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WIANEWS WEEK COMMENCING AUGUST 21 2011 Hear this week 17 VK hams!

A record for lighthouses on air this weekend

Around the Australian coast are those set up for the Lighthouse and Lightship
Weekend at 60 sites, in fact this year is another record for the 48-hour
fun event.

The leader on 70-odd is the USA. Apart from these two nations, improvements
have occurred in Chile, Portugal and South Africa, while generally interest
from Europe has been lower than previous.

Check out the latest on the website which has access to an online
registration form, and there's Facebook too.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Melbourne Times Weekly are saying that DOCKLANDS residents did not expect TV
reception to be a problem when they moved into their new apartments above
Harbour Town more than a year ago.

But one Hawthorn fan said his best bet to see a game of football after dark,
when his reception became particularly unreliable, was to go to Etihad Stadium
down the road.

The issue has prompted Melbourne MHR Adam Bandt to lobby the federal government
to fast-track a solution.

A federal government report on reception problems in residential areas shadowed
by multi-storey buildings used Docklands as a case study. According to the
report, solutions include a locally installed transmitter or residents getting
signals from a free-to-air satellite.

But the satellite option, but as it was designed for regional Australia would
mean they would be unable to access Melbourne content.

3D TV or not 3D

Adelaide Now are reporting Free-to-air channels appear to have abandoned 3D
technology even though Australians splashed out more than $361 million on
3D TVs after successful trials last year.

Broadcasting groups confirmed that 3D TV transmitters had now been removed
from transmission towers in Australia's capital cities, and the Australian
Communications and Media Authority had received no further applications for
3D TV trials, even though its transmission channel would remain available
until December.

The lack of interest will mean major events, including the Rugby World Cup,
will not be televised in 3D despite being filmed and available in
three dimensions.

Currently 3D TV owners can watch 3D movies on Blu-ray Discs and through
pay-TV provider Foxtel. The company recently aired 3D footage of the X Games,
though a spokeswoman confirmed it had no plans to broadcast the Rugby World Cup
in 3D.

The Rugby World Cup final, bronze final and semi-finals will be filmed in 3D,
however, with 3D broadcasts at selected Event Cinemas

President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

The Social Side of Amateur Radio

Greetings from the WIA, this is Ewan VK4ERM, with some thoughts on the social
side of Amateur Radio.

At sometime in our association with Amateur Radio our individual interest will
turn to an all consuming passion which may or may not last. When we become
overly engrossed in our hobby and all things electronic, close family friends
and indeed family members may drift away from us, or we from them, as subjects
of similar interest become poles apart.

It can be an insidious process.

It is often quoted that 'A family that eats together stays together.' Equally
it could be said that 'A family that socialises together stays together.' Which
brings me to the point that Amateur Radio is a social activity, an activity
manifested by on-air communications, club meetings, competitions and other

Many of the activities are face to face with like minded fellow Radio Amateurs.
Unfortunately this is often to the exclusion of families in particular.

So, what can we do to involve family and friends in Amateur Radio activities
where they will enjoy themselves and maybe, just maybe, gain an interest in our
hobby or even an enthusiasm for it?

I know many clubs that have thriving social calendars with activities
encouraging participation of non-Amateur family and friends. My observations
over many years are the clubs and Amateur Radio groups that conduct such
activities are the ones that go from strength to strength, growing in numbers
and have an increasing number of young and not so young people as members often
progressing to the ranks of the Radio Amateur community.

Conversely, those clubs that do not expand their social horizons beyond the
bounds of immediate members stagnate and unfortunately eventually shrink in
numbers and with it, the enthusiasm of their members. Moroseness and malaise
sets in. Certainly, such clubs are not attractive to those outside our hobby.

Is your Amateur Radio club or group growing or shrinking through social
activities you undertake? Maybe it is time to do a rethink and expand your club
or group social horizons to make them more appealing to family and friends.

This has been Ewan VK4ERM for the WIA Board.



CRARC's last foundation course was held last weekend, 13 14 of August.

Phil VK1PL, John VK1ET and Peter VK1NPW were the presenters for the course.
On the Sunday John VK2YW from Wagga joined Glen VK1NUT to do the theory and
practical assessments on the Sunday.

All 5 candidates, John Hensford, Karl Hanmore, Simeon Simes, Jeff Miller and
Luke Ross were successful and we can expect to hear them on air in the near

Canberra's next Foundation course is scheduled for the 10/11th September.

