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WIANEWS for week commencing July 12 2009


hamfests across the country


vk2 amateur honoured


alara birthday celebrations on gold coast


d-star contest from icom.

All up and coming in this edition of
WIANEWS for week commencing July 12


Mayday Call

Coast Radio Hobart Involved

Coast Radio Hobart featured in a rescue 200 nautical miles off New Zealand
when the yacht CARENZA with two adults and six children was dis-masted in
bad weather.

They activated an EPIRB and a mayday relay was broadcast by Taupo Maritime
Radio. Carenza responded to the broadcast but was unable to be heard by Taupo.
Coast Radio Hobart then offered to relay all messages between the vessel in
distress, Taupo, the tug York Syme, a RNZAF C130 Hercules and the French Navy
Ship La Glorieuse.

The skipper of the yacht reported they were safe and well but very scared and
wanted to be taken off for the sake of the children.

The La Glorieuse rendezvoused with Carenza around 4 hours or so later.

After all were taken off the yacht she was scuttled.

It was later revealed that the skipper made a makeshift HF antenna, using
fishing line, to contact Coast Radio Hobart some 2,500 miles away.

(Barry McCann VK7TBM, Manager, Coast Radio Hobart via vk7wia)


Currently the Nominated Assessors are completing the last of the Learning
Facilitator and Assessor audits and are experiencing difficulty in contacting
some people.

Would all assessors and Leaning facilitators please check their details on the
Assessor information System and ensure that the contact details including
phone numbers are correct. The Assessor Information System allows a person
who has logged on to change their own details and save the changes.

Assessors please check with Learning Facilitators who assist with your
assessments to make sure that their contact details are correct including
their email.

Learning organisers please check with all club members who are Assessors and
Learning Facilitators and pass on this message.

A WIA obligation to ACMA is to ensure currency of competency in relation to
assessment. If contact cannot be made an audit non conformance will be

If anyone is experiencing log on difficulties please contact Fred Swainston
on (03) 59629421
or email


Ted Thrift VK2ARA WIA Clubs Co-ordinator SAYS " As there has been no
applications yet received, I have been asked to add this message.

If your club does wish to apply for a grant but has not yet completed your
application, please send in an Expression Of Interest.

Send a brief message to giving your club name, a brief
description of your project and an indication of when you expect to complete
your application.

This may make it possible for applications to be left open, to include your

VK2 Amateur honoured

Peter O'Connell VK2EMU has told WIA news that well known Sydney amateur
Syd Griffith VK2AHF has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday honours list.

Syd was secretary of the VK2 division of the WIA, now Amateur Radio
New South Wales, in the early 1970's as well as training officer for WICEN
at the same time. Syd is still regularly listed in the call-backs to both the
WIA National news and the ARNSW new broadcasts.

Syd was awarded the Public Service medal.

"For outstanding public service, particularly in innovative and sustained
contribution to the enhancement and improvement of the technical capabilities
of New South Wales Police."

The citation continues

"Mr Griffith is a highly respected member of the New South Wales Police
community focusing on technical development and operations. Throughout his
career, he has provided an innovative and sustained contribution to the
enhancement and improvement of the technical capabilities of New South Wales
Police. He has actively engaged with other State Law Enforcement agencies to
assist in the development of their capabilities in technical areas, as well as
with partner Commonwealth law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Mr Griffith has also made significant contributions to a range of major events
including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Commonwealth Heads of Government
Meeting and meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum. His
contributions have focused on the practical interaction between state and
Commonwealth agencies including the coordination of inter agency technical
communications, the allocation and sharing capabilities, and the provision of
support and advice and resource to Commonwealth counterparts.

Mr Griffith has made a significant contribution in enhancing the capabilities
of not only New South Wales Police but the broader law enforcement and
intelligence communities. He is held in very high regard for his knowledge,
his willingness to share information, leadership and professionalism."

Syd will be presented with his medal by the Governor General later in the year.

Syd grew up in the town of Young in Central West New South Wales and as a
teenager was greatly influenced by local amateur Peter Page VK2APP - now SK

Syd Griffith VK2AHF P.S.M.


BLUEsat, an acronym of Basic Low-Earth-orbit University of NSW Experimental
satellite, is a digital amateur radio satellite being designed and built
solely by students at the University of NSW.

Westlakes AR Club President Frank VK2FJL picks up the story.

"The satellite is a small cube measuring approximately 260mm on each side,
excluding antennae, and weighs around 14kg.

