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WRC-12 Day 16 - 7 February 2012 - 500KHz YES!

Perth City of Light, the Hills Amateur Radio Group Event.



Erin King, AK4JG, of Columbia, Georgia, may only be a teenager but she has
already left a very positive imprint in our world of amateur radio.
Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, has the details on Erin's magic carpet ride to the
edge of space and the video that is taking the ham radio community by storm:

Erin King, AK4JG has posted a video of her recent
amateur radio high altitude balloon mission for
the 'Hack the Tubes' project. This, for the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's class of
2016's early admissions program. And when you
see it you will find it hard to believe that both
the flight and the video are the work of a very, very talented teen.

According to AK4JG, she decided to send her Tube
to the edge of space by turning it into an
amateur radio high-altitude ballooning
project. To accomplish this, Erin used two GPS
and APRS-equipped transmitters for payload
tracking. One of these signed the call AK4JG-11
and the other beaconed her fathers call sign of
K4ETY-11. Each one sent out position packets
from the Tube so Erin could follow it on the ground.

Also on board the tube-shaped payload was an
Earth viewing GoPro Hero camera shooting high
definition video. And capture some breathtaking
video of the entire flight it did.

Erin's payload was carried aloft by a Helium
filled 800 gram weather balloon. Take-off took
place on January 16th at around 1 P.M. Eastern
time from Lumpkin, GA. The entire flight from
launch to landing lasted about 2 hours. That is
all compacted to 8 minutes during which Erin's
video takes you from initial payload assembly of
the trackers to the edge of space at over 90,000
feet and to recovery of the payload from where it landed in a pine tree.

The video is set to the music of "Circuit" by
Sonic Adventure Project. There is no
narration. Instead Erin and her very
professional video editing skill lets the
pictures tell the entire story. You can see it
for yourself by taking your web browser to

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, in Zion, Illinois.

Again, you will find Erin's video on-line at

Go take a look. You will be glad that you did. AND it begs the question
whatever happened to the VKs from 5 and 2 that used to experiment with

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Perth City of Light, the Hills Amateur
Radio Group will make an ARISS contact. Taking resources from around the
globe to make this possible.

In the middle of the night Dick (AH6NM) and Mike (N6GOZ) will be running
their ARISS tracking station, pointing their antennas at the International
Space Station and directing the feed across the globe to Perth, where we'll
be sitting in the shade of the big-screen at the Northbridge Piazza.

Mike tells us that he's going to be fine with our Aussie slang, since he was
born in Bris Vegas (Brisbane) and went to school in Tumby (Toowoomba). He
also knows his station inside out, since he was one of the HAMs responsible
for building the tracking facility. He's had a bit of Hawaii rub off on him,
he's been there since the late 70's, so we will have the best of both worlds.

Welcome aboard! Or as Mike put it, 73 and aloha

February 20th. Festivities start from 5pm on the Northbridge Piazza

(Onno VK6FLAB)

FROM RSGB.ORG WEBSITE - WRC-12 Day 16 - 7 February 2012 - YES!

Agenda Item 1.23 - 500kHz

Progress through Committee 4 (COM4) was a little easier than expected and
the frequency band 472-479kHz will be allocated to the amateur service, on
a Secondary basis. This is subject to no further objections being received
during the two final readings through the plenary meetings

Agenda Item 1.15 - Oceanic Radar

It seems that tidying up the paperwork was not part of the intent when the
sub-working group reconsidered these proposals. The entry for 5250-5275kHz
remains in a footnote as a Primary user in Region 2 and Secondary in Regions
1 and 3. This paper has been elevated to Working Group 4A and could be
considered by COM4. As the spectrum for this issue covers now extends to
42MHz, the references to HF have been removed.

Agenda Item 8.2 - Future Agenda Items


Text for this proposal should have been agreed between Cuba and the US, seems
that specific reference to the amount of spectrum required has been removed,
as Cuba wanted 50kHz and the US offered 15kHz. The latter is of course less
than US amateurs have under current arrangements. This is before the
proposal even gets considered as a Future Agenda Item


There is a proposal for an allocation at 10GHz for the Earth Exploration
Satellite Service for WRC-15. Initial investigations show there could be a
small threat to the amateur services so this is being closely followed.


