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A southeast Queensland-based security worker who was called insulting names
on CB radio has won a $5000 payout from her former boss.

The woman from Eagleby, south of Brisbane, hailed from the former Yugoslavia
and complained to the former Anti-Discrimination Commission over offensive
comments allegedly made by a security business owner.

The 65-year-old woman's complaint shone a light on the abusive culture of some
UHF/CB radio transmissions, with one witness admitting he had even encouraged
his four-year-old daughter to use racially loaded terms.

The tribunal was told the security firm had previously employed the complainant
and her son, but fell out with the son in 2008 prior to the alleged abuse.

"The culture of the CB radio conversations between the parties, witnesses and
other users is carried out in an abusive tone with racially vilifying and
sexually harassing words and connotations," the tribunal said.

Read more:


Radio Quiet Zone in VK6, VK4ERM reports:-

The following information from the ACMA will be of future interest to Radio
Amateurs travelling in the Meekatharra region of Western Australia.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has enhanced the radio quiet
protections for the Mid West Radio Quiet Zone or RQZ in remote Western
Australia (near Boolardy Station), around 200 km east of Meekatharra.

The RQZ was established in 2005 to provide an environment that protects highly
sensitive equipment used for radio astronomy from unwanted radiocommunications
signals. These arrangements protect the radio telescopes currently in place at
the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory, as well as those proposed in the
Australian-New Zealand bid to host the Square Kilometre Array or SKA.

'A clear regulatory framework to support radio quiet arrangements will further
assist Australia to create the world's best radioastronomy facility,' said
ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. 'This will provide a platform that should be
ideal for future radioastronomy projects, including the 1.5 billion SKA

Mr Chapman said the new protection measures provide greater clarity and
certainty to the arrangements that protect radioastronomy services in the RQZ.

'The new measures continue to provide for radio quiet while supporting the use
of spectrum by other users and placing the lowest feasible burden on industry
in the region,' said Mr Chapman. Mr Chapman said the new protection measures
will not significantly change the nature of spectrum access and radio quiet
arrangements in the Mid West RQZ.

'This will enhance protection for the RQZ by upgrading the existing statements
of ACMA administrative practice to more formal regulation,' Mr Chapman said.
The introduction of the enhanced protections for the RQZ follows a very
extensive consultation process in which the ACMA sought the views of interested
stakeholders. The ACMA has also released a Response to Submissions paper that
outlines the rationale behind the final package of measures. The paper can be
accessed via the internet as can Stakeholder submissions.

This is Ewan VK4ERM wishing you safe travels.



Next Sunday the 14th of August Pierce VK2APQ turns 100 and his family has
arranged a function for him. It will be held at the Bankstown Trotting
Recreational Club.

A buffet lunch is available for purchase.

The time is between 11.30 am and 3 pm.

The address of the Trotting club is 178 Eldridge Road, Bankstown - not far from
the Bankstown airport.

If you would like to attend please contact Pat Skeers Today the 7th at the
latest on 0404 486 406

(Tim VK2ZTM)



web service:-
Police Roundup

Have you ever wanted to be BAD?

Well a large group of VK and ZL amateurs are going to be BAD for thee days in
fact they are going to be VERY BAD , VK3BAD that is.

VK3BAD will we active from Cape Liptrap from Friday 19th August through Monday
22nd August, from Bear Gully cottages just down the road from the Cape Liptrap

Our team of eighteen amateurs will be active on most HF bands so please listen
out for us, when we are not cooking steaks , drinking red wine and generally
having a BAD time we will be on the air and eager to take your call.

This is John VK3DQ who's going to be a BAD boy "

Keep an ear out for VK3WI during the Remembrance Day and the International
Lighthouse and Lightship weekends, and earn bonus points towards the
Amateur Radio Victoria Century Award.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

web service local audio news:-
local news email
VKR Roundup


A Foundation Training weekend was held by the Central Queensland Amateur Radio
Association Incorporated on Friday evening the 22nd of July and concluded
Saturday the 23rd of July.

Prospective Foundation License holders were taken through the theory and
practical curriculum for their tests. Tests were conducted on the Saturday
afternoon. The training was very comprehensive and many thanks go out to
Lyle VK4LM for holding this training session.

