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WIA - Peter Hartfield VK3PH calls for clubs to update their WIA website


As reported, one of the reasons the ACMA gave for not continuing the
high power trial was an observed lack of understanding of operator's
obligations with regard to Electromagnetic Magnetic Radiation.

It behoves us to reverse this, not only because it is the law, but to show
that term 'Amateur' describes the license class not the ability and
professionalism of those who hold it. With it getting mighty crowded in the
spectrum, it is in our best interests to continue to show that the amateur
service is of ongoing value to the community, and hence worthy of RF
real-estate we are gifted.

Alan VK1WX has kindly put together the following summary of EMR issues.

"What is EMR, it is electromagnetic radiation?

It is the energy that radiates from any device that generates radio frequency
energy. This can range from garage door openers, microwave ovens, Amateur
radio transmitters, CB radios to broadcast radio or television transmitters.

Why do we need to be aware of this radiation?

Excessive exposure to the radiation can and will cause damage to the tissues
of the human body.

Changes to Amateur Licensing

Under the new Amateur Licence Conditions and Determinations (LCDs) issued in
May 2013 it is a requirement that Amateurs do a self-assessment to see if
their station is compliant with the Australian Government's Australian
Radiation Protection and nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) standards.

How do we check if our station is compliant?

You do not have to be and engineer who understand the mathematics and physics
of the ARPANSA standards to check your compliance. On the website
is a calculator developed by VK3UM to give you a guide as to your compliance,


The sort of information required is band of operation, power level, type of
antenna and height of the antenna.

The operation of the calculator is simple, all that is needed is to select
the parameters of your station as shown in the calculators boxes and the
result is automatically calculated. If the station is compliant there is
nothing further to do except keep a record of the assessment carried out.

What happens if the station is not compliant?

Under the LCD you have to notify ACMA in writing that the station is not
compliant and you have 28 days to make the station compliant. However before
contacting ACMA there are many changes that can be made to bring your station
into compliance all of which are mostly common sense."

New frequencies for wireless microphones

Radio clubs are advised that a large number of wireless radio microphones
currently operating under a Class Licence using frequencies between the
analogue TV broadcasting channels, will soon become illegal as the analogue
TV frequencies are phased out this year.

An estimated 150,000 wireless radio microphones in use by churches, schools,
entertainment venues, fitness instructors, tourism operators and community
groups will be affected.

Now is the time for radio clubs and others to check their equipment because
694MHz to 820MHz will be withdrawn to provide the so-called 'digital dividend'
of spectrum made possible with an end of analogue TV in Australia.

Those radio clubs who own wireless microphones used for presentations are
encouraged by the WIA to check the operating frequency of their equipment,
to ensure it remains compliant with the upcoming frequency re-allocation.

For more information check with your supplier or the ACMA website.


Always good to get feedback after Ham events and with last weekends 'biggies'
VK3PC has given us all a MOST comprehensive report on the International
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend where organisers have expressed thanks to
the record number registered for the fun-event, and many thousands who
contacted them.

Held last weekend the annual event saw 526 registrations, more than 50 above
the 2012 record, or a 10 per cent jump.

At Alice Springs a novelty lighthouse was built for the dry river boat race,
the Henley-on-Todd Regatta. Later in this report we will have more on the
activity from this fun location.

The Green Cape Lighthouse in the Ben Boyd National Park south of Eden in
New South Wales saw a two-day celebration to mark its 130th anniversary.

Australia's first cast concrete lighthouse tower has been in the ILLW since
it began in 1998. On its birthday it was lit up using a million candela beams
that swept the Pacific Ocean.

Some 150 people present on Saturday included the Mayor Ken Taylor, the local
Member of Parliament Andrew Constance and ILLW Organiser Kevin Mulcahy VK2CE
- who was quoted in the local media.

Many others gained very positive news media stories throughout the world.
They included King Island's Currie Lighthouse by Tony Hambling VK3VTH/7,
who worked other lighthouses in Europe and elsewhere in 447 contacts.

ABC Radio Hobart looked at Tasmanian lighthouses. Among them were Ray Smith
VK7VKV from Low Head Lighthouse VK7LH and Andrew Boon VK7AW at the Iron Pot.

On the weekend Malaysia had 16 registrations returning in force. Also back
after an absence were the Canary Islands, Estonia, Malta, The Philippines,
Sardinia, Slovenia and Taiwan.