Powered by fixed solar panels on each face, it will carry a flight computer,
radio transmitters and receivers, a power-control system, battery packs for
when its orbit places it in the Earth's shadow, magnets to passively stabilise
the satellite and align it with the Earth's magnetic field, and will be
controlled via a dedicated communications ground station at UNSW.

BLUEsat will be placed in an approximately circular orbit at an altitude of
around 750km that will take it over the poles. At this altitude, the satellite
will travel around the Earth at a rate of around once every 90 minutes.

BLUEsat is primarily an educational satellite, designed to give students at
UNSW space experience which they could not obtain elsewhere. Therefore its
mission has been chosen to offer low cost and minimum complexity, whilst at
the same time offering enough of a challenge to inspire and enthuse the
students who work on it.

The project is completely student-led, with members derived from a wide
variety of disciplines including Engineering, Science, Commerce, Arts and Law.

As far as the Uni is aware, BLUEsat is the only university satellite project
in the world with an entirely volunteer student team, no full-time members,
and no direct academic supervision.

What Will BLUEsat Do?

Once in orbit BLUEsat will be a digital amateur radio satellite, which means
that voice and data files can be uploaded to it by any amateur radio operator
in the world over which the satellite passes. These same files can be
retrieved by other operators in either real time, provided that the sender and
receiver both have line-of-sight contact with the satellite, or at some other
time when the satellite has travelled around to a different part of the world.
This allows voice and data communication to and from remote areas without
internet access.

Project Objectives

Success for BLUEsat is not measured solely by the payloads they aim to place
in space.

Overarching objectives are:

To show that a group of volunteer students can build satellite;

To show that Australia can make a significant contribution to space
hardware engineering;

To provide students in Australia with hands-on space engineering and
project management experience; and

To provide an extension to the worldwide digital amateur radio service.


The SMPTE09 exhibition and conference is the largest Australian media
technology event in the calendar, and it starts in a little over two

Many of the people who work in the industry are also amateur
radio operators, but there will be many hams who don't work in the
industry who WILL find this fascinating.

SMPTE09 Conference & Exhibition is July 21-24, 2009 at the
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

Event Web Site:

SMPTE09 is Seminars, Workshops, Road shows. The Australia Section of SMPTE is
taking a proactive position on any events which contribute to education of
members and participants in the industry at large.


web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club reminds all radio and electronics
enthusiasts that their annual Hamfest is fast approaching - it's next Saturday
folks - that's right - Saturday, 18th July from 10am.

The event will be held at the Cranbourne Public Hall corner of High and
Clarendon St in Cranbourne - opposite the BP Petrol Station.

Sift through 40 tables of pre-loved gear, as well as seeing the newer
offerings from some of the well known names in radio and electronics.

Entry costs only $6 and includes a ticket in the great door prizes as well as
free tea and coffee. Hot food and drinks will also be available for purchase.

For more information, please see the June issue of Amateur Radio magazine or
refer to the clubs web site at or email

The members of Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club look forward to seeing
you at their Hamfest on the 18th July.

(Chris VK3QB)

East Gippsland Amateur Radio Club would like to remind members of the up and
coming AGM, the AGM will be held in the Rivers Room at the Bairnsdale RSL Club
corner of Princes Highway and Forge Creek Road, Sunday 26 th of July at
1330 hours , meals may be had from 1200 hours and after the AGM a hands on
session will be conducted at the QTH of Peter VK3BPB, at 200 Bengworden Rd,

More information may be found on the clubs web site ,

I'm Michael , Clubs Publicity Officer VK3HAU."

web service local news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

There's that old saying, "that fools rush in where angels fear to tread" which
is getting balanced by another old saying that " if you want something done,
give it to a busy person."

What am I talking about? The Wide Bay Mini Ham Fest, of course. Getting the
word out amongst the local community, has extended to ALARA and the 4WD clubs,
the amateur news services and the local media that a get-together is being
held just slightly off the beaten track.

Gootchie is roughly halfway between the cities of Gympie and Maryborough,
nestled in farmland and surrounded by gum trees. A real bush setting, you
might say, but still only about 4Km off the Bruce Highway. The local QCWA hall
is the venue with the local ladies participating with a display of handicrafts.

Other community organisations have indicated an intention to participate, as
well. With trade and retail tables and the beloved preloved amateur gear,
this mini fest promises to be typically amateur whilst at the same time
inviting the non-amateur community to join in the country hospitality.

The hall is wheelchair accessible and the food on offer is being selected to
appeal to all palates whilst remembering health needs of different people.

