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VK100WIA and WIA Centenary Award - today is the final day


Tune-In to the World, amateur radio gets people talking

HORUS 9 Launch


It is that time of year again when we can order the next Call book.



WIA Centenary

VK100WIA and WIA Centenary Award - today is the final day

The special callsign first went on air in May, with that entire month
being rostered to the WIA and our President Michael Owen making the very
first contact on the 14th of May.

The remainder of the month saw it put on air, on behalf of the WIA,
including during the WIA Centenary Convention in Canberra.

Since then, under a system of three-day roster slots, around 50 clubs have
activated VK100WIA, working more than 100 DX Entities and amassing close
to 25,000 contacts.

During the week the Geelong Radio and Electronics Society and Adelaide
Hills Amateur Radio Society did a fine job.

Tail-end Charlie on the six month roster, by choice, is the Westlake's
Amateur Radio Club, operating from its club rooms at Teralba, New South
Wales, on air today.

It's also the final day to make qualifying contacts for the limited issue
WIA Centenary Award.

To qualify for an award certificate, a VK radio amateur needs to achieve
100 points.

Many had done this by contacting VK100WIA the required ten times - do
check the rules - which explain that one qualifying contact is
permitted during the WIA period of May, and one with each rostered club.

So on this very last day, what can you do if you don't have 100 points, and
still want to get the award?

Provided you have contacted VK100WIA on a minimum of two qualifying
occasions, then you can simply top-up your points by contacts with WIA
members, who are worth five points each.

It is suggested you have a few extra contacts with WIA members, rather
than the bare minimum required, in your log. Remember, today the 31 of
October is the final day for award point scoring contacts.

Do check the rules, and remember that today is the final day to qualify
for the WIA Centenary Award.

Tune-In to the World, amateur radio gets people talking

The inaugural public relations event for amateur radio in Australia, the
WIA National Field Day, occurred right around the country on Saturday the
23rd of October.

Well done to the WIA organising committee, the clubs, groups and
individual radio amateurs who made it happen.

We will begin this feature coverage report with Geoff Emery VK4ZPP as he
describes the activities that occurred in Maryborough, Queensland.

(Play VK4ZPP audio report. Outcue ... National Field Day 2011)

The Maryborough Electronics and Radio Group (MERG) set up its portable station
on The Green, Chifley Place, Adelaide Street, Maryborough.

The WIA-supplied media materials did their job with MERG scoring mentions
on ABC local radio, in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, and the filming of
activities by Channel 7.

Geoff Emery VK4ZPP reports that the local SES Controller visited the MERG
display and discussed amateur radio support in emergency operations.

The MERG experience certainly supports the WIA aim of showing amateur
radio to the community. The club is looking forward to National Field Day 2011.

Melbourne's Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club activated club station
VK3ER from the foyer of the Scienceworks Museum at Spotswood, a science
and technology museum very popular with young people and families.

The club gained three enrolments for its next Foundation licence training
course, while also putting many young voices on the amateur airwaves. This
included Erin, the grand-daughter of WIA President, Michael Owen VK3KI.

The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Club had around 15 members set up a
station a station at the Eden Hills Primary School Strawberry Fair. The
display generated interest in training courses.

The Member for Davenport, Iain Evans, assisted by Club President, John
Elliott VK5EMI, went on air to experience amateur radio.

In Perth's southern suburbs, the Hills Amateur Radio Group located itself
at Wireless Hill Park, a very popular picnic and BBQ spot, and also has a
telecommunications museum.

A totally solar powered station set-up. It created interest with members
of the public stopping by for a chat.

At Ulverstone Tasmania, the Cradle Coast Amateur Radio Club chose "Otto's
Grotto", a very popular BBQ site and part of the HMAS Shropshire Park, a
naval memorial reserve.

Strong support was received from eight club members and the day was a

The Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club VK2BOR was set up under annexe of the
club's communication caravan in Port Macquarie's Town Green.

A great deal preparation went into ensuring the event presented amateur
radio in a most interesting way to the public as possible.

Amateur Radio Victoria VK3WI reports that the aims of the day were fully
achieved, and it provided a learning experience for all.

