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WIA Centenary Award

Ipswich and District Radio Club to make Mayoral presentation


Taking amateur radio into the classroom


3 Brisbane area clubs met to improve Amateur Television



WIA Centenary Update

WIA Supported Centenary Activity - update

On this broadcast last week we announced that Science Alive 2010 on the
7th and 8th of August in Adelaide will have a WIA Centenary themed radio
and communications display.

Those attending this popular science orientated public event in the Goyder
Pavilion, Adelaide Showgrounds, Wayville, will get to see the amateur
radio display and talk to its organisers Adrian Snell VK5ZSN, Paul Hoffman
VK5PH and Paul Schulz VK5FPAW.

Now this week the WIA Centenary Committee announces that it has endorsed:

'The Super Springtime in VK6 - a collaborative amateur radio promotional
initiative during September by Western Australia Repeater Group, Western
Australia VHF Group, WICEN in WA and the Scout Communication And
Technology Team.'

This does include use of the VK100WIA callsign for a total of nine days at
the Royal Perth Show and also the Wireless Hill Museum.

Congratulations to all involved for combining their efforts. It should be
a huge success in showing off the wonderful world of amateur radio to the
general public and encouraging more to become radio amateurs.

VK100WIA takes a step back in time

A very successful time was had last weekend by the Sunraysia Radio Club at
the tri-annual Junction Rally where the Murray and Darling rivers meet in

Vintage tractors and steam engines popped and chugged, while paddleboats
cruised the rivers with organisers recording more than 3,000 visitors at
the event.

VK100WIA was put on air and the atmosphere of the rally could be heard in
the background during many of the QSOs made by operators from the Sunraysia
Radio Group, with President Garry VK3KYF declaring it a great effort by all

Operating conditions were tough due to electrical noise at S9+ on occasions
at the rally site.

Hundreds of people including several visiting radio amateurs stopped by to
talk, learn about the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia and
view a display of vintage radio items.

In fact Garry VK3KYF and Ray VK3HSR had to interrupt their VK100WIA operation
on numerous occasions to talk with keenly interested visitors and hand out
the popular "Calling CQ" pamphlets.

Good publicity was obtained, again using the WIA Media Kit, for the Wireless
Institute of Australia, the Sunraysia Radio Group and amateur radio generally.
This included coverage in the Independent Star online newspaper and a mention
on a local TV news sessions.

And the club went that extra step to put VK100WIA outside the hours of the
Rally by operating it from the home QTH?s of members, notably Aub VK3QD at
Swan Hill last Monday, and ended up with a three-day log of 263 contacts.

It was another successful WIA Supported Centenary Activity ? congratulations
to the Mildura based Sunraysia Radio Club.

The Ipswich and District Radio Club to make Mayoral presentation

Coming on top of its recent roster slot with VK100WIA is news from Club
President Mike Charteris VK4QS of even more planned activity.

A special presentation to be made soon by the club to the Mayor of
Ipswich, Paul Pisasale, of a VK100WIA Polo shirt, during a morning tea at
the club house to thank the five club members who put the special callsign
on air.

This will be a good photo opportunity for the two Ipswich newspapers.

Also being invited are Ipswich Councillors Paul Tully VK4FPGT and
Andrew Antoniolle, who is a club Honorary Vice President, along with WIA
Vice President Ewan McLeod VK4ERM.

Mike VK4QS advises that the club is compiling local Ipswich amateur
radio history from the 1920s to today.

Another fine example of the support and involvement of WIA affiliated
clubs for the Centenary celebration.

Gympie Communications & Electronics Group last week had its turn at operating
the VK100WIA call-sign.

Greg, VK4VBU and Bob, VK4MR were the two main operators over the three day
period with CW contacts also made by Alan VK4EAB. Alan kicked off the
VK100WIA call on CW shortly after 00:00 UTC on the 7th of July. The timing
for the group turned out to be a little tricky as we had a couple of members
with HF stations away at the time but luckily Greg's brand new standard
call-sign came through on the afternoon of the first day.

Bob, VK4MR returned in the nick of time and made a concentrated effort to
really clock up the contact count. The final tally is around 200 contacts
for the Gympie Group including the CW contacts and a few incoming IRLP calls.