Another likely agenda item for WRC-15 is "Allocation of the band 77.5-78.0
GHz to the radiolocation service to support automotive short-range
high-resolution radar operations", otherwise known as anti-collision radar.
This frequency band is currently allocated to the amateur services on a
Primary basis

For updates on the above which is sourced to the RSGB go to

Twitter telegraph a reality

Just when you think you know about technology convergence along comes the
simple Arduino project.

It involves a Morse code key, somewhat an old switch, with a new use in the
form of modern Twitter.

Becoming a Tworse key you can send standard Twitter messages through a LAN
cable and decoder.

The Arduino project includes the source code, hardware schematics and
building instructions.

Check out @tworsekey on Twitter to read some examples sent from the actual

Or visit Google at

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Virtual tour of ARRL HQ station

On 12th February, amateurs worldwide will be able to enjoy a virtual tour of
the station at ARRL HQ in a live webcast starting at 22.00 GMT.

W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, at ARRL Headquarters in
Connecticut has appeared in many logs. Anyone with an internet connection
will be able to watch the tour at


Always good to hear how activity goes at events publicised here through

This report from the VK4 Wine and Ham Fest actually came from our good friends
at Summerland, where a number of SARC members attended this very enjoyable
Hamfest up in VK4.

Maclagan is 83 kms NW of Toowoomba, and about 400 kms from Lismore.

A very good day was had with 76 visitors logged and about 11 exhibitors.

Great hall, variety of gear there, incl wine tasting, catering etc.

Showing was a video of a lot of hard work building the 1989 Bunya Mts

Pic att of a general view, more at


web service:-
VKG Roundup
Email Address :

For those in northern Sydney, this Tuesday evening, the 14th is the
first informal HADARC meeting for 2012. The Hornsby and Districts
Amateur Radio Club meet at the Mount Colah Community Centre, near the
Northern end of Pierre Close, Mt Colah, from 8:00pm. Their main
meeting on the 28th will include a talk on small loop antennas by Jim


(Julian Sortland, VK2YJS)

As I'm sure all will understand the CCARCs activities this month are filled
with preparation for our field day at Wyong racecourse in just two weeks
time however this does not stop other club activities completely.

In the amateur TV world we are now transmitting regular test broadcasts on
444.250 MHz These consist of educational material and are well worth a look.
For those in the Central Coast area point your horizontally polarised 70cm
beam towards Kariong and connect up your normal TV set each Monday and
Tuesday from 7:30pm for an hour of interesting video then call in at 9pm on
VK2RAG on 146.725 to give your reception report. This is an important action
prior to our upgrading the VK2RTG repeater to digital TV output.
The terrestrial digital transmitter will be on display at the field day and
then installed into operation soon thereafter.

Another repeater action is also well in progress. The CCARC six metre
repeater is just awaiting the final updates to the controller software and
then it will come on air from our newly extended repeater station building
at Somersby and promises to cover a large area from its high location. This
repeater will have the ability to be linked to one of our 70cm repeaters to
allow cross band operation for Standard and Advanced calls.

On the HF bands the clubs tri-bander and rotator are down for maintenance
but will soon be back up again, higher than before so VK2AFY, the clubs base
call sign, will be stronger than ever.

The club has recently taken part in the VHF-UHF Field Day contest and plans
to enter the John Moyle contest in March.

Preparations for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend in
August are also well in hand with our location of Nobbys Head lighthouse in
Newcastle booked.

For all details about what is happening at the Central Coast Amateur Radio
Club, please refer to the clubs two websites;

CCARC.ORG.AU for all club news and FIELDDAY.ORG.AU for all you could want
to know about the CCARC Field Day at Wyong racecourse.

73 - this is Ed VK2ARE on behalf of the CCARC.


What use is an f-call?

(Past editions of What use is an f-call can be found online at
under F-troop.)

Recently I had a discussion with a Foundation Licensed amateur who told me
that he'd had some limited success making contacts using 10 Watts, but that
he longed to have more power to get out and make better contacts.

