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two new sunspot groups for christmas New Year


january 2010 amsat kid's day on ao-51


newcastle earthquake disaster - 20 years on


hams Help Out with sea rescue




News from Port Lincoln that Thursday dey had a bush fire threaten the
outskirts of Port Lincoln during a Catastrophic Fire danger day (FDI 100+).
Strong, hot North winds made fighting the fire impossible and a wind change
made things a lot worse. 12 homes were lost, countless sheds and rural
properties destroyed.

Lower Eyre Peninsula ARC clubrooms were destroyed according to the WIA home

Hpoefully Michael VK5ZEA President Lower Eyre Peninsula ARC will be able to
provide a report for this service later when things settle dowwn.

Tune in next week!


You may find this hard to believe, but Iraq's former leader planned to
attack and destroy Radio Free Europe. The plot was recently made public
by Media Network and the Chezch government.

Amateur Radio Newsline's Jim Davis, W2JKD, has more:

According to Andy Sennitt at Media Network the late Iraqi dictator Saddam
Hussein ordered his secret agents to attack the Prague headquarters of
US run Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. This, to end broadcasting to

Sennitt quotes Czech intelligence service spokesman Jan Subert who said that
the attack was ordered by the then Iraqi leader in 2000. Also that Iraqi
intelligence agents planned to use numerous weapons including rocket
propelled grenades, rifles and submachine guns in the attack. Subert said
that the weapons had been stockpiled for the attack after they were brought
into the country in an Iraqi diplomatic car.

It was not known when the attack was due to take place but Subert said that
Czech intelligence discovered the plot and the Iraqis submitted the weapons
to Czech authorities in 2003. The plan was for the attack to take place
from the window of a nearby flat that the Iraqis planned to rent as an
office for a fake company.

I'm Jim Davis, W2JKD.

The report seems to indicate that good intelligence by Chezch national
security foiled Saddam Hussein's plot.

(Media Network via Amateur Radio NewsLine)


Matthew Weatherley VK4TMW from the Toowoomba and Downs Wireless Group scored
a first for our WIA Centenary year 2010 by having a photo (of Milne Bay
Military Museum curator Barrie Wallis tuning in an RCA radio base station)
and an article written by Dave Noonan in Toowoomba's "The Chronicle".

TOOWOOMBA and Downs Wireless Group tutor co-ordinator Matthew Weatherley's
passion for all things radio reaches back more than 50 years.

The 73-year-old cut his teeth as a radio and television technician in the
1950s and has stayed involved with the industry ever since.

That is why he is excited about putting Toowoomba and the surrounding
region's radio history on display as part of the Wireless Institute of
Australia (WIA) centenary celebrations.

"There is a lot to be said about Toowoomba and the Downs radio history,"
Mr Weatherley told Downs readers.

"We were at the forefront of experimenting with radio from about 1910 and
some people were even doing it before that."

A display of up to 40 radio transmitters and receivers dating from the 1920s
through to modern times is being organised at the Milne Bay Military Museum.

The display will run from March until June next year to mark the day in 1910
when a group of wireless experimenters and enthusiasts met in Sydney and
formed what ultimately became the WIA.

REAST in VK7 sure think "outside the box".

2010 W.I.A. Centenary Call Books are available from the Caltex Service Station
on Main Rd Moonah, that's 136-138 Main Road on the corner of Amy St.


Those who like to "eavesdrop" on the live action make a note of these radio
frequencies and procedures.

The radio relay vessel involved for the duration of the race is called "JBW"
You will hear her giving radio checks on December 26 between 1130 hours
and 1230 hours Sydney time on race frequency 6516kHz.

When the race commences any boat subject to recall will be identified
by the relevant race committee signal vessel by radio on VHF 72 for the
northern start line in Sydney harbour and VHF 71 for the southern start line.

Primary race frequency for all traffic = 6516 kHz.
Secondary is 4483 kHz and 4483 is used for the 0005 listening schedules
and used as directed by "JBW".

