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President Michael Owen VK3KI
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'Feedback Feedback'

With thanks and appreciation for those members who keenly raced to the
new WIA News Broadcast Feedback page at
The inaugural letter writers were:

Ed VK2ARE - pointing out that we missed the publicity of the ZL9HR DXpedition
which we will hear more about in Ed's audio submission later in the show.

David VK6DWB - accusing us of entertaining him all the way to work in the morning! hihi!

and a listener who picked us up on the use of 'Chairperson' in one of
last week's reports. The listener pointed out the Latin root of the word 'Chairman'
refers to 'manus' meaning 'hand', and is not a gender specific reference to which the
ever vigilant forces of political correctness feel they need to correct.

Please submit your feedback to the new Feedback Form and tell us how we're doing.

David VK3RU - New WIA Secretary

Continuing our series of interviews getting to know members of the WIA,
today we speak with David VK3RU.


web service:-
VKG Roundup
Email Address :

As reported last week, Amateur Radio New South Wales will be conducting
a one day Foundation course today Sunday 23rd September at the VK2WI site
in Dural 23rd September. Assessments will be next Sunday. Good luck to all
candidates and thanks to the members giving of their time to run the course
and assessments.

Also next Sunday, 30th September, at the VK2WI Dural site, 63 Quarry Rd. is
a morning T&T and Home Brew afternoon gathering. Check out the ARNSW
web site home page for the various activities. Those
attending assessments bring a passport photo and identification.

web service:-

Ballarat Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Contact: Roger de Valle VK3ADE, 03 5330 3082 or
News Release: Ballarat Amateur Radio Hamvention " 2012.

The Ballarat Amateur Radio Group will hold its annual Hamvention on Sunday the
21st of October 2012 in the usual venue provided by the Ballarat Greyhound
Racing Club in Rubicon St, Redan. Doors open for traders at 8am and general
access is at 10am.

Those that have attended in the past will know that this is a good day out in
a really roomy, indoors venue with historically around 60 to 70 tables of new
and preloved amateur radio gear, test gear and general bits and pieces on sale.

We work very hard to make the event a place where both first timers and regulars
are welcomed, be they traders, browsers or buyers and each and everyone is
given every assistance to ensure that they have a great day out.

Entry for everyone, including traders is $6 per head and tables are available
for $10 per 1.6 metre section.

We would really encourage people to use the opportunity to turn over some of that
gear that has been sitting in the shack for a little too long and those bit and
pieces that you have been struggling to find a use for, give another amateur a
chance to put it to use and make yourself a few dollars in the process.

If you dont think you could support a full table then the Ballarat Club has a
table where they are more than happy to sell the goods for you for a small

Historically we have had a really strong representation of commercial traders and
dealers and we are pleased to continue this tradition into 2012.

No amateur gathering is ever complete without a bit a food, a place for a coffee
and a good catch up with friends, there is a well catered food area designated
and it is provided with a goodly amount of seating with generous sized tables.

If you love building equipment then how about a bit of show and tell, there is a
special section for home brew projects with sections for novices, skilled and
very skilled with generous prizes for each category, amateurs just love seeing
other amateurs projects and admiring their ingenuity.

If you come every year we look forward to seeing you again, if you haven’t been
to Ballarat for a while then please consider paying us a visit, it’s a truly
beautiful town with lots to do for families and we would really be delighted to
see you at the Hamvention.

If you need more information then please visit the BARG web site at or you can contact us via Roger VK3ADE on 03 5330 3081
or Ian VK3AXH on 03 5341 3012.
For bookings you can contact us via

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TARC Does the Comedy Revue

TARCadians and friends will once again be thoroughly entertained when they
head along to this year’s Townsville Choral Society Comedy Revue on Saturday
evening November 3rd.

A stellar cast will regale the audience with Music - Comedy - Songs - Sketches
and stunts designed to keep the name of Thuringowa alive and well.

This year there is no dinner provided, however complementary wine and cheese
will be served before the entertainment and drinkies will be available.
Roll up around 6-30pm to get a parking spot. Doors open 7pm with everyone
to be seated by 7-15pm.

A fantastic show, excellent company and it only costs $25 per head.
See the Master of Time and Space - Iain VK4IGM to book and pay for your seats.
Act Now - as the event is very popular and places will go in a flash !

(Gavin VK4ZZ)


WW Oceania Dx Contest SSB October 6
WW Oceania Dx Contest CW Oct 13
VK Spring VHF / UHF Field Day November 24-25


Oceania DX Contest - 3 Weeks Away !

