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Spring VHF-UHF Field Day


Christmas Eve - Ham Radio satellite to flash morse code


Spring VHF-UHF Field Day

Here is a reminder for NEXT weekend, November 24 and 25.

If you don't wish to camp out overnight, you can enter one of the 8 hour
sections rather than the full 24 hours. Or you can participate as a
home station.

This next Field Day will again include the "F Call Challenge", with special
certificates for Foundation licensees who participate in any of the
single operator sections of the Field Day.

The details are available on the contest page of

(John VK3KM)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ


The 2013 WIA Annual conference will be held at the Tradewinds Hotel in
historic Fremantle, Perth's port city. Fremantle is one of Perth's major
tourist centres, offering history, culture and lifestyle.

The conference is on the weekend 24 25 26 May 2013. This is the end of
autumn in Perth, however we should enjoy good weather as we tend to get most
of our rain later in Winter and in Spring.

Various components of the conference will be hosted by Amateur radio clubs
in Western Australia, and together we look forward to welcoming you to Perth
and Fremantle.

There is an interesting line up of activities for you to enjoy, and just as
importantly you'll have time to relax in the bar.

For many of you, a trip to Western Australia is not to be taken lightly, and
I encourage you to make it worth your while by making the conference part of
a longer holiday.

With a bit of forward planning you can get some very good airfares to Perth,
giving you more cash on the wallet for your enjoyment.

If you're considering coming to the Conference, or if you've never given it
thought before, think about it now, to give yourself time to make holiday
arrangements and to watch the airfares - the airlines are frequently offering
very good fares. This week QANTAS was offering Melbourne to Perth for
$189 one way. With some vigilance, you may be able to improve on that fare.

Booking details will be on the WIA website in early December. Check out the
website at for conference information. That's

As Onno VK6FLAB says " The 2013 WIA AGM and conference is less than 200 days
away and we're excited to announce that expressions of interest for speakers
is now open.

We're planning to host a large range of topics in various formats, from
Quick Talks to Hands-on presentations, from discussions to Social Events
and now is the time for you to stick up your hand and show us what you've got.

If you've built a new gadget, written some software, engaged in research,
or achieved something, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us about your
successes and your failures. Use the opportunity to speak with other Amateurs
who share your passion and excitement about a large range of topics.

If you've been attempting to figure out how to achieve something, but finding
it hard to get a room of experts together, the conference offers you the
opportunity to host an open discussion on a topic of your choosing. You'll
have the ability to get people in the room and benefit from the combined
knowledge accumulated. Who knows, you might find someone who has a similar

We will be allocating time-slots on a first-come basis, so get clicking now!

You can find the Expressions of Interest form on the VK6 conference site,, that's "

So that's it. Conference in May 2013 at Fremantle, More things to do than we
can cram into a weekend programme, airfares going dirt cheap, and a great
venue. I look forward to hearing that you are coming to Fremantle next May.

I'm Bob VK6POP



Last weekend the 10/11th of November Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club ran
their final Foundation Amateur Radio course for the year.

On the Saturday Mathew and Mark passed their upgrade from Foundation to
Standard Licence and Steve passed his first attempt at the Standard Licence.

They then had seven candidates for the course and assessments on the Sunday.

Congratulations to John, the 2 Andrew's, Peter, Jack, Eyal, and Max
who were all successful in completing the course and assessments.

web service:-

The final Trash and Treasure for this year at the VK2WI site will be next
Sunday the 25th at 63 Quarry Road Dural, 9.30 am.

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

The battle over NSW planning restrictions on amateur radio antenna masts now
has to enter a new phase - the political campaign.

Last week, I asked you to do some homework - to get hold of the essential
contact details for your local member of the NSW Legislative Assembly.

I want you to write a polite letter to your local member, to briefly explain
our issue with planning restrictions and council red tape when you want to
put up an antenna mast, and to ask them to find out why this matter is NOT
being considered in the current Planning System Review.

I explained last week that preparing a letter to your local member requires a
different approach to writing a submission to a government department. So, to
help you, I have had a set of simple guidelines posted to the WIA website.

