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Titanic Anniversary (VO1MGY) Operation


600th ARISS ham radio school contact


VK4WIP Club Station in the CQ WPX



OF THIS WEEKS NEWS. This due to the "unformatting" of news script where every
word ran straight into each other!


Last Friday was deemed "Dynamic Range Day".

This has been set up to try to get recording producers to "drop their levels"
and show some light and shade!

In order to achieve super-high levels on CD's the music has it's dynamic range
reduced - roughly speaking, that's the difference between the loudest and
quietest moments in the music.

The effect is now so extreme that we have reached a bizarre situation where
Justin Bieber's CD is louder than Motorhead, AC/DC or Sex Pistols!

The fatal flaw of this "Loudness War" in a nutshell is "it doesn't sound good."

Research shows there is no connection between "loudness" and sales

People don't notice loudness when comparing songs

Modern music players undo loudness by using ReplayGain

Most listeners just turn loud music down !

So - "loud" music on CD has no benefit on the radio, online, on an mp3 player,
or in your CD player and yet almost every new release is crushed to within an
inch of it's life.

Enter "Dynamic Range Day".

President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

No it is not JUST a Field Day

Being close to the John Moyle Memorial National Field Day now leaves most
of the clubs thinking that another event, is just more of the same.

Tune in to the World - Amateur Radio gets people talking, is our hobby's
big public relations event.

It will be in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day, the 17th of April.
That is just a few weeks away.

Rules and the scoring method are available on the WIA website. All it
needs a little advance planning, a publicly accessible venue, suitable
station equipment, signage and most importantly people who are very
presentable and knowledgeable.

Posters and uniforms are available on the website. This is an opportunity
to get right behind the Tune in to the World - Amateur Radio gets people
talking - and take our hobby out to the public.

Already more than a dozen clubs have indicated that they're ready to show
the general public what they, and the hobby of amateur radio, has to offer
- what's your club doing?.

Everyone gets enjoyment from being involved and comes away feeling they
have put something back into the hobby they enjoy so much.

Remember Amateur Radio Day on the 17th of April, get involved, visit the
WIA website and sign up - it only needs three or more to be involved with
a public station.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


WIA members and friends are invited to attend the formal opening of the WIA
premises at Unit 20, 11-13 Havelock Road, Bayswater, Victoria at 4:00pm
Saturday, April 2nd.

The premises will be named "Andersson House" in honour of Henry Andersson
VK8HA. Henry was an Honorary Life Member of the WIA, who passed away
October sIX 2004. He left his property at Humpty Doo, near Darwin, to the WIA.
That generous bequest provided much of the funds needed to enable the

Light refreshments will be served between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, and a memorial
plaque will be unveiled at a ceremony commencing at 4:30pm.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to the Office on )03) 9729 0400
between 10:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.



The WIA and the Darwin Amateur Radio club want to invite you to Darwin,
Australia's Northern Tropical capital for the WIA Annual Conference being
held over the weekend of 27, 28, 29th of May at Mirrambeena Resort .

A welcome dinner by the sea at the Beautiful Darwin Trailer Boat Club on
Friday night.

Saturday morning for the Annual General Meeting and forums.

Saturday afternoon will see presentations based around Technology for the
bush and life in the top end.

The conference dinner on Saturday night at the lovely Treetops restaurant
finishes off the Saturday events.

For Partners we have set up a tour of some special places in Darwin led by
the team from The DARC side.

On Sunday we are going to Litchfield National Park. Bring your togs and swim
or just cool off in the pristine water falls and rockholes. Take a look at
the magnetic anthill phenomenon, and join in a barbecue lunch at the very
pretty Wangi falls.

Sunday evening why not join DARC for tea at the famous Mindil Markets and
watch a beautiful sunset over Fannie bay whilst eating your choice of
specialty food from one of the many different food stalls.

So why not register on the wia website now and come to Darwin for a great
weekend of fun and fellowship with fellow Amateurs.
Register now on book your tickets and we will see you here on
the 27th of may 2011.

This is Spud on behalf of the Wia and the Darwin amateur radio club.


Optus will add a new satellite, Optus 10, to it's A/NZ fleet making it the
largest in the company's and Australia's history.