The 2012 Oceania DX contest is now only 3 weeks away, with the Phone
SSB section on the first weekend in October and the CW section on the
second weekend in October. This will be a great opportunity to work a
lot of DX stations in the Oceania region, as well as giving your station a
test drive for the new DX contest season and the CQ WW contest events
later in the year.

The PHONE section runs 08:00 UTC Sat 6 October to 08:00 UTC Sun
7 October with CW running at the same times the following weekend.
All activity is on non-WARC bands from 160M to 10M.

The organisers are expecting a good turn out from VK, ZL and YB
stations, as well as stations from some of the rarer Pacific entities. The
main aim of the contest is to promote HF contacts with stations in the
Oceania region. Oceania stations can work other Oceania and non-Oceania
stations. Non-Oceania stations can only work Oceania stations.

More information and the rules are available from the contest section of the
WIA website.

The Keith Roget National Parks Award

The first to achieve all 45 Victorian National Parks is Peter Fraser VK3ZPF.
It has taken him from the warm Sunset country in the northwest to the cooler
climates of the distant Gippsland Parks.

Peter VK3ZPF will be on air with others over the forthcoming special VK3
National Parks Weekend of November the 16th to the 18th.

Keep an ear out that weekend for at least the National Parks at Heathcote-Graytown,
Barmah, Gunbower, Terrick Terrick, Kinglake and St Arnaud.

If you intend to activate a National Park on November the 16th to the 18th
then put on a Master List on the Amateur Radio Victoria website which contains the rules and endorsements.
(Tony Hambling VK3VTH)


The HARAOA president and DX'Pedition leader Tommy VK2IR has
just finished construction of a 40metre, 2 element Moxon antenna " yes that's
right a two element 40 metre beam is gong on the ZL9HR DX'Pedition to Campbell
Island (IOTA OC-037) for the activation between November 28th. and December 9th.
The element length is 15 ½ metres long! To see the construction of this monster
simply search for ZL9HR on Youtube.

The size of this antenna meant that it needed to have its own special shipping
crate built and over the last couple of weeks all crates have been built and
the fitting out of the four shipping containers finished. All of this is on
schedule and all equipment will be shipped out of Sydney before the end of
the month.

The team are also delighted to have received several more sponsors, both commercial,
associations and clubs and individuals " all of which are listed on the web
site at Again a great vote of thanks to all of the sponsors without
whom this DX'Pedition could not take place.

So where will ZL9HR operate? On which bands and which modes? While the aim is
to operate on as many bands as possible and try to give as many amateurs as
possible the chance to work this rare DX location, your vote on the website
will affect some of the plans " so if you haven't already done so, please go
and vote for your preferred mode and band by going to and clicking
on the survey button at the top of the home page. Presently 10m is by far the
most requested band followed by 160m, as for modes CW leads Digital followed by Sideband.

Please refer to the web site ZL9HR.COM for the full, up to date, information
about this major DX'Pedition to the Great Southern Ocean.

73 from Ed VK2ARE Australian publicity Officer for ZL9HR.
[Audio Uploaded]

PT 0 S - DXpedition to St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks
The DXpedition will take place in late November to mid-December.
The actual dates will depend on weather conditions.
There had been an official ban on Amateur Radio activities from PY 0 S.
Although the ban, which was created for environmental and safety reasons,
remains in place, a special permit by Brazil's S.E.C.I.R.M.
the Brazilian Navy, Ministry of Environment and LABRE to conduct a two week
long operation.


3D2C DXpedition to Conway Reef

19 operators from all over the globe to participate in a tent and generator
operation on Conway Reef, in the South Pacific Ocean -- the 35th most wanted
DXCC entity.

The Team expects to arrive at Conway Reef and become active on September
26th running through to October 5th. The main goal of this DXpedition is to work
every amateur radio operator who needs Conway Reef for a new DXCC country.

They we will be active on all bands from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz, including the 5
MHz and 50 MHz bands. The team will be active on CW, SSB and RTTY with
special attention paid to far away stations in Europe and Africa when propagation

The official website is

FR/DJ7RJ Willi/DJ7RJ Reunion Island AF-016
September 26th to October 21st with CW and SSB ops 160 to 10m with emphasis
on low bands

VK9XM Pekka/OH2YY and Pekka/OH1TV Christmas Island
October 6th to October 12th SSB and CW ops 40 to 10metres

T30PY and T30SIX Tarawa Western Kiribati
October 16th to 25th, details at

VK4/JA1NLX Aki-san/JA1NLX Hamilton Island OC-160
October 18th to 23rd ops CW and SSB 40 to 10metres

KH8/JA2ZL Anci/JA2ZL Pago Pago American Samoa OC-045
October 23rd to 29th ops CW SSB RTTY 80 to 10metres

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report " Measure Twice cut Once.


