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South East Queensland became a little quieter last Tuesday as the Analogue
TV Channels were closed down.

Eagle eyed Peter Harding was watching BTQ-7 News on the Sunday Night and in
their Flashback segment did a quick history of the station and spoke with
original Business Manager and Engineer Ken Dickson VK4IW.

With thanks to Channel 7 Program Manager Tony Stower let's eavesdrop to a
cut from that broadcast..

A "Pirate" has infiltrated the police radio network and masqueraded as a
police response unit on the Sunshine Coast.

The result was a delay in time to situation.

Sunshine Coast police became aware a member of the public began accepting
calls. They mounted an investigation with the Australian Communications and
Media Authority, and a fortnight ago issued a Mooloolah man with a notice to
appear in court June Eleven for unlawfully possessing radio communication

(Radio and Press stories)

Rotary International (RI), the world's first Volunteer Service Organisation,
is holding its annual convention this year in Lisbon, Portugal
June 22nd - 26th.

About 30,000 participants are expected.

Rotarians Of Amateur Radio (ROAR), a fellowship of Rotarians, is
activating a special event station CR 6 RI during the Convention's
exhibition hours from 0900utc to 1800utc.

Frequencies to be used will be 14.293 MHz, 14.287 MHz and possibly
21.293 MHz. More information will be made available on

Next year Australia has the privilege of hosting this Convention in
Sydney and ROAR will be activating a special event station to celebrate
Rotary in Australia.

(VK4ZD President Rotarians Of Amateur Radio 2012-2015)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

Last week VK6 amateur clubs hosted many events as part of the Annual WIA AGM
and Conference.

The social calendar kicked off with the Wireless Hill Welcome, hosted by the
WA VHF Group, thanks to Terry VK6ZLT and his team for a well-received outing
to the century old Wireless Hill. For many Amateurs it was their first look at
some of the long history of radio in VK6. The WA Repeater Group kept the whole
thing lubricated, thanks to Anthony VK6AXB and the gang.

During the day on Saturday, Darby VK6FONC and Ian VK6TWJ hosted the mystery
tour and by all accounts they had a hoot. It was reported that some alcohol
was consumed and the decibel level rose accordingly, we don't have any
evidence of this, save the smiles of those participants and Darby's hoarseness.

Also on the social front, the conference dinner with surprise visitor, the
Chief Scientist of Western Australia, Professor Lyn Beazley
We were awed by
her presentation and in return managed to repay the favour by presenting Lyn
with her very own call sign. She activated vi6prof for two hours after dinner.
Unfortunately, solar flares wiped out any chance of a contact, but lots of fun
was had by all. Thanks to Steve VK6IR for bringing out his shack.

The Sunday festivities included the Peel Amateur Radio Group who managed to
escape a visit to Fremantle Prison, setting up their mobile shack out the
front of the Shipwreck Gallery Museum, thanks to Michelle VK6MLW and her team.

Many VI103WIA contacts were made before and after lunch at the local
fish & chips joint.

Dinner at the NCRG was organised at the Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre.
Some drool was seen when Amateurs noticed the 80m Four Square Antenna being
erected in a nearby paddock. Thanks to Wayne VK6EH and the crew for making it
go off with a bang.

Many other Amateurs made the social activities possible and they'll get
acknowledged personally in the coming weeks.

The WIA Annual Conference Technical Symposium on Saturday afternoon provided
a wide range of topics to choose from, ranging from the technical to
"how we do this" sessions.

The Symposium began with a plenary session, where we heard an engaging
presentation by Phil VK6APH on Software Defined Radio. Phil delivered an
instructional and entertaining talk that was easy to understand, and no doubt
he will have encouraged several people to take a look at SDR in the near

The symposium then broke into four sessions of three presentations, with
topics ranging from producing the news through contesting, experimenting,
repeater networks, the travellers net, education in Amateur Radio, Summits On
The Air, Antenna myths and catering for Foundation Licensees

Most sessions were well supported, and were designed to deliver a maximum of
15 minutes talk followed by discussion and questions. Well done all
contributors for interesting and well-presented topics.

