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First WIA Centenary Award issued

Internet Connected Amateur Radio

Amateur Satellite to Investigate Power Line Interference

Official opening of a new radio museum



WIA Centenary Update

First WIA Centenary Award issued

John Fisher VK3DQ is the first to qualify for this award and during a
surprise visit to his QTH last weekend by WIA President, Michael Owen
VK3KI, was presented with his award certificate.

The award claim by VK3DQ had three contacts with VK100WIA, one with the
WIA during May, then with the Wagga and Midland Amateur Radio Clubs in
June, plus 14 WIA members to tally up the required 100 points.

John VK3DQ was absolutely delighted and considered it a real privilege and
an honour to be the very first to receive the award.

Also announced is that the first DX station to qualify for the is Masami
Shinhaze JF6CHY

The second VK to get their award certificate is Heidi Tobin VK3FHID and in
a close third Jean Fisher VK3VIP.

Fine And Dandy @ 5,000

The special callsign VK100WIA continues to be in strong demand and logged
its 5,000th contact on Monday the 5th of July.

John Harris VK2 Fine And Dandy (VK2FAD) at Budgewoi on the New South Wales
Central Coast worked VK100WIA on the 80-metre band, while it was being put
to air by the Orange & District Amateur Radio Club.

At its average logging rate over the first five weeks the special callsign
for the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia will achieve
15,000 or more contacts when its goes QRT in October.

VK100WIA has logged 60 DXCC entities so far and Worked All Continents. The
WIA Centenary Committee is urging rostered clubs to where possible, work
more DX stations, to guarantee the special callsign can qualify for the
DXCC award.

The Committee has also set a challenge. Is there a DX club on the roster
that can make an all out effort to work 100 DXCC entities in three-days?


Both the Apple Isle and the Orange District Radio Club have been highly
successful in obtaining local media publicity for their involvement in the
WIA's Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia.

Orange Club President Robert Alford VK2ZRJ advises that in the lead-up to
3 days of operating VK100WIA from Sunday the 4th of July, the club scored
interviews on the local ABC, FM and AM radio stations.

A highlight was a great story on Prime TV News that obviously picked up a
number of prompts from the WIA Media Kit and gave the Orange District
Radio Club great publicity. It has been recorded by club members and
proudly put up on YouTube.

Tasmania, the Apple Isle learns even more about amateur radio

Well, here on last weeks broadcast we reported how Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW
got a five minute interview on ABC local radio in Hobart to coincide with
the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania rostered use of
the special callsign VK100WIA.

While that report was going to air Justin was on his way to the ABC radio
studios to once again be an on air guest, this time with presenter Chris
Wisbey on a program heard throughout Tasmania that lasted a whopping 18 minutes.

The session covered lots of aspects of amateur radio including the Jamboree
On The Air, the use of Morse code in modern amateur radio, the electronic
warfare susceptibility of solid state components when compared to valves
or vacuum tubes, and dispelled a few myths along the way.

Now courtesy of ABC radio, here's part of that interview.

(Play tape ABC_Tassie_VK7TW ..ends with ?sometime in the future?)

And that interview has generated lots more interest in Tasmania about amateur
radio ? a very good job done by Justin VK7TW

A look ahead at the VK100WIA roster

Today the Sunraysia Amateur Radio Group is operating VK100WIA from the Tri
Annual Junction Rally in Wentworth New South Wales. Plenty of interest is
being generated at this well attended event.

Tuesday the 13th to Thursday the 15th of July the special callsign will be
transmitted from VK8 with Spud and the Gang, alias the Darwin Amateur
Radio Club at its club rooms in Fannie Bay, more from Spud in a moment.

There has been some Northern Territory media interest on the role that
amateur radio played immediately after Tropical Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin
in 1974.

On Friday the 16th through to Sunday the 18th of July, Australia's oldest
radio club, the Waverley Amateur Radio Society continues with its strong
support of the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia.

A group shot photograph of its early members does feature on the WIA
Centenary posters, certificates and the VK100WIA QSL card.

The Waverley Amateur Radio Society formed in 1919 will operate from its
club rooms at 2 Vickery Avenue, Rose Bay, with its doors wide open
inviting members of the public to attend and learn more about amateur radio.

The Moorabbin and District Radio Club, ALARA, Townsville Amateur Radio
Club and the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club are
finalising their plans - more about them on next week's broadcast.

