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President Phil Wait VK2ASD

Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP
Secretary David Williams VK3RU

Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

(sourced to wia front page news)

New WIA President and Vice-President Appointed

The WIA Board of Directors held an emergency meeting last week following
the sudden and unexpected passing of WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI. Phil
Wait VK2ASD (pictured right) was formally appointed WIA President and Chris
Platt VK5CP was appointed Vice-President.

Both Phil and Chris have strong interests in progressing amateur radio and
also have a wide variety of other experience and interests outside amateur
radio circles.

Phil Wait has been a radio amateur since 1967 and a Director of the WIA since
its restructuring in 2003. Phil owned VitalCall Medical Alarm Systems for many
years, and more recently FirstCall Medical Alarms, and is also involved in
sailing and constructing valve (yes- valve!) audio equipment. Phil is probably
best known in amateur radio circles for the WIA's advocacy role in relation to
Broadband Power Line Interference (BPL).

Chris Platt is a lawyer with over 20 years experience in industrial relations
in the agricultural and resource sectors and currently works for BHP Billiton
supporting the Olympic Dam resource. Chris' has experience in international labour
relations having represented Australia at a number on International Labour
Organisation meetings. Chris has an interest HF DXng, Contesting and High Altitude
Balloons with AREG.

The vacancy created on the WIA Board can either be filled by appointment, or left
vacant until the next AGM in May 2013

(wia broadcast feedback page)



web service:-

Ballarat Amateur Radio Hamvention - 2012.

The Ballarat Amateur Radio Group will hold its annual Hamvention on Sunday
the 21st of October 2012 in the usual venue provided by the Ballarat
Greyhound Racing Club in Rubicon St, Redan.

Doors open for traders at 8am and general access is at 10am.

Those that have attended in the past will know that this is a good day out
in a really roomy, indoors venue with historically around 60 to 70 tables of
new and preloved amateur radio gear, test gear and general bits and pieces
on sale.

They work very hard to make the event a place where both first timers and
regulars are welcomed, be they traders, browsers or buyers and each and
everyone is given every assistance to ensure that they have a great day out.

Entry for everyone, including traders is $6 per head and tables are available
for $10 per 1.6 metre section.

Ballarat would really encourage people to use the opportunity to turn over
some of that gear that has been sitting in the shack for a little too long
and those bit and pieces that you have been struggling to find a use for,
give another amateur a chance to put it to use and make yourself a
few dollars in the process.

If you don't think you could support a full table then the Ballarat Club has
a table where they are more than happy to sell the goods for you for a small

Historically they have had a really strong representation of commercial
traders and dealers and are pleased to continue this tradition into 2012.

No amateur gathering is ever complete without a bit a food, a place for a
coffee and a good catch up with friends, there is a well catered food area
designated and it is provided with a goodly amount of seating with generous
sized tables.

If you love building equipment then how about a bit of show and tell, there
is a special section for home brew projects with sections for novices,
skilled and very skilled with generous prizes for each category, amateurs
just love seeing other amateurs projects and admiring their ingenuity.

If you attend every year they look forward to seeing you again, if you
haven't been to Ballarat for a while then please consider paying a visit,
it's a truly beautiful town with lots to do for families and they would
really be delighted to see you at the Hamvention.

If you need more information then please visit the BARG web site

or you can contact via Roger VK3ADE on 03 5330 3081
or Ian VK3AXH on 03 5341 3012.

For bookings contact




The weekend of October 6th and 7th the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio society
conducted a foundation licence course. Thanks to Barry, Sasi and Paul.

6 candidates attended and all were successful. The oldest of who is 94. Now
is that a record for the oldest new foundation licencee? We look forward to
hearing Len on the air when he gets his callsign. Dont forget the Club
Hamfest on Sunday November 4th at the Goodwood Community Centre.

Across Australia from VK1WIA you're tuned to the WIA National News Service.
In Adelaide it can be heard on VK5RAD repeater on 147Mhz at 9am. I'm David

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,

Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, AR Victoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

Amateur Radio Newsline Producer Bill Pasternak recently hospitalized.

News this week that Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF was taken ill and was unable to
complete the distribution duties of the latest edition of ARNewsline. But,
'The show must go on', and one of the team stepped in to get it out in a timely

Bill is frequently heard on the VK1WIA News broadcast and we'd like to
extend thanks for his ongoing efforts in bringing together his news
organization on a weekly basis. He co-founded ARNewsline in 1976 and has written
long-lived columns in 73 Magazine and World Radio Magazine.

While Bill's in our thoughts, it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know
a little more about a well known amateur radio personality, and character.

