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George Taylor Medal, presented to Jim Linton VK3PC

RD Contest change of time.

Lawrence Hargrave Awards

WIA President speaks of Darwin AGM



In the Victorian (VK3) town of Rosanna, Steve Warrillow has just had a great
article featuring Amateur Radio and himself in the local paper.

VK3SN Mr Warrillow has battled the wilderness, bleak weather conditions and
technical obstacles for his hobby, just recently, Mr Warrillow and his brother,
Gerard, headed to a secret spot in the Victorian alps to contest the
Wireless Institute of Australia's John Moyle Field Day tournament - the holy
grail for thousands of ham radio operators.

Mr Warrillow doesn't want to give the location away, but admits it was above

"We sat though rain, mist and sunshine," he said. "We had our camp set up with
the radio, antennas and the solar panels, because you can't take generators
into a national park.

Bragging rights aside, these amateur radio operators would be the lifeline for
survivors of a disaster the Heidelberg Leader Newspaper said. "You'd need
people with the skills to set up independent communication without using
satellites, the internet, and phones."

This story was also picked up by an ABC station in Melbourne and an interview
conducted by Richard Stubbs was made.



All visitors are welcome to attend this public ceremony at The Australian War

Bomber Command wreathlaying ceremony this Sunday June 5 at 11 am, Bomber
Command Memorial, Sculpture Garden.

This annual wreathlaying ceremony commemorates the service and sacrifice those
who served in Bomber Command


Next Wednesday, the 8th June, Rakesh Panwar from the Ionospheric Prediction
Service will be in Canberra to give presentations on Solar Weather and a
HF Propagation training course.

Rakesh has kindly agreed to give a presentation that evening to interested
Hams on pretty much anything to do with the IPS.

The crarc clubrooms will be open from 7:30pm with the presentation starting at

Carl VK1KCM would appreciate it if you could send an email to his
private email address,, if you plan to attend.

Next weekend on the VK2 mid north coast will be the annual Oxley Region Field
Day at Port Macquarie. The Oxley Region A R C is celebrating their 40th
birthday and invites you to attend on Saturday and Sunday at the Tacking Point
Surf Club hall in Mathew Flinders Drive, Lighthouse Beach.

There will be a dinner at the Tacking Point Golf Club Saturday night. There
will be fox hunts both days and the traders on Sunday. For a field day program
go to

web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup

VK4 SILENT KEYS @ 2010 - 2011 QAC YEAR

VK4MWT Tom Bowden November 14 2010 Advised by Gavin VK4ZZ
VK4SS Alan Shawsmith November 23 2010 Advised by Stephen VK4JSS
VK4CK Colin King December 30 2010 Advised by Gary VK4AR
VK4AMO Mike O'Callaghan January 02 2011 advised by Dale VK4DMC
VK4HER Dawn Sebbens January 09 2011 advised by Margaret VK4AOE
VK4YNL Egon Frangenheim January 19 2011 advised by Gordon VK4VP
VK4DI Len Effeney February 01 2011 advised by Clive VK4ACC
VK4CAU Frank Sleep March 24 2011 advised by Gavin VK4ZZ
VK4AB Wayne Bryce April 04 2011 advised by Alan VK4FABR
VK4FPOD Gordon McCulkin April 11 2011 advised by Margaret Williams WIA
VK4DLE Ernie Portman April 19 2011 advised by Gordon VK4VP

Silent Key

Sadly we must advise of the passing of an Amateur and member of SCARC.
Ernie Portman VK4DLE passed away on the 19th of April.

He nearly always checked in after the news on a Sunday morning and while not
a member who was in the headlines he was always in the background listening
to what was going on.

Vale Ernie VK4DLE.

Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

The two things that most clubs find over time that are the hardest to maintain
are the recruitment of new members and the keeping of current members. When
membership renewal time comes around, there is probably an unconscious cringe
amongst the management committee and a sucking in of breath waiting to see how
the numbers stack up.