The 2011 Qld Firefighter Championship and Safe Communities Expo is being held
the 11th, 12th & 13th August, at the Rochampton Heritage Village. The Central
Qld Amateur Radio Association Inc will be manning their 3 day equipment display
with the theme "Providing Radio Communications Support To Public Service
Organisations, In Times Of Need". The Expo is open to the public on Saturday
the 13th of August.

All are welcome to attend.

I'm Adam, VK4MTJ on behalf of Cental Queensland Amateur Radio Association Inc.

This is gordon VK4VP with news from the Sunshine Coast


Its getting close to Sunfest time again, this year its being held on September
10th at the usual spot as the past few years at the Woombye School of Arts
building in the main street of Woombye starting from 09:00.

The usual tables of equipment will be there along with great food and
friendship. Tables are $20 each and that gets you two entry tickets and general
entry is a low $5 with additional family members $2 each.

There will be signage and a call in on the local repeater frequency of 146.850
and 146.825.

For more information or to book a table contatct the Sunfest Coordinator
Richard VK4RY on 07 5492 9898, 0417 366 773 or email


Here is a little news from the Darwin Amateur Radio Club brought to you by Spud
vk8zwm. The monthly meeting was held last Wednesday at the clubrooms in Sports
House Waratah crescent Fannie bay, the following morning another of the very
successful weekly cuppa, cake and chat mornings was held, these have proved to
be very successful since their inception. Thursdays and 10 am is the time. If
you are in the Darwin area on a Thursday why not drop in and take part. Part of
the morning was spent sorting out the large pile of offerings for the
successful auction held Saturday night after a barbecue tea. What more could
you ask for on a beautiful balmy Saturday evening in Darwin in the dry. Our new
foundation licencees have spent the first of two evenings building their own
2 meter slim jims. A simple antenna to build and setup. The Darwin club has
brought more than 30 new amateurs into the hobby through the foundation licence
in the last 12 months mostly through a liason with the scouting movement. Some
other repeater news from the Darwin area. The new northern suburbs repeater is
up and running in moil on 146.950. Coverage reports have been excellent This
repeater does not require sub tone to access it. The Palmerston VHF repeater on
146.900 and the Darwin city repeater and IRLP access on 147.000 now require a
123hz subtone to access them due to high levels of interference in the area.
On behalf of the membership of the Darwin club i would like to thank all those
who made their way to Darwin for the National conference weekend. It was a
great pleasure having you here. Some sad news to report is the passing of Dan
VK8AN recently after a long illness. This has been Spud vk8zwm on behalf of the
darwin amateur radio club

I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been reflecting.

Over 90 years ago came the end of the "war to end all wars", the First World
War as we know it now. For electronics this was some sort of proving ground for
the new technology of wireless. It also saw the use of the flying machine, the
armoured tank and bloody, exhausting and stagnant trench warfare.

The presence of the Australian and New Zealand troops in the Dardanelles
campaign gave us the national day of remembrance, ANZAC Day. In the northern
hemisphere the wearied combatants came to remember the signing of the Peace
Treaty as Armistice Day with silence at the 11th hour of the11th day of the
11th month. This tradition continues today.

This year we have military personell active in various places around the globe
and some of these people are fellow amateurs. The tradition amongst the
Australian radio fraternity is to remember those amateurs who have died whilst
on active duty with a broadcast ceremony followed by a contest. The second
weekend of August is the date of this contest and I encourage you all to
participate in Remembrance Day.


What use is an f-call?

Last week I was talking to an amateur in Esperance from Fremantle on 21MHz
and he was bemoaning the notion that he needed to upgrade his license because
with 10 Watts you couldn't do much.

Little did he know that the week before I was sitting in exactly the same spot
with my puny little f-license as he thought of it and I was talking to
Portland, Oregon.

I was listening on 7.146 and a CQ came out from a call-sign I didn't recognise
and I answered and sure enough an answer came back and then I found he was
talking long-path to South Africa and here I was with my puny little 10 Watts
talking to him. He was pumping out 400 Watts and he was amazed that I was doing
this off batteries with no amplifiers no anything and hand-made antennas.

You know he couldn't quite believe that you didn't have to spend thousands of
dollars to make that kind of distance.

So your f-call can do more than you think. You just have to figure out how to
make it do that. That's the challenge, not more power. Use it better!

