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QST Managing Editor Joel Kleinman, N1BKE - SK

N1BKE died from injuries received during a house fire. He was 64.

Kleinman was responsible for the coordination, organization, control and
completion of all aspects of QST's editorial content each month. Kleinman's
wife Jayne survived the fire, but is currently in the intensive care unit
of a local hospital.

According to the Meriden Record-Journal, David Chester, who lives across the
street from the Kalimna's -- and about 20 others who were in his backyard at
the time of the fire were the first responders to the blaze. "It was crazy,"
Chester told the newspaper. "Somebody smelled smoke, and most everyone went
over there immediately."

Others immediately ran into the house to save Jayne Kleinman. "Steve [one of
Chester's friends] said he saw her legs and pulled on them," Chester said.
"The other two grabbed her from her back, and together they brought her out
onto the front lawn."

Fire-fighters located Joel Kleinman in a bedroom on the second floor and
paramedics treated him at the scene, but he died later at a local hospital.

The ARRL is collecting condolence messages to forward on to Joel's family.
If you would like send a message, please email it to,

ABC Local Radio stations throughout Australia did a great job publicising

Adelaide's Ashley Walsh from 891 interviewed the group at Cape Wolloughby
then Sunday morning local ABC Hobart 936 with Chris Wisbey contacted four
lighthouse stations around Tasmania.

Chris spent 23 minutes talking with:

Ray VK7VKV operating VK7LH from Low Head lighthouse on the mouth of the

Andrew VK7AW operating from the Iron Pot Lighthouse at the mouth of the

Erica from the Friends of Tasman Island as Mike VK7FB and Anne VK7BYL were
setting up their amateur radio stations on Tasman Island;

Tony VK3VTH/7 and Dale VK7YR at the Currie lighthouse on King Island in
Bass Strait.

A recording of the Tassie conversation can be found at:

A fantastic promotion of the event and amateur radio.

Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society have on their web site the audio from
their ABC Local Radio.

(David Clegg President AHARS & Justin, VK7TW)

IARU welcomes dot-radio

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) has embraced the European
Broadcasting Union (EBU) proposal that dot-radio be used to help to create
a global radio community.

IARU President Tim Ellam VE6SH said the IARU believes that the proposal,
to be submitted by the EBU, could provide a unique opportunity to standardise
Radio domain names on the Internet.

In a letter Tim VE6SH said, "I recommend that the dot-radio Top Level Domain
proposal of the EBU be approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers)."

The IARU has been the voice of the world Amateur Radio community since 1925
with a 160 strong membership.

EBU Director General, Ingrid Deltenre said the IARU comments are an expression
of confidence.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary Sarah Thompson VK3AUD
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

The WIA gives Australian radio amateurs and electronics enthusiasts access
to an extensive range of locally and internationally sourced publications
including those from the ARRL and the RSGB.

Our bookshop is designed to provide you with a simple and secure way to
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Purchasing the latest in amateur radio publications is both secure and easy.

We hold a wide range of the most popular publications suitable for those
starting out in the hobby as well as books popular with the more experienced

If there is a particular publication that you are trying to locate that is
not listed in our online catalogue, then we would be more than happy to help
you. Please send an email with the details of the book you are looking for to

Both WIA members and non-members are able to purchase from the WIA online
bookshop, however the bookshop provides significant discounts to members of
the Wireless Institute of Australia.

From time to time we do run specials on some publications, so keep an eye on
your Amateur Radio magazine each month for details.

This is Mal VK3FDSL for the WIA Bookshop


web service:-
VKG Roundup
Email Address :

AUG 26 VK2 Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club WinterFest CANCELLED.

Julian VK2YJS, Publicity Officer, WICEN NSW says that
each year WICEN NSW assists in the running of Trek for Timor, a
significant fund-raising walk, by providing communications on a range
of VHF and UHF Amateur and non-Amateur frequencies.

This year, the event, which raises funds for community development in
Timor Leste (said Lest-Ay), including the provision of vocational training,
will be held in the spectacular Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney, on
Saturday 15 September. WICEN is seeking further operators, current
members or otherwise, for the event. Any new operators would be
paired with an experienced member. F-calls are most welcome.

WICEN ACT also have a number of events over the next few months, and
would appreciate participation by Amateurs in the Territory, and from
south-eastern New South Wales.

