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THE federal government is resisting calls to reserve highly sought-after
mobile phone spectrum for use by police and emergency services, in fact they
have released a proposal suggesting it hopes to pull in more than
$900 million from the sale of spectrum it could not sell earlier this year.

The office of Victoria's Premier Denis Napthine accused federal Labor of
"effectively selling community safety" to fix an ailing budget, while the
Police Federation of Australia renewed calls for the government to earmark
the spectrum in case it is needed by law enforcement during terrorist strikes
and natural disasters.

Previous Communications Minister Stephen Conroy issued draft directions for
the Australian Communications and Media Authority to decide by September 1
on the "appropriate procedures" for allocating the unsold spectrum and said
access charges would have to be at the same reserve price that failed to
attract bidders during the first auction.

A 30 megahertz block of the most sought-after 700MHz band of the spectrum
the "waterfront property" of the cell phone industry was unsold and the
government last month said the intention was that it would "be returned to
the market for sale at a later date".

(read the full story on the australian newspaper site)


NARRABRI, Australian astronomers say a radio telescope has detected the raw
material for making the first stars in galaxies in the Universe's early days.

The Australia Telescope Compact Array near Narrabri in VK2 detected the raw
material for making stars -- cold molecular hydrogen gas -- from when the
universe was just 3 billion years old, a release from the CSIRO said Monday.

Read more:

Data gurus will get the chance to create solutions for Queensland's public
transport system as part of the Premier's Awards for Open Data.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the awards will recognise those who
develop new and innovative ways to use publicly released state government

A prize of $5,000 is available to entrants who showcase the most innovative
use of public data in a number of categories.

Categories include Public Transport, Improved Service Delivery, Growing and
Developing Queensland's future, and a wildcard category for thinking
outside the box.


Hams give emergency communications help

The resources of radio amateurs in times of disaster have been used in India
and Canada, while the Americas are facing an active hurricane season.

In northern India, the early seasonal monsoon rains are three times as heavy
as usual, causing flooding, mudslides and a death toll of at least 800. The
disaster caught everyone by surprise.

The emergency communications provided by radio amateurs are well known to
disaster authorities and the government, through their preparedness drills
and other presentations.

India's National Coordinator for Disaster Communication Jayu Mbide VU2JAU
said two amateur radio stations were active in the disaster area, at Dehradum
and Uttarkshi.

They have been sending messages via coordinating stations in Gwalior, New
Delhi and elsewhere. The emergency communications they provide will continue
for some time.

A group of amateur radio operators from the National Institute of Amateur
Radio (NIAR) have set up emergency communication centres to help stranded
passengers get help from government and keep them connected with their family
back home.

A group of four HAM operators, including Jose Jacob of NIAR from Hyderabad,
have set up an emergency communication centre at Bharat scouts and guides
headquarters at Dehradun and another group is stationed at Barkot in
Uttarkashi district.

"About 75 people have got in touch with us over high frequency (HF) radio.
People ask us for information about their near and dear ones who are either
stranded or missing," Jose Jacob said.

Calamities have occurred elsewhere. Amateur Radio Emergency Services members
were busy as swollen rivers caused flooding in Alberta in Canada, and the
Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun with trained radio amateurs on standby
in many countries.

Through the week residents were put on evacuation watch as extreme weather
and flooding drenched the NSW (VK2) south coast.

Ten properties were on evacuation watch near Jerrara Dam at Kiama, while the
SES also issued evacuation warnings to 40 homes in "low lying areas" of

No risk that the hams of the Illawarra were not watching and ready to help

( Jim Linton VK3PC + WIA News )



Proposed Foundation License Course July 13-14th

Providing CRARC get sufficient candidates the club's next Foundation Licence
Training Course will be run on the weekend of July 13-14. With that in mind,
if anyone knows of someone thinking about getting their Foundation Licence
could you please draw their attention to the July 13-14 course and urge them
to get their application in.

Enquiries should be directed to

web service:-

Homebrew Construction Group meeting

The next gathering of the group at the Amateur Radio Victoria rooms, 40g
Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, is Saturday July 6 at 2pm. Bring your latest
project and discuss its development.

Ian Downie VK3LA has found many interesting web sites for the new home
constructor. He will provide them as a mini-newsletter.

Ian VK3LA wonders how many of us live up to the vision of amateur radio.
He asks are we black box operators chasing DX, competitions, wall paper
collections - all fine pursuits of their own - or do we advance our
knowledge, explore technologies, techniques, and new frontiers.

