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2019 WIA Annual Conference Sydney

About the 2019 WIA Annual Conference

Register to attend the 2019 WIA Annual Conference - Click this Link

The 2019 WIA Annual Conference and AGM is being held at the ParkRoyal Hotel 150 Day St Sydney over the weekend 24th to 26th of May 2019.

Please note : There will a call in frequency for weekend attendees.
VK2RBV Repeater
438.1125 MHz CTCSS 91.5 encode and decode -5.4MHz offset
Call sign will be VI2BV100, this is the centenary call sign for the Waverley Amateur Radio Society

Friday 24th Program

14:00-18:00 Conference Registration
15:00-17:00 Clubs Executive Gathering

Sydney Town Hall - Marconi Terrace
18:00 Welcome Desk
18:30 Welcome Function
18:50 Pre dinner - entertainment
19:30 Welcome to Country
19:35 WARS President Address
19:40 Keynote Address - David Dufty
20:30 Conclusion - last drinks
21:00 Venue Closes

Saturday 25th Program

08:00 Registration Opens

ParkRoyal - Blackwattle Room - 1st Floor
9:15 Welcome Address
9:30 WIA AGM - Session 1
10:45 Break
11:00 WIA Open Forum
12:35 Lunch

Blackwattle room 1 & 2 - 1st Floor
13:45 Announcements & housekeeping
14:00 Technical Presentations - Round 1
14:40 Technical Presentations - Round 2
15:10 Break
15:40 Technical Presentations - Round 3
16:20 Technical Presentations - Round 4
17:00 Announcements & housekeeping

Park Royal Bar
18:30 Pre dinner drinks

Park Royal Function Space
19:30 WIA Annual Dinner
19:40 Welcome by WIA MC
20:00 Presentation by Sponsor
20:45 Keynote Speaker - Prof Fred Watson
22:00 WIA Annual Dinner concludes

Saturday Technical Presentations


Sunday 26th Program

Park Royal
8:35 Bus meet in foyer
8:50 Bus leaves

ARNSW - 63 Quarry Rd, Dural NSW 2158
10:00 Bus Arrives
10:10 Welcome from ARNSW
10:30 ARNSW Broadcast
10:30 Mini Trash and Treasure & stalls
10:45 Static displays & informal tours
12:00 BBQ Lunch
12:40 Commercial presentation by Sponsor
13:00 Technical Presentation - Round 5
13:50 Technical Presentation - Round 6
14:30 Formal Close to Conference
14:45 Bus leaves

Park Royal
16:00 Bus arrives

Club Rose Bay - 1 Vickery Ave, Rose Bay
17:00 Closing Drinks Club Rose Bay - Terrace Bar.

Sunday Technical Presentations


Technical Presenters

Past Present and Future, Education with the WIA
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 14:00 Stream : 1 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : Liz Billiau VK2XSE
About Liz : Liz is active in VKFF, a member of the Wagga Amateur Radio Club (WARC) and a rural generalist doctor with a Master in Education.

Scientific Cubesat Missions, Amateurs Have a Part to Play.
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 14:40 Stream : 1 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : Tony Monger VK2KZ

About Tony : Dr Tony Monger has been an amateur since 2009, He has worked on a number of space projects including Intelsat spacecraft, Shuttle Payload designs including a retrievable platform. He was one of the design engineers on the Ariane III launch vehicle. He is currently retired but works as a volunteer for several cubesat missions and engages in a small amount of research related to orbital lifetimes with respect to Solar Activity.

Amateur Service Documentation and Regulation
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 15:40 Stream : 1 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : Dale Hughes VK1DSH
Details : The amateur service depends on a relatively small number of documents and regulatory provisions that underpin its national and international existence. This talk will briefly cover what the provisions are; how they are changed and who plays a part in changing them.