"JBW" will maintain a continuous listening watch throughout the race on
6516 kHz and Channel 16.

Daily position reports will be conducted on race frequency 6516 kHz at
2005 hours on 26 December 2009
0735 and 1705 hours on each subsequent day

On approaching any coastal port, boats will be calling the Royal Volunteer
Coastal Patrol or Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Stations on 2524 kHz
or again VHF 16.


vk1 local news email and ask for subscription.

Isaacs Ridge Repeaters

After onsite working bee's over the last 2 weekends, the club is pleased to
announce that the new repeater systems at Isaacs Ridge are now operational.

VK1RBM is now running a VHF & a UHF repeater system using the new VERTEX
repeaters the club purchased earlier in the year.

The VHF repeater is on 146.725 MHZ (-600 KHz offset) and requires a CTCSS
sub tone of 91.5 Hz to access.

The UHF repeater is on 439.950 MHz (-5 MHz offset) and is running in
Carrier Squelch mode, so no sub tone is required to access it at present.

Both repeaters are transmitting a CTCSS tone of 91.5 Hz if you wish to
avail yourselves of CTCSS squelch on your receivers.

The UHF repeater has access to the IRLP Node 6110 / EchoLink VK1KCM-L
services being hosted by Carl VK1KCM, this has been tested and appears
to be working well.

The VHF repeater will have IRLP node 6336 on it once the node is
re-established, we thank Mike VK1TMS for hosting that node whilst the
repeater was on Mt Majura.

The 2 repeaters are presently running 25 watts output as they settle in.
They share a dual band antenna located about 1/2 way up the tower.

Our thanks go to WATTS Communications for allowing us access to the site.
WATTS now carry a selection of VHF & UHF amateur antenna's and are agents
for Icom & Yaesu / Vertex equipment.

We thank the following people for their assistance over the last 2 weeks so
the new facility could be up and running for the Christmas Holiday period.

Bruce VK2MIB, Ian VK1FMAC, Ian VK1FOTO, Ian VK1IAN, Gilbert VK1GH,
Nick VK1NK, Peter VK1NPW, Wayne VK1VNB, Phil VK1PL.

web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

A radio hiking we will go, on air until our batteries are low

Four members of the Scout Australia, Victorian Branch Scout Radio &
Electronics Service Unit will be hiking the French Island National Park
southeast of Melbourne and operate the scout callsign VK3SAT for the Keith
Roget Memorial National Parks Award.

Peter Fraser VK3ZPF, Hayden McManus VK3FRST, Marcus Berglund VK3TST and
Adam Scammell VK3YDF will be on air 0400 UTC on 9 January until 0100 UTC
10 January.

The bands proposed are 80m, 40m, and 20m using wire antennas strung in the
low trees on the island.

As the team has to carry everything in backpacks to the camping ground the
transceivers are to operate a maximum of 15w PEP will be powered from
small sealed lead acid batteries.

VK3SAT hopes to make many contacts and will be QRV as long as the battery
power lasts.

Details of the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award can be found on
the Amateur Radio Victoria website

I'm Jim Linton VK3PC and you're listening to VK1WIA

web service local news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

The Cairns Amateur Radio Club (inc) is holding a NEW YEAR BASH
at Brothers Football Club, corner Anderson & English street Cairns
starting 7PM on 12th January 2010 to celebrate a new.

Bring your partner and offspring to join us in a sumptuous buffet.
The Menu includes:
Roast of the day, chicken, soup, salads and desert
for a sum of $18.90 (Brothers club members $16.90)
and $7.95 for children under 12 years.
Drinks are Extra !

or phone (07) 40533137 before January 1

Seasons greetings from Sunny Cairns
IRLP 6163


The Northern Corridor Radio Group Inc. officially honoured one of it's
longest serving members Neil Penfold VK6NE at the Group's Christmas Party on
Saturday 19th December. A large sign bearing the new official title for the
Group's premises was unveiled during the party in the presence of more than
30 members and guests. The new title is Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio

The new title recognises Neil's incredible contribution to Amateur Radio in
Australia and globally with more than 40 years service to the WIA - at both
federal and state levels - and more than 20 years service to the NCRG. It is
a small token of the high esteem in which he is held by his Club-mates and
many others who know him both as a man and as a tireless worker for the
exceptional hobby he loves.