To date the 'show and tell' meeting subjects have covered everything from
MF to SHF, from QRP to linear amplifiers, HF SSB Transceivers, Slow Scan
TV and Digital TV Repeater Antennas.

If you have an interest in advancing your knowledge or just building something
of interest, then the group members can help - they may all learn something
along the way.

Be at the next Homebrew Construction Group in Ashburton Saturday July 6th at

A good reference for anyone starting out in home brewing is:

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

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Oct 5 REDFest by Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club St Michael's College,
Caboolture, 9am

vk7 local news, email

REAST's November presentation night will be positively explosive!

Thanks to our President Tony VK7VKT.

The Bomb Response Group from Tasmania Police will be giving the club a
presentation on their bomb analysis, equipment used to determine the
threat and the equipment used to remove the threat. They will also give
a talk on the jobs they have attended in the past.



What use is an f-call?

If you're new to Amateur Radio, that is, you don't yet have a license, then
some of what we talk about on the News each week very likely sounds like
gobble-de-gook. Of course, the more you listen, the more you'll hear and
likely the more you'll be able to join the dots.

Amateur Radio is a regulated hobby, that is, there are rules and regulations,
processes, procedures and conventions to observe. If this is all new to you,
that might sound pretty strange and onerous, but you need to consider that
Amateur Radio is a hobby that can affect people all over the planet. If you
transmit on a frequency that interferes with some other service, then
depending on conditions, you might knock an essential service off the air
somewhere else.

A regulated hobby also sounds pretty restrictive if you're new to all this,
but the more you learn and participate, the more you realise that because
there are strict conditions, there is great freedom within those conditions.
It means that activities that you undertake here, can be shared across the

So, while it's regulated and controlled, Amateur Radio is a hobby that has
infinite reach and impact.

Amateur Radio, get licensed today and get connected - you'll be in great

I'm Onno, VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

ARES Support for Southern Alberta Flooding is Stood Down

ARES will remain on standby during the recovery process in the event of a
communication failure and are called out.

RAC sent a "big thanks" for all the resource and personnel support offered
across the province. And also a big thanks to all the operators that
provided countless volunteer hours to support the served agencies with
priority and emergency traffic. It has been expressed by AEMA that
without Hams capability to deploy and adapt it would have made this
disaster much more difficult to manage.

(VE6AEW Section Emergency Coordinator RAC / ARES Alberta

Band allocation at 5 MHz for Samoa

Following discussions, Atsuo Sakuma, 5W1SA, has become the first resident
operator on the island to be issued with a special 5 MHz permission by the
Samoan telecomms regulator, OOTR, enabling him to operate over the frequency
band 5250 -5450 kHz.

Although 60m permissions have been available to visitors since 2011, these
had generally been the 5 US channels. The permanent amateur population in
Samoa has been low in numbers and currently Atsuo is the only resident
licensed operator, although he has lived on the island for 15 years, being
licensed since 1998.

RSGB Centenary One Pound Membership Offer

A special One Pound RSGB Membership offer has only a few weeks left to run

The One Pound membership provides the monthly Radcom magazine for a year,
plus use of the QSL card bureau and members discount at the RSGB online book
store and is a 100 year anniversay offer.

Details of the special offer are at

The ILLW grows each year

The biggest and arguably the world's first fun-filled event for portable
amateur radio stations is the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend
in August.

It is still going very strongly and now in its 16th year of attracting lots
of activations around the globe.

The ILLW has been joined by weekends for other structures. Now is there's
one for historic bridges. We wish them all well.

However, the founding International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is set
for another good year with registrations flowing in steadily at 285, from
more than 30 countries.

It continues to promote public awareness of the old marine navigation and
the need for preservation and restoration, promotes amateur radio and fosters
international goodwill.

For more details on the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on
August 17 & 18 visit the website


ARNewsLine and RSGB from various news sources


The long sought after correction to the South
African regulations regarding amateur radio will
take a bit longer. This according that nations
national society the South African Radio League.

In a news release that national society says that
the subject of corrections to the rules published
on April 1st of 2011 is on the agenda of every
joint meeting between itself and regulator the
Independent Communications Authority of South
Africa. The problem is that the matter must
remain in limbo pending the outcome of a court
case between the regulatory body and a cellular telephone company.

The corrected regulations are ready in draft
format. They address the issue of power for both
class A and Class B licenses on certain bands and
a few other issues. The draft still has to be
approved at the ICASA council. But until the
pending matter between ICASA and the cellular
provider is adjudicated no progress can be made.

