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Beacon Update

The WIA Beacon Data Base

We aim to keep the beacon listing up to date, but for this we depend on information from our fellow amateurs. If you are aware of any additions, changes or corrections that need to be made to the beacon listing, please send the details to tac (at)

Latest updates to the data base

26 Feb - 10 metre update (tnx VK3XPT)
23 Apr - typo corrected
23 July - changes/additions for VK5RBV, VK5RSE
10 Dec - updates for VK3RMH (deleted), VK3RRL

March - VK1RBM 144.410, VK1RGI 1296.410
August - Changes proposed for VK1RBM, VK1RGI, VK3RMH. Proposed beacon for Geraldton on 50.464 MHz.
27 Sept - updates for VK7RTC, VK8VF, VK6RTU.
7 Oct - Delete VK3RSX; Updates for VK3RRL, VK3RMH
11 Oct - Updates for VK4RTT, VK3RED

4 Jan - VK3RGL, VK3RTG 432 MHz beacons off air.
13 Jan - VK6RIO QRT. Updates for VK3RRL, VK4RTT
4 June - VK6RTU update

Files For Download

Latest Beacon List - June 2020
Aust Beacon Listing 200604.pdf

List of IBP HF Beacons (but check the IBP web site for latest updates)
Beacons HF IBP.pdf

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