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Wireless Men and Women at War

Author : Wireless Institute Of Australia
Publisher : Wireless Institute Of Australia
EAN : 450000

Dimensions (cm) : 29.7(H) x 21.0(W) x 1.2(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.51

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Added To Bookshop : 10/ 11/ 2016


Selected Contents

World War I:
  An inspired experimenter and leader: Walter Hannam – his part of the jigsaw!
  The spark gap signal that changed ANZAC history: Telegrapher William Wolseley Falconer, RAN

Between the Wars:
  Bert Billings XJP, his service through WWI and WWII [The First and Last ANZAC Wireless Operator?]
  YLs at War
  HK Love A3BM/VK3KU: WW1 fighter pilot, engineer, magazine editor, explorer, electronics developer, WIA executive

World War II:
  “Snow” Campbell VK3MR, International DXer, Prisoner Of War
  Making ‘Winnie the war winner’
  Recollections of Air Warning and Coast Watching in New Guinea

The modern Era:
  Australians at war get a radio station – Radio DJ Vietnam
  Things Naval

  The ANZAC 100 activities begin
  The Centenary of Gallipoli: The opening address for the Centenary celebrations
  Closure of the ANZAC Centenary
  Stories from Centenary activation events.

Plus many more articles previously published in Amateur Radio magazine and several new stories.

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