I'm vk6flab


Extension of time for Club Grant Scheme applications

Applications for Club Grants for 2011 closed on 25 July.

In the WIA's release of 27 July, we reported that only a disappointing three
applications had been received.

Since then one club has asked that a late entry be accepted, and offered very
legitimate reasons for the lateness of the lodgement of the application.

The WIA Board has decided to accept that application.

It is also conscious of the fact that other clubs may be in a similar position
and so it has decided to also accept any other late application that is lodged
at the WIA office by not later than 4 pm Victorian time, next Tuesday, 9th
August 2011.

Reasons for the lateness of the lodgement are not required.

Go to the WIA website for full details of the Scheme.

Clubs are reminded that this year Grants will be given for projects falling in
to either of two categories:

1) Projects and activities to be conducted before 1 June 2012 to attract
new amateurs, but focussed on people under 25; and

2) Amateur radio projects that are useful and innovative and that utilise
both information technologies and radio communications.

If you club is planning to take advantage of this extension, it would be
helpful if you could let the WIA Manager Mal Brooks know as soon as possible.

Email Mal or telephone Mal between 10 and 4 any day.

However, clubs are advised that any applications lodged after 4 pm next Tuesday
9th August will not be considered.


Colour, Movement and the 10 Second Grab

Have you ever sat down and analysed the Television or Media that is intended
for today's teenagers? If you have the time, you will notice that something
changes every 10 to 15 seconds. TV and Media producers really have to work to
keep their young audience. If they get bored, within 30 to 60 seconds, they
will vote with the remote control, iPhone or anything else that is at hand.
While reflecting on the recent efforts of our clubs who participated in the
National Field Day or Jamboree's On The Air in recent years, I take my hat off
to those operators who manage to keep young people's attentions for more than
a few minutes. It is never an easy task. With both amateur radio operators and
the scout movement worldwide preparing for the 54th Jamboree On The Air, over
the weekend of the 15 and 16 October, it is timely to ask ourselves how we
will keep the interest of our young teenage visitors.

I sometimes wonder if we are all too welded onto our HF radio microphones?
Most amateurs find it interesting to tune the HF bands looking for an
interesting contact. While we do this, our visitors, who live in an online
social media world, may well tune out. Take more than 10 seconds to make
something happen, and their interest is already going somewhere else Would we
be better to use IRLP or Echolink to provide the initial clear, easy to
understand communication with the distant party or scout group? Sure keep the
Spotter tuning HF radio with the headphones on and make a spare pair of cans
available for the very interested participant. Once a clear contact is
established, some of the keener visitors will be happy to listen in. Some will
then be happy to become involved with the microphone too.

Recently I watched as the internet displayed activity on WSPR known as Whisper,
showing the activity on the HF bands. I thought, this is an ideal way to show
how the bands open and close to different places at different times. It is
very visual, takes little effort to run and can provide a good guide to where
we may make that voice contact.

Other digital modes including SSTV hold an interest for young people. I find
it interesting to watch them try to guess what picture is that is slowly
appearing on the screen.

If we reflect on our demonstration stations and decide that they may be a
little slow or dull, we may consider how to lighten them up? The methods that
we deploy to attract and to keep our visitors interested in our activities, for
more than a short moment, may certainly be enhanced by a little more colour and movement than what the S meter can provide.
This has been Philip VK3JNI for the WIA Broadcast.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

National DAB+ on-air in Germany

Germany, Europe's biggest radio market, is now broadcasting digital radio plus
in all major cities and autobahns. 27 transmitters around the country are on
air delivering new radio content to 40 million people.

German listeners now have 14 new digital services to choose from and
radio broadcasters now have the opportunity to diversify their programme
offering, something which is no longer possible in Germany on FM.

In addition to these ground-breaking audio services, further value-added data
services will be provided in the national and regional broadcasts. These data
services include advanced text information (DL Plus), slideshow, Electronic
Program Guide and TPEG service.

90elf is Germany's football radio station. The programme broadcasts all
matches of the 1st and 2nd grade, the complete German Football Federation Cup,
and selected matches of the Euro and Champions Leagues live. Reaching more than
one million listeners per match day via Internet distribution, 90elf has
access to 57 million new potential listeners through broadcast via digital

The new digital radio standard DAB+ not only enables 90elf to broadcast a
90-minute match, but also allows the parallel distribution of full-length
matches via multi-channels.