Optus 10 will be delivered in 2013 and built in Palo Alto, California, by
Space Systems/Loral. This follows the expansion of Australia's satellite
fleet with the state-of-the-art D-Series satellites launched in 2006,7 and9.

Optus provides satellite services to Australia and NZ government departments,
premium companies and broadcasters including Foxtel, ABC, SBS, Seven Network,
Nine Network, Globecast Australia, UBI and Sky TV New Zealand.

Optus managing director Optus wholesale and satellite, Vicki Brady, said
Optus was the only full service telecommunications provider in Australia
with the ability to harness the additional capability that satellite
communication offers.

It launched the first of Australia's satellite fleet 25 years ago.


99.7 FM

This is the channel set aside on Melbourne for the majority of International
Sporting Events.

It's alive this weekend with the trackside commentary from the Albert Park
Grand Prix Circuit in South Melbourne with the running of the 2011
Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix, a stellar line-up of elite motor


98.7FM is Community radio station 3RPP and they are shooting for an
Easter deadline to be on air at new studios at the former Mornington
High School.

The project is a combined effort of Mornington Peninsula Rotary clubs,
The group is holding a raffle in which two cars, a cruising holiday and
a television are up for grabs.

Radio Port Phillip broadcasts around the clock on 98.7FM.

2EC's AM TX off air due to floods

Heavy rain over the past 24 hours has caused flash flooding throughout the
New South Wales south coast and Illawarra regions, putting one of
2EC's transmitters off air. The station's AM 765 transmitter site at Kalaru
has been affected by the flooding.

2EC Program Director Kimmi Saker told radioinfo:
"Our tech is waiting for water to recede to be able to get into the site and
get it cranked again. In the meantime 765 AM listeners can get there 105.5 FM


Transmission services provider Broadcast Australia has refitted a remote
transmission site to be powered primarily by renewable energy.

The Mount Owen site, serving Queenstown and Zeehan, Tasmania, will use
site-generated wind and solar power to meet fully the site's 8 kW power needs
80 percent to 90 percent of the time.

The site broadcasts national and commercial analogue and
digital radio and television services and supports critical radio
communications for local emergency services.

According to Broadcast Australia Energy Systems Engineer Gary Cafe, the power
demands for digital television and other new services were starting to exceed
the capacity of the existing mains power feed. Given the remoteness of the
facility, and the presence of strong prevailing south-westerly winds,
Mount Owen was a good candidate for onsite renewable energy generation,
especially compared to the cost of upgrading the mains power feeder lines.




The walk starts on the morning of the 24th April and Jeff will be in
Lismore on the evening of the 25th.

Maybe you would like to join Jeff as there will probably be some sort of
a gathering maybe sausage sizzle or BBQ.

Jeff is currently calling/listening most evenings
7045 at 1730
3612 at 1830

(AEST: Qld time).

web service:-
VKG Roundup

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club annual Field Day

June Long Weekend Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 June.

This year the venue will be the Tacking Point Surf Club hall in
Matthew Flinders Drive, Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.

It is important to book accommodation as soon as possible as there
will be a lot of visitors staying in the Port for the WinterSun Festival
which also runs over that June Long Weekend.

The ORARC Field Day theme is the club's 40th birthday and there will be
all the usual activities and attractions including the foxhunts both Saturday
and Sunday and trade displays on Sunday.

The Field Day dinner will be at the Tacking Point Golf Club 6pm on Saturday


web service:-
VKC Roundup http://www.police

Moorabbin & District Radio Club annual hamfest will be held Saturday May 7
at Brentwood Secondary College, Glen Waverley 10am.

Enquiries Graeme

web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

TARC Does the WIA National Field Day

The WIA National Field Day will be happening on Sunday April 17th and
theTARCinc will be setting up displays different aspects of Amateur Radio
on the northern side of the Sturt Street headland on The Strand Townsville
from 8am.

Hams need to help with this activity to publicise the worthwhile hobby of
Amateur Radio to the wider community so get along to wave the flag and
have some fun as well !

NQ Amateur Radio Convention Date Set

The date has been set for one of the most stellar events in the Radio Amateur
calendar, the 20th Bi-ennial North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention
in Townsville from Fri afternoon 16th to Sunday afternoon 18th September.

