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Renewal Of Licences

About Renewal Of Licences

All apparatus licence will have an expiry date – this is displayed on the licence document. Approximately three to four weeks before the licence is due to expire, a renewal notice will be sent to the last valid postal or email address that the ACMA has on record. It is the licensee’s responsibility to keep your email, postal and residential address current with the ACMA to receive renewal notices. The ACMA is not required by legislation to send reminder notices for the renewal of licences, but does so as a courtesy reminder and to facilitate payment of the renewal fee.

The WIA recommends that members note their licence renewal date in their diary as a reminder, should they not received the email or mail renewal notification from the ACMA.

If a licence is not renewed on or before the indicated expiry date, an expiry notice is sent to the last known postal address after ten days as a final reminder and to inform the licensee the subject licence has expired. Technically if a person still operates their station after the expiry date, continued operation is consider to be operating without a valid licence and the licensee could be subject to regulatory action for unlicensed operation. Further, if for example you enter a contest or gain that long awaited DX contact while technically unlicensed any claims would be rendered void.

Administratively, apparatus licences can be renewed by apply in writing six months before the expiry date to 60 days after that date. After this period the licence no longer exists.

How To Renew Your Licence

Approximately four to six weeks before the licence is due to expire, a renewal notice will be sent to the last valid postal address that the ACMA has on record.

Each renewal notice will have a “Renewal Number” this must be quoted when payment is made, or if you have an enquiry to the ACMA.

Renewal of licences can be made to the ACMA through the “on-line” payment gateway facility, or by sending a cheque or money order to the address indicated on the renewal notice.

The ACMA On-line payment gateway can be access as follows: Home Page and select the option in the right hand menu "Make a payment to the ACMA" – this will lead you to the ANZ payment gateway. Have your client number and payment reference number ready at hand, these are on your renewal notice. If you experience difficulties you can contact the ACMA on 1300 850 115.

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