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Australia Day Honour for VK3

The Centre Victoria RadioFest

First award for all Victorian National Parks


Australia Day Honour

Congratulations go to Peter Mill VK3APO who has been recognised for years
of community service through the Australia Day Honours.

Receiving the Medal (OAM) in the General Division, he was given the honour
on our National Day January 26, for service to the community, particularly
in the field of radio communications.

Peter VK3APO said, "The honour caught me by total surprise. I never dreamt
of being rewarded in such a way for something I enjoy doing and contributes
in a small way to the efficient use of the radio spectrum."

He earned the honour after decades of voluntary service in the field that
saw his early involvement with the planning of the first amateur radio repeaters
in Australia.

At Albury in July 1972, he was present when it was decided that a 600Hz shift
between the transmitter and frequency be adopted for repeaters on the 2-metre

He looks after the vast Amateur Radio Victoria network, is the WIA Repeater
and Beacon Coordinator responsible for ACMA applications, plus the maintenance,
enhancement and submissions related to the communications for St John Ambulance

During the years he has had a lot of input on frequency assignments in consultation
with users, including those for state-wide or national emergency use and the
deployment of new transmission modes.

Peter VK3APO, a WIA life member, has a respect and understanding with the
staff of the ACMA, both at a state and federal level.

He listens to other viewpoints before making a decision, is seen as a representative
in many forums, and readily shares his knowledge, skill and experience with

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

Discover - 3 February 2013, 0'42"

Have you prepared for the last weekend in May;
the 2013 WIA AGM and Conference?

Once you've made it to Western Australia, you should take the opportunity to
extend your stay and visit the vast country that represents this state, from
a million acres in El Questro Wilderness Park, to the Karri Forests in the
South West, from the dolphins in Monkey Mia to the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie,
from the beaches in Broome, to the wineries in Margaret River, Western
Australia is an enormous place and you should take the time to meet it head

The 2013 WIA AGM and Conference, it's all about Engaging, Learning,
Appreciating, Socializing and Discovering.

You'll find all the information online at the VK6 conference site,

BEST OF ALL registrations are now open for the 2013 Annual Conference and you
will also find the online registration form at that site.

The Conference is on the last weekend of May, 24th-26th, at the Tradewinds
Hotel Fremantle.

The organisers have negotiated a special room price for the conference, and
you'll need to mention the WIA Conference at the time of making your hotel
reservation with Tradewinds hotel. Their phone number is (08) 9339 8188 and
their website is

There is an early bird discount of $10 per person for registrations made before
April 1st, so do get in early to save a few bucks.

The WIA gives Australian radio amateurs and electronics enthusiasts access
to an extensive range of locally and internationally sourced publications
including those from the ARRL and the RSGB.

Our bookshop is designed to provide you with a simple and secure way to
purchase the latest amateur radio books and publications online. We use a
secure commercial e-commerce gateway for all credit card transactions and
delivery to your door is provided by Australia Post.

Purchasing the latest in amateur radio publications is both secure and easy.

We hold a wide range of the most popular publications suitable for those
starting out in the hobby as well as books popular with the more experienced

If there is a particular publication that you are trying to locate that is
not listed in our online catalogue, then we would be more than happy to help
you. Please send an email with the details of the book you are looking for to

Both WIA members and non-members are able to purchase from the WIA online
bookshop, however the bookshop provides significant discounts to members of
the Wireless Institute of Australia.

From time to time we do run specials on some publications, so keep an eye on
your Amateur Radio magazine each month for details.

This is Mal VK3FDSL for the WIA Bookshop


web service:-

The Centre Victoria RadioFest

Yes only a week to go, before this big amateur radio event is held Sunday
February the 10th at Kyneton Racecourse, only an hour from Bendigo, Ballarat
and Melbourne.

Socialise, see, learn and enjoy. Entry tickets on sale from 9am with the
gates opening at 10am. Free for children aged under 13.