WIA Centenary Award

More have been claimed and issued during the past week. Congratulations
on this achievement goes to Vincent Henderson VK7VH, John Mullin VK3FJHM,
Geoff Atkinson VK3TL and Noel Ferguson VK3FI.

On last week's broadcast we announced that John Fisher VK3DQ gained the first
certificate, Heidi Tobin VK3FHID second and third Jean Fisher VK3VIP.

And the second award certificate for a DX station, and the very first from
the USA goes to Jerry Fuller W6JRY of Forest Ranch, California. The first
DX station to qualify was Masami Shinhaze JF6CHY of Japan.

A quick look at the VK100WIA online log shows that many others have already
made sufficient contacts or will soon do so, to qualify for the WIA Centenary

Check out the rules and how to make a claim are published on the WIA website.

Why not get a certificate to display in your radio shack as confirmation
of having celebrated the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia.

Looking ahead at the VK100WIA roster

On Monday the 19th through to Wednesday the 21st of July the Moorabbin and
District Radio Club will be operating the special callsign.

Its radio museum, one of Australia's most comprehensive dedicated amateur
radio museums in Australia, at the Combined Club Rooms in Turner Road
Highett, will be open to the public.

After hours club members will put the callsign on air from their home QTH's.

ALARA is rostered on Thursday 22nd July through to Saturday the 24th. It
will put VK100WIA on air from various locations.

These will include transmissions through the Melbourne Digital Amateur
Television repeater VK3RTV, and on the Saturday 1000 to 1200 UTC
originating from VK5, it will be on ALARA's 35th Birthday Net 3.588 MHz
plus or minus QRM.

On Sunday the 25th through to Tuesday the 27th the Townsville Amateur
Radio Club will be operating from the SES Headquarters in Green Street,
West End.

And does the Townsville Amateur Radio Club have a great storyline for its
local media! Australia's first known occasion when radio amateurs provided
emergency communications occurred in Townsville.

And rounding off the VK100WIA roster for July are the Frankston and
Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club and the Hills Amateur Radio Group
-more about them next week.


vk1 local news email and ask for subscription.

This month, two presentations, Andrew VK1DA will be talking about his recent
trip to Dayton Ohio followed by a presentation and demonstration of VK1RWN
the new DSTAR repeater for Canberra.

Tony VK1VIC and Bruce VK2MIB will be presenting a top to bottom inside
out front to back presentation on how to use the system and how it was
built and is operated.

Feel free to go along, enjoy a warm cuppa sit back and enjoy this months

Don't forget to check the QSL cards out as the WIA have been busy busy
getting them out and about for all the contacts thus far.

So 28 July commencing at 1930 or 7.30pm which ever you prefer... Mt
Mugga Scout Hall...

(Peter VK1NPW)

web service:-
VKG Roundup

Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club is holding its annual Winterfest August 28
at the clubhouse in Orchard Hills.

Venders and displays From Yaesu, Action Comms, ATRC, NBS Antennas and Masts,
AUZ Comms, ALARA, AMSAT, Flea Market and Boot Sales, Food and Drinks, so go
along and grab a bargain.

More information
follow the prompts to Winterfest page.

web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

VK4 SILENT KEYS @ 2009 - 2010 QAC YEAR

VK4BEL Bernie Leech (ex vk4bel) 13/05/2010 Advised by Vk4jdf John.
VK4WZ George Nelson JUNE 2010 Advised by Herb Collie.
VK4APQ Keith Haverfield July 12 2010 Advised by Gavin VK4ZZ

Keith Haverfield VK4APQ went Silent Key on Monday 12th July at 0240UTC
in Bundaberg.

In advising The TARC news desk of Keith's passing, current Bundaberg Amateur
Radio Club President Rusty McGrath VK4JM expanded further on some of Keith's
contributions to Amateur Radio -

Keith was a past President and club stalwart being instrumental in
constructing the present Transmission Tower on Mt Goonaneman.

He began with chasing up Military tower sections & specifications in 1983 and
saw the project completed in 1985. The Tower has provided a legacy for the
Club which has lasted 25 years and will hopefully remain for another 25.

