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The West Australian VHF Group Inc. is running in top gear with another public
Amateur Radio display station similar to the VK100WIA Super Springtime.

September 2012 will see the Centenary of the establishment of our nation's
Coastal Radio station network.

VIP Perth on Wireless Hill, Ardross WA is believed to be the only remaining
survivor in public hands. The WA VHF Group was instrumental in the
preservation of the buildings to house a Telecommunications Museum and now
has almost certainly secured a permanent Hamshack as part of the re-vamping.

This was the site of the 2010 WIA Centenary celebration airing the VK100WIA
call for 12 consecutive days in a co-operative venture by 9 local radio

In co-ordination with the Melville City Council, the WA VHF Group has made
application to again air the commemorative callsign VI 6 VIP
(previous occasions being 1992 and 2004) for this station which will be open
to the public 01:00Z to 10:00Z daily Sat 29 Sept to 13 Oct inclusive.

The station should be active well beyond these hours.

(73 Bob, VK6KW, President)


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW with a reminder that tomorrow Monday
September 3rd the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australia's monthly News
and Information bulletin will be broadcast on a number of HF and VHF

The principal HF transmissions can be heard on 20 metres on 14.150 MHz USB at
0100 UTC beamed north from Melbourne for Eastern states listeners, and again
at 0200 beamed West for Western Australia.

During tomorrow numerous local relays will also take place on various VHF and
lower HF frequencies. To find a frequency and time for your area, please
visit the RAOTC website

September 3 is the 73rd anniversary of the declaration of WW2 and in keeping
with this occasion we have in the Monday Broadcast an item on Oboe, the most
precise radio bombing aid of WW2.

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is invited to listen to this
interesting half hour of Old Timer news, stories and anecdotes and to
participate in the call backs afterwards.

Once again, the RAOTC monthly bulletin is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday
September 3rd.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


Ever wanted an ear inside the cockpit as a pilot prepares to land or take off
from Melbourne Airport?

Well, according to the Sunbury Leaer, you could soon have the chance if a
plan by Hume councillor Jack Ogilvie takes flight.

Cr Ogilvie wants a transmitter tower installed at the airport viewing area on
the corner of Sunbury and Oaklands roads, allowing plane watchers to listen
to conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers.

"It would be about 3m high, with a transmitter and a solar panel," he said.

"It would enable people to tune in to an FM station in their own cars and you
would be able to hear what's happening."

Rhema Central Coast upgrades transmission facilities

Rhema FM on the NSW central coast has upgraded its broadcast antenna.

General Manager Rick Broome told the coverage is much better
and that their old antenna is looking for a new home.

"The increase in signal strength from about 1100w to licenced 2kw has made a
tremendous improvement to coverage.

The new 4-bay antenna cost the station about $5,500, so they are looking to
re-coup a little of the cost.

"Make us an offer!" says Broome.

Contact Rick Broome on to follow up


President Michael Owen VK3KI
Vice President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

What a great weekend the Remembrance Day contest was.

We had over 1100 unique calls that made it on air. This meant that some
stations were actually working 1 to 2 contacts per minute over a one hour
period. Propagation was fantastic as well; with a very low noise figure
it made it easy for eastern QRP stations to contact VK6 on a regular basis.

Some quotes extracted from logs received are:

"The most enjoyable RD since the 1980's"

"The RD contest bought the activity level on several bands up to where
it was many years ago"

"I really like the new RST/exchange system - less competitive pressure."

"Thanks to the organisers for making this contest more accessible"


"A great format for a friendly contest"

I think the last comment sums it up perfectly.

Remember to send in your log. At the moment only 17 per cent have done so.
That's 17 per cent of actual participants.

The state scores are very close and it only needs a few logs to tilt the
current balance of power. So please, send me your logs.

Only 7 days left for log submission, so do it now!

Your log could decide if your state wins or loses.

