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March - April 2023

March - April 2023

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Said Harry Ham

"The bands are rooned," said Harry Ham
In accents all forlorn,
Outside the club, down by the dam
One early Sat'dee morn.

The members then attending slumped
With chins upon their chests
Breathing low, yet barely pumped
While deciding what was best.

A loudly whine and sorry rave
Was what the members feared
From Harry Ham and his mate Dave,
The pair that no one cheered.

Another member soon chimed in,
"What is your beef there mate?
Tell us! Don’t mutter in your chin!"
"Them solar signs aren’t great!"

He spoke! The members shocked!
At Harry's verbal drought.
No wonder now the clubroom rocked,
They marvelled at the rout.

"I tell you now, that Sun of ours
Exhibits feeble thrust,
But science says the cycle’s fit
To capture all our trust."

The Pres'dent turned to remonstrate
With doubters, skeptics all.
Asks Dave and Harry to debate,
That early Sat'dee morn.

And round it went, all in that hall
Till they were verb'lly worn;
They came upon consensus all,
That early Sat’dee morn.

After Said Hanrahan, by John O’Brien
(penname of Patrick Joseph Hartigan, a man of the cloth).

Sharp-eyed readers may notice that, this issue, our colleague Simon Rumble VK2VSR is no longer listed in Column 1 on Page 3. Simon has taken on a new job, that no longer has the flexibility that previously allowed him to contribute to the work of the Publications Committee.

Simon joined the Committee in late 2020, during the height of the pandemic, at a time when we were producing one issue of the magazine a month in order to complete the full complement of six issues for the year. He took on the role of PubCom Secretary, which he carried out with diligence and efficiency. Simon wrote a few articles for us along the way.

So long, Simon, it’s been good to know you (to paraphrase American folk poet, Woody Guthrie). See you further down the log.

Table Of Contents

  WestNews - Will McGhie VK6UU
  Time out for leap seconds - Darryl Veitch
  Fun and frolics on ILLW 2022 - Glenn Alford VK3CAM, VK3ILH
  Christmas Is. holiday with DX jaunt - Stephen Warrillow VK3SN
  How the WIA’s Amateur Radio magazine came into being - Part 2 - Peter Wolfenden VK3RV
  AR magazine Encouragement Award - Bruce R. Kendall VK3WL, 9V1WL

  Crafty rig and amp tester - Jim Tregellas VK5JST
  Novel shack earthing hack - Peter Sumner VK5PJ
  Drilling round-boom Yagis - Peter Sumner VK5PJ
  Adding Anderson Powerpoles to a Manson SMPS - Peter Forbes VK3QI, VJ3P
  Short Hacks & Hints - Various authors
  Homebrew 400 watt T-network antenna tuner - Part 2 - Luigi Destefano VK3AQZ


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