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WIANEWS for week commencing July 19 2009

This weeks news comes to you from Tasmania and the Domain studios of REAST.

All thes presenters up and coming in this edition of
WIANEWS for week commencing July 19


Update for 2010 Callbook

The various representatives on the WIA Technical Advisory Committee
are seeking input to update the 2010 Callbook for the:

Repeater Directory;
Beacon Directory and
Packet Radio Directory.

If you are the licensee of one of these facilities could you please check the
current Callbook and send any amendments or corrections by the 20th of July!

So urgency is of uppermost importance here!!!

Amendments should also include advice that a facility is no longer operational
and should be removed.

You will no doubt recall the story by Marilyn VK3DMS here on the National News
a month or so back about Mavis's 70 years in Amateur Radio.

Well in the latest ALARA News Letter this note from Mavis herself, and I quote.

"Many thanks to the ALARA ladies and all who attended the lunch for my 70
years in amateur radio at Wheeler's Hill on the 6th June.

This day was the actual anniversary of the first day I went on air.

I am afraid I was in shock most of the time and couldn't believe all this was
for me. I will treasure the plaque Marilyn presented to me, as well as all the
cards and gifts I received.

A special thanks to Jean VK3VIP who organised it all and to Pat VK3OZ who
made sure I was there and who kindly looked after me.

Everything was greatly appreciated.

33 Mavis VK3KS".

Last week we brought you the news that the IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships
to be held in 2009 had cancelled.

Jack Bramham VK3WWW WIA ARDF Coordinator reports

After careful consideration, the host society, the Radio Amateur Society of
Thailand, has made a decision that it would be prudent to cancel the
championships planned to be held in Thailand from October 29 to November 3,
2009 because of unexpected possible political problem.

There is not enough time to make all the arrangements to hold the
Championships in other country in Asia Pacific Region in 2009.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause."

This means that there will be no Region 3 Championships until 2011. At this
stage it is unclear if RAST will host the 2011 Championships or whether it
will be hosted by another society.

The WIA last hosted this event in 2003 and as there are only a small number
of Region 3 Societies competing the Championships may be in VK in either 2011
or 2013.

In releasing this statement, WIA ARDF Coordinator Jack Bramham VK3WWW
expressed the WIA's gratitude for the work that had been done by RAST in
preparation for this year's championships, which he believed would have been
an outstanding success, but acknowledged that in the circumstances there had
been no real option but to cancel the event.


A pre dawn call last Tuesday had Westlakes AR Clubs Security contact person,
donning yet another hat as a tracker for the Maritime Distress Organisation
heading north trying to track an Epirb which had been activated in the
Muswellbrook area.

The authorities had sent a chopper to try and locate the distress beacon
without success.

However Barry VK2BZ employing tactics that would put the average sniffer dog
to shame soon had the offending signal pinpointed, sitting in a dresser draw
where the test button had been accidentally switched on allowing the unit to
emit its signal.

The final outcome ended up with a very embarrassed owner and a very tired

VK to use Facebook and Twitter to give early warning of bushfires.

Victorian State Premier John Brumby says social networking sites on the
net will help to improve advice to households.

"We'll be providing more information to the community, like Twitter and
Facebook - alternative means of communication to get the information out
to the public," Mr Brumby said.

"So that they've got better information from a variety of sources and if they
need to make a judgement to go early, they will go and they will go early,"
he added.

Many victims of February's bushfires were killed trying to defend their homes
against some of the most ferocious blazes Australia has ever seen.

Others were engulfed as they tried to flee, tragically ambushed by the sheer
speed of the fires' advance.

A judicial inquiry into the causes of the disaster and the responses of the
emergency services is due to hand down its interim findings next month.



vk1 local news email and ask for subscription.

Canberra Regions AR Club's July General Meeting and a remember, commencing
this month the monthly meetings have moved to Wednesday night, the first
Wednesday night meeting will be the 22nd of July.

so please come along and this months presenter will be:
Geoff Alford (Systemware Pacific) "TSCM and RF monitoring equipment."