(John Sparkes VK6JX Secretary NCRG Inc.)

local area news :-
vk7 local news, email

North West Tasmania Amateur Television Group Additional Net on Wednesdays.
Another net is added to the Club repeater system.

IRLP Node 6616 (VK7RTV 2m. repeater) connects to Reflector 9558 at 2000 hrs.
and disconnect at 2100 hrs. The Central Goldfields Amateur Radio Club
in Western Victoria conducts its VHF Net each week and if you are in VK7
no need to wait for troppo ducting.. connect via IRLP!

To accommodate this additional Net, the AR Broadcast scheduled for 2000 Hrs.
has been moved to commence at 1915 hrs. allowing a short time to allow check
ins prior to the commencement of the GGARC VHF Net.



This story from the ARRL and News Editor S. Khrystyne Keane, K1SFA

For 37 years, Mickey Hicks, WO6T, played Santa Claus to hundreds of
children. These children never sat on Santa's lap to tell him that they
had been good boys and girls and what they wanted for Christmas. They
did it in a much more simple way -- they picked up a microphone and
told Santa on the air. Each year, Hicks, a ham for almost 50 years and
a long-time Amateur Radio instructor, would get on the air for 10 days
each December as W6S (Whiskers-6-Santa). Unfortunately, Hicks became a
Silent Key earlier this year.

Hicks said that the first year he operated as W6S was a hit with the
operators -- and their children. Most children, he noted, are a bit
apprehensive of talking over the radio, let alone to Santa. One of the
most challenging parts of operating was when he heard a parent say
"This one is shy and won't talk." That was never a problem for Hicks --
after a few warm-up questions, such as "Can you say hello to Rudolph?"
-- he said he could strike up a conversation that lasted a few minutes.
He had even heard back from parents that they weren't able to get the
microphone away from the kids afterward!

Mark Slater, WI6J, was Hicks' QSL manager. With the blessing of Hicks'
wife, son and daughter-in-law, Slater is carrying on the W6S tradition.

"Mickey's shoes are so much bigger than I could ever hope to fill," he told
the ARRL, "but I know Mickey would have wanted Santa to keep getting on
the air and speaking with the children."

14.270 MHz, is Santa's favourite frequency, put it under your Christmas Tree
for next year!

Santa is a ham and a "good guy" -- now you know!


A final reminder about Melbourne's Eastern and Mountain District Radio
Club special Christmas Foundation training course being held this
Tuesday the 29th of December in the newly renovated EMDRC clubrooms in
Burwood. So if you, or someone you know, would like take part contact
myself Robert Broomhead VK3DN by email or by phoning
me on 0403 066 686.

Reg VK7KK REAST Learning Organiser congratulates Geoffrey Gibbon,
Peter McHugh, David Bennett, Alex Whiteside, George Parramore,
David Blair and Stuart Marshall who all achieved Foundation requirements.

Paul Hanson also passed his Standard licence.

North West Tasmania Amateur Television Group Monday Night Broadcasts.

The current series of the Q5 Education Hour has again reached the end of its
run with Episode 45. The series has been aired at least 3 times, so nwtatg
considered it's time to give it a rest and it has been placed in the Club's
archives for the time being.

Another two new Amateur Radio Podcasts have been secured and will replace Q5
for the time being.

The first is known as "lowSWR" and second is produced by a 13 year old,
Paul Shirey KB9QYB titled "Teen Radio Journey" in which he discusses his
journey through the various stages of studying and obtaining his amateur

Both Podcasts are something different from the usual and should provide
plenty of interest to the listeners.

(Tony VK7AX, News Officer NWT-ATV Group)

January 2010 AMSAT Kid's Day on AO-51

AMSAT-NA and the AO-51 Operations Group will sponsor Kid's Day on AO-51
January 3, 2010. The event is open to all kids, worldwide.