Hot breakfast from 8am with food catering throughout the day. Free tea and

Commercial sellers are in the Traders Hall, there's a Second-hand Sellers
Market and a variety of Club Corner displays.

A full display of the Elecraft K-line will be on show thanks to
Gary Gregory VK1ZZ, as well as vintage radio and club displays.

The Mini-lectures are Wayne Merry VK3WAM - 'Summit on the Air',
Kevin Forbes VK3UKF - things in orbit,
Drew Diamond VK3XU - homebrewing,
and Alan Devin VK3XPD and Michael Coleman VK3XH - an alternative entry to the
Millimetre Wave Bands.

Ready to help you enjoy the event are volunteers from Amateur Radio Victoria
and the Central Goldfields Amateur Radio Club.

For full details please visit the website

See you at the Centre Victoria RadioFest, next Sunday February the 10th .
I'm Barry Robinson VK3PV and you are listening to VK1WIA.

web service:-
VKG Roundup

Wyong Field Day 24th February 2013

In numerology, keywords of the number 21 are communication and society with
versatility a positive characteristic as well.

What has this got to do with Amateur Radio?

Well it's just 21 days until Amateur Radio's big day out where Australian
amateurs will communicate, socialise and show off their versatility

21 days until Wyong Field Day, 24th February 2013, the largest gathering in
the Southern Hemisphere.

Gates open 6.30am - Traders open 9am - Free shuttle bus from Wyong Station

Lucky Gate prizes, Raffles, Lectures, Flea Market and much more

Admission $15 Adults - under 17 free

For more information, please go to the website:

Wyong Field Day proudly brought to you by the Central Coast Amateur Radio


What use is an f-call?

It occurred to me recently that there are people listening who don't yet have
a license of any kind. They may be listening with a shortwave receiver,
a handheld, on a local CB repeater who relays the news, or they might have
downloaded the news from one of the many places that it's available.

I've been talking about having an F-call, or Foundation Call, that is, having
passed a foundation licence and applied for an amateur radio call-sign. It's
a simple step to take and one that is easy to achieve once you know how.

So, if you're in a position to hear what I'm talking about, but you don't
have a license, this is for you. And if you do have a license, then I have
something for you shortly.

Let me start off with the notion that getting an Amateur Radio License is
hard. It's not. Let me say that again. It's not hard to get an Amateur Radio
License. You need access to basic learning skills, the ability to understand
and follow discussions. You'll need to be able to remember a couple of things
and you will need to learn the NATO standard phonetic alphabet. In terms of
electronics, there is a little maths, but nothing more sophisticated than a
few fractions and some simple addition and subtraction.

There is no requirement for morse code - though I suspect once you find
yourself with a license, you might want to start investigating that - I know
I am.

In terms of time, depending on how you do it, as a Scout it will take a long
weekend, you can do it online, or get a book and teach yourself, or you can
go to your local Amateur Radio Assessor who can teach you, generally a
weekend of theory and practice, followed by an exam on the next weekend.

You should budget for around $200 bucks for course materials, exam, license
application fee and coffee.

Of course that's the beginning of the journey. The Wireless Institute of
Australia has much of this information available and there are several other
amateur organisations in Australia who will happily help you out.

As promised, If you already have a license, then perhaps it might be helpful
to go to a local science teacher, or the local yacht club or community radio
station and introduce the concept of Amateur Radio to their midst.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.


AMSAT North America says that on or about January 20th its
main web site at was compromised by a hacker.
The attack took the form of the contents of the supporting
database, including non-public information, being posted on
other publicly available web sites.

According to AMSAT, the main site was developed roughly 10
years ago by a group of AMSAT volunteers under a more benign
Internet environment of the time. The team that built that
site is no longer associated with AMSAT, so work has been
underway over the last several months to move to a modern,
maintainable, and very secure infrastructure. AMSAT says
that this recent breach will accelerate that activity.


The National Association of Broadcasters has released a list
of topics for its Broadcast Engineering Conference for its
trade show this spring.