Yet another WIA Supported Centenary Activity

Three WIA members have come together in the South Australia capital to
secure a place for an amateur radio display at a major public event.

Adrian Snell VK5ZSN, Paul Hoffman VK5PH and Paul Schulz VK5FPAW have
announced a new activity - 'The Amateur Radio display at Science Alive!
2010, August 7 & 8, Goyder Pavilion, Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville.'

After being considered by the WIA Centenary Committee it has been endorsed
as the very latest WIA Supported Centenary Activity.

Adrian VK5ZSN, Paul VK5PH and Paul Schulz would like to hear from any
other radio amateurs in the Adelaide area who can help out with the
display at Science Alive! The trio is also mounting a display on Friday the
6th of August at a Careers Day for High School students

Check the text edition of this broadcast for a point of contact.

On next week's broadcast we'll have news of another major event, well
actually a series of collaborative events, that will be a WIA Supported
Centenary Activity.


web service:-
VKG Roundup

Now for those in range of Sydney - the next Trash and Treasure at VK2WI Dural
will be in two weeks time on Sunday morning - the 25th. Major items on offer
can be viewed on the ARNSW web site - - under disposals.
At the same time exam assessments will be conducted and anyone wishing to
undertake one should register their interest by telephoning 02 9651 1490 and
leave a message with contact details -- In the afternoon the Home Brew and
Experimenters group meet at VK2WI

web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

The last NERG meeting was ons Thursday night with a very interesting talk on
Amateur Radio Adventure on Macquarie Island by VK3KR:

Each winter around twenty people get to experience the rugged terrain, amazing
wildlife and extreme weather on Macquarie Island, entirely reliant on
expeditioners' skills to keep the station running.

In 2004-05 David, VK3KR had the privilege of serving as SCTO and operated as

Interesting things happened and best of all - David WAS the DX!

The East Gippsland Amateur Radio Club's AGM is Sunday 25th July at Bairnsdale
RSL 1:30pm with the July General Meeting following at the completion of AGM.

web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP and I've been thinking.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to an interview on broadcast radio and
the person answering the questions was tremendous! This person not only knew
his subject but was enthusiastically knowledgeable into the bargain. The
presenter only had to raise a subject to be given fact and reminiscence by this

This was the classic example of some-one selling their subject without trying,
without gimmicks or media advisors. I was sorry I wasn't in Sydney to attend
the event at which he was demonstrating his craft.

Now, more clubs are getting contact with their local broadcasters as a result
of the WIA media kits distributed ahead of VK100WIA operations. For my part, I
would love to hear some-one who enjoys the hobby of amateur radio and whose
voice sounds like they are enjoying it - even during the interview.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I think, how about you?


Trevor Taege, VK4BAT

Congratulations to GCEG members Greg and Nathan who recently passed their amateur
radio licence exams. Greg will upgrade to a standard call and Nathan will join
us on the airwaves with his new F-call. We're looking forward to hearing you
both on-air with your new call-signs, well done from the Gympie Group.

On the 29th of June, amateur radio was represented at the "Tracy II"
communications exercise at Tin Can Bay. The event was organised by
Gympie Regional Councillor Julie Walker. The primary purpose was to enable all
emergency support services to get together to give a presentation showing how
each group worked and to improve communications between the different groups. The
day was based on the scenario of a cyclone having crossed the Coast in the
Tin Can Bay area.

The Gympie Communications & Electronics Group display was manned by Bob VK4MR,
Erik VK4AES and Roger VK4BNQ. The Gympie Club was well supported by the
Sunshine Coast Club who very generously towed their WICEN van all the way up from
Peregian Beach. Thanks to Noel VK4NL and Warwick VK4NW who gave their time to
display and demonstrate the van to several Council reps and emergency and support
personnel. They were all suitably impressed with the professional set-up of the
SCARC WICEN Van Comms Centre.

Representatives of the Gympie Club have since received an invitation from local
SES Controller Terry Clark to discuss setting up a comms centre with amateur
radio facilities. A meeting has been scheduled for this coming week.

For Gympie Area News, I'm Trevor Taege, VK4BAT.