WRC15 & 18 proposals

The ITU World Radiocommunication Conference WRC-15
preparation process, as outlined in last weekend's GB2RS
News, covers some complex issues for the amateur community.

The RSGB has been closely involved with this preparation
process by attending and presenting papers at a number of
Ofcom, CEPT and ITU meetings, and will continue to do so.
This direct involvement has, in part, been made possible by
significant technical support from experts within our
membership. In a few months time the WRC-15 Preparatory
process will consider what additional agenda items need to
be added to the WRC-18 Agenda.

The RSGB has submitted its proposal to Ofcom for
consideration along with those from other spectrum
stakeholders. The RSGB proposal is for improving
harmonisation on the 1.8MHz, 50MHz and 3.4GHz bands. For
more information see


Fort Lee, New Jersey has launched its own
emergency broadcast radio station for alerting
the public in times of disaster. Put on the air
by the mayor Mark Sokolich office and the Fort
Lee City Council, residents can tune into the new
emergency station on 1630 Kilohertz for real-time
updates and safety tips during events like Hurricane Sandy.

The station will operate out of the Fort Lee
Municipal Building with generator backup. Aside
from emergency announcements, city officials may
use the station for traffic updates and to broadcast City Council meetings.

Fort Lee also used a separate $10,000 private
donation to buy more than 250 hand-cranked or
wind-up emergency radios. These will be
distribute at municipal buildings, communal
spaces and large residential complexes.

ARISS talk now available to view

An update on amateur radio on the International Space
Station program given by Frank Bauer, KA3HDO can now be
viewed on the web. The presentation was given at the 2013
Dayton Hamvention and Frank takes a quick look at 30 years
of amateur radio on the Space Shuttle and International
Space Station, and some changes at NASA that are affecting
ARISS. Watch the video via the AMSAT-UK website at


It took nearly 60 years after his death, but the
inventor of FM radio has finally been recognized
on the street where he lived. Amateur Radio
Newsline's Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, has the details:

On Monday, June 17th, city officials of Yonkers,
New York in joined with radio enthusiasts to
unveil a new plaque honoring Major Edwin Howard
Armstrong. This for his numerous accomplishments
in the area of radio communications.

The bronze plaque in Hudson-Fulton Park is just a
block away from the site of Armstrong's home on
Warburton Avenue. It overlooks the Hudson River
and across to the unique tower that Armstrong
built in the near by town of Alpine, New Jersey back in 1937 through 1938.

The plaque was the brainchild of Steve Klose. He
is a New Jersey resident who learned of Armstrong
because of their shared interest in fast
motorcycles. Klose became fascinated by
Armstrong's story and ended up leading a
fundraising campaign that generated more than
$4,000 in contributions to pay for the plaque.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and several city council
members were on hand for Monday's ceremony,
joined by two Armstrong descendants. The
ceremony was broadcast live on WA2XMN, the
experimental Armstrong Memorial Station that
transmits on Armstrong's old 42.8 MHz frequency
from the Armstrong's Alpine tower.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bill
Pasternak, WA6ITF, in the newsroom in Los Angeles.


This plaque may not be the last commemoration of
Armstrong in his native Yonkers. City officials
are now working to get a replica made of a bust
of Armstrong statue now on display at Columbia
University. There is also discussion ongoing of
renaming part of Warburton Avenue in Major
Armstrong's honor.



VK Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 3 2014


With contesting news, word that several videos of the 2013 Contest University
sessions from this years Dayton Hamvention now are available on the

Icom, a Contest University sponsor, posted the videos to YouTube.

To find them simply take your web browser to youtube and search for


Canberra 100

The VI 100 ACT callsign is still available for booking and use so our Canberra
region viewrs might like to contact Andrew, VK1DA/VK2UH, who is still kindly
coordinating the bookings.

Latest report has the number of contacts at being over the 1,000 mark.


EA 4 GBA, is operational as C 91 GBA from Mozambique until December 15th.

Activity will be on all H F bands using SSB with 100 watts into a dipole.

QSL direct via EA 4 GBA.

IW 2 NEF will be operational as 5 R 8 NE from Nosy-Be Island between
July 16th to the 30th

Activity will be on 40 through 10 meters using SSB. QSL via IK 2 DUW.

Moonbounce from Rwanda

A couple of sources are reporting that Herman DL2NUD and Rene PE1L will be
active from Rwanda until July 7th.

Activity will be focused on Moonbounce (EME) on 144, 432, 1296 and 2304 MHz.

The callsigns mentioned (which are listed on are
9X0EME, 9X0HP, 9X0L and 9X0MB.

