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Proposals for 2013 WIA Annual Conference

ALARA and WARO news from ALARA President Tina VK5TMC


President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

One of the Show Piece contests put on by the WIA is the Ross Hull Contest.

The 2012 Ross Hull results have now been finalised.

In Section A, the top two scores were gained by Bob McQuarrie ZL3TY and
Stephen Hayman ZL1TPH - the first time the Ross Hull Contest has been won
by a station outside Australia.

Coming third as the top scoring VK station was Ted Thrift VK2ARA.

Next in line was Barrie Burns VK6ADI.

In the digital section, top score went to Dave VK2JDS with a log of 1296 MHz
EME contacts, followed by one station from each of VK1, 4, 6, 7 and ZL.

Full details are available on the contest web page.

John VK3KM

Proposals for 2013 WIA Annual Conference

At its February meeting, the Board of the WIA considered the venue for the
2013 Annual Conference weekend.

It had before it two submissions, one complete and another under development.

The Board has deferred its decision in this mater until the end of March and
encourages any club (or group of clubs) considering applying to do so by close
of business Friday March 30th.

Full details of what should be included in any application can be found by
referring to the President's Comment in the July 2011 edition of "Amateur Radio"
magazine which is reproduced at:

WIA Proposes Operating Principles

The Board of the Wireless Institute of Australia has adopted the following
Operating Principles as a guide for all amateurs:

We, the Australian Radio Amateurs will at all times:

act and operate with integrity;

be honest in our dealings;

ensure that the operating equipment of our station is safe for ourselves and for
visitors to our station;

show respect to and extend courtesy to fellow amateurs and other spectrum users;

be aware of and comply with our license conditions and the other laws and
regulations that govern the installation and operation of our station;

encourage others to participate in amateur radio;

strive to improve our technical and operating skills;

assist our community in emergencies;

ensure that any spectrum interference issues resulting from the operation of our
station are resolved promptly and with courtesy, and

promote the benefits of amateur radio to the community.

(sourced from the WIA Website)


web service:-
VKG Roundup
Email Address :

Next Sunday the 18th ARNSW will be conducting a one day Foundation course. It will
start at 8.30 am and conclude late afternoon. The assessments will be the following
Sunday, 25th, during the bi-monthly Trash & Treasure.

The location is the VK2WI site at 63 Quarry Road, Dural. Candidates need to bring
with them a passport sized head and shoulders photo of themselves and
identification. Details to be found on the ARNSW web site under Training and

Contact via

web service:-
Police Roundup


You don't need to pack a lunch or cut the hump of a camel to get to VK3's
best hamfest, just pull your diary out now and mark down:

10am Sunday March 25th, for the Eastern and Mountain District's Annual
White Elephant Sale at Great Ryrie Primary School, Great Ryrie Street

Full details and table bookings at EMDRC.COM.AU

The Rosebud RadioFest will be held on Sunday 25th November 2012 (exactly 1
month before Christmas), commencing 0930 am at the Recreation Stadium,
Eastbourne Primary School, Allambi Ave Rosebud, Victoria.

This is said to be a wonderful venue, & well-suited to staging a RadioFest.

There is plenty of parking close to the site, easy access and the event is
fully catered. As well as excellent technical forums, & all the regular
favourites plus a number of new and innovative features for SPARC's first
ever RadioFest.

There is a commitment from the Rosebud Fire Brigade to display their brand
new appliances including Forward Communications Vehicle along with their
specialised comms gear.

SPARC is totally committed to putting on a first class show!

SPARC will also offer a free table to each club that wants to promote it's
own activities at the Novemer 25th RadioFest.

Contact is 0407 844 063

(Mark, Assistant Secretary, Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club (SPARC)).

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VK4WIT at the John Moyle Field Day 2012

theTARCinc will be active during this years John Moyle Field Day alongside the
mighty Burdekin River at Bivouac Junction near Macrossan Friday March 16 to
Sunday March 18.

Its easy to get to Bivouac Junction, just take to the Flinders Highway between
Townsville and Charters Towers and take the right hand turnoff just before heading
across the Burdekin River. Head upstream for about 2km and you are there!