When it does happen that there is a number of non-renewals, what does the club
know as to why? It is no use just speculating or justifying past action or
inaction with self serving excuses. It is no use to the other club members if
people stand around wringing their hands and wailing.

There can be as many reasons as there are people involved. So what can we do?

Perhaps what is needed is some one from the membership who can personally
contact the non renewed members. They can be given the brief to greet these
people and explain that the club is sorry that they have not renewed their
subscription. If they indicate they do not intend to rejoin, then ask if they
can frankly say what their reasons are. This will help the club and its current
members be more responsive to member needs. In marketing, it is stressed that
people are receptive and responsive to the use of their name. For this reason,
please, oh please, do not resort to impersonal, anonymous form letters or

When we are losing a friend from the circle, the best response is to enquire
why and do so directly and personally.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?


Maleny VK4RSC 146.850 and 438.075 VK4RSN 53.7
Noosa Heads VK4RSL 146.825 and 438.175

This is Gordon VK4VP with news from the Sunshine Coast

International Rally of Qld

Various members of SCARC and other amateurs once again helped out at the
International Rally of QLD held at Imbil over the weekend of 14th and 15th of
May. This event features the fastest drivers from Australia and the Asia
Pacific region.

The SCARC big yellow comms van was at the Derrier Road spectators area where
the action was coming thick and fast. If it wasn't a little MK 1 Escort being
chased by Big Thommo in the Ford Falcon XY GT it was a Mitsubishi Evo X
chopping down trees.

SCARC provided a point where the scores were displayed as soon as they were
recorded meaning there was virtually no faster way to see what was happening
in the field. It proved a great resource for Jamie the commentator at the
spectator area as he was able to track the cars throughout the rally as each
one finished a stage.

There were a few equipment failures early on but these were quickly sorted with
the help of the team of packet experts on hand. You can't have too many TNC's
and radios and this proved very true.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Saturday night dinner at the
Borumba Deer Park that has become a staple of the Rally event, and this year it
proved as good as ever. 3 courses cooked in camp ovens and plenty of good cheer
and laughter to wash it down.

Sunday saw more competition with the cars running in the reverse direction
through the spectators area and provided plenty of photo opportunities.

This was my first year at the rally and I am sure I will be back next year.

This has been Gordon VK4VP


G'Day again from Far North Queensland, where the wet season is finally drawing
to a close and the cooler days are starting, this is Dale VK4DMC for the
Tablelands Radio and Electronics Club, TREC, in Far North Queensland.

As you are listening to this news broadcast TREC members are, once again, out
in the field playing radio and providing communications and check point manning
for the Far North Endurance Riders. The weather is great and the horses and
riders are enjoying the cooler conditions.

TREC has a meeting planned for Saturday the 25th of June at our clubrooms.

Stu VK4SDD the TREC president has just returned from a few weeks in Hawaii
where as well as doing the touristy thing he also managed to work back into
VK4 working a couple of fellow TREC members on 10 metres.

TREC members Gary VK4FD and Jeff VK4BOF spent a week at the Undara Volcanic
National Park activating the park for the World Flora and Fauna 44. WFF44
is an International award program with stations setting up and transmitting
from national parks worldwide in support of the environment.

Well that's your lot for this week.

Visit the TREC website at for club information and you can
also download the latest monthly club news in TREC-NEWS. Past issues are also
available on the site.

This has been Dale VK4DMC and you are listening to the WIA news. Travel Well!

local area news :-
vk7 local news, email

NTARC - June 8 - Presentation on Tamar Sea Rescue with Mark VK7FMWT and
Joe VK7ZJA - Alanvale Skills Institute - Block B - 7:30pm.

REAST - June 8, 15, 22, 29 - DATV Experimenter's Night - starts 7:30pm
in the Queen's Domain Clubrooms.



This is Charles on behalf of the south east radio group.

You may not be aware that the buy and sell part of the serg convention is only
for one day this year , but the fox hunting will, as usual, be for two days.