Ipswich & District Radio Club
P.O. Box 250
Ipswich Qld 4305

This is Allan VK4FABR reporting on behalf of Mike, VK4QS,
and the members of the Ipswich & District Radio Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those stations
who made the effort to contact us whilst we held the Centenary callsign
VK100WIA throughout the period of July 1st through to 3rd 2010.

Primarily we focused on HF operations within the 40 & 80 meter bands, as
dictated by propagation, though other HF bands were tried without success.
Contacts were also achieved using PSK31, with much success internationally.

Operations on 40 and 80 metres saw contacts into New Zealand as well as a few
late night contacts into the US and Japan to give the callsign an overseas
element. Our Operators ceased duty each night at around Midnight, having worked
all we could hear.

All this was achieved with just a Full Wave 80 Meter Loop and a multiband
Vertical located at our Clubhouse on Denmark Hill here in Ipswich

To those stations whom we failed to contact for one reason or another, we
apologise, especially the VK6 boys. It was not from lack of trying I can
assure you.

Finally we wish to convey the fact that it was truly an honour and a pleasure
to take part in some small way, in this, our Centenary year of the Wireless
Institute of Australia.

So, till next time we meet on the airwaves, it's Cheers on behalf Mike VK4QS,
and the members of the Ipswich & District Radio Club.

I'm Allan VK4FABR.

IRLP NODE 6973 ;
Secretary Clive 4928 1173

Greetings from Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club, the RADAR club.
This is Les, VK4VIL reporting.

July is Motorama month in the area, lots of different automobile events with the
RADAR club providing all comms for two major car rallies. On the weekend of the
17th July, Ridges Resort near Yeppoon hosts a high grade rally, conducted in the
Byfield Pine Forest. The next weekend see sprints in and around the Rockhampton
Showground. Obviously, comms are paramount for safety and efficiency of these
events and Secretary Clive, VK4ACC has put a mountain of work into

And now to another road event.

Seventy years after winning a VK3 State Road Cycling Championship, Club member
Bill Thaw, VK4FGN is preparing for a 570km bike ride traversing Central
Queensland. At the tender age of 85 years young, Bill has decided to take the
challenge. While Bill is attempting to play down the trial, indicating some
trepidation with the possibility of not finishing, it is worth recalling another
amateur's comment which could be a thought for the week.

On failing to complete a Dick Smith VK2DIK sponsored climb of the Kokoda Trail,
a group of school children attempted to repay Dick. On his refusal to accept,
Dick indicated that Australia was short of adventures after the past military
conflicts and being involved in an adventure was more important than its

We're all behind you Bill - and miles behind.

I'm Les, VK4VIL, on behalf of the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club.

4773 1196 or 0408 001142
po box 333 Garbutt East, QLD 4814

Greetings ! This is Don VK4FNQA, transmitting from where the hills
are reverberating to the sounds of highly tuned ultra performance V8
engines. Here is the news from North Queensland.

This Tuesday July 13th the TARC Project Night will be happening
at the Club Rooms atop SES HQ Green Street West End from
7-30pm. Come along and lend a helping hand to make something
work or be there to proclaim "Egadsl!!" all welcome !

More VK100WIA activity planned for the North.
As part of The Townsville Amateur Radio Club operations of
VK100WIA for the Centenary Celebration of the WIA, the
North Queensland Net happening on Sunday 25th July will be
controlled by VK100WIA on 3605.4kHz from 0930UTC
until the net finishes and on the Townsville VHF Repeater from
1000UTC until the net finishes. The net is normally controlled
by TARC Club Station VK4WIT however will change the
callsign for this special evening. The full log will be transferred
to the VK100WIA online log to ensure the correct
acknowledgement of all stations worked.
Control operators for this net will be -
on 3605.4kHz, Gavin VK4ZZ
and Townsville VHF Repeater, Richard VK4FRJG

Finally, here is a call going out to anyone who can help out
with communications support for the following events -

Magnetic Island to Townsville Swim, still several positions
open for sea-going and land lubber positions next Sunday
July 18th and

Nighthawk Scouting Activities in the area around Ross
Park in Kelso, still several positions open for mobile
stationary operation to act as a checkpoint for Saturday
evening July 24th and

King of the Hill Hill climb Heat 3 on the Mount Stuart
Road on Sunday July 25th, several positions
open to play with radios to the sound of burning rubber.

If you can help please contact Gavin VK4ZZ on either
Mobile 0427182469 or
email soonest !