On behalf of the Management Committee and Club Members of the Bundaberg
Amateur Radio Club Rusty extended sincere sympathies to XYL Gaynor VK4FGAY
and family and advised that Gay is holding up well with family members
providing vital support in her time of need.

Keith and Gay travelled extensively over the years and made heaps of friends
along the way. They were regulars at many of the North Queensland Amateur
Radio Conventions and had a real liking for a month or two stay at the
legendary Groper Creek until a decline in health limited their travels.

Keith's funeral was held at Bundaberg Friday 16th July.

All friends, past and present who attended sent Keith off in exemplary fashion.

Vale Keith Haverfield VK4APQ SK

Welcome to Qnews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

Over the past few years the internet has become the ubiquitous contact point
for the majority of people. We lost the telegram and the price of postage has
just risen even although delivery times are slower in areas such as where I
live. I suppose that I can't complain because I have been able to use the
internet to deliver messages, DX when the bands have been dead and obtain
equipment for my station as well as research many things without going to a

Those businesses serving the amateur radio market are very savvy to the power
and speed of the internet and questions are usually very promptly answered.
The down side is that the ham fest gatherings are finding it harder to attract
commercial displays as the competition has sliced profit margins very low.

I have recently been gathering information on a particular item that I need to
buy - but not AR related. This is a major sector of the Australian retail
economy whose figures feed into the Consumer Price Index. A search of the
range brings pages of results all with "contact the dealer" tags. Unlike our
niche AR traders, these players ignore contact via email and telephone and
they are ignoring customers.

I suppose the moral is to support your local amateur radio supplier as he is
giving good service in the e-commerce world.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I think, how about you?


GLADSTONE AR CLUB "Radioactive".
IRLP Node 6246
President John Hinde VK4JWH

G'day from Mark VK4XMC.

The Gladstone Amateur Radio Club would like to invite fellow Hams to give
our recently restored IRLP node 6246 a try.

For locals this can be accessed on our town UHF repeater 438.050 MHz, no tone

This was made possible thanks to the good work of Rob VK4TW, Paul VK4XPB and
Mick VK4FMCF, plus generous financial donations from our members and a surplus
PC donated by Queensland Alumina Limited for the project.

Hope to hear you soon on node 6246.

73's from Mark VK4XMC

Trevor Taege, VK4BAT

I'm Trevor Taege, VK4BAT with news from the Gympie Communications & Electronics

Last week the Gympie Club had its turn at operating the VK100WIA call-sign.
Greg, VK4VBU and Bob, VK4MR were the two main operators over the three day
period with CW contacts also made by Alan VK4EAB. Alan kicked off the
VK100WIA call on CW shortly after 00:00 UTC on the 7th of July. The timing for
the group turned out to be a little tricky as we had a couple of members with
HF stations away at the time but luckily Greg's brand new standard call-sign
came through on the afternoon of the first day. Scrambling to repair an
antenna and organise a radio (that could now be run on full power), Greg was
able to get the ball rolling on SSB on the HF bands. Despite being heckled
on-air for his compromised antenna on some bands he persevered and made
several VK and DX contacts - a good effort indeed.

Bob, VK4MR returned in the nick of time and made a concentrated effort to
really clock up the contact count. The final tally is around 200 contacts for
the Gympie Group including the CW contacts and a few incoming IRLP calls.

Members operated from their home QTH as the Gympie Group is still looking
for suitable clubrooms. The Gympie Regional Council has offered the Club a
choice of three buildings but unfortunately, they are just too far out of town
to be practical. This is however a positive move from Council and is
appreciated by the group. As there still appears to be no new tenants in the
old QR buildings, GCEG are again pursuing Queensland Rail but now combined
with the Valley Rattler in an attempt to make some progress towards taking over
the buildings. Being centrally located and with good elevation for radio,
they are still considered to be the most suitable.

For Gympie Area News, I'm Trevor Taege, VK4BAT

Ipswich & District Radio Club
P.O. Box 250
Ipswich Qld 4305

Hi, I'm Mike VK4QS, President of the Ipswich & District Radio Club.

