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WIA Centenary Update

Wal Dempsey VK3WD turns 100

Enigma cracked again

World Fauna and Flora (WFF44) DX-pedition.

New Repeater in Southern VK7

The great DX explosion of 1923/24



WIA Centenary Update

In this report there's the latest news about the WIA Centenary Convention to
be held in Canberra in just two week's time, the VK100WIA special call sign
heard on air, we have more details about the ARISS contact to occur during
the WIA Centenary Dinner.

There are some 170 registrations received so far for the WIA Centenary
Convention to be held in Canberra on last Friday, Saturday and Sunday this

Proving to be very popular is the once in a life-time chance to see behind
the scenes of the Canberra communications tower on the Friday evening plus
dinner in the revolving Alto restaurant has 140 attending.

About the same number have indicated they will be at the WIA Annual General

The Saturday night Centenary Dinner is to be grand affair with 170 people
including international guests and VIPs attending.

The partners program has 35 registered to enjoy a guided tour of some of the
highlights of our national capital.

For those already registered for the WIA Centenary Convention, their packs
were posted last week.

They contain a lanyard and identification, a full set of WIA AGM Open Forum
Reports, a program guide, and information on the interesting Aviation and
Radio Museum where the Sunday barbeque will be held.

Registrations must close on Monday the 24th of May, so to be part of this
memorial weekend get onto the WIA website now and complete an online
registration application.

WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI launched the special call sign VK100WIA on
Friday the 14th of May.

That began the two weeks the call sign will be used by or on behalf of the

From Western Victoria WIA Director Bob Bristow VK6POP put it on air yesterday
and today a member of the WIA Centenary Committee is doing the same.

Amateur Radio Victoria on behalf of the WIA has the call sign on the 17th,
18th and 19th of May. This coincides with opening of the WIA Victoria
time-capsule that was created during the WIA's 75th anniversary.

WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI has been invited to open the time-capsule at
the Amateur Radio Victoria AGM on Wednesday the 19th of May.

Next will be Amateur Radio New South Wales operating VK100WIA on behalf of
the WIA on the three days May the 20th, 21st and 22nd.

WIA Director Chris Platt VK5CP will be on air with the call sign Sunday the
23rd of May. And of course VK100WIA is to be heard during the WIA Centenary
Convention in Canberra from Wednesday the 26th to Monday the 31st of May.

From June the WIA affiliated clubs roster begins and runs through to the
end of October. In June a total of 10 clubs in VK2, VK3, VK5 and VK7 will
put VK100WIA on air.

And a reminder that all contacts made by VK100WIA will appear in the online
log on the WIA website where clubs are able to enter their contacts in real

Contacts with the special callsign are required to qualify for the WIA
Centenary Award.

Now for news about the ARISS Contact VK100WIA during the WIA Centenary
Dinner, we cross to Australian ARISS Coordinator Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI.

One significant way in which Radio Amateurs can share their hobby with
the community is through the ARISS program. ARISS provides today's
youth with an opportunity to speak directly with the astronauts aboard
the international space station by way of amateur radio and with the
assistance of local radio amateurs and radio clubs. As part of the
Centenary dinner program we will be making contact with the
International Space Station via amateur radio and we will hear from
the astronauts on the ISS. Ten students will have an opportunity to
ask questions of the astronauts.

(heard in the audio along with Robert's interview with Carl the Principal)


Wal Dempsey VK3WD turns 100 Tomorrow Monday May 17!

Although no longer on air, Wal, VK3WD would no doubt be thrilled to be
remembered by email to Daughter Cath, or card to 12 Drovers Lane
Somerville Vic 3912.

Email Address :


web service:-
VKG Roundup

The Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc 35th annual field day takes place
in the Sea Scout Hall in Buller Street Port Macquarie NSW on Saturday the
12th and Sunday the 13th of June.

There will be all the usual attractions and events over the two days of
the Field Day. The popular Field Day smorgasbord dinner will be held at
the Port City Bowling Club at 6pm on the Saturday night.