Why the rush? Well this was just an idea 5 weeks before the event date. Must
be off, so much to do and so little time to do it.........see you at the Wide
Bay Mini Ham Fest, Saturday 25th July at the Gootchie QCWA Hall,
Gootchie Road, Gootchie. Circle the date on your calendar.

The Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club will be holding their Annual Sunfest on
Saturday the 12th of September to be held at (the same place as last year )
Woombye School of Arts Blackall Street Woombye.
For a table please contact Harry VK4TK on 0409488025 or at
There will be 25 tables of new and preloved goodies a door prize and raffles
throughout the day. Tables are $15.00 and this includes 2 entry tickets.
Admission price is $5.00 a head.
The "Kitchen" will be running as usual with hot and cold food and drink as

North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention

The 2009 North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention
will be happening in the garrison city of Townsville from
Friday 18th to Sunday 20th September.

Daytime events will be happening at James Cook University
Douglas Campus with night time events centred on one
of the better bistros and convention rooms in the city.

The registration deadline for Convention services is Friday August 28th.
For an electronic copy of the Venue and Events notes and a
Registration Form either surf to the TARC website
or send a message to the TARC email address

(Gavin Reibelt VK4ZZ)


Anyone who has had a chance to read the UK amateur licence form could be
excused for being surprised at its length. 23 pages which includes not only
the details that we in VK expect but the operating conditions which apply to
each grade of licence and the power and bands available to each grade.

In other words, it is also the basic regulations manual for amateur radio

As we wait for the implementation of the final outcomes of the 2002
discussion paper but having seen the successful introduction of a Foundation
Licence it is interesting to ponder the path that the UK has taken. The VK
Foundation Licence was modelled on the one from the UK and in both countries,
it has contributed to the growth of the licence numbers. The figures given at
the WIA AGM show that there only 200 less F calls than standard calls.

This is impressive growth.

In the UK, Foundation calls have access to the majority of bands and are not
restricted from using digital modes.

What has become apparent from contact with UK colleagues is that the ability
for the M3 licensee to pursue the hobby as one of self training, as per the
ITU definition, seems to have encouraged many to build their experience and
enthusiasm and move on to a higher licence grade. The actual numbers are not
readily available so no direct comparison can be made with the outcomes
down under.

Feedback that I have received from many amateurs, including trainers and
assessors is that it is time for us to more fully integrate our Foundation
operators into the hobby and review the privileges' they have in the light of
overseas experience. I agree with this, do you?

I'm Geoff VK4ZPP.



Foundation course will be Sat /Sun 15 & 16 August Cost $20 + text book +
exam fee.

Advanced Theory course will be 22/23 & 29/30 August. four day course $50 +
text book + exam fee.

WIA exam fees are currently $35 for under 18 years or $67 for adults.

Contact Duncan for bookings and more information.
Summerland Amateur Radio Club. VK2SRC Ph.: +61 02-66247247

Over to vk6 where ham collage have successfully passed 7 candidates last
Tuesday night.

Congratulations to Nathan who successfully passed his foundation license.

congratulations to Adriana, Meg, Colin, Michelle and Wayne who successfully
passed their standard license, including me, vk6frja, Well done guys!
while we all eagerly wait for our call sings, I think we all deserve a pat on
the back.

That 6 months of study, paid off.

Congratulations and welcome to the bands to Thomas van Geytenbeek VK7FTOM,
Robin Smith VK7FRSA and James Cooper who were all successful Foundation
Licensees in R.E.A.S.TS last foundation licence session and assessment.

The next foundation training and practical assessment session will be in
November please let Reg know if you are interested on cellphone number
0417 391 607

or email:

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

The Eighth IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships, originally scheduled for 29th
October to 3rd November near Bangkok, Thailand, have been cancelled due to
concerns for the safety and convenience of participants.

This announcement was made on June 26th by JA1HQG, chair of the IARU Region 3
ARDF Committee.

In his announcement, he added that there was insufficient time to make
arrangements to hold the championships in another country of Region 3 this

It would seem over the last few weeks there was mounting concern by the
organizers that the political situation during the contest period could
cause a problem.

After serious consideration by both RAST and the Region 3 Committee a
statement was released by Yoshio Arisaka JA1HQG, Chairman of the Region 3 ARDF
Committee the cancellation.

This means that there will be no Region 3 Championships until 2011.

At this stage it is unclear if RAST will host the 2011 Championships or
whether it will be hosted by another society.

WIA ARDF Coordinator Jack Bramham has followed up by saying on the WIA web
that The WIA last hosted this event in 2003 and as there are only a small
number of Region 3 Societies competing the Championships it may be in VK in
either 2011 or 2013.

