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ACMA Proposes Cost Increases: WIA Costs Not Affected:
WIA Office Manager Mal Brooks FK3FDSL reports.

WIA Emergency Communications Operator training program:
WIA News Editor Graham Kemp VK4BB reports.

RMS Titanic special call sign EI100T:
IRTS NewsMan Aidan Noone EI7JC reports.


President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

ACMA Proposes Cost Increases: WIA Costs Not Affected

A number of amateurs have drawn attention to the ACMA's current review of
certain of its costs and its proposal to increase some costs affecting amateurs.
In particular, in general terms, it is proposed to increase the costs of
Advanced Standard and Foundation exams or assessments conducted by the ACMA by
68% or 69%

Under the Commonwealth Cost Recovery Guidelines the ACMA is bound to review
these costs every 5 years and the last time this was done was in 2007. These
cost increases will affect only the cost charged by the ACMA and not the cost
charged by the WIA for providing the same service. Under its agreement with the
WIA there are only two situations where the ACMA, rather than the WIA, will
provide any of these exam or callsign services. One is where the ACMA has
reasonable grounds for believing that a qualified operator will probably be
unable to pass an examination, part of a process leading to the cancellation of
a licence. The other situation is where the WIA ceases to provide the services.

The WIA has no intention of giving up its functions in respect of the
qualification of amateurs or the recommendation of callsigns.

Under its arrangements with the ACMA the WIA is bound by the Commonwealth Cost
Recovery Guidelines, except that its costs are reviewed every year. The costs
taken into account incurred by the WIA in setting its charges include all the
direct and indirect costs, such as salaries referable to providing the services,
paper, postage, phone costs, insurance, security costs referable to providing
the services, storage of records, even the costs of printing the actual
certificates of proficiency that the WIA issues.

Why are the WIA costs so much less than the ACMA costs? For the simple reason
that so much is done on a voluntary basis. All the Assessors and Learning
Facilitators, the WIA's RTO and the many others involved one way or another
give their time. Knowing how much it costs the WIA in fact to provide the
services is very important in two ways. One is that it is not in the interests
of amateur radio for the costs of becoming an amateur to be more than the
minimum. The other is that if the WIA is charging less than the actual cost it
incurs it means that its members are paying for the shortfall, which will
ultimately lead to even further membership fee increases.

The cost of an amateur licence is made up of two components, the costs incurred
by the ACMA in managing the system, and a tax component. In accordance with the
Cost Recovery Guidelines , the ACMA is bound to increase the management cost
component by the cost increases it has incurred. That is why it is proposed to
increase the cost of amateur licences by $5.

As is the case for the WIA charges, the cost increases proposed by the ACMA
depend on fact: has the cost it incurs to provide a service increased and if so
by how much?

The WIA believes that it is unlikely that the ACMA will be unable to demonstrate
the cost increase it asserts. The WIA also believes that once again the value of
the contribution of so many to the examination system that it manages for
the ACMA is amply demonstrated.

To date well over 100 emergency communications operators across Australia have
been training via the WIA Emergency Communications Operator training program.

This program, Certificate II in public safety (SES Operations), is now available
"on line" and can be completed as a self-paced program. The WIA registration
requirements apply. The process to undertake the course can be commenced by
completing the WIA on line application form found on the WIA web site.

The on line program will assist those wishing to complete the program but are
unable to attend a formal training session our those who have missed a section of
the training as well as those who want to complete the program and provide a
service to their community.


web service:-
VKG Roundup
Email Address :

Dave Jones' EEV Blog is one of YouTube's top-rating channels for electronic
engineers, with a huge viewership world-wide.

Added on November 20 is a half-hour documentary on Sydney's Manley-Warringah
Amateur Radio Society.

Dave tours the VK2MB clubrooms and interviews members on facets including
software defined radio, Jamboree of the Air, repeaters, CW, the Foundation
license and more.

After less than 24 hour online it already had attracted over 300 views and
23 'likes'. The professionally - produced EEV Blog has numerous other
videos of interest to the electronics experimenter, all presented in Dave's
unique enthusiastic style.

(Peter VK3YE)

Display of Electric Vehicles

Peter VK2BEU via VK2WI News tells us the Australian Electric Vehicle
Association is holding its annual Field Day on the 3rd of December at the
Rouse Hill Town Centre.