(Alan, VK4SN)


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Central Highlands ARC AGM Weekend - SUDDEN DATE CHANGE

The date has had to be changed due to a double booking with the Scouts
Queensland State Jamboree Committee.

So now the AGM weekend will be held from 4pm Friday October 5th to Midday
Sunday October 7th.

Find out more, contact


web service:-

Ballarat Amateur Radio Hamvention - 2012.

The Ballarat Amateur Radio Group will hold its annual Hamvention on Sunday
the 21st of October 2012 in the usual venue provided by the Ballarat
Greyhound Racing Club in Rubicon St, Redan.

Doors open for traders at 8am and general access is at 10am.

Those that have attended in the past will know that this is a good day out
in a really roomy, indoors venue with historically around 60 to 70 tables of
new and preloved amateur radio gear, test gear and general bits and pieces
on sale.

They work very hard to make the event a place where both first timers and
regulars are welcomed, be they traders, browsers or buyers and each and
everyone is given every assistance to ensure that they have a great day out.

Entry for everyone, including traders is $6 per head and tables are available
for $10 per 1.6 metre section.

Ballarat would really encourage people to use the opportunity to turn over
some of that gear that has been sitting in the shack for a little too long
and those bit and pieces that you have been struggling to find a use for,
give another amateur a chance to put it to use and make yourself a
few dollars in the process.

If you don't think you could support a full table then the Ballarat Club has
a table where they are more than happy to sell the goods for you for a small

Historically they have had a really strong representation of commercial
traders and dealers and are pleased to continue this tradition into 2012.

No amateur gathering is ever complete without a bit a food, a place for a
coffee and a good catch up with friends, there is a well catered food area
designated and it is provided with a goodly amount of seating with generous
sized tables.

If you love building equipment then how about a bit of show and tell, there
is a special section for home brew projects with sections for novices,
skilled and very skilled with generous prizes for each category, amateurs
just love seeing other amateurs projects and admiring their ingenuity.

If you attend every year they look forward to seeing you again, if you
haven't been to Ballarat for a while then please consider paying a visit,
it's a truly beautiful town with lots to do for families and they would
really be delighted to see you at the Hamvention.

If you need more information then please visit the BARG web site

or you can contact via Roger VK3ADE on 03 5330 3081
or Ian VK3AXH on 03 5341 3012.

For bookings contact


Interested in amateur microwaves?

In two weeks' time, the Brisbane VHF Group will be running another microwave
test and tune-up day. The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity for
amateurs interested in microwave bands to test and measure the performance of
gear that they have built or bought for the bands we have available above
1 GHz.

Another aim is for amateurs who have a budding interest in the microwave
bands to engage with others of similar interest, sharing plans and dreams
or just to enjoying being together.

Last year, this event was a real blast and many microwave projects and items
were tested and evaluated. The day also served as an all-in-one-place
'show and tell' session for working microwave gear.

We hope to do the same or better this year with test equipment available for
frequencies right up to 24 GHz. There'll be power measurement, spectrum
analysers and swept frequency testing to 24 GHz, a signal generator and
frequency counting to 18 GHz, and noise figure measurement to 1.8 GHz.

When and where's this all happening? It'll be on Sunday the 16th of
September at the club rooms of the Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club
in Klinger Road, Kippa-Ring. The advertised start time is 9:00 a.m. and it
will be easy to just come and go at different times of the morning, through
to around 2:00 p.m.

Interest in amateur microwaves in South-East Queensland is starting to
pick up. So, if you have a plan to one day get active there, or you've even
got some completed or not yet completed gear, come along on the sixteenth.

Going on from that, like last year, the Brisbane VHF Group will also be
holding another out-in-the-field microwave activity day on the last Sunday
of October. Keep that one in mind as well as the Spring VHF-UHF Field
contest at the end of November!

But the focus right now is the microwave test and tune-up day on the 16th of

See you there!