VK4 SILENT KEYS @ 2010 - 2011 QAC YEAR

VK4MWT Tom Bowden November 14 2010 Advised by Gavin VK4ZZ
VK4SS Alan Shawsmith November 23 2010 Advised by Stepphen VK4JSS
VK4CK Colin King December 30 2010 Advised by Gary VK4AR
VK4AMO Mike O'Callaghan January 02 2011 advised by Dale VK4DMC
VK4HER Dawn Sebbens January 09 2011 advised by Margaret VK4AOE
VK4YNL Egon Frangenheim January 19 2011 advised by Gordon VK4VP
VK4DI Len Effeney February 01 2011 advised by Clive VK4ACC
VK4CAU Frank Sleep 2011 advised by Gavin VK4ZZ

Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

During the floods occurring to central and southern Queensland and the
following devastation of Cyclone Yasi, in the north, there was much wondering
what preparedness and participation was occurring, in the relief efforts by
radio amateurs. As if to underline the strength of catastrophic weather we
are experiencing, came the earthquake in Christchurch and Japan and the
following tsunami.

Whilst we grieve for the loss of life and the devastation that so many people
have suffered, I feel we should be also be looking at what we as an interest
group should be learning and adopting procedures which can offer practical
help in times of disaster and catastrophe.

This may seem to be a hobby horse of mine but unless we learn from experiences
around the world we will never be an effective community resource. Remember
the often quoted saying, "Unless we learn the lessons of history we are bound
to repeat its mistakes".

According to statements released by WIA News, the AREC teams and JARL teams
were rapidly deployed to assist the first responders with communications
around the earthquake zones. Implicit in this is the level of training which
allows interoperability amongst the responding services as well as the
availability of equipment to use.

The question is now, have we and could we respond in an emergency the way
our ZL and JA colleagues have?

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?


Redcliffe and District Radio Club

I'm Ray, VK4CF with news from Redcliffe Amateur Radio club.

The news begins on a sad note with the passing away of Club member Geary Fawke
passed away peacefully yesterday after a long illness with cancer.

His funeral will be held next Wednesday 30th March at 1pm - the Holy Cross
Catholic Church, Anzac Ave, Kippa Ring.

While Geary did not have a callsign, he had been an active member of the club
over a long period and had donated his caravan to the club to become the
communications centre for all club field activities. The club is deeply
saddened and wishes to pass on to his son, Mathew and his family, our deepest

The third Monday night of the month is the clubs technical talk night. Due to
the John Moyle weekend, there was no technical talk this month but in April,
Kevin VK4UH, will detail his part of the Lord Howe Island DX expedition
conducted in January 2011. In May, Roger, VK4ZLQ & Peter VK4EA, will discuss
the success of the Stubb Filters that were used on the John Moyle field day

A welcome visitor to the club house last Monday night was Marsha, N8FE, the
mother of James, VK4TJF. Marsha calls herself the IRON MAIDEN. Her husband
and both of her sons are all licensed amateurs. She said it was good to get
away from the cold in the US and catch-up with family and friends in Australia.
She said that she should be back down under in 2 more years.
James, VK4TJF, is also putting together a listing of all hf, vhf and uhf nets
around Australia and could interested club secretary's could the details of
your club nets to James via the Redcliffe club website, he will enter the
details into a database and send it to the WIA for publication.

Kippa Ring Shopping Centre will be National field day location for the club.
This will provide a wide range of exposure for the club as well as the BBQ
fund raiser at Bunnings at Rothwell in June this year.

The John Moyle weekend started out warm and humid on the Friday as the
antennas went up but turned to drizzle early Saturday morning and then to rain
about lunchtime Saturday and continued for the rest of the weekend. Peter,
VK4EA led the activity and was ably supported by brothers Andy, VK4KY and
Glenn, VK4FZ and quite a few others including Geoff, VK4FNRS.

About 30 club members braved the miserable conditions to make in excess of
800 contacts mostly on the lower bands. Despite the rain and a few mechanical
problems the weekend was a good one and the first wet field day for the club
in 7 years. The final scores are still being worked out, and the result
appears promising. More details next week.

So now it's 73 from Ray, VK4CF.


Manly-Warringah Radio Society

Eight candidates did the club's Foundation training course and assessments
a few weeks back and all eight candidates passed with flying colours and one
went straight on to pass his Standard theory test.

Congratulations to all candidates, and welcome to Amateur Radio!