That date again? 22nd July 09 commencing at 2000hrs

Check the club website for coming events and meeting dates.

web service:-
VKG Roundup

Andrew Vaughan VK2FACV says Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club's Winterfest
is slated for 22 August at 10am.
Winterfest is an opportunity to pick up a bargain, either new or pre-loved, a
chance to learn a few new things about Amateur Radio and a time to catch up
with old friends.
It is also an annual fundraising event to help support the Blue Mountains
Amateur Radio Club.
All that with less than an hour drive from most of Sydney, at new hall just
off the M4, at 18 Simeon Road, Orchard Hills.

web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

East Gippsland Amateur Radio Club would like to remind members of the up and
coming AGM, the AGM will be held in the Rivers Room at the Bairnsdale RSL Club
corner of Princes Highway and Forge Creek Road, Sunday 26 th of July at
1330 hours , meals may be had from 1200 hours and after the AGM a hands on
session will be conducted at the QTH of Peter VK3BPB, at 200 Bengworden Rd,
More information may be found on the clubs web site

web service local news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

The call has gone out from Mackay for lots of operators to help out with
communications for the 2009 Queensland State Championship Horse Endurance Ride
centred around Our Retreat Station - approx 60km southwest of Mackay on the
Peak Downs Highway.

To put your name down and glean further information please contact either
George Adams VK4HAN on phone 0413289220
George Glendinning VK4AJL on email

local area news :-
vk7 local news, email

70cm repeater now operational in Huonville!

Hayden VK7HAY reminds us that VK7RCH 70cm repeater is up and going and covers
the Huon Valley.

No tone is required and it is on 438.575 receive and 433.575 transmit.

It is currently running 20W and a future project will be to add EchoLink
facilities to it.

Just reminding listeners about the other 70cm repeater - VK7RTC 438.600 on
Mt.Nelson in Hobart. Brian VK7RR has spent much time and effort on this
repeater over the years and it would be good to hear some increased activity
on the 70cm band, particularly from visiting hams!


REAST Education and Training

Congratulations and welcome to the bands to James Cooper who now has his
callsign which is VK7FJLC. James passed his assessment along with
Thom VK7FTOM and Robin VK7FRSA.

The next foundation training and practical assessment session will not be
until November please let Reg know if you are interested.

Contact Reg VK7KK for more information on mobile: 0417 391 607 or


A new report highlights the way that digital media is embedded in the lives
of young children, commencing in pre-school years.

In 2007, 94 per cent of 3 to 4 year olds watched television
91 per cent watched DVDs or videos
while a sizeable proportion also used a computer at home (40 per cent)

A minority, 16 per cent had played games using an electronic games system.

The full report is on the ACMA web portal

Rutherford Trophy awarded to Fred Johnson ZL2AMJ

Fred Johnson, ZL2AMJ, has won The New Zealand Institute of Physics Rutherford
Trophy for 2008 for his work in developing the radio wave demonstration kits
for schools.

Fred's kits and documentation are shown on the NZART home page.

The Rutherford Trophy was established in 1973 by the Mathematics and Physics
section of the RSNZ Christchurch Branch to "stimulate the development and
improvement of simple lecture and laboratory demonstrations". The keynotes
are simplicity and "the string and tape approach".

The trophy is so named because of Rutherford's emphasis on simple and clear

A cheque of $200 is presented to the winner of this award, which is presented
in alternate years.

Development of the kit was supported by The NZART Radioscience Education Trust

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Polish Day at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park's ninth annual Polish Day is today, Sunday 19th July and is
celebrating the important contribution made by the Poles to the breaking
of the Enigma Cipher.

Bletchley Park remembers the three Polish mathematicians who are
commemorated on its Polish Memorial, and this year is the 70th
anniversary of their contribution. Guided tours of Bletchley Park
will be available in both Polish and English languages and there will
be three lectures, the handover by the Poles to the British of their
Enigma research; Enigma; the Polish Contribution; and Life in Warsaw
during the German occupation.