Foxhunts will be conducted on both days. Sunday is the day for the traders
and the trash and treasure tables. There is no charge to sellers so bring
your treasure. The famous barbeque lunch will be available on both
Saturday and Sunday. Mark your calendar now for Port Macquarie on the
June Long Weekend in VK2.

Visit the Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc website at

or write to the club at PO Box 712 Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

(Henry Lundell VK2ZHE President, Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc.)

President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Ewan McLeod VK4ERM
Secretary Geoff Atkinson VK3AFA
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

is Michael Owen VK3KI

A number of people have asked us about the ACMA third discussion paper on
the replanning arrangements for the 400 MHz spectrum, released on
30 April.

Because the annual Radcomms Conference conducted by ACMA was on 5, 6 May
we thought it better to wait the discussion of the preliminary outcomes
at that conference, before commenting.

The WIA provided detailed submissions to the two papers in respect to the
70cm amateur UHF band allocation. In addition, the WIA is a member of
the ACMA 400 MHz working group, where industry provided advice to ACMA on
a number of important issues. The WIA was represented by WIA Director,
Peter Young VK3MV.

Peter also represented us at the Radcomms Conference and tells us that he
gained further insights on the likely impact to the amateur service in
this band.

As this item is being recorded, Peter is on his way to the USA to attend
the Dayton Hamvention. Also at Dayton will be another WIA Director,
Chris Platt VK5CP, both I hasten to add in a private capacity.

But, in Peter's absence, here is Peter's report.

ACMA has confirmed that the segment between 430 to 440 MHz is out of
scope for the purposes of the replanning exercise. Within this band the
amateur service is a secondary user to Defence and these arrangements
will continue into the future.

In the most recent ACMA paper, arrangements for services including the
bands allocated to the amateur service within the bands 403-430 MHz and
440-520 MHz are within the scope of this paper. In the spectrum segment
420 to 430 MHz, the amateur service has already been excluded in NSW,
Melbourne Perth and Sydney for use by government users. These exclusions
will be extended to the rest of Australia over the coming years.

The 440-450 MHz band, which was out of scope in the previous Proposals
Paper, is now within the scope of the paper. This band is included as an
option to assist in the transition to a 10 MHz duplex frequency split in
the 450-470 MHz band. Further information suggests that use of this
spectrum may be of a temporary nature and once the re-arrangements are
completed this segment will return to the existing arrangements.

The WIA will be consulted on the details and we will continue to
highlight the amateur interests in the transitional arrangements. It
should be noted that the transitional arrangements will take a number of
years and will be biggest re-arrangement of UHF spectrum ever undertaken
at the one time and will affect a wide range of industry sectors,
including Police and Emergency Services, Transport, Utilities and the
general communications sector.

Also of particular note is that ACMA has introduced the concept of
increasing the number of UHF CB channels from 40 to 80 by the
implementation of 12.5 kHz channelisation, with a corresponding phase-out
of 25 kHz channel equipment. This will most likely take many years to
occur where the availability and sale of equipment will be a big factor.

At the Radcoms 2010 conference, ACMA announced that it would be
undertaking a series of "Spectrum Tune Up" sessions around Australia on
the proposed arrangements for the 400 MHz spectrum. The WIA will be
attending these sessions to provide the "amateur perspective" to the
radiocommunications industry.

The ACMA has sought comments to The Way Ahead paper by 6th June 2010 and
the WIA will be making a submission on the proposed arrangements. If you
have any comments that could assist us, please send them to the WIA
secretary at the WIA office either by mail or, better, by email to


HADARC, the Hornsby and Districts Amateur Radio Club, will be running
examinations and practical assessments for all levels of licence on the
morning of Saturday, 29 May in Waitara, near Hornsby in northern Sydney.