As the News West team we create the news every week. We produce our segments,
glue them together and combine them into a bulletin. Making the National News
during the conference was an altogether different animal.

Normally we're pretty much scripted, we have a good idea of who does what when
and how long the whole affair lasts. The conference weekend didn't quite work
out that way.

When you listened to the news last week, if you were paying close attention,
you might have noticed that our voices changed a little toward the end, that's
only part of what went on.

We recorded the news to hard-disk in front of an audience. About 20 Amateurs
were sitting not three meters from us as we did our thing. We had a sort of
script, which was marked "Name 1", "Name 2", etc. Running out of time
prevented the planned search and replace to insert our names.

We had planned guests, but had forgotten to have someone on standby to
actually get them into the room, so we had a few false starts. Then there
were the unintentional jokes, the flubs where a guest might say
"Good Evening", when really you want the news to sound like it's now.

We did several takes and had to keep in mind that while all this was going on,
time was ticking over and we still had to make sure that we had 30 minutes of
actual content.

At 1:30 am Bob and I were still editing the thing together and found out we
were 9 minutes short, so we had to become inventive and insert vox-pops. Then
we needed another 5 minutes of content, so at 2:15 am, we interviewed each
other about the proceedings. Made it 29:56 seconds, added 4 seconds of silence
and uploaded it at 2:30 am. Just in time for the local download scripts to get
their copy to send the news out normally.

I confess that we did make a great mistake. We lost all the recordings that
the audience made, so if you're waiting for your callsign to make it to the
news, sorry, we Foxtrot Uniformed.

The success of this year's conference was due to the ability of many clubs to
come together to organise different aspects of the event. All of this was done
by volunteers, so we had to be mindful of the level of effort required by each

When Onno and I stood up in Mildura, we had a vague idea of what our
conference might look like. Basically, we knew it was going to be in Fremantle
and was going to be on the last weekend in May, though the latter was up for
debate at the time.

When we got home, still high from our adventures in VK3, we sat down to figure
out what kind of events might make up a successful conference. We knew we
needed social events, some technical outcomes and we had to accommodate the
formal AGM activities.

Looking for interesting places to hold gatherings, Wireless Hill and the
Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre were easy choices, the clubs
associated with those venues were obvious. Finding a place for operating a
HF station was harder, but some abortive attempts made it serendipitous to
contact the WA Museum who welcomed us with open arms.

Closing in the gaps gave us an outline which we then set about filling. Clubs
were invited to provide a proposal to cover their selected event. This worked
in most cases, though some adjustments were inevitable. Additional support was
sought and found and preparations went well.

We did notice that Amateurs registering made it particularly hard by
registering very late. We had budgeted for 150 people, but two months out, we
only had 40. We got to 98 in the end, but perhaps some earlier decision making
by visitors would help the next conference team.

We are immensely proud that our clubs banded together to achieve this event
and we salute you.


web service:-
VKG Roundup

The Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc. 38th annual field day takes place at
Port Macquarie NEXT WEEKEND Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of June.
The venue is the Tacking Point Surf Life Saving Club hall in Matthew Flinders
Drive, Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie NSW.

Visit the Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc. website at for more information or write to the club at
PO Box 712 Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

(VK2ZHE President, Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc.(ORARC))

Heritage Park to show Morse code

The Timbertown Heritage Park at Wauchope on the mid-north coast of New South
Wales has a telegraph office fitted with Morse code, and is looking for
volunteers to operate the machine during school holidays.

Writing in the June edition of the FIST Downunder magazine, Judy Lockwood
of Timbertown is keen to talk with anyone interested and may be contacted
on 02 6586 1941 or check out the website

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

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Each week, Australia's ABC show Afternoons takes you inside a different club. This week Katrina Davidson spent some time with Peter Stevens, the president of the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society.

THIS WEEK IT WAS THE - Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society

Peter VK4BT talked for almost 8 minutes about AR and even had a live sked
with Jamie KH6KW over in Hawaii.

