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The History of the WIA

The origins of the WIA date back to 1910, where on the 11 March 1910 a meeting of like-minded radio experimenters met at the Hotel Australia in Martin Place Sydney forming the very first body to represent interests of wireless experimenters to government. Other, state based, organisations followed suit and a federation with each of the state organisations was later established.

The WIA Today

Over the early 2000s significant reform occurred to the Radiocommunications Act and to amateur radio licensing worldwide. In 2004 a new single, national organisation "The National Wireless Institute Of Australia" was formed to meet the ongoing emerging challenges. The Wireless Institute of Australia is today a member of the International Amateur Radio Union and represents all Amateur Radio Operators in Australia to the various government bodies in this country.

WIA Address Details

The National WIA office is located at:
Unit 20, 11-13 Havelock Road
Victoria, 3153

Our office hours are:
9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Our Postal Address is:
Wireless Institute Of Australia
PO Box 2042
Victoria, 3153

Contact us by Phone Fax or Email :
Phone : (03) 9729 0400 - Phone contact hours are 11am-4pm AEST/AEDT
Fax : (03) 9729 7325
Email :

Files For Download

WIA Constitution
WIA Constitution - as amended May 2018.pdf

WIA Corporate Ethics Policy
WIA Corporate Ethics Policy As Adopted.pdf

WIA Privacy Policy
WIA Privacy-Policy-2020 .pdf

WIA Election Regulations - updated March 2021
WIA Election Regulations _amended_Mar_2021.pdf

Use of WIA Premises by Others
Use of WIA Premises by Others 26042016.pdf

WIA Social Media Guidelines
WIA Social Media Guidelines.pdf

WIA Consultation Policy
WIA Consultation Policy - V3.pdf

WIA Complaint Form
WIA Complaint Form - v5.docx

WIA Complaints Management
WIA Complaints Management - Policy & Procedure - V2.0.pdf

WIA Historic QSL Collection Policy
WIA Historic QSL Collection Policy.pdf

WIA Policy on Amateur Satellites
WIA Policy on Amateur Satellites.pdf

WIA Volunteers Charter
WIA Volunteers Charter.pdf

WIA Archive Collection Policy 2017

WIA Club Advertising Policy Updated 18th January 2017
WIA AR Club Advertising Policy 2017 -rev1.pdf

WIA - Repeater and Beacon Licence Recommendation
WIA - Repeater and Beacon Licence Recommendation -Final - December 2014.pdf

WIA Child Protection Policy

WIA Policy on publication of contentious material
WIA Policy on publication of contentious material.pdf

WIA QSL Bureau Policy
WIA QSL Bureau Policy.pdf

WIA AGM Meeting Proxy Form
AGM Instrument of Proxy.pdf

2019 AGM Minutes
2019 AGM - Minutes of AGM.pdf

2019 AGM Forum Report

2018 AGM - Open Forum Reports
WIA Open Forum Reports 2017 V2.6 2018-06-08.pdf

2018 AGM -Directors Report

2018 AGM - Draft Minutes
AGM 2018 Draft Minutes.pdf

2017 AGM Minutes
AGM 2017 minutes with questions.pdf

2017 AGM - Open Forum Reports

WIA Members Only - Files For Download

WIA Financial Report YE December 2016

WIA Financial Report YE December 2015
WIA Financial Report 15052016.pdf

WIA Financial Report YE December 2014
WIA Annual Report 2014.pdf

WIA Financial Report YE December 2013
WIA Annual Report 2013.pdf

WIA Financial Report YE December 2017
2017 WIA Financial Statements - Audited.pdf

WIA Financial Report YE December 2018
WIA Accounts 2018.pdf

WIA Financial Report YE December 2019
WIA Accounts 2019.pdf

WIA financial Report YE December 2020
WIA Accounts 2020.pdf

WIA Directors Report - Financial Year 2020

Proposed Update To WIA Constitution
CoC update to WIA Constitution - as last amended May 2018 (1).pdf

WIA 2021 AGM Agenda
AGENDA -WIA 2021 Annual General Meeting .pdf

WIA 2020 AGM Draft Minutes
2020 WIA AGM - Draft MINUTES.pdf

WIA 2021 Open Forum Reports
2021 WIA AGM Open Forum Reports.pdf

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