You can find your local WICEN by visiting and selecting
the relevant state.

CRARC Events:


Many times WIA National News and the various state run local news services
cry out for input from clubs as to what they are doing and we are met with
"Very Little, nothing of interest to other hams."

Well Glenn Taylor, vk1nut C.R.A.R.C. President has issued a "State of the
Nation" summary report of CRARC's Services, this is much like the late great
Chris Jones of the WIA delivered in the first year of the WIA becoming a true
national body.

I'd suggest all clubs read this and do up their own versions, you may very
well be surprised at your result!

Glenn addressed the MANY services that CRARC provides.

CRARC has the highest number of members on record for the year 2011/2012
A credit to the greater variety of interests in amateur radio than there
have been for years and your continuing interest in supporting your club.
You should be proud of your association with CRARC and to make you feel
extra special, please consider getting a CRARC Membership Certificate
to hang on your shack wall.

CRARC run the VK1-News email news by free subscription, generally individual
emails are in the form of a bulletin as news comes to light to keep you up
to date with the latest information, then a summary of the months happenings
at the end of the month.

If you wish to discuss anything with your fellow amateurs, there is an email
based "VK1-Reflector" for the benefit of all that wish to subscribe to it.

Monthly General Meetings:
CRARC brings to their members one topic each month in the form of a presentation.
Trash and Treasure nights at least twice a year.

Tech Nights:
Every second Wednesday is a Tech night at Mt Mugga starting at 7.30 pm ,
with helpful advice and hands on help with that special project. They have
test equipment and repair equipment that can make your project easier to be

VK1ACA Club House Radio Shack:
They are getting closer to completing the brand new Mt Mugga CRARC radio
shack with 6m, 2m, 70cm, HF and DSTAR operating between two consoles all
on modern radios available for members use.

Fifth Wednesday of the Month "On Air at Home" Night:
Some months have a bonus extra 5th Wednesday, so it is always fun to work
from home and try out a different mode or test out that piece of gear you
now have.

Web Site:
CRARC runs a comprehensive web site with tons of details to either get you
started in something new, or just find out what is happening around the

Education Services:
CRARC regularly schedules a Foundation course every two months, a team of
dedicated volunteers and assessments for all levels of Amateur Licences.

QSL Inwards and Outwards Bureau service:
Let us do your QSL'ing for you.

VK1 Awards:
CRARC have the long running VK1 Award to encourage contact with the elusive
VK1's by using a variety of bands. It is a great Award just for making
contact with you, and it looks great too!

WICEN (ACT) is very active with a typical number of events per year can be
as high as eight in the Canberra district including bicycle events,
car rallies, horse endurance and carriage events, and walking events.

Repeaters: Mt Ginini , Isaacs Ridge
All repeaters owned and operated by CRARC in early 2013 will have the
standard Wireless Institute of Australia Repeater sub tone of 91.5 Hz CTCSS
added to their programming.

VK1 Technical Group:
CRARC have a small but dedicated team that maintains theses UHF, VHF and DSTAR

If you need help with eliminating interference from your equipment to
services like television, radio or even your HiFi, just contact CRARC.

The VK1 local D-STAR Net is held each Tuesday night at 2000 hrs. on
VK1RWN G to help anyone become familiar with DSTAR or just to have a
chat in this mode.

All are welcome to check in.

So there it is .. a MOST impressive club, how about it the rest of VK, can
your club match that of Canberra? Put pen to paper and voice to mp3 and
drop national news and your local state news services your report and
"show the world."

Send your stories for news. SCRIPT to
send audio to

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get local news emailed

Ipswich & District Radio Club
P.O. Box 250
Ipswich Qld 4305
Web -
Email -
Main 2 meter repeater - 146.900, linked to 438.375 and 439.300

As part of the Ipswich and District Radio Club's 50th year celebrations, they
have secured special callsign VI4WIP50 Victor India 4 Whiskey India Papa 50.

Club members have put together a roster to work the bands for the licence
period from August 25 until September 8.

While the club won't be on air 24/7 during the two weeks approved by ACMA,
there will be plenty of opportunities to work this very special call-sign.

At this stage weekends and some week-nights the club house will be open as
members attempt to work as many stations as possible.

Listen up for VI4WIP50, from August 25.


What use is an f-call

A recent lunchtime conversation between Hams revealed that the perception
that you need to upgrade your license is still alive and well.