Listen to the show at

(g4tut Richard)


South East Radio Group Convention

This is John VK5DJ for the South East Radio Group.

The South East Radio Group's 49th Annual Convention will be held next
Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th June at Mount Gambier.

The Australian Fox Hunting Championships will be running over the two days.
The first event is the Sniffer Hunt at 11.00AM on Saturday. Of course the
famous Wayne Kilpatrick Memorial night fox hunt will be held that evening and
again the foxes will do their best to trick the hounds. Will Greg's spinning
fox be co-opted again? Or is there some other dastardly contraption up Greg's

The Scout Group Headquarters in Margaret St is the venue for the Home Brew
Competition and the Trading tables (good to see Ross there again). Entry Fee
for the two days is only $5.00. The hall opens at midday until 3:00PM on
Saturday and from 10:00AM till 5:00PM on Sunday. A program is on the club's
website - just Google SERG and once on the site go to the convention page.

See you there.

Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally is fast approaching and the South Coast Amateur
Radio Club is seeking radio operators for the AHTR, held on Sat22 & Sun23

Any help regarding the rally would be greatly appreciated

Those wishing to be involved please contact Stef Daniels VK5HSX.

(Secretary South Coast Amateur Radio Club +61 417 821 747)

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

At the top of the news Graham VK4BB brought us news of the switch off
of Analogue TV, well this year it is also the 85th anniversary of the
first transatlantic television transmissions

On February 9, 1928 the Baird Television Development Company (BTDC) achieved
the first television transmission between London and Hartsdale, New York.

The same year, BTDS also demonstrated the first TV transmission to a ship in

On July 3, 1928 John Logie Baird demonstrated the world's first colour
transmission, using scanning discs at the transmitting and receiving ends
with three spirals of apertures, each spiral with a filter of a different
primary colour; and three light sources at the receiving end, with a
commutator to alternate their illumination. On August 10, 1928 he
demonstrated stereoscopic 3-D television.

Transatlantic Television in 1928

the 20,000 strong body that represents Britain's radio amateurs, the RSGB, is
pleased to announce that its Patron, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,
KG, KT will be joining the Society for Centenary Day at the National Radio
Centre at Bletchley Park on 5 July.

He will meet with Members and invited guests before unveiling a plaque to
commemorate the Centenary.

A number of activities, talks and displays are planned in which RSGB Members
and members of the public can take part during the day.

A new NASA wheeled explorer has been released
here on mother Earth. Named Grover which is an
acronym for the Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle
for Exploration and Research the radio equipped
rover will explore Greenland's ice sheets to
better understand how they form, and how quickly they may be melting.

Grover was developed by teams of students in the
2010 and 2011 summer engineering boot camps at
Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland,
according to a release from NASA. The
6-foot-tall, 800-pound vehicle is equipped with
ground-penetrating radar that will send pulses
into the ice sheet, and measure the reflections
to tell researchers about the characteristics of the snow and ice layers.

While radio equipped, Grover is solar-powered and
semi-autonomous. It began its first mission on
Friday, May 3rd, and will continue through
Saturday, June 8th.

More about this Earth based NASA explorer is in line at


VK SHIRES June long weekend 0600 UTC Sat June 8, ends 0600 UTC June 9.

WW International Museums Weekends June 15/16 and 22/23


VK Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 3 2014

Early last month was the Harry Angel Memorial Sprint, Contest Manager
VK4UH Kevin Johnston joins me..

Good morning from Kevin VK4UH from the Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club
in Queensland - Manager for the Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint Contest.

Presenting the results for the 2013 event held on 4th May.

The Harry Angel is an annual 80m contest established in 1999 to commemorate
the life of Harry Angel VK4HA who, at the time of his passing was the oldest
licenced amateur in VK.

The duration of the sprint, 106 minutes, reflects one minute for each year of
Harry's life.

The contest is open to all grades of licensee, from individuals or from club
stations. The rules are simple, to work as many stations as possible in the
allotted time, and the contest is suitable for both experienced operators and
those new to contesting. Results from the harry Angel also now count towards
the WIA Contest Champion Trophy.