(Alan VK1WX)

web service:-
Police Roundup

Centenary activities galore

The next opportunities to gain the prized ten bonus points towards the
Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary Award is during this weekends International
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, then the Oceania DX Phone Contest on the
1st and 2nd of October, and all through November.

For further information check out the website

Foundation class

Enrolments are now open for the quality training experience on September
10 and 11that is available from Amateur Radio Victoria at 40g Victory
Boulevard, Ashburton.

For more information contact Barry Robinson VK3PV 0428 516 001 or

Now Bob VK3NBV with some exciting news!

Hey, it's on again,

Country Victoria's leading Hamvention.

Come to Ballarat on Sunday October 23,

10 am eastern standard time the doors open at the Greyhound
Racing Track. Rubicon Street, Redan.

Usual large group of new and used sellers, good food.

Don't forget, Ballarats Hamvention Sunday October 23.

This has been Bob Vk3NBV for the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group.

Girls just wanna be BAD , VK3BAD that is !

The three YL operators from the VK3BAD operation at Cape Liptrap are waiting
for your call, so why not help them to be bad and give Jean , Marlene and
Cheryl a call?

You can find us on HF and 2mtrs , we will be operating all day and late into
the night, from Bear Gully Cottages , just down the road from the Cape Liptrap

This is John VK3DQ who's having a very bad time

Available in Audio by 0400Hrs UTC Saturday.

Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

A major human characteristic is the need for certainty. We always want to know
that what we know is real and lasting. It has been said of war that it is the
victors that write the history. From that perspective there is the knowledge
that what we believe is true and unchangeable.

When it comes to looking over our history, we find that we have heroes who have
characteristics that make them superior to the rest of us. Sometimes, when we
are lucky to hear the story from people who were there we find that some of
these heroes are quirky, different and even unlike able as individuals. It is
the symbolism that these people and their actions embody that is the enduring
truth we seek.

What I believe is that we need to be honest in our activities and any attempts
at "gilding the lily" are to be carefully avoided. If some-one does excel, in
our mind, we should applaud those things that stand out and faithfully record
the facts. Some of the greatest people, in history, have been eccentric enough
that you and I wouldn't even make them Facebook friends. However their
achievements last and their names linger.

Thinking over the battles played on grass, cricket and football for instance,
and the battles fought to the death, there have been people who try and make
all these events heroic and mythic. Surely the facts should stand by
themselves, real and unadorned.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?



The Bundaberg club is turning 50 this year and we have been busy contacting
everyone we can think of, in an effort to locate our past members. We have two
special events planned for October.

The first is our 50th Anniversary Reunion Luncheon to be held on Saturday 8th
of October and then on Sunday the 9th of October we're hosting the WIA Qld
President's function.

We are planning a Mt Goonaneman Repeater Tour early on Saturday morning for
those who want to get up early to go and see what we've been up to.

The Reunion Luncheon venue is the newly refurbished Young Australian Hotel near
the bridge on the North Side.

Sunday will be a working President's day and will commence with the News
Broadcast from our shack VK4BW followed by a BBQ lunch.

If you have been wondering what to do in October why not consider a weekend in
Bundy to help us celebrate and bring interested club members to the President's

There is plenty of information on the club's B-A-R-C website, that's

This has been VK4UD with the Bundaberg news


The 2011 Queensland Fire-fighter Championship and Safe Communities Expo held at
the Rockhampton Heritage Village was a great opportunity for the Central
Queensland Amateur Radio Association Inc. to liaise with Emergency Services as
well as to expose amateur radio to the community.
Approximately 5 people are interested in obtaining Foundation Licenses and
several new club members were gained. Many thanks to Jack - VK4JRC for
organizing the event and providing most of the equipment that was on display.

At the time of this broadcast approximately 8 CQARA members will be at Seahill
Lighthouse on Curtis Island operating for the International Lighthouse and
Lightship Weekend. Keep an ear out as we will be operating across most HF bands
with the club callsign VK4CQR.

The CQARA is holding its Annual Event that is open to the public at Cool Waters
Holiday Village on the weekend of the 21st through to the 23rd of October.
Facilities have been booked from the 21st through to the 23rd and we will be
having a late checkout on the Sunday. Powered and un-powered sites need to be
booked directly with Cool Waters. Accommodation has also been booked in the
Lodge at Cool Waters which sleeps up to 24 people. Contact the CQARA President,
Andrea - VK4FROG to book your place in the Lodge. Andrea can be contacted by
emailing or for more ways to contact Andrea visit the
club website

I'm Adam - VK4MTJ on behalf of the Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association


G'Day again from the Atherton Tablelands this is Dale VK4DMC for the Tablelands
Radio and Electronics Club, TREC, in Far North Queensland.