For radio broadcasters some of the more interesting programs
include Advanced Technologies for Radio; IP for Radio;
Spectrum Matters; Technical Regulatory Issues; Radio
Receiver Technologies; AM Band Revitalization; Cloud Based
Storage and Distribution and Planning for Safety.

Also planned is a special RF Boot Camp called Understanding
Radio and Television Transmission. This is designed for
personnel who might be unfamiliar with transmission
technology but should have a solid acquaintance with it such
as station and network I-T personnel or small station management.

The National Association of Broadcasters Convention is
slated for April 6th to the 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In the wake of Super storm Sandy, the humble phone booth took on
renewed importance in the Metro New York area.

This as cut-off residents used pay phones to try to connect
with one another during and after the emergency.

New York City has officially launched a plan to transform
pay phones into giant touch screens that provide city
information, emergency broadcasts and local business deals.
Located in the same places as existing phone booths, the new
platforms are to be operated as a partnership between New
York City, Cisco Corporation and City 24/7.

These smart screens were tested in a pilot project but now
are live across the city and appear to be very reliable.

Like traditional phone booths they will also serve as a
communication tool during emergencies but in a far more
sophisticated way. For instance, in the event of another
disaster like Hurricane Sandy, the screens will
become two-way distress devices that let citizens call for
help or receive instructions about how to find safety.

Welcome to the phone booth of the 21st century.

Promoting amateur radio in the Philippines

The inaugural Regional 'Radshow' (Radio Show) is at City of San Fernando
on February the 4th to the 9th, and IARU member society the Philippine Amateur
Radio Association (PARA) is participating.

The conference-trade event of the National Telecommunications Commission
is organised with the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Council, and Philippine Red Cross.

It aims to create an awareness of radio communications during disasters.
Ham Emergency Radio Operators have shown their value during recent typhoons.

PARA has been invited to Radshow to hold examinations for prospective radio

Foundation Licence DY exam seminars will be led by Alex Laguisma 4F3LA, who
is the PARA Manager for DU3.

Finally if you are lucky enough to be travelling to the USA
for DAYTON listen up:-

Reservations and tickets are now available for the 24th
Annual Dayton TopBand dinner slated for Friday evening May 17th.

This year's venue is the Presidential Ballroom of the
Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Social hour is
at 6:15 PM and the dinner begins at 7:15 PM. All times are
Eastern Daylight. Noted Top Band enthusiast Larry "Tree"
Tyree, N6TR, will be this years featured speaker. More is
on-line at


Hi This is Ed, VK2JI from the Central Coast ARC and I'm happy to report that
all is arranged for the upcoming Mini Contest University at Wyong on the
23rd. of February.

The venue is booked, the equipment arranged, a full program of lectures in
place and even the location of the Field Day and MCU dinner set.

The flow of attendee registrations has been very encouraging but we still
have room for a few more however only those who registered before the end of
January will be entered into the prize draw for the DX handbook.

Full details about the MCU and the Field Day itself can be found on the web

73 and "see you at Wyong", this is Ed VK2JI.


Alpine Ski World Championships - Special Event

Every Austrian amateur radio operator has a chance to operate with the
special callsign OE2013(???) (their own suffix) between January 15th and
February 18th (2013).

Activity is to celebrate the Alpine Ski World Championships 2013 taking place
in Schladming.

An award is available for three different classes (Gold, Platinum and
Diamond). Each class requires a certain number of special event stations and
OE stations logged. Each special event station or OE station will only count
once on each band. All bands and the below listed modes may be used; the only
exception Packet radio and Echo Link contacts do not count.

The award may be worked in the following modes:
CW, SSB, DIGITAL, MIXED and QRP (max. 10 Watts).

For complete details, visit:

F6ITD will be on the air stroke FG from Guadeloupe and two islands between
February 1st and March 25th. He will be using SSB and the Digital modes
during his stay.
Logs will be uploaded to both ClubLog and Logbook of the World.
QSL via his home call F6ITD direct or via the bureau.