An old modulation technology is making a comeback for A-M broadcast stations
in a new and money saving way. Amateur Radio Newsline’s George Bowen, W2XBS,
says that back in the days of full carrier A-M transmission one very popular
and low cost way to put ones voice onto a carrier wave was to modulate the
final power amplifier’s screen grid.

A variation on this that required no heavy modulation
transformer was to vary the output power of the
transmitter at an audio rate by varying the final
amplifier’s screen voltage at an audio
rate. This system was called controlled carrier
A-M and it was made very popular on the ham bands
in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s in such budget
priced transmitters as the Heathkit DX-35, DX-40 and DX-60 to name only a few.

With the advent of single sideband transmission,
full carrier A-M fell out of favour in the ham
radio world but it has remained a staple in the
broadcast industry and other services that want
to get their message to the public. And now,
carrier control modulation is making a comeback
among broadcasters but not in the way it was done
by radio amateurs of the past.

For broadcasters who spend 10’s of thousands of
dollars a year paying for electric service, the
ability to raise and lower power levels can be a
major cost cutting factor. And because of this a
number of stations have received waivers from the
FCC to experiment with several new forms of carrier control technology.

In one instance, transmitter manufacturer Harris
Broadcast and New York City powerhouse WOR-AM say
they have had success with a power-saving
Modulation Dependent Carrier Level
algorithm. This with no effect on Arbitron
Portable People Meter data encoding/decoding, the
stations H-D Radio signal coverage or digital audio quality.

Harris engineers worked with Tom Ray, W2TRR , who
is the Corporate Director of Engineering WOR AM
in New York, to test the compatibility of two
Harris Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level
algorithms. Amplitude Modulation Companding
provided the largest reduction in transmitter
power consumption, by saving 37 per cent in
average AC power input to the transmitter. WOR
estimated this translates up to a $3,000 per
month savings on the electric bill at his New Jersey transmitter site.

So will this new form of Amplitude Modulation
Companding bring back full carrier AM to the ham
bands? While a tiny segment may decide to
experiment with it more than likely SSB will
remain the preferred voice system among ham radio
operators worldwide. At least until it’s
replaced by a digital voice system at some time in the future.

Nautel, another transmitter manufacturer has
estimated that a 50 kilowatt AM transmitter using
this technology and operating 24 hours a day, 7
days a week could easily save $20,000 a year or
more in electricity costs. This based on modest
electricity rates of 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

The complete story can be found on-line:-

(arnewsline sep10)


Intel Corp. believes that in the future all equipment have to be completely
wireless, whether it is a laptop, a display or something else. To achieve that,
Intel wants to integrate radio in every applicable chip it makes, which
essentially adds wireless tech to any client chip these days, given the trend
towards highly-integrated system-on-chip devices.

"In the future, if it computes, it connects. From the simplest embedded sensors
to the most advanced cloud datacenters, we are looking at techniques to allow
all of them to connect without wires," said Justin Rattner, chief technology
officer of Intel, at Intel Developer Forum.




Amateur astronomers last week reported a bright fireball on the planet
Jupiter that appears to be the result of a small asteroid hitting the planet
during the early hours of September 10th. As the fireball faded, attention
has turned to trying to discover any possible debris around the impact site.
Observers will be monitoring the region in the nights ahead to see what
if anything surfaces. Updates will be posted on-line at
(Spaceweather - via ARnewsline)

FISTS Club - East Asia
FISTS Club - Australasia
FISTS Club - UK & Europe
FISTS Club - Americas

Fists Recordings on the Historic 500kHz Band

On the Facebook Page of the FISTS CW CLUB, you can access a recording made by
Finbar O'Connor EI0CF, Radio Officer, at the closing down of Malin Head Radio Station
in County Donegal. At that time 5 Compact Discs were recorded and these have now
been converted to MP3 files and the link is available for all to listen to by
clicking on the FACEBOOK PAGE of the FISTS CW CLUB.
(Irish Radio Transmitters Society)

Net is held each Mondays on 3.570± MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)

"Hi, this is Lesley VK5LOL your Alara Contest Manager. Just a reminder
that I need your logs in by the end of this month - the 30th September.
That is the logs for the Alara Contest. Thanking you. Lesley VK5LOL"

73, Lesley VK5LOL Alara Contest Manager


ARISS Contact with Maroochydore state School

What a buzz for the kids at Maroochydore State School on Wednesday afternoon
of this week just gone. They had an exciting opportunity to to talk to Aki
KE5DNI who is currently travelling on the International Space Station. Local
communications were handled by President Richard VK4RY from the Sunshine Coast
Amateur Radio Club along with a few helpers. Also involved was Shane VK4KHZ

out at Glendon, Tony VK5ZAI in Kingston SA and JOhn AG9D in Montgomery USA.