QSL all calls via PE1L.

For more info and updates, watch the following media links:

Beacon News - Upgrade of VK7RST 6 meter beacon

VK7RST 6 meter beacon is located on Mount Nelson in Southern Tasmania
near Hobart and has been operating continuously since 1978 providing a
signal for 6 meter DX chasers for 35 years.

The beacon was designed and built by Peter Cox VK7KD, David Copper
VK7ZDC, & Alan Ruthven VK7ZAR.

It was completely constructed from available components and completely
home brew including the antenna on a budget of $100.00

It started life on a frequency of 52.370 MHZ and had a frequency change
to the present frequency of 50.297 MHZ in 1998/9 when Australian radio
amateurs were allocated the bottom 2 MHz of the 6 meter band and
antennas were retuned to take advantage of the better DX

In recent months distant stations reported reduced signal from the
beacon and there has also been a move away from frequency shift keying
to CW keyed beacons across Australia.

At present over half of our beacons in Australia are now CW keyed.

During the past week VK7RST has had a makeover and while still on the
frequency of 50.297 MHZ it is now CW keyed and has been upgraded to 20
watts of output power.

It also has a new location in the building providing for a shorter cable
run to the antenna and where it can spend the next 35 years.

Our thanks go to Bob VK7RX, and Alan VK7ZAR, for their effort in
undertaking and completing the upgrade of VK7RST.

So you can use this beacon to test both your antenna or receiver and see
how propagation is on the 6 meter band - you may get to work some DX.

(73, Alan VK7ZAR)


California Radio Hams claim 77 GHz world record

The ARRL report mountain-topping radio amateurs in California are claiming a
new world distance record on the 77 to 81 GHz band.

The claimed record was set June 13 between Robert Johnson, KF6KVG, on a peak
just east of San Jose and Goran Popovic, AD6IW, in Kings Canyon National Park
to the east-southeast.

"We achieved a distance of 252.49 km from Mt Hamilton (CM97di) to Kings
Canyon National Park (DM06ms)," Goran, AD6IW, announced on the 50 MHz & Up
Group reflector. "We made two-way contact on FM and SSB with strong signals
at both ends."

KF6KVG used a 1-foot dish, and AD6IW a 2-foot dish.

Both employed dielectric resonator oscillator-locked frequency control for
extreme stability.

According to ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ, the band 77.5-78 GHz is under
consideration at WRC 2015 for an allocation for automotive short-range radar,
leaving the fate of the amateur primary allocation uncertain.

(Source ARRL)


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW.

Tomorrow is the first Monday of the month which means that it's time for the
July bulletin from the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australia to be

Apart from the usual administrative business, this month's bulletin has an
item on Sir John Ambrose Fleming, considered by many to be the father of the
thermionic valve era of radio and electronics.

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is cordially invited to listen
to this interesting half-hour bulletin of news, stories and anecdotes from
the RAOTC.

The bulletin is relayed by many different operators throughout the day.
To find a time and frequency for your local area please visit the RAOTC
website at

However, there are two principal 20 metre relays which should cover most of
Australia.The first is at 0100 UTC on 14.150 MHz beamed north from Melbourne
for eastern states listeners, while the second is at 0200 UTC, also on 14.150
MHz, beamed westward for West Australian listeners.

Also at 0200 UTC, Chris VK6JI, will be transmitting the bulletin from Perth
on 40 metres on 7060 kHz - this transmission being intended for listeners
beyond the West Australian linked repeater system coverage - and may well be
heard by South Australian listeners.

Once again, The RAOTC July Bulletin will be broadcsat tomorrow, Monday July
first, and everyone is cordially invited to listen and to join in the
call backs afterwards.

73 from Clive, VK6CSW.


JUL 12-14 VK3 GippsTech will be held at Churchill. Information

JUL 20 VK3 Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club Hamfest

JUL 20 VK4 Caboolture Hamfest 9am

JUL 28 VK2 Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 10AM

AUG 4 VK6 Northern Corridor Radio Group Hamfest Cyril Jackson Rec Centre
Fisher st Ashfield Bassendean 9am.

AUG 11 VK2 SARCFEST 414 Richmond Hill Rd near Lismore


Oct 3- 7 VK4 North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention Charters Towers

Oct 5 vk4 REDFest by Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club St Michael's
College, Caboolture, 9am

NOV 2 VK4 Gold Coast ARS HamFest at Albert Waterways Hall.

NOV 3 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Goodwood.

NOV 15-17 VK3 Victorian National Parks Weekend

Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club: Rosebud RadioFest

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