Other Polish-themed activities throughout the day will be the showing
of Polish films in the 1940s Enigma cinema, traditional folk dancers
and a Polish Mass.

RSGB confronts Ofcom over licence database publication

The RSGB has written to Ofcom raising concern at the release, in
full, of the detailed amateur radio database on their web site.

This, Ofcom says, follows a number of requests from radio amateurs
for the details to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.
After consultation with the Information Commissioners office, the
RSGB has learned that Ofcom could be in breach of the Data Protection
Act in releasing these personal details, which include the name and
address of each individual radio amateur in electronic form, on their
website and hence to the wider community. The RSGB's main concern is
the security of the details, which can now be downloaded by any
individual, radio amateur or not.


Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a fast,
ultra-broadband, low-power radio integrated circuit chip. One modelled on
the human inner ear that that could have applications in cognitive radios.

Researchers say that the new RF cochlea is embedded on a silicon chip
measuring 1.5 mm by 3 mm and works as an analogue spectrum analyser by
detecting the composition of any electromagnetic waves within its
perception range.

More about the new radio chip is on-line at


A ski resort in Pennsylvania has been ordered to pay up $5000 by the
FCC. This after the regulatory agency found that the Bear Creek Mountain
Resort has been using a variety of 460 MHz land-mobile frequencies without
a license.

On June 10th of 2008 the FCC issued the resort a $10,000 Notice of Apparent
Liability for its unlicensed radio operation. The resort countered that
the fine should be cancelled because it did not knowingly violate the
Commission's Rules. But the FCC countered that it found the violations to
be deliberate and that the resort must be penalized. However, it would
take mitigating circumstances into account and reduce the fine to $5000.



History of Telecommunication in India

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, Italian scientists found
traces of copper wire dating back 110 years and came to the conclusion, that
their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 110 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Italian's, in the weeks that followed, a Chinese
archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story in the
China Daily read: 'Chinese archaeologists, finding traces of 220 year
old copper wire, have concluded their ancestors already had an advanced
high-tech communications network one hundred and ten years earlier than the

One week later, the Punjab Times, a local newspaper in India, reported the

After digging as deep as 30 feet in his pasture near Amritsar, in the
Indian state of Punjab, Dugdeep Singh, a self-taught archaeologist,
reported that he found absolutely nothing.

Dugdeep has therefore concluded that 330 years ago, India had already gone

(Sri, VU2SBJ)



AUG 15 - 16 WIA Remembrance Day Contest
AUG 15 - 16 ILLW
AUG 29 - 30 ALARA CONTEST (29th)

Running till Dec 31 2009 is the 4th CQ DX Marathon


March 21-22 John Moyle Field Day


NOTE: Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August

All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.

Also open to SWLs.

OBJECT: Participation: YL works everyone, OMs & Clubs work YLs only.

One contest (combined phone and CW) run over 30 hours.

STARTS: Saturday 29 August 2009 at 0600 hours UTC (4pm EST)
ENDS : Sunday 30 August 2009 at 1159 hours UTC (9.59pm EST)

Bands to be used are 3.5, 7, 14, 21, and 28 MHz only.

The following are suggested frequencies for easier location of contacts:
28.380 to 28.410 21.170 to 21.200 21.380 to 21.410
14.250 to 14.280 7.070 to 7.100 3.560 to 3.590

PO Box 271


hf nets ON the net,

GB 40 WAB 40th anniversary of the WAB Till Dec 31

HG 160 FNY Commemorates 1848 attack on Hungary
that prompted their independence. until July 31

OZ 1658 ROS 350th anniversary of the Treaty of Roskilde Till Dec 31

VARIOUS SM STATIONS USING 1658 (Treaty of Roskilde) Till Dec 31

VP 9 400 /home call 400th Anniversary of Bermuda Till Dec 31

If you are visiting Perth - the one in VK6 - or are resident there, be aware
VK6RIB is back on air. VK6RIB s an information beacon which is active 24/7
and carries this WIA National News, News West, RAOTC Broadcasts, Club news,
News on Courses and exams and the like.

