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Acting President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

Vale Michael J. Owen VK3KI (sk)

With extreme sadness and surprise we record the death of the WIA President,
and IARU Region 3 Chairman, Michael Owen VK3KI at his home on the afternoon
of Saturday the 22nd of September. Our sincere condolences to Michael's
family and friends.

Michael was influential over many decades through his membership of the WIA
Victorian Division Council, and then through the ranks of administration both
here and overseas.

He was a director of the IARU Region 3 when it formed in 1968, a Federal
WIA President 1969-1972, WIA Honorary Life Member, and on the Australian
delegation at the ITU World Administrative Radio Conference in 1979 which
delivered the so-called WARC bands.

Michael is mainly known by today's radio amateurs as leading the WIA in
partnership with the late Chris Jones, from its federal structure to a national

In May 2004 the WIA adopted a new Constitution, changing the structure to
one of direct membership, governed by a board of directors.

A few weeks later the administration (ACA) released its findings on a major
review of Amateur Radio in Australia.

Michael had carriage of the end to Morse code as an Australian licence
requirement, reduction of licences to two, the Advanced and the Standard,
plus introduction of the new Foundation Licence.

He achieved all this and more within in a decade on the domestic scene but
Michael never took his eye off the international arena.

Amateur radio societies around the world have benefited from Michael's
enthusiasm and experience. While away overseas he was the IARU Vice President
for 10 years.

He participated in many IARU committees and was a member of the IARU Observer
Team at a number of World Radiocommunications Conferences, in particular

There he was responsible for Article 25. It included the abolition of
mandatory Morse code, a freeing up of amateur radio involvement in emergency
communications and third party traffic.

On his return home the WIA became highly regarded by government agencies
and the ACMA.

He became the Chairman IARU Region 3 at Bangalore in 2005, and was preparing
for the next regional meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, in November.

He was survived by his wife Nan, who accompanied him on many official
functions, and his two daughters. A Funeral was held on Friday the 28th of
September, at St Andrews Anglican Church, Brighton, Victoria.

Michael's legacy will live on through the formation of the WIA Foundation, a
new venture for which Michael so strongly championed.

Phil Wait VK2ASD.

Tributes to Michael Owen have come from right around the world. They are too
numerous to mention all in detail, but on this special broadcast we will
include a few of those testimonies to a truly remarkable man, and a couple of
voice clips of himself.

Tributes have been received from the IARU, the member societies of the IARU
Regions 1, 2 and 3, radio clubs and the many individuals who knew him.

Michael was influential in shaping the hobby of Amateur Radio and then
progressing through the ranks of administration both here and overseas.

The very early days saw him team up with David Wardlaw VK3ADW.

As a young man Michael was, first licensed in 1957 as VK3ZEO, and was a foundation member of
The Radio club at Melbourne University
In 1961 he joined me on the WIA Victoria Division Council, a position he held for many years
Michael with his legal background was always interested in the Wireless Telegraphy Act which later in 1983 became the Radiocommunications Act. During the drafting of this act Michael had many meaningful discussions with officers from the Department.
He went on to help form the IARU Region 3 Association.
His achievements through the IARU are legendary particularly .as a director of region 3 and for 10 years as Vice President of the IARU.
He spent 12 weeks in Geneva, as a member of the Australian delegation to ITU WARC 79 one of the most important ITU conferences in the history of amateur radio
At the time of his death he was chairman of IARU Region 3
I feel a great sadness having lost Michael a good friend to me and my family .

Michael took an interest in the early days of space exploration. Here he is
talking at the Project Australis amateur satellite gathering at the Royal
Melbourne Institute of Technology.

(Audio Of Michael At Project Australis)

Michael was a member of the group who provided the secretariat for the Region 3
Association when it formed in 1968 and became a Director in 1971.

He was WIA Federal President 1969-1972.

During the early years, and on a number of occasions since then, Michael came
across an individual who followed him later in WIA affairs and to the IARU
Region 3.

Let us listen to a tribute paid by Jim Linton VK3PC.

It was Michael Owen who signed me in as a Junior Associate of the WIA in 1962.

Our paths crossed during the decades, including my time as WIA Victoria
President, at Federal Conventions including the sharing of notes on the
Radiocommunications Act.

We became partners through his involvement in the Bangalore conference where
he entered as the WIA representative and left as its leader.

At the Centenary Celebrations Committee meetings he drew heavily on the
expertise, experience and knowledge that existed within all of us.

It was only a few days since we met to discuss the next regional meeting in
Ho Chi Minh City.

On behalf of the Council of Amateur Radio Victoria, the IARU Region 3
Disaster Communications Committee, and all who knew Michael Owen, he will be
a sadly missed colleague that cannot be replaced.

Our deep thoughts go to his family and friends at the sad loss.
Jim Linton VK3PC

Mentioned in that piece is a lot on information that will be picked up and
expanded by future speakers.

Representing the IARU Region 3 at Michael's funeral was Peter Lake ZL2AZ. Let
us now hear his thoughts.

Michael Owen will truly be missed by many radio amateurs world-wide.

Having known him for many years I remember him taking on the lead role of
the IARU Region 3 at the Bangalore conference in 2006.