We are having the convention at the Margaret street scout hall. The hall is
located just behind the mount gamier police station. The hall opens Sunday the
12th of June at 10am. And doors will close at 2pm. So you only have 4 hours to
grab a bargain.

Ross from strictly ham will be there as well as lots of second hand goodies.
Bring over you home brew and enter it into our home brew contest. It even has a
section for foundation licences.

The Australian fox hunting championships will start on the Saturday at 11am at
the lakes and do we have a great one for you this year. The fox hunting will go
over two days and we promise this year will be one to remember.

Check out the serg web site for more details.

So if you're doing nothing on the June long weekend why not come to mount
Gambier and do some fox hunting?


Congratulations go out to Paul VK4PRO of Alice River who recently successfully
completed all elements of the Standard Licence Assessment via the WIA Exam
Service in Townsville and has just been issued his brand new callsign by
theACMA Look out for Paul on the HF bands real soon now, once he gets some
projects completed for the Board of Control.

The SARL is planning various events to celebrate South African Youth Day
16 June including a discussion with young radio amateurs still at school
about how they became involved in amateur radio and how it has benefited them.

Youth in Amateur Radio will be transmitted on 16 June at 09:30 and will also
be available for download.




Ham radio operators are a part of severe weather
spotting as well as being involved in relief
efforts as tornadoes continue to ravage the
South. We have the latest in this report:

Actually, four days after the severe weather
struck, very little is known about the role being
played by radio amateurs in the South, especially
in and around Joplin, Missouri. That's because
they are far too busy saving lives and reporting
damage to stop to make reports to the press.

We do know come from published news reports that
quote Ron Kittleman, K0ADI. He says that hams
have been stationed at the Springfield Missouri
office of the National Weather Service. Also,
that amateurs from ARES have been providing
communication between hospitals and assessment
teams following the tornado that hit Joplin at
approximately 6 pm local time on Sunday, May 22nd.

According to Kittleman, the storm knocked out
cell phone and landline communications across the
area. Radio operators from ARES started relaying
medical information between the Freeman Hospital
and the St John's and Cox Health medical
facilities in Springfield shortly after the storm hit.

Another report says that a Kansas and Western
Missouri SATERN Teams from the Salvation Army has
been activated for the Joplin tornado
response. As we go to air, SATERN team members
are reportedly assisting with communications in
the affected area. Also, a Salvation Army
emergency disaster services team based out
Pittsburg, Kansas has been deployed to
Joplin. Its job is to help carry out mass
feeding for residents and first responders
through a mobile feeding kitchen capable of serving thousands of meals a day.

As we go to air, the situation across the storm
ravaged region remains a fluid one with events
changing by the minute. We should know more in the coming days.

From the Newsroom in Los Angeles, I'm Bill
Pasternak, WA6ITF, reporting for the Amateur Radio network

More on this ham radio emergency response to this
springs wicked weather in future Amateur Radio
Newsline reports.


Dayton Hamvention 2011 is in the books and for
some, the highlights included an "out of this
world" experience in the visit of a NASA
astronaut and a surprise guest appearance by one
of the government's top communications
regulators. Amateur Radio Newsline's Mark Abramowicz, NT3V has the report.


"My call sign here on Earth is KF5BOC. But I've
never used it. I call that my gravity call sign.
But, my real call sign is NA1SS from the space
station and I sort of got this emotional attachment to that now."

And, that's what NASA Astronaut Doug Wheelock had
to say during Saturday's Youth Forum at the
Dayton Hamvention, one of several events he
attended during the weekend celebration of Global
Friendship, the theme of this year's gathering.

Wheelock was invited to Hamvention to be part of
the American Radio Relay League's Expo.

But he spent a lot of time mingling and
circulating throughout various areas of the
Hamvention grounds and freely signed autographs
and chatted with folks and packed a Saturday
afternoon forum where he talked about life aboard
the International Space Station.