Last Saturday night saw four of our members saddle up for the annual VK4JF,
"Jack Files 80m Contest". Band conditions where very good indeed, resulting in
mostly 5x9 reports throughout the whole six hours of the contest. Contacts
ranged from local VK4's, the focus of the contest itself, to as far a field as
the land of the long white cloud.

ZL's in particular where a definite highlight of the evening, with reception
being in the order of armchair copy.

By the stroke of midnight it was all over for another year, with many operators
exceeding one hundred contacts and above. I would like to thanks John Spooner,
VK4AJS for his efforts in organising this 80m contest in memory of Mr. Jack
Files, a devoted WIA Member of many years standing.

In other news from Ipswich, we would like to bring to your attention the up and
coming, "Flight Centre Cycle Epic" which begins on Saturday the 21st of
August 2010. Each year the Ipswich Club members volunteer both their time and
equipment to provide emergency radio communications.

The country over which the event is run see the riders endure some very harsh
terrain indeed. Thus the call for help beckons to all those amateurs who feel
so inclined to give of their time for this very worthwhile event. for further
details, please feel free to contact VK4IE, Mr John Edwards by email

Redcliffe and District Radio Club

I'm Ray VK4CF with news from the Redcliffe AR Club.

Next Monday's Technical Talks will be given by James, VK4TJF, about how the
QSL system works and working DX stations. This should clear up the mysterious
QSL card that appears and what should I do to send to acknowledge it. This
should be a very informative talk so join us at the club house about 8 pm for
the information.

Would you like to go to the Dayton Hamfest in 2011, Mal VK4UMS is planning to
lead a small group from Queensland and you can join him for the biggest
HamFest in the world. If you want to go please contact Mal via the club's
email address of call him on the Redcliffe 2 metre for further details.

Charles VK4BTC reports that the ceiling of the communications caravan has been
removed again to install solar panel bolts. Charles leads a very small team
who meet every Saturday morning at his place to work on the caravan. If you
have time they would like some assistance... Please talk to Charles VK4BTC if
you are able to help.

The club will be part of the VK100WIA - 100 years of amateur radio. Kev VK4UH
will take the lead on this project dates 30/8/10 - 1/9/10. The event can be
run from anywhere even from members homes... It is planned that the club make
contacts on the Monday night & Wednesday group & ask if others would like to
operate in the gaps either at the club or from home... Please talk to Kev VK4UH
if you would like to be take on a window of time.

RD contest 14th &15th August. James VK4TJF, Scott VK4FLAE & Shaun VK4FY will
take the lead for this event. Camping will be available at the Murrenbong
site for those who wish to stay over night.

David VK4DC reported on the recent GippsTech weekend. 3 members went & by all
reports a most informative weekend ensued. Peter VK4EA has a copy of the 2009
briefs... Please see him should you wish to see the topics.

For Sale. If any one needs a 40m 2 element 40m yagi antenna the club has one
which is surplus to our needs. If anyone is interested pleas contact Peter
VK4TAA, the club secretary.

The club runs trivia on 438.325 on Wednesday night at 7.30pm. Everyone is
invited to join in. The usage of the 70cm repeater is low and others will
see our bandwidth as commercially useful to them. If we don't use the band
we will lose it. So come and join us each Wednesday night for 1 hour of fun
and entertainment on the Redcliffe 70 cm repeater on 438.325 and don't forget
the 91.5 CTCSS tone.

So until next time, for Redcliffe club, I'm Ray VK4CF.

Maleny VK4RSC 146.850 and 438.075 VK4RSN 53.7
Noosa Heads VK4RSL 146.825 and 438.175

Recently Guest Speakers at General Meetings have been club members describing
how they got into Amateur Radio. This has been very interesting and shows the
different paths some of us have taken to get into the hobby.

Sunday BBQ

Today the club is open for the monthly BBQ social meeting. After the news has
finished there will be a fox hunt for people to test their skills against the
wily fox. Leicester VK4ALH is in charge of hiding the fox and advises you
will need a car as its not going to be within walking distance.