More countries get access to 7MHz frequencies

Belarus has gained access to the extended 40m band.
In the 7.1 - 7.2MHz frequency range it is allowed to use SSB and CW with 500W
max and, as always, up to 1kW in contests under a special authorisation.

In the same decision of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies that was
dated May 14 but just recently released, the 160m band has also been extended
for Belarus amateurs. The frequencies accessible are now 1.810 to 2.000MHz.

(Ganesh VU2TS)

W4RA, Honoured.

Larry E. Price, W4RA, was honoured at "Ham Radio 2009" in Germany.

In a presentation made by IARU Vice President Ole Garpestad, LA2RR, who had
served as President of the Norwegian Radio Relay League (NRRL) from 2000-2002
Price was honoured with the highest NRRL award, the Knight of the Order of the
Golden Key.

The award was given for Price's many years of service to the IARU, the
ARRL and Amateur Radio in general.

IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, then conferred the title of IARU President
Emeritus upon Price.

Price served as ARRL President from 1984-1992 and as IARU President from
1999-May 2009.




Future amateur radio gear may sold in Europe need to meet very specific
emissions standards. The Radio Society of Great Britain reports that the
European Telecommunications Standards Institute is moving towards requiring
commercially produced, ready to use amateur radio equipment to conform to
international standards for emissions. As of now, the proposals will not
affect kits or homebrew equipment. If such rules were enacted it would
likely lead to a price increase in commercially made gear sold in that market.


Ham radio operators around the world spent the weekend of June 27th and
28th bouncing radio conversations off the surface of the Moon. This to
help commemorate Apollo 11 Moon landing 40 years ago.

Organized in Australia and the United States, the on-the-air event brought
together hundreds of amateur radio operators from around the world, some
armed with their own radio dishes. It was timed to coincide with the 40th
anniversary next month of the Apollo 11 landing that took place on July 20,

The earlier date was chosen for two reasons. First is that the Moon does
not orbit directly around the Earth's equator, this was the nearest weekend
organizers could arrange for practical reasons. Secondly, the date
chosen happened to coincide with the 2009 ARRL Field Day operating
event. This meant that there would be lots of hams on the air on every
mode including Moonbounce.

At airtime its not known how many Apollo anniversary contacts were made,
but those hams trying had to be patient. It takes about 2.5 seconds for a
radio signal to reach the Moon and bounce back to another part of the
Earth. As such any two way contact meant waiting about 5 seconds to get a





AUG 15 - 16 WIA Remembrance Day Contest
AUG 15 - 16 ILLW

Running till Dec 31 2009 is the 4th CQ DX Marathon


March 21-22 John Moyle Field Day

The IARU HF World Championship begins at 1200 UTC Saturday, July 11 and
goes until 1200 UTC Sunday, July 12. Complete rules may be found on the
ARRL Contest Web page

All logs must be e-mailed or postmarked no later than 1200UTC August 11, 2009.

One Society proudly supporting this contest is the JARL

The Japan Amateur Radio League is activating nine HQ stations in all Japanese
call areas during this weekends IARU HF World Championship.

The following special event stations hit the airwaves already on July 6th.

8N1HQ 15m CW Kimitsu, Chiba
8N1HQ 160m/10m CW Minato Ku, Tokio
8N1HQ 80m SSB Minami-Ashigara, Kanagawa
8N2HQ 10m SSB Nakatsugawa, Gifu
8N3HQ 15m SSB Nara, Nara
8N3HQ 40m CW Kobe, Hyogo
8N3HQ 20m CW Miki, Hyogo
8N4HQ 80m CW Okayama, Okayama
8N4HQ 40m SSB Okayama, Okayama
8N8HQ 20m SSB Iwamizawa, Hokkaido

All QSOs will be confirmed via the Japanese bureau automatically


The very first D-Star world wide contest has been organised for July 25 to
July 31.

The contest will run from UTC 00:00 July 25, 2009 (Sat.) until to 24:00 July
31, 2009 (Fri.)

The D-Star contest is open to any ham radio station worldwide operating
D-STAR equipment and will take place on the 144, 430 and 1200 MHz bands using
DV mode.

10 winners will be selected from the participating stations (excluding any
disqualified stations) in a draw, and they will receive an IC-80AD or IC-E80D.

For full details visit


Pontefract and District Amateur Radio Society is marking Pontefract Liquorice
Festival 2009 with GB0PLF, which is on the air now until Liquorice Day on
12th July, today Sunday.