Time has run out yet again, so I must go back to the
scanner and listen in to the exciting action between the
V8 super cars and their pit crews.
So, bringing this edition of QNEWS for Sunday 11th
July to a close.....

This has been Don VK4FNQA in Tropical Thunder
Paradise for the Townsville Amateur Radio Club Inc, and
you have been listening to, and enjoying to the very core
of your being, QNEWS from VK4WIA.


News from the Darwin Amateur Radio Club

This is Spud VK8ZWM President of the Darwin Amateur Radio Club

The clubs last meeting was very well attended and discussion was lively and
noisy at times.

We welcomed 6 new members with more possible from the 12 recent successful
examination candidates.

Ron VK8NRI has been the club secretary for several years. We thank him for his
work in this role and wish him all the best in his move to Queensland. Now what
better excuse do you need for a barbecue than a send off. It's the 18th of July
at the clubrooms at 6pm. Let Ritchie vk8rr know if you are coming and how many
for catering purposes.

Peter VK8HPB is taking on the role till the AGM in December.
We also welcome Ian VK4SC portable 8 to the committee. A long lost member come

While I'm talking drinking. Tea and coffee that is, and eating cake and
biscuits too. Let me tell you that the morning tea's held on Thursday mornings
at 10 am at the clubrooms are very popular. If you are visiting Darwin then do
drop in. For assistance call VK8DA on repeater 6900.

The most important news I have today though is that the Darwin Amateur Radio
Club is activating VK100WIA on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday this week. Keep
an ear out around the bands for this special event callsign.

There will be a special entry on the, then select Julia's
breakfast show website, postcards section.

That famous event the Darwin Lions Clubs Annual Beer Can Regatta is on again at
Mindil beach on Sunday the 8th of August. The Clubs members through WICEN N.T.
will be assisting on the beach during the day. You might even get to hear Spud
VK8ZWM in full flight.

That's it from Darwin for this week.

This has been Spud Vk8ZWM.
Now its back to VK1WIA.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Internet Connected Amateur Radio

The ZL Ministry has raised concerns with NZART about IRLP, D-Star, EchoLink,
APRS and similar modes as they do not appear to fit within current licence

Concerns raised include:

the use of unattended transmitters and unlicensed Digipeater for APRS and

Amateurs based overseas operating (via the Internet) a NZ amateur station.

The ALO, Don Wallace ZL2TLL is currently putting together a paper on this topic
and would appreciate input from interested zl amateurs.

Amateur Satellite to Investigate Power Line Interference

Hans, ZS6AKV will be giving a presentation on South Africa's first CubeSat at
the AMSAT-UK Colloquium in Guildford, England, July 31 - Aug 1.

The important mission of the SA AMSAT CubeSat is to measure the High Frequency
noise levels over South Africa and report these measurement back to a ground
station for analysis and action to reduce these unwanted signals.

The information from the tiny satellite will identify the areas where the HF
frequency polluters are situated and will help "reducing or eliminating the

It is also hoped to include a 30 kHz linear transponder and an Automatic Packet
Reporting System (APRS) in the CubeSat.

AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium, Guildford, England July 31 - Aug 1

(73 Trevor M5AKA)

Adrian VK2VHF says Apple has come clean about an embarrassing software glitch
that overstates network signal strength in its hot-selling iPhone, as
complaints mounted about the phone's wraparound antenna.

Apple admitted its signal strength miscalculation dates back to its original
2007 iPhone. It promised to fix the glitch in a few weeks, but did not directly
address concerns that its antenna design caused reception problems for
iPhone 4, its newest phone.

Apple's apology - a relative rarity from the company known for its marketing
savvy - marked the third time in less than three weeks it had to apologise to
customers of iPhone 4.

Upon investigation, Apple were stunned to find that the formula used to
calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong.

Since the iPhone 4 hit stores on June 24, consumers have complained about
phone reception problems when they hold the phone in a certain way. Even while
just standing in one place, a rapid decline in the number of signal bars can
be observed, depending on how the phone is gripped.



Coordinated EU approach to Radio Spectrum

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and European Digital
Agenda Commissioner, has emphasised the crucial need for a coordinated EU
approach to radio spectrum.

In her speech on June 23 to the 5th annual European Spectrum Management
Conference in Brussels she expressed her desire for the 800 MHz band spectrum
to be released across the EU well before the 2015 deadline.