TREC members met yesterday for a social get-together followed by a general
meeting of the club. Fees for 2011/2012 year were set.

During the week Ron Goodhew VK4EMF was interviewed by Al Kirton,
General Manager of local commercial radio stations 4AM, 4KZ and KIK-FM.
The interview was broadcast widely in Far North Queensland during the week.
The main topic was about the first licensed amateur radio station in Queensland
- XQA.
Ron outlined the history of Marcus Brims the first licensed ham in Queensland,
in Mareeba. Ron also went on with some other interesting historical facts about
ham radio here in Far North Queensland. The spark gap station XQA is now on
permanent display at the Mareeba Heritage Centre. TREC also holds the callsign
VK4XQA which will be used for club activities on air. The interview may be
heard by going to the TREC website at

Well that's your lot for this week.

Once again don't forget to visit the TREC website at for
club information and you can also download the latest monthly club news in
TREC-NEWS. Past issues are also available on the site.


Hi this is David VK5KC president of the Adelaide Hills Amateur radio society.

Saturday September 3rd the Club is holding an official opening of the Shack.
Aptly named after the clubhouse of the original Blackwood Amateur Radio Club
that operated in the 1920's and 30's

Many members have spent several months turning an unlined double garage at the
rear of the Blackwood Guide hall into a comfortable room where we can hold
training sessions, run Club projects and have committee meetings. Many thanks
to the Blackwood Guide Group in allowing us to share their premises. Check the
photos on the club website,

So that is 2pm on Sept 3rd we will be gathering for the opening. Local MP's and
Mitcham council representatives will be in attendance. All Amateurs, spouses,
friends and family are welcome.

The following weekend September 10th and 11th the Club will be running a
Foundation training course and assessment exams at the "shack".

Check the club website for contact details.

In Adelaide you can hear the National news on 147 MHz on the VK5RAD repeater,
0900 Sunday


Bob VK6KW reports that there was a notice in the Weekend West that
Roy Chamberlain OAM, VK6BO became silent key on Thursday the 11th of August.

We extend our sincere condolences to Doris and the family.

Roy was awarded his OAM after more than 25 years as Net Control for the
Australian Travellers Net on 20 meters. Roy also ran the daily 20 meter
Indian Ocean Maritime Net at 11:15Z. He retired from these positions on the
26th of May 2010, the day before he moved into retirement accommodation.

Roy was a Life Member of the West Australian VHF Group, and although not an
active member in recent years, has left a tremendous legacy in Wireless Hill
and Amateur Radio in general.

Vale Roy VK6BO - Silent Key.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

The 22nd International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 1 General conference
was held in Sun City, South Africa August 12 - 19 with representatives of IARU,
IARU Region 2 and Region 3, IARU Region 1 member societies' delegates,
observers and partners.

For the first time in the history of IARU Region 1, the General Conference
took place on the African Continent.

President of the International Amateur Radio Union Mr Tim St John Ellam was but
one of the many representatives that addressed the conference.

( audio )

The Official Opening of the IARU Region 1 General Conference 2011 was then
called in by Mr Sanou, of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau.


HCJB Global has announced the near-completion of its major effort to bring its
broadcasts to thousands of listeners throughout Africa. The campaign began last
fall when HCJB partnered with Moody Radio to publicize the need for the funds
to purchase, program and distribute 5,000 SonSet Radio solar-powered radios to
missions in Ghana.

As it turned out, the program brought in enough money to acquire an additional
2,000 radios to be delivered to missions in Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso.

Additionally, 2,500 radios were recently shipped directly from the manufacturer
to ministries in the Asia Pacific region. This included 1,000 to Indonesia,
1,000 to Thailand and 500 to Nepal.

The SonSet Radios are rugged, moisture-resistant handheld models featuring
solar power-charged batteries and individual buttons for five fixed-tuned
settings. The radios are programmed, tested and repackaged at the HCJB Global
Technology Centre before distribution.




The FBI says that it has arrested a total of fourteen individuals thought to
belong to the hacking group Anonymous. This, for their alleged participation
in a series of distributed denial-of-service or DDOS attacks against PayPal
last year.

According to the indictment unsealed by a Federal court in San Jose,
California, the 14 individuals who were arrested were all members of
Anonymous who conspired to attack PayPal last December in retaliation for its
perceived opposition to WikiLeaks.

