facets of Amateur Radio on Saturday, Sunday afternoon will see everyone treated to hands on demonstrations of many of the activities that were presented. Starting from ~1.00pm, events will run continuously from Hahndorf Oval.

This will be your best chance to get up close and personal with these new modes, equipment and activities. It will give you the opportunity to discuss and learn about these various facets of amateur radio, one on one with the presenters.

Live demonstrations being planned include:

 • Microwave equipment Demonstrations and equipment
 • ATV demonstrations and Experiments
 • Low Band TMLA Antenna Demonstrations
 • How to track the Horus balloons using cheap equipment – will include a launch and tracking exercise
 • FreeDV HF Digital Voice demonstrations
 • National Parks Portable activations – mustering point

The National Parks portable operation activity will meet first at Hahndorf Oval before those interested will break into teams and have the opportunity to travel with with some local activators to nearby parks in the Mt Lofty ranges.

More details about times and locations for this will be released closer to the day.

For those who want something more sedate, you can always explore the township of Hahndorf and all of the cultural and gastronomic delights that this fantastic region of the Adelaide Hills has to offer.


Sunday Evening BBQ At Hahndorf Football Club.

For those not traveling back to their home QTH on Sunday afternoon and who will be staying in Adelaide Hills on Sunday evening, you are invited to dinner at the Hahndorf Football Club as guests of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Inc. Delegates and partners will be catered for at the dinner.


Conference Programme & Timetable

dtd bgcolor="#CCCCCC">20 May 2017
Friday 19 May 2017
5 pm onward Registration at the Adeliade Hills Convention Centre
6 pm The AHCC Pizza & Grazing dinner
8 am to 9 am Registration at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre
9 am to 12.45 pm Annual General Meeting and Open Forum, Adelaide Hills Convention Centre
1 pm to 2 pm Lunch
2 pm to 5 pm Technical Symposium (guest speakersbeing announced)
6 pm to 7 pm Drinks at the Deck at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre
7 pm Annual Dinner, The Deck at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre
Sunday 21 May 2017
11.30 am to 3.30 pm Visit to the Birdwood Motor Museum
5:30 pm For those staying for Sunday night, BBQ At Hahndorf Football Club provided by the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society

Special Event Callsigns & Awards

The theme for this year's event is all about inspiring people to explore Amateur Radio and its diversity. We are promoting the idea that “Radio is Magic” to new people outside the hobby. We also want to rekindle that magic into new areas of exploration for those of us already engaged in this fantastic hobby of ours.

Inspiring new people to take a look at our hobby means inspiring that feeling of wonder and amazement as they realise what they are witnessing. Find and demonstrate something that makes students go “WOW” is the common theme that educators tell us inspires young people to come and take a closer look. As a technical hobby with fantastic community engagement potential, no other individual or group pursuit has the ability to draw together science, community, technology and a spirit of exploration all from your own back yard!

To promote these themes, the VK5 organising committee is pleased to announce the following special event callsigns will be active in the lead up to the Convention weekend. VK5WOW will be heard on various bands, channels and modes starting from the 1st of April through to the 12th of May. Then, from the 12th of May through until the end of the AGM, the special callsign VI5WOW will be on air.

There will be a special award available for stations who work one or both callsigns as follows: The General Award • 5 contacts with VK5WOW or VI5WOW •Among the 5 contacts, at least two different modes or channels (eg SSB and RTTY, or analogue FM Echolink and CW) need to have been used, OR, at least one contact has to be with the callsigns when they have been activated from a Park under the terms of the VK5 Parks awards. (watch the usual parks activation alert sites for times and parks)

The Gold Award •5 contacts with VK5WOW & 1 contact with VI5WOW – must include a digital data or voice modes contact and contact with at least one VK5WOW or VI5WOW parks activation Contacts via HF (Voice, Digital Voice, Digital Data and CW), VHF, UHF, Microwave, ATV, EME, Echolink, DSTAR, DMR, FUSION, IRLP, Satellite, Balloon Repeater will all count for this award.

The aim here is to encourage people to explore the diversity of the hobby, so time to start scanning the bands and give us a call!.
Further information is available via this Link

2 Meter Repeater Liaison/Net Frequency.

The 2m repeater VK5RAD 147.000 (-600 offset) will be used for regular nets and liaison throughout the AGM weekend.The nets will provide the opportunity for a quick check in and to provide updated news and information on the weekend events. Members are encouraged to bring with them their 2m hand helds.