Bookings are essential, and those interested should contact the club
promptly. The contact details and a contact form appear on their

Contact page:

(Julian Sortland, VK2YJS. Publicity Officer, HADARC)

VK7 Southern News

Congratulations - Dean's Roll of Honour

Congratulations to Thomas Karpiniec VK7NML and Andrew Welch VK7AL for
appearing on the University of Tasmania Dean's Roll of Honour for 2009.

Thomas for his Bachelor of Engineering studies and Andrew for his
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering studies.

(Justin, VK7TW)

VK7 Licence Examinations

There will be an assessment session for Standard and Foundation Licence on
Tuesday 18 May at 7 :30 pm.

Candidates for Foundation Licence may also need to be available on Monday 17
May for the practical examination.

If interested then contact Reg VK7KK on 0417 391 607

(73, Reg VK7KK, REAST Education Officer and Assessor)



Don Johnson, W6AAQ, inventor of the screwdriver mobile antenna has died
at 91.

According to Al Melcher, W6ARM, when the FCC first authorized H-F mobile, a
group of hams in the San Francisco Bay area decided to go mobile on 75
meters. They chose 3 point 995 MHz as an operating frequency to reduce
the possibility of high power fixed stations interfering. And it was
W6AAQ who came up with the idea of using a metal tube with a whip on top
of a coil that fitted inside the tube. By raising and lowering the coil
a resonant point could be found.


The changing of the guard in ham radio continues with word of the passing
of famed DX'er Vince Thompson, K5VT who passed away on April
24th. Thompson was best known as a DX-peditioner known for activating
many African countries, and a founder of the Voodoo Contest Group.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Proposed 5MHz changes in USA

The FCC is proposing replacing one of the five Amateur Radio channels in the
60m band and increasing the power level to 100W ERP.

Acting on a 2006 Petition for Rulemaking filed by the ARRL, the FCC has
issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making to modify the rules that govern
amateurs' secondary use of five channels in the 5 MHz frequency range known
as 60 meters.

The proposed changes would substitute a new channel for one that is seldom
available because of occupancy by the fixed service, which is primary in this
range. Also proposed is an increase in power from 50 to 100 W effective
radiated power and the addition of CW, PSK31 and PACTOR-III modes with
provisions to ensure that such operations would be compatible with the
primary service.

In February 1991, the FCC dropped the 5 WPM Morse code requirement for
new Technician licensees, and in 1994, it created a new class of
Amateur Radio license: the Technician-Plus, also called Tech-Plus. This
new license differed from the Technician license in that Tech-Plus
licensees had passed the code test and had more operating privileges on
HF. Patricia Phillips, N3IGI, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received her
Technician licensee on June 12, 1990. On March 21, 2000, she upgraded
her license to Tech-Plus, and, at the same time, renewed her license,
now set to expire June 12, 2010. This makes Phillips the last Tech-Plus
in the FCC database. If she renews her Amateur Radio license, she will
be a Technician.


And South Africa AMSAT has announced that it will be building its own ham
radio CubeSat. The project will involve radio amateurs and school students.
The currently proposed payload includes a transponder with a 30 kHz
bandwidth, a telemetry beacon and several science projects, but that's
subject to change from the South African ham community. At this stage in
the project SA AMSAT is inviting input from that nations amateur radio
community before the final payload is decided on, and project teams will
then be set up. If you are a South African ham and interested in becoming
involved, you are invited to send an email with your contact details and
areas of expertise to


A United States based 4 meter beacon is on the air, but its not a ham radio
system. On Monday May 3rd , the 70.005 MHz beacon using the Experimental
call WE9XFT took to the airwaves from Bedford, Virginia with a power level
that may make it receivable in the British Isles and other areas of Europe.

The new beacon is the brain child of Brian Justin, WA1ZMS. Back in January
Justin filed an application with the FCC for a Special Temporary Authority
to operate a propagation beacon in the 4 meter band for domestic as well as
trans-Atlantic reception tests. The FCC granted the request as a
non-amateur experimental license since there isn't a 70 MHz Amateur band in
the United States.