This will be the fourth year PDARS has run a station for the Liquorice
Festival and the attractive GB0PLF QSL cards issued in previous years have
become quite famous.


To mark the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing and Neil Armstrong's
famous one small step, GB1SS is on the air until 20th July. This follows on
from last year's GB0BUZZ when Pontefract and District Amateur Radio Society
had a visit from Buzz Aldrin himself.
GB1SS will be on the air on the anniversary - including 20.17 UTC on 20th July
the very moment of touchdown - and they have a special commemorative QSL card
ready for all contacts made.

VE3MOON was approved by Industry Canada for use in celebration of the 40th
anniversary of the landing of men on the moon on 20 July 1969. It will be in
use from 14th July until 27th July. eQSL or paper cards can be sent to
VE3OIJ either via the Bureau or Direct.

Special Event Station 4C50C via satellite from Mexico

Omar XE1AO, a regular satellite operator from central Mexico, reported news of
a special callsign that will be showing up on the satellites between now and
31st August 2009.

The call, 4C50C, is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the
J. Roberto Levy radio club in Colima state.

Initially, XE1AO will attempt to put 4C50C on AO-51's evening passes along
with VO-52 and FO-29 evening passes. It's hoped to expand the use of 4C50C
onto SO-50 and AO-27.

On HF, the special call XE50C has been used from different parts of Colima.

For hams outside Mexico, XE1J is the QSL manager for these special calls.


hf nets ON the net,

GB 40 WAB 40th anniversary of the WAB Till Dec 31

HG 160 FNY Commemorates 1848 attack on Hungary
that prompted their independence. until July 31

OZ 1658 ROS 350th anniversary of the Treaty of Roskilde Till Dec 31

VARIOUS SM STATIONS USING 1658 (Treaty of Roskilde) Till Dec 31

VP 9 400 /home call 400th Anniversary of Bermuda Till Dec 31

VI 2 SRC 50

For the month of August SARC will be using the callsign VI2SRC50.
Club stations and operators, 50th Anniversary weekend, Club nets etc.
Also from Summerland, the Lighthouse Weekend, Ballina (Richmond Head)

DXpedition to Clare Island

Members of the Dalkey Island Contest Group plan to activate Clare Island for
the forthcoming IOTA Contest which takes place on 25-26 July. The callsign
EJ1DD will be used in a '100 watt DXpedition' entry and the IOTA reference is

QSL information is via EI7CC.

G3ZHI gets licence to publish Callbook data

Ian G3ZHI has just received a licence from the UK regulator Ofcom, allowing
him to publish the UK Amateur Radio Callbook data.

In a letter to Ian, Ofcom admit to being taken by surprise at the high level
of interest in this data.

Ian says that anyone can now download the Callbook data FREE from his website



If you are visiting Perth - the one in VK^ - or are resident here, be aware
VK6RIB is back on air. VK6RIB s an information beacon which is active 24/7
and carries this WIA National News, News West, RAOTC Broadcasts, Club news,
News on Courses and exams and the like.

Signal reports to ham College Please.

Maybe this is an innovation which could be copied in other call areas....


Region III IARUMS Coordinator B.L.Manohar (Arasu) VU2UR

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

VK Coordinators for I.A.R.U.M.S. ?

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

Last week on this WIA news presented by CRARC members mention was made of
how lucky we were in VK not to have problems with Intruders as none had
been reported to WIA news since the days of VK4DU heading up the IW program.

Well John VK4TJ, realising we were, in his words, trolling for input,
sure started the ball rolling with his IW contacts!

John also sent in a massive listing!

As John said "Yes, it would be lovely to think that the reason we never hear
of intruders on the WIA National News is because there are none. Sadly,
intruders are so pervasive, so commonplace that Karl and I don't think of them
as newsworthy any more.

I am only able to spend a few hours per month at it. Imagine how big a list
it would be if I spent even an hour per day on it, and if I reported all the
regulars, not just the newbie's!

There has been a lot of interest in "numbers stations" of late due to the
arrest of the Cuban spies in USA. (Previously reported by Jim Linton on
WIA National News)

Note from my log that our region is not immune!

Point taken John, now to "Cajole" our WIA IW Team into sending regular

Another who responded was Brett VR2BG, and I quote.

"Am QRT now, a bit of a canary in a coal mine I tell our telecom authority,
like how our air has gotten so bad over past 20 years, our bands are so bad
I let my licence lapse. Many of the big-ticket intruders are from my own
country & nothing is being done about it.

So is a surprise to see lack of interest in VK to use the mechanism you
lot have, you don't know how lucky you are to have something like that.
Use it!