(Doug vk4oe)

vk7 local news, email

We received the very first QST magazine from Tasmania's Cradle Coast Amateur
Radio Club through the week and this IS a magazine!

A very comprehensive report from the President
Full story and great 'chopper shots' of their Mt Duncan Repeater upgrade.
VK7EM looks back at his time on Wilkes in 1968
WICEN and the Tom Quilty Ride
A good review of the Buddistick Antenna
And of course local 'classifieds'.

Volume 1 issue 1 is well worth a read!

Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club

September NTARC Meeting

David Long, Tasmanian ACMA field representative, will be guest speaker at
Wednesday 12 September's meeting. Please mark your diary and go along to hear
David bring you up to date on ACMA's modern role and recent activity in VK7.

As previously suggested, members of the clubs in the North West might also
like to attend this briefing. At least one CCARC member intends to get along,
so why not join him? You would be more than welcome.


The state of Amateur Radio in Australia today

Over the past months in VK6 we've been welcoming new Amateurs to the hobby by
extracting the latest callsigns from the ACMA RADCOM database. This started
me wondering what the overall numbers of Amateurs in Australia looks like
today. Not having seen such statistics anywhere, I have compiled to the best
of my ability the numbers based on information from the ACMA RADCOM database,
Geoscience Australia[#1] and the Australian Bureau of Statistics[#2].

The big numbers first

As at August 13[#3], 2012, there were a total of 15,771 Amateur licenses
across 14,653 people in the RADCOM database. Comprising 476 licenses for
beacons and repeaters and 15,295 licenses for Operators.

Just over 71% of licenses are Advanced Licenses. 15% are Foundation and
nearly 14% are Standard Licenses. Ignoring repeaters and beacons, the most
licenses are in New South Wales (VK2), where 4,239 Amateur Licenses are
allocated, representing just under 28% of total Licenses issued. Just over
27% of Licenses are held by Victorians (VK3), Queensland (VK4) follows with
over 18%, South Australia (VK5) with just under 10%, Western Australia (VK6)
with under 9%, Tasmania (VK7) with under 4%, the Australian Capital
Territory[#4] (VK1) with 2.5%, the Northern Territory (VK8) with 1%, followed
by the external territories (VK9) with 0.2% and the Australian Antarctic
Territory (VK0) with 0.05%.

The total population in Australia is 22,485,300. Amateur Radio license
holders represent 0.07% of the population.

Taking into account the naming convention variation across the ACMA
database[#5], the Wireless Institute of Australia is the largest Amateur
License holder in VK, it holds 167 licenses[#6] in various names. Scouting
around Australia[#7] holds 53 licenses across 21 different groups. 332
licenses[#8] are held by 135 groups, clubs and associations.

One amateur holds 9 licenses, three hold 7 and eleven amateurs hold 6
licenses each.

The most popular suffixes are AA, XX, DX and WI. The most common Foundation
call is FAAF.

The largest beacon operator is the West Australian VHF Group who operate
8 beacon licenses across VK6. The largest repeater operator is the WIA who
operate 115 licenses across VK. The next largest is the West Australian
Repeater Group who operate 15 licenses in VK6, followed by Scouts who operate
8 licenses.

And that is a quick run-down on the state of Amateur Radio in Australia today. I'm Onno VK6FLAB

[#3] There was a problem downloading the data for VK2, which was done a day
[#4] I've combined the population and area of the ACT and Jervoise Bay - I do
not know if VK1 follows the same convention.
[#5] The ACMA RADCOM database holds a License Number, Category, Callsign,
Ship Name, Client Number and Licensee. To produce these numbers Client
Numbers and Licensees were combined where they were the same. For example,
the Wireless Institute of Australia has three different Client Numbers
with an identical Licensee. The WIA appears in several variations in
spelling and state affiliation. These entities have been combined
[#6] This combines licenses held by WIA, WIA NSW, WIA VIC, WICEN in several
permutations and states.
[#7] This includes all licenses issued to an entity with the word "Scout" in
[#8] This includes all licenses issued to an entity with the words "Club",
"Group" or "Assoc".