New countries were Algeria 7T9A at Cape Falcon and Serbia YU/IZ1VUC activating
the Tamis River West lighthouses. Those and others registered for their
debuts and hopefully most will again.

Germany led on 72, followed by Australia 69, USA 66 and England 38. About
20 each were listed for Argentina, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa
and Sweden.

On the air there was a greater awareness and participation. Despite poor
weather at some locations, most likened them to the lifestyle of yesteryear
lighthouse keepers.

Reports from participants are being accepted and uploaded to the website.
Photos and comments are most welcome to

Already 35 have registered for 2014 - will they achieve another 500 - only
time will tell.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

Peter Hartfield VK3PH would like to remind club officials to update their
details on the WIA web site please. This ensures that the information
published in the Callbook is as up to date and accurate as possible.

Peter says thanks in advance.


Of course this weekend we are in the middle of the 33RD A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST
which is always the last FULL weekend of August.

This is the contest where YLs works everyone, OMs & Clubs work YLs only.

the contest segments:-
STARTED Saturday 24th 0400 hours
FINISHES Sunday 25th 1359 hours

Bands to be used are 3.5, 7, 14, 21, and 28 MHz.



Ongoing DSTAR Internet Gateway Issues

Canberra's local DSTAR Repeater VK1RWN has suffered a major Gateway fault
which is looking like taking a couple of weeks to resolve.

This fault only affects the Internet Gateway, the RF section of the Repeater
is rock solid. This means that local communications can still be made via
RF using digital modes directly to the repeater.


web service:-
VKG Roundup

The next course from ARNSW will be the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of
September. Bookings by email to

Course is at 63 Quarry Road, Dural for all license grades.

The final weekend course for the year will be 16th and 17th November.

The regular bi-monthly Trash and Treasure will be conducted by ARNSW at the
VK2WI Dural site on Sunday the 29 th September. Check out the web site for major items on offer. Timed to start at 9.30 am. Followed at
12 noon by the Home Brew and Experimenters Group meeting.


web service:-

The Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club's annual Comms Day/Hamfest
will be held on Sunday 8th September at St Augustine's Hall, Orr Street
Shepparton. Doors open at 10.00am for the public.


What use is an f-call?

If you've ever sat at home wanting to listen to HF but you're radio is out
of commission, worse still, you haven't yet got a radio, or your antenna is a
project in progress, I stumbled on a way to have your cake and eat it too.

I was hunting for examples of a pile-up and I'd found in the past radios that
had been hooked up to the Internet that you could tune and listen to. Today I
stumbled across something of a different magnitude altogether. Something
called Software Defined Radio on the Web, or WebSDR.

A group of amateurs at the Technical University of Twente put up the worlds
first WebSDR in 2007. It was conceived in an attempt to connect the 25m radio
telescope in Dwingeloo to the world, for radio amateurs doing Earth Moon Earth
or EME contacts, it snowballed from there.

So, now you can go to, pick from a list of 40 receivers around the
planet and listen to what ever frequency is within the station's range. The
Twente receiver does 0 to 29MHz, there are UHF, VHF and GHz receivers to be
found. The software runs a Java Applet that sits in your web browser
displaying either a waterfall or spectrum scope and you can see the whole
band at the same time.

On your normal radio, you tune to 7.093 and have a listen. If you hear
nothing, you move the dial and try again, rinse and repeat until you hear a
station calling CQ. With SDR, you can see all frequencies at the same time.
The software allows you to switch between modes, so you can decode the signal
as AM, LSB, USB, FM, CW, whatever you want. You can set the bandwidth and
play with the tuning, all while others are doing the exact same thing on their
computer with whatever frequency they're using.

Your own radio does one frequency at the time, SDR does them all at the same
time and you can zoom in and out, scan around and find the elusive 10m
contacts. With one look at the display you can see if 10m is active right
now, or if it's a dead duck.

The web site again is, check it out, use it to tune your pile-up
skills for the next contact, or use it to find a station you like, turn on
your own radio and have a QSO. Nothing stopping you from turning on several,
all tuned to the same frequency and see what the propagation around the
world is like either.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB
(ep 1104)

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, ARVictoria and the WW sources of the WIA.

SK Telecom and Rohde & Schwarz will develop next-generation antenna

The Korean telecom giant signed a Memorandum of Understanding with
Rohde & Schwarz, a Germany-based manufacturer of test and measurement
equipment for mobile radios and radio communications.

Joint research and development will generate synergies in the development of
next-generation network technologies.