Intruder stuff was a big interest before I quit, you can hear & see a bit of
what it's like this close to the problem at:

I've been helping VU2UR compile the IARU R3 Monitoring System reports
since the Bangalore conference. To do that I've since been talking directly
with national MS coordinators like VK's Karl & also contributors like John
VK4TJ in hopes we can do better document the intruder problem.

Another development close to you guys is with ZL1BYA stepping down as
NZART's intruder coordinator, some of the ZLs have started a mailing list
for spotting intruders. Until Len's replacement can be found, it looks like
I'll be harvesting reports from there as well as going through all the DX
cluster spots for anything to do with intruders (the intruder spots are now
part of the IARU R3 MS reports at: ).

And you can see a video of a presentation on OTHR I made at the recent
Asia-Pacific DX Convention here:


Brett also forwarded some quiet controversial material, so with the likes
of Brett in Hong Kong and John in Australia, all it would need now is YOU our
listeners to send intruder reports to the intruder watch program,

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)


Get ready for a new communications experience. That
of three dimensional digital movies coming to a big screen near
you. Amateur Radio Newsline's Fred Vobbe, W8HDU, has the details:

Five Hollywood studios have agreed to help pay for a part of the estimated
$1 billion cost to introduce digital theatre projection technology on
about 20,000 movie screens in North America. The rollout across the United
States and Canada, covering about half of all screens in the two nations
will cost of about $70,0000 per theatre screen.

Adding digital equipment is the critical first step in the technological
upgrade to being able to show 3-D movies. According to The Walt Disney
Company, more than twenty 3-D films are set to hit theatres through 2010,
but only 873 locations in the U.S. and Canada, with a total 1,264 3three
dimensional projection systems, are currently available to show them.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Fred Vobbe, W8HDU.

Movies in 3-D were a novelty in the 1950's when audiences had to endure
poor quality red and blue lens glasses to see them. Now with modern
digital technology they may become commonplace and expected when you
venture out to see something on the silver screen.


Recycling Old Electronic Gizmos

The USA switched from analogue to digital TV a week or so ago. In Australia,
analogue switch-off begins region by region from June 2010 to December 2013.
This may be an opportunity to look at all the old electronics gizmos you have
lying around, and consider including them in the inevitable gizmo round-up that
will happen here, just as is now happening in the USA where an estimated
99 million old TV sets lie unused, let alone the analogue sets still in


In the spirit of "communicating with the uninitiated", rather than
"preaching to the converted", members of the Maryborough Electronics and
Radio Group in Queensland feed the WIA and Qnews broadcasts into the
"eQSO for PMR radio" system.

This FREEWARE system is identical to, but totally separate from, the
amateur eQSO system.

As the PMR service is, like Australia's UHF CB service, so-called
"Licence Free", this enables anyone, anywhere in the world to log in and
listen to the WIA broadcasts on their computers using the Client
software, or, where local regulations permit, establish an RF gateway
and re-broadcast locally on Europe's PMR or 27MHz FM services, or the
Australian UHF CB service.

Of the last years 755 call-ins to the UHF CB broadcasts, 23 were via
eQSO, from as far a field as Gippsland and Bendigo in Victoria, Perth WA,
Canada, the USA, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Germany.

The farthest away log-in was from TRAVIS, on the island of SPITZBERGEN,
in the SVARLBAD group, located half way between Norway and the NORTH
POLE, and surrounded by POLAR BEARS!

Details can best be found by entering AU6PER into your search engine,
downloading the software, entering the Australian Server's IP address
and setting up your node.

From the Maryborough Electronics and Radio Group, I'm Ray, VK4TPT.

Hi, this is Phil, VK6GX, the Perth 160m WIA news relay.

Last Sunday morning we experienced excellent conditions for the Top Band news
broadcast and callback, with an all time distance record for the call-back of
507km to Kalgoorlie.

Another long haul call-back was from Geraldton, 400km north of Perth, with
several others around 200km away from the south.

Interestingly, three of the stronger country stations were using the
Drew Diamond, short, top loaded vertical, including the one from Kalgoorlie,
who was 5 & 6 at this location in the hills, east of Perth, and received me
at S9 throughout the broadcast.

Drew's antenna design is a very effective antenna for those with space
limitations, See your AR magazine December 2004 & January/February 2005
editions for construction details.

I hope to hear you on Top Band soon.

Amateur Radio Previews
July 2009

Amateur Radio is already out. For a while now, they have been aiming to get
the magazine to you by the first of every month, and that target has just
about been achieved. The front cover is a people picture and so was last
month, in contrast to the long run of equipment photos. That's Tina VK5TMC
on this month's cover, and there's more on Tina below.