A team of seven set-up at Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park,
Williamstown, and proved that amateur radio does get people talking.

In the national field day rules the 'Public' category stations gain bonus
points for having invited government officials attend. A number of clubs
achieved that goal.

Amateur Radio Victoria had the presence of Marsha Thomson, the Member for
Footscray and State Minister for Information and Communication Technology.

We will now have a listen to part of her participation, with the first
voice being Jim Linton VK3PC, explaining how to operate the microphone.

(Play audio ends with Minister's voice '...yes she is' chuckle)

Also heard in that audio clip was the Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio
Club Secretary, John Ross VK3BJR, at the Field Day station on the
foreshore of Rye beach. He handled his end of the five minute-long contact
with the Minister, very well indeed.

The Minister certainly found the portable amateur radio station display
interesting, and stayed to see video of her involvement being beamed all
over Melbourne and Geelong, via the digital amateur television repeater

Over to the northern suburbs of Adelaide now, where the Elizabeth Amateur
Radio Club set up a field day station in Salisbury Square.

Pedestrian traffic between nearby shops resulted in visitors to the
amateur radio station. It was an enjoyable day that helped to put our
hobby in the public eye.

The Elizabeth Club, along with EMDRC and the Adelaide Hills club both
mentioned earlier, monitored or made contact with the cross-band voice
repeater launched by high altitude balloon (horus 9) from Mt Barker by
Adrian Snell VK5ZBR. It generated a lot of interest.

(Play audio ends with thanks to all those vk5's)

Horus 9 audio etc in the History pages at
Short documentary on flight Horus 8 for interest.

And many of the clubs have made mention of the WIA press pack, and how it
helped them gain media coverage, plus they had praise for the WIA posters
and clothing that added the necessary professional look to their displays.

There's universal support for the event being repeated, perhaps, annually.

A 'Private' category portable station, totally battery powered, was
operated by Gail Lidden-Sandford VK4ION and Daniel Aitken VK4MAX, at
Avondale north of Bundaberg.

Apparently 'Bundy' does not have a suitable public place to display
amateur radio, so Gail set up outdoors at her home QTH.

That station contributed to the national field day, while also turning out
to be an emergency communications preparedness exercise. There were other
'Private' stations involved too, thank you all for your support.

Now in closing this feature report on today's VK1WIA broadcast, highly
recommended is a more detailed coverage, plus a magnificent slide-show
power point presentation that is now available on the WIA website.

President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Geoff Atkinson VK3AFA
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

It is that time of year again when we can order the next Call book.

There are financial advantages to clubs and their members. Even small clubs can
benefit if they combine with adjacent friendly club.

Once again the call book comes with a searchable CD and there are
bulk prices for clubs.

Order 2 to 5 books price $20-00 ea plus $12-00 post and handling
Order 6 to 10 books price $20-00 ea plus $22-00 post and handling
Order 11 to 15 books price $20-00 ea plus $25-00 post and handling

Order a full box of 25 books and price is $20-00 each with free delivery.

The clubs order form is on go to members area, affiliated club

Please note that the WIA does not apply ANY restrictions on the price
that clubs charge their members. You can use it as a fundraiser or a service
to your members, it is your choice.

(Ted Thrift VK2ARA WIA Clubs Co-ordinator).


Changes on and after 1 December 2010 include:

A Practical Assessment taken alone: drops from $67.00 to $65.00.

A replacement certificate of proficiency: drops from $14.00 to $10.00.

Callsign Recommendation Level 2:
a three, four and two letter call sign in any state or territory except
New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, where the individual can select
two preferences for a particular call sign shown as an available call sign
from the website daily list drops from $20.60 to $20.00.

Callsign Recommendation Level 3:
a two letter call sign in the states of New South Wales, Queensland and
Victoria drops from $48.85 to $48.00.

Callsign Recommendation Level 4:
a special event callsign drops from an hourly rate of $67.80 to a flat fee of

Double celebration at Ipswich

Last weekend a special double celebration was held to mark Ipswich's
150th year as a municipality and the centenary of the WIA.

Ipswich and District Radio Club President, Michael VK4QS officially
welcomed the mayor Paul Pisasale and WIA Director Ewan McLeod VK4ERM to
the clubhouse, along with a large crowd made up of members and guests.