About Dale : Dale obtained his Advanced AOCP in 1981 and has always had a fascination for the technical side of radio communications. Dale is currently active in amateur satellites, LF and MF operation and amateur television and since 1998 has contributed nearly 50 technical articles to AR magazine. Since 2010 Dale has represented the WIA in the Australian World Radiocommunication Conference preparatory process and has been a member of the Australian delegations to WRC-12, WRC-15 and various regional meetings. Dale is the Chairman of the ITU working group 'Amateur and amateur satellite services' and regularly attends the working group meetings in Geneva.

FreeDV 700D & 2020 Update
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 14:00 Stream : 2 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : David Rowe VK5DGR
Details : FreeDV is a Digital Voice mode for HF radio. You can run FreeDV using a free GUI application for Windows, Linux and OSX that allows any SSB radio to be used for low bit rate digital voice. FreeDV is being developed by an international team of radio amateurs working together on coding, design, user interface and testing. FreeDV is open source software, even the modem and speech codec. This means amateur radio operators are free to experiment - something that is prohibited with many other digital voice modes that use "black box" commercial speech codecs. David, VK5DGR will present the latest developments in FreeDV, including the low SNR 700D mode, and the high quality, 8kHz audio bandwidth FreeDV 2020 mode.

About David : David Rowe VK5DGR was first licensed at age 14 in 1981, operating a converted CB on 10m. Through the 1980's and high school he progressed to a "full call" license and a TS-520S. In 2009 he became interested in the problem of closed source codecs and digital voice, and started working on FreeDV. David works part time as an engineer for an Internet of Things (IoT) start up, and is Dad to three children. He writes a popular blog that is read by 70,000 people each month, drives a home-brew Electric Car, and also enjoys bike riding and sailing (both with a 70cm HT).

The Epic VK Microwave Tour
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 15:40 Stream : 2 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : David Minchin VK5KK
Details : Late in 2018, VK5ZD proposed to VK5ZT and VK5KK that instead of doing another EU mmWave DXpedition in 2019 that we do same type of driving trip in Australia. Whilst we don't have as high a mountains in Australia compared to what we have operated from in Europe, we do have numerous accessible peaks 100 to 160 km apart in the eastern states that have LOS paths. Besides, as we had been working with a number of groups in VK2 & VK3 in developing equipment it was time to pay a visit! The presentation covers the challenges and adventures of the 5800km round trip to work mmWaves in VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK4!

About David : Licensed in 1975, David's focus has always been 'VHF and Above' following in the footsteps of his father Keith VK5KG (ex VK5ZMK). David has been active on the Microwave bands since 1978 during the time of Reg VK5QR and Wally VK6WG World records on 1296/2304 MHz and managed to work Wally on both in the years following. David is currently active on all bands from 1296 MHz to 122 GHz as well as 10 GHz portable EME. David has operated portable from all VK mainland states and territories on a number microwave trips over the past 30 years as well as from nine European countries during the 'VK EU mmWave DXpeditions' from 2014 to 2018. David has promoted activity on the Microwave bands through various activities including the WIA VK5 Equipment Supplies kit service from the late 1980's, the Microwave series of articles published in the early 2000's as well as technical and parts assistance to get others active. More recent experiments with VHF SDR applications lead to David presenting twice (2015/2016) at the SDR Academy in Germany. David is on his second stint as the editor of the VHF column in AR magazine. Professionally David has worked in a number of Engineering/Commercial roles. He currently works in the Alternative Energy industry and sits on EL005, EL042 and EL064 Australian Standards technical committees.

RF in confined spaces - frequency management at large sporting events
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 16:20 Stream : 1 - Park Royal Room
Presenters : John Buckley VK2LWB and Peter Twartz
Details : A verbal presentation and demonstrations on the issues of site wide frequency management and co-ordination of RF issues at large sporting events in areas described already as High Density under ACMA guidelines. The presentation will address issues of:
  In place Commercial communications (nearby sites)
  Wireless radio microphone co-ordination, remote antenna and diversity issues
  Broadcast comms, telemetry and camera linking
  Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

About John Buckley & Peter Twartz : John is a WARS member and amateur of close on 10 years standing with a significant experience in live audio and RF production issues.
Peter is a longstanding production and supply chain professional in the Audio Visual market and principal of PRM who specialise in large scale event RF management.