On display will be a number of road-going electric cars which have
been converted from petrol models by members of the association.
There will also be on display some commercial and specialty
electric vehicles. Amateurs with an interest in electric traction can
catch up with what's happening in this emerging field of vehicle propulsion.

The date again is Saturday the 3rd of December. The location is
the Rouse Hill Town Centre, out the front near the bus station. The
hours are 10am to 3pm and entry is free.

web service:-
Police Roundup

A good week ahead for VK100ARV!

With a steadily growing log the Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary special
call sign of VK100ARV is headed for another week of action.

Thanks to the WANSARC team, Terry Murphy VK3UP, Michele Grant VK3FEAT, Peter
Freeman VK3PF, Keith Proctor VK3FT, Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit,
Luke Steele VK3HJ, Joe Walsh VK3XH, Tony Hambling VK3VTH, Stephen Ireland
VK3SIR, Sunraysia Radio Group and Peter Cossins VK3BFG for activating VK100ARV.

Vk100ARV was buoyed last weekend by activations occurring in two VK3
National Parks: Baw Baw and Brisbane Ranges.

The Western and Northern Suburbs Amateur Radio Club are also activating
VK100ARV in their weekly 2-metre simplex net in addition to the Clubs earlier
successful five day stint.

The Sunraysia Amateur Radio Group from Mildura is to give it an airing up
until late on Saturday November 26, followed by Tony VK3VTH who can be heard
today. (Sunday November 27)

Each Monday evening the Digital Slow Scan Television gang led by VK3SIR uses
the special call sign. It will be on air this Monday November the 28th both
through the VK3RML repeater and hopefully on 20-metres.

By this weekend it will have over 3000 contacts in its log. The Amateur
Radio Victoria Centenary Award special call sign VK100ARV is worth a bonus
Ten points or ordinary two points per valid contact.

Check out the roster and rules at

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


Welcome to QNews from VK4WIA. I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

Has the time come for us to get rid of our monthly magazine and our weekly
broadcasts as well as our club newsletters?

Is it time to just depend on RSS feeds and Tweets? Has the cyber technology
expunged the need for mass produced information?

Some years ago, I can remember people saying that the Internet had replaced
the role of amateur radio. Similarly, I can remember that when single sideband
was in its infancy, both in land mobile and amateur services that people were
forecasting the demise of AM - fondly remembered as ancient modulation.
Broadcasting still makes good use of AM as do amateurs who are using newer
methods and technology to explore this mode.

One thing that news broadcasts and publications provide is an aggregated view
a mass of items presented coherently. With the use of multiple platforms our
amateur news services do bring the world to our shacks. This is only true if
people are prepared to share their local news and not just horde it on their
own web site. In doing this they are ensuring that others have to find it and
cannot complain that outsiders don't know. This is reversing the idea of the
global village.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?


Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
QNEWS broadcasts, please email your item in text to

Submit audio, read "how to submit items" on the weekly WIA news page.

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of QNEWS.


Well it's good news from the Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club about its recent
October weekend of celebrations.

The club's 50th Anniversary Reunion Luncheon was held on Saturday the 8th and
then on Sunday the 9th we hosted the WIA Qld President's function.

The weekend began with an early morning tour of the Mt Goonaneman VK4RBU
Repeater site. The visitors had a brisk walk up the mountainside and it was a
pity that low level cloud shrouded the site and obscured the grand views.

That cloud soon turned into a violent rain and electrical storm so it was a quick
dash back to town for the Reunion Luncheon where the B.A.R.C. president hosted
almost 60 guests.

Due to the storm the venue suffered some long power outages but with only a
slight delay the Chef managed to put together a sensational lunch and the day
was enjoyed by all. Our raffles and prizes were mostly won by visitors so we
spread good cheer far and wide.

The Sunday event was a working President's day which got underway after the
WIA News. The Qld club representatives had a chance to hear from, and present
reports to, the WIA President Michael Owen, WIA Boardmember Ewan McLeod and
Mike Charteris from the Queensland Advisory Committee.

The weekend closed with a fine BBQ lunch for those attending the President's
Meeting then it was time for many depart for home although we hear some
travellers stayed on for a few days.

Thank you to all who attended and helped us celebrate our 50th.

There are plenty photos of the weekend events at the club's B-A-R-C website,

This has been VK4UD with the Bundaberg news


This is Allan VK4FABR with an update from the Ipswich and District Radio Club.

Last Monday November 21 an extraordinary general meeting of the club was held
to elect a new president and vice president.