Special event station 8 J 6 HAM will be operational from the Island of
Kyushu Japan, until March 3rd. Activity is in celebration of the 12th
West Japan Ham Fair with operations on all bands and using many modes.
QSL via the JARL Bureau.

AA 9 A will again be active from Antigua between February 11th and the 20th
using a new callsign V 24 A.

Operations should be on 160 through 10 meters using CW, SSB
and possibly RTTY. QSL via his home callsign AA9A direct or the bureau.

8N119T - celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Tokyo Fire Department
(119 is the emergency fire/ambulance number in Japan)
On now until 25 March on all HF bands and modes.

F 6 KOP expected to be active from Uganda as 5 X 8 C between Feb 6 to 18
from a location some 20 Km from Entebbe airport. 5X8CX has announced they
will comply to the last IARU band plan on 40 meters for the region with the
frequencies of the PSK and RTTY moved to 7040 and 7042 kHz.
For more details see


ZL Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest Sat and Sun Feb 23 and 24.

WW International Museums Weekends June 15/16 and 22/23

First award for all Victorian National Parks

The honour of the first Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award by
operating from all 45 parks, goes to Peter Fraser VK3ZPF.

Award Manager Tony Hambling VK3VTH said this is a great effort that has taken
several years of dedication to achieve. Well done and congratulations.

Not only did Peter VK3ZPF operate portable from all national parks, but also
worked from 25 of them on the 20m, 40m and 80m bands. In addition he made
contact with 25 on mixed bands and 15 on 40m.

So far Amateur Radio Victoria has issued 13 certificates and a few more are
expected, particularly after the 3rd KRMNPA Activity Weekend on November
the 15th to the 17th.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


BRF-Young Ladies-Award

The international DX-group Brave Radio Friends has instituted the Young
Ladies-Award. The award is open to all amateur radio operators and on a
heard basis to shortwave listeners under the same rules:

Each YL worldwide only counts once with her personal call sign.

Club call signs or special event stations also count, provided that it is
sure from the QSL card that the station was operated by a YL.
In this case, however, each call sign only counts once, even if it was
operated by different YL's. QSL cards by YL-SWLs also count towards the award.

There are no time restrictions. Contacts can have been made/heard prior to
the start of this award.

The award can only be applied for electronically by e-mail to

There is no award fee.

(forwarded by Trent VK4TS)



As part of the first demonstration of laser communication
with a satellite orbiting the moon, scientists with NASA's
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter program have successfully
transmitted an image of the Mona Lisa to the spacecraft from
Earth using only a high powered laser.

The digitized image travelled some 240,000 miles form from
the Next Generation Satellite Laser Ranging station at
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland to
the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter instrument on the
spacecraft. By transmitting the image piggyback on laser
pulses that are routinely sent to track the devices
position, the team achieved simultaneous laser communication
and satellite location. The success of the laser
transmission was verified by returning the image to Earth
using the spacecraft's radio telemetry system.


NASA has officially signed a contract to attach an
inflatable private module to the International Space
Station. Under the agreement announced on January 11th,
NASA will pay $17.8 million to the Nevada based private
spaceflight firm Bigelow Aerospace for the
company's Expandable Activity Module or BEAM which will be
attached to the orbital lab as a technology demonstration.

NASA officials have said that BEAM could be on orbit about
two years after getting official approval. The module will
likely be launched by one of the agency's contract cargo
carriers such as SpaceX or Orbital Sciences Corporation.


Hallo everyone, the Old Timers are back again!

This is Clive VK6CSW letting you know that tomorrow, Monday Feb 4th, you can
hear the first of this year's Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australia's
monthly newscasts.

Tomorrow's feature is the story behind the issuing of a US Patent for a
wireless telegraphy system some years before Marconi was born.

The principal HF transmission is on 20 metres on 14,150 MHz USB.
At 0100 UTC it is beamed north from Melbourne for Eastern states listeners
and at 0200 UTC the transmission is beamed westward for VK6 listeners.

Also at 0200 UTC Barry VK6WF will be transmitting on 40m on 7060 kHz LSB.
for WA country listeners beyond our linked repeater system coverage.