Police operation to rescue Norway terror attack victims hampered by
communications blunder.

Southgate ARC have a report in from the Daily Mirror which says that
Norwegian police were plunged into "total chaos" by a catastrophic breakdown
in communications after mass killer Anders Breivik struck.

Breivik slaughtered 69 people on Utoya Island just hours after killing eight
with a bomb in Oslo on but it took police 79 minutes to reach the island.
Paramedics did not arrive for another 10-15 minutes.

The blunder occurred because district police used an old analogue radio system
while the elite Delta unit, dispatched to tackle the gunman, and paramedics had
switched to a new secure digital network.

Police commanders had to contact different units via email and even fax, as
the mobile network was down.

Amateur radio enthusiast Finn Johannessen listened in to the ambulance chief.

He said: "He was in a panic, shouting, 'Where is the police, where is the
police?' It sounded like total chaos."

Read the Daily Mirror story at:


Hello Listeners. I am peter Harding, VK4OD the WIA RD Contest Manager.
Today being the 7th August, next weekend is the RD Contest.

As I have asked in the past, I would ask if when you send your log in either
by Electronic or postal means please ensure that you have you correct postal

Anybody requiring any of the forms posted to them please contact me ASAP.

In the coming week I will finalize the Opening speech and send out a special
email via the usual weekly news server. (If you are not subscribed, and all
rebroadcasters should be.. drop a BLANK email to

AND write the word subscribe in the subject or title field)

For those people that are hand writing their logs, " PLEASE" write your logs
in a legible manner, as in the past some logs have been VERY HARD to decipher.

With available variations of categories for the RD Contest if you are unsure
of which you wish to enter, then please drop me a line to

and I will do my best to answer them.

Good Luck in the Contest and I look forward to more receiving more logs than
last year.

That date again, Aug 13-14 for the WIA Remembrance Day Contest

Aug 20-21 WW I.L.L.W.

Oct 22 WIA Jack Files Contest

Nov 26-27 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day


January VK Ross Hull Memorial VHF UHF Contest


June Long Weekend (vk4 time) VK Shires Contest.

July First full weekend NZART Memorial Contest

1 Month and counting !!!

Oceania DX Contest preliminary notice

PHONE - The first full weekend in October each year from 0800 UTC Saturday to
0800 UTC Sunday

CW - The second full weekend in October each year from 0800 UTC Saturday to
0800 UTC Sunday

Log deadline for PH and CW logs - 28 days after the end of the CW contest

Keep an eye on this site :

At this stage I can't confirm that this is on nor the 2011 rules but I
anticipate that is it and the 2011 rules will appear very soon ..

73 Phillip ZL2TZE


South Sudan DXpedition

Here is information from Paul, N6PSE regarding the South Sudan DXpedition:

Dispatch Juba:

The ST0R team continues to work through the pile ups, now passing the
60,000 QSO mark. Continuing to run five stations and trying to get QSOs
into the hands of all who need them.

As is the custom and practice of the Intrepid-DX Group, local youth have
visited the operation. 25 boys from the Juba Secondary Boy's Academy.
Boys toured the ST0R shack and were shown the various aspects of amateur radio. We allowed them to listen as we made QSOs across the world. We have recorded this visit on the ST0R photos page:

At the half-way mark of the DXpedition and active until August 10th, 2011.


WB 6 OJB will be on the air as 7P8JK from Lesotho between September
15th to the 22nd. While other information was given, during his
last Lesotho operation he was on the High Frequency bands from
40 to 10 meters using mostly SSB with some CW.
QSL direct to his home callsign WB 6 OJB.

PB 2 JJ will be active as 9H3JN from Malta between September 2nd and the 14th.
Operations will be on 80 through 10 meters mostly CW but with the possibility
of some SSB. QSL this operation via his home callsign PB 2 JJ.

Entries mount for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

With just weeks to go, the big entry improvements are from Australia,
Chile, Portugal and the USA. They have already exceeded previous records
and a few more countries are about equal with last year's total.

Organisers believe that the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
on August the 20th and 21st is on track to match the total of 447, with
many entries expected in coming days.

Around Australia we VK2 on 17, VK4 with 12, followed by VK3 on 11, then
VK7 with 9, VK6 has 6 and VK5 on 5. The total exceeds 60.