You can find an 80-minute interview with the Guilford Amateur Radio Society on
their Youtube channel, via, and his bio, along with all the staff
bios can be found at
Guilford Amateur Society youtube channel interview 80minute

Band Changes for Sweden

As of 1st October, Swedish radio amateurs are allowed to operate on 1,810 to
1,850kHz with 1kW maximum power and 1,930 to 2,000kHz with 10W maximum. The
section of the band between 1,850 and 1,930kHz is unavailable.

Sadly, they also lost their access to 2.3GHz, although 2.4GHz is unaffected.


Scientists say warp drive may be more feasible than thought

Clara Moskowitz, Assistant managing editor of writes:
"A warp drive to achieve faster-than-light travel - a concept popularized
in television's "Star Trek" - may not be as unrealistic as once thought,
scientists say.

A warp drive would manipulate space-time itself to move a starship, taking
advantage of a loophole in the laws of physics that prevent anything from
moving faster than light. A concept for a real-life warp drive was suggested
in 1994 by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, however subsequent calculations
found that such a device would require prohibitive amounts of energy.

Now physicists say that adjustments can be made to the proposed warp drive
that would enable it to run on significantly less energy, potentially bringing
the idea back from the realm of science fiction into science.

"There is hope," Harold "Sonny" White of NASA's Johnson Space Center said, at
the '100-Year Starship Symposium', a meeting to discuss the challenges of
interstellar spaceflight."

Read the full article, including an explanation of how it could be achieved


A group of operators from Switzerland known as the Radio 7 Team will be
active from Rodrigues Island as 3 B 9 SP from between October 16 and 23.
Most operation will be on CW and SSB with some RTTY and PSK 31.
QSL via HB 9 ACA.

As part of the 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations in Algeria
several special stations are active until the end of 2012.
Prefix hunters will have the opportunity to work 7U50I, 7V50I, 7W50I and

E I 25 D B Dublin Bus celebrates its 25th Birthday.
To celebrate the event a Special Event Station EI 25 DB until 30th June 2013.
The station is operated by current and former employees of Dublin Bus led by
Declan and Pete.
QSLs to Declan EI 9 HQ or on LOTW or

Morocco CN 2 YZ through years end. His activity will be from the
city of Tangier especially on the weekends.

Philippine Amateur Radio League 50th anniversary special event
Look for special event station 4 G 0 LD to be active during 2012.
Activity is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Philippine Amateur Radio
League (PARL).
QSL via the Bureau.
Also, the P.A.R.L. is sponsoring a commemorative Diploma for amateur radio
stations that have established two-way communications with at least 12 QSOs
with PARL members.

Temotu Province H 40 FN between this December 22nd and January 7th of 2013.
QSL H 40 FN via HA 8 DD.

GB 80 PW Practical Wireless 80th year
In the UK Ofcom have issued the special call sign GB 80 PW to Practical
Wireless magazine to celebrate the publication's 80th year in print.

PT 0 S - DXpedition to St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks
The DXpedition will take place in late November to mid-December.
The actual dates will depend on weather conditions.
There had been an official ban on Amateur Radio activities from PY 0 S.
Although the ban, which was created for environmental and safety reasons,
remains in place, a special permit by Brazil's S.E.C.I.R.M.
the Brazilian Navy, Ministry of Environment and LABRE to conduct a two week
long operation.


FR/DJ7RJ Willi/DJ7RJ Reunion Island AF-016
September 26th to October 21st with CW and SSB ops 160 to 10m with emphasis
on low bands

VK9XM Pekka/OH2YY and Pekka/OH1TV Christmas Island
October 6th to October 12th SSB and CW ops 40 to 10metres

T30PY and T30SIX Tarawa Western Kiribati
October 16th to 25th, details at

VK4/JA1NLX Aki-san/JA1NLX Hamilton Island OC-160
October 18th to 23rd ops CW and SSB 40 to 10metres

KH8/JA2ZL Anci/JA2ZL Pago Pago American Samoa OC-045
October 23rd to 29th ops CW SSB RTTY 80 to 10metres



Tad Cook, K7RA, reports: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit the Earth
on September 30, causing a jump in geomagnetic indices. The planetary A
index on October 1 was 31, while the K index went as high as 7, making
aurora visible across the northern tier of the United States. The
far-northern latitude college A index was 23 (near Fairbanks, Alaska),
about the same as the mid-latitude index -- which was 21 -- in
Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is common during a geomagnetic disturbance
to see indices go much higher toward the poles than anywhere else. The
average daily sunspot numbers declined 8.3 points to 73, while the
average daily solar flux was off exactly 1 point to 128.7. The latest
prediction from NOAA/USAF has solar flux on October 4-7 at 110, 105 on
October 8, 100 on October 9-11, 115 on October 12-13, 120 on October
14, and then rising to a peak of 150 on October 20. The same forecast
has solar flux rebounding to 150 on November 16 after reaching a
minimum of 110 on November 4-5. The predicted planetary A index is 5 on
October 4-14, then 8, 12 and 10 on October 15-17, 5 on October 18-25,
10 on October 26, and then reaching a peak of 15 on October 29.