Everyone enjoyed a BBQ lunch, the cutting of a very large chocolate cake,
and presentations, which included the Mayor being made an Honorary vice
president Vice-President of the club.

A special thanks to those members and friends who helped to make the day
a huge success.

(Allan VK4FABR)

Sunday November 7th the Adelaide hills Amateur Radio Society will be holding
its Annual Hamfest. The venue is the Goodwood Community Centre Rosa St
Doors open at 9, Selling commences from 9.30. $5 entry and $10 a table for
sellers. Plenty of commercial vendors in attendance, with the usual quality
catering by ALARA and the North East Radio Club. Peter Wolfenden will present
his AGM talk on the history and beginnings of the WIA. Michael Owen and
Jeff Atkinson will be present on the day, after hosting an all clubs
get together on the previous Saturday afternoon. A big weekend in Adelaide for
Amateur Radio. This has been David VK5KC.

THE Sydney Chapter of Model Engineers are in the middle of hosting the 11th
Tethered Car World Championships at Model Park, Luddenham this weekend.

Tether cars have been raced in VK2 since 1940 and the international event comes
to Australia only once in 12 years.

This weekend sees 28 international competitors and about 35 Australians, from
NSW and Queensland.

The modern tether car weighs under 4kg. They are raced one at a time on a
circular concrete track about 20m in diameter and can reach speeds of more than
340 km/h.

For more details

All Clubs who participate in the WIA/QBE joint policy, or would like to, the
renewal date of 1 April 2011 may seem a long way ahead but many clubs are going
into holiday mode and may not meet again until some time in February.

Some points to consider before your Christmas break:

Has there been a change in office bearers and has the current email
address been passed to within the last six months?

If not or doubtful a brief message will help.

Who is the best person for Ted VK2ARA to contact with details about the 2011
renewal, and associated paperwork.

Your various secretaries should have already heard from Ted, but as he says "It
is not an easy job communicating with 100 clubs, AND meeting all the

SO if you are in a position to do so, contact the officials in your club
straight after today's news and call-backs and make sure they have complied
with Ted's request! Don't leave it for someone else to do,
your club MAY miss the boat!

Looking over your back fence.

There is a new internet based map system covering Australian capital cities and
some selected country regions. It is achieved by aerial photography and there
are regular updates of most areas.

The resolution of the images is excellent and as an example, Tim VK2ZTM for
Amateur Radio NSW says, "it is possible to see the wire in the various dipole
antennas at VK2WI!"

Unfortunately the company involved flew through lots of cloud the day they
flew over South East Queensland, so be prepared to use your imagination as
to what lies below the masses of "cotton wool" covering maybe your QTH!


web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

Redcliffe Radio Club gets new repeaters

The Queensland Government's Gambling Community Benefit Fund is proud to provide
$26,000 funding for the Redcliffe and District Radio Club to go towards
new repeaters and associated gear.

2 repeaters for two metres and seventy centimetres, along with a commercial
grade set of VHF cavity filters, new lengths of LDF4-50, a UHF folded dipole
array, kVA Yamaha genset, electrical works to facilitate generator connections
to the club house, solar panels and a Codan Land Mobile radio with high speed
HF modem. The Codan allows the Club to use the WIA 5 MHz allocations as well
as participating in the HFLink Global ALE network.

The Club was fortunate to have member VK4YJV John design and build a purpose
designed directional array for the two metre repeater.

(Peter Schrader, VK4EA, Treasurer)

Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

As the calendar year draws closer to its end, there is one activity coming up
that should involve as many radio clubs as possible.

I have suggested previously that we let each other know when a job has been
well done. Give an amateur a hug.

Likewise I have suggested that people become part of the whole game and join in
their club and WIA activities in order have an effective voice in the hobby.

This year, the President's Lunch is being hosted by QAC and the RADAR club.
Rockhampton is one of our largest regional cities and hopefully this venue will
allow participation by more clubs from throughout the state.

