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Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions. See if your query is among them. Links to relevant information pages have been provided.

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How to join Amateur Radio

I want to take up the hobby and need to know more about how to be involved?

Basic details about the hobby of Amateur Radio. Link
For licences, training and assessments - click on the 'Your Amateur Radio Licence' tab on the WIA website.

Renewal of WIA membership

I want to keep a track of my WIA membership, but how it done?

MEMNET allows members to view membership notices and pay member subscriptions online. Link

Change of address or email

I have moved or changed my email address, what should I do?

MEMNET allows members to edit their details including postal address and email address. Link

How to Register for MEMNET

How does a WIA member register?

Members are invited to join through a download PDF showing how easy it can be. Link

WIA Rates and charges

What is the WIA membership subscription?

All WIA rates and charges.Link

WIA member benefits

Please explain the role and benefits of supporting the Wireless Institute of Australia?

What the WIA does, and a member application form: Link

Free @ email alias

Free @ email alias

How do I get a free email address and the benefits it gives?
Members own @ address. Link

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