Communications started at about 5:03 and lasted for only 10 minutes before the
ISS was over the horizon, but what an opportunity for the school kids and an
opportunity for us as Amateurs to show what radio can do. There is no other
way to talk to the astronauts so hopefully some of this might stick in their
heads in the years to come.

Until next time, this is Gordon VK4VP.

This contact was also publicised on Breakfast show on 612 ABC Brisbane. A program
blog post with audio is available on their site:


Amateur Radio CubeSats to deploy from ISS

JAXA have announced that the deployment of five CubeSats from the
International Space Station (ISS) will take place on Thursday, September 27
Four of the CubeSats carry Amateur Radio payloads.
The five CubeSats on this mission include:
+ Raiko (Japanese: "thunder drum")
2U cubesat, photography, Ku-band beacon
+ We Wish
Infrared camera for environmental studies
+ FITSat 1
High-speed data test, high power LED visual tracking
+ F-1 Vietnam Student CubeSat
On-board camera for earth observation mission
+ TechEdSat

More information, including link modes and frequencies can be found in the AMSAT
news section at
(amsat news service)


Please QSY off the calling frequency after establishing communication.

Australian voice calling frequencies:
3.650, 7.090, 14.190, 21.190, 28.590, 52.160

World CW calling frequencies:
3.570, 7.030, 14.060, 18.080, 21.140, 24.910, 28.180, 50.160

World voice calling frequencies:
3.690 & 3.940 MHz, 7.090 & 7.190, 14.290, 18.140, 21.360,
24.960, 28.390, 50.160

Calling frequencies for Slow Scan TV (SSTV):
3.630, 7.033, 14.227

Calling Frequencies for PSK31

St George Amateur Society Activity

The St George Amateur Society will be running a JOTA station at Bonna Point
Reserve Kurnell, NSW this year as part of the annual scout and guide Boree
Regatta event.

The station will have two VHF transceivers on 2 metres and 70 centre metres
and two HF transceivers operating on 80, 40 and 20 metres. The call sign will
be VK2LE.

The station will have over 500 scouts and guides on the air from 10am Eastern
Daylight Saving Time, EDST Saturday morning till 10pm EDST Saturday night and
again from 9am EDST Sunday morning to 2pm EDST Sunday afternoon.

The look forward to making 2012 a truly memorable Jamboree On The Air.

For further information, check out the St George web site at

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

ARRL Simulated Emergency Test

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) holds its Simulated Emergency Test
next month to try out equipment, operating skills and emergency deployment

Setting the date as October 6 to 7, it has invited the Amateur Radio Emergency
Service, the National Traffic System, the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service,
SKYWARN, the ARRL Field Organisations and other groups involved.

In the US many volunteers are active in disaster preparedness communications
with a variety of agencies that rely on radio amateurs to provide service
during emergencies.

The ARRL has agreements or Memoranda of Understandings with several including
the American Red Cross, the National Weather Service, the Federal Emergency
Management Agency and the Salvation Army.

The membership of the ARRL and the number with a callsign are growing slowly.
A factor is the continuing interest in emergency, disaster, and public service

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


Yaesu has donated a pair of FT-2000D transceivers to the Radio Amateur Society
of Thailand. This to help rebuild its headquarters station HS 0 AC that lost
its radio gear during severe flooding last year.

The presentation of the two transceivers to the Radio Society of Thailand was
made by Dennis K 7 BV, who is the company’s Executive Vice President
Amateur Radio Sales and also holds the call sign HS 0 ZKS.

In his note, K 7 BV said that Thailand is what he called extremely
"radioactive" with over 300,000 hams most of whom are on VHF. However, that
is in the process of changing.

Dennis says that after seven years of waiting, Thai hams are once again able
to test for a license that gives them operating privileges on the HF bands.
According to K 7 BV some 40 applicants have already passed the new exam this
year and at least one more test is schedule before years end.

(arnewsline sep 10)

WICEN Victoria are involved in 2 events during October.
If you are available to participate, please get in touch with the contact
listed for the event.

Saturday October 20th 2012 -- Mini Canoe Marathon
Contact: Gerard Werner VK3GER phone: 03 9773 6313

Sunday October 21st 2012 -- Stockmans Rally
Big River
Contact: Ian Morris VK3IFM phone: 03 9763 0565


SEP 28-30 VK4 Central Highlands ARC AGM at Camp Fairbairn, Emerald.


NOV 4 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HAMFEST @ Goodwood

NOV 11 VK3 Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group Hamfest



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