Welcome to our newest country Thailand to be put on air by Simon Luttrell
HS0ZIB, from the Golden Jubilee Lighthouse, at Phromthep Cape, Phuket.

The 48-hour event is not a contest but is plenty of fun. Those
participating are requested to take the time to work others as well as the
slow operator, new licensee or QRP stations.

Visit the revamped website for the latest and an online entry form at

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

Prosecution for illegal radio jamming

In ZL a man has been sentenced for supplying illegal radio jamming transmitters
after a combined effort between government agencies.

The man admitted supplying radio jammers and transmitting outside the terms of
his radio licence and was fined $2000 in Porirua District Court last month.

This is a good example of government agencies working together to reduce crime
in the community, says Radio Spectrum Management National Compliance Manager,
Chris Brennan.

Radio jammers are increasingly being used as part of criminal activity. Our
team of inspectors works hard to stop criminals getting access to this type
of equipment.

New Zealand's Ministry of Economic Development laid charges under the
Radio Communications Act after Police found the transmitters during a house
search for drugs.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)

BAE Systems tests T-shirt antennas

Wired reports that BAE Systems have teamed up with the UK's National Physical
Laboratory to measure the efficiency of radiation emitted from wearable
antennas embedded into T-shirts.

Wearable antennas could be a useful way of building communications networks in
warzones or of monitoring and transmitting the health of the wearer.

Given that they are worn on the body, it is particularly important to
understand their performance. The human body absorbs electromagnetic signals so
researchers were concerned that the signal could lose power if worn too close.

Read the full Wired article at:

(southgate news)


Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Things are really hotting up in preparation for the 8th IARU Region 3 ARDF
Championships which will be based at the Blue Light Camp in Maldon Victoria.

International participants are getting very excited about traveling to VK and
compete in these Championships. If you are planning to pay the venue a visit
and see what it is all about we suggest that Saturday 24th of September will
be the best opportunity. Here you can watch Competitors test out receiving
equipment and get a feel for the Australian Bush. This event will be followed
by an orienteering event and later in the afternoon there will be the opening
ceremony where WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI representing IARU will welcome
participants. Both the main events on Sunday 25th and Tuesday 27th will be
conducted on closed courses plus the start locations are kept secret from
competitors until they step off the bus. For this reason there will be little
opportunity to attend and view the competition unless you intend to compete or
even volunteer.

We are currently taking registrations from VK amateurs who are interested in
attending and representing WIA at these Championships. Volunteers are also
welcome and if you can spare some time on either or both of the competition
days we would love to hear from you. You will find more information regarding
the event on or send an email to

This has been Jack VK3WWW WIA ARDF Coordinator.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

World first for digital television

The final touches are being put on the World's First DATV QSO Party to be
held by VK3RTV and around the world via the streaming media portal of the
British Amateur Television Club (BATC).

Organiser Peter Cossins VK3BFG said it was most fitting that the event is part
of the Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary which runs from August 1 through to
November 30.

He has been with the amateur television scene through its black and white days,
to colour imagery and more recently has, with the help of others, the
digitisation of VK3RTV.

Peter VK3BFG said, "Major funding of VK3RTV from Amateur Radio Victoria from
the WIA Club Grants program enabled it to be digitised well ahead of time and
renewed interest in it throughout the expanded coverage area.

"What is planned is a DATV QSO Party to celebrate the 100th the anniversary of
Amateur Radio Victoria. While the actual times are not fixed, it's planned to
be over the last weekend of August starting on the Friday evening."

Already there's interest around Australia and testing has been held while
negotiations are being finalised with the BATC and the Amateur Television
Network of California via Don Hill KE6BXT.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)



Aug 7 VK2 Lismore region - SARCFEST

Aug 28 VK2 Blue Mountains amateur radio club's annual WINTERFEST

Sep 10 VK4 Sunshine Coast Hamfest SUNFEST at Woombye School of Arts 9am.

Sep 11 VK3 SADARC Comms Day at St Augustine's Hall Shepparton 10am.

Sep 16-18 VK4 NQ Amateur Radio Convention Date Set Townsville

Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Sep 30-Oct 2 VK4 Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club AGM at Camp Fairbairn
CONTACT Secretary Gordon, (

Nov 20 vk5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood at 0930.
Visit for contact details


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012


MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

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