Entries may be made in one of three categories, CW only, Phone only or Mixed
(phone and CW).

This year has seen the submission of 62 log entries - the best level of
participation seen for many years. It was particularly gratifying to receive
the entries from the five F-call stations VK2FAJA, VK2FJGW, VK2FXXX, VK4FAAB
and VK4FDHS.

It is apparent from the logs received that there were over 110 stations
operating on 80m on the night of the contest. Scores claimed ranged from
4 to 92 points

I am delighted to announce the certificate winners, in the three sections,
for the 2013 Harry Angel Sprint:-

CW 1st VK7CW Steve Salviaa 50
2nd VK2KJJ Knud Olsen-Jensen 46
3rd VK2IG Mike Dower 40 QRP 5 watts

Mixed 1st VK4SN Alan Shannon 92
2nd VK2DAG Matt Heatherington 84
3rd VK4WR Alan Meek 78

Phone 1st VK2TQ Peter Richardson 92
2nd VK4QH Ken Bawden 82
3rd VK4YZ Charlie Strong 73

My congratulations to all the certificate winners and particularly to
Mike VK2IG who achieved his placing using only 5 watts.

I wish also to offer my thanks to all stations who participated this year,
to those entering and those giving out points, and for all the logs received.

The future of the Harry Angel Contest is secure for the future I am sure.

The provisional date for next contest is Saturday May 3rd 2014 (not May 4th
as stated in the Audio report)

A comprehensive breakdown of the results will appear in AR Magazine.

(Kevin VK4UH Harry Angel Contest Manager On behalf of the Redcliffe and
Districts Radio Club and WIA)



Bill Moore, NC1L, at the ARRL DXCC Desk reports
that an almost three decade old operation from
Cocos Island has been approved for DXCC credit.

According to Moore, over the years some applicants
have had the TI9CCC operation rejected in their DXCC
application mostly due to an "Incorrect Date Period."

Now, the issue with the dates for this operation has
been resolved. If you had this operation rejected, and your
confirmation falls between February 15 through
February 28, 1984 you are invited to send an
e-mail to

(ARRL DXCC via ARNewsLine)

Japanese amateur radio operators celebrate the successful transition from
analogue to digital terrestrial TV with the call 8 N 1 TW.
Activity continues till the 28th of July, QSL via bureau.

P 29 NO / JA 2 VQP East Sepic Province Papua New Guinea on air
to January 2015 whilst volunteer teacher at Divine Word University Wewak.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report - Measure Twice cut Once.

Battery Technology Expanding - Be Quick Or Be Dead

In 1800, Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (!) invented the
first battery, known as the voltaic pile, as a series of single cells.

The man with the four first names had opened the door to a new power
source, which would revolutionize the world.

Nowadays, we just want bigger batteries that can be recharged as quickly as

Last week I learned that an 18-year-old Indian girl has invented (with a bit
of help from her "supervisor") a super-capacitor which is able to recharge a
(dead) cell phone battery in less than 30 seconds.

Now this is fast.

But I'm sure once it has been successfully adopted, it won't be long before
we will be asking for a 5-second-recharge!

And 'ever ready' with battery news, here in Australia researchers have
developed a Germanium-based battery with 5x energy density of Li-ion

University of Wollongong Nano-engineer, Professor Zaiping Guo, is working on
improving lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles, as well as
portable devices like mobile phones, and her team has just had a breakthrough.

They have developed a new Germanium based material with 5 times more energy
storage and the potential to go at least 2 times farther on a charge than
current electric vehicles.

"We're truly excited about this breakthrough and are looking forward to
transitioning this technology to the commercial marketplace," she said.

Clive VK6 CSW who sent WIANews the story says he has " checked Prof. Zaiping
Guo's credentials via the web and she is one very smart cookie. However,
others are also working on similar technologies so her team may not win the
race unless financial support is forthcoming. Like as not, the idea will be
sold overseas and while Australia may get the credit, the profits will go


Hallo everyone, this the Clive VK6CSW with a reminder that tomorrow, Monday
June 3rd, is the first Monday of the month and that means it's time once
again for the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australia's monthly bulletin.