HF Travelers Net.

A HF travelers net has been suggested by a number of people participating in the AGM weekend who will be traveling by road to Hahndorf. The 40m call frequency of 7070 +/- QRM is recommended for anyone with HF capabilities who would like to establish contact with other travelers during the days leading up to and after the event.

Conference Weekend Registration

Please ensure that you use the online registration form at the bottom of this webpage to register your attendance for the weekend activities. A $15per head venue hire fee is automatically for the use of the Adelaide Hills Conference Facilities (aside from those only attending the AGM and no other activities).

Bookings are expected to fill quickly, so you are encouraged to register early.

The venue hire fee of $15 per head will automatically be calculated when you use the online booking form below. Please note, if you have young children under the age of 12 who you plan to bring to the weekend and these children are not involved in amateur radio, then please do not record them using the online form, instead simply phone the WIA office and speak with Bruce or Petra. For seating and catering purposes we do need to know how many will be coming.


Click the map for a larger view

Travelling To Adelaide Hills

Travelling By Car
Adelaide Hills is 1,361 km from Sydney (about 14.5 hours), 715 km from Melbourne (about 8 hours), 31 km from Adelaide (about 45 minutes), 1991 km from Brisbane (about 21.5 hours) and 2,710 km from Perth (about 28 hours)
Google maps can provide assistance with directions


Adelaide Hills Tourist information

Tourist information is available from the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre
68 Mount Barker Rd., Hahndorf SA 5245
Phone (08) 8388 1185
Website :
Maps, planning tools, bookings and free advice areavailable.



Amateurs and their partners are responsible for their own accommodation and bookings. There is a variety of accommodation close by in the Big 4 Tourist Park around the Convention Centre and in Hahndorf.

Cottage at Hahndorf Resort

Cottages are available at the Hahndorf resort.

Cottage Features:
Renovated open plan Cottage Sleeps up to 3 Choice of either 1 Queen bed OR 1 Queen and 1 single bed Ensuite bathroom with shower, toilet and vanity Dining table and chairs Kitchenette includes microwave, toaster and kettle (no stove/cook top) Small refrigerator (bar fridge) Crockery, cutlery, glasses Reverse cycle air-conditioning Linen included Electric blankets included on all beds Flat screen TV Free Wireless Internet for guests - please ask at Reception Iron & ironing board Initial supply of tea, coffee, sugar and milk Serviced daily All cottages have their own parking Outdoor seating area Baby package available for hire (travel cot and linen, change mat, high chair) - bookings necessary

Rates per night :
All accommodation is Non-Smoking Rates (per night) From $139 **
Rate is for 1-2 people Extra adult 15+ - $25
Extra child (aged 2 to 14 years) - $10
First child under 2 - free
Baby package - $10 per night ** Rates are subject to change without notice and should be used as a guide only.

Special Note : In addition to operating the Haus Café + Bar the AHAG operate a range of accommodation facilities in the centre of Hahndorf all within walking distance of the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. The various options range from three star to four and a half star quality. The accommodation options in the town are about one kilometre from the Adelaide Convention Centre where the AGM and Technical Forum is to be held. The last 400 metres is a gentle climb. We will provide transport from the accommodation in Hahndorf to the Convention Centre for those who don’t wish to walk. Those who wish to take transport will be given a chance to register on Friday evening at the AHCC Restaurant.

Hahndorf Motel

Address : 60 Main Street Hahndorf

Motel Features:
Restaurant Facilities Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner – 7 Days, Conference / Meeting Facilities sister motel, Wireless Internet complimentary, Smoke Free Rooms, Private Bathrooms, In-room Hair Dryer, Televisions DVD Players Hire, Swimming Pool 100m walk to sister motel, BBQ Facilties 100m walk to sister motel, Heating & Cooling, Ample off-street parking, Guest Laundry at sister motel, Complimentary Tea & Coffee Making Facilities, Two-Stove Cook-Tops in Loft Rooms, Refridgerator non-alcoholic mini-bar, Kitchenette mircowave, toaster, and kettle, Cots Hire, All Linen provided, Walking distance to the shops and restaurants