The guest of honour will be Michael Owen, VK3KI, President of the Wireless
Institute of Australia. Along with members of our Queensland Advisory
Committee, this is the chance for face to face discussions with the people
who carry the administrative responsibility for our hobby for us. This is
where the face on the magazine page or the voice on the club net becomes your
fellow amateur across the table.

If your club hasn't already organised a representative for 14th November,
now is the time to act.

I'm Geoff, VK4ZPP, and that's what I about you?


Ipswich & District Radio Club
P.O. Box 250
Ipswich Qld 4305

Hello this is Allan VK4FABR with news from the Ipswich and District Radio Club.

Ipswich is going to get the jump on the Christmas party season
again in 2010.

Next Saturday November 6, members and guests are welcome to the club's
Christmas lunch at Ipswich Workers Club in Bell Street from 11am.
We may even have a Santa!

A 2 course lunch for $15 is great value. But we do need to know numbers now.
Please email John VK4IE - this Wednesday to
book and make payment arrangements.

That's all the news from Ipswich, until next time.

I'm Allan VK4FABR.

For more info, call Secretary Kathy Johns 040-939-8853
Channel 14 UHF CB call "CQ MERG"

During the JOTA activities, weather forecasts suggested that it would be
raining for the inaugural National Field Day. Last Saturday was the sunny
perfection that Queensland can supply with clear bright sunlight and a
gentle breeze.

In these conditions, the team from Maryborough Electronics and Radio Group,
Inc, set up a working amateur station on The Green, also known as
Chifley Place, in Adelaide St, Maryborough. Once again the support from the
WIA with media materials saw the Field Day mentioned on ABC Local Radio,
the Fraser Coast Chronicle, over 2 days, and the filming of activities by
Channel 7.

The local SES Controller visited the MERG (pronounced merge) display and
discussed amateur radio support in emergency operations with the amateurs.
Helen posed for a photograph and entered her details in the station log.
Both local parliamentarians sent their apologies and would you know it the
"firies" were on call out.

Some visitors to the area made a point of coming along after seeing the press
coverage; some locals with professional backgrounds in radio came by to meet
the amateurs and one person left with a newly purchased copy of the Foundation

The MERG experience certainly supports the WIA aim of showing amateur radio to
the community and this club is looking forward to National Field Day 2011. In
the mean time remember that "amateur radio gets people talking".

From MERG, I'm Geoff VK4ZPP reporting for WIA National News.

IRLP NODE 6973 ;
Secretary Clive 4928 1173

Greetings from the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club, the RADAR club.

This is Les VK4VIL reporting.

Last weekend, as well as working our site at the Rockhampton Heritage Village
as a public station for the National Field Day, testing our brand new 5 element
triband yagi allowed us to really carry out the motto on the day "tune into the

A good number of club members participated, with seasoned DXer, Mike VK4LMB,
ably assisted by our youngest member, Cory VK4FCMP operating the radios with
callsign VK4CHV or VK4 Capricorn heritage Village as we know it.

Others fielded questions from a good number of visitors, some of whom were
wrapped to actually make contact with other stations. Of particular interest
were a couple from Switzerland who were keen to know if they could ever call
their home country on these rigs.

The yagi works a treat and contacts were made on all bands, 20, 15 and 10m and
included a number of overseas calls.

Yes, amateur radio certainly gets people talking.

And now, another big event.

14th November -- the WIA National President, Michael Owen VK3KI visits
Rockhampton and will attend the State Presidents Lunch. Invitations have been
forwarded to all Queensland clubs and the register now has almost 90 attending
from far and wide. Michael is looking forward to the trip.

If you have not confirmed a booking yet, it is not too late. Call Clive VK4ACC
on 0429632815, that's 0429632815 or email Clive at

Should be a great weekend.

I'm Les VK4VIL on behalf of the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club.


G'day this is Dale VK4DMC for the Tablelands Radio and Electronics Club, TREC,
in Far North Queensland.

At last week's TREC meeting one of the items discussed was the final
installation of the six metre beacon. John VK4TL and Chris VK4YCG are
finishing off the antenna and it is hoped that we will have the beacon
finally up and running from the VK4RHT site located on the Hann Tablelands
Northeast of Cairns. The frequency is 50.281.