South Australian listeners may well be able to copy this transmission, too.

Numerous other local relays occur throughout the day on various HF and VHF
frequencies. To find the times and frequencies for your area please visit
the RAOTC website at

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is invited to listen to this
interesting half-hour of Old Timer news, information and stories, and of
course, call backs afterwards from all listeners are very welcome.

So once again, the RAOTC monthly bulletin can be heard tomorrow, Monday
February 4th.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


Quarter Century Wireless Association Palm Beach Chapter member
Seymour "Sy" Levine, W2LPT is to be presented with the prestigious
75 Year Award from QCWA National Headquarters.

W2LPT was first licensed in 1938 in New York City. The
ceremony was to take place at the Veterans Administration
Hospital in Riviera Beach, Florida. In addition to the award, Levine
was also to be presented with a Life Membership in the National QCWA.


Scout radio hams identified

Helping to further raise the profile of amateur radio at the Jamboree On
The Air, held each October, and at another gatherings of scouts, is the
identification of those already licenced.

The latest to join this recognition is the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that
has a special patch to be displayed on their uniform.

It follows the Scouts Australia initiative, which has a badge on the right
sleeve of the uniform. A similar change has happened in The Netherlands.

Now all BSA youth members and adult leaders who also hold a licence are
eligible to wear the patch, with the words 'Amateur Radio Operator'.

The American scouts have long given a similar recognition, starting with
the Wireless Merit Badge in 1914 and moving to the Radio Merit Badge in 1924.

The latest move in Australia, The Netherlands and now USA readily identifies
the achievement and promotes the hobby, with the first exposure to it for
many being through the scouts.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

WICEN involvement in flooding

The Queensland flood disaster continues, but as that state begins its big
clean-up and recovery phase, a picture of emergency communications provided
by radio amateurs is starting to emerge.

Initial reports from Ewan McLeod VK4ERM, the WIA National WICEN Coordinator,
are that HF links were requested by Queensland's Water Police from Brisbane
to Cairns.

Other WICEN help was given to the Townsville and Rockhampton regions pending
repair of Telstra of its fibre optic cables to north.

Widespread power and communication disruption will take a number of days
work by repair crews.

No more is immediately known about WICEN and its emergency role, but this
should be learnt in coming days.

At least six people have died in Queensland. Others are missing.
Many thousands are homeless and sheltering in relief centres, while some
towns remain inundated and isolated.

The weather system, ex-tropical cyclone Oswald that caused record flooding
in many areas, has moved south to affect parts of New South Wales.

(Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Regon 3 Disaster Communications Committee)

GAREC 2013 in Switzerland

The Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference (GAREC) is the premier annual
event attended by those with an interest in amateur radio providing emergency
communications during training exercises or in response to disasters.

Since it was first held in 2005, the conference has taken place in all three
IARU regions and is open to all emergency communications groups.

GAREC returns to IARU Region 1 to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, between
the 25th to 28th June, preceding the famous HAM RADIO exhibition in Friedrichshafen,
Germany, so people can enjoy both events.

General information on GAREC 2013 and registration details are now available

Among the draft topics are the relevance of Amateur Radio Emergency Communication
in the '1st World', and the HAMNET high speed data network, along with IARU
regional reports and presentations from groups with recent disaster relief
communications operations.

The past GAREC presentations are now available at

(Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee)




FEB 23 VK Wyong Mini Contest University Wyong racecourse

FEB 24 VK WYONG FIELD DAY Wyong Racecourse

MAR 24 VK7 "Meet the Voice" barbecue at Ross.

MAY 3- 5 VK4 Clairview AR Weekend details 04 296 32815


JUL 20 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest


Oct 3- 7 VK4 North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention Charters Towers

NOV 2 VK4 Gold Coast ARS HamFest at Albert Waterways Hall.

NOV 3 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Goodwood.

NOV 15-17 VK3 Victorian National Parks Weekend

Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club: Rosebud RadioFest

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