Look for more on the ARRL website on Friday, September 28. For more
information concerning radio propagation, visit the ARRL Technical
Information Service Propagation page

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report - Measure Twice cut Once.

A BATTERY OF TESTS on batteries!

"Batteries come packaged in bright blister packs emblazoned with vague
guarantees such as "more pictures" and "five times longer lasting." During
his internship ... this summer, [Thomas] decided to put those statements
to the test. He tested thirty brands of batterieson a homebrew rig to find the
batteries with the most power and the most bang for your buck.

The hardware [Thomas] used [was] an STM32 microcontroller to perform two
different tests: a high drain and a low drain condition. For the high drain,
1000 mA were sucked out of the batteries until the voltage reached 0.8 V. For
the low drain, 200 mA were used. Data including milliwatt-hours, milliamp-
hours, joules, voltage, current, power, and effective load resistance were
all logged for both conditions for all 30 batteries."

You can find his results and methodology at
Thanks to for this article


VK Club Bulletins

VK2 CCARC news


Some improvements at Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ, reports that he has added an
additional server to the QRZ system and moved a few things around to improve
performance for all users. Among the changes are that all servers have been
upgraded to the latest Ubuntu Linux Edition 12.04. Also, various functions
have been interchanged between the various cloud servers that host
at Amazon Web Services.

AA7BQ says that so far the performance looks really great on all parts of the
system. He notes that the callsign server, which was routinely at 90% busy
now loafs along at around 50%.

You can read about all the changes made by taking your web browser to (



This weekend sees the fifth annual Railways on the Air
event - a celebration, not a contest.

Bishop Auckland RAC organise the weekend so that radio
amateurs have a good time and promote amateur radio while
helping to celebrate the unique position railways hold in
our national heritage.

Approximately 30 groups and individuals have registered for
the event by approaching a preserved railway, asking if
they are celebrating the birth of passenger railways in
the country and whether they would like to have an amateur
radio station as part of their event to promote awareness
of their railway. The list of participating groups can be
seen on the web site

This year both the participating groups and any amateur who
contacts 5 or more ROTA special event stations over the
weekend will receive a personalised poster recognising
their efforts. These can be obtained after the event by
submitting logs in pdf format as detailed on the website.



Aussies at the ARDF World Championships

A team consisting, Kristian Ruuska, Bruce Paterson VK3TJN, Ewen Templeton,
VK3OW and his wife Jenelle attended the recent 16th Amateur Radio Direction
Finding World championships in Serbia.

For those that are not familiar with ARDF it is a cross between bush
orienteering and amateur foxhunting.

ARDF events were held on the usual 80 and 2 metre bands, on separate days.
There was also a sprint event and a foxoring event, both on 80 metres.

The events were held close to the mountain resort of Kopaonik, where the team
stayed. The altitude of 1700 meters and the steepness of the hills in the area
took its toll and the team's results were mixed. Jenelle went along as the team
"coach" but was persuaded to enter the foxoring event, using equipment borrowed
from the British team. Her result, 5th in her age group, was the best achieved
by the Australian team!
(Ewen VK3OW & Bruce VK3TJN)


FISTS Club - East Asia

FISTS Club - Australasia

FISTS Club - UK & Europe

FISTS Club - Americas

QRP CW Club is eight years old

Over the past week, the North American QRP CW Club has celebreated their 8th

With 10 special event stations on the air, one from each USA call area from
N1A to N0A, many thousand contacts had been made by the halfway point.

All contacts are eligible for Commemorative QSL cards and certificates for
anyone who works one or more stations. Details about the subscription free
club membership and claiming your certificates at
[via RSGB]


A Scottish icon for sale

The Turnberry Lighthouse, which started the International Lighthouse and
Lightship Weekend in 1998, is up for sale and most likely it will be

The international event evolved from the Scottish Northern Lighthouses Award
Weekend first held in 1993.

The Ayr Amateur Radio Group GM Zero AYR, sponsor of the International
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, now a premier fun event held in August,
activates the Turnberry Lighthouse as GB2LT.