Wheelock says his time aboard the space station was anything but routine.

It was last July 31, only hours after a
pre-arranged contact with K2BSA at the Boy Scouts
of America Jamboree in Virginia that things got challenging.

"I had just shut down the tread mill and about 10
minutes later the alarms went off," Wheelock
recalls. "I looked and I kept silencing the
alarms, silencing the alarm. I picked up the mic
and said 'Houston are you there?'

"And, they weren't answering and so then I looked
and all my crewmates were there and they said:
'What did you do?' I said: 'I just turned off the tread mill, I promise you.'

"Anyway, we had a pump module that failed, we
ended up having to go outside and do three space walks."

And, Wheelock says, it was great to know there
were people - other than his crewmates and NASA
engineers - who he could talk to and decompress
as they battled to fix the problem...

"As we came back in from those spacewalks. I got
on the ham radio and we talked about it and
everything," Wheelock says. "Using that radio and
having you guys as an emergency contact for us
around the globe was a warm, warm feeling for me
as a commander aboard that space station."

And, Wheelock says, he looked at ham radio aboard
the ISS as a critical back-up, should all else fail...

"I thought, you know, I have these emergency
contacts on every continent on that planet down
there," Wheelock recalls. "And, I thought if my
communication goes out with Mission Control, I am
not hesitating one bit to call some of my friends
and say: 'Hey, Chris, can you give Mission
Control a jingle and tell 'em that we're okay.' "

And, Wheelock says, becoming a ham has been a life-changing experience....

"The friends that I made in the amateur radio
business and community, I now feel like a just an
entrenched member of this community and it really
truly has changed my life for the better," Wheelock says.

Finally, Wheelock recalls "crossing the line."
He thought it was harmless when he did it. But
his NASA ham radio instructor informed him after
he did it that...well, let's have him tell the
story of wishing a frequent friend over Europe by
the name of Fabiano a happy birthday...

"I felt like I was kind of slapped on the wrist
by NASA and then I thought, and then I felt
flattered that my singing of Happy Birthday was
actually considered music," he says.

Wheelock truly was a hit, stopping to take
pictures with nearly everyone who asked and
signing program books and NASA photos.

He'll also be appearing in an upcoming video the ARRL is producing.

Now, what else happened at Dayton?

Well, imagine you're Hamvention chairman Michael
Kalter W8CI, and you get word Federal
Communications Commission Chairman Julius
Genachowski is "in the house" and wants an audience.

No fooling!

Genachowski had a flight diverted to Dayton
Friday night because of the storms in the Midwest
and was told it might be a problem finding a
hotel room because of the Hamvention.

Well, Genachowski found a room and decided to
check out ham radio for himself and this big
gathering of hams from around the world.

As Kalter and others from the Dayton Hamvention
committee tell it, Genachowski spent about two
hours at the gathering. He circulated among many,
including those in the main arena where he
chatted with folks about the advanced technology in use in amateur radio today.

The Dayton Hamvention committee estimated
attendance of at least 20-thousand and say they
got positive feedback from both the inside
vendors and those in the flea market.

One little glitch made this year's Hamvention a bit memorable.

Early in the afternoon, Hara Arena personnel
began closing off all the restrooms with yellow
caution tape and directing people to porta-potties outside.

Most didn't learn until later that major sewer
line broke, sending its contents into an area of the flea market.

Well, the affected flea market spots were moved,
the leak was temporarily fixed, and people came
back Sunday for the final day of events.

I'll be back next week with more on Hamvention
2011, including a special interview with a YL who
has been a big part of activities in Dayton for
24 years. Next year, she's looking forward to 25
and she'll clue us in on what she has in store.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, from Dayton, I'm Mark Abramowicz, NT3V.


The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly
Committee on the Environment released a report
titled The Potential Dangers of Electromagnetic
Fields and Their Effect on the Environment. The
paper, made public on May 6th carries
recommendations that, if adopted, could have
major implications for wireless carriers and, to
a lesser extent, broadcasters and any RF emitter in the European Union.