The defendants, all of whom are in their 20's or early 30's, were arrested on
no-bail arrest warrants in a series of raids on July 19th in Alabama,
California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts and five other
states. Two other individuals were also arrested on what the FBI said were
related cyber-crime charges.




From the wEIRD and wONDERFUL comes the story of a Swedish man who was arrested
after trying to split atoms in his kitchen. No, we are not kidding as we hear
from Amateur Radio Newsline's producer Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF:

News reports say that Richard Handl was only doing it as a hobby.
Trying to build a nuclear reactor, that is.

In an interview, Handl told the media that he had the radioactive elements
radium, americium and uranium in his apartment in southern Sweden. That he
said was when police showed up and arrested him on charges of unauthorized
possession of nuclear material.

The 31-year-old Handl said he had tried for months to set up a nuclear reactor
at home and kept a blog about his experiments. He even described how he created
a small meltdown on his stove.

Only later did he realize it might not be legal and sent a question to Sweden's
Radiation Authority. That appeared to be his downfall. This is because instead
of a response by letter or telephone, his information request was answered by
an unexpected visit by the police.

Handl went on to say that he has always been interested in physics and
chemistry, adding he just wanted to see if it's possible to split atoms
at home.
Although he says the police didn't detect dangerous levels of radiation in his
apartment, Handl now admits that the project might not have been not such a
good idea after all. And if I might editorialize a bit: Neither do we.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline I'm Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
in the City of Angels.


Again this year we have been told a few stations were not aware of the length
nor source of the annual RD opening address. This despite it being advised in
the text edition of last weeks news, on the front page of and of
course the server.

PLEASE If you are a broadcaster you should subscribe to that yahoogroup ASAP.

Only 2 regular weekly postings go out on it but also it is used to advise
of both the RD and JOTA opening addresses.

Whilst speaking of news broadcasts, a couple of weeks ago I was amazed at a
callback figure of some 260 on a 70cms Perth repeater and wondered
"why is it so".

VK6FLAB picks up the story.

"Well during HAMfest, the annual Amateur Radio Swap Meet organised by the
Northern Corridor Radio Group, Bob vk6pop and myself, vk6flab setup a studio
- well a table with some radio equipment on it - to make it possible for the
WIA National News and VK6 news to be broadcast live across the state as well
as via relay into the PA system at HAMfest.

We connected a radio tuned to 439.8 MHz to a mixer, turned up the volume and
the assembled masses were "treated" to a local news broadcast.

Attendence figures in ticket sales told us that there were 260 people in the
Hall at the time.

For our next trick we're thinking of hiring the MCG and playing the WIA news
at a grand final, we're pretty sure that the numbers would be impressive."


Aug 20-21 WW I.L.L.W.


Oct 22 WIA Jack Files Contest

Nov 26-27 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day


January VK Ross Hull Memorial VHF UHF Contest


June Long Weekend (vk4 time) VK Shires Contest.

July First full weekend NZART Memorial Contest

H.A.R.A.O.A., that is the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia is
operating from Montague Island OC-223 for the Light house weekend today.
15 members operating from 3 stations using the club call VK2CL.

Manly-Warringah Radio Society club station, VK2MB/LH, is on air from Barrenjoey
Lighthouse at Palm Beach in northern Sydney. Barrenjoey's lighthouse
designation is AU-0046.

More details can be found on the club web site as with all clubs, that's best
found at look at clubs, vk2. On their page is a link to a webcam
operating on site, so you can have a look at the station operators as you talk
to them!

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club, callsign VI 40 BOR which celebrates the
club's 40th anniversary is operating on all HF bands from the club's
communications caravan at the Tacking Point Lighthouse.

Hello Listeners. I am Peter Harding, VK4OD the WIA RD Contest Manager.

With the RD Contest now over. I would ask when you send your logs to me by
electronic means if you would simply put in the message field just you're the
"year, call sign, & rdlog", i.e.: 2011,vk4od, rdlog.

Once I have received and checked your log I will send a reply with the log
receipt number and if there was any changes to the points, any why I hope you
had a good time in the Contest and I look forward to more receiving more logs
than last year.

One thing I have NOT asked in the past if I could be advised if you heard the
RD Opening Broadcast, as it can take me up to 2 and 3 months to get material
recorded for the opening speech, so if you heard it on VK3wia etc., or on your
local repeater.

This is Shirley VK5YL encouraging YLs, OMs and Short Wave Listeners throughout
the world to participate in our 31st ALARA Contest. This is a friendly contest
with time for a chat.

YLs can work everyone. OMs and Clubs can join in but only by working YLs.