Amateur radio stations have been asked to give this short time window to
promote satellite operations with kids, by actually showing a kid how to
make contacts via AO-51, providing a station to contact, or stepping aside
to allow others to make contacts with the kids.

AO-51 will be configured in the following mode during the event.

Uplink: 145.880 MHz FM voice
Downlink: 435.300 MHz FM voice

Have fun and enjoy AO-51!

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.


Dr Lee-Anne McKinnell, ZS2LAW, has been appointed as acting Managing Director
of the HMO during the absence of the current MD who has been seconded to the
Space Agency.

Dr Lee-Anne McKinnell is well known for her participation in the SARL Radio
Technology in Action programme where she has made many presentations over the
past three years.


Faraday Medal for Professor Sir Martin Sweeting, G3YJO

Professor Sir Martin Sweeting OBE FRS, G3YJO has been awarded the
Faraday Medal by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, IET.

The medal is awarded for notable scientific or industrial achievement
in engineering or for conspicuous service rendered to the advancement
of science, engineering and technology. The citation said that
Sweeting was awarded the Medal for "his visionary leadership,
satellite expertise, ambition and drive, which among other things,
brought the overheads involved in space exploration, down to earth.
Sir Martin's work includes establishing the viability of the use of
small satellites for earth observation, communication and navigation
purposes and his founding of a company to design and supply small
satellites to organisations throughout the world".

G3YJO will be giving the 45th Appleton Lecture, entitled Small Satellites -
Big Future, on Tuesday 19th January at the IET's headquarters in London.

Nominations open for International Humanitarian Award

Nominations are open for the 2009 ARRL International Humanitarian Award.

The award is conferred upon an amateur or amateurs who demonstrate
devotion to human welfare, peace and international understanding
through amateur radio. The League established the annual prize to
recognise amateur radio operators who have used ham radio to provide
extraordinary service to others in times of crisis or disaster.

Nominations should include a summary of the nominee's actions that
qualify the individual (or individuals) for this award, plus
verifying statements from at least two people having first-hand
knowledge of the events warranting the nomination. Nominations should
include the names and addresses of all references. Details appear on
the ARRL website,, where you can search for humanitarian award.


If you smoke and own an Apple computer, the company might not fix it under
warranty. This is because Apple says it may void the warranty should you
need to bring a smoke exposed computer in for repair.

The Tech Blog at Yahoo notes that in at least two instances in different
parts of the USA, Apple has voided the warranty and refused to provide
repair service on computers exposed to environments where cigarette smoke
has been present. Calling cigarette smoke residue inside a computer a
health risk and a biohazard, in both cases Apple customers have been denied
service despite having time left on a valid warranty.

Apple is standing by the decisions, saying that repair centres have the
authority to make decisions like this on their own. It cites OSHA rules
that include nicotine in a list of hazardous substances that could damage
the health of someone exposed to it.

Apple isn't formally commenting on the issue or responding to media requests
for comment, namely regarding whether there's a threshold for cigarette
smoke exposure beyond which a computer won't be serviced. No word on
whether other computer vendors have the same or similar policies.

More is at





Mar 20-21 John Moyle Field Day

Internationally, the New Year starts with the slightly
inappropriately named ARRL RTTY Roundup on 2nd and 3rd January.
Inappropriate because any data mode can be used to make QSOs. There's
a maximum operating time of 24 hours out of 30 hours, sections for
High Power and Low Power, and Single Op and Multi Op stations.