Now, I should start by saying that I'm all for upgrading your skill level and
learning. Getting a higher grade license is an excellent way to formalise the
process of training and encouraging yourself to learn specific skills, but
that notion is not related in any way to your ability to participate as an
active amateur.

I know that I keep saying that Power is not the Answer, it's what you do with
what you have that makes all the difference.

The more I come across other amateurs, the more I realise that if I look at
my Foundation License as a QRP, or low-power license, the more I can find
challenges to tackle and investigate. I'm actively investigating new antenna
types and ways to get my signal out to the world.

Last weekend I spent several hours looking for new take-off points around my
QTH, my home-town, and have found several promising locations that need

The thing I like about Amateur Radio is that it's as much about being
self-driven and motivated as it is about joining forces with other Amateurs
who are either trying to achieve something that runs in parallel to your
goals, or who have achieved what you're aiming for.

My personal goal, for no other reason that I'd like to prove to myself that
it can be done is to achieve the DXCC, an amateur radio award, earned by
making contact with 100 or more geographic entities around the world, using
just my Foundation License. I don't know if it has been done or not and while
I could spend an enjoyable Sunday finding out, it's more about showing myself
that it can be done. I don't know if I am going to take a month, a year or a
decade to do this, but that's my aim. One thing I know is that I'll be
talking to lots of people around the world to get there - hi hi.

So, my question to you is, what motivates you to use your License, Foundation
or otherwise?

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.


A MILITARY radio found in a bunker on Iwo Jima was probably the one used by
the Japanese army to send its final message before the island was overrun by
US soldiers, a report says.

The transmitter was found in an underground bunker, near the remains of a
Japanese soldier, an official said.

The bunker, in the north of the volcanic island, is believed to have
functioned as the Japanese Imperial Army's communications centre, the
Tokyo Shimbun said.

The message, which is widely known in Japan for its poetic expressions of
self-sacrifice, redolent of the era of the samurai, says
"arrows and bullets are exhausted" and "sorrow comes as I fall".

About 22,000 Japanese and 7,000 US soldiers died during the month-long battle
in early 1945, which is seen as a key moment in the conflict.


Several projects around the world seek to harvest solar radiation as the
push continues for the sun become a major source of renewable energy.

VK3PC says a Solar Concentrator Power Station, using curved reflecting
mirrors to track the sun, is proposed for Carwarp near Mildura in Victoria,
delivering local jobs in its construction and ultimately power.

Four smaller solar power stations already built in central Australia.

Near Las Vegas in the USA one of the largest solar thermal farms is to be
switched on in 2013 using 170,000 mirrors to concentrate sunlight to three

In Paris the iconic Eiffel Tower will start making its own electricity and
hot water by the end of 2013, although it will not change the tower's famous

For the Olympics Games in Rio 2016 a solar tower and urban waterfall has
been suggested to help provide the city with power.


Despite a small war in Tajikistan Neil Melville PA9N and Helen Woolnough
driving their 9 year old 1.1 litre Fiat Panda, have now made it to Mongolia.

They are taking part in the Mongol Rally where participants drive, in no more
than six weeks, from the UK to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, using a thoroughly
unsuitable car of 1.2 litres or less.

Over the years Neil PA9N has given many presentations to the AMSAT-UK
International Space Colloquium so on the underside of the bonnet they have
an AMSAT-UK logo with the caption "You can have even more FUN in space".

No doubt with this seen each and every time they raise the bonnet LOT'S have
seen the AMSAT logo.

This summer, in the USA, the ARRL offered teachers the opportunity to learn
about ways to incorporate wireless technology into their classroom through
its Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology (TI).

Since 2004, the ARRL has sponsored TI sessions as part of its educational
outreach to schools.

This professional development training is offered at no cost to the teachers,
but is funded through grants and donations to the ARRL's Education &
Technology Program.

The Teachers Institute has provided teachers from elementary school to
the university level with tools and strategies to introduce basic
electronics, the science of radio, space technology and satellite
communications, as well as weather science, introduction to
micro-controllers and basic robotics in their classrooms.

The curriculum is designed for motivated teachers and other school staff who
want to learn more about wireless technology and bring that knowledge to
their students.

UK Regulator Ofcom is seeking views on the potential uses of newly available
spectrum in the VHF frequency band.