Manly-Warringah Radio Society meets every Wednesday at the 1st Terrey Hills
Guides Hall, Beltana Avenue, Terrey Hills at 7.30 p.m.

The Hornsby and Districts Amateur Radio Club will be running an exam session
on the morning of Saturday 16th April at Waitara in northern Sydney, for all
grades of licence. Please notify the Club by 8th April as this allows time
for the exam papers can be ordered. The best way is via the form at:

The club generally meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month,
however as the 26th is a catch-up holiday for ANZAC Day calling on
Easter Monday, there will be no formal meeting this month.

(Julian Sortland, VK2YJS, Publicity Officer, HADARC)

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA read by Jason 2LAW.


And some stunning statistics about the awesome power of this earthquake.
According to the BBC, experts they interviewed say that the massive shaker may have
shifted Japan's main coastline by up to 13 feet to the east. This is based on
the country's network of 1,200 GPS monitoring stations. The GeoNet GPS
network is the world's largest.

Also, the quake may have knocked the planet off its axis by about 6.5 inches.
This says the BBC will cause the Earth to rotate a tiny bit faster and thereby
shortening the day by about 1.8 millionths of a second.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the quake's magnitude to 9 while
the U.S. Geological Survey still has it rated at magnitude 8.9. The Japan
Meteorological Agency has also officially named the trembler "The 2011 off
the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake."


A federal grand jury has indicted 13 suspected pirates from Somalia and one
from Yemen in the February hijacking of a yacht that left three American radio
amateurs and one non-amateur dead. The United States Department of Justice
say that the men face piracy, kidnapping and firearms charges stemming from
their efforts to hold the Americans for ransom, according to the indictment.

As previously reported, Scott Adam, K9ESO, his wife Jean, KF6RVB, and Bob
Riggle, KE7IIV, were murdered by the Somali pirates. Also killed with
them was Phylis Macay. The four were onboard the Adam's owned yacht the
Quest off the coast of Oman, East Africa, when pirates boarded their
vessel on Friday, February 18. Officials were in the process of negotiating
for their release when gunfire was heard around 1 AM on Tuesday, February 22.
At that point United States Naval forces responded to the gunfire. Navy Seals
then boarded the yacht only to discover that all four hostages had been shot
by the pirates.

The Adams', who were retired, had been sailing on their 58-foot yacht
delivering Bibles around the world. The indictment says at least three of
the indicted men shot and killed the four Americans without provocation. They
died less than a week after a Somali pirate was sentenced to more than
33 years in prison by a New York court for the 2009 hijacking of the vessel
the Maersk Alabama.
That hijacking ended when Navy sharpshooters killed two pirates holding the
ship's American captain.

This group of pirates is the latest to be brought to Norfolk to face charges
stemming from attacks on ships off the cost of Africa. Last April, a federal
grand jury indicted 11 in separate attacks on two U.S. Navy ships,
the USS Ashland and the USS Nicholas. The Virginia-based ships were part of
an international flotilla protecting shipping in the pirate-infested waters
off Africa.


It should soon be easier to use amateur radio gear while visiting the Russian
Federation. This, following its decision to join the CEPT Radio Amateur
License agreement.

At a recent meeting the Russian State Commission for Radio Frequencies, it
was decided that the Russian Federation will accept CEPT Recommendation for
the CEPT Radio Amateur License and the CEPT Novice permit. The commission
plans to advise CEPT Working Group R A of its decision in the near future.
Working Group R A will be meeting in May and September.

IARU Region 1 says that it considers this a major step forward to eventually
permit worldwide radio amateur roaming. CEPT licensing means that all nations
accepting this recommendation also accept any other signatory's ham license,
subject to certain limitations as valid in those nations as well.


Russia's secret weapon: inflatable tanks

THEY may look like real tanks and missiles, but some of the weapons in Russia's
arsenal may not all be what they seem for the army is making increasing use of
inflatable replicas - decoys deployed in a cunning attempt to deceive potential

This kind of technology has existed in the army for a long time, since
World War II.

Serbia used similar decoys during the country's bombardment by NATO forces in
1999 and the Alliance actually destroyed fewer genuine targets than it thought!

When a real tank and a false one stand side by side, they make almost no
difference, both emit the same heat and reflect radio waves in the same way as
real ones.

Another bonus is that they are easy to deploy - a tank inflates in minutes.