She said that Wireless Broadband will have a big role to play and that Europe
needed harmonised frequency bands so that 1000 MHz of broadband spectrum is
available. She took heart from the fact that some of the spectrum used for
national security and defence is being reassessed voluntarily.

Geoff Chance M0GRC - SK

Geoff M0GRC, who was known to many around the world for the considerable work
he put into organising International Marconi Day, passed away recently having
lost his battle with illness.

Geoff, an active member of the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, will be sadly missed

by all of us who have taken part in IMD over the years.

Next year's International Marconi Day will be held on Saturday April 30, 2011

For VK1WIA news I'm Richard G4TUT.



Here's another off-beat story from Peter Ellis VK1PE, but it comes with a
lesson for us all.

Smith Chart Art - or, missing the obvious

Recently I ran across a passing mention of a person who had a Smith Chart
tattooed on his arm. Sure enough, I found it was true: There is a picture on
his website dating the tattoo to 9 years ago, and he responds to emails and
confirmed that it is there. Chris Sanabria got his doctorate in Electrical
Engineering in 2006, and is working on high power, high frequency RF devices.
I asked him whether he was, by chance, an Amateur Radio operator. His answer
was that no-one had ever mentioned it, although he knew about it. That ate at
me. Here is an obviously gifted RF scientist who has been missed to Amateur
circles, at least until now. How many other gifted and talented maybe-Amateurs
have slipped by each of us? It is up to us! And, Chris Sanabria is correct,
only .0001% of the world's population has any idea what the tattoo is,
including Amateurs: It's that spider-web looking chart, a graphical aid or
nomogram designed for electrical and electronics engineers specializing in
radio frequency engineering, or Amateurs, to assist in solving problems with
transmission lines and matching circuits.

For National Radio news,
Peter Ellis VK1PE



July 31 ZL Waitakere Sprint Phone 1000 - 1100utc
Waitakere Sprint Contest <>

Aug 07 ZL Waitakere Sprint CW 1000 - 1100utc
Waitakere Sprint Contest <>

Aug 14-15 WIA Remembrance Day Contest
Peter Harding

Aug 21-22 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.
register on website

Oct 23 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 2- 3 WIA Oceania DX Contest Phone
Tony Burt

Oct 9-10 WIA Oceania DX Contest CW
Tony Burt

NOV 20-21 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day
John Martin VK3KM

Good Morning Trent Vk4ti here..

A Dxpededition for the RD contest ?

What would be the best location for the HF categories of the RD contest ?

You can't work intra state except on 160 and 10 M so the best spots are good
distance to the capitals and centres of activity..

VK1, VK7 North coast, VK5 especially if you are a VK3 or 2 or west of
Goondiwindi in Queensland..

Why are they the best ? They give rough equal distance to the population
centres of Melbourne and Sydney ...

RD its worth going on a DXpedition for in 2010

with further on this years RD contest here is contest manager Peter VK4OD

Peter Harding, VK4OD the WIA RD Contest Manager here and due to some unforeseen
circumstances, the Rules and my introduction to the 2010 Remembrance Contest,
failed to make it into the July Amateur radio Magazine.

If you need a copy of these rules you can log onto

At the bottom of the RD Contest page is a link to download a PDF copy of the
Rules and my introduction, or you can email me at and I can
send a copy of both in PDF format.

Basically, there have been NO changes since last year, however, as this is the
WIA's Premier Annual Contest, I like to get the rules published each year.

I would ask that any newly licensed Amateur Operator taking part in this year's
contest take the time to read the rules. As we did last year, I have included
the new section for Unmodified World WARII equipment. This equipment can be on
HF or VHF. Please read the rules regarding criteria for this equipment.

Today, 11th July as this news goes to air, you have about 5 weeks to check your
equipment, logs sheets, and Logging Software updates.

Over the next couple of weeks I will make available, at the bottom of the
RD Contest page, printable log sheets, declarations, etc.

hf nets ON the net,

Special event station K4C

The Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League will operate special event station
K4C until August 1 to celebrate the 21ST Central American and Caribbean Games
that take place in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
QSL direct to KP4ES.

Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League

Poland's first 10-metre beacon

SR4TEN is the first-ever amateur radio ten-metre beacon in Poland.