The site is only a couple of km away from the VK4FNQ Majestic Towers and 20km away
from Charters Towers for any scheduled shopping trips.

vk7 local news, email


Sunday 11 March at 11am will be the REAST AGM for 2012. We look forward to as many
members as possible coming along and even take the opportunity to pay your 2012
membership at the same time. This will be followed by a BBQ which is a BYO event.

All the details of the AGM can be found on the REAST website.

(Tony VK7VKT, Secretary REAST)

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, Southgate AR Club, the ARRL,
NZART, ARVictoria and from ARNEWSLINE in the USA


CQIR, St. Patrick's Day

The CQIR contest is fast approaching and we are pleased to report that radio news
services and contest reflectors worldwide have been giving the event great
publicity. Both QST and RadCom have carried feature pieces and we expect a really
excellent turnout right around the globe.

The Society is appealing to all EI and GI stations to make a special effort to
come on the bands, at least for a few hours over the 24 hours of the contest and
hand out much needed points and multipliers. Many of the overseas Irish who will be
participating will not be contesters but will be taking part to celebrate
St Patrick's Day, so even if you are not a contester yourself, you will find many
operators looking to have a bit of a ragchew as well.

Paul EI5DI advises that his contest logger SD is now free and unrestricted in CQIR.
Entrants should be aware that the Russian DX contest overlaps with CQIR, and
Russian stations will send a 2-character district code instead of a serial. SD
may be downloaded from, and users should experiment with test logs
before the contest.

Full rules for the contest are available on the IRTS website. This contest is the
international showpiece event for the Society's 80th celebrations and while we
know most of our serious contesters will be making a big effort on the bands we
would again ask all stations to join in the festivities over the St. Patrick's




As of February 17th, Malyj Vysotskij Island,
better known as MV Island in ham radio circles
has been deleted from the D-X-C-C. This after an
announcement by the Finnish Ministry of
Transportation and Communication that the Saimaa
Canal Treaty between Finland and Russia has been
finalized and that MV Island is no longer included in it.

For amateur radio this means that M V Island was
deleted from the DXCC and added to the Deleted
Entities List. Also that the entry level for
DXCC Honor Roll number has dropped to 331.


LightSquared Inc. the wireless company whose
controversial plan to operate in spectrum
adjacent to that used by the space-based G-P-S
navigation system says that it plans to lay off
nearly half of its employees to save money. In a
press release, the company said it will cut 45
percent of its 330 employee workforce and called
the move a necessary cost savings measure to
ensure the long-term success of the company.

As previously reported, the Federal
Communications Commission dealt the company a
severe blow when it said it would revoke
permission for LightSquared to move ahead with
its wireless network. This, after tests found
that it would interfere with Global Positioning
Systems used by the military, the airlines and
the general public.


There was a time when IBM's mainframe computers
were the cutting-edge machines for scientific and
engineering calculations. Now, for NASA that's
all come to an end. Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, has the details:

The day of the giant mainframe computer began in
the 1960s, when IBM's System 360 rewrote the
rules of computing and before humans walked on
the moon. When NASA acquired two of the then
super-speed System 360 Model 95 mainframes in
1968, IBM touted the machines' mathematical abilities.

But February marked the end of the era in NASA
computing. This as the space agency powered down
its last IBM Z9 mainframe that was located at Marshall Space Flight Center.

In the old days, mainframes were the size of
several large rooms. Today these units are only
the size of a refrigerator. And even though NASA
has shut down its last one, there is still a
requirement for mainframe capability in many other organizations.

For the amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Cheryl Lasek, K9BIK, in Zion, Illinois.

By comparison with days gone bye, today's fastest
mainframe supercomputers can perform 10.5 quadrillion calculations per second.



Senegal gets six metres

Following an application to the Regulatory Agency, Senegal has gained
access to the 6m band.

50 to 51MHz has been officially allocated to that nation's amateur
service on a Primary basis. This allocation becomes effective when the
new ITU Radio Regulations come into force. Any contacts made on 6m
before that date have to be considered as unauthorised.

International Museums Weekend

The International Museums Weekend special event will take place on the
weekends of 16th & 17th June and 23th & 24th June.