(Onno Benschop)

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

British 'Phantom' star may tour to ISS

Singer Sarah Brightman may be the next paying passenger to ride a Russian
rocket to the International Space Station, the Interfax news agency reported,
citing an unidentified official in the space industry in Russia.

If it happens, Brightman, 52, would make the journey in 2015 and would be the
first paying customer since Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte who donned
a red clown's nose during his 2009 trip, the official was cited as saying.

But seats on the three-person Soyuz capsules have become scarce since
U.S. space agency NASA retired its space shuttles last year, leaving Russian
rockets as the only craft capable of carrying crews to the station for now.

Brightman - who rose to fame starring in the original London and
New York casts of "The Phantom of the Opera" - visited Russia about a
month ago and received the approval of a medical commission to begin training
at the Cosmonaut Training Centre outside Moscow, the source added.

Gough Island pirate

Its seems the DX community has been duped on the Paul, ZD 9 KN, operation
from Gough Island (AF-030).

ZD 9 KN is a Pirate!

Several sources report that Johan, ZS 1 A, has confirmed that the callsign
ZD 9 KN has never been issued. So, OPDX say "do not waste time working this
station if you hear him."

The good news is that Gerard ZS 6 KX/ZS 7 KX will be going to Gough Island
sometime this month for one year. He is hoping to be issued the callsign
ZD 9 KX and is awaiting for the approval/license. QSL route TBA.

Look for more details to be forthcoming.



The British Broadcasting Corporation is running a five week trial of
switching off existing Medium Wave services for four BBC local radio stations.

The experiment runs to the 24th of September and affects BBC Radio Kent,
BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Merseyside and BBC Radio Nottingham.

The BBC say one way to make savings and preserve value to license fee payers
is to switch off Medium Wave services EXCEPT where listeners depend upon
Medium Wave as an alternative to FM or Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Medium Wave services in the UK mainly duplicate what is already available on
FM and DAB.

Medium Wave is a European term that describes what we call the AM broadcast
band here in VK.

The BBC notes that the aim of the trial is to get a better understanding of
the impact of the loss of Medium Wave would have on its core listeners and
also enable the broadcaster to ensure adequate coverage is available on other
platforms in these regions.





A major coup for a relatively new ham radio emergency communications radio
group. This as the United Nations Economic and Social Council known by the
acronym UNESCO adopts the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental
Organizations to grant Special Consultative Status to the International Radio
Emergency Support Coalition.

A group better known by its initials of IRESC.

For those who may have never heard of it, the
International Radio Emergency Support Coalition
bills itself as a global coalition of volunteer
communicators, with dedicated members spread
around the world providing assistance to those in
need at all times of day or night. The main
objectives of IRESC are to foster efficient
collaboration between radio amateurs, extending
friendships across the world and providing
international emergency communication in times of need when all else fail.

Currently, IRESC has members in at least 40
countries. Most are also affiliated with
national organizations such as the International
Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the United
Kingdom's RAYNET, the Israel's Magen David Adom,
local amateur radio clubs, and many other groups the world over.

The decision to grant the International Radio
Emergency Support Coalition this status was made
at the recently concluded UNESCO session held in
July. More about this important milestone for
the IRESC can be found on-line at


Earthquake prediction may be on the verge of
becoming a reality. This, following media
reports that a pair of temblors centred near
Yorba Linda, California were detected by a new
earthquake warning system that's being developed
at the California Institute of Technology.

A 4.5-magnitude quake struck one mile northeast
from Yorba Linda at 11:23 p.m. Tuesday, August
7th. About ten hours later another a 4.4
magnitude shaker struck two miles from the same location.

News reports quote Douglas Given from the U.S.
Geological Survey as saying that in the case of
the first event Cal Tech received about nine to
ten seconds warning before the strongest shaking
was felt at the facility. In regard to the
second quake the warning time was in the area of
four seconds. Cal Tech is located in Pasadena
California which is about 60 air miles from the two quake's epicentre.