While I understand the sentiment, I know from personal experience that it
just isn't true. You don't need oodles of power to smack the audio against
the receiver at the other end.

What you need is propagation and you need a
set-up that works.

Now I'd be the first to admit that propagation is a bit of a mystery to me
at the best of times, but my solution to that is to sit tight, listen and
when lots of stations turn up at my door-step as it were - that is, I can
hear lots of people calling - I've got a great chance at getting through.

What was a little more baffling to me was that this amateur, as I said, an
F-Call had not really found a way to discuss his issues with any other
amateurs. He'd been pretty isolated and only in discussing the issue with
other F-Calls did he start investigating further.

I'd like to encourage you
to ask around. Look who else is on air near you and talk to them about what
you're seeing. The more people you talk to, the more you learn and the more
you have a chance of getting to the magic point where you can get those
elusive contacts on HF using your F-Call.

As I've said in the past, and I'll continue to say, power is not the answer,
what you do with what you have is what makes the difference. Low power
operation does not need to be a frustrating exercise in futility, QRP
stations are doing this all the time.

Mostly it's a matter of attitude. Don't
be shy. The amateurs around you who have their standard or advanced license
needed to learn their craft too.

I'm Onno, VK6FLAB


Cradle Coast Amateur Radio Club assessors have conducted amateur exams in
Burnie. The end result is that a new member has passed the foundation licence
Rachel Rawlings has passed the foundation licence and applied for the call

Please make Rachel welcome when you hear her on air in the near future.

Any person wishing to acquire a foundation or other licence, or upgrade, can
contact the club's learning organiser, Keith Winkler, VK7KW. He will be able
to assist with your learning requirements and organise an exam at a mutually
agreeable time. Contact details for Keith are available on both the CCARC's
website and the site, radio club page, North West Tasmania.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

Central Philippines earthquake.

The amateur radio emergency communication activity has been well established
on VHF and HF servicing Mondays earthquake and landslide hit areas.

The 6.9-magnitude quake killed 50 when it struck the heavily populated
islands of Negros and Cebu, in the country's central region. Up to 100 are
missing. There have been 900 aftershocks.

Chief Operating Officer for IARU society PARA, Eddie Valdez DU1EV said that
Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HEROs) has activated on 2-metres and 7.095

Their command centre is on board the Philippine Coast Guard search & rescue
vessel BRP Davao del Norte.

HEROs have been busy forwarding traffic from the disaster areas to Cebu and

Among the active HEROs are RJ DU7RJA, Roy DU7DDJ, DW7XKS and DW7RDX.

As landlines and mobile phones have been erratic, amateur radio has provided
a vital link.

Alvin DU1AJ/7 has set up his station to relay with the HEROs in the stricken

In Manila, HEROs operatives Butch DU1RP and Lito DU1PA have set up at the
National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council under the Department
of Defence.

The Philippines suffered its worst earthquake in 1990 when a 7.7-magnitude
tremor killed nearly 2000 people on the northern island of Luzon.

(Jim Linton VK3PC Chairman, IARU Region 3, Disaster Communication Committee).


When you visit ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, the
first smiling face you're likely to see is a tour guide. ARRL's Tour
Guide program now includes 19 volunteers who donate thousands of hours
of their free time per year, giving tours to hundreds of visitors.

ARRL's tour guides are an integral part of the ARRL. When not giving
tours, they are busy accomplishing tasks in various HQ departments --
sorting QSL cards, working on special projects in the lab, updating the
periodicals archive, and much, much more.>.




The world's most famous radio telescope will become the Karl G. Jansky
Very Large Array on March 31st. This, to honour the founder of radio
astronomy which is the study of the universe using radio signals naturally
emitted by objects in space.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory
announced the new name for the National Science
Foundation's Very Large Array at the American
Astronomical Society's meeting in Austin,
Texas. The new name will become official at a
rededication ceremony at the radio telescopes site in New Mexico.

The new name was selected from among 23,331
suggestions submitted by 17,023 people from more
than 65 countries. The National Radio Astronomy
Observatory had asked the public and the
astronomical community to suggest names that
reflected both the proud heritage and the future
promise of the telescope array.

