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WIA Board Meets


Brazilian national amateur radio society LABRE



WIA Board Meets

The WIA Board met at the Bayswater, Victoria offices over last weekend, the
18 and 19 February 2012.

Because the Board only meets face to face two or three times a year, one of
which is at the Annual General meeting, there is a great deal of works to do,
and very many matters were discussed, and some just not reached.

WIA Treasurer John Longayroux and Secretary Sarah Thomson were also present
and WIA Manager Mal Brooks kept the minutes.

Let me identify some of the issues that were addressed by the Board. One was
the appointment of a new RD Contest Manger, to replace Peter Harding VK4OD.
Alan Shannon VK4SN, who will be supported by the Lockyer Valley Radio &
Electronics Club was appointed RD Contest Manager, and others who had
expressed a willingness to help, were thanked for their interest.

The Board made it clear that while it expected that there would be some rule
changes for the 2012 contest, and it expected these changes to be placed on
the WIA web site to allow comment, it hoped that there would not be further
changes for some years.

Trent Sampson VK4TI is now the Director responsible for contests.

Concern was expressed at the number of members not renewing.

The Board agreed to attempt better communication with the clubs, continuing
to provide the services it could to help them and at the same time seeking
their support in attracting and retaining members of the WIA.

The Board consulted with Peter Mill the Beacon and Repeater Coordinator, and
understood some of the difficulties he faced. It was agreed to use a new
method of tracking beacon and repeater applications, so the office, once it
was implemented, would be able know the precise stage each application was
at, and advise the applicants accordingly.

Considerable time was devoted to reviewing WIA Awards. A number of changes
are contemplated and the Director responsible for Awards Chris Platt will be
reporting on that directly, after he has consulted with the Awards Committee.

The Board agreed with the general approach of the ACMA to the higher power
trials, and while the ACMA will not accept any applications for licence
variations before 1 March. The WIA website will provide additional
information, hopefully some time later next week.

A design for a travelling badge based on the design suggested by Murray
de Plater VK1MDP was chosen, and production will now be investigated.

Time was spent discussing the Commonwealths propose uniform health and work
safety laws, as yet to be adopted by many of the states. These laws require
a duty of care to volunteers and create offences for not discharging that

Among the many other matters discussed and decided were a budget for the
current year, the implications of result of the WRC-12, including agenda for
the next WRC, the ongoing discussion with the ACMA on a number of matters,
including the inspection of stations and the possession of transmitters by
amateur licensees, the magazine, the Mildura Annual Conference, a new award
for the first person to make a contact on two metres between Africa and
Australia presented by Eric Jamieson VK5LP.

The Board will now resort to communicating daily by email.

It was one of the best and most constructive Board meetings I have attended.

Michael Owen VK3KI President.

To all WIA Clubs.

Ted Thrift VK2ARA our WIA Clubs Co-ordinator has come up against a brick wall
regards having WIA affiliated clubs replying to him with insurance details

As Ted said in a recent 'reminder' communication, "it is very disappointing
to see less than 50% of clubs respond to requests for information so that I
can save them costs on Liability insurance.

I ask you, to ask if your club has done all that was asked. If not, I urge
you to ask why.

After all it is for the benefit of your club that the group cover offer is

50 Years of anticipation all worked out on the day we celebrated John
Glenn's orbit in Friendship 7 in Perth last Monday.

We had John Glenn, the Premier of WA, the Lord Mayor of Perth, Lyn Beazley
the WA Chief Scientist and many other dignitaries on hand to celebrate. We
even managed to squeeze in some David Bowie and a video on how to become
an astronaut.

The crowds filled the Northbridge Piazza and much anticipation culminated
at 10:24 UTC. Orbital calculations all worked out and the International
Space Station made it across the horizon. There were some chilling seconds
when Mike was calling from Honolulu, but in the end, the contact was a
great success.

Of course, an event like this could not have been possible without a
little help from some friends, Captain Dan Burbank on the International
Space Station, the WA State Records Office, the WA Museum, the City of Perth,
ARISS, NASA and the Hills Amateur Radio Group.

A full credit list is being prepared on the Hills Amateur Radio Group
website, but two people require a special mention, Tony VK5ZAI the
Australian ARISS mentor and Meg VK6LUX who energetically kept the
multitude of interested parties moving along making it all possible.

We managed to get Amateur Radio into the news on ABC Online, ABC radio and
local television, who knows we might pick up some more amateurs along the

Alex VK6FLOL and Donald VK6PDS scored a place in history as prize winners
for the contact.