The 130-year old structure is to be sold by the Northern Lighthouse Board
and experts believe it will become holiday accommodation in line with similar

It has helped ships navigate up to 24 nautical miles away. However when it
was due to be refurbished in 2015, it will be sold as a cost saving measure.

Nearly 80 registrations have been received so far for the International
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on August the 17th and 18th, 2013, with all
information plus an online registration form on the website ILLW.NET

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


EMR Calculator now on WIA website

Doug McArthur, VK3UM, a well-known Earth/Moon experimenter, has
generously allowed the WIA to place his popular EMR assessment
calculator on our website. The Calculator allows assessment of safe
zones in the HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave amateur bands for a variety of
antenna situations, and covers number of EMR Standards including the
Australian Standard for EMR. The latest version of the Calculator can
be downloaded at the website.

You can visit Doug VK3UM's website by clicking the following Link
(Peter Young - VK3MV)



Please QSY off the calling frequency after establishing communication.

Australian voice calling frequencies:

3.650, 7.090, 14.190, 21.190, 28.590, 52.160

World CW calling frequencies:

3.570, 7.030, 14.060, 18.080, 21.140, 24.910, 28.180, 50.160

World voice calling frequencies:

3.690 & 3.940 MHz, 7.090 & 7.190, 14.290, 18.140, 21.360,

24.960, 28.390, 50.160

Calling frequencies for Slow Scan TV (SSTV):

3.630, 7.033, 14.227

Calling Frequencies for PSK31



The 54th + 1 Jamboree On The Air will take place on 20 and 21 October 2012
ann in VK7 NTARC's effort is at the Carnacoo camp site at Paper Beach, as part
of a Northern Districts camp.

JOTA/JOTI coordinator Peter VK7KPC, advises that he is planning to get to
Carnacoo on the afternoon of Friday 19 October to do preliminary setup for
a JOTA station.

Peter advises that the final site won't be known until organisers have a
better idea of the number of Scouts attending.

Peter is planning to use the VK7RAB to VK7RAF link to contact JOTA
station being run South of Hobart and he is hopeful to have 2 HF
stations active, plus IRLP on 2 metres and UHF to link South and maybe
to North West coast stations.

North West Tasmanian Amateur TV Group (NWT-ATVG) have planning well
under way and the Club will again be providing resources and operators
over 2 days at the Paton Park Camp at Ulverstone.

Operators offering their assistance at this time with communications and
control are Neil VK7NX, Ross VK7WP, Paul VK7HPD, Jim VK7JH, Graham
VK7NGA, and Tony VK7AX.

Operating frequencies as per the official JOTA frequencies
published again this week, best read at and read the text edition of this wireless news.

(sourced in the main to vk7wi)



Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies

3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz


South Africa's Hamnet website was reactivated on October 1st. Hamnet is a
voluntary group of radio amateurs who, like ARES in the United States,
volunteer their communication skills to assist others during and after

Their Hamnet domain has been dormant for many years. Now thanks to the
efforts of Dawie Conradie, ZR6DHC, an initial site has been put together
and will grow with time.

The revitalized Hamnet website is described as filling the gap between the
South African Radio League website and the well established Hamnet Facebook

All links have been incorporated in the website, including some that are
international. Its located in cyberspace at,


WICEN Victoria are involved in 6 events during the next quarter.
If you are available to participate in any of these events, please
get in touch with the contact listed for the event.

Saturday October 20th 2012
Mini Canoe Marathon
Contact: Gerard Werner VK3GER phone: 03 9773 6313

Sunday October 21st 2012
Stockmans Rally
Big River
Contact: Ian Morris VK3IFM phone: 03 9763 0565

Wednesday October 24th 2012
Aust. 4 Day Enduro
Warragul Area
Contact: John Morrissey VK3ZRX phone: 03 5195 5247

Sunday November 11th 2012
Coordinators and Commanders Meeting and AGM
34 Alexander St, Box Hill
Contact: John Kerr VK3BAF phone: 03 8502 8627

Friday November 16th 2012
Rally Victoria
Contact: Christopher Morley VK3CJK phone: 03 5127 5656

Wednesday December 26th 2012
YMCA Murray Marathon
Yarrawonga to Swan Hill
Contact: Graham Mason VK3KMG phone: 03 5972 0704

(WICEN Secretary,



NOV 3 VK4 Gold Coast Hamfest - Broadbeach Qld.

NOV 4 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HAMFEST @ Goodwood

NOV 11 VK3 Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group Hamfest


DEC 1 VK7 Milena Hamfest


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