Signal reports to ham College Please.

Maybe this is an innovation which could be copied in other call areas....


The 5th East Asian Games will take place on Hong Kong from Dec 5th to the
13th. Starting on July 1st the special commemorative callsign VR2009EAG
has been on the air using SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV on 40 through 6 meters
until the end of the year. QSL only direct via VR2XMT.

Less activity by 4U1ITU in the future

Callsign 4U1ITU will be put on the air only very seldomly in the upcoming

The restricted activities are the result of a general assembly of the
International Amateur Radio Clubs IARC in May.

Several reasons led to this decision including increased security levels at
the ITU headquarters, a changed recognition of amateur radio in international
communication and last not least that 4U1ITU is not belonging to the most
wanted countries anymore.

The IARC decided to focus their activities on special modes or conference
delegates and to limit all overnight and weekend activities as much as

(DXNL via SouthGate)

ALARA's 34th Birthday Net will be held in the shack 25th July 3.588 MHz
1000 UTC (8pm Byron Bay Time) As ALARA hold their party on air they would
like you to take your cake and hot cuppa to the shack and join the Birthday


Region III IARUMS Coordinator B.L.Manohar (Arasu) VU2UR

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700


A follow-up to our report in the case of Kevin Bondy, who now faces a
$24,000 fine for jamming the radio system in a Southern California shopping

A police search of his residence has turned up what's being described as an
extraordinary amount of potentially stolen radio gear.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has prepared a list of what was
found on the premises and is asking the public's help in identifying any
rightful owners. The equipment can be viewed on-line. Items 120 to 123
involve FM broadcast equipment. The rest is land-mobile gear including
repeaters with a few miscellaneous items such as computers, CB and amateur
radio gear mixed in.

Background information on Kevin Bondy:


Variable Speed Drives - Faraday shields please

New Zealand's Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) has been alerted to an
increasing number of cases of corruption to other electronic equipment caused
by incorrectly installed variable speed drives (VSDs).

VSDs are commonly employed for accurately controlling the speed of motors in
a wide range of industry applications, from the soft starting of lifts to the
speed of pumping equipment.

To control the speed of AC motors they convert the 50 Hz AC to a variable
range of frequencies. However this change creates a considerable amount of
unwanted 'white' RF energy in the low part of the radio spectrum.

The RF energy has also harmfully affected milking sheds automated with
sensitive electronic equipment and created RF voltage administering physical
shock and burning to animals.

This has been a costly experience to some farmers where their cows have been
stressed causing reduced milk production.

New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management


The UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom has published a report dealing
with the effects of interference caused by power generating Wind Farms
turbines. This, to Ultra High Frequency and Super High Frequency

Some of their findings include the fact that a single turbine can produce
measured fades as large as 3 dB for UHF scanning telemetry links and 2 dB
for fixed links operating between 1.5 and 18 GHz.

The full text of this propagation study and report in PDF Format is available



And texting addicts will soon have a new plaything, but
will need to learn C-W to use it. This, as Toshiba teams up with
microprocessor manufacturer Intel to produce Clique. This is described as
a handheld, thumb-operated communications device that uses only three keys
produce Morse code for sending text messages.

A Toshiba spokesperson says that Morse was chosen as the communications
medium because it is an easily learned and is ideally suited to the
single-digit platform. She explained that the Morse code has been in use
for more than 160 years which longer than any other electronic encoding system.

Earlier attempts to create a Morse-based texting device were stymied by the
variable length of the Morse characters which made it hard to adapt to
automated text conversion circuits. Toshiba's solution is the three
keys. One is used for dots, another for dashes and the third that acts as
a space-bar between letters. One tap separates letters while two taps go
between words.