SCARC has use of the VK100WIA callsign on 8th through to 10th of September this
year. This is leading up to the annual Sunfest that will be held in the same
location as the past few years at the Woombye School of Arts building in the
main street of Woombye

4773 1196 or 0408 001142
po box 333 Garbutt East, QLD 4814

News from North Queensland

Matman spruiks no more





The Voice From The North, Matman VK4FNQA, has hung up the QNEWS mic.

Matman first went to air with the North Queensland part of QNEWS on Sunday
27th July 2009 and was regular and reliable with his part of the news segment
right up to 11th July 2010.

His distinctive rendition of the News from the North each week kept many hams
who do not have access to the Internet or print media informed of
happenings within the hobby.

We will surely miss Matman on the News every Sunday and thank him for the time
and the effort he put in to producing a well received programme.

local area news :-
vk7 local news, email

Sorell Men's Shed Winter Ham Fest

The Sorell Men's Shed will be holding a winter Ham Fest on Sunday the 25th of

There will be:

Science and Technology displays,
Wind turbines and charging systems,
Home Brew competition,
Antenna Construction workshops,
VK7SMS Station will be on air,
Show and Tell Table,
Pre loved items for sale- Swap or Trade,
Trade Table.

Gold coin donation with all proceeds going to Sorell Men's Shed.

Enquiries for the great day email

Cradle Coast Amateur Radio Club (CCARC)

Members are advised that due to clash with other events, the next meeting of
the Cradle Coast Amateur Radio Club will be held Saturday July 24 which is one
week earlier than normal.

The start time will still be the same as usual, being 1.30pm at the Penguin
lions club rooms, 19 Ironcliff road, Penguin.



Public comments on these allocations were invited by 6 June.

"400 MHz Road Show" next Thur 22 July at Holiday Inn, 159 Roma St, Brisbane.

Interested persons are invited to attend for Q&A's.



MP visits ZL3 Radio Buildathon

As part of CCC Kidsfest 2010, the 2nd in a series of three
ZL3 Radio Buildathons was held in Burnside, Christchurch, New Zealand July 8.

Designed to introduce electronic construction and amateur radio to Christchurch
youth, an enthusiastic group of 15 builders completed their AM Broadcast radio
receivers in record time. All worked!

Builders also came from as far away as Timaru and Hamilton NZ, plus Asia and

Nicky Wagner MP was presented by David Searle ZL3DWS with a wide ranging
History of Amateur Radio in NZ written by Ian Dougherty.

She then spent an hour meeting the children and local radio amateurs who gave
of their time to ensure each radio worked!

A total of 44 parents, children and radio amateurs joined in the fun, sponsored
by the Christchurch City Council, NZART Radioscience Education Trust Inc,
N Z Vintage Radio Society Christchurch and Branches 05, 56, 68 of NZART and

To learn more about the public service of Amateur Radio in NZ visit

Taking amateur radio into the classroom

Primary school students are being shown aspects of amateur radio by members
of the Orange and District Amateur Radio Club in Central West New South Wales.

As part of the club's celebration of the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio
in Australia, which we reported on last week's broadcast, now comes news
that club members have been visiting the Glenroi Heights Public School.

Year five and six class teacher Rachael Livingstone says her students have
been learning basic Morse code and new construction skills.

The boys and girls are enjoying learning something new. Orange and District
Amateur Radio Club member Ross Wilson VK2ER has been teaching the code and
they able to communicate using it.

While Richard Morrison VK2SON has been conducting the weekly classes on
electronics and soldering.

First starting out with small projects to learn the skill of soldering, they
have recently built a radio transmitter.

This training will continue for the rest of this year and sounds like a good
model that could be picked up by other radio clubs around Australia.



For hams who are fans of the television quiz show Jeopardy! where contestants
have to answer in the form of a question the July 6 show in the USA was a
real treat:

Andrea Salt, KE7OPV, of Arizona, was a contestant.

But what makes Andrea's time on Jeopardy even more special is that she is only

All that week, Jeopardy! hosted their annual Kids' Week.

To be eligible to participate in Kids' Week, all contestants must be between
the ages of 10-13 and pass an online test consisting of 30 questions.
The questions cover a variety of categories and the kids must answer each
question within 20 seconds.

And yes, speling dus kount!