With his vast experience and knowledge, both in amateur radio and as a corporate
lawyer, he was able to put the regional organisation on the right course.

On behalf of all on the IARU Region 3 board of directors, we have lost a

To his family, the IARU and the WIA goes our sincere prayers.

Peter Lake ZL2AZ, Director of the IARU Region 3.

Now we take you back to the start of the IARU Region 3 being formed and the
years that followed, through the help of his colleague David Sumner, Chief
Officer of the ARRL.

I recall first meeting Michael Owen 36 years ago at the first ever
meeting of all three IARU regions to coordinate global preparations for
the 1979 World Administrative Radio Conference.

In Florida in April 1976 Michael came as an IARU Region 3 Association
Director, to represent the IARU Member-Societies of the Asia-Pacific

He was not simply a colleague; he was a friend.

Among the assignments that Michael drew at WARC-79 was to draft a
resolution to exempt the Amateur-Satellite Service from coordination
procedures that otherwise would have bogged us down in endless paperwork
and great expense.

As an attorney it was just the sort of thing he was good at. His work
has stood the test of time.

His death is a searing loss for both the IARU and the WIA.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

David Sumner K1ZZ, ARRL Chief Executive Officer

One of the many influenced by Michael is the current IARU President, Tim Ellam
VE6SH. Here is his tribute.

I am very saddened to hear about Michael?s sudden passing.

I was only speaking to him a few days ago. Michael was a good friend and
mentor to many of us in IARU.

His drafting skills were second to none, and his ability to clearly articulate
his position on a number of issues was of immeasurable help to us.

The IARU is indebted to his work at the World Radio Conferences and many
regional Asia Pacific Telecommunity meetings. He certainly taught me a great

The IARU extends sympathies to his family, IARU Region 3 and WIA. I speak
for all of my colleagues when I say he will be very sorely missed.

Tim Ellam VE6SH, IARU President

Michael received many awards over the years. He was Federal WIA President
1969-1972 and a WIA Honorary Life Member.

He was a recipient of the Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award with David Wardlaw
VK3ADW for their work at the ITU World Administrative Radio Conference 1979.

Michael also received from the Board of the RSGB the prestigious Calcutta Key
award, for "Outstanding service to International Friendship through amateur

On his return from overseas Michael was much sought after. Many of today's
radio amateurs see him as taking the WIA, in partnership with the late Chris Jones,
from its federal structure to a national organisation. In May 2004 the WIA adopted
a new Constitution, a lot of work indeed, changing
the structure to one of direct membership, governed by a board of directors.

A few weeks later the administration "Australia Communications Authority "
released its findings on a major review of Amateur Radio in Australia.

There was to end the Morse code licence requirement, reduction of five licence
grades to two, and the introduction of the beginners or Foundation Licence.

Working on the project with Michael were many others including those conducting
assessments through the WIA Exam Service, and appointing a Registered Training
Organisation for assessor training and accreditation.

He was also very passionate about the WIA Centenary Celebrations, with its
unbeatable WIA Convention held in Canberra.

Now let us listen to Michael speak at the time.

(Audio of Michael)

The Australian Communications and Media Authority have paid their tribute.
As follows ...

"The ACMA is saddened to hear of the death of Michael Owen.

He was responsible for significant reform of the WIA, was well known across
the ACMA and had worked closely with many staff on a range of issues, including
several meetings and discussions in recent weeks.

The ACMA extends its condolences to the amateur community that Michael so
tirelessly and effectively represented, as well as to his friends and family."

He also had a close interest in supporting 'Amateur Radio', the magazine. With
a view of Michael's contribution is the magazine's editor, Peter Freeman VK3PF.

Michael Owen took a deep interest and showed a true passion toward the WIA
journal Amateur Radio magazine and the annual callbook.

His visits to the WIA Publications Community meetings developed into an exchange
of ideas that lead to standard of product that was reached, and within budget.

Through his enormous knowledge and wisdom, the members and advertisers truly
have an on-time and worthy monthy magazine.

I know his work was appreciated by the Publications Committee, which expresses
its deep sadness to all of his family and friends.

Peter Freeman VK3PF, Editor of Amateur Radio magazine.

Many radio societies from around the world have sent messages of condolence ...
Here are a few ...

Please extend our deepest condolences to Michael Owen's Family and WIA.
Cesar Pio Santos HR2P

Please convey the deepest condolences from the Executive Committee and Members
of the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society to family members of
Michael J. Owen and the WIA. Wishing him rest in peace.

Sunny Chan VR2XGE
For and on behalf of
Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS)

Please extend our deepest condolences to his family and WIA.


de BA1RB / Fan Bin

Please convey our sincere condolences to Michael Owen's family and WIA.
It is a great loss to all amateur radio community.
>From KARL

Please relay our Heartfelt condolences to his family.
>From all in Malaysia.
Choy 9W2PCK

Through Michael being President, the WIA became highly regarded by government
agencies and the ACMA for its professionalism and efficiency.

This was also evident on the Broadband over Powerlines issue, the WIA
examination service, the management of callsigns, and many other matters.

Highly respected by all who knew him, both in his professional career as a
lawyer and for his work with Amateur Radio, Michael J Owen VK3KI will be very
sadly missed.

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