We have ordered a new 2m/70cm antenna for the clubrooms and this will be
installed as soon as it arrives.

This has been Dale VK4DMC and you are listening to the WIA news.



After approx. 35 years of operation, Tony VK7AX has decided to close the
Packet Radio BBS known by the SSID of VK7AX-6.

This decision was not taken lightly, however the time has eventually come
according to Tony to close the BBS.

Due to the decline of RF users in recent times to ZERO and increasing running
costs, he has reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is not worth
continuing to maintain a system purely to act as a Bulletin Forwarding
machine only.

He takes the opportunity to thank the many sysops and friends (world wide) that
have helped or contributed in one way or another over many years. Without the
true Amateur Spirit and encouragement shown to him by many, he feels that he
would not have continued maintaining and operating the BBS for as long as
he has.

The BBS will be turned off on Saturday 30 October 2010.

This follows the closure of the Tnos packet Gateway machine VK7AX-8 which was
decommissioned approx. 3 months ago for the same reasons.

Once again many thanks to everyone for their support and valued friendships.

Finally, for those still interested in packet, please support the only
remaining BBS in VK7 [ VK7HDM ] ( email: )

Tony VK7AX
(Past SYSOP VK7AX-6 and VK7AX-8)


1 Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET)
2 Communication support for dual disasters in Indonesia
3 SERG news on Sunday 7th Nov will not go to air but the Monday night will.
4 Afghanistan DXpedition

Read "all about it" in the Final Final at the conclusion of this text news.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.


South Africa's CISPR PLT Project Team reached the end of their mandate period
Of 5 years, without producing a useful document, which would guarantee the
ongoing protection of radio services. This means that work done during the past
ten years has not been fruitful. CISPR will have to start from zero.

SARL's Hans van de Groenendaal, during the past week, reviewed the draft
regulations that were prepared with the workgroup's input by ICASA. Some minor
enhancements were proposed. As part of the regulations, companies intending to
install PLT systems have to register all details on a publicly available data

The SARL is keeping a close watch on developments.

While South Africa's wishes to have all amateur frequencies notched were not
accepted, there is a clear understanding by the vendors of PLT equipment that
taking care of notching of Amateur frequencies is a prerequisite for a
successful network.

Irish Science Week 2010

Science Week is being held from the 7 to 14th Nov. Irish Clubs have been
encouraged to take advantage of the publicity generated by Science Week to
promote their activities, perhaps by putting on a special event station or
partnering with some other local Science Week project.

More details on the Website


The second edition of Spectrum Defence Matters -- a newsletter aimed at
keeping ARRL members updated on issues related to the protection of
Amateur Radio frequencies -- has just been released on the ARRL Web
site. This newsletter covers both USA domestic and international topics
related to the Amateur Radio spectrum.



Impending changes to 5MHz beacon chain

During the summer, the 5MHz Working Group reviewed certain aspects of
the 5MHz Experiment and agreed a number of changes and improvements.
These will be implemented over the next few months.

The largest change is that it has been decided to remove the 0.5ms
pulse sequence at the end of each beacon transmission. It has also
been decided to build a new beacon for GB3RAL. The new design will
incorporate a PSK31 transmission in the place of the pulse sequence.
The design of the other two 5MHz beacons does not allow this addition.

A date for these changes has not been set, but it is hoped to
complete the changes before the end of the year.




NOV 20-21 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day
John Martin VK3KM


Al Katz K2UYH has made DXCC on 70cms - Only the 3rd in the world to do so!

Al, K2UYH writes:

"I operated the EME contest with the K1JT's team, the highlight this month was
of course completing 432 DXCC after more than 30 years of trying.

DXCC was made possible by JT65B QSOs on 5 Oct CE0/DK2ZF DXCC 99,

and on 18 Oct TI2AEB DXCC 100.

I had a partial with Armando on 4 Oct TI2AEB and worked PY4AJ.

During the following two weeks Armando doubled his array making QSOs with him
relatively easy. I worked a second time on 19 Oct when his signals peaked to

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)

Charley, VK2ZYZ here, I built this simple little receiver one night after
reading an article by PA2OHH describing it.