For those with pay for view in VK, no doubt Andrea will fast be approaching 17
by the time we get to see it out here! HiHi



July 31 ZL Waitakere Sprint Phone 1000 - 1100utc
Waitakere Sprint Contest <>

Aug 07 ZL Waitakere Sprint CW 1000 - 1100utc
Waitakere Sprint Contest <>

Aug 14-15 WIA Remembrance Day Contest
Peter Harding

Aug 21-22 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.
register on website

Oct 23 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 2- 3 WIA Oceania DX Contest Phone
Tony Burt

Oct 9-10 WIA Oceania DX Contest CW
Tony Burt

NOV 20-21 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day
John Martin VK3KM

Good Morning Trent Vk4ti here..

Vox or Ptt ?? What is better in a contesting environment ??
In multi op stations the use of keyed mikes and headsets is all but mandatory.

By using a full headset you free up the hands to operate a PC , radio, or hand
log.. Most modern rigs offer a single plug for PTT Speaker and Mike

so it is very easy and neat to wire up your rig to take all three and make
your contesting much easier.

Hello Listeners. I am peter Harding, VK4OD the WIA RD Contest Manager. Just to
reiterate Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Rules and my introduction to
the 2010 Remembrance Contest, failed to make it into the July Amateur radio

If you need a copy of these rules you can log onto

At the bottom of the RD Contest page is a link to download a PDF copy of the
Rules and my introduction, or you can email me at and I can
send a copy of both (if required) in PDF format.

Basically, there has been NO changes since last year, however, as this is the
WIA's Premier Annual Contest, I like to get the rules published each year.

Today Sunday the 18th July and as this news goes to air, you have about 4 weeks
to check with your local Club to see if they are going to participate and your
equipment, Antennae's, logs sheets, and Logging Software are up to date.

As I record this segment I have just had a short time to assemble of the
RD Contest page, printable log sheets, declarations, etc. over the next couple
of weeks I hope to be able to make available these documents, they will be at
the bottom of the RD Contest page, as a downloadable documents.

Until next week.

Strong growth for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

There's no stopping this popular annual event held each August with
demonstrated interest by radio amateurs around the world continuing to grow.

While there are regulars who have participated in the weekend for the past
decade, a strong trend is the registration of virgin or never before
activated lighthouses.

Only going to prove there are plenty of lighthouses for anyone wanting to
give this fun event a try.

An example is Australia with 10 of its 42 registrations so far this year
being virgin lighthouses in VK2, VK5, VK6 and VK7.

With only four weeks to go to the International Lighthouse and Lightship
Weekend the 21st and 22nd of August, the progressive tally is 250
registered with many for the first time.

Germany with 43 registrations is just ahead of Australia on 42, followed
by the USA 29 and England 25.

Organisers of the Event, the Ayr Radio Club of Scotland GM0AYR are
expecting a late rush of on-line registrations to the website ILLW.NET
from radio amateurs in the more than 30 participating countries.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

hf nets ON the net,

DX0DX DXpedition 2011 Spratly Islands

The Team headed by Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY continues to work towards
completing a range of matters mainly related to the logistics that go with
such a large and prolonged DXpedition on a remote island.

A multi-national group of up to 30 amateur radio operators from eleven
countries will reach Thitu Island in the South China Sea by boat in three
dedicated teams to put DX0DX on air 6-24 January 2011

A recent change in local government leadership has occurred on the island
and Chris VK3FY reports it has been re-assuring that the level of support
and encouragement from officials remains strong.

The appointed DX0DX QSL Manager is Bob Schenck N2OO who has a very good
track record in handling the QSLing for more than 100 DXpeditions.

In early online polling on the DX0DX website of the DX
community on the mode that DX0DX is wanted was fairly evenly divided
between SSB (37%), CW (35%) and RTTY (28%), and there's an even spread of
band preference 160m to 10m.

So far the VHF & UHF bands rate poorly, but undoubtedly when DX0DX has
propagation it will be in great demand. The chosen HF, VHF & UHF
frequencies appear on the DXpedition its website. For those interested in
6m, a propagation beacon will run on 50.090MHz when the band is closed.