WE9XFT is running 3 kilowatts Effective Radiated Power on 70.005 MHz
beaming towards Europe. It is operating 24 hours a day and the
experimental license is valid until September 1st. Reception reports
should be sent to Brian by e-mail to


Enigma cracked again

An Enigma message sent over 65 years ago and thought to have been unbroken to
this day has been cracked by a group of volunteer computer enthusiasts.

The 2,700+ strong group has been using nearly 4,500 individual
computers in a massive international effort to decode surviving unbroken

The interface uses the standard BOINC distributed computing client software,
and anyone can take part in the project.

To carry out the work of the project so far, a single computer would have to be
left running for over 4000 years, such is the complexity of the Enigma system -
a true testament to it's original design.

Here is a link to the project web site:

There is no truth to the rumour the decoded message from mid-atlantic IN 1943
read, "in the year 2010 all WIA Directors will deliver their reports
live on air, in the new modes of FM and SSB, to their members from the
Canberra AGM when the WIA is 100 YEARS OF AGE".



May 15-16 NZART Sangster Shield

Jun 12 WIA VK Trans Tasman 160m Phone
Bruce Renn

Jun 12-13 WIA Worked All VK Shires

Jun 19-20 WIA WINTER VHF-UHF Field Day
John Martin VK3KM


Jul 10tbc WIA Jack Files Contest
John Spooner

Aug 14-15 WIA Remembrance Day Contest
Peter Harding

Aug 21-22 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.
register on website

Oct 2 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 2- 3 WIA Oceania DX Contest Phone
Tony Burt

Oct 9-10 WIA Oceania DX Contest CW
Tony Burt

NOV 20-21 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day
John Martin VK3KM

hf nets ON the net,

World Fauna and Flora (WFF44) DX-pedition.

What is believed to be the first WFF44 activation of a National Park in
VK will take place from 20 May to 23 May 2010 at Undara Volcanic National
Park which is located to the east of Mount Surprise in Far North
Queensland. Grid locator QH21is

The DX-pedition is in support of the World Fauna and Flora (WFF44)
organisation and full details can be found at

DX-pedition call-sign is VK4YN/P and will be operating on the
80/40/20/15/10M bands.

Operators will be: Gary VK4FD, Jeff VK4BOF and Dale VK4DMC.

Further information including operating frequencies are available at
VK4FD's website at

(Dale - VK4DMC)

New Repeater in Southern VK7

A quick reminder by Damien VK7HDS who lets us know that there is a new 70cm
repeater which will live on North Bruny Island covering the Channel area.
VK7RDS receives on 434.750MHz.
No tone is required, it has a 4 minute timeout with an identifier every 6mins.

(73, Damien, VK7HDS)

Early UK radio broadcasting

A new website MT2radio celebrates the early years of radio broadcasting in
the UK.

With the 90th anniversary of the Dame Nellie Melba broadcast due in June,
Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society member, Jim Salmon 2E0RMI has made his own
small tribute with a new website that celebrates the early years of radio

The site includes documentaries to listen to or download, YouTube videos, a
'radio tuner' page and features 'Chelmsford Calling' which is a Webradio
service playing easy listening and vintage music.

Jim hopes to add further recordings over the coming months.

See the new MT2 site at

Dame Nellie Melba made her famous broadcast from station MZX at the Marconi
New Street site in Chelmsford on June 15, 1920. The Chelmsford Amateur Radio
Society are celebrating the anniversary with the special event station

Dame Nellie Melba was approached as the leading opera singer of her time and
agreed for a large sum of money (paid by the Daily Mail) to sing on the
wireless. A figure of 1,000 has been quoted - a lot of money in those days
bearing in mind you could purchase a London detached house for 500.

Just prior to performing, our Diva Dame took a short walk around the workshop
site. Pointing up to the wires suspended from the top of the two 450ft
masts it was suggested that "from the top of the mast her voice would be
heard throughout the World".

History records she said "Young man, if you think I am going to climb up
there you are very much mistaken. I am Dame Melba".

