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Brought to you by members of North West Tasmania Amateur Television Group
from the studios of VK7AX.

It will be a hard act to follow the professional production presented by
our news readers last week, however we will do our best.

Presenting the broadcast will be:-

Susan VK7LUV on Education and advancement of Amateur Radio.
Jim VK7JH with Intruder Watch and Enforcement Zone.
Ron VK7RN with World Wide Special Interest Groups and Rewind.
Ivan VK7XL with Operational News.
Neil VK7ZNX Talking about our Hams across Australia.
Daniel VK7FDWB brings us up to speed with International News.



ABU digital radio delegation visit Sydney and VK1WIA in DAB+

Twenty radio delegates from eight different countries visited Sydney this
week as part of an Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union digital radio delegation.

The delegation was hosted by Commercial Radio Australia in collaboration
with the ABU Technical Department and included representatives from
MRTBN - Mongolia, RTHK - Hong Kong, RTB - Brunei, VOV - Vietnam, TBS - Japan,
LRN - Laos, RTM & IPPTAR - Malaysia and Mediacorp - Singapore.

The ABU delegation is made up of senior executives in engineering,
programming and management eager to understand how Australia made the
transition to digital radio and follows visits in the past couple of months
from Korean and Indonesian radio broadcasters.

Joan Warner chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia said
Australia's successful DAB+ has created a great deal of interest

Creating interest in Australia last week on the DAB+ platform in Brisbane
was the highly successful transmission of the WIA national news and QNEWS.
This was the edition read by current and past Radio Announcers, sort of
"taking back the streets".

Radio (or the wireless) as we know it today DID evolve from radio amateurs
so last weeks news formed the centre piece of a special broadcast on TAB+ a
digital channel in Brisbane. Featuring the news of course but also heaps
and heaps of music with a radio/communication theme.

ABBAS SOS... VK1WIA gave both CQ Serenade and CQ Boogie a play, there was
Slim Dusty dot com and "Grand-dad was a telegraphist, the tracks from
"The Ham Band" (Google that one it's well worth a surf".. and what radio
show would be worth it's salt without COMMERCIALS! Yes plenty of plugs on how
to become a ham and the WIA-BOOK SHOP.

Following on from that success it is planned to do it again in 2010 for
our Centenary using VK100WIA if you are in Brisbane, look for TAB+ or if
(shame shame) you have yet to purchase a digital radio visit your local
electronics store and ask them about Digital Radio!

Click on the link on the WIA front page so see and hear a couple of video
clips of the transmission.


The 22nd Australian Jamboree is the biggest event on the Australian Scouting

With more WIA JOTA co-ordinator Bob Bristow VK6POP

"Over 12,000 Scouts and Leaders from all around Australia and other
countries will converge on Cataract Scout Park in January 2010 to take part
in a 2 week long camp.

The theme of the Jamboree is "Test Your Limits", and Scouts will enjoy a
wide variety of activities on and off site that will indeed test their

Amateur Radio has been part of Scout Jamborees for more than 50 years, and
this Jamboree will be no different, with activities based around the purpose
built radio shack onsite.

The Amateur Radio activity at the Jamboree is being provided by the Fisher's
Ghost Amateur Radio Club. Wal VK2ZWK tells me that they are providing
several operating positions in the shack, as well as activities and passive
displays around the shack.

The HF stations will operate around the JOTA frequencies. There will also be
an IRLP node, number 6111, and APRS onsite. The FGARC has secured the
magnificent callsign "VI 2 AJ 2010" for the duration of the event.
QSLs via the bureau.

As always, extra help would be appreciated. If you are able to help out
either before the Jamboree, or during the Jamboree as a day worker, your
assistance would be welcome. Anyone working during the Jamboree must be
able to comply with the NSW working with children requirements, and prior
registration is required. If you don't know how to contact FGARC, contact and I'll pass your enquiry on to Wal VK2ZWK.


Today, 2 news items.

The Australian of the Year Awards is a program of the National Australia Day
Council, with state and territory selection committees selecting four
finalists in each category, including the Senior Australian of the Year.

The awards recognise the individual's contribution to their community.

The South Australian Committee selected an amateur, Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI as
one of the four South Australia finalists in the senior category for his
work as one of the 9 approved Satellite Earth Stations for the Amateur Radio
on the International Space Station (ARISS) program and as Australian ARISS
Coordinator organising the link ups for schools to contact the amateurs on
the International Space Station, stimulating the interest of young people in
science and technology.

The national finalists were announced and the state finalists were presented
at an impressive ceremony on the 11th November at the National Wine Centre
in Adelaide in the presence of the Governor of South Australia and the
Deputy Premier of South Australia.