With six months to go before DX0DX gets on air, Chris VK3FY reports that
steady progress is being made to seek further sponsorship and funding
support. It is hoped to be able make more announcements in coming months.

To date the corporate sponsors are ICOM America, SteppIR, Spiderbeam, WX0B
Array Solutions, Ham Radio Outlet, and Heil Sound. It is hoped to be able
make more announcements in coming months.

The DX0DX Team acknowledges the financial support already received from
individual radio amateurs Brad WA6JJB, Paul N6PSE, Marc DO4DXA, Maurice
N4LZ, Vic W4VIC, Ken N5TY, Allan VK2CA, Paul VK2HV, Scotty KG9Z and Clay

Support has also be given by the IARU Region 3 member society Philippine
Amateur Radio Association (PARA), DXWORLD.NET, and ClubLog.ORG

DX0DX Public Affairs, Jim Linton VK3PC


On the air, keep an ear open for what are being called duly authorized members
of the Colombian Radio Amateur Association to be active as 5K200LR throughout
2010. This is a special event call to celebrate the bicentennial and
independence of Colombia. QSL electronically via Logbook of the World or direct
to HK3LR.

A quick note in to say that "TIsat-1 beacon is being heard".

The 437.305 MHz CW beacon of TIsat-1, has been heard sending

Details of modes and scheduling can be found at and
read the text edition.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Alan VK4NA tells us 3 Brisbane area clubs met to improve Amateur Television

Held at the home of Richard VK4XRL on Saturday July 10 to look at combining
the resources of clubs in improving ATV repeaters in the greater Brisbane area.

South East Queensland ATV group, Brisbane Digital ATV group and Queensland
Digital Group

The BDATV group and SEQATV group each running ATV a few hundred metres of each
other North West of Brisbane at Ocean View.

Those present agreed that combining equipment and sites is in the best
interests of all ATV operators in Brisbane.

VK4RKC is now transmitting Digital ATV on 428.5 MHz. Both 1250 FM and DATV are
being received.

The *preferred* choice of frequency should be 442-450 as they expect to loose
420 to 430 MHz in the future.

As a result of the ACMA's re-structuring of the UHF Bands, it may be that
commercial users will move into 440 - 450 MHz 'on a temporary basis', subject
to agreement from the Department of Defence.

Shifts are to occur before Dec 2012.

This is more likely to occur in high density areas such as Capital Cities.

The meeting decided that at this stage, to plan to use a repeater output of
446.5 MHz the Australian standard digital with two output streams.

Inputs of 1250 MHz and 1283 MHz FM will be the minimum receive requirement.

Australian Coordinator for TCPIP domains is Indy

End of the road for amateur radio digital mode ROS

It would appear that the latest version of the amateur radio digital mode
software ROS may also prove to be its last.

Writing on his website, the software's author Jose Alberto says:

ROS 1.0 (the last).

Jos says "I've been reading too many derogatory comments towards me in
Digital Group and ROSDIGITALMODEMGROUP so I understand that it is not worth
further evolve this software.

So, ROS 1.0 is the last version.

73, Jose Alberto

How many times do we see we operators being "burnt out" by sometimes
other hams thoughtlessness? and often much much closer to home!


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

OSCAR News archive CD

OSCAR News is the official journal of the Amateur Radio satellite organization
AMSAT-UK, all 47 issues published from 2000-2009 are now available on CD.

Containing more than 2000 pages of information about amateur satellites ranging
from homebrew electronics projects to scientific papers, this archive offers
an intriguing insight into the development of amateur radio satellites during
a fast moving decade.

More details can be found on the Amsat UK website, including a link for
purchasing the CD


(irts news)

ESA COLUMBUS AIS SYSYEM ANTENNA BUILT BY HAM reports that the European Space Agency's Columbus module
maritime Automatic Identification System or AIS aboard the International
Space Station was switched on. The A-I-S antenna, mounted externally on the
Columbus module, was fabricated by AMSAT and ARISS member Lou McFadin, W5DID
and the United States ARISS team.

The group has also constructed a nearly identical amateur band antenna for
ARISS operations that will be used when the Ericsson amateur radio gear is
activated in early 2011.