Special event callsign VI2AJ2010 activation
Hi, I'm Ian, VK2MCI and this is a short note from Fishers Ghost Amateur
Radio Club to advise all amateurs of the activation of special event
callsign VI2AJ2010 for the 22nd Australian Scout Jamboree being held at
Cataract Scout Park ,Appin NSW from the 4th - 14th January 2010.
All HF bands using JOTA frequencies 3.690 & 3.940 MHz, 7.090 & 7.190,
14.290, 18.140, 21.360, 24.960, 28.390, 50.160 together with VHF/UHF,IRLP
(node 6111) and EchoLink will be used.
QSL details can be found on QRZ.COM.
There is a VERY GOOD chance that the operator you worked or are listening to
does not have a license or has never even heard of Ham Radio. With this in
mind, please be patient if they need assistance from one of our licensed
Looking forward to work as many VK's as we can.

Special Event Call GB2EI, standing for Great Britain to Ireland, will
celebrate the reintroduction of the Swansea to Cork Ferry.
A similar station, EI2GBW, will also be operating from Cork.
The original service commenced in 1896.
Both special event callsigns will be operational until 31st March 2010.

VI3KIAH acknowledging efforts of those involved in Black Saturday Bush Fires
VI3KIAH will be at Frank Thompson Reserve Kinglake 2pm to 8pm local Feb 7.

Antarctica tour

Thaire, W2APF, will be travelling on board the ship 'National Geographic
Explorer' heading to the Antarctica region between February 8 and March 5.

He is expected to be operating under the following callsigns

W2APF/C6A/MM - While on board the ship 'National Geographic Explorer'

W2APF/KC4 - While in Antarctic territories

VP8DML - While in the Falkland Islands

QSL all activity via W2APF

Hey What's That Path Profiler

we often talk about the effects of hills etc that are between our various
locations, now a nifty website that can map out the rises and falls in the
land between two points and also determine the distance involved:

Click on the two points for which you want the profile, then click on
"Draw Profile".

The resulting graph is drawn left to right from the first point clicked
to the second point clicked.

You can choose a path anywhere in the World,
e.g. across Switzerland, the Himalayas, the Panama Canal, or even the
entire land mass of VK.

The 'Path Profiler' webpage DOES USE Google Maps, so you will need to
'Click and Drag' the map, and zoom in and out, quite carefully in order to
locate the two end-points of your path.

(sourced to southgate news)


Two new sunspot groups for Christmas New Year

It looks like we have two new sunspot groups in time for the festive season
joining group 1035 to give three visible at the same time.

The new sunspot groups 1036 and 1037 look like an upturn of Solar Activity
for the New Year. With the increased sunspot count we should see improved
propagation conditions on 21, 24 and 28 MHz

Looking further ahead to the next 12 months we will be still in the sunspot
minimum phase.

Smoothed sunspot numbers are expected to continue to rise gradually.

Solar activity on the whole will be very low; however, occasionally activity
will increase, maybe up to moderate levels.

Geomagnetic activity should be mostly quiet with just the occasional
increase due to small coronal holes and even rarer coronal mass ejections.

For those who would like to keep up to date with the latest solar activity
news over the Christmas break they can do so by visiting the 'spots and
flares' forum and messaging board service at

which will be updated regularly and is administrated by Neil, G0CAS.

Also check


Groups presenting this WIA National News Service

Jan 2010 vk4 17 Sunny Coast
FEB 2010 VK3 7 ARV (promoting Centre Vic Hamfest)
FEB 2010 vk2 21 CCARC (Promoting Wyong Field Day)

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Making the Future: What DIY Culture is Telling Us About Tomorrow

YouTube has a 49-minute presentation by David Pescovitz editor-at-large of
MAKE magazine on what the growing DIY culture and changing manufacturing
technologies could lead to in the future.

Watch Making the Future: What DIY Culture is Telling Us About Tomorrow

YouTube - Marconi Brookmans Park Transmitters

The Marconi B6034 50kW Medium Wave transmitters at Brookmans Park in
Hertfordshire were shut-down after giving 31 years service.

A video of these reliable transmitters is now on YouTube.

Following 31 years service, the last of the Brookmans Park Marconi 50kW MF
broadcast transmitters closed down for the start of re-engineering to
Nautel NX100s.

They had produced a total of 240,000 hours of reliable operation and this
type of transmitter is still in service at other stations, including the
similar 28kW B6046 LF version.