While Maggie Beer of television fame went on as a national finalist the
recognition of the contribution of amateur radio and of Tony to the
community has delighted the WIA Board.

The WIA Board has accepted with regret the resignation of Robert Broomhead
VK3KRB/VK3DN as Director of the WIA with effect from 31 December 2009.

Robert, who has served as Director of the WIA since 8 November 2004, advised
the Board that he wished to resign after a 5 year commitment.

Robert has made a great contribution to the WIA, being responsible for the
"corporate look" that has been adopted by the WIA, the IT side of our
activities and is responsible for the incredibly successful Annual Meeting
weekends that have become such a feature of the WIA. We are grateful that
he will continue to assist the Centenary Committee, and, of course, we have
accepted his offer to continue as Webmaster for the WIA website.

The Directors cannot adequately express their gratitude for all that Robert
has done.

It falls to the WIA Board to appoint a Director for the balance of Robert's
term, which ends at the AGM in 2011 and we are giving consideration to this.


vk1 local news email and ask for subscription.

RD Contest:

Congratulations go to the team of operators who fired up the OLD C.R.A.R.C
shack at Farrer for the last time during the RD Contest.

They put up a Stirling effort resulting in a 3rd Place in the "HF Multi
Op Phone" section... Canberra-ITES are wondering if the NEW shack will
result in a First next year.


web service:-
VKG Roundup

Pencils at the ready, mark your calendars with 2 dates, December 19 and
November 29

November 29 is the Final Trash & Treasure at VK2WI for the year
and December 19? This is the Westlakes clubs Chrissie BBQ and get together.
This is a family day and a Krazy Kricket match is being organised by
Geoff VK2GL.

web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

The Centre Victoria RadioFest No. 3 will be held in just 80 days

Interest is mounting about the biggest amateur radio event in Victoria.
Major commercial traders have secured their Traders Hall bookings.
Second-hand sellers also taking up trestle table or car-boot spaces.

Eager to be part of the Club Corner precinct are the centenary celebrating
Wireless Institute of Australia, CW Operators' QRP Club, the Historical
Radio Society of Australia and Royal Australian Signals Museum.

Other clubs and groups expected to take advantage of this excellent
promotional display and membership recruitment opportunity.

The Mini-lecture program has a mystery presenter about the end of Amateur
Radio, how it does not have a future because of the internet, email,
mobile phone, Skype and social media.

On the same program, to provide a bit of balance, will be details of how a
combined primary and secondary school is doing its bit to keep amateur

Check out the website

It all sounds very interesting indeed. See you at the Centre Victoria
RadioFest on Sunday the 14th of February, at the Kyneton racecourse just
an hour from Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo.

I'm Bruce Lees VK3FFF and you're listening to VK1WIA.

web service local news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

We heard Tony VK7AX make mention of last weeks WIA National News Broadcast
in DAB+ , this just in from Geoff VK4ZPP of Gootchie.

"Congratulations to all those who responded to Graham, VK4Baker Baker's
call for members of the broadcast industry to get behind the WIA
National News microphone. Further congratulations to Graham for
organising what is probably a first, certainly for the Brisbane, VK4
area, the rebroadcast of the whole news on the 4TAB DAB+ channel.

The delegates to the President's Lunch with whom I have had a chance to
talk were impressed with the enthusiasm of the event. The participation
of delegates in the discussions were built upon by being able to
individually raise issues of interest with the speakers. Not only that,
the represented Clubs were given copies of the new promotional posters
and the centenary pin was available for purchase.


The VK5TTY Packet BBS will scheduled to be decommissioned for operation on
the 1st December 2009.

Due to changes and closures to the Adelaide Local Area Network (LAN) by
SAPUG, VK5TTY will no longer be able to properly fulfil it's function in
the South Australian Packet Network.

As a result, the club has decided to shutdown VK5TTY packet BBS.

It is a shame that the second longest serving Packet BBS's in Adelaide will
no longer be operational, however, due to the decline in use and lack of
interest in packet radio, they found it necessary for this decision.

This does not mean VK5TTY will be lost forever. The club has decided to
convert the BBS over to an APRS Igate and Digipeater, meaning digital
communications will still be operational from the site.

The club would like to thank all the users for their continued support and
patronage over the 20 years of operation.

It was a great ride while it lasted and it's hoped that the BBS was a
valuable service for the years it was operational

Best wishes and many thanks via WIA National News from all the SysOp's
that have ever operated VK5TTY

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.


The Bernama dot com on line newspaper reports that the Indonesian Amateur
Radio Organization called Orari and the Indonesian National Institute of
Aeronautic and Space plan to launch the ham radio bird next year.

According to the website, the new ham radio bird will be used to expand
that nations ham radio communication network to remote districts. It went
on to note that the satellite will play a major role in linking land, sea
and air communication for rescue radio operations.

