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In becoming a radio amateur, you have joined the ranks of some 15,000 Australian radio amateurs and a worldwide fellowship of some 3 million, from all walks of life.

Your Voice Since 1910

The WIA - A single, national organisation run by radio amateurs for radio amateurs.
Join, benefit and contribute. See what you get and what you can do - open up!

WIA Membership Benefits

Amateur Radio magazine
  The only Australian magazine devoted to your hobby
  6 issues a year
 Covering all facets of amateur radio and shortwave listening
  Written and produced by members

Annual Callbook
  The primary reference for who's who and what's what
  A directory of Australian callsigns
  Info on bands, beacons, clubs, repeaters and more
  Discount price for members!

WIA Bookshop
  Selection of Amateur Radio Books and WIA publications
  Members get a discount!

QSL Service
  Send and collect your precious QSL cards
  Free to members!

  Go for gold! Well, at least a certificate
  Show off your achievements!
  Worked 100 countries
  Worked all continents
  100 VHF contacts
  10 Antarctic contacts & many more!...
  Sponsored, promoted and administered by the WIA

  Want to test yourself? And your station?
  HF. VHF/UHF. Field days. Local and multi-national contests
  Sponsored, promoted and administered by the WIA

Support For Your Local Club
  Resources for club education and exam services
  Public liability insurance
  Grants for club projects

The WIA - Working For You

Advancing and Protecting Our Privileges
  Every licensee has a stake!
  Your voice with the authorities - nationally and globally
  Collective action over decades achieved all we enjoy today
  Fought off proposed huge licence fees in the 1990s
  Simplification of licences - 5 reduced to 3
  Introduction of the Foundation Licence
  Removal of Morse code test for HF band operation
  New frequency allocations: 80 metre DX window ; 136 kHz
  Gained more operating modes and technologies
  Unique callsigns and prefixes for special occasions
  Ensuring our privileges are aligned internationally

Protecting Our Spectrum
  Retained continuing access to the 70 cm band
  Acting to have intruders removed from our bands
  Opposing interference threats

National News Service
  Keep up-to-date
  Weekly broadcasts - 30 minutes of national news
  Also online in text and audio
  Website news bulletins - reported "as it happens"

WIA History

Our origins go back to 1910, when the first Institute was formed in Sydney to represent wireless experimenters with the government. Other, state based, organisations followed suit and a federation was later established.

Significant reform of the Radiocommunications Act over the early 2000s, and to amateur radio licensing worldwide, saw a new single, national organisation formed in 2004 to meet the emerging challenges.

WIA Around The World

The work of the WIA extends beyond Australia's borders. The Institute is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union, which advocates and represents amateurs' interests to the International Telecommunications Union and at the important World Radio Conferences. Nations around the world attend these Conferences, held every few years, to determine global radio regulations and frequency allocations. Australian amateur radio bands are allocated from these global decisions.

The WIA is involved in Australia's preparations for the World Radio Conferences and attends with the Australian delegation. Institute volunteers do this work. WIA attendance is funded by the Institute on behalf of all Australian radio amateurs.

Join The WIA Online The Fast And Easy Way

Join the WIA today and receive not only the 6 bi monthly editions of the Wireless Institute of Australia's publication "AR magazine", your membership entitles you to the wide range of member services mentioned above as well as working with Government agencies to ensure that Amateur Radio is well represented here in Australia with a healthy future.

The WIA Online Membership system is fast and easy way to join the WIA. Simple click the following Link or click the menu item "Join The WIA Online Today" in the left hand menu.

Or Complete A Writen Application Form And Mail It To The WIA

You can also choose to download and print a copy of the WIA's membership application form in PDF format below, fill out the form and fax or mail it to the WIA office at the following address:

WIA National Office
PO Box 2042
Victoria, 3153

Files For Download

WIA Membership Written Application Form PDF Format
WIA Membership Application Form.pdf

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