When you write to your local member about an issue that concerns you, they
will most likely write to the relevant minister - in this case, the
NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the Honourable Brad Hazzard MP,
who is the Member for Wakehurst.

You can expect that your letter to your local member will be sent to the

If your local member is a member of the Government, the Minister's Office
will refer the correspondence to the Department of Planning & Infrastructure
to draft a response to your local member for the Minister's signature.

For you guys on the northern beaches in Sydney, the Minister is your local
member. That's an advantage.

But, if your local member is either an independent or a member of the
opposition, the Minister's Office will likely refer the correspondence to the
Department of Planning & Infrastructure to write a reply to your local member
from the Department - or, at best - a reply from one of the Minister's

Either way, all the correspondence that flows on this issue will send a
signal to the Minister and the Department of Planning that this issue is of
serious concern to many electors.

They have to get the message that the radio amateurs of NSW want exemptions
for antenna masts to be included in the proposed new planning system.

If it turns out that we don't get the answer we're looking for, be prepared
to participate in stepping up the campaign to another level.

Amateurs of NSW - the battle continues. This is about your future and the
interests of future radio amateurs. Get cracking!

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH. I'll see you further down the log.

web service:-

The inaugural meeting of the Homebrew Constructors Group was well attended
last Saturday, November 10, at Amateur Radio Victoria in Ashburton.

In the chair was Rob Whitmore VK3MQ, who believed that a good core group
exists and with time there was a possibility it could expand.

Rob VK3MQ asked those attending to introduce themselves and talk a bit about
their particular interests.

It ranged from kit building, home-brewing HF transceivers, power amplifiers,
wireless restoration, software defined radio, microprocessors, and antennas.

One of the aims of the new group is to provide support and guidance. Certainly
the knowledge and experience is already among those who attended.

The meeting raised topics for future discussion including printed circuit
boards, soldering and surface mount techniques.

A special activity day might be arranged involving the pooling of test
equipment to give new projects a thorough 'work out', all under the
supervision of the test equipment owner.

Rob VK3MQ said the next meeting on a Saturday afternoon would be in early
December and held as a 'show and tell' day.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

The Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club's inaugural RadioFest at Rosebud
on the Mornington Peninsula, will be held next Sunday, 25th November.

The event will be held at the Eastbourne Primary School auditorium at
Allambi Avenue, Rosebud, where off street parking is available.

Ticket sales and outdoor "Show and Tell" activities will commence at 8am
and the Auditorium will open to the public at 9.30am with an entry fee of $5.

Catering for the event is being handled by the school's Parent and Friends
Association and a large menu will be available at very reasonable costs.

This event next Sunday presents an ideal opportunity to make a family day of
it, so bring your family and enjoy the RadioFest and the beaches, parks,
wineries, shops and restaurants of the Mornington Peninsula.

If you have pre-loved equipment to sell, tables are still available at $10

(John Ross VK3BJR : President SPARC)

Send your stories for news. SCRIPT to
send audio to

This story, and the email threads in the text editions only of both QNEWS
and VK1WIA National News Thanks to Sam VK4TTT/FQ

"Eclipser One

A joint team - Stiinta and Tehnica Magazine, with assistance from VK4BS
(Howard) and VK4FQ (Sam) launched at 5:30 (QLD TIME) on November 14th,
a helium balloon right in the middle of a solar eclipse track.

The balloon had APRS tracking with YO4SJI-11 callsign.

Reports where received by VK4GO (Art at Tolga) VK4FQ (Sam's Cairns IGate)
VK4ZZ (Gavin Townsville IGate) and others.

During the tracking, we recorded heights in excess of 36.886Km above the
earth before it burst and this broke this teams previous record of 33.5Km.

Brisbane Centre - (ATC) used this information real time via to track
the balloon and it's payload through controlled airspace. The launch place
approx. 90km from Laura is located on the road between Cairns and Weipa.

The payload consisted of photo and HD video cameras and a scientific logger
for UV, IR, Air pressure measurements. The balloon was successfully

People in the launch and recovery were - Florin Mingireanu and his partner,
Marc Ulieru, Catalin Beldea from Romania and Howard (VK4BS) Sam VK4FQ.