Read more:


The CQ WPX is on this weekend.

Apr 23 ZL/VK 2011 VK/ZL RTTY SPRINT 80 metres

Apr 30 WW Marconi Day 2011

Apr 30 ZL/VK 2011 VK/ZL RTTY SPRINT 40 metres

VK4WIP Club Station in the CQ WPX

For the 1st time in the clubs 50 year history VK4WIP will hit the air during
the CQ WPX this weekend.

All of this has been made possible through all the blood, sweat and tears from
the Club's President, dedicated members and local government members within
the local Ippy community.

Just this weekend past, according to our News Editor Graham VK4BB who attended,
the Local Mayor, Councillor and Yaesu's National Sales Manager presented the
club officially with cheque and radio.


World Amateur Radio Day
"Amateur Radio: The first technology-based social network."

Members of DXXE, Mexican Contest and DX group, will activate 4A 0 IARU
between April 18-24 to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on April 18th
and the 86th anniversary of the founding of the IARU.
QSL via N7RO.

Titanic Anniversary (VO1MGY) Operation

Friday, April 15th is the anniversary of the Titanic disaster. To recognize
this anniversary, Admiralty House Naval Museum, St. John's, Newfoundland
and the Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs, Amateur Radio will be
operational with call sign VO1MGY, 2000 UTC and continue till Saturday 16th.

CW and SSB modes on 20 and 40 meters.

Amateur Radio at Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

Moray Firth Amateur Radio Society is celebrating the Spirit of Speyside Whisky
Festival by running three Special Event stations, one located at
Strath Isla distillery in Keith (callsign GB3SWF) another located at the
Craigel lachie Distillery (callsign GB2SWF) and a third at Glenfarclas
Distillery (GB4SWF).

The objective of this exercise is to contact as many amateur radio stations
as possible, worldwide, to promote Scotland's iconic dram - malt whisky.
Each station will operate on the Shortwave (HF) bands, principally 80m, 40m
and 20m SSB.

The Festival invites visitors to celebrate Scotland's national drink through
an inventive and wide-ranging programme of whisky-inspired events - some
educational, all of them fun.

Further details can be found on their website


Plenty of action!

Tony Hambling VK3VTH has scored well by activating nine new parks for the
Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award.

His marathon 300-kilometre round tour of the Gippsland parks follows news
that Peter Fraser VK3ZPF put Wilsons Prom National Park on air earlier

Tony VK3VTH said contacts from National Parks included Kevin VK0KEV at
Macquarie Island. He made the achievement despite fading conditions.

The rules for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award have been updated
following the declaration of new parks taking the total to 45, an increase of
10 since the award was revived in 2008.

Tony VK3VTH has activated 19 of the 45 parks.

A full list of the National Parks and the rules are in the awards section of
the Amateur Radio Victoria website.

The aim of the award is to encourage portable use of up to the 45 designated
areas across the state and has the support of Parks Victoria.

HTTP:// (A receiver located in NY USA) (Atlanta 80/40/20 Web SDR Receiver)


The BBC World Service Global News Director Peter Horrocks has told Members of
Parliament the BBC has decided to retain a daily hour-long Hindi-language news
program on shortwave.

Over the next year, the BBC will seek commercial sponsors for BBC Hindi
programs; if sufficient funding sources do not materialize by March 2012,
then the service will be closed, according to press reports.

Hindi had been one of six services to be pulled completely from shortwave.

A further seven services were to be pulled entirely from the airwaves.

By 2014, the BBC World Service expected to remove almost all
non-English-language programming from shortwave in favour of the
Internet and local FM rebroadcast partners.


VK Club Bulletins

The April edition of Amateur Radio magazine

Scoring a front cover picture and inside story on a simple portable antenna
mast is Rik Head VK3KAN. His article is among the technical offerings that
include a fully detailed solid- state 137 kHz transceiver built by Dale Hughes

The editor Peter Freeman VK3PF discusses the reasons why the magazine is not
produced electronically each month. However the Publications Committee will
be issuing an annual compendium in electronic form.

Highly recommended is a read of this month's editorial column.

The bad apple operator again raises its head in the WIA Comment section by
our President Michael Owen VK3KI where he questions whether the ACMA needs
some appropriate policies.

