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Amateur Radio October 2010

Delivery expected from October 1


For many, October will be a very busy month.
Jamboree On The Air
Across the world, many amateurs will be involved in the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) event, involving youth who are members of the Scout or Guide movements. This is an excellent opportunity to expose younger people to our hobby.

As Bob VK6POP explains in his article, your plans should be well underway by now if you are directly involved with a Scout or Guide group for this event.

Locally, our club will be running JOTA on the Sunday, with the local Guide group. We will also have the bonus of using the special callsign VK100WIA, celebrating the centenary of organised amateur radio in Australia. We will be focussing primarily on JOTA contacts for the Sunday, but will work other stations if JOTA contacts are hard to find.

I am aware that the Victorian Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit will be using the VK100WIA callsign over the period Thursday to Saturday, so Saturday (and Sunday morning in most states except WA) will be another opportunity for JOTA stations to work the special callsign.

Also note that another special callsign will be on air – VK100GG, celebrating a century of the Girl Guide movement. I understand that the callsign will only be in use for a short period, so I expect that many will be seeking contacts so that they can claim a rare QSL card.

Last chance to work VK100WIA

The end of October marks the end of the operations using the special callsign VK100WIA. It also marks the end of the period for working that callsign and any WIA members if you hope to qualify for the WIA Centenary Award. The award applications must be submitted by the end of January 2011, but eligible contacts must have been made in the period 1 May to 31 October 2010, so you had best make that little extra effort now!

Make your plans for the WIA National Field Day

Do not forget that in addition to JOTA, there is another opportunity for you and/or your club to promote amateur radio to the broader community this month – the WIA National Field Day, with its theme “Tune-in to the world: Amateur radio gets people talking”.

Full details were in AR last month, and this month our cover story highlights the event. Plan out what you can do. Consider purchasing some of the clothing available with the event logo – but be quick if you want the clothing for 23 October, as there is a two week delivery. If you decide to set up a station in a public place, consider having the promotional banner printed in colour. There are plenty of resources available, as outlined in the article and available for download from the WIA website.

Ballarat Hamvention

On the day after the WIA National Field Day, Sunday 24 October, the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group will be holding its annual Hamvention. This event draws visitors from far and wide, including most of western Victoria, Melbourne and suburbs and even South Australia. Due to its wide catchment area, it is an event that is worth attending, if only for the social aspects – it is a great place to catch up with friends that you have not seen for some time. I know that I am making plans to make the long trek from Churchill for this reason. Of course, you may also find something attractive for sale, or even win a prize in the raffle. Either outcome would be a huge bonus, really making the long trip a complete success.

Moving finally complete

Yes, I have finally completed moving everything from the old location. I need to start sorting the mess at the new location. Due to time pressures during the move, boxes were simply placed in a convenient spot on arrival. Now the big task is to make decisions about assembling a new shack, planning which antennas to erect in what order, refurbishing the Nally tower support pole, obtaining a building permit for the Nally and so on. It will eventually happen, but I am taking a considered and staged approach.

Cheers, Peter VK3PF

Cover photo

Help promote our hobby to the broader public - set up a station and participate in the WIA National Field Day on 23 October, allowing the public to "Tune-in to the world". See the story on page 8. Photo by Robert Broomhead VK3DN.

Table Of Contents


A Review of CDs published by the WIA
Saucepan lids, woks and dishes Dan Joyce VK2GG
Tune-in to the world – Our inaugural national day of amateur radio promotion Jim Linton VK3PC
Tackling the next level Ted Thrift VK2ARA
An ‘archealogical dig’ into amateur radio in Victoria Deane Blackman VK3TX
Here & There – ‘Oscar’s Amateur Radio Adventure’ Rob Norman VK5SW
ILLW lights up record numbers Various authors
Jamboree On The Air 2010 Bob Bristow VK6POP
WIA Centenary Award


A generic PC interface for the amateur experimenter Part two Paul McMahon VK3DIP
Recent activities on the 137 kHz band in VK1 and VK2 Dale Hughes VK1DSH

Plus all the usual Club news and columns

Tackling the next level

Ted Thrift VK2ARA

This is the latest in the Foundation Corner series of articles that, whilst designed primarily for our many Foundation members and readers, are both informative and interesting enough to ensure significant interest for all amateurs.

This article discusses the ‘next level’ of amateur radio licensing, be it the Standard or Advanced level, and discusses how one might best prepare oneself for the examination.

Nothing is new in the advice offered, but for those who are, or soon will be faced with this challenge, it is well recommended reading, falling as it does within the scope of those pieces of advice best described as ‘nothing to lose, perhaps everything to gain’.

ILLW lights up record numbers

Various authors

In this issue, we have reports from several groups of their activities over the International Lighthouse Lightship weekend, from locations across several states.

Read all about and check out the colour photos, especially those on the Inside Back Cover.

A generic PC interface for the amateur experimenter Part 2

Paul McMahon VK3DIP

This is part two of the author’s article detailing the planning, build and operation of a generic PC interface for the ham experimenter – with part 2 concentrating on the operational aspects of the completed unit.

This is certainly not an article for either new builders, or those who do not have a very solid grasp of both electronics and computers/computer software development, but even the reader inexperienced in all such facets will still get a feel of the scope of possibilities the interface offers, and its many capabilities, whilst those more experienced will quite possibly recognise the additional, personal wish-list scope that the interface indeed offers.

Recent activities on the 137 kHz band in VK1 and VK2

Dale Hughes VK1DSH

Along with Software Defined Radio (SDR) radio the other ‘big’ issue in amateur radio today is the gradual move of amateurs into the LF part of the spectrum, around 137 kHz and 500 kHz, where experimentation in antenna construction and performance is very much to the forefront of amateur thought and action.

The author updates us on how these developments are playing out in VK1 and VK2 and, in a very subtle way, suggests a very exciting time for those participating in this aspect of the hobby in the near future.

For those interested, a ‘must’ read.

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