And talking of photos, have a look at pages 28 & 29 for a panoramic view of
the Currie lighthouse on King Island in Bass Strait. Glenn Alford VK3CAM
presents an interesting report on preparations for International Lighthouse
Weekend, coming up on 15-16 August. He also includes some history of the
island and its lighthouses, illustrated by more fine photos inside the back

July is always the ladies issue of Amateur Radio, and that's why Tina VK5TMC
is featured on the front cover. Tina has just taken over as President of
ALARA (that's the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association). Read all about
Tina and her new management team on page 22, in an article by retiring
ALARA President Christine Taylor VK5CTY. You have been reading the ALARA
column in every issue of Amateur Radio for many years, and that was another
of Christine's regular contributions.

But there's more! How about a lady who has been an amateur radio operator for
70 years - yes, 70 years. Mavis Stafford VK3KS has that rare honour, and the
story of her amateur achievements is told on page 23 by Jim Linton VK3PC.
Turn to inside front cover for more pictures, and to page 34 for an account
of the special luncheon and the certificate presented to Mavis by WIA
President Michael Owen VK3KI.

On page 5 there is a timely article on radio frequency interference (usually
called RFI) and your computer. Your sensitive radio receiver can probably
"hear" much of the noise generated by a nearby computer but there are ways to
overcome this problem. Dale Hughes VK1DSH explains how to go about noise
reduction for the most common modes of interference. This follows on nicely
from the article on page 53 of the June issue of Amateur Radio.

There are two articles on loop antennas this month, but they are very
different in design and frequency band. On page 25 Andy Williss VK5LA
describes his "Hentenna" for six metres, and on page 11 you can read
Drew Diamond VK3XU as he explains how build an active loop antenna for
1.8 to 4 MHz.

Lighthouses are the topic for next month with the special ILLW event on
15-16 August. But read this month, on page 21, a little story about the most
southerly Australian lighthouse, still withstanding the Roaring Forties.
Roger Nichols VK7ARN tell us what some radio amateurs are doing down there.

Don't forget the regular columns presented every month by Amateur Radio.
They are all written by experts in their fields and keep you up-to-date on
your special interest. In particular, read our new Contests columnist
Craig Edwards VK5HRT on page 41, plus a few final words from retiring
Contests editor Phil Smeaton VK4BAA.

(Tom Potter VK3UBS)


Re- Capping International ARDF News

Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) is an international sport similar to
orienteering except instead of navigating to a point on the map competitors
must locate 5 transmitters around a bush course. Each year there are
championship events - Regional championships one year followed by World
Championships the next year. This year, 2009, is the year of Regional

In Region 3 amateurs were preparing to travel to Thailand in October, with the
host society Radio Amateurs of Thailand (RAST) the organizers of this year's
Regional championships. Over the last few weeks there was mounting concern by
the organizers that the current political situation during the contest period
could cause a problem.

After serious consideration by both RAST and the Region 3 Committee a
statement was released by Yoshio Arisaka JA1HQG, Chairman of the Region 3
ARDF Committee saying "On behalf of the IARU Region 3 ARDF Committee, I truly
find it regrettable, but I must make an announcement that the IARU Region 3
ARDF Championships planned to be held in 2009 has cancelled due to the
following reasons.

1. After careful consideration, the host society, the Radio Amateur Society of
Thailand, has made a decision that it would be prudent to cancel the
championships planned to be held in Thailand from October 29 to November 3,
2009 because of unexpected possible political problem.

2. There is not enough time to make all the arrangements to hold the
Championships in other country in Asia Pacific Region in 2009.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause."

This means that there will be no Region 3 Championships until 2011. At this
stage it is unclear if RAST will host the 2011 Championships or whether it
will be hosted by another society.

The WIA last hosted this event in 2003 and as there are only a small number
of Region 3 Societies competing the Championships may be in VK in either 2011
or 2013.

In releasing this statement, WIA ARDF Coordinator Jack Bramham VK3WWW
expressed the WIA's gratitude for the work that had been done by RAST in
preparation for this year's championships, which he believed would have been
an outstanding success, but acknowledged that in the circumstances there had
been no real option but to cancel the event.

The WIA's is very grateful for the work that had been done by RAST in
preparation for this year's championships, which I believe would have been
an outstanding success, but I must acknowledge that in the circumstances
there was no real option but to cancel the event.