The article also noted that ham radio operators from Orari had become the
alternative communication tool. This, during disasters like the tsunami in
Aceh and the recent earthquake in Padang.


A new desktop PC aimed at people aged over 60 who are unfamiliar with
Personal Computers and the internet has been unveiled in the United
Kingdom. Called Simplicity, the simplified desktop has only six buttons
directing users to basic tasks such as e-mail and chat.

The Simplicity computer has no log-in screen when it starts up, contains no
drop-down menus and comes pre-loaded with 17 video tutorials. The operating
system is a version of Linux that can be customized by users.

So far the SimplicITy computer system is only available in the
Europe. According to the BBC story introducing it, more than 6 million
people in the UK over the age of 65 have never used the internet, according
to British government figures.

If you're an American ham, chances are that your call sign was
issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

A "no brainer," right?

Well if you're an American ham who happens to be stationed at Guantanamo Bay
or at one of the US bases in the Antarctic, your call sign is not issued by
the FCC -- it's issued by the base commander.

Guantanamo Bay uses the KG4 prefix, this block is reserved exclusively for
American hams at "Gitmo".

As for Antarctica, the Antarctic Treaty signed in 1959 established the legal
framework for the management of Antarctica, including allocation of amateur
call signs. The National Science Foundation received their block on July 1,

US military hams in Japan and Korea are also issued special call signs:




Westlakes Contest Coordinator Allan VK2JED has announced the winners from
this years Westlakes Cup where logs submitted made this the best return
to date.

Topping the count in the advanced class was VK4ZD.
While the Foundation class was won by VK2FSBB.

Congratulations to the winners as well as those who took part

Trophies have been sent and certificates are being prepared

Last month, after a gruelling selection process, the organizers of the
2010 World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC) selected the 44 team
leaders who will compete in the event next year.

These 44 team leaders, representing all six continents, have each chosen
a partner.

The rules state that while the leader's partner may be from a different
call sign area, they must be from the same country as the leader.

WRTC, held every few years, takes place during the 2010 IARU HF World
Championships, July 10-11 and will be held just outside Moscow.

Two Radio Amateurs from the Canary Islands will represent Africa at the
WRTC, team leader is well know DXer Juan Hidalgo from Las Palmas.

In 2006, at the event held in Brazil, Bernie van der Walt, ZS4TX,
represented Africa. His team-mate was N2IC. They were placed 26th.



The date for the next ARK's Academy foundation course is Sat Feb 20 and
Sunday Feb 21 2010, this course will be conducted at Nunnawading.

Please contact to register.

JOHN vk3ark asks "please note the date of this course has been changed so
as not to clash with the Healsville Hamfest".

Registrations are also open for the Regulations Course which will be
held over the weekend Sat 27th March and Sunday 28th March and for the
Standard / Advanced Upgrade course over five Sundays April 25th May 2nd
may 9th May 16th With Exams May 23rd

ARK's Academy would also like to hear from any club or group of Amateurs
who would like assistance with running education and training , and of
course we are always looking for people willing to give of their time to
assist new people into our hobby and to help those who wish to upgrade
their licenses "

(John Fisher VK3DQ / VK3ARK)

Reg VK7KK, the REAST Learning Organiser lets us know about the next REAST
Foundation training and assessment sessions.

The Training Sessions will be held on Monday 30th November, and Tuesday the
1st December with the Assessment session on Monday the 7th December.

All sessions will take place in the REAST Queen's Domain Clubrooms from
7pm to 10 pm.

Some participants may feel that they do not need to participate in the
training programme, they would then just need to attend the assessment

If there are candidates interested in Standard or Advanced assessments they
should also enquire.

Reg can be contacted on 0417 391 607


(Reg VK7KK)


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

VK Coordinators for I.A.R.U.M.S. ?

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

From Hong Kong Brett vr2bg has some disturbing news, it seems that
here in VK La Trobe University has over-the-horizon radars in VK7
as well as ZL's Southland and they have been heard operating on the
20 & 30m amateur bands.

VR2BG went on to say "They put 600 watts into each of 16 ten-element
log period yagis & are used to observe the southern auroral circle.
The Tasmanian radar has been operational since 1999 & the New Zealand
one since 2005.

NZART Monitoring System has reported hearing both the Australian &
New Zealand radars in amateur bands, confirmed with the real time
display of both, which is on the Internet. It is not known how long they
have been operating in amateur service allocations contrary to licence

Since that report was filed Brett has notified us that "the relevant
authorities had been approached by NZART & WIA, the New Zealand radar has
QSYed to 13500 kHz & has not been seen operating elsewhere since. The
Australian radar continues to indicate & has been heard from ZL transmitting
in the 30m amateur band.