A good representation of nearly 20 members were in attendance and after a
number of nominations from the floor a show of hands, Darrin VK4FVRX was
elected as club president, Glen VK4FARR as vice president, while Jamie VK4JY
has taken on the role of secretary with Darrin's move to president.

As this was an extraordinary meeting our trusty treasurer John VK4IE continues
in the role as there was no requirement for that position to be put to a fresh

The club like to thank honorary vice-president councillor Andrew Antoniolli for
chairing the meeting, WIA director Ewan VK4ERM for attending and representing
the WIA and former president Derek VK4MIA and vice president Paul VK4FPDW.

Members and visitors can keep up to date with the latest club news, repeater
information and other events and contests on the club website -

Reporting from Ipswich, this is Allan VK4FABR


Greetings from the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club, the RADAR Club.

I'm Les VK4VIL.

Last Saturday night, the Club held its annual Dinner, which, keeping with
tradition, had a Christmas theme.

Attendance was great, with almost 70 people present on the night.

Bill, VK4XZ from the Sunshine Coast travelled by tilt train for the event,
taking home with him a flash multimeter prize donated by Gary VK4FGZA. Other
attendees on the night represented Gladstone, Mackay and Central Highlands

As well as the great raffles led by Gary and Gordon VK4GM, guests realized some
real bargains from a super auction and Bob VK4HRC tested our knowledge with a
brain twisting quiz.

There was something for everyone, including presents and giveaway for the
children, who added to the atmosphere.

Congratulations to Clive VK4ACC who is customarily responsible for arranging
the event. Clive also added to the Club's coffers by donating a dual band
hand held as a prize. Definitely a top night.

December's general meeting is the Club's last event for 2011 and is
affectionately known as "ladies night". Male members of the club are encouraged
to bring their partners along, with an informal social following the basic,
essential business. It's interesting to note that female members usually take
their partners to all general meetings, Hi Hi. Well done, ladies.

Until next time, or next year, this is Les VK4VIL on behalf of the
Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club.


CRARC Foundation/Upgrade Weekend held 19th/20th November,

VK1 successfully saw 5 New Foundation Licensees , two were very capable 12 year
olds who are itching to get on the air.
They also saw 6 successful upgrade candidates and 1 new Advanced licensee join
the ranks.

A job well done by all!- Congratulations!!

Help grow amateur radio

Know someone interested in becoming a radio amateur? The next quality Foundation
Licence weekend held by Amateur Radio Victoria, at Ashburton, is on the weekend
of December the 3rd and 4th.

Contact Barry Robinson VK3PV 0428 516 001 or email

A new Radio Shack out at Terri and Brian's Birkdale Brisbane home belongs to
PW (Peter William).

VK4FYMC is also into the Army Cadets, Australian Cadet Unit 136 Redlands

Congrats P.W.

The Shack is now officially open!


What use is an f-call?

I've had my license for about a minute and a half, but one thing I realised
today is that I'd never heard of Amateur Radio in any meaningful sense until
a month before I got my license.

I'm technically minded, have worked in broadcast radio for many years, I'm
heavily involved in Information Technology, do Research and Development daily
and talk to many people about skill development, training and communication.
I've been self-employed for over a decade, but I'd never heard of Amateur

Imagine that.

One realisation I came to is that I'm not alone in this historic lack of
knowledge about Amateur Radio. I think that going out on Field Days with a
club, going into the community, finding other like-minded individuals and
getting them excited about Amateur Radio is going to open up a whole new group
of Amateurs.

For me, I've already started creating a list of clubs and communities I'm
aware of, or even a member of and I've started thinking about how to
communicate about this hobby, what it means for the individual participating
and for the community in which that individual lives - because let's not
forget that Amateur Radio is also about the wider community.

Amateur Radio, what a hobby. Tell your friends.

I'm Onno, vk6flab




RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic, the world's largest passenger ship at the time, sank on her
maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, following a collision with an
iceberg, at approximately 0245 on the morning of April 15th 1912.

1,517 people lost their lives in the tragedy.

The sinking will be marked by several special event stations at ports associated
with the ships maiden voyage.

These include Belfast, Southampton, Cherbourg, Cobh, Cape Race, VO1MCE and a
maritime mobile station, VE0MGY, at the site of the sinking.

The call sign EI100T has been issued for the year 2012 and will operate in
co-operation with the Cobh Titanic 100 Committee.