Jack Bramham VK3WWW
WIA ARDF Coordinator

Net is held each Mondays on 3.580 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)

Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society are celebrating Alara's 34th
birthday at their Clubrooms 85 Harper St, Nerang.
NEXT Saturday 18th July from 11.30am.

Could the ladies bring a plate of nibbles to share and there will be a
BBQ for the OM's at a cost of $3 and funds go to the Club.

There will be a raffle and stall for the ladies to browse and maybe buy.
Pam vk4pto your Alara State representative looks for as many Alara
ladies to come and enjoy the party.


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

What's following the International Space Station?

Sky watchers are reporting a 'mysterious satellite' following the
International Space Station. It trails the ISS by about one minute, relatively
faint, but definitely there, says a report in

Mystery solved:

The follower is Progress 33, a Russian supply ship.

Today, Sunday July 12 it will come within meters of the space station to test
a new automated docking system.

Check the Simple Satellite Tracker for flyby times and get two spaceships

for the price of one:



21.360 - 18.160 - 14.300 - 7.060 - 3.760 MHz.
REGION 2 TRY ALSO 3.985 - 7.240 - 7.290

Regional Communications Support Co-ordinator
Blue VK4FBLU has put out the call for support for other events happening
in the not too distant future. Here's a list !

Sat 18 July - Next Saturday
Magnetic Island to Townsville Swim - Cleveland Bay

A chance to get out on the bay for free and be part of one of the
premier long distance international swim events.

Operators needed for both maritime portable and beach portable positions.

Sun 19 July - Next Sunday
King of the Hill Hillclimb Heat Three - Mt Stuart

Mix a day out playing with radios to the sound of squealing tyres
and the smell of burning rubber. Operators needed to man Start
and Flying Finish for Time Control and Safety comms.

If you are available for any of these events contact Blue VK4FBLU
on telephone 47754184 soonest with an offer for support .



The WA1ZMS Trans-Atlantic spotting beacon on 144.285 MHz has just had an
increase in power. This CW beacon is also GPS locked and the antenna is
beaming at 60 degrees from IARU grid locator F M 07 f m. While it has yet
to be heard in the British Isles, its owner Brian Justin, WA1ZMS says that
given the right conditions, the signal may make it across the pond. More
about this experiment is on-line. Google WA1ZMS.


Whilst the broadcast team may not get much direct feedback, Dawn, VK4FTBA
has advised that looking at the connections statistics on the GCEGInc
web page, some 50 hits were recorded using the link to access This after the news went out last Sunday!

(geoff vk4zpp)



International Telecommunication Union's Telecom World 2009.

July 11 - 12 VK3
GippsTech 2009, the technical conference with a VHF, UHF & microwave focus.

July 18 VK3
Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest 10.00 am
Cranbourne Public Hall

July 25 vk4
Gootchie CWA - Wide Bay Mini Hamfest

Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group White Elephant Sale Healesville Memorial Hall.

August 2 vk6
Northern Corridor Radio Group's WA Hamfest. Cyril Jackson Rec Centre
Fisher st Ashfield.

August 8 VK2
Summerland's 50th Anniversary Dinner will be held Saturday evening, 8th August.
Goonellabah Tavern to start 1800K.

August 9
SARCFEST from 0800K at the Clubrooms, Richmond Hill.

Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club Sunfest, The Woombye School of Arts
Blackall Street Woombye.

SEP 13 VK5
Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest 9:30am.
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood.

SEP 18-20 VK4
North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention, James Cook University,
Douglas Campus. Surf to theTARCinc website
for event and registration information

SEP 25 - 27 VK4
The Central Highland Amateur Radio Club Annual General Meeting at
Camp Fairbairn near Emerald.

OCT 11 VK3
Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club'S communications and display day
(Hamfest), St Augustine's Hall Orr Street Shepparton.

OCT 12 - 16 ZL
14th IARU R3 Conference Christchurch 12 ? 16 October 2009.
Details at
The Region 3 Web Site:

Oct 31 - Nov 1

Qld Sunshine Coast's October Camp Catch-up Maidenwell Observatory
Brisbane valley west of Yarraman.

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club's "Westlakes Field Day".


JAN 24 VK2
Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group's Radio Expo 2010 8.30am St Johns Church
Hall, Mc Lean Street Coffs Harbour.

WIA 100 Centre Victoria RadioFest No. 3.

Wyong Field Day, Wyong Race Course.

Midland Amateur Radio Club's Radio, Electronic & Astronomy Expo.
Venue to be advised.

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club's 35th Annual Field Day.


JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

Please think of the environment before printing this email


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