Summits on the Air (SOTA)
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 14:40 Stream : 2 - Park Royal Room
Presenters : Andrew Davis VK1DA
Details : When SOTA came to Australia Andrew became interested in it and assisted in the survey and checking of the VK1 summit list. The VK2 summits list was next and he took on the role of Association Manager, recruiting and coordinating the efforts of a team of about ten surveyors who combed through many summit lists and topographic maps to arrive at the initial list of almost 1200 VK2 summits. In 2018 he reached the Mountain Goat level of the award by scoring over 1000 activator points, remembering that summits are allocated a maximum of 10 points each. He is well qualified to speak today about SOTA.

He will be introducing us to the SOTA program and how it works, explaining what is needed to participate in the program and how successful it has been. He will also describe the links between SOTA and the WWFF parks award. He also says he will explain why SOTA is a wife-approved radio activity.

About Andrew : Andrew vk1da has held the call since he was in High School in 1965. He was the secretary of the Canberra Radio Society, later the ACT Division of the WIA and held positions of President and Secretary over a period of about 15 years. He was a member of the VK2AWI and VK2BWI morse practice session team, has participated in numerous National Field Day contests as a team member and more recently as a single operator entrant in the VHF/UHF field days. He also operated as V85DA while working in Brunei for an oil company.

Secrets of the KiwiSDR
Date : Saturday 25th May
Time : 16:20 Stream : 2 - Park Royal Room
Presenter : Jamie Campbell VK2YCJ
Details : Jamie has been recently undertaking extensive "applied" research and development in the practical use and application of the KiwiSDR, and this talk will cover the how to utilise from these incredibly innovative, flexible devices.

The KiwiSDR is quite different to other SDRs - Software Defined Receivers. It is a standalone, relatively low cost, device that attaches to your local network and is optionally able to be accessed via the internet. An internet browser (Chrome, Firefox Safaria, MS Edge, etc) is used to connect to the KiwiSDR user interface. Most other SDRs generate raw data, called IQ data, and need to be directly connected to a PC or laptop running Operating System specific, installed software - but not the KiwiSDR!.

The KiwiSDR supports multiple simultaneous connections, each running their own independent controlled audio and "waterfall" display channels. It is able to self-calibrates via a software-defined GPS An extension interface allows advanced signal decoding directly in the browser interface, the most popular is the integrated WSPR decoder.

This is a "soup to nuts", highly practical presentation starting with the KiwiSDR basics of how to get started and then taking you through to more esoteric applications. Of special interest is the ability to use the KiwiSDR in remote locations as a fully tracking remote receiver directly controlled by your normal (late model) transceiver - this has immense DX and contesting potential. And it doesn't even have to be your own KiwiSDR!

About Jamie : Jamie was born at a very early age and developed an interest in electronics and radio soon after - from around age 10 or 11 years old!

He passed his Amateur Radio licence whilst still at high school and on finishing high school, was then employed as a cadet trainee with Telstra (then called Telecom) before accepting a 3 year posting to Papua New Guinea to maintain their microwave communications systems. Given that the microwave towers and electronics were mostly located on mountain tops, this typically meant going to work each day in a helicopter. On returning to Australia, Jamie established an electronics R&D and manufacturing company in Newcastle specialising in electronic high power electric motor control systems (in the 100s of kilowatts), electronic "shear pins", as well a many bespoke specialised developments, such as battery chargers for the Melbourne trams - the hostile electrical and physical environment having defeated other previous suppliers. Jamie also gained his helicopter pilots licence and remains an avid aviator with an interest in historic aircraft, including flying his venerable WW2 vintage Tiger Moth.

He is currently involved in a number of Radio Amateur areas of interest, such as APRS, WSPR, various HF Antenna projects, He is developing a CW skimmer receiver project to interface to the REVERSE BEACON NETWORK, and multiple KiwiSDR projects including one for receiving 8 bands of WSPR on HF. Jamie also regularly participates in contest weekends such as the Trans-Tasman 160-80m-40m contest.