The Contest will run over 20 hours combined Phone and CW.

The dates and times are

Saturday 27th August 2011 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC
Sunday 28th August 2011 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC

Bands to be used are 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz only.

For actual frequencies and rules of operation see the website

Logs can be sent to Contest Manager, Mrs. Lesley Smit VK5LOL or by 30th September, 2011.

We look forward to hearing many of you on the air over the weekend.

This is Shirley VK5YL


2 meter DXCC achievement

Lee, ZL2AL, reports that Bob McQuarrie, ZL3TY, has just achieved the first and
only 2 Meter DXCC in ZL and the Oceania region.

Only 62 2M DXCCs have ever been awarded world-wide, so it is an amazing
achievement to confirm 102 countries on this band from this part of the world.

Lee had the pleasure of checking Bob's cards before submission and was
astounded to see so many rare QSL's from AF and EU.


THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report -
(Measure twice - Cut once!)


This story from the USA and Science OnLine.

Light bulb descriptions can seem mysterious and at times totally unfathomable.
That said , they tell a lot about any given lamp.

Many bulb descriptions include a letter followed by a number.

A few examples are such nomenclatures as BR30, PAR20, ED28 and T8.

The letters are a code for bulb shape and the number is the diameter of the
bulb, at the widest point, in 1/8inch increments. To calculate the diameter
in inches, simply divide the number by 8.

Now look at a typical fluorescent bulb description: F32T8/841.


F is fluorescent

32 is watts

T is shape , in this case tubular.

The second set of numbers such as an 8 is diameter 1 inch and 841 gives you
the colour temperature information. Here the first number tells you the colour
temperature range while the second two numbers indicate colour temperature

In this example 41 means 4100K.

And as Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame might say:
Its all quite logical after its explained.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Have you ever viewed any of the W5KUB.COM broadcasts?

Well they have a Live Broadcast this weekend! Aug 19-21

Broadcasting the Huntsville, AL hamfest Aug 20-21. This is a large hamfest
that pulls many people from not only the S.E. U.S. but also across the country.

Prizes again for viewers.

Watch on Aug 19 (Friday) starting around 1400 UTC and you may see the crew
drive the 3 hours and then set up equipment on Friday afternoon.

Log into the chat room and talk to others around the world or to the W5KUB
staffers directly.

The website is

Also please register for the chat room if you have not done so. It takes only
about 1 minute to register. Just pick your name, and a password, and then
enter your email. You will receive an email (instantly) with a 4 digit
verification code. That will complete your new account and register you.
By registering it makes you eligible for prizes.

(Thanks and 73, Tom W5KUB)


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz


THE AMSAT Chicken Little Contest

This is your opportunity to calculate, or guess, when ARISSat-1 falls out of

This is defined as the time it crosses an altitude of 78 kilometres, which is
considered to be the point of no return.

3 divisions:

+ Student category for Kindergarten through grade 8

+ Student category for High School, grades 9 through 12

+ All others will be in the adult category.

In addition to individual students, classes or organizations such as science
clubs are encouraged to make group submissions. Submissions are limited to
one per person or group. Members of a group making a submission may not submit
a second, individual entry.

+ Adults and individual students should include their name and amateur callsign
if they have one.

+ Individual students should also give their grade in school.

+ Student groups should include the name of their group or class, school
and which category they represent.

+ Please give the UTC date in the format of day, month, year, hours, minutes
and seconds.

+ Finally, AMSAT would like to know your city, state, province or region and
your country.

+ Submissions will close on 15 September!

The closest predictions in each category will be recognized for their
achievement. Send your submissions to CHICKENLITTLE@ARISSAT1.ORG

Good luck!

and While not part of the contest, reports on the actual re-entry
which may be visible depending on location are encouraged.



Aug 28 VK2 Blue Mountains amateur radio club's annual WINTERFEST

Sep 10 VK4 Sunshine Coast Hamfest SUNFEST at Woombye School of Arts 9am.

Sep 11 VK3 SADARC Comms Day at St Augustine's Hall Shepparton 10am.

Sep 16-18 VK4 NQ Amateur Radio Convention Date Set Townsville

Sep 23-28 R3 Region 3 ARDF Championship Bendigo VK3

Sep 30-Oct 2 VK4 Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club AGM at Camp Fairbairn
CONTACT Secretary Gordon, (

Oct 23 VK3 Hamvention Ballarat Sunday.

Nov 20 vk5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Hamfest
Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St Goodwood at 0930.
Visit for contact details


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012


MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

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