In regard to standards or threshold values for
emissions of electromagnetic fields of all types
and frequencies, the Assembly that prepared the
report recommends that the "as low as reasonably
achievable" principle be applied. This, covering
both the so-called thermal effects as well as the
biological effects of electromagnetic emissions or radiation.

The report also is among the first to give
credibility to a phenomena that most scientists
and researchers have long been sceptical
of. Paragraph 8.1.4 of the report recommends
member states of the Council of Europe pay
particular attention to the needs of what it
calls electro-sensitive persons. These are
people who claim that they suffer from a syndrome
of intolerance to electromagnetic fields. The
report suggests the introduction of special
measures to protect these people. This includes
the creation of wave-free areas not covered by a
wireless network. What effect acceptance and
implementation of the recommendations would have
on ham radio operations in Europe remain to be determined. (RW)


And CQ magazine has announced its 2011 Hall of
Fame inductees, welcoming 12 new members into the
CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

Topping this years list alphabetically is TV and
Film producer Dave Bell, W6AQ, who was chosen for
this honour based on his deep involvement in
producing multiple amateur radio promotional
videos over the past several decades.

Also from Southern California is Nate Brightman,
K6OSC. He is credited with being the "spark"
behind W6RO, the ham station aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Rounding out the California contingent is
Cardinal Roger Mahony, W6QYI, the Archbishop
Emeritus of Los Angeles. He was recognized for
his leadership as an advocate for immigration reform.

Others recognized include Ron Moorefield, W8ILC
of Kettering, Ohio. Since its inception,
Moorefield has been one of the guiding lights of
the Dayton Hamvention. He was also recognized
for his work as a coordinator of the cross-country 1984 Olympic Torch Relay.

There was also one each member inducted into the
CQ DX Hall of Fame and the CQ Contest Hall of
Fame. The 2011 inductee to the CQ DX Hall of
Fame is Michael J. McGirr, K9AJ. McGirr has been
a leading DXpeditioner who has operated literally
from the ends of the Earth over nearly 30
years. The 2011 inductee to the CQ Contest Hall
of Fame is John Sluymer, VE3EJ, who has been an
active contester and DXer since 1973. He is a
founding member and current president of Contest Club Ontario.

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame honours those
individuals, whether licensed hams or not, who
have made significant contributions to amateur
radio; and those amateurs who have made
significant contributions either to amateur
radio, to their professional careers or to some
other aspect of life on our planet. The CQ
Contest and DX Halls of Fame honour those amateurs
who not only excel in personal performance in
these major areas of amateur radio but who also
"give back" to the hobby in outstanding
ways. Formal inductions to the CQ Contest and DX
Halls of Fame took place at last weeks Dayton
Hamvention. A complete list of this years
inductees is on-line at




In the UK last Tuesday the time signal pips which had heralded the "top of the
hour" on BBC radio 4 since 1924 "went missing".

Announcers and listeners took to the new form of social media trying to locate

Instead of the distinctive six beeps, the first five of which ring for a
tenth of a second, the final one for half a second a dignified silence was

Listeners on the internet tweeted "The pips have died. This is as serious as
the ravens fleeing The Tower," said one. Another: "My condolences to the
friends and family of @BBC_GTS [Greenwich Time Signal]. I recommend five
seconds' silence."

During the Cold War it was believed that the commander of British Polaris
nuclear submarines were told to tune into Radio 4 every morning to ensure
they hear the broadcasts. If no Today programme, complete with pips, was heard,
they were meant to go to the safe, open instructions, written from beyond the
grave by the prime minister, and attack the enemy.

John-Paul Dunkley, a BBC broadcast engineer, was interviewed about the absence
of the pips. He said: "The box that creates the audio of the pips has died
in the basement of Broadcasting House."

The much sort after pips are generated thanks to an atomic clock in the
basement of Broadcasting House.