It is capable of increasing the number of radio channels between a base
station and handset by several times to tens of times.

In Zambia, Independent Broadcasting Authority Director General,
Josephine Mapoma, has announced a countrywide inspection of all broadcasting

Ms Mapoma has urged all television and radio stations to be expectant of
inspectors any time. She said that when people apply for radio or television
licences, they submit programme schedules that they are meant to follow once
in operation.

She said the IBA team commenced their inspections on the Copperbelt where
they inspected a number of radio stations which included, Yar FM, Flava FM,
and Copperbelt Television Systems.

IBA has learnt that there are television and radio stations that have
neglected to renew their broadcast licences in Zambia.

Ms Mapoma was, however, quick to mention that there is still a lot of work
to be done with other stations and the onus is on them to stay committed to
the provisions of their licences and programme schedule.

UK radio amateurs Richard G0RPH, Monica G0VCS and Barry G8AGN are believed to
have set a new DX record for daylight communications using Red LEDS.

Stations used Phlatlight transmitters, running AM baseband modulation, with
A4 size Fresnel lenses.

Barry's receiver was a KA7OEI version 3 type, Richard's used a new circuit
developed for daylight use. A4 size Fresnel lenses were used on both

They believe this is a World record for daylight communication using red LEDs
as the light source.

City supports exemptions for ham radio towers

The Star Phoenix reports that Saskatoon, in Canada, is proposing to exempt
amateur antennas from planning.

The proposed exemptions for amateur antennas include excluding antennas under
15 metres tall and limiting the cost, submission and consultation
requirements for antennas higher than 15 metres.

Read the full story at


The BBC reports 1,000 ants are being fitted with tiny radio transmitters to
try to understand how they commute between their vast network of nests

The BBC say the cutting-edge experiment in communication and conservation is
being conducted by Samuel Ellis, a biologist at the University of York. The
three-year project is being conducted at the Peak District National Park's
Longshaw estate in Derbyshire.

Some 5 years ago VK1WIA National News first reported the pioneering work
using RFID on Ants being done at Bristol by Samuel Ellis's supervisor
Dr Elva Robinson and it may be assumed Samuel is using similar equipment.

Elva used a RFID micro transponder (500x500x120 um) with a unique ID that was
affixed to the thorax of every worker ant in each colony.

The RFID reader (PharmaSeq, Inc., NJ) consisted of a laser that provided
energy (35 mW) to the passive tags, and an antenna to detect the radio
identification signal.

Tagging has no observable effects on the behaviour of the ants.

Read the BBC story at


A New Jersey man faces a $32,000 fine after
regulators say he interfered with a satellite
guidance system at one of the nation's busiest
airports. This while allegedly attempting to
mask his whereabouts from his employer. Amateur
Radio Newsline's Bruce Tennant, K6PZW, has the details:


The Federal Communications Commission claims that
Gary Bojczak installed a Global Positioning
System jamming device in his company owned pickup
truck in an apparent attempt to keep his employer
from knowing his whereabouts. But what Bojczak
was not aware of was that the jammer was
interfering with a new GPS assisted navigation
system used to aid aircraft approaching and
departing Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

Federal agents eventually tracked the jamming
signal to Bojczak's vehicle. Bojczak reportedly
surrendered the jamming device after his truck
was stopped at the airport in August 2012.

Now in its Notice of Apparent Liability the FCC
described Bojczak's alleged conduct as
particularly troubling because it interrupted the
calibration of a critical air navigation
system. At the time of the incident the system
was undergoing testing and was not put into full
service until September of last year.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bruce Tennant, K6PZW, in Los Angeles.


If you own a China built hand-held and have
questions that the manual does not answer,
there's now a new source of information. Calling
itself the Radio Documentation Project, this
website plans to provide high quality and
in-depth open source documentation user manuals
for mainland-China built handheld two-way radios.

Its first completed work is a PDF file containing
a well-documented manual for the popular Baofeng
UV-5R dual bander. The instructions are clear
and distinct.

Best of all it is available as a free download at

RSGB's G4NJH reports the Martti Laine Friedrichshafen lecture now online

Top DXer Martti Laine, OH2BH, was a speaker at the
Friedrichshafen Ham Radio exhibition in June 2013.

His keynote lecture, Changing Times in DX Hunt, is now
available, both slides and audio, at


A very interesting talk given at this years
Dayton Hamvention about how an episode of the hit
ABC situation comedy Last Man Standing that
featured ham radio came about is now available on YouTube.