The main events will happen over the weekend of April 13/14th and EI100T will
also be operated regularly throughout the year.

A special award will be announced before the end of December in conjunction with
the other special event locations.

Enquiries and QSLs to EI4HQ QTHR.




Ham radio has been highlighted in the November 12th issue of the Alaska Dispatch. This after an early season storm hit the most-Northern state. Amateur Radio Newsline's Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, has the details:

According to the news article, when it became clear the Bering Sea storm was
going to be a major severe weather incident the National Weather Service got
word out to Alaska's amateur radio network that it wanted help. And as crashing
waves pounded beaches, the people who live in the remote, isolated villages
along the storm's path stayed connected via a web created by Alaska's ham radio

When other communications failed, ham radio operators came to the rescue.
Throughout the storm, they were the eyes for scientists and weather forecasters
in Fairbanks and Anchorage who otherwise would have been isolated from the
severe weather conditions they could predict but not see.

Carven Scott, is a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.
He told the newspaper that it was hams that were providing critical observations
as the storm blew past. Scott noted that the N-W-S does not have much in the way
of meteorological observation equipment in the western part of the state but
hams kept his agency alerted to the latest conditions in remote areas. This
included such data as how fast the wind was blowing and from what direction;
wave height; whether it was snowing or raining; and the temperature. Scott says
that these seemingly small details from various villages made a big difference
for the weather service in its predictions.

Scott credits Richard Courtney, NL9H, as the ham radio operator who came up with
the idea of an alliance between Alaska's ham community and the weather
forecasters. Scott said that he had for some time thought that amateur radio
would be a good communications supplement. With the Bering Sea storm approaching
the Alaska coast, Scott said that they decided to give it a shot.

Scott told the newspaper that through the ham radio network he and his
colleagues learned that river ice in Koyuk was backing up and spilling onto the
banks. Also that roofs had blown off and water was surging in Nome, and rain and
snow were falling in several other villages.

The story also highlights the work of Martin Ruud, WL7MR, in the city of Nome.
From Tuesday night as the storm approached through the following Thursday morning
WL7MR forwarded messages from islands and other coastal communities. The
newspaper says that Ruud had draped sleeping bags over his windows to protect
himself and his equipment in case a wind gust shattered the glass. Outside, a
160-meter loop antenna stood ready atop four telephone poles the city of Nome
gave to him for free, knowing he could put people in contact with the outside
world when other methods failed.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, in the Newsroom in
Los Angeles.

The entire story of ham radios role in this major Alaskan winter severe weather
outburst can be read on-line at



Logbook of the World delay reduced

Logbook of The World
is continuing to accept and process logs, including logs from this
weekend's ARRL November Phone Sweepstakes Contest.

Currently, the processing delay is at 30 hours, down from 45 hours last week as
heard in the audio version of the vk1wia newscast.

As of November 23, there were approximately 857,000 QSOs in 3335 logs still
waiting to be processed.

If you have already uploaded a log, please do not upload it again; by so doing,
you will only add to the queue. Do not send entire logs that contain previously
uploaded QSOs; use the date range option when signing logs, selecting only those
QSOs in a specific date range to upload to LoTW. By following these guidelines,
you'll help LoTW process the backlog at a faster pace.

Thanks again for your patience.

Christmas posting deadlines loom

The Christmas posting deadlines are fast approaching for overseas
book orders from the RSGB.

The first deadline is 1st December for Rest of the World airmail orders,
that includes those in VK/ZL then 3rd December for Western Europe.
Air mail orders to North America and Western Europe must be placed by
8th December.

All these dates can be found on the RSGB website within the RSGB Shop.



Cold War Echo

The Russia Today YouTube News Channel carried an interesting story about the
mysterious Russian 'Buzzer' station on 4625 kHz.

Cold War Echo: Unravelling mysterious radiowave UVB-76

Among the hundreds of radio stations in Russia, there is one that is seemingly
out-of-this-world. Instead of music or news, these broadcasts are of mysterious
voices and noises which have radio enthusiasts baffled.

It leaves some wondering what's the message behind these noises.

RT's Yegor Piskunov's tuned-in.

(audio courtesy of southgate news)


Nov 26-27 WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day is THIS weekend.


January VK Ross Hull Memorial VHF UHF Contest


June Long Weekend (vk4 time) VK Shires Contest.

