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Amateur Radio June 2008

Delivery expected from June 2


Imperfect proofing

Yes, we are all human and subject to making errors. One such error last month resulted in the same typographical error occurring four times! I missed the error when the photo captions were sent to me, and the proofing team members also missed it – four times! So, rather than just apologising to the person that was misidentified (incorrect numeral in his callsign), I have decided to share here with you most of my exchange with Duncan VK2DLR, as Duncan’s response has some points worth sharing. Yes, I could have done this as an Over to You item, but hopefully it may have more impact here. Also note the correction regarding the diagram of the Slim Jim antenna dimension. I will post the corrected diagram to the AR archive on the WIA website.

Hello Duncan,

Please accept my apologies on having missed the error in your callsign in three places with the photos, and in the caption to the cover photo! I can only blame it on myself, not having closely checked the captions sent in to me, and then missing the errors again at proofing.

On the other hand, I hope that I did a reasonable job of recreating your diagrams into a form that was usable for publication.

I will place a correction note in the next issue.


Peter VK3KAI

Duncan replied:

Thanks Peter,

It is amazing how strong habits become. I have the same problem when I record VK4 callsigns from just over the border. The diagrams look pretty good to me. The only minor technicality I can see is in step 3 the 390 mm dimension is to the bottom of the notch rather than the centre as the drawing suggests. The text elaborates this point.

Thank you for all your work and to Robert Broomhead VK3KRB for the visit and photography. When we stand back and think about it I am the dead lucky one who ends up with his photo on the cover as the result of a lot of work from others. It was the WIA executive and others that did the work to create Foundation licences and the Assessor system that let Aaron and Kendall earn their licences. Their enthusiasm and attendance created the photo opportunity that would have passed unnoticed if Robert had not visited. My contribution was simply to share my experience of building antennas designed by others.

Some people would call it teamwork.

Others would call it individuals working independently for the common good.

Call it what you like - it works.

Thanks again for your work and the correction note.


Duncan VK2DLR

WIA and AR magazine Awards

At the AGM in Broken Hill, several awards will be announced. Some are decided by the WIA Board. Three awards are recommended to the Board by the Publications Committee, based largely on the material published in AR in the previous year – the Higginbotham Award, the Al Shawsmith Award and the Amateur Radio Technical Award.

The President outlines the awards and identifies the recipients in this month’s Comment column. Congratulations to all recipients.

Call for help

Over the past couple of issues, we have called for volunteers to assist with the preparation of the next Callbook. I thank all who indicated their willingness to assist. By now, I shall have been in contact with all of them. They may still be able to assist in some way – we shall keep them all informed.

I welcome to the Publications Committee Greg Williams VK3VT, who not only offered to assist this year, but is willing to take on the role of Callbook Editor after this year, with Brenda VK3KT having announced earlier this year that the next Callbook would be her last! So, a big thank you to Greg – I trust that we shall all be able to make his job not too difficult.

We still need some help with the Callbook and for AR – we need your high quality photographs for consideration for use on the cover of either publication!


Peter VK3KAI

Cover photo

Ron Fisher VK3OM, Bill Roper VK3BR and Eric Buggee VK3AX review the Yaesu FT-950 HF and 6 m transceiver. See story on page 24. Background scene photo by John Gardner VK7ZZ. See VK7 notes on page 36.

Table Of Contents


BD7/VK2VEL Calling CQ from Guangdong, China – Edwin Lowe VK2VEL

The John Moyle from New Zealand – John Hammond VK4TJH

Relocation of the Riverland repeater VK5RLD – Doug Tamblyn VK5GA

Newcastle celebrates Scouting’s centennial – Gianni Mazzantini VK2FGCV.


The market umbrella portable antenna mast – Richard Cortis VK2XRC

A low-noise amplifier for 70 cm – Filip Zalio VK3FLP

Measuring complex impedances using the HP8405A vector voltmeter and a return loss bridge – Gary Gibson VK8BN

A better ground plane for mobile antennas – Rodney Champness VK3UG

A swept-frequency generator – Paul Anderson VK2GPT

Exploring the complexities of the Yaesu FT-950 HF and 6 m transceiver (Equipment review) – Ron Fisher VK3OM, Bill Roper VK3BR and Eric Buggee VK3AX

Plus all the usual columns and Club news

BD7/VK2VEL Calling CQ from Guangdong, China

Edwin Lowe VK2VEL.

Edwin describes his experiences with amateur radio during a visit to China.

The John Moyle from New Zealand

John Hammond VK4TJH.

John describes how some radio activity in ZL included participation in the John Moyle Memorial National Field Day Contest.

A swept-frequency generator

Paul Anderson VK2GPT.

This article describes an instrument which when used in conjunction with a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO), displays the amplitude/frequency characteristics of linear filters, tuned circuits and the ‘Q’ of inductors. A total of forty one markers are displayed simultaneously with the frequency response curve. This unit is useful as a teaching adjunct or as a servicing aid in aligning filters used in communication equipment.

The author provides a descriptive overview of the piece, provides a complete circuit description of the generator, and describes the setting up procedure to operate the finished unit, as well as giving a well detailed example of how it may be useful in your shack.

A parts list completes the article.

The market umbrella portable antenna mast

Richard Cortis VK2XRC.

Richard describes how to turn a discarded market style shade umbrella into a convenient and cheap antenna mast.

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