Argentina - special amateur radio callsigns

Amateur Radio operators in Argentina will be celebrating their
'May Bicentennial Revolution' this month.

In commemoration, the Radio Club Argentino (RCA), National IARU Member
Society announced that all Argentine radio amateurs will be allowed to
change their callsign's prefixes between May 22-25th, according to the
following criteria:

LU stations will shift their prefixes to LR
LW to LV
AZ to LT
Amateur Radio Clubs and Associations to LS
Scouts Groups, Schools and any other institutions holding a license to AY.

A special two class award will be issued to radio amateurs and SWL's
worldwide who achieve a certain number of prefixes. Since this event is a
very special occasion for Argentina, they invite everybody to join them on
the air.

For more details, please visit:

Alfa Romeo Special Event

Look for Frans, PC2F, to activate the special event callsign PC100AR between
May 29th and June 26th.

Activity is to celebrate 100th anniversary (June 24, 1910) of the famous
Italian car maker A.L.F.A., later called Alfa Romeo.

Activity will be on the HF bands.

A special QSL card will be made after this period and will be sent via the
Bureau or direct. Also, an eQSL will be sent.


A new 10 meter FM amateur radio repeater has come on the air in
Portugal. Sponsored by the Ham Radio Association of Beira Alta, CQ0HAR
operates on European repeater channel RH4 with an input of 29.5 and an
output of 29.6 MHz. A 67 hertz CTCSS tone is required for access

More on the system is on-line at



Representatives from the Japan Amateur Radio League will forward the
applications to the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters the award

NZART will then send applicants their award certificate with any endorsements
after Hamvention.

Hams who present seven QSOs will be awarded the Basic Award.
Hams who present 15 QSOs the Silver Endorsement, while those who present
20 QSOs will receive the Gold Endorsement.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)

SARL RTA to offer three new construction kits

The first SARL Radio Technology in Action symposium will be held in Durban on
Saturday 29 May. The programme offers exciting presentations and discussions.
This year three construction kits will be available at the RTA.

The three kits on offer are:

DSSS kit: 100 mW on 40 m band.
Two Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum transceivers built in open pcb fashion as
a learning tool for DSSS.

TDR, Time Domain Reflectometry 1 GHz Sampling Scope.
Specifically designed for TDR work but can be used for other applications.
It is a USB device that plugs into a Laptop or PC and runs a Windows program
in the image of a normal scope.

DSP kit: Digital Signal Processing Speaker kit.
For use on speaker output of any device to reduce or eliminate noise. It is
ideal for HF Receivers. Built in open pcb fashion and ideal as a DSP learning


Groups presenting this WIA National News Service

MAY VK1 23 CRARC (promoting CRARC and WIA AGM)

may 16

Rewind a look back at our history through the serialised written history
by WIA Centenary Committee member Peter Wolfenden VK3RV with assistance of
others, that is being published in the WIA journal Amateur Radio magazine.

The great ?DX explosion? of 1923/24

With commercial broadcasting beginning the experimenters were mostly confined
to higher frequencies or shorter wavelengths ? thought to be of little value.

However the experimenters were about to experience another exciting time
and arguably one of their greatest moments: The great ?DX explosion? of

This was the time when the world shrank for those experimenting with short

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the WIA collaborated in what were
called ?Trans Pacific Tests?, as a bold attempt to receive wireless telegraphy
from America.

When many stations were heard in Australia the newspapers eagerly reported
the news and closely followed the advances being made in international

The Melbourne Argus on the 19th of June 1923 reported on Max Howden of Box
Hill in Melbourne's east, having heard no fewer than 22 stations. Max went
on to achieve the first two-way contact between Australia and America.



Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club's 35th Annual Field Day.

GGREC Hamfest Start Time : 10:00

Northern Corridor Group Hamfest Cyril Jackson Sports Centre Ashfield

Oct 2 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 29 - 31
VK1OOWIA Westlakes ARC during our WIA centenary celebrations.

2010 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 4-7 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (


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