And how well does the new antenna work? The European Space Agency reports
receiving more than 90,000 Class A AIS messages during a 14 hour test. This
generated a global view of maritime traffic as the ISS orbit crosses all major
shipping lanes.


The July 2 newsletter reports that NASA announced new target
dates for the final two or maybe three shuttle missions. STS-133 is now
aiming for November 1 at approximately 4:33 p.m. EDT for the final flight of
shuttle Discovery,. STS-134 will happen on February 26, 2011 at around
4:19 p.m. EST for shuttle Endeavour's last launch.

However there's now word for the potential of a bonus mission titled STS-135.

If approved by Congress, it would launch sometime in August 2011. The latest
word on that was that NASA officials hope the decision on whether or not to
fly STS-135 would be made sometime this month.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- Internet Linking of Repeaters

VK4's Gladstone Amateur Radio Club would like to invite fellow Hams to try
restored IRLP node 6246. For locals this can be accessed on your town UHF
repeater 438.050 MHz.

(Mark VK4XMC)

Australian Optical DX Group

July Presentation Constructor's Night - Optical Transceivers Abound

There are now 20 more optical transceivers in Southern Tasmania and even two
on their way to VK5 for their science fair!

It was fantastic night with a full house of constructors all eager to get into
building their transceivers. Even a few guests along in young Sam who is
Patrick VK7FPJB's cousin and dare we say it ..... young Sean who came along with

All the kits that were started on the night were finished and they got them
all working and tested. Mike VK7MJ brought along his test transmitter and
Justin VK7TW brought along his big optical transceiver to send and receive a
signal along with a range of lenses both traditional and Fresnel and
reflectors to demonstrate how the lens or reflector provides gain and
increases the distance that can be worked.

From the feedback it was wonderful night and they will certainly be planning
another for next year.

(73, Justin, VK7TW)


3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference 2010

The role of amateur radio following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti
and Chile and the lessons learnt during those major disasters, will be
discussed at GAREC 2010.

The Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference, GAREC, with
the theme of 'Learning through practicing', will be held on Curacao in the
Netherlands Antilles on the 11th and 12th of October.

The event is being organised in cooperation with the Dutch Amateur Radio
Emergency Service and Holland's International Amateur Radio Union member
society, VERONA .

The GAREC 2010 draft agenda includes attendance by International
Telecommunications Union Secretary General, Dr Hamadoun Tour HB9EHT and
from the ITU's EmComm focused Development Bureau, Dr Cosmas Zavazava.

Also on the agenda are discussions on the future role of the Amateur Radio
Service in EmComms, how to organise an exercise, message forwarding and
technical solutions.

GAREC continues its mission of enabling the effective inter-change of
information and experiences between all radio amateurs and groups that are
interested in emergency communications.

Presentations from its past conferences and details of GAREC 2010 can be
found on its website

(IARU Region 3, Chairman, Disaster Communications Committee, Jim Linton

Successful end to the World Cup for Region 1

Aside from the obvious success on the pitch for that Region's football teams,
the Soccer World Cup final also marked the end of a one-month standby period
for HAMNET, the Emergency Communications Group of South Africa.

For the duration of the tournament, HAMNET members have been ready to provide
communications links from the Joint Communications Centre to anywhere where
communications have been needed should there have been an incident at the

This was no easy task with ten venues spread across the country along with
many more training grounds, fan parks or other places where the thousands of
tourists or fans may have gathered.

The event has been an excellent exercise in preparedness. With much gained and
nothing lost. HAMNET now has two emergency units at their disposal now with
one designed into a flight case in such a way that it contains just about
everything one needs in a field or ops room situation. Everything is neatly
contained in the case and all the plugs are ready to be connected the antennas,
power supply etc that may be needed for the occasion.

Congratulations to HAMNET and South Africa for an excellent tournament.


JULY 25 VK2-3
Riverina Field Day

Sorell Men's Shed Winter Ham Fest

Northern Corridor Group Hamfest Cyril Jackson Sports Centre Ashfield

Oct 23 WIA WIA National Field Day

Oct 29 - 31
VK1OOWIA Westlakes ARC during our WIA centenary celebrations.

2010 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood

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