More is on-line at


Interference from All India Radio to the 40 meter band has been eliminated.
Amateur Radio Newsline's Cheryl Lasik, K9BIK, has the details:

Wolfgang Hadel, DK2OM, in Siegbach, Germany,
reports via the I-A-R-U Region 1 website that
back last December 1st he and Peter Jost HB9CET
of Zurich, Switzerland, noticed a band of white
noise like interference on 40 meters. This from
6 dot 960 to 7 dot 040MHz and also on 7 dot 820
MHz and showing up every evening.

Calculation by DK2OM showed the centre of the
spurious emissions was expected to be on the
centre 7 dot 410 MHz. From this point the German
and Swiss Departments of Post and Telecommunications became involved.

Both offices filed official complaints to their
counterpart in India. VU2GMN assisted by filing
a personal complaint. On January 13th the
transmitter located near the city of New Delhi
was reported as having been repaired, and all
traces of this source of interference to 40 meters was gone.

For the amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Cheryl Lasik, K9BIK, in Zion, Illinois.

More on this story is on-line at


CQ Communications and ARRL have signed an
agreement to begin providing support for
CQ-sponsored operating awards by the ARRL's
Logbook of the World electronic confirmation
system. CQ's awards will be the first non-ARRL
awards supported by Logbook of the World and will
be phased in, beginning with the CQ WPX award.
Additional CQ awards will follow.

The target date for beginning Logbook of the
World support for WPX is April 1st. Amateurs
will be able to use Logbook of the World logs to
generate lists of confirmed contacts to be
submitted for WPX credit. Standard Logbook of
the World credit fees and CQ award fees will apply.

The ARRL's Logbook of the World system is an
interactive database recording contacts between
radio amateurs was created in 2003 and has been
adopted by 47,500 radio amateurs worldwide. It
already has records of 400 million contacts and grows weekly.


Jan Mayen Island could soon head to the top of
the DX worlds most wanted this. This as the
result of a recent decision by the Norwegian
government that declared most of Jan Mayen a
Nature Reserve and banned landings and camping on
most of the island. This means that tour
operators can no longer visit since the main
landing area is part of the Reserve.

The only places left on the island which could be
used as landing and camp sites are in the very
extreme southern part of Jan Mayen which suffers
from extreme weather conditions. Amateur radio
operations may still be possible from the two
locations but both are difficult to get to due to
stormy seas and other severe weather
conditions. As such it now appears that the
recent JX5O operation was probably the last major
DXpedition to Jan Mayen for many years to come.

There is the chance that hams who might be
assigned as staff members at the islands Olonkin
base will be able to activate Jan Mayen. Late
word is that LA9JKA, is to be there beginning
March 22nd and is expected to stay until March
2013 but what plans he has to operate from the
island at this point are unknown.


Yaesu is hinting that they will be coming out with new digital amateur
radios in 2012.

A new pamphlet discussing amateur digital radios
shows the new Vertex Standard APCO P-25
commercial radios, as well as new amateur radios
based on the C4FM FDMA digital audio system commonly known as MotoTrobo.

The pamphlet makes it appear that Yaesu will be
offering amateur gear based on the MotoTrobo
digital standard sometime this. The new vertex
radios look identical to their Motorola counterparts.

Our guess is that any launch of such a project would likely take place at the
Dayton Hamvention mid-May.


VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 80metres SSB May 5
VK Shires Contest June 9-10
VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 160metres SSB June 25
ZL NZART Memorial Contest July First full weekend
VK Remembrance Day Contest August 11-12
WW International Lighthouse Lightship Wknd August 18-19

Irish Radio Transmitters Society 80th Anniversary

IRTS will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this year 2012.

Details of a worldwide contest - CQIR - to take place on Saint Patrick's Day,
Saturday 17th March 2012 have been announced and full rules and information
are available on the irts website.

SARL Leap Year Challenge

You are invited to take part in the Leap Year Challenge on Wednesday
29 February 2012 and make as many contacts as you can on this day.