The coil is simply 30 turns of 1.5mm wire wrapped around a piece of garden
stake with a tap every few turns, a variable capacitor, 1 resistor, 1 fixed
capacitor, and a 230v to 12 volt transformer that's used for impedance
matching for the headphones, that's the entire parts list, and none of it
is critical.

The only active component is a MPF102 J-FET that cost me one dollar, everything
else is recycled parts from the junk box.

Band selection is done by selecting different taps on the coil, the
Variable cap is used for coarse tuning and fine tuning is accomplished by
slowly moving your hand towards the coil. Short wave stations are easily tuned
in and SSB and CW stations require a bit of a steady hand. Audio is very good
through head phones or you can plug in an old set of PC speakers for room
filling audio. Fine tuning is very easy if you run through an antenna tuner
and use the tuner for fine tuning of CW and SSB stations.

The little rig works surprisingly well for what it is, receives
1.8mhz to 20mhz.

Current draw is 500 micro amps and sensitivity is approximately 4 microvolts.
Some Short wave stations don't even require an external antenna.

It is a really fun receiver to build and only takes an hour to throw together.

If anyone is interested in more details feel free to contact me

Australian Coordinator for TCPIP domains is Indy


CRARC are waiting for the Licensing to be sorted out with the WIA, so in the
meantime the repeater is on test running 5w from Isabella Plains.

If you have a DSTAR radio please fell free to have ago at using the repeater
(remembering you have to be registered on the DSTAR system to use the gateway),


There is now a DSTAR HOTSPOT running on 438.900Mhz from Isabella Plains, it is
running approx 25W into a Diamond X50 connected to Reflector 3C so there is
plenty of stations to chat with during the day.

So if you have a DSTAR rig just set your call sign's to the following:


And that will get you onto the reflector.

Be aware it will be using the CRARC's Callsign for gateway access so mind your
P's and Q's

Net is held each Mondays on 3.580 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)


A group of South African YL's under the leadership of Annette, ZR6D, are
starting a YL net to get YLs more involved with the radio and over the air
waves. There are many YLs with licenses but never heard.

For instance, many YLs took part in the YL Sprint but only 10 sent their logs
in. It is now the time to get involved.

All YLs are welcome.

If you have any interesting news or suggestions please call


3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Amateur radio operators in the flood-stricken areas of Thailand are helping
authorities coordinate rescue and relief efforts, Thailand's Bangkok Post

An Amateur Radio coordinating centre using the call sign HS3AN, located at the
provincial hall, has been working closely with government agencies, relaying
details about the emergency situation and explaining problems to officials and
relief workers so appropriate action can be promptly taken.

The IARU member Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) on its website reports
that the communications talents and capabilities of radio amateurs are being
put to good use.

In the middle of this year Thailand's National Disaster Management Centre
under the Interior Ministry, had requested RAST to nominate radio amateurs
to join a disaster response planning working group.

Nakhon Ratchsima is Thailand's biggest province, which has a population of
2.7 million in 32 districts with 3,700 villages.

The natural disaster has destroyed more than 80,000 hectares of rice paddies,
most just weeks away from harvest time that provides many farmers with their
annual source of income.

The Nakhon Ratchasima Amateur Radio Association (NRARA) has set up a
coordinating centre using the call sign HS3AN.

Located at the provincial hall, it has been working closely with government
agencies, relaying details about the emergency situation to officials and
relief workers.

NRARA President, Charnchai Siriamornpan HS4XU, said amateur radio operators
had also pitched in to help soldiers, volunteers and foundation workers get
food to flood victims and ferry women in advanced pregnancy women to hospital.

The Bangkok Post said that government licensed amateur radio users are allowed
to communicate with one another using VHF and HF (short wave) radio
communications. They often operate in areas where mobile phone signals can't

Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.

November 6th is the BMSC's annual National Capital (NatCap) Rally.

This rally will have 8 stages consisting of 2 stages in the
Bluetts / Greenhills area (near Mt Stromlo) and then 3 stages out in
Kowen Forest with each of those run twice.

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club need to support 13 field stations and
at least 4 people in HQ over the day, at present they have 10 people
who have put their hands up!