Reported by Adrian (Yo3hjv) as far as I know, Eclipser One is on third place
by altitude in Australia, after HORUS 16 and HORUS 22 High Altitude Amateur
Radio Balloon, so you may be proud



I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

You wonder at times whether enjoyment of a recreational pursuit, a hobby, can
be like a marriage. Involvement starts out with a tingle of excitement, a
sense of commitment develops and explosive times of energy and delight abound.

Then the demands of work/family and other things seem to compound until the
great fun times seem to disappear with the proverbial, "I'm too tired" or
"I've got a headache" almost to a routine. What once put a spring in one's
step now seems to assume the role of being just mundane and ordinary.

Even when opportunity arises, it seems almost too much effort to acknowledge
it let alone open a lazy eye for a brief "once over". But is that really how
life was meant to be?

This is one of the areas where our network of clubs and our administrative
structure can and does provide support. When the world is passing you by it
is probably the right time to engage with your local radio club again. As
much as people enjoy this hobby in the isolation of their own shacks, they
are still social beings whose good health and stability depends on
interaction with other people, face to face.

So when it is meeting time for your local club what will your response be?
"Sorry, I've got a headache" just doesn't work for me or you. See you at the

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

environment across DHS components.

November 08, 2012 09:00 AM Eastern Time MELBOURNE, Fla. & ROCHESTER, N.Y.
(BUSINESS WIRE)--Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international
communications and information technology company, has received $7 million
in orders to deliver public safety and tactical communications systems to the
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its component agencies, the
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Coast Guard. The
orders were awarded through the five-year, $3 billion DHS Tactical
Communications (TacCom) indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ)
contract vehicle.

"The Coast Guard is using this important procurement vehicle to deploy Falcon
III radios, while DHS is rapidly implementing a Harris P25 system"

Harris will provide the U.S. Coast Guard with Falcon III AN/PRC-117G
multiband manpack tactical radios that will be installed across the
Coast Guard fleet to provide interoperable tactical communications with
local, state and federal agencies, as well as the Department of Defence.

The AN/PRC-117G radio operates multiple waveforms for narrowband
line-of-sight voice and data communications, beyond-line-of-sight satellite
communications, communication with public safety agencies, and wideband
data communications

Big amateur radio changes ahead for China

Mandatory membership of the Chinese Radio Sports Association will be a thing
of the past, as that country moves forward under soon to be announced new
amateur service regulations.

For the past 30 years, only a sports organisation could transmit over amateur

It began with the station BY1PK on the 29th of March, 1982, at first on CW
and with limited bands.

Now clubs and individuals have their own callsigns throughout the world's
most populated country.

The system of them first being a member of a sport-related body, before
entering amateur radio, no longer works and will end.

Along with the regulations will be a new entity called the, Chinese Radio
Amateur Club, that will be solely focused on amateur radio.

The regulations promise to bring China more in line with its counterparts
throughout the world.

The new group will deal with the regulations including visitor licences,
conduct exams and licensing, create band plans, allow nation-wide mobile
operation, develop emergency communications infrastructure, amateur
satellites, and work through the IARU.

Being trialled for emergency communications is a new error-correcting low
power data mode for HF radio using Chinese characters, a Software Defined
Radio receiver network for noisy locations, an alarm system, VHF and UHF
repeaters and training.

New Philippines amateur service rules

The National Telecommunication Commission has revised its regulations to
stimulate amateur radio in the Philippines, and introduced a new Foundation
Licence which gives access to the 2-metre band and up to 50-watts.

That is addition to the Technician Class on VHF and HF with 200-watts PEP,
the General up to one-kilowatt PEP, and the top of the range Extra Class
with all bands and up to 2,000 watts PEP.

Clubs with 25 radio amateurs are eligible for a licence. Extra Class Licences
of five years standing may be deputised as Amateur Inspectors to visit

There was freedom to operate mobile, a publically available licensees list,
a question bank, vanity callsigns and access to internet linking.

The regulations formally recognise the national IARU society, the Philippines
Amateur Radio Association, which celebrates its 80th anniversary on November
the 30th at the La Mesa Dam New Guest House at Quezon City.