Around 6 MHz of spectrum between 143 MHz and 156 MHz is becoming available
for civil use. Spectrum in this band is used mainly by Private Mobile Radio,
however Ofcom will consider all potential uses and users that can be

In much of the world the amateur radio 2m band extends from 144-148 MHz
instead of the 144-146 MHz allocated in the UK.

This spectrum release could open the way for a great many more civil users to
operate close to the amateur radio 2m band.

Information on the consultation and details of how to respond online are at

VHF Spectrum Release in the range 143 MHz to 156 MHz Call for Input -

The consultation closes 5 p.m., Friday 12 October 2012.


Henry Lundell VK2ZHE points us all to the Monday 20th of August edition of
The Sydney Morning Herald where he spotted a report on the 15th International
EME Conference held in Cambridge in the UK. This Conference was hosted by the
UK Microwave Group and as well as EME-specific lectures there were
presentations on radio astronomy and deep space communications.

You will be looking for the article "Big bounce better than Olympics and Sex!"

This topical item features Michael Farrell VK2FLR of Glebe in Sydney NSW.




A ham in Wales has won a tower dispute with the town he lives in by taking a
very different approach. He accused the town's community council of
bordering on racism and won an appeal to erect a fourth tower in his garden.

We have more in this report:

Michael Butler, GW0MNP, had his planning
application for a 21 foot antenna mast rejected
three times in under a year but he did not give
up. In what may best be called an unprecedented
three-pronged attack, Butler not only accused the
city council of racism but also wrote letters
accusing the Gazette newspaper of being "biased
and sarcastic" and calling borough Mayor councillor Marlene Thomas "an idiot".

According to Wales dot com, Butler, of Green
Meadow, sent a stinging letter to Cefn Cribwr
Community Council last month. In it he claimed
that their "prejudice" against his antenna mast
installation ideas "bordered on racism".

In March, Bridgend County Borough Council
planners denied Butler's request to erect the
mast in his garden to further his amateur radio
hobby. Those opposed to his installation
compared the proposed antennae to "a flying

But in the end, Butler's interesting approach
succeeded. This when Welsh planning inspector
Rebecca Phillips upheld his appeal against the
council planners initial decision. Her decision
means he can now keep the three towers already
has and erect a fourth. The only proviso is the
new tower is only at its full height for three hours a day.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bill
Pasternak, WA6ITF, mulling this one over here in the newsroom in Los Angeles.

You can read the entire story of this fascinating
tower appeal, including commentary by some of
Butler's neighbours on-line at


The IARU Monitoring System Region 1 newsletter reports on a new burst radio
system that is affecting the amateur radio operations in the 80, 40, 20 and
15 meter bands.

Writing in the newsletter Wolfgang Hadel, DK2OM,
says that he discovered a new burst system
operating on 3.5, 7, 14 and 21 MHz, daily.

Hadel who is the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System
Coordinator says that the system is active every
full hour at plus 1, plus 2 and plus 3 minutes
with 10.4 sec. bursts of 20 kHz width. Also, the
signals appear to come from France.

DK2OM adds that audio frequency analysis seems to
pin this as being similar to CODAR signals.

Their real purpose is unknown but DK2OM says that
perhaps this is a new kind of over the horizon radar or Ionosonde.

As we go to air, Germany's Department of Post and Telecommunications has
filed a complaint with its French counterpart.




WW ALARA August 25-26
WW Oceania Dx Contest SSB October 6
ww Oceania Dx Contest CW Oct 13
VK Spring VHF / UHF Field Day November 24-25


A pair of twinned Special Event Stations, GB175PO and TM175PO, are up and
running in Dover and Calais celebrating 175 years of P&O.

Operation finishes September ninth.

Both stations will have the opportunity to work /MM from ferries at various
times during this operation.

(sourced to rsgb)

A special event station with the callsign SU 30 ASR is operating from
Alexandria in Egypt August 24 until 2 September. The Egyptian Radio Amateurs
Society members will activate the special callsign to celebrate the special
event 30th Arab Scouts Camp.


more info on

DXers who recently worked Alex UA9YAB as YV7 and YV5/UA9YAB will be saddened
to hear of his death while still in Venezuela.

It is thought that his death occurred as a result of a bite from a poisonous
jellyfish. Our sympathy goes to his XYL Natalia and his two young children.