Seismologists say that once the technology
advances, they should be able to quickly
determine a quake's magnitude and send that
information out to the public before the
strongest shaking waves reaches a given
location. In its current incarnation, the
early warning system sounds an audible alert,
shows a countdown timer and estimates the intensity of an earthquake.

Experiments in quake detection have been going on
for well over five decades but experts say that
this new prototype system is the first to ever
pick up quakes before the ground started shaking at its location.


The Northern California DX Foundation is the recipient of a $4000 donation
from the Northern California DX Club. This is said to be the largest
donation ever received by the group from a club.

Of late more and more DX oriented clubs are making donations to the
Northern California DX Foundation. The organization thoroughly analyzes
the financial needs of planned DXpeditions and helps provide critical funding
to operations high on the DXers Most Wanted List. It's been said that without
support many DXpeditions would not be possible.




Radio tags aid hairy wood ant research

The BBC report that scientists investigating the behaviour of the UK's
largest ant are to tag around 1,000 of the insects at a National Trust site
in Derbyshire in the first study of its kind.

In the report Richard Black says:

Tiny radio tags will be glued to the backs of northern hairy wood ants,
allowing researchers to study the ants' interaction with others within their
own colony and between nests.

It is hoped the findings will help the National Trust look after the
hairy wood ants, which are a protected species in the UK.

Watch Ant-enna: Radio tags aid hairy wood ant research

University of York scientists track insects by antennae

A lesson in efficiency - ants show the way



WW Oceania Dx Contest SSB October 6
ww Oceania Dx Contest CW Oct 13
VK Spring VHF / UHF Field Day November 24-25


Has 2 O 12 L broken a world record?

The RSGB reports that the team at 2 O 12 L, the amateur radio special event
station for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, believe that they have
now broken the world record for the number of contacts by a Special Event

It is believed the record was made by DQ 2006 X during the 2006 World Cup,
their total was 47,790 contacts.

At 2142UTC on 21 August, 2 O 12 L made contact number 47,791.

The team would like to thank the thousands who have joined the pile-ups to
contact 2 O 12 L and now they look forward to hitting their overall target
of 60,000 QSOs.

2 O 12 L goes QRT on 9 September after the Paralympic Games' closing ceremony
so there is still some time to work the station or get more band-slots.


9/11 Special Event Stations

Members of the Symbol Technologies Amateur Radio Club (STARC), will be
operational as N 1 Y, September 8th and 9th commemorating the September 11th,
2001, terrorist attacks.

They will be on 40/20/15 meters using CW and SSB.

N 3 U/F l t 93 (N3U/United Flight 93) to be activated once again between
September 8-13th, to remind "Amateur Radio Operators World-Wide" of the
tragic events that happened near "Shanksville (Pa), New York City and
Washington DC, on September 11, 2001."

P 49 T (P 49 Towers) Aruba September 14-21st. QSL via W3BTX, by the W3
Bureau or direct. Don't QSL via the P4 Bureau or eQSL.

A pair of twinned Special Event Stations, GB 175 PO and TM 175 PO,
are running in Dover and Calais to celebrate 175 years of P&O.
Operation will be running till around September 10 approx.
Both stations will have the opportunity to work from ferries at
various times during the operation.

GB 0 TLR Railways on the Air

Southgate Amateur Radio Club will be operating a Special Event station for
the Railways on the Air event on 22nd and 23rd of September.

This is being run in conjunction with the North London Model Engineering
Society at the Tyttenhanger Light Railway site near London Colney,
Hertfordshire using call sign GB0TLR, the same callsign as used last year
and operating on 20, 40 and 80 metres.

Two Croatian amateurs are with the NATO-led troops in Afghanistan.
T 6 TJ and T 6 VT until the end of September.
QSLs for both operators go via 9 A 6 AA.