Germany's space exploration plans will not support a proposed ham radio
mission to the red planet. We have more in this report:


After five years of discussions and negotiations
with the German space agency, AMSAT-DL reports
that nation's space exploration group has
withdrawn its support for the amateur satellite
organization's plan to send a ham radio satellite
to Mars. This is the so-called P 5 or Phase 5 satellite mission.

According to the AMSAT News Service, the agency
advised the group that P5's mission was not
financially feasible. Also that compared with
the current Mars missions the scientific
attraction was simply not there. You can read
that as being of insufficient interest to the
formal scientific research community.

The decision by the German Space Agency also
affects plans for a geostationary Earth-orbiting
ham radio satellite. This being the so called
Phase 3 E which was to be part of the overall P 5
program. None of this is good news for amateur
radio's future exploration of the final frontier.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Burt Hicks, in Los Angeles.


AMSAT-DL officials say that they are not giving
up hope for these missions. They note that their
organization recently had some interesting
meetings in China adding that if it cannot do
rocket science in Germany, that it will have to look for other countries.


Nominations are being invited by the German
national amateur radio society, the DARC, for the
prestigious Horkheimer Prize. The prize consists
of an etched glass trophy and a monetary prize
for non-personal use. The money is to be spent
for the promotion of amateur radio however the
recipient chooses. The prize can be awarded to
one or more persons or institutions.

Any member of an amateur radio society in the
International Amateur Radio Union is eligible,
and self-proposals are permitted. Nominations
must be submitted to DARC by March 28, 2013, and
the prize itself will be awarded at the opening
of next year's Ham Radio convention in
Friedrichshafen. More information in the German
language is on-line at


Ireland's Irish Radio Transmitters Society is the
latest national ham radio organization to line up
in opposition to a newly proposed pan-European
draft digital Power Line or PLT transmission
standard. Jeremy Boot, G4NJH, has more:


Following the news last week that the German
National Society, DARC, now opposes a new
pan-European draft Power Line Transmission
standard, we have heard that the Irish Radio
Transmitters Society, like the RSGB, also opposes the standard.

In their magazine they say that "the draft
Standard accepts that the PLT devices do not, in
effect, meet the essential requirements of the
EMC Directive as it prescribes measures to
mitigate interference by permanently or
dynamically excluding frequencies in the amateur,
aeronautical mobile and broadcast bands."

The IRTS Committee took the unanimous view that
it would not be appropriate to support a draft
Standard that sought only to protect selective
sensitive frequencies in the HF spectrum without
regard to the levels of interference that could
be caused by the equipment concerned on the remainder of the HF spectrum.

For the Amateur radio Newsline, I'm Jeremy Boot,
G4NJH, in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.


As previously noted here on Amateur Radio
Newsline, this new standard concerns the devices
that people install in their homes to run data
over their house wiring. It has nothing to do
with PLC or BPL data that is carried over the
over company power line networks.



WW CQ WW DX Contest CW November 24-25
VK Spring VHF / UHF Field Day November 24-25
WW ARRL 160 MTR CONTEST November 30
WW RTTY Melee December 1
WW ARRL 10 m Contest December 8- 9

So as you see not a lot happening till years end contest wise, maybe
our WIA Directors and ex-officious looking after Contests, Awards
DX etc etc would like to supply the WIA members and listeners to this
broadcast with material to prove we haven't ALL gone to sleep!!

NOT going to sleep is IARU region One who have just released this months
IARU Monitoring Report on the web and to sister societies,

In Intruder watch we find that a French radar is again active on 7000, 14000,
14250, 21000 kHz using a 20 kHz wide burst system.

They also report that taxi operators in the Russia Federation, Belorussia,
Ukraine and Kazakhstan are using FM in the amateur radio 28 MHz band more
than ever.

Read the International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS)
Region 1 October 2012 newsletter at the web address
and click "This Weeks Broadcast".

I think I have time again to bring you that "DX Code Of Practice" and with
little band activity a good chance to "listen and learn" from John VK2JJW

"I will listen, and listen, and then listen again before calling.

I will only call if I can copy the DX station properly.

I will not trust the DX cluster and will be sure of the DX station's
call sign before calling.

I will not interfere with the DX station nor anyone calling and
will never tune up on the DX frequency or in the QSX slot.