VK7YAD has Aurora BPL Papers Tabled in Parliament.

The following story comes from Greg VK7YAD who states one clear issue with
the conduct of Aurora and the commercial Broadband over Power Line Trial,
and it seems most of the other BPL participants is actually getting into the
formal record, exactly what it was they got up to.

As a result of several years investigation and assessment, one aspect of
the Aurora BPL project in Mt. Nelson has been documented and Tabled to the
Parliament record. During the course of Parliament in Tasmania, Thursday
5th November, the set of complaint and evidence files raised under the
Fair Trading Act, referred to the Department of Justice on 31st March, were
tabled formally into the records of the House of Assembly by the
Hon. Kim Booth MHA.

Presently the Tabled Papers of such sessions, whilst available from the
Parliament Library and accessible to the public are not currently available
for on-line viewing, they will be eventually.

Now entered into the history of the State is a blow by blow, statement
after statement, measurement after measurement, memo after memo, record of
what it was that Aurora and the "Regulator" got up to in the course of the
Broadband over Power Line Mt. Nelson commercial trial from mid 2005 until
late 2008.

Regards, and enjoy the spectrum we have, others are not so lucky.
Greg, VK7YAD.

Ofcom - World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 issues

The UK regulator Ofcom has published a consultation on the issues to be
covered during the World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12)

Among the questions in the consultation is:

Question 23: Should amateur radio be given an allocation in part of the
band 415 - 526.5 kHz, and if so where?

Interesting reading indeed and available on the OFCOM website.


Amateurs wishing to claim IOTA credit for October 2009 contacts with
C91VM, whilst activating IOTA references AF-061, AF-066 and AF-088,
should be aware that, in response to the operator's current published
QSL policy, these three operations will not be accepted for IOTA

Clarification is awaited from the operator that a policy change will
be made immediately to the effect that payment of 5 US dollars is not
obligatory and that cards sent direct with sufficient return postage
will be answered direct in a timely fashion. A prompt amendment to
the policy notice on is therefore required if accreditation
is to be reconsidered.


3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET)

This was held last Saturday 14 Nov and although no WIA station was advised
to us at least one VK4 ham from the Sunshine Coast region was one of
more than 200 stations taking part.

Here in VK it's said propagation was poor, but one station, maritime mobile
of our coast proved a great "relay vessel".

The first GlobalSET was held in November 2006 and its participation has
steadily grown since, due in part to the rules and procedures being
available in the Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese
and Spanish languages.

GlobalSET provides an opportunity to demonstrate the provision of
communications across national borders, test the emergency centre of
activity frequencies, create practices for international emergency
communications and the relaying of messages


If you were thinking of saying 'Thank you' to your XYL for letting you play
radio, how better to do it than by taking her out to lunch.

You can do this in the safe company of other amateurs all doing the same
thing, or just plain celebrating, at the RIVERVIEW INN at Lower Sandy Bay
on Saturday on the 12th. of December.

VK7's WICEN South group have booked the Inn for sole use so you are assured
of pleasant company. Harmonics are welcome, as are non-licensed radio
enthusiasts. Any amateurs visiting are equally invited.

RSVP to any WICEN South members, or Rod VK7TRF, on 0417 314 425

(Rod, VK7TRF)

(Will McGhie VK6UU is WIA National Historian)

Bernie McCosker VK2XBF says the Taylor Centenary Re-enactment Trust
on December 5 are holding a "First Flight Re-enactment."

"Taylors first flight in Australian aviation history."

George Taylor was before his time. He started the Aviation industry,
the first radio telegraphy station, the WIA, became the first pilot,
ran a competition to construct our first military aircraft, and was a
"good bloke all round".

Commemorating his life with the centenary of his flight at Narrabeen
on dec 5th at 9:59am.


NOV 29 VK2
Final Trash & Treasure at VK2WI for the year.


JAN 4 - 14 VK2
AUSTRALIAN SCOUT JAMBOREE Cataract Scout Park south of Sydney.

JAN 24 VK2
Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group's Radio Expo 2010 8.30am St Johns Church
Hall, Mc Lean Street Coffs Harbour.

JAN 30 VK4
Bunya Mts & Dist AmCom host "HAM AND WINE FEST 2010" at Maclagan.

WIA 100 Centre Victoria RadioFest No. 3.

Wyong Field Day, Wyong Race Course.

Midland Amateur Radio Club's Radio, Electronic & Astronomy Expo.
Venue to be advised.

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club's 35th Annual Field Day.

GGREC Hamfest Start Time : 10:00

Oct 29 - 31
VK1OOWIA Westlakes ARC during our WIA centenary celebrations.

2010 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 4-7 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (

Please think of the environment before printing this email


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