Perhaps you can help a local school in your area for an ARISS contact next

Onno Benschop

WIA Annual Conference Mildura

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2012

Details for the WIA 2012 Annual Conference being held in Mildura are on

Host club is Sunraysia Radio Group, led by Garry Briant VK3KYF and
Noel Ferguson VK3FI.

WIA Members who register for the event will be able to participate in a
range of fascinating and memorable activities.

So Have you registered to attend to the WIA Annual Conference being held in

It's the weekend 25th - 27th May.

Saturday afternoons Technical Symposium - Technology To The Future. Hear
what the experts have to say, learn about the cutting edge technology and
what our Australian Amateurs have been working on, and the bright future for
our hobby.

One of the presenters will be Peter Cossins, VK3BFG Peter Is a digital ATV
guru having been involved with the ATV repeater VK3RTV since 1977. Peter will
talk on his experience with digital ATV - Peter's talk is titled
"DVB-T what it is, and where its all going"

It's going to be a very special weekend of activities, and there is much
more in store that we will continue sharing with you in upcoming broadcasts
and don't forget the registration page on the WIA Website.

Up up and away, see you in Mildura this has been Robert VK3DN


From 1 March 2012, the ACMA will accept applications from amateur advanced
licensees to use transmitter output power of up to 1,000 watts peak envelope
power (Permissible Output Power Level ) from nominated fixed locations.

Here is WIA President VK3KI Michael Owen.

ACMA Publishes Details of Amateur Higher Transmitter Power Trials

The ACMA has published on its website details of the trial of higher power
transmitter output for Advanced amateur licensees.

The trial will commence on 1 March 2012 and will continue til 31 August 2013. The ACMA has advised the WIA that the 18 month authorisation is intended to provide the ACMA with time to evaluate the success of the trial after a 12 month period and to consider permanent regulatory arrangements, if warranted, while avoiding dead air between the evaluation time and the implementation of permanent arrangements, if appropriate

The paper is in the part of the ACMA site dealing with amateur matters and
is an information paper.

A brief article also appears on the Engage part of the ACMA website, where
anyone can record their comments.

The ACMA will not accept applications for a variation of licence conditions
to allow higher power before 1 March 2012.

The WIA hopes to publish some additional material on its website before the
end of next week.

The WIA Board, in considering this trial at its meeting on 18/19 February
thought it very important to point out to every amateur considering obtaining
a higher power permit that this is a trial, and if problems do emerge, this
could affect whether Australian amateurs will continue to be able to use the
higher power, if they wish.

In particular, if interference is caused to others, the WIA advises that the
amateur must immediately do whatever it takes to stop the interference, and
must resolve the problem without resort to the ACMA.

Links to the pages on the ACMA website that I have mentioned can be found in
the release dealing with this matter on the WIA website.


Getting youth interested by exhibiting in high schools

Students in most schools have never heard of amateur radio.

IARU-Region One Youth Co-ordinator Lisa PA2LS suggests how to raise awareness
of the hobby.

An opportunity to change thinking is to exhibit at a local high school.

Veron did this recently; their goal was to show youth that there is more
than only internet and Apps. First they started with making promotion
material, like flyers, banners and pens. The committee made the decision
what they wanted to show. They choose to show in an active way what the
radio amateur hobby is about.

The next step was to ask members of the VERON section to help during the
exhibition. It seemed during club meetings that many members wanted to
participate and help. Also some younger members, which is nice when you are
promoting on a school.

Before the start of the exhibition, which was two days in total, local radio
amateurs helped with the preparations. A pump mast was placed at the

Inside there was a stand next to the electrical engineering faculty of the
school. There was also a self-build SDR-radio, self-build radio's,
80 meter QRP transmitter and much more.

IARU Region 1

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.


IARU Vice President Ole Garpestad, LA2RR, sat down for a video interview with
the ITU Press Office at 4U1ITU, the Amateur Radio station at ITU Headquarters
in Geneva.

During the interview, IARU Region 1 President Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T,
operated CW in the background.

Discussed was Agenda Item 1.23 and what it means to the Amateur Radio Service,
what the IARU does at the WRC, the future of Amateur Radio, and what the
Amateur Radio Service and the IARU are doing for the next WRC.

Watch the video here

L.A.B.R.E. meets the Minister of Communications and broadcast associations
to empower EMC rules in Brazil

The Brazilian national amateur radio society LABRE made two important
meetings in Brasilia to discuss administrative affairs and EMC.

LABRE will join a working group to solve some of the problems and write a
new national amateur radio rule. LABRE will ask to be a member of GPRI,
a permanent radio interference group held by ANATEL to study and expose
the interference cases.

IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) and their national organizations
like LABRE for long time battle for a healthy spectrum, susteain an useful
environment able to fully development the amateur radio service, including
low power long distance communications.

One of the most important cases of amateur radio EMC concerns with juridical
and technical consequences is related to PLC/PLT/BPL noise.

LABRE was represented on the meetings by the likes of PY5EG, former
president of LABRE and PT2ADM, current president.

Flvio Archangelo, PY2ZX is a journalist recently promoted to press adviser
for the Brazilian amateur radio association. Through the following link you
can obtain an article and photos covering these important meetings between
LABRE and Brazilian government.

( Flvio )

New pressure on jammers of international broadcasts

The International Telecommunication Union has called upon the world's nations
to take 'necessary actions' to stop intentional interference with satellite

The change in ITU regulations, which was approved at the just-concluded
World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) in Geneva, Switzerland, came
after numerous complaints that international satellite TV programmes in
Persian and Arabic were suffering from deliberate interference, known as

Two satellite operators that have been targeted, Eutelsat and Arabsat, said
the interfering signals originated from Iran and Syria.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran termed satellite jamming
part of a broader effort. "The Iranian government is also engaged in
comprehensive attempts to take complete control of online access to the
internet as well as restricting mobile voice and data communications,"
the group said in a statement urging the WRC to address the jamming issue.


VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 80metres SSB May 5
VK Shires Contest June 9-10
VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 160metres SSB June 25
ZL NZART Memorial Contest July First full weekend
VK Remembrance Day Contest August 11-12
WW International Lighthouse Lightship Wknd August 18-19

VK4SN New RD Contest Manager
The WIA Board meeting in Melbourne over the weekend of 18/19 February 2012
appointed Alan Shannon VK4SN the new Contest Manager for the WIA
Remembrance Day Contest, following the retirement of Peter Harding VK4OD.
He will be supported in this role by the Lockyer Valley Radio &
Electronics Club Inc.



From Malta 9H3PP May 26th and 27th during the CQ WW WPX CW Contest.
Activity outside of the contest will be on 6 and 12 meters, possibly 17 meters.
qSL via HA5PP.


St Vincent in the Caribbean. J88DR will be there until 14 March on the HF bands
with emphasis on 30, 17 and 12 metres. QSL to Dave G3TBK.


Albania will be on the air during the CQ WPX SSB Contest. This with word that
TA1HZ will operate from that nation as ZA1TC for the period of March 23 to 26
details and QSL info is on


The Eric Jamieson Indian Ocean Awards Announced
The WIA Board, meeting in Melbourne over the weekend of 18/19 February
2012 accepted the offer of Eric Jamieson VK5LP to sponsor awards for the
first amateur radio contacts on the two metre band spanning the Indian
Ocean between Australia and Africa.


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

IARU Monitoring System Newsletter

The January issue of the IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) newsletter reports
on Indonesian pirates in the 10 MHz band.

The newsletters says Indonesian pirates on 10121 and 10145 (USB) in the
evening hours.

Indonesian pirates on 7000.0 kHz were audible every evening in Germany
in Japan and Australia. They were transmitting in USB and LSB, chatting,
singing and laughing.

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1
January 2012 newsletter can be read at

What use is an f-call?

(Past editions of What use is an f-call can be found online at
under F-troop.)

In my day-to-day environment I meet lots of different people. Many of them
are not Amateurs. In fact, most of them are not Amateurs. That's not to say
that I cannot see that some of those people could be, and some have Amateur
written all over their forehead without ever realising it.

Now it's not for me to tell you to go out and convert people to Amateurs,
that's your job - Hi Hi.

What I'd like to look at is, "What is it that
brought you into Amateur Radio?" I've said in the past that for me it came
as a surprise. I knew two people, one of whom was a "known Amateur" the
other not. I'd never talked about Amateur Radio with either of them.

The person who is the "known Amateur" has had their license for many years,
as long as I've known them, 20-odd years, likely longer, I've never gotten
around to asking. The other "secret Amateur" was the one who is responsible
for me becoming aware of this hobby.

It all started pretty innocently, here's a WiFi Quad-Copter, with an Amateur
Radio license we might be able to extend its range to something useful. It
went in a whirlwind from there.

Since I became an Amateur, I've been fascinated with how people became
involved in Amateur Radio. For some of those, the incentive was lost in the
history of time. For others it's fresh as the ink on their license.

One Amateur I spoke with talked about how Amateur Radio was their opportunity
to first step in a very challenging and rewarding hobby. Bounce signals off
the moon, talk to people of all ethnicities, social positions, religions,
colours, creeds etc. Join a group of earth people that have few boundaries.