This event is the largest single source of financial dollars to the club now
the Rally of Canberra is no more and so they do need to make sure they get
enough people to support the event properly.

PLEASE contact Phil VK1PL by email to
if you can assist with any of these events.


NOV 7 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest Rosa St Goodwood

NOV 13 VK4 Gold Coast Hamfest Albert Waterways Hall,
Broadbeach at 8.30am.
information contact

NOV 14 VK4 Presidents Lunch at Rockhampton

DEC 4 VK7 Central Highlands Hamfest at Miena


Jan 30 vk2 Mid North Coast Radio Expo 2011 at St Johns Church Hall
McLean Street, Coffs Harbour at 8:30am,

Feb 13 VK3 Centre Victoria RadioFest No.4 Kyneton Racecourse

Apr 18 WW "Amateur Radio: The first technology-based social network"
World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, 2011.

May 27-29 WIA AGM Weekend in Darwin


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 4-7 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (


Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET)

This emergency communications exercise is held twice a year, the next GlobalSET
is on Saturday the 13th of November.

The main change this time is that it will run 1100 to 1500 hours local time,
of the stations taking part.

The operation will take place on and near the emergency Centre-of-Activity
(CoA) frequencies on 80, 40, 20, 17 and 15 metres.

The objectives of GlobalSET are to:
Increase the common interest in emergency communications. Test how usable
the emergency Centre-of-Activity frequencies are across the three ITU regions.
Create practices for international emergency communication and Practice the
relaying of messages using all modes.

IARU member radio societies, and emergency communications group stations
intending to participate are requested to register through their IARU Regional
or National Emergency Communications Coordinators.

(Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Disaster Communications Committee)

Communication support for dual disasters in Indonesia

Following two natural disasters, an earthquake triggered tsunami, and separately
an erupting volcano, radio amateurs are providing their help as the enormous
response effort continues.

ORARI (Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia) International Affairs Coordinator,
Wisnu Widjaja YB0AZ has provided initial information about the involvement
of radio hams in the dual disasters that hit the Indonesian archipelago this

He said that the ORARI Communication and Rescue Task Force has joined the
team of the Disaster Management of Directorate General Post and Telecommunications,
Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia.

They has been operating in the field and provide communications support
to the government and communities in the area where the eruption of Mount
Merapi catastrophe at Yogyakarta province and the earthquake also followed
by tsunami at Mentawai of West Sumatra, said Wisnu YB0AZ.

Media reports that at least 170 died, mostly drowned after the tsunami triggered
by a 7.7 magnitude offshore earthquake struck the Mentawai islands late Monday
off the west coast of Sumatra. Up to 400 others are missing.

While on the island of Java, several hundred kilometres away, 29 were killed
when the volcano, Mount Merapi, erupted on Tuesday releasing clouds of hot
gas, rocks and laver into the air. almost 42,000 people had fled to temporary
shelters around the nearby city of Yogyakarta as the area is covered in volcanic

The remoteness of the affected areas, poor communications, and the ongoing
disaster response and relief efforts are likely to see the OARI Communication
and Rescue Task Force involved for some time yet.

(Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.)

Good afternoon Graham

I just sent off an email to SERG members. The mail is notice that the news
session on Sunday 7th Nov will not go to air (but the Monday night one will go
as usual).

Reason is that club resources, including our b/cast team, will be
stretched to the limit providing a big and diverse communication network
and other inputs to the "Legends of the Lake" hillclimb, an annual CAMS
event held in Mount Gambier.

146.900 by SERG 146.650/147.35/.975 Sun 9am 278 checkins VK5WCC
146.900 by SERG 146.650/147.35/.975 Mon 8pm 149 checkins VK5WCC

73..Bill vk5wcc...for SERG, Mount Gambier SA

Afghanistan DXpedition

Paul, N6PSE, has just sent out the following press release:

"The Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce our next DXpedition as T6PSE from
Afghanistan, to take place during ten days in May of 2011.

"Due to security concerns, the exact dates and location of the DXpedition will
not be given at this time. Our primary objective is to activate Afghanistan
with a goal of providing as many DXers as possible a 'new one' with this rare
DXCC entity and, as a secondary objective, to give as many band-slots as


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