First released in Japan at the 2008 Microprocessor Forum, the Clique is the
size and shape of a lollipop with the handle acting as a miniature
joystick. Its reception in Japan has been described as fast and furious as
early adopters added 'Clique' to their armoury of hand-held communications

The Clique is not yet available in the United States but more about it is
on-line at



Amateur Radio Previews
July 2009

Amateur Radio is already out. For a while now, they have been aiming to get
the magazine to you by the first of every month, and that target has just
about been achieved. The front cover is a people picture and so was last
month, in contrast to the long run of equipment photos. That's Tina VK5TMC
on this month's cover, and there's more on Tina below.

And talking of photos, have a look at pages 28 & 29 for a panoramic view of
the Currie lighthouse on King Island in Bass Strait. Glenn Alford VK3CAM
presents an interesting report on preparations for International Lighthouse
Weekend, coming up on 15-16 August. He also includes some history of the
island and its lighthouses, illustrated by more fine photos inside the back

July is always the ladies issue of Amateur Radio, and that's why Tina VK5TMC
is featured on the front cover. Tina has just taken over as President of
ALARA (that's the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association). Read all about
Tina and her new management team on page 22, in an article by retiring
ALARA President Christine Taylor VK5CTY. You have been reading the ALARA
column in every issue of Amateur Radio for many years, and that was another
of Christine's regular contributions.

But there's more! How about a lady who has been an amateur radio operator for
70 years - yes, 70 years. Mavis Stafford VK3KS has that rare honour, and the
story of her amateur achievements is told on page 23 by Jim Linton VK3PC.
Turn to inside front cover for more pictures, and to page 34 for an account
of the special luncheon and the certificate presented to Mavis by WIA
President Michael Owen VK3KI.

On page 5 there is a timely article on radio frequency interference (usually
called RFI) and your computer. Your sensitive radio receiver can probably
"hear" much of the noise generated by a nearby computer but there are ways to
overcome this problem. Dale Hughes VK1DSH explains how to go about noise
reduction for the most common modes of interference. This follows on nicely
from the article on page 53 of the June issue of Amateur Radio.

There are two articles on loop antennas this month, but they are very
different in design and frequency band. On page 25 Andy Williss VK5LA
describes his "Hentenna" for six metres, and on page 11 you can read
Drew Diamond VK3XU as he explains how build an active loop antenna for
1.8 to 4 MHz.

Lighthouses are the topic for next month with the special ILLW event on
15-16 August. But read this month, on page 21, a little story about the most
southerly Australian lighthouse, still withstanding the Roaring Forties.
Roger Nichols VK7ARN tell us what some radio amateurs are doing down there.

Don't forget the regular columns presented every month by Amateur Radio.
They are all written by experts in their fields and keep you up-to-date on
your special interest. In particular, read our new Contests columnist
Craig Edwards VK5HRT on page 41, plus a few final words from retiring
Contests editor Phil Smeaton VK4BAA.

(Tom Potter VK3UBS)


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

Oscar 5 in SatMagazine

The Oscar 5 satellite built by Australian Radio Amateurs at the end of the
60's is mentioned in the latest issue of SatMagazine.

The July/August issue of SatMagazine covers the Australian space program and
mentions the work of Australian Radio Amateurs who built Oscar 5.

The article on page 59 includes a picture of Oscar 5 which carried
transmitters on 29.450 MHz and 144.050 MHz and was launched January 23 1970,
into an orbit of 1435 x 1481 km with an inclination of 102.0 degrees.

Ther July/Aug 2009 issue of SatMagazine is at


Four astronauts hams have taken part in simulated Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station contacts.

On Thursday, July 2nd Satoshi Furukawa, KE5DAW and Timothy J. Creamer, KC5WKI
had contacts with Ottawa area students in Canada.

Later, Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC, and Soichi Noguchi, KD5TVP, participated in
contacts with students visiting the Challenger Learning Centre in Indianapolis

These training sessions are ground based amateur radio contacts using ARISS
equivalent equipment to familiarize the soon to fly astronauts with the
proper method of making schoolroom contacts from space.