I will wait for the DX station to end a contact before I call.

I will always send my full call sign.

I will call and then listen for a reasonable interval. I will not call

I will not transmit when the DX operator calls another call sign, not mine.

I will not transmit when the DX operator queries a call sign not like mine.

I will not transmit when the DX station requests geographic areas other than

When the DX operator calls me, I will not repeat my call sign unless I think
he has copied it incorrectly.

I will be thankful if and when I do make a contact.

I will respect my fellow radio amateurs and conduct myself so as to
earn their respect."

In Ingham where after the eclipse where we are "starting to see the light",
I'm Felix VK4FUQ.


IARU Monitoring System Newsletter

The IARU Region 1 Monitoring Service reports that French radar is again
active on 7000, 14000, 14250, 21000 kHz using a 20 kHz wide burst system.

They also report that taxi operators in the Russia Federation, Belorussia,
Ukraine and Kazakhstan are using FM in the amateur radio 28 MHz band more
than ever.

Read the International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS)
Region 1 October 2012 newsletter at


Christmas Eve - Ham Radio satellite to flash morse code

Dec. 24 the Japanese students who built FITSAT-1 are planning to active the
satellite's LED optical array and flash a message in Morse Code to Earth. The
Morse message may be visible with the unaided eye.

According to Takushi Tanaka JA6AVG, the students plan to start testing the
optical system at the end of November.

The FITSAT-1 CubeSat was developed by students at the Fukuoka Institute of
Technology (FIT) in Japan. It has a CW beacon on 437.250 MHz and a data link
on 437.445 MHz, there is also a 5.8 GHz data downlink.

Further FITSAT-1 information at


In Maryborough Queensland a very dedicated band of volunteers are working
in preparing the local Showgrounds and Equestrian Park to become a working
canvass city. People are travelling and sacrificing their weekends at the
venue of the Australian National Scouts Jamboree, AJ2013, commencing 2nd
January, next.

As part of the preparations, the pieces of organising a special event amateur
radio station are being juggled into place. For the collectors of special
event call signs be on the lookout for V-I-4-A-J-S operating on HF, VHF and
UHF as well as internet linked modes for what is expected to be a busy
10 days.

For the members of MERG, Inc. this is again a great experience at sharing the
great hobby Amateur Radio with other dedicated volunteers, in the world of
scouting. Ours is but a small part of the program but with the possibility
of having 10,500 scouts accessing the station to earn their Jamboree Award,
this is a major event for a regional radio club as well.

For the WIA National News Service, this Geoff, VK4ZPP on behalf of MERG, Inc.

Thanks Geoff, now as I leave you this week, you the listener can take a leaf
out of VK4ZPP's book and submitting some news items for next week.

Yes it's easy done to submit news items for inclusion in the VK1WIA
broadcasts, just email your item in text to

to submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different
slants to keep your event 'fresh 'and always if the news room is to read your
item write in the 3rd person.

From Melbourne that's all this week I'm Robert VK3DN.


What use is an f-call? (20120408)

So, you've got yourself a transceiver and it's all working well. You've read
the manual more than a couple of times and you know your way around your kit.
It's great to know how to operate your own radio and I've spoken to many hams
who know their way around their own radio backwards.

I remember one day speaking with an amateur and we were talking about how I
could show a spectrum scope showing activity across a band. He lamented that
his radio didn't have that functionality. I had a quick look through his
system and activated the spectrum scope on his radio. A pleasant surprise for

The opposite happened not long afterwards when another amateur was using my
rig to listen to a remote station. He fiddled with some settings and
magically the station appeared from out of the muck and we could hear it

I asked him how he did that and after some hand-waving it transpired that
there were some settings I knew nothing about - the radio which I'd known for
many hours, read the manual backwards and so-on.

It's been on my to-do list for a little while now, but I've just spent an
enjoyable couple of hours sitting at my radio, re-reading parts of the
manual, learning more about its operating parameters, how to set filters,
turn on and off pre-amplifiers, change microphone equalisation and many other

How well do you know your radio - really?

I'm Onno VK6FLAB



DEC 1 VK7 Miena Hamfest




NOV 3 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society 2 Goodwood.


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