Luckily, Mr Dunkley said, the "bongs" that greet the start of the six o'clock
and midnight news bulletins, and are recorded from the Palace of Westminster's
Big Ben, were unaffected. "That's simpler technology," he said.

Just think of the consequences if the "bongs" were lost! or worse, if WWV
were to lose there pips!


The International Museums weekend, an annual worldwide event, is being held
over the two weekends of 18th - 19th June and 25th - 26th June 2011.

They welcome all individual amateurs, groups and clubs to work with their local
museums to host a special event station.

The museums taking part over the years have included ships, castles,
air museums, Napoleonic forts, pumping stations, wireless museums,
racing museums and many others. For the purposes of the event, the word
'museum' is loosely interpreted.
There really is no shortage of venues in which such an event can be staged,
no matter where in the world you might live.

Those clubs and museums which do decide to take part, should use the free
on-site 'Registration' facility

The 'Registration' is simply to assist in administration of the event and
provide those taking part with an indication of how many and exactly where
the museums taking part are located.

If you require more information then go to
or contact Harry M1BYT.

(Bobby Wadey MI0RYL)

Aug 20-21 WW I.L.L.W.

TARC ready for the 2011 Lighthouse Lightship Weekend


theTARCinc plans to activate the Cape Cleveland Light (ILLW Number AU0045)
on 20 and 21 August as part of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.
It will be a great weekend full of relaxed operating with the challenge of
deploying HF VHF and UHF antennae in a remote environment and talking to
stations at other lighthouses around Australia and the world.

Travel to and from the site via the mighty barge Hercules.

Pristine surroundings away from the hustle and bustle with a unique view of
Townsville. Spot the Whales, dugongs, sea turtles, dolphins plus much more !

Is your appetite ravenous ?

Contact Steve VK4SJW on 47723767 h to put your name on the list.



Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia out to Lord Howe Island VK9HR.
24th July to 2nd August 2011.


In DX, the Intrepid-DX Group and the DX Friends
plan to activate the Southern Sudan as new
country on or after July 9th. At airtime members
of the two groups report that they are in
consultation with representatives of the new
Southern Sudan Government, the International
Telecommunications Union and the International
Amateur Radio Union working on making
arrangements. More on this proposed operation
will be posted on-line at


For the last sixty years the Illawarra Amateur Radio Society has
hosted the Lawrence Hargrave Awards. Access to the award is
available to all Amateur Operator license classes. To be eligible to
apply for an award you need a confirmed contact with the clubs
official station VK2AMW. You are also eligible for the award by
logging contacts with financial Illawarra Amateur Radio Society
members. For a full list of the rules and to download an application
form to claim your award visit the Illawarra Amateur Radio Society
web site,

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)

You are invited to a Technical Seminar

The College of Information, Telecommunications & Electronic Engineering
invites you to attend one of the presentations by its 2010 Eminent Speaker,
Dr Terry Stevenson on -

The Engineering Leadership required in the development of Complex Systems.

Terry is the Chief Technology Officer for Raytheon Australia

The seminar is on Tuesday 7th June - 5.30pm for 6pm Start at
Hotel Ibis, 12-14 Palmer St, South Townsville
RSVP is required & there is a $10 charge for any non-members you would like
to bring with you.

RSVP Online at

For further information please visit -

VK Club Bulletins

Toby Corbett VK3PNF is a member of the technical committee of The Shepparton
And District Amateur Radio Club, and along with Mike VK8MA has installed the
Automated software on IRLP/Echolink Node 6992 which is linked to 2m Repeater
VK3RGV Mt Wombat at a frequency of 146.650Mhz

Shepparton will air the news Sunday nights at 7:30pm.


Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Famous TARC Foxhunt happening soon

If you are in the vicinity of the Townsville Region on Saturday July 2nd
from 1pm and want to get involved in a Foxhunt then Tony VK4TJS wants to hear
from you.