AO-51 Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Special Event

AMSAT-NA will mark the 40th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing with
a special event on AO-51.

AO-51 will transmit a special message commemorating the event during evening
passes on Monday, July 20 and into early July 21 UTC.

The message will be transmitted on the 435.300 MHz FM downlink.

A special AO-51 SWL QSL will be available to ground stations who copy the

Please watch the Amsat website and the amsat-bb mailing list for further

(Drew, KO4MA via SouthGate)

Medical Amateur Radio Council

The Medical Amateur Radio Council (MARCO) is an organization of ham radio
operators with an interest in the healing arts.

They are on the web, or tune into their Grand Rounds,
held Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM USA Eastern Time on 14.307 MHz.

Way back in 1965, at the Astor in New York City, Dr. William L.Sprague WA6CRN
held a meeting of physicians and dentists interested in exploring the
formation of a medically oriented amateur radio operators organization.

A group of 95 members was organized.

MARCO has shown consistent growth since its founding. Representation is from
all U.S. and Canadian call areas, as well as foreign countries.

The purpose of MARCO is to promote good will and fellowship among amateur
radio operators, worldwide, who are professionals in the healing arts, or
who have an interest in the various medical, dental and allied fields which
constitute the healing arts.

On-the-air network operation is considered an integral part of MARCO activity,
and is conducted for the purpose of discussing and exchanging medical and
technical information, and, wherever possible, to be of public service by
assisting medical emergencies and other priority traffic.

For more information, please visit


Phil Mercer of BBC News, Sydney has reported on the BBC that here in
Australia a multi-million dollar competition to build a new generation of
military robots has been launched.

Google BBC to find out all of the story that says "The winning design must
help soldiers fight by remote control in urban combat zones, according to
defence officials.

The competition is said to be run by Australia's Defence Science and
Technology Organisation in partnership with US military.
Published: 2009/07/14 01:10:00 GMT


21.360 - 18.160 - 14.300 - 7.060 - 3.760 MHz.
REGION 2 TRY ALSO 3.985 - 7.240 - 7.290

Now VK3JUG from Sunraysia.

"Amongst other things I'm the NSW Far south west WICEN co-ordinator, this
weekend coming, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th, I'm looking for a
couple more operators for an Off Road Car Rally at Tapio station, about 10km's
from Mildura.

It's a round of the Australian Off Road Championship series, so there will be
some top class vehicles racing. Run similar to the Sealake Mallee Rally, we'll
have voice on 2metres and Packet on 70cm using the Vic. WICEN program TRAK.

Racing is on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, so would suite operators who like
to camp out. For more information, contact me either by phone, 0437 093 475,
I'll repeat that again 0437 093 475, or e-mail,,

that's all one word, peternorris@ Cheers from VK3JUG".



July 18 VK3
Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest 10.00 am
Cranbourne Public Hall

July 25 vk4
Gootchie CWA - Wide Bay Mini Hamfest

Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group White Elephant Sale Healesville Memorial Hall.

August 2 vk6
Northern Corridor Radio Group's WA Hamfest. Cyril Jackson Rec Centre
Fisher st Ashfield.

August 8 VK2
Summerland's 50th Anniversary Dinner will be held Saturday evening, 8th August.
Goonellabah Tavern to start 1800K.

August 9
SARCFEST from 0800K at the Clubrooms, Richmond Hill.

August 22 vk2
Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club's Winterfest 18 Simeon Road, Orchard Hills.

Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club Sunfest, The Woombye School of Arts
Blackall Street Woombye.

SEP 13 VK5
Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest 9:30am.
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood.

SEP 18-20 VK4
North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention, James Cook University,
Douglas Campus. Surf to theTARCinc website
for event and registration information

SEP 25 - 27 VK4
The Central Highland Amateur Radio Club Annual General Meeting at
Camp Fairbairn near Emerald.

Please think of the environment before printing this email


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