This challenge has been published around the globe but we are not sure if
it is opens to hams worldwide or just South Africa, however it is a
"challenge" and looks great fun!

Central African Time (CAT) on the 29th, all bands with phone, CW and digital

Work a station once only regardless of band, mode or call sign.

Submit your log by e-mail to by midnight
Friday 2 March 2012.


RSGB Commonwealth Century Club Jubilee Award 2012

2012 is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and mindful that the Queen is the head of
the Commonwealth of Nations we are pleased to announce a new operating award
for 2012.

To qualify for an attractive certificate all you need to do is to work as many
different countries and call areas on the Commonwealth Century Club list
during 2012.

Certificates will be awarded for working 60 and 100 different call areas.

Use any mode or bands you like and QSL cards are not required.

Score sheets and full details can be downloaded from


RSGB Commonwealth Century Club Jubilee Award 2012

2012 is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and mindful that the Queen is the head of
the Commonwealth of Nations remind you of a new operating award for 2012.

To qualify for an attractive certificate all you need to do is to work as many
different countries and call areas on the Commonwealth Century Club list
during 2012.

Certificates will be awarded for working 60 and 100 different call areas.

Use any mode or bands you like and QSL cards are not required.

Score sheets and full details can be downloaded from


NHK to sell analogue transmitter facilities

Japans NHK is in talks to sell some 1,050 analogue broadcasting stations it
no longer uses to Softbank Mobile Corp.

The mobile phone service provider will use the stations - rendered obsolete
by the nationwide switch to digital broadcasting last July - mostly as
cell towers in mountainous areas because of complaints about reception in
rural areas, the sources said on Thursday.

By improving its network, the carrier hopes to gain an advantage in the
competition for radio bands for next-generation, high-speed data
communications that might be allocated by the Internal Affairs and
Communications Ministry later this month, they added.

The public broadcaster put the facilities up for bid in December and found
Softbank Mobile was the only bidder, the sources said. The deal is estimated
to be worth several hundred million yen.

(Source: Media Network, Kyodo via SouthGate)

VK Club Bulletins

The IARU Region 3 Newsletter Headlines
Issue 24 - October to December 2011, Released January 2012

* A Word from the Chairman of IARU Region 3 - Michael Owen VK3KI
* Saving almost 1,000 lives in Thailand
* Typhoon hits Southern Philippines
* JARL elects new officers
* Seanet 2011
* Increase in New Zealand Amateur Power Limit
* Australian regulator to permit higher power for Advanced licensees on trial basis
* "WRC-12 (World Radiocommunication Conference 2012)
* 15th Region 3 Triennial Conference
* The 2012 International YL Meet- a reminder
* Keith Malcolm VK1KM SK

MS Word version of this newsletter is available at

Acrobat PDF version is also available at


FISTS Club - East Asia
FISTS Club - Australasia
FISTS Club - UK & Europe
FISTS Club - Americas

FISTS marks a milestone

The organisation that supports the use, preservation and education of Morse
code is called FISTS and as VK3PC tells it "it has been doing its sterling
job for 25 years."

Available to members are anniversary mugs from England and T-shirts have
been produced in the United States of America. Other collectables are likely
to be planned.

The mugs are from Robert Walker of UK FISTS while
the T-shirts limited-edition t-shirts in shades of grey with the
25th birthday logo screened are from Nancy Kott WZ8C of

FISTS the CW Club, also known as the International Morse Preservation
Society, began in 1987, is organised though area chapters and still going
very strong.

Its members can he heard particularly on 1.808 MHz, 3.528 MHz, 7.028 MHz,
10.118 MHz, 14.058 MHz, 18.085 MHz, 21.058 MHz, 24.918 MHz and 28.058 MHz.


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz


Ingenuity and innovation by the SumbandilaSat ground control team has
resulted in bringing the satellite back to life with a real possibility that
Amateur Radio communication may resume while the satellite is in sunlight.

The ground stations at SANSA Space operations at Hartbeeshoek and the
Electronic Systems Laboratory at Stellenbosch University are receiving
telemetry when the satellite's solar panels are illuminated by the sun.