The presentation features the show's producer John Amodeo, NN6JA,
who not only explained how ham radio gets featured on a TV show,
but also some background into the world of television production itself:


NN6JA: "Network television is driven by
advertising dollars so it's probably not
surprising that it's all about ratings and demographics.

"Last Man Standing gets about 6 to 7 million
viewers each week and that makes us a successful
show. But by comparison, CBS's 'Big Bang Theory'
gets about 15 million viewers each week which makes it a hit show.

"But as important as the total number of the
people watching the networks pay particular
attention to the age of the viewers. The
thinking behind this is that older viewers
translate into older shoppers who are set in
their ways and hard to sell new products
to. Young people are considered to be better
shoppers with more spendable income.

"There are now about 750,000 licensed amateur
radio operators in the United States. But
because only a small percentage of hams might
potentially watch our show so it's hard to get
the writers to focus on radio as a topic. As a
TV comedy, we have to be funny to our general
audience. We cannot address any one group of people."


John Amodeo's presentation is titled Bringing
Amateur Radio to Primetime Network
Television. It was produced by Icom America with
video recorded at the Icom Hamvention booth by
Julian Frost, N3JF. It runs thirteen minutes and
you can watch it on-line at


ALARA Contest THIS WEEKEND! August 24 and 25

FLAGPOLE Contest September 21

Another reminder of Manly-Warringah Radio Society's FUN contest.

The first MWRS Flagpole Contest will take place on 21 September. Because this
date is close to International Talk-like-a-Pirate Day (on the 19th), extra
points may also be awarded if your station photo includes a Jolly Roger or
other humorous flag of your choice.

- any mode and frequency is permitted
- extra points will be awarded for contacts with flagpole stations
- even more extra points will be awarded for submitting (by email, SSTV, or
any other means) a photo of your station showing your station's flagpole.

There will be calling frequencies on 40 and 80 metres, as well as the club 2m
repeater for those of you in Sydney with only VHF access.

Details are at Just enter 'flagpole' in the search box.


VK Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 3



Andy, G 7 COD will be in Gran Canaria, which is AF-004, until 31st August.
He will be active on all bands from 6 to 30m using the callsign
EA 8/ G 7 COD.

Dieter, DF2SD will be active holiday style as OZ / DF 2 SD from the island of
Fano, EU-125, until 30th August.
He will operate RTTY on 30, 17 and 12 metres only, possibly with some SSB.
QSL via his home callsign, DF 2 SD direct or via the bureau,
Logbook of The World and eQSL.

Special Prefix OO - celebrating His Royal Highness Prince Philippe becoming
the new King of Belgium and the 20 year reign of His Royal Highness
King Albert II all radio amateurs with a Belgian license are allowed use of
prefix "OO" instead of "ON" from July 21st until and including September 20th.

Belgian vanity callsigns (with only one letter in the suffix) may NOT change
their prefix, HOWEVER some vanity callsigns already have an "OO" prefix.


SQ 9 KWW is active portable HL3 from South Korea through September 2nd.
He plans to operate on the various High Frequency bands during his stay.
QSL via his home call direct or electronically using eQSL.

W7JVN will be working at a church mission in Ghana for the next 16 months.
He has been issued with the callsign 9 G 5 AC and will operate 100W to a
dipole on 20 and 15 meter SSB. QSL as directed by the operator.


The World ATV QSO Party soon

Australia, the USA and the world, via the British Amateur Television Club
website, will take part in this this annual event, which will have more ATVers
involved by direct transmission or through Skype technology.

All transmissions will end up on the Digitised Repeater VK3RTV in the
Melbourne-Geelong area with Peter Cossins VK3BFG the anchor and net control.

For Melbourne-Geelong stations Peter VK3BFG will liaise on the voice repeater
VK3RML. Remote or other stations are to request to join in via Skype
to atvqsoparty - all one word.

Using Australian Eastern Standard Time it will be held on Friday evening
August the 30th plus Saturday morning and afternoon August the 31st.

On Friday are confirmed stations in VK2, VK3, VK4 and the Brisbane Digital
Repeater VK4RKC anchored by Danny VK4KI, and VK5.

On Saturday a link into the W6ATN network of ATV repeaters in Southern
California occurs. This involves quite a few stations which should be very

The Australian anchor is again Peter VK3BFG with Don Hill KE6BXT in Mission
Vieja as the Southern Californian anchor.