Rates per night from:
Deluxe Room 1 King or 1 Queen or 2 Singles $109
One-Bedroom Loft 1 King or 1 Queen or 2 Singles $129
Two-Bedroom Loft 1 Queen & 1 King or 2 Singles $149
Three-Bedroom Retreat 1 Queen & 1 King or 2 Singles & 1 King or 2 Singles $190

Hahndorf Motor Lodge

25 Main Street, Hahndorf

Motel Features:
19 Rooms - Standard, Family, Poolside, Self- Catering Facilities Rustic Retreat, Restaurant Facilities Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner - 7 Days, Conference / Meeting Facilities, Smoke Free Rooms, Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning, Kitchenette microwave/toaster/kettle, Refrigerator water for purchase, Tea & Coffee Making Facilities, Flat Screen Televisions Foxtel Complimentary, Free Wireless Internet, DVD Players Hire, Telephone Local & International Dialing, Private Bathrooms In-room Hair Dryers, Swimming Pool & Spa solar heated, BBQ Facilities Guest Laundry Fee, Ample off-street Parking, Coach & Bus Parking, 100m walk to sister Motel - The Manna of Hahndorf, Cots on Request Hire, Disabled Facilities on request.

Rates per night from:
Standard Room 1 Queen/Double + 1 Single $129
Family Room [Two Rooms] 1 Queen + 2 Singles $139
Poolside Room 1 Queen + 1 Single $139
Rustic Retreat [Three Rooms] 1 Queen + 1 Double + 2 Singles $185

The Manna

25 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf

Motel Features:
51 Rooms Superior, Executive, and Indulgence Spa Suites, Restaurant Facilities Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner – 7 Days, Conference / Meeting Facilities, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Smoke Free Rooms, Telephone local & international dialing, Private Bathrooms, In-room Hair Dryer, Flat-Screen Televisions Foxtel complimentary, DVD Players Hire, Swimming Pool 100m walk to sister motel, BBQ Facilities 100m walk to sister motel, Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning, Guest Laundry fee, Limited off-street Parking, Coach & Bus Parking, Complimentary Tea & Coffee Making Facilities, Refrigerator non-alcoholic mini-bar, Cots Hire, Disabled Facilities on request - Executive Rooms only.

Rates per night from:
Superior Room 1 King or 1 Queen or 2 Singles $149
Executive Room * 1 King $159
Executive Family * 1 King + 2 Single Trundles $179
Indulgence Spa Suites 1 Queen + Balcony + Spa $199
* Inter-connecting on request when two Executive Rooms are booked.
* Single trundles must be requested upon booking.

Haus Studio Apartments

34 Main St, Hahndorf

Apartment Features:
14 self-contained apartments one or two bedrooms, Choose from 1 King or 2 Singles per bedroom, Restaurant Facilities Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner, Conference & Meeting facilities, Ample Off-Street Parking, Coach/Bus Parking, 50m walk to sister motel, Self-Catering Kitchen two-stove cook top / microwave / toaster / kettle, Refridgerator non-alcoholic mini-bar, Complimentary Tea & Coffee Making Facilities, Smoke-Free Rooms, Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning, Flat Screen televisions, Foxtel 30 complimentary channels, DVD players hire, Wireless Internet complimentary, Telephone local & international dialling, Private Bathrooms double shower & wall jets, In-Room Hairdryers, Guest Laundry 50m walk to sister motel - fee, Swimming Pool 150m walk to sister motel, BBQ Facilites 150m walk to sister motel, Cots available Hire.

Rates per night from:
One-Bedroom Studio $169
Two-Bedroom Studio $328


Caravan park at the Hahndorf Resort

The Hahndorf resort includes a caravan park.

Sites include:
Power - water - sullage - sites all grassed (some with annex pads) - please note, we do not offer on-site vans or en-suite sites Facilities include - spotless amenities blocks - disabled access bathroom - family bathroom with bath - dump point - complimentary WIFI for guests - small children's playground - complimentary gas BBQs - outdoor summer pool (unheated) - complimentary mini golf - games room - self service guest laundry (charge applies) - jumping cushion.

Rates (per night) from:
Back-In site - from $38
Drive through site - from $42
(Price is for 1- 2 persons) Extra adult - $10
Extra child (up to 15 years) - $5
First child under 2 – free


Reserve Your Place Today

Book Online.

Please note - Registrations for the 2017 Convention are now closed.

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