Johann Lochner, ZR1CBC, said that in early June 2011, for an unknown reason
(but probably related to a major radiation event on 7 June), the primary
controller on the power distribution unit (PDU) powering the On-Board
Computer (OBC) stopped responding to commands from the ground station.

It later appeared that the battery had failed and nothing was heard from the
satellite for some time. The ground segment software to monitor the passes
over South Africa and to contact the satellite to initiate the recovery
procedure was automated. After a month contact was made again. This was
mid November. "We set in place a planned recovery procedure and within
3-4 days we came to the conclusion that the main battery had failed", Johann
said. With SumbandilaSat responding when it is in full sunlight Johan Lochner
is confident that some operations will be restored even to the point where it
may be possible to do some imaging and have the amateur radio transponder
back in operation.

More on recovery efforts are on line at

(sarl news)


South Africa's Defence Web reports that the
nations second satellite, SumbandilaSat also
known as SO-67 is no longer fully operational.

Rob Olivier is the head of Business Development
at SunSpace. He told Defence Web that although
contact can still be made with the satellite, it
cannot capture images. As such it is no longer fulfilling its main purpose.

Oliver added that chances of repairing the
satellite on-orbit are virtually none. As such
SunSpace has moved on to other projects.

SumbandilaSat was damaged during a solar storm in the June of 2011.
The power supply to its on-board computer stopped
working and the satellite stopped sending back images.

In addition to its primary mission SumbandilaSat
also carried an radio payload as well. This
consisted of a voice beacon, a store and forward
parrot repeater and VHF to UHF FM repeater.

Vega student satellite launch.

Vega is now scheduled to launch Tomorrow, Monday, February 13, at 1000 UT
with eight student built amateur radio satellites.

The launcher will first deploy the main payload, LARES, the Laser relativity
Spacecraft and will then make an additional firing of the final AVUM stage
before deploying the secondary cubesat payloads.

Student Amateur Radio Satellites on Vega


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

World Radio Conference Geneva until 17th February

FEB 12 VK3 CentreVictoria Hamfest, Kyneton Racecourse


MAR 18 VK7 Sewing Circle Nets "Meet the Voice BBQ" at Ross.

APR 14-15 VK WIA National Field Day.

MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

MAY 5- 6 VK4 RADAR and MARC Clairview Gathering

MAY 25-27 VK3 WIA Annual Conference Mildura

JUN 8-11 VK4 FNNQARG! QLD Cassowary Coast

JULY 14 VK4 Wide Bay Hamfest. West Maryborough Scout Hall

JULY 21 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest @ Cranbourne


Again as we said at top of news, in northern Sydney, this Tuesday evening,
the 14th is the first informal HADARC meeting for 2012. The Hornsby and
Districts Amateur Radio Club meet at the Mount Colah Community Centre, near
the Northern end of Pierre Close, Mt Colah, from 8:00pm. Their main
meeting on the 28th will include a talk on small loop antennas by Jim


(Julian Sortland, VK2YJS)

Hi, This is Ed VK2ARE from the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club to remind
you it is just two weeks until Amateur Radio's big day out at Wyong on
Sunday the 26th. of February.

All preparations are going well and it promises to be another great event
with traders, exhibitors, seminars and the "great unknown" of the bargain
you will find in the flea market.

This year we have a purpose built car parking area with its entrance off
Rose Street which will be clearly signposted upon your arrival.

If this is your first time heading to the big event we also have talk-in
using the clubs 2 Metre repeater VK2RAG on 146.725 under the call sign of
VK2WFD, that's VK2 Wyong Field Day.

No one can predict the weather at the moment. We are hoping for a sunny day
but rain or shine the event will go ahead.

So here's looking forward to a memorable day - see you there!

73 from Ed and the CCARC.

WIA Annual Conference Mildura

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2012

Details for the WIA 2012 Annual Conference being held in Mildura are on

Host club is Sunraysia Radio Group, led by Garry Briant VK3KYF and
Noel Ferguson VK3FI.

WIA Members who register for the event will be able to participate in a
range of fascinating and memorable activities.

Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to

to submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different
slants to keep your event 'fresh'.



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