Radio amateurs are encouraged to participate in this event by setting
up stations in their local museums. Organiser Harry, M1BYT asks that
all those intending to take part in the event should register at



What use is an f-call?

(Past editions of What use is an f-call can be found online at
under F-troop.)

(EPISODE 20111016 USED MARCH 11)

It's good to get inspiration and it arrives in the strangest ways at the most
unexpected time. I've been pretty busy in my non-amateur radio activities
over the past months. Not that you'd notice, a bit like a duck floating on
a lake, the picture of serenity itself, furiously paddling under water.

I have a regular activity, the VK6 F-troop which I host on behalf of
Foundation Licensees across VK6 every Saturday at 8am local time. It forces
me to turn my radio on and gives me an opportunity to talk to other amateurs
on at the very least a weekly basis.

One of the amateurs, Ronald VK6FRSK continues to throw new ideas and
experiments into the air and every now and then one of them speaks to me
at an unexpected level. Ronald reported listening and attempting to talk to
overflying satellites and the International Space Station with a rubber-ducky
antenna which gave me an unexpected thrill. I tuned to an ISS frequency and
almost without effort managed to hear it overhead.

I didn't have more time
spare to do anything else, but just the thrill of hearing that gave me
inspiration and it was just a little thing!

So, if you've done something, heard something, learnt something, tell
another amateur about it, not to brag, though that's always fun, just to
inspire the next experiment when it seems hard to see the wood for the trees.

So, whom have you inspired lately?

I'm Onno - VK6FLAB


VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 80metres SSB May 5
VK Shires Contest June 9-10
VK/ZL Trans Tasman Contest 160metres SSB June 25
ZL NZART Memorial Contest July First full weekend
VK Remembrance Day Contest August 11-12
WW International Lighthouse Lightship Wknd August 18-19

This is Trent VK4TS the WIA Director for Contests -

2012 sees a new RD contest manager after the retirement of Peter VK4OD -

The new manager of the Rememberance Day was recommended by Peter as someone
who understood the value and history of the contest and that person is Alan VK4SN

Alan is a consistent competitor in most contents and brings with him a new way of
looking at the RD Contest

With every change comes housekeeping and Alan has moved forward at a rapid pace
with changes to the operating conditions in the RD - These have been put forward to
the Contesting Committee and are now on display on the WIA website for final
comment prior to publication in AR.

Some of the big changes Alan has proposed is the introduction of a Single
Transmitter Multi operator class and the introduction of a combined teams section.

Please go over the new rules and send your feedback to Alan at his WIA Address

Yes overall the rules have been simplified and will make it much easier for
the casual contester.

In the past the smaller clubs could not compete against the logistics of the
larger clubs - Now they can compete against themselves - many affiliated
clubs are under 20 members.

All Phone modes have been combined as has MF, HF and VHF. The idea behind
this is to force band changes.

(sourced to a mailer from Alan Shannon VK4SN WIA RD Contest Manager)


DX news from India. By Dot VK2DB

A group of Indian hams, lead by a YL, Sarla VU2-SWS will be operating from
Bet Dwarka IOTA AS 175 from the 15th to the 23rd of March 2012.

This island has not been activated before.

Hopefully three stations will be set up by the 17th and a team of 6 operators
will operate till the 23rd March on CW, SSB, RTTY.

The special call sign for this event is *AT2-DW. *

There will be an online log check facility and all logs will be uploaded onto the
Logbook of the World.

Hopefully many YLs will work this call on all modes.

A free QSL card to all YL station contacts will be sent if they give the QSO
details via email.

VU2-SWS will be the qsl manager.

More information about the website will be available soon.

This news is also on the ALARA website as Sarla is a member of ALARA.

The Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA) will make history
on April 25, 2012

April 25th each year marks the birthday of Guglielmo Marconi, who
received the first wireless signal at Signal Hill, Newfoundland. This
April 25th, SONRA will celebrate the event with making an Amateur
Radio contact with Princess Elettra (Marconi) who will be in Bologna
Italy to celebrate her father's birthday. It is planned to have the
Canadian Heritage Minister, the NL Premier, the City of St. John's
Mayor along with the NL Lieutenant Governor, exchange greetings with
the Princess via Amateur Radio from VO1AA at Cabot Tower.