The bulletin is broadcast on a number of different frequencies throughout the
day, but the principal HF transmissions are on 20m on 14.150 MHz, firstly at
0100 UTC beamed northwards from Melbourne for the Eastern states, then again
an hour later at 0200 UTC beamed westward for VK6 listeners.

Also at 0200 UTC Chris VK6JI will be transmitting from Perth on 40m on
7060 kHz LSB. This transmission is intended primarily for WA country
listeners beyond our linked repeater coverage but may well be heard by
listeners in South Australia.

To find the times and frequencies for your local HF, VHF or UHF relay, please
visit the RAOTC website at

Apart from the usual administrative matter, stories and general information,
tomorrow's main feature is about the modern rare earth magnets now widely
used in electronics.

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is cordially invited to listen
to this interesting half-hour and to join in the call backs afterwards.

So once again the June RAOTC bulletin can be heard tomorrow, Monday June 3rd.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Live TV streaming of HMS Collingwood Open Day

Live television pictures of HMS Collingwood Open Day on Saturday 1st June
2013 will be streamed across the Internet thanks to the efforts of the
Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society (RNARS) Collingwood Club and the
British Amateur Television Club (BATC).

The television pictures will be available worldwide to anyone with an
internet connection.

The pictures will include the Field Gun Competition featuring 20 teams from
across the UK and Gibraltar competing for the Brickwood Trophy, the
Royal Navy Raiders Parachute Display Team and many other events and displays.

The event will be streamed on the day at

To view the pictures, click 'Live Events' in the left hand column and then
select HMS Collingwood from the list. The server will support in excess of
400 concurrent viewers.


NEE-01 Pegaso is Ecuador's first satellite in space

The Ecuadorean space agency (EXA) is trying to pick up signals from its
satellite after it crashed in space into debris from an old rocket.

The nano-satellite, called Pegasus, was launched from the Jiuquan spaceport
in China less than a month ago.

It is Ecuador's first and only satellite in orbit.

Experts said Pegasus had collided with debris from a Soviet rocket but was
still in orbit. It is not yet clear if it has been damaged.

Pegasus, a small cube weighing just 1.2kg, has been orbiting the Earth at a
height of 650km, transmitting pictures from space while playing recordings
of the Ecuadorean national anthem.

The Ecuadorean government contributed $700,000 to its launch on board an
unmanned rocket.

Ecuador is planning to launch a second satellite, named Kryasor, from Russia
in August.

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Communications Support Events where your help is needed by VK4ZZ

The horse ride people have had to call off all endurance rides in the
Townsville area for the rest of the year, due to not enough volunteers
available to mark tracks and help out with ride events.

However there are a number of events coming up that need your support ...

Contact Gavin VK4ZZ to help.

International President 2012 -2015: Bill Main VK4ZD
secretary: Dr Elwood Anderson, AE5EA
ANZO VP: Peter Lowe, VK3KCD
0645z - 0730z Anzo Net 7.118 (varies due to propagation)
0730z - 0830z International net 14.293 (varies due to propagation)



InnovAntennas, Ltd. founder Justin Johnson,
G0KSC, has been awarded the Harold Rose Plate by
the Radio Society of Great Britain. This in
recognition of Justin's many contributions to 50
MHz antenna technology and the amateur radio community.

These include such antennas as the Loop Fed Array and the
Optimized Wide-band Low-Impedance Yagi.

(GB2RS via arnewsline)

JUN 8-9 VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club annual field day Port Macquarie.

JUL 20 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest

JUL 20 VK4 Caboolture Hamfest 9am

JUL 28 VK2 Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 10AM

AUG 11 VK2 SARCFEST 414 Richmond Hill Rd near Lismore


Oct 3- 7 VK4 North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention Charters Towers

NOV 2 VK4 Gold Coast ARS HamFest at Albert Waterways Hall.

NOV 3 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Goodwood.

NOV 15-17 VK3 Victorian National Parks Weekend

Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club: Rosebud RadioFest

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