Stefan is in Afghanistan until the end of this month (September.)
He is active as T 6 SS and so far has been worked mainly on 20m.

PB 100 PREFIX, Netherlands Special Event

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ITU Prefixes, look for special
event station PB 100 PREFIX to be active between October 4-31st.
QSL via PB 0 P.

After the tragic loss of the Titanic (Callsign MGY, the, "M", is from the
Marconi company) in April 1912, there was an acknowledgement that there
should be international standards for radio communications. Therefore, the
leading colonial countries planned several meetings in the aftermath of the
loss of the Titanic.

For more details, visit:


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an

Amateur HF Spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

Recently the Canadian Paragliding National Championships were held
and the "Radio Amateurs of Canada" became extremely concerned about
the organizers assertion that all participants must use a VHF radio
tuned to 146.415 Mhz.

This frequency is inside the two meter amateur allocation.

Industry Canada has advised that the group that that use of Amateur Radio
Frequencies by persons who are not in possession of a valid Amateur Radio
Operator's Certificate is not permitted.

The Paragliding group assured Industry Canada that all participants who
used the channel were indeed holders of a certificate.

Additionally, Industry Canada has advised the group of a VHF frequency
inside the Aeronautical Radio Frequency Band that has been allocated
for their use on a Canada Wide basis.

(sourced to Bill Gade, VE4WO Regulatory Affairs Officer)

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report - Measure Twice cut Once.

Amateur Radio Technical Article Archive

For the past 13 years John G8MNY has been producing technical bulletins for
distribution by Packet Radio, now the collection of articles is available on
the web.

The articles cover a wide range of subjects including Antennas, ATV,
Broadcast, Modifications, Power Amplifiers and Portable and Mobile operation.

If you want to know how to make a Slim Jim antenna, a battery charger or a
12V Cow Fence for /P operation there's an article in the archive.

The extensive collection can be downloaded from

Caterham Radio Group


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

WICEN Victoria are involved in 2 events during the next quarter.
If you are available to participate in any of these events, please
get in touch with the contact listed for the event.

Saturday October 20th 2012
Mini Canoe Marathon
Contact: Gerard Werner VK3GER phone: 03 9773 6313

Sunday October 21st 2012
Stockmans Rally
Big River
Contact: Ian Morris VK3IFM phone: 03 9763 0565

Rally Victoria is again being held in the forest area north of Warragul
Friday 16th and Saturday 17th November.

Rally Victoria is an Australian Rally Championship and Victorian Rally
Championship event.

On Friday, there will be 2 bush stages and on the Saturday, 5 stages.
Each stage will be run twice.

As previously, Rally HQ will be at Lardner Park. Event commander is
Chris VK3CJK. Communications will be required for logistics, safety, and
scoring, with scoring and car tracking via 2m packet and other functions
via 2m voice.

If you can assist with the event, could you please phone 51 955 247
in the evenings.

(John VK3ZRX)

Communications Support Event - Your Help Is Needed In VK4

Help is needed in providing sufficient manning for the following events -
family and support crews are also welcome to go along !

Sat 15 and Sun 16 Sept - TERAHA AEBM Endurance Ride Bluewater

Two full days of playing with radios in the field and helping watch over the
horses and riders.

20 and 5km rides on Saturday arvo, 80 and 40km rides on Sunday.

Radio camp out at Ride Base Saturday Night.

Main comms will be on VHF, with some UHF-CB comms with horse riders and

10am Saturday start at Ride Base, North Queensland Equestrian Centre, via
Forestry Road.

If you can help contact the TATC on the VK4RAT repeater system.


SEP 8 VK4 SUNFEST WOOMBYE. (Sunshine Coast).

oCT 5-7 VK4 Central Highlands ARC AGM at Camp Fairbairn, Emerald.


NOV 4 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HAMFEST @ Goodwood

NOV 11 VK3 Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group Hamfest



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