July First full weekend NZART Memorial Contest

August VK Remembrance Day Contest

August 18-19 WW International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.


(A note from Nina DL2GRC - VK2INZ this in text edition only)

"You may have heard that my company Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch senior
125 years ago.

We organised a special call sign In Memoriam of Robert Bosch's 150th birthday
(which would have been in September 2011) - which is DK150RB.

OM Holger and I will bring it on air this Sunday, 27th November, between
7:30 UTC and 11 UTC. (4.30pm Sydney daylight saving time.)

From 7:30 UTC till 9 UTC we will turn our beam towards VK to work VK-Stations
on 20/15meters.

PSK31 or Olivia would be also possible.

We will be at the station of the Bosch headquarter in Stuttgart.


Possible amateur radio activity from Myanmar (Burma)

Simon, HS0ZIB/G6JFY, says that his QTH in Thailand is only a few hours' drive to
Myanmar, and he has regularly visited the country.

His hotel/guesthouse businesses have enabled him to obtain initial contact with
authorities from the Myanmar Ministry of Post and Telecommunications about an
initial, "demonstration" DXpedition.

Simon mentions, "The recent political changes in Myanmar have increased the
possibility of operating an amateur radio station from Myanmar. My own position
enables me to operate on a regular basis, if this were allowed."

Good to see a non-professional shall we say dx activity instead of the all
to frequent dx pedtitions that often run into problems and end up (hopefully)
refunding their supporters!

Southgate ham heading for Ascension Island

Southgate Amateur Radio Club member Steve White, G3ZVW/AF6SU, will once again
be active as ZD8N from Ascension Island (IOTA AF-003, WLOTA 1491) until
2 December.

He has been off the island for almost three years.

Activity will be on 80-10 metre CW, SSB and the Digital modes.

He is also expected to participate in the CQWW DX CW Contest this weekend
(26-27 November).

QSL via his home call sign G3ZVW.

A quick reminder to members and visitors of the Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club.

The club conducts two nets each week on the 146.7MHz VK2RPM 2 metre repeater.

The mid-week net takes place at 7:30 pm on Tuesday nights.

The weekend net takes place at 8:30 am on Sunday mornings.


We have had Lighthouses, Museums, Railway stations Mountain Tops all as venues
for special awards well now comes word of R.S.O.P.A.

Rest Stops On The Air

And there must be literally millions around the world!

Jon, N5JLD and John, KF5FEI activated the Burleson Texas Rest Area as part of
the Rest Stops On The Air on 24 November.

The rest stop was located on Interstate 35W @ exit 31 Grid Square Em 12 il
North Bound, South of Burleson at Milepost: 33

Might we suggest to find out more about "Rest Stops" you contact Jon N5JLD


Awards on offer to all

The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award and the much sought after
Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary Award certificates are now available and
on display.

The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award updated certificate features a
back-drop of one of the Victorian National Parks that has been kindly provided
by avid VK3 National Parks activator, Peter Fraser VK3ZPF.

Award Manager, Tony Hambling VK3VTH, advised that a total of 17 National
Park activations occurred over the four days taking in last weekend (November

So successful was the National Parks activation weekend that it will be
repeated in 2012.

Meantime the limited-edition Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary Award has an
historic montage and defining text that tells how the state-wide organisation
began 100 years ago.

The rules and images of these two exciting awards can be found in the "Award"
section of the Amateur Radio Victoria website

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

VK Club Bulletins

Another look at the December edition of Amateur Radio magazine

The VK9HR Lord Howe Island DXpedition as explained John Chalkiarakis VK3YP.

Western Victoria hosts the JOTA and JOTI reports Ash Clark VK3SSB.

Paul McMahon VK3DIP has a four element six metre Yagi, Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW
looks at modern communication technologies, and the New Zealander behind the
build-a-thon comes to New South Wales.

In the 17th instalment of Foundation Corner, Ross Pittard VK3CE discusses the
basic digital communication, or Morse code.

The WIA Summer Field Day and Ross Hull Contests, John Martin VK3KM has details,
plus news on the Expanding World of VHF & UHF.

Regular columns are there too from ALARA, AMSAT, Contests, DX News and the
Spotlight on SWLing.

Amateur Radio magazine, a WIA journal and membership service. It's also
available at selected news agents.

I'm Barry Robinson VK3PV and you are listening to VK1WIA

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Free SSTV Online Book

Martin OK2MNM has made his new book "Image Communication on Short Waves"
available free on the web.