This is the first time that this event has been attempted, and it is
anticipated that it will be a high level media exposure for Amateur
Radio in Canada.

SONRA appreciates the wonderful relationship that it enjoys with Parks
Canada, Signal Hill National Historic Site, and looks forward to many
years of commemorating this important event.


Doug Mercer, VO1DTM/VO1DM
Chief Field Services Officer - Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report - Measure Twice cut Once.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Researchers say radio waves shaped like fusilli pasta could help unclog airwaves.

Radio waves that move like pasta spirals could help unclog the wireless world by
boosting the power of radio communications, say Italian and Swedish researchers.

The new way to make radio signals more potent without boosting bandwidth is
described in the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society's New Journal of
Physics edition of March 2.

"In a three-dimensional perspective, this phase twist looks like a
fusillli-pasta-shaped beam," lead study author Fabrizio Tamburini was quoted as
telling the science website PhysOrg.

Tamburini told Nature magazine that his technique can boost radio power by up to
nine times its current strength, and that the technology may be ready for market
in the next two to five years.

Read more:

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Greater Brisbane area to get a second Digital ATV repeater.

The South East Queensland ATV group is waiting delivery of components to upgrade
the VK4RMG repeater to Digital.

Boards from SR Systems in Germany will be assembled and put on test by Martin
VK4JVC in the coming months.

Dual transport streams will double the present repeater video output to provide
for growing local interest.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Alan VK4NA


Hello, I'm John VK4BJT, from the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society, and I'm here to
announce our big DStar Demo and information "get-together" to be held on Saturday
24th March 2012 at 10am at the club rooms.

There will be an introduction to Dstar, and later, a hands-on session, where
different equipment used to connect to the Dstar network, will be made available.

If you have any interest or just want to know more about digital radio, then come
along, and enjoy the day with fellow radio amateurs. A BBQ will be available at
approximately 12:30.

Anyone interested from SE Queensland and Northern NSW, and visitors to the
Gold Coast, are most welcome.

As additional information, I can announce that two UHF DStar repeaters connected
to the ircDDB network, are now operating on the Gold Coast. They are VK4RDK and
VK4RDW. Any queries about this "get-together" please call VK4BJT on 07 55 30 55 57

Net is held each Mondays on 3.570 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)

YL International Meet 2012 Adelaide latest news

We now have 48 YLs with 28 others joining us for the YL International 2012 from
the 3rd of May to the 9th of May this year in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have 20 DX YLs from Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany,
Switzerland, Japan, Korea, USA, and New Zealand in the group.

The Meet in Adelaide will see us touring around the area for 6 days. Some
highlights are tours to Hahndorf, Clealand National Park, Port Adelaide and a
three winery progressive lunch in the Barossa Valley. Then 26 of us go on the
optional tour. We will be flying to Alice Springs, with a tour around Central
Australia including Uluru and Kings Canyon then travelling on the Ghan from
Alice Springs to Darwin.

Most events are into the final stage of planning. Late registrations are still
available but the 15th of April is the absolute deadline for all registrations
and payments. You can find all the latest information at or just do a search on YL International and the search
engines find the webpage where you will find costs and my contact details or you
can email me at

This has been Tina VK5TMC organiser of the YL International Meet 2012 in Adelaide,
South Australia.

WARO turned 50

Saturday the 10th March, WARO celebrated their 50th anniversary.

On the 10th of March 1962 a group of YLs gathered together in Rotorua New Zealand
at the Millenium Hotel and formed the Women's Amateur Radio Organization or WARO.

Yesterday on the 10th of March 2012, exactly 50 years to the day later, a large
group of YLs gathered together at the same hotel to celebrate the anniversary of
this wonderful organization. The group included representatives from ALARA
including the President Tina VK5TMC, the senior Vice President - Jean VK3VIP,
the Treasurer - Catherine VK4GH and honorary Life member Christine VK5CTY as well
as Jenny VK5FJAY and most of their OMs.