They wistfully added, "Maybe this is just one of the seeds of the 'world
race'. "

Your reason for joining Amateur Radio likely looks nothing like any
of the ideas or reasons I've just mentioned, perhaps you have a distinct
first memory. Perhaps you might consider how you got the Amateur Radio Bug
and how that might relate to the people around you. Perhaps you'll find new
Amateurs in unexpected places, or find old friends where you never looked

I'm Onno, VK6FLAB


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz

Radio Amateur Chris Hadfield VA3OOG to command ISS

The BBC reports that astronaut Chris Hadfield, VA3OOG will be the first
Canadian to command the International Space Station.

His big moment will begin when he launches to the station on a Soyuz rocket
at the end of this year.

For three months, the 52-year-old will serve as a flight engineer in the
Expedition 34 crew.

Then, in March 2013, he will assume command of Expedition 35 for three months,
before returning to Earth in his Soyuz capsule.

Chris also holds the callsign KC5RNJ.

Read the full BBC story at


New WIA Member Only Features On The WIA Website

The March edition of AR magazine is about to hit your letterbox, when it
arrives make sure you save the Mailing Address sheet included inside the
plastic wrapper. The details on the address sheet enable you to register for
members access on the WIA website. Registering for member access on the
website is very easy, all you need to apply for your unique member password
are the details from AR mailing address sheet.

The formal registration procedure using the mailing address sheet is
necessary so we can correctly verify the identity of each member before
assigning an access password. With your members password you will have
ongoing secure access to view your membership details and access members only
features on the website. Without a reliable verification process, then of
course anybody could simply call up the WIA office, pretend or claim to be
you, and obtain a password to view membership and other personal information.

Belgium Amateurs embrace social media

The Board of Directors of the national amateur radio society of Belgium, the
UBA, has taken the plunge to embrace social media.

The UBA says that social media is becoming an indispensable tool in the
toolbox of any organization that wants to communicate with its target groups,
namely the members and those interested in our hobby.

You can now find the UBA at







WWII radar station RAF Dunkirk sold at auction

Several bidders were interested in the disused WWII radar station. A former
Kent radar station which was used to help defend Britain during World War II
has been sold at auction.

RAF Dunkirk, near Faversham, was built after 1937 to provide long range early
warning for the Thames Estuary and the south eastern approaches to London.

The station is spread over 26 acres and is a listed Scheduled Monument.

The site, which includes a transmitter block, pillboxes, a radar tower base
and an underground transmitter room, sold for 158,000.


Peter Lowe, VK3KCD ANZO VP
0645z - 0730z Anzo Net 7.118
0730z - 0830z International net 14.293

Rotarians Of Amateur Radio's worldwide president serves a 3 yr stint.

In July this year it will be Australia's turn.

VK4ZD, Bill will be taking on that role for the coming 3 years.

Each year Rotary International has an International Rotary Convention
held in a different part of the world. In 2015 it will be held in Sydney.
Plans are already under way to have a special event Ham Radio station active
at the convention.


The Voice of America, which sent its original broadcast overseas 70 years ago
this month, will see backers of its first-built transmitting station at
Bethany begin fundraising this year to make it a national museum.

The impact of the local transmitting station was felt in 1944 when the
building and its six 200-kilowatt transmitters were completed about a year
after groundbreaking.

The station was instantly able to broadcast news to Europe, Africa and
South America.

"What happened here is something that I suppose only a few of us in the
community understand or realize the significance of," National VOA Museum
of Broadcasting board president Ken Riser said. "None of this had been done
before. They couldn't just pull things off a shelf. They had to actually
design, build and construct it all from scratch.

"These were things that were probably equivalent of going to the moon in the

The old VOA Bethany Relay Station is undergoing approximately $500,000 worth
of exterior restoration work that includes installation of a new roof and
block maintenance on the rear of the building.

Read Adam Kiefaber's Enquirer story (with pictures) on the National VOA
Museum of Broadcasting's plans for 2012 web site

World Radio Conference Geneva until 17th February


MAR 18 VK7 Sewing Circle Nets "Meet the Voice BBQ" at Ross.

APR 14-15 VK WIA National Field Day.

MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

MAY 5- 6 VK4 RADAR and MARC Clairview Gathering

MAY 25-27 VK3 WIA Annual Conference Mildura

JUN 8-11 VK4 FNNQARG! QLD Cassowary Coast

JULY 14 VK4 Wide Bay Hamfest. West Maryborough Scout Hall

JULY 21 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest @ Cranbourne


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