Billeting has been a traditional way of providing low cost accommodation for groups or individuals visiting events in local areas. A billeting program has been arranged for the 2019 WIA Annual Conference to further enhance the social experience of the weekend and to assist in reducing accommodation costs for those traveling from afar. If you are able to billet someone or are looking to take advantage of the program, please complete the form via the following Link

Hotel Accomodation

ParkRoyal Hotel - WIA Conference Venue (pictured)
150 Day St Sydney 2000
Rooms > $300 per night
Stay onsite at the conference venue
Phone: (02) 9261 1188
For more info check the ParkRoyal Website via this Link

Metro Aspire Hotel Sydney
383-389 Bulwara Road Ultimo 2007
Rooms < $200 per night
Distance to venue .9km
Phone: (02) 9211 1499
For more info check the Metro Aspire Website via this Link

Sofitel Hotel
12 Darling Drive Sydney
Rooms > $200 per night
Distance to venue .5km
Phone: (02) 8388 8888
For more info check the Sofitel Website via this Link

Ibis Darling Harbour
70-100 Murray St Pyrmont
Rooms < $170 per night
Distance to venue 1km
Phone: (02) 9563 0888
For more info check the Ibis Website via this Link

Sydney Darling Harbour Hotel
11 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
Rooms < $150 per night
Distance to venue 1km
Phone: (02) 9660 2777

Seasons Harbour Plaza
38 Harbour St Sydney
Rooms < $170 per night
Distance to venue .5km
Phone (02) 9336 5111
For more info check the Seasons Website via this Link

Adina Apartments Town Hall
511 Kent St Sydney
Rooms < $190 per night
Distance to venue .5km
Phone: (02) 9274 0000
For more info check the Adina Apartments Website via this Link

Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central
431-439 Pitt St Haymarket
Rooms < $180 per night
Distance to venue 1km
Phone: (02) 9281 6999
For more info check the Metro Hotel Website via this Link

Glasgow Arms Hotel
527 Harris St Sydney
Rooms < $120 per night
Distance to venue 1km
Phone: (02) 9211 2354
For more info check the Glasgow Arms Website via this Link

Hostels (Dormitory Style)

The Wool Brokers Hotel (pictured)
22 Allen St Pyrmont
Bed < $90 per night
Distance to venue 1km
Phone: (02) 9552 4773
For more info check the Woolbrokers Hotel Website via this Link

The Village
256 Glebe Point Rd
Bed < $25 per night
Distance to venue 2.5km via light rail
Phone: (02) 9660 8133
For more info check the Village Website via this Link

Hostel Glebe Point (YHA)
262-264 Glebe Point Rd
Bed < $20 per night
Distance to venue 2.5km via light rail
Phone: (02) 9692 8418
For more info check the Hostel Glebe Point Website via this Link

Caravan Parks

Lane Cove River Tourist Park (pictured right)
13 Plassey Rd Macquarie Park
Powered Site $43
Distance to venue 15.9km (via car)
Phone: (02) 9888 9133
For more info check the Caravan Park Website via this Link

Ingenia Holidays Sydney Hills
269 New Line Rd Dural
Multiple Site Types and Rates
Distance to venue 32.3km (via car)
Distance to ARNSW 3.4km (via car)
Phone: (02) 9651 2555
For more info check the Caravan Park Website via this Link

Parking Near The Venue

Wilson Parking
201 Sussex St Sydney
Flat Rate $15 per exit per day (weekends)
Carpark open daily from ?am to 10pm
Max entry height 2.1m
Distance to venue .25km (on foot)
Phone: 1800 727 546
For more info check the Wilson Parking Website via this Link

Map of Parkroyal Darling Harbour Area

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Files For Download

WIA Conference Tri-Fold Weekend Brochure
WIA Conference Tri-Fold Weekend Brochure 20190520.pdf

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