Unfortunately, Alex did not take out insurance cover for his time away. Thus,
his family urgently need assistance in raising funds to have his body
returned to Russia from Venezuela, and for funeral arrangements.

DX has set aside a dedicated page for donations to be sent to the
family of Alex. Listed is every operator who has helped so far in these
hours of need.


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

The IARU Region 1 site reports that Radio Bangladesh is broadcasting in the
amateur radio 40m band

Dear fellow intruder busters, since 13 August 2012 Radio "Bangladesh Betar"
has been transmitting every day programs in English and Bengali language on
the exclusive Amateur Radio frequency 7105 kHz.

Time (UTC) Program
------------- ---------
1745-1800 carrier
1800-1900 English (General Overseas Service)
1900-1915 carrier and/or measuring tone
1915-2000 Bengali Service
2000-2015 carrier with white noise, 10 kHz spread

The signal is very strong, S9+35dB at the 40-m-dipole of DJ9KR in southern
Germany, the modulation is clear.

The homepage of R.Bangladesh Betar gives 7250 kHz as transmission frequency.

Will you please listen on the frequency and inform your national
telecom authorities. Ask them to send an International Complaint
to the telecom authority of Bangladesh.

Thank you for your good work!

The radio amateurs of the world have the right to use their exclusive
40-m-band without the harmful interference of Radio "Bangladesh Betar".

URL of R.Bangladesh Betar with transmission sked:

Regards, Wolf Hadel DK2OM Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1
Uli Bihlmayer DJ9KR Vice Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1

IARU Region 1

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

ATV QSO PARTY Friday night August 24 till Saturday morning/afternoon AEST.

Working Australia Pedestrian Mobile.

A video showing radio amateur David Roper M 0 DAD using his pedestrian mobile
station to work Paul Simmonds VK 5 PAS in South Australia on 20m is available
on the web, Google M 0 PAS.

The purpose of this video was to show ham radio operator VK5PAS how he was
being received at the other end of a long path QSO from Australia to UK. The
receiving location is Blyth beach, North-East UK.

The equipment in use was a pedestrian portable station with everything
mounted on a small shopping trolley.

The audio quality is masked in places due to the crashing noise of the wind
and waves.



The amateur radio satellite Tethersat is a 3U CubeSat that splits into two
joined by a 1 km tether to test electrodynamic tether propulsion.

Both spacecraft will use 9600 bps AX25 GFSK packet downlinks on UHF.

A launch is planned on ORS-3 in July 2013 from the Wallops Flight Facility
on Wallops Island, Va.

Electrodynamic tether propulsion propulsion has the potential to make space
travel significantly cheaper. It is a simplified, very low-budget magnetic
sail. It can be used either to accelerate or brake an orbiting spacecraft.
When direct current is pumped through the tether, it exerts a Lorentz force
against the magnetic field, and the tether accelerates the spacecraft.

Potentially this technique could be used to raise the orbit of a satellite
from 600 to 1000 km using a Ward Spiral manoeuvre.

See the 2009 paper Tethered Satellite Dynamics, Mission Design and
Applications by Chadwick Healy



Good result for the ILLW

Many thanks to the record number of registered stations for the 15th annual
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.

In the lead on registrations was Australia very closely followed by the US,
Germany, England and the Netherlands. The next five were Sweden, South Africa,
Argentina, Scotland and Canada.

There were 472 registrations just ahead of last year, a very good result
despite having eight fewer countries participating, with financial and political
change thought to be contributing factors.

In some places, judging by the increased public visits, there was interest
in the ancient form of maritime navigation. The news media also helped by
running numerous stories about the weekend.

It met its intentions of raising awareness of the need to restore and preserve
the structures, promote amateur radio and spread goodwill.

Visit the website ILLW.NET for full details, reports from the many activations,
and online registration for the next fun event to be held on August 17-18
August 2013.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


AUG 24-25 WW ATV QSO PARTY Friday night till Saturday morning/afternoon AEST


AUG 26 VK2 Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club WinterFest CANCELLED.

SEP 8 VK4 SUNFEST WOOMBYE. (Sunshine Coast).

SEP 28-30 VK4 Central Highlands ARC AGM at Camp Fairbairn, Emerald.


NOV 4 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HAMFEST @ Goodwood

NOV 11 VK3 Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group Hamfest



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