VK3RTV and W67ATN will be streaming to the British website so both can be
viewed simultaneously. Hopefully the Eastern and Mountain District Radio
Club with its new digital facility will be on air as well.

Ken Konechy W6HHC from Orange County California will give an update on the
DATV Express project, jointly run by radio amateurs in the United Kingdom
and USA, to develop a cheap DVB-S ATV transmitter.

One of the very few Digital ATV repeaters in the USA, WR8ATV in Columbus
Ohio, is likely to join this year - an exciting development indeed.

This is the 3rd annual World Digital ATV QSO Party which was originally a
part of the centenary celebration for Amateur Radio Victoria. It has now
become an annual event.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


80m ham radio band used for wideband video/data

Trials in the UK have used 3.613 MHz for 24 kHz bandwidth high-speed data and
video transmissions

In recent years there has been increasing military interest in high-speed
data on HF.

By using modern modulation techniques an SSB channel can support a raw data
rate of 12800 bps and wider transmissions can support proportionally faster
data rates. Trials have shown that colour video at 15 frames per second can be
streamed on HF in a bandwidth of just 18 kHz. That is the type of bandwidth
that may be accommodated in the amateur radio 29 MHz band.

In the UK HF trials have used frequencies, licensed by Ofcom, of
3.613, 6.390, 7.975 and 13.047 MHz with bandwidths up to 24 kHz and power up
to 400 watts.

Information on these trials can be seen at



NASA Announces Next Opportunity for CubeSat Space Missions

NASA is now accepting proposals for the CubeSat Launch Initiative.
Proposals must be submitted electronically by 4:30 p.m. EST Nov. 26.
From the submissions, NASA will select the best proposals by Feb. 7.

Developers whose proposals are selected may have the opportunity to
see their creations launched as an auxiliary payload on a mission
between 2014 and 2017. NASA will not provide funding for the
development of the small satellites and selection does not guarantee a
launch opportunity.

From the first four rounds of the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative, 89
payloads from 25 U.S. states made the short list for launch
opportunities in 2011 through 2016. Of the selected CubeSats, 12
satellites have already launched. Twenty-one CubeSats are scheduled
for launch later this year.

For additional information on NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative
program, visit:


Broadband internet access on aircraft, ships and trains

In the UK Ofcom (Their version of our ACMA) has just published a consultation
on authorising new mobile broadband systems on board moving vehicles, such as
aircraft, ships and trains.

The new systems - called Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms - use satellites
to send information in the frequency band 27.5 - 30 GHz and receive
information in the 17.3 - 20.2 GHz band.

These high frequencies provide more bandwidth than traditional satellite
frequencies used for internet connections on moving vehicles, which means
significantly faster internet connections can be achieved.



Alice Springs lighthouse popular

Each year, amateur radio operators activate lighthouses all over the world -
including a temporary structure in the centre of Australia at Alice Springs
that contacted at least 70 other marine navigation beacons.

When the date of the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend happened
to coincide with the famous dry river boat race, the Henley-on-Todd Regatta,
the Alice Springs Amateur Radio Club came up with an idea.

They built their own lighthouse and set up an amateur radio station to talk
to the others from the banks of the Todd River.

The International Lighthouse Lightship weekend aims to promote the need for
preserving the world's lighthouses and has been running for 16 years.

Organiser Greg Mair VK8GM told the ABC that his group had contacted other
lighthouses in the Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, Europe, the Pacific and
right around Australia.

Considering that Alice Springs is thousands of kilometres from the coast,
some interesting responses were received from across the world.

Like the similar promotion given to visitors, Greg VK8GM talked very
positively about amateur radio as a recreational pursuit enjoyed by people
from all walks of life.

(Jim Linton VK3PC via Southgate)


SEP 8 VK3 Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 10.00am

SEP 14 VK4 Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio's SUNFEST 9am.

Oct 3- 7 VK4 North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention Charters Towers

Oct 5 vk4 REDFest by Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club St Michael's
College, Caboolture, 9am

Oct 20 VK3 Ballarat Amateur Radio Group Hamvention

NOV 2 VK4 Gold Coast ARS HamFest at Albert Waterways Hall.

NOV 3 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Goodwood.

NOV 15-17 VK3 Victorian National Parks Weekend

Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club: Rosebud RadioFest


May 2- 4 VK4 Clairview Gathering Clive VK4ACC 0429 632 815

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