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Please use this form to provide your feedback on Interference Management

The ACMA is undertaking a review of its Interference Management Principles. This review has been undertaken in light of future developments related to the Radiocommunications Bill 2017, which will soon be debated in the federal parliament, with the new Act planned to come into force in 2018.

A Consultation paper has been produced by the ACMA, which you can download from this Link .

In the Consultation paper, your attention is drawn to the following:
pages 8 through 12, where the ACMA explains the background and expectations concerning the ACMA’s role in managing radiocommunications interference.
pages 13 through 17 setting out the proposed (new) principles.

Once you have read the Consultation paper, even if you wish to send your own response to the ACMA, the WIA would appreciate your comments on the four questions posed by the ACMA, set out below.

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1/ Do you consider that the Proposed Principles would operate effectively, and encourage the more timely resolution of interference cases now and under the future communications environment?


2/ Do the Proposed Principles create any barriers to resolving cases of interference using the most appropriate approach; that is, cooperative, private rights of action or enforcement action?


3/ Are there principles other than these that the ACMA should use to guide its interference management decisions?


4/ Are there any other matters the ACMA should consider when revising the 2004 Principles?


Thank You For Providing Your Feedback.
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