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About AR Magazine

What Is AR Magazine ?

Amateur Radio is a bi-monthly journal published by The Wireless Institute of Australia primarily for its members. It is published 6 times a year.

The magazine is primarily a forum for members to publish their Amateur Radio experiences, whether it is their latest technical achievement, a new antenna or an operating experience. It also provides news of general interest to Amateurs: news items, and other contributions such as Silent Key (obituary) notices and letters to the Editor (which we call 'Over to you' items). A number of writers contribute regular columns, such as DX News, AMSAT (Amateur satellite news) and VHF/UHF news. A Contesting column discusses techniques for contesting in addition to announcing forthcoming contest and Results. We also carry news items from radio clubs and organisations from around Australia.

How Can I Receive The Magazine ?

The easiest way to receive the magazine is to join the WIA. The magazine is just one of your membership benefits. This guarantees that the magazine will be sent to your mailing address, normally arriving in your mailbox every second month, usually within the first half of the month. However, production and postal delays may occasionally delay delivery. The magazine is also downloadable as a digital file, which is one of the benefits for those members registered with MEMNET, the WIA membership management system.

Alternatively, you can buy the magazine at the newsagent. Not all newsagents stock the magazine, so you may need to request a copy.

Receive AR In Digital Format or Printed

The WIA has introduced a paper magazine opt-out system for WIA members who only wish to receive the digital copy of Amateur Radio magazine, not the paper copy in the post. That will further ease the pressure on the postage costs. Members who don't wish to receive the magazine in the post should log into Memnet via this Link and select "Update Details" marking the check the box "Do Not Send Hardcopy AR Magazine". Alternately you can use the Contact WIA form on the WIA website and send a message to WIA National Office providing your member number and request to opt out from receiving the paper edition. Link

Remember, this is an Opt-out system - those members who still value their paper copy of AR Magazine delivered in the post will not be affected, and do not have to do anything.

Can I Contribute Material For The Magazine ?

We are flexible with regard to contributions. However, if you are considering an article for publication in Amateur Radio , you should refer to the guidelines for authors, which is available for download. See the link 'Contributing material' in the menu to the left.

Generally, we prefer contributions in Microsoft Word (Word 2003 format), or Rich Text Format (.rtf files) for the text. Images are welcome in most standard formats, with a preference for JPG or TIF formats. Further guidance is provided in the guidelines for authors. Note that we print at 300 dpi, so all image files need to be at least a few hundred kilobytes in size: files less than 200 kB are rarely suitable for publication.

For me details, see the more descriptive information via the link Contributing Material on the menu to the left.

Advertising In AR Magazine

All our advertising enquiries, including our free 'Hamads' for small non-commercial advertisements for members, should be sent the following email address:

Club advertising

Details of commercial advertising can be found in the AR Advertising Policies document located on the About WIA page (WIA Policies Section) Link. Concessions are available for Clubs that are affiliated with the WIA. Clubs wishing to advertise in Amateur Radio should read the document for all details.

Who To Contact

We have a somewhat devolved structure, so the way to contact us depends upon the nature of your question or contribution:

General and Technical articles and regular columns and general enquiries go to:
The Secretary, AR Publications Committee
or via mail to
National WIA office
PO Box 2042
Victoria, 3153

NB: email contact and submission is preferred.
Letters to the editor go to:
The Editor AR Magazine
or via mail to
PO Box 2042
Victoria, 3153

Note that electronic submission is preferred.

All AR Circulation and subscription enquiries or issues should be addressed to the WIA office at:
or via mail to
National WIA Office
PO Box 2042
Victoria, 3153

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