You have until 28th June to get your attendance numbers in for the Foxhunt.

There will be activities for all family members to participate in during
the Foxhunt and things will end up with some in-flight catering.

To cater for the event Tony needs to know your attendance numbers and you
need to quiz Tony further regarding details about the Foxhunt.

Who do you have to call ?

Tony VK4TJS of course, on 47740582



Jun 11 - 12 VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club annual Field Day

Jul 16 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest
Cranbourne Community Hall 10am ( )

Jul 16 VK4 Maryborough Electronics and Radio Group "Wide Bay Hamfest"
West Scout Hall, Ariadne St, Maryborough 8:30am.

Jul 31 VK2/3 Riverina Field Day 10am at Lavington Scout Group Hall.

Aug 7 VK2 Lismore region - SARCFEST

Sep 11 VK3 SADARC Comms Day at St Augustine's Hall Shepparton 10am.

Sep 16-18 VK4 NQ Amateur Radio Convention Date Set Townsville

Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Sep 30-Oct 2 VK4 Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club AGM at Camp Fairbairn
CONTACT Secretary Gordon, (

Nov 20 vk5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood at 0930.
Visit for contact details


President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

The WIA Annual Conference took place last weekend in Darwin.

The weekend was an outstanding success thanks particularly to the dedicated
band of helpers from the Darwin Amateur Radio Club, WIA manager Mal Brooks
and the many others who contributed.
It was layback, captured the atmosphere of the Territory, it all worked and
was attended by amateurs from every state and territory other than Tasmania
but even one from New Zealand.

Friday night was dinner at the Trailer Boat Club, watching the sun set over
Fannie Bay and addressed by the Lord Mayor of Darwin Graeme Sawyer, who spoke
of the top end weather and ecology and the depressing damage cause by the
cane toad.

While the partners toured Darwin, the statutory Annual General Meeting,
followed by the presentation of a number of awards followed by the
Open Forum took place on Saturday morning.

Among the awards presented was the George Taylor Medal, presented to Jim Linton
VK3PC, recognising his great contribution last year to the Centenary
Celebrations in leading and guiding the promotional aspect of the
Centenary year as well as his incredibly many years of work for amateur radio
in many fields.

Because he could not be in Darwin the award was presented using a Skype link.
At the same time Geoff Atkinson VK3AFA was presented with the Chris Jones

Details of all the awards as well as other information from the Open Forum and
the WIA Directors meeting on Monday morning will be published on the WIA website and in AR.

The Open Forum was a constructive discussion of many matters, including
unanimous support for the RD contest to start at around lunchtime.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to a symposium, led by David Donnelly VK8DON who
described the role of Bush Light in bringing renewable energy to remote

106 people sat down to a successful dinner on Saturday night, with the
highlights of Doug McArthur telling stories of radio and amateur radio in
old Darwin, and well known singer and local amateur John Mitchell VK8JM
providing memorable entertainment.

Sunday saw a visit to Litchfield National Park, the magnetic termites, a visit
to Florence Falls, a Barbecue at Wangi Falls provided by members of the
Darwin Club, and evening saw the end of the conference with another sunset
and a meal at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

As I say, the weekend was a success. I think almost everyone saw me and said
how much they enjoyed the weekend and how seamless and lay back it all was.

The members of the Darwin Amateur Radio Club, its President Spud Murphy,
Secretary Peter Blackadder, the drivers, the barbecue experts, those who looked
after the drinks the people who looked after the partners, even meeting
everyone on arrival at Darwin airport made 2011 yet another memorable year.

And now put in your diary next year's Annual Conference, the weekend around
the 26 May 2012, in Mildura, Victoria supported y the Sunraysia Radio Group.

Yes, when we decided to hold a Conference in Darwin I was a little nervous.
It is so far away. But I hoped we could do something for amateur radio by
going there.

But the support of the many attending, the support of the amateurs of Darwin,
made it a weekend to remember.

Thank you.


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