He agrees that far too often the ACMA fails to enforce the law against
improper behaviour within our ranks. Michael VK3KI discusses the results
and findings of the WIA.

To round off coverage in Amateur Radio magazine, a WIA membership service
that is available from selected newsagents, is a piece on the 80-years in the
hobby achieved by George Bollas VK3LA.

I'm Barry Robinson VK3PV and you're listening to VK1WIA.


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

600th ARISS ham radio school contact

ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) reached a milestone
on Thursday, March 17 when it held its 600th contact between on-orbit
astronaut Cady Coleman, KC5ZTH and students from several schools in Plock
and Liszyno, Poland.

The contact supported lessons about space and space exploration,
communication and technology. Scout Amateur Radio Club SP5ZBA handled the
radio connection during which the astronaut fielded 19 space related questions.

Nearly 120 people were in the audience.

There was extensive media coverage that included newspapers, four scientific
magazines, one radio magazine, a television station, national radio
(two programs) and two internet portals.



Radio Security Service reunion at Bletchley Park

Maybe you are lucky enough to be visiting G-Land in April?

Well there is a reunion of ex-members of the Radio Security Service on
Sunday 17th April in the Mansion at Bletchley Park.

It will include an illustrated lecture on how radio amateurs helped
to win the war. More than a thousand amateur volunteers listened on
the short wave bands, in secret in their own homes, for illicit
signals in the UK. What they uncovered were the transmitters of the
German Secret Service operating all over Europe and beyond.

Beside penetrating the most secret aspects of the service they also
learnt about spies sent here, some of whom were 'turned' to work
under the supervision of radio amateurs, notably Ronnie Reed, G2RX.
More can be learned at



Just to show the more things change the more things stay the same...

Radio and Radio on HF is playing a huge part in Operation Odysses Dawm.
(Doesn't have the same ring about it does it as Operation Desert Storm!)

6877 kHz is used as a "gee up" channel, possibly from a Commando Solo Aircraft
and is commanding Libyan naval officers not to board their ships. No doubt
6877 was the main Libyan Naval Channel, or shall we say "frequency".

The Milcom Monitoring Post website has been reporting on the use of HF in
the enforcement of the no fly zone, see


"On behalf of the countless souls who would have died but for them, we salute
all who have served our profession with skill and dedication through the years.

These words closed, at 2359 on the 31st December 1999, the final morse
telegraphy service transmission from an Australian Maritime Coastal Station.
The first station opened in Melbourne on 8th February 1912 with a second station
in Hobart opened a few weeks later.

The final transmission was sent simultaneously from Melbourne and Perth also
keying transmitters in Sydney, Townsville and Darwin. The service which opened
in the early years of the 20th century closed in the last minute of that century
after 87 years.

More information can be found at
(Col VK4CC)



Apr 2 - 3 vk4 Bunya Mts & District AmCom and SCARC Somerset Dam Camp Out.
( 0488 687 649 )

Apr 9 vk6 Hills Amateur Radio Group HARGFEST at club rooms Lesmurdie.
(HARGFEST. ie, hamfest run by HARG)

Apr 18 WW "Amateur Radio: The first technology-based social network"
World Amateur Radio Day, April 18 and WIA Field Day.

Apr 23-24 VK2 Urunga Radio Convention Senior Citz Hall Bowra sTREET

Apr 30 - May 1 Clareview Gathering contact Clive VK4ACC of RADAR Club
04 2963 2815.

May 27-29 WIA AGM Weekend in Darwin

Jun 10 - 12 VK4 Far North and North Queensland Amateur Radio Gathering at
King Reef Resort Kurrimine Beach.

Jun 11 - 12 VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club annual Field Day

Jul 16 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest
Cranbourne Community Hall 10am ( )

Jul 31 VK2/3 Riverina Field Day 10am at Lavington Scout Group Hall.

Aug 7 VK2 Lismore region - SARCFEST

Sep 11 VK3 SADARC Comms Day at St Augustine's Hall Shepparton 10am.

Sep 16-18 VK4 NQ Amateur Radio Convention Date Set Townsville

Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Sep 30-Oct 2 VK4 Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club AGM at Camp Fairbairn
CONTACT Secretary Gordon, (

Nov 20 vk5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood at 0930.
Visit for contact details


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

MAY 3-18 2012 VK5
YL International 2012 Australia (

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