Watch Marconi B6034 MF Transmitters final shut-down at Brookmans Park
Transmitting Station.


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

AMSAT China XW-1 designated Hope OSCAR 68, or HO-68.

The satellite was launched successfully 15 December from THE Centre of China
on a CZ-4C rocket. Amateur Radio Operators around the world have received
beacon signals from XW-1."

XW-1 has been co-ordinated through IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency
Coordination Panel. As XW in Chinese means 'hope', it had been requested
that this word be used as the prefix for the new OSCAR number.

Congratulations to AMSAT-China.

The latest official information can be found on-line


3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

In South Africa, an in promptu exercise for HAMNET Gauteng South members
(Hamnet is the National Emergency Communications division of the South
African Radio League) was held last weekend.
The purpose of the exercise was to determine and test mobile communications
abilities in preparation for 2010.

Hams Help Out with Sea Rescue

When Dave Nicholson, N2AWE, was stranded at sea off the Bermuda Triangle,
he had no fuel and his 47 foot sailboat had sustained severe damage in a
storm. When they learned of his predicament, hams with the Maritime Mobile
Service Net (MMSN) helped to coordinate with the US Coast Guard to bring
fuel and a tow boat to guide Nicholson safely to port.

Steve Carpenter, K9UA, told the ARRL that he kept Nicholson's father
informed of the rescue via landline, per Nicholson's request:
"The father -- who is 88 years young -- was very thankful for all the
effort taken by the ham radio operators involved and for the time it took
to keep him informed until the final report that his son and family aboard
were taken into port safe and sound."


Newcastle earthquake disaster - 20 years on

The 28th of December marks the 20th anniversary of Australia's worst
earthquake that struck Newcastle, Australia's 6th largest city, claiming
13 lives and damaging 70,000 properties.

It was relaxing holiday season, a time for post-Christmas shopping when at
10.27am half of central Newcastle and most of the Hamilton district retail
area were damaged.

The first floor of the Newcastle Workers Club collapsed, killing nine and
injuring others. Four hotels and a number of schools also collapsed and
many fine century-old historical buildings destroyed.

With all power and telephone services cut, the Wireless Institute Civic
Emergency Network WICEN did an outstanding job, more about that soon.

Although only 5.6 on the Ritcher scale the seismic shock was amplified as
it travelled under the bed of sandy soil on which this coastal city sits.

The wisdom before this disaster was that Australia did not have a
significant earthquake risk, But since then emergency management
authorities now include that type of disaster in their planning.

At the forefront supporting the response to this 1989 disaster was WICEN
New South Wales - a total of 63 operators - carrying out a variety of
functions such as providing communications for emergency services, rescue
teams, visiting structural engineers through to manning road blocks.

Keith Howard VK2AKX, now a silent key, did an excellent job filling the
role of media officer for the State Emergency Service.

All radio amateurs involved played an extremely commendable and somewhat
inadequately recognised role in response to this disaster.

I'm Jim Linton VK3PC and you're listening to VK1WIA.


JAN 4 - 14 VK2
AUSTRALIAN SCOUT JAMBOREE Cataract Scout Park south of Sydney. VI2AJ2010.

JAN 24 VK2
Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group's Radio Expo 2010 8.30am St Johns Church
Hall, Mc Lean Street Coffs Harbour.

JAN 30 VK4
Bunya Mts & Dist AmCom host "HAM AND WINE FEST 2010" at Maclagan.

WIA 100 Centre Victoria RadioFest No. 3.

Hills Amateur Radio Group Swap Meet 2pm Sanderson and Brady Rds Lesmurdie.

Wyong Field Day, Wyong Race Course.

Midland Amateur Radio Club's Radio, Electronic & Astronomy Expo.
Venue to be advised.

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club's 35th Annual Field Day.

GGREC Hamfest Start Time : 10:00

Oct 29 - 31
VK1OOWIA Westlakes ARC during our WIA centenary celebrations.

2010 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 4-7 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (

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