SR4TEN is located at the office of the QTC Magazine (The Polish Radio
Amateurs' Journal) in Suchacz-Zamek (QTH locator: JO94RG, PGA EL09, SPFF-025).

It operates with 3 watts out on 28.203 MHz.

If you receive SR4TEN, please e-mail your report to:

(Sylwester, SP2FAP SR4TEN coordinator)


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

IARU Monitoring System - Intruder Watch

The source of non-amateur signals on the 20 metre band has been identified
by the WIA as being inter-modulation product emissions from Voice of
America transmitters located in the Philippines.

These have been reported to the Australian regulator, the ACMA.
Consideration is being given to whether these spurious emissions are in
excess of what is permitted under the International Telecommunications
Union requirements for transmitters.

An inter-mod sounds like two different AM broadcast signals on the same
frequency. They can occur when two or more transmitters share the same site.

there have been reports of VOA inter-mods heard on the ham bands from Hong
Kong too.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)

Hello I'm Jim Linton VK3PC. Just how hard can it be to load batteries into
devices and get the polarity correct?

Well, apparently this very simple task is just beyond some people, who we
will describe as being Polarity-Agnostic, or call a spade a spade, they're
battery bunglers.

So prevalent is this lack of skill that Microsoft and Duracell have
identified it as an untapped market, and created batteries that have both
positive, you know that's the one with the plus sign, and negative or
hyphen, at both ends.

This bipolar set-up of terminals is subject to a patent entitled
'Eliminating Incorrect Battery Placement'.

The InstaLoad technology is a brilliant, basic mechanical solution without
electronic components or circuitary. Already it has found application in
hearing aids, torches and soon to follow will be a host of gadgets
presumably the Duracell Energiser Bunny.


3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

CRARC's next WICEN event is the LCCC "Mini Corsa" Rally being held on Saturday
July 10th.

This rally will have 8 stages consisting of 4 stages each run twice and will be
run with 2 stages near town (Zoo / Pipeline & Bluetts) and 2 out near Uriarra
(Sherwood & Tidbinbilla).

Good response so far, however CRARC are still needing one or two more for HQ
plus one in the field.

Please contact VK1ZPL@WIA.ORG.AU

I know it is only July 11 and still very cold but it is time to start
thinking of the Murray Marathon again.

There are some key dates to remember:-

The Mini Marathon October 16th, a one day practice event where paddlers and
volunteers can sharpen their skills in readiness for the major end of year

The Murray Marathon December 27th To December 31st is a canoe race down the
River Murray between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill and WICEN provides communications
for the safety team that looks after paddlers on the River.

It is a fun event with free camp sites being provided down the River.

Radio Operators are wanted for the event, so if you are interested in
playing radio and assisting the YMCA in this classic fund raising event
then please contact Graham Mason or Gerard Werner and indicate
if you will be attending both or one of these events.

Graham Mason 04 1753 9710
Gerard Werner 03 9773 6313


Official opening of a new radio museum

The Rockhampton & District Amateur Radio Club, or RADAR, has set up a
station in the famed Rockhampton Heritage Village just 10 kilometres north
of Rocky's city centre.

This is a unique township consisting of original buildings and replicas
depicting the century 1850 to 1950, with the radio shack is on the top
floor of Nielson's Buggy and Sulky Works.

For the official opening of the new radio museum, RADAR VK4WIR will be on
air on Sunday the 25th of July, looking for contacts on 7080, 14210, and
EchoLink & IRLP Node 6973 144.7MHz.

Put it in your diary now and give the Rockhampton & District Amateur Radio
Club support by making a contact during this public event.



JULY 10-11 VK3
GippsTech 2010

GGREC Hamfest Start Time : 10:00

JULY 25 VK2-3
Riverina Field Day

Sorell Men's Shed Winter Ham Fest

Northern Corridor Group Hamfest Cyril Jackson Sports Centre Ashfield

Oct 23 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 29 - 31
VK1OOWIA Westlakes ARC during our WIA centenary celebrations.

2010 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 4-7 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (


Please think of the environment before printing this email


WIANews - we've reported...YOU decide.

Societies and Club News Letter Editors can EXCHANGE a feed prior to
the actual broadcast date, e-mail

Call-backs follow the RF editions, but also for text readers you may
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even get a "cheerio call".

Thanks to to our dedicated band of broadcast volunteers who utilize
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