A great day was had by all and we are off to the museum today to continue the

All members of ALARA and the WIA wish WARO another 50 years of radio contacts.

This has been Tina VK5TMC president of ALARA


2nd Sunday each month.
April through October 1000 UTC 3.685 MHz
November through March 0900 UTC 7.068 MHz


A milestone for manned ham radio operations from
Earth orbit. ARISS Operation Team Mentor Charlie
Sufana, AJ9N reports that the total number of
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
or ARISS sponsored ISS-to-Earth school events has passed the 700 mark.

The 700th school contact was with the Academy at
Shawnee City in Louisville, Kentucky. It took
place via telebridge with ON4ISS on February
14. The special John Glenn event to commemorate
the 50th anniversary of Perth Australia's, City
of Lights on February 20th marked event number 701.

For those hams not aware. ARISS offers an
opportunity for students in schoolrooms to
experience the excitement of amateur radio by
talking directly with crewmembers on-board the
International Space Station. Further information
on the ARISS program is available at

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Phil Longworth VK1PL reports,

With just on 3 weeks until the Canberra 2 Day Walk, we need to get a roster built
for this years event. the walk weekend is Saturday 31st March / Sunday 1st April
2012. Check the website for info about the walk

As I have stood down as the State Coordinator & Matt VK1MA is busy with another
competing activity, we need somebody to stick their hand up and become the
"Exercise Coordinator".

The Exercise coordinator is the person that puts together the roster, and makes
sure everyone knows where they need to be and so on, it is different to the
"WICEN Commander" who is in charge of the Net Control Station and the efficient
running on the day (we'd love somebody to volunteer for that too !)

I am okay to assist and "Mentor" in these roles, so anyone who does stick their
hand up will not be left in the lurch with no support !

Okay, as far as I am aware, the 2 Day Walk will need 9 field stations on the
Saturday & 6 on the Sunday, with a couple of people to do HQ / NCS each day. This
is a little uncertain as we haven't seen a route map and checkpoint list as yet
but I have been told it will be similar in most respects as the 2009 event.

So, who is able to assist with this years event ?

Please send an email to and say YES or NO, and if YES, then
include your preferences / availability.

Thanks in advance,


Phil Longworth VK1PL,

WICEN Tas (Sth)

Of late there have been 13 people involved in providing radio communication
operators for the Tasmania Fire Service. This included relaying and logging radio
messages from the Meadowbank fire ground to the Incident Management Team based at
the TFS Cambridge Training facility.

The fire started on the 25th Feb and there has been 24hr operations since then.
Over 5000 hectares has been burnt out. See the TFS website site for more

All shifts have included at least one trained operator.

If there is sufficient demand, another PUAOPE002A - OPERATE COMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS
AND EQUIPMENT course will be run following the end of the fire season.

The unit is one of those included in the WIA's Certificate 2 in Public Safety
(SES Operations) PUA20500, a prerequisite to appointment as a WIA Emergency
Communications Officer.

(73, Roger, VK7ARN (WIA ECO #2028))


15TH IARU REGION 3 CONFERENCE hosted by V.A.R.C. in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

MAR 18 VK7 Sewing Circle Nets "Meet the Voice BBQ" at Ross.

MAR 25 VK3 Eastern and Mountain District's White Elephant Sale at 10am.

APR 14-15 VK WIA National Field Day.

MAY 3-18 VK5 YL International 2012 Australia (

MAY 5- 6 VK4 RADAR and MARC Clairview Gathering

MAY 25-27 VK3 WIA Annual Conference Mildura

JUN 8-11 VK4 FNNQARG! QLD Cassowary Coast

JUN 9-10 VK5 South East Radio Group Convention, Mt Gambier.

JULY 14 VK4 Wide Bay Hamfest. West Maryborough Scout Hall

JULY 21 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest @ Cranbourne


WIA Annual Conference Mildura

May 25th, 26th and 27th 2012

Details for the WIA 2012 Annual Conference being held in Mildura are on

Host club is Sunraysia Radio Group, led by Garry Briant VK3KYF and
Noel Ferguson VK3FI.

WIA Members who register for the event will be able to participate in a
range of fascinating and memorable activities.

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