You can either read it online or download the chapters in PDF format.

Image Communication on Short Waves can be found at

You can join the MMSSTV Yahoo Group at


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz


According to predictions from Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL, the ARISSat-1 satellite is
due to re-enter Earth's atmosphere in early April 2012. Launched from the
International Space Station on August 8, the satellite is traveling in a low
orbit and is steadily losing altitude. The rate of orbital decay may be
accelerated by increasing atmospheric density caused by increased solar activity.

With that factor in mind, some ARISSat-1 decay predictions suggest re-entry as
early as February 1. ARISSat-1 remains quite active, sending voice messages,
digital telemetry and Slow Scan TV images. Amateurs have also been able to enjoy
contacts through ARISSat-1's linear transponder despite the fact that the UHF
antenna was apparently damaged prior to (or during) deployment.

AMSAT-NA has a competition to see who can record the last bits of telemetry
as ARISSat-1 makes its final plunge. To decode the CW or BPSK telemetry you must
use the ARISSATTLM software for Windows or Mac OS.

The CW signal is transmitted at 145,919 MHz and the BPSK signal appears at
145.920 MHz, plus or minus Doppler.


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

The Super Murray Marathon is a canoe race held along the Murray River between
Yarrawonga and Swan Hill. Each year WICEN Victoria provide communication and
logistic support using HF and 2 metre equipped portable stations at intervals
along the banks of the river.

This year, WICEN Victoria would like to invite all WIA Accredited Emergency
Communication Operators to join the event and gain valuable training in
emergency communications and message handelling, and also to have some fun.

If you don't have portable HF that is OK, as they can still find a place for you
to fit into the team.

You do not need to be a member of WICEN but you do need to be a WIA Accredited
Emcomms operator.

The five day event, held between December 27 and 31, is run by the YMCA as a
fund raiser for their various activities in the area. During the event youy will
be camping as a group at three camp sites provided by the YMCA at Cobram,
Echuca and Swan Hill. Camping is easy as the YMCA provides all the food at a
very reasonable cost and the YMCA has an event volunteer registration system that
helps with catering, camper numbers, T shirt sizes and other admin issues.

A working with children check card is now required, but the YMCA will facilitate
this by sending out the application forms to those that register on their
website. The card is free for volunteers and will be helpful in the future for
JOTA and other amateur radio activities.

If you are interested in training with fellow amateurs and enjoying the best
the Murray region has to offer during the holiday time, you can get further
details by contacting the WICEN event organisers.

Graham Mason VK3KMG
Mobile 0417 539 710

Ambulance to be used during severe weather

A report carried in Alabama's Gadsden Times says the tornadoes back in April
are a reminder of the need for more eyes on the sky during severe weather.

Now a group of amateur radio operators will be able to have more technology in
the field with an ambulance that has been donated for their use.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Services, part of SKYWARN, serves all of
Northeast Alabama as trained storm spotters and many of its members usually are
in their vehicles driving toward the storms while everyone else is trying to get

Joey Davis of the group said amateur radio operators have been around for many
years, monitoring and reporting weather conditions.

An old ambulance from Gadsden-Etowah Emergency Medical Services was donated to
the organization's group in Cherokee County.

They plan to equip it with radar and computer equipment that will help them
better identify areas affected by the storm.

He said the group will be in areas affected by storms and also will have
first-aid kits, bottled water and hand sanitizer for those affected, as well as
the ability to charge cellphones.

Read the full story with pictures, in the Gadsden Times



Dec 4 VK7 REAST Christmas Car Boot Sale and end of year festive day:


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

JAN 23-FEB 17 YEAR 2012
World Radio Conference WRC-11 Geneva 23rd January TO 17th February 2012

FEB 12 VK3 CentreVictoria Hamfest, Kyneton Racecourse


APR 14-15 VK WIA National Field Day.

MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

MAY 25-27 VK3 WIA Annual Conference Mildura

JULY 14 VK4 Wide Bay Hamfest. West Maryborough Scout Hall


WIA Annual Conference Mildura

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2012

Details for the WIA 2012 Annual Conference being held in Mildura are on

Host club is Sunraysia Radio Group, led by Garry Briant VK3KYF and
Noel Ferguson VK3FI.

WIA Members who register for the event will be able to participate in a
range of fascinating and memorable activities.

Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to

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