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Contactless cards: data intercepted

The BBC reports a researcher at the University of Surrey has intercepted the
HF 13.560 MHz signal used by contactless debit and credit cards

BBC News says Thomas P Diakos built equipment that could reliably eavesdrop
on synthesised payment data at more than four times the distance it should
have been.

Inconspicuous equipment including a shopping trolley, a backpack and a small
antenna were used to intercept the data.

Read the research paper Eavesdropping near-field contactless payments:

Read the BBC News story

PR4AmateurRadio EXPO

A foray into the do-it-yourself world

On display at last weekend's Eurisko exhibition in Melbourne was the hands-on
aspect of Amateur Radio.

The well-presented Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) stand was designed
to showcase Amateur Radio to a select audience, and hopefully link up with
those who can see an application for their interests.

The paying visitors attracted to the Eurisko exhibition were mainly of a
younger age group interested in making, crafting and do-it-yourself activities.

There were many stands including those with basic soldering, 3D printing,
chemistry, computers, electronics, robotics, rocketry, and self-help learning
groups. A few also held workshops during the two-day event.

Fitting right in was the WIA stand that had working displays of Amateur Television,
homebrew equipment design and construction, a video display of various aspects
of Amateur Radio plus information on how to become a radio amateur.

New to them was Amateur Radio's ability to handle telemetry for experiments,
and that some of us are already into balloon launches and other practical

Spending a lot of time at the WIA stand was Dr Zoz Brooks, a special guest
at the exhibition from Fab Lab Adelaide and co-host of the internationally
telecast Discovery Channel's Time Warp show, devoted to high speed imaging
of natural and scientific phenomena.

The Adelaide-based engineer, artist, robot expert, hacker and teacher spent
well over an hour with those from the WIA to learn all he could and like
many visitors thought about what modern Amateur Radio offers their interests
and how to become a radio amateur.

The WIA hopes that collaboration with other do-it-yourself interest groups
can be achieved.

Tapping into a near-perfect audience, with targeted messages delivered by
selected individuals the stand effectively showed off what Amateur Radio
has to offer.

Participation in the Eurisko Melbourne exhibition is in line with a recent
WIA email survey of radio clubs on the broad topic of how best to promote
modern Amateur Radio.

A YouTube presentation by Peter VK3YE is at:

April 13 - 15 is the designated date BUT you don't have to wait, promotion
of Amateur Radio can and should be on your weekly agenda!

In the north of Australia the Townsville area hams will be out and about
November 19th.

Yes TARC does the TCC International Mens Day Expo

Members from The Townsville Amateur Radio Club Inc will be putting on
a portable display of Amateur Radio by invitation of the Townsville City
Council for the TCC International Mens Day Expo being held in conjunction
with Crocs Basketball training at the RSL Stadium, Murray Sporting Complex
on Tuesday 19th November 2013.

The battery powered display will be exhibiting from 7am to 2pm.

Anyone wanting to come along and help with the set up and packup or
help with the exhibit then please contact Display Co-ordinator
Richard VK4FRJG

0400 339 543 .

Rick Polden VK7RI dropped us a note to say " While trolling through a trade
magazine (Connected Home) I came across a news article concerning the
"Digital Dividend".

The article covers the relocation of wireless microphone systems etc. but what
may be helpful to listeners is that Sennheiser have a website called
once you load the website all you have to do is enter your location either
address or Lat and Long and the site will tell you what frequencies are
available for a new wireless system.



Canberra 100

The VI100ACT callsign is still available for booking and use.
Andrew, VK1DA/VK2UH, is still kindly coordinating the bookings.
Latest reports has the number of contacts at being over the 1,000 mark.
News about the a QSL card for the callsign will be coming out in future.

web service:-

Illawarra Amateur Radio Society.

November sees' the return of the Club's annual Auction.

These Auction nights are a lot of fun with the chance of picking up a great

Everyone is invited to go along and enjoy the night at Coniston Community hall
7:30pm Tuesday the 12th of November.


Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club

The next meeting will be 7pm on the evening of Friday the 15th of November,
in the SES Building in Central Road, Port Macquarie.
The 2014 WIA Callbooks will be available at the get together.



Don't forget that The Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club's Rosebud
RadioFest will be held on Sunday, 24th November.

This event presents an ideal opportunity to make a family day of it, so bring
your family and enjoy the RadioFest and the beaches, parks, wineries, shops
and restaurants of the Mornington Peninsula.

The event will be held at the Eastbourne Primary School auditorium at
Allambi Avenue, Rosebud, with outdoor displays open from 8.30 am and the
main sale area open from 10 am.

A popular feature of the RadioFest is the "Show and Tell" area, which
includes a DIY table where you can display something which you have made.
Please advise Richard VK3RR if you wish to display some home brew equipment.

If you have pre-loved equipment to sell, tables are still available at $10
and can be booked through

The event has full catering, there is plenty of off-street parking, there are
great door prizes and the entry fee is only $6 with under 12's free.

Send your stories for news. SCRIPT to
send audio to

get local audio news
get local news emailed

Cyclone Sunday

November to March is Cyclone Season, are YOU Cyclone Ready?

You can go along to Cyclone today Sunday November 10 from 9am-12pm at
Strand Park in Townsville and gather tips on how to prepare yourself,
your family and your property.

Highlights include over 40 stall displays, live entertainment,
important document scanning onto free USBs, kids' activities plus much more.



An ARISS contact with the Australian Air League - South Australia Wing,
Elizabeth using telebridge is being planned the actual date is yet to be

Charlie Sufana AJ9N from ARISS says currently the ARISS operations team has
a list of 60 schools that they hope to get through before 2014.

To let you in on how tough it is to schedule contacts, here are some of the
constraints the ARISS mentors must work under:

Each Increment is 26 weeks in length.

For any given expedition, they typically may not schedule:

Anything the first 3 weeks.
During EVA weeks
at least 2 weeks prior to the Increment change.
no contacts during meal and exercise periods.
no contacts during post-sleep and pre sleep (before 8: UTC and after 19:3 UTC)
and contacts on the day of Progress docking or undocking are circumspect.

(Exp. 37/38 on orbit Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazansky, Michael S. Hopkins KF5LJG)


The next Foundation course conducted by ARNSW will be 16 and 17 of November.

On Sunday 17th there will be assessments for all license grades.

Bookings are required by an email to

The first weekend course in 2014 will be the 18th and 19th of January.
The March weekend will be on the 22nd and 23rd.


Foundation Class & Assessments close soon

If you want a Foundation Licence or perhaps to upgrade an existing qualification
then enrolments for the next Amateur Radio Victoria session close on Tuesday.

Quality Foundation Licence level training is available on November the 16th
with Assessments on November the 17th at the conveniently located offices
of Amateur Radio Victoria, 40G Victory Boulevard, Ashburton.

But be quick if you want an enrolment by contacting Barry Robinson VK3PV
0428 516 001 or by this Tuesday.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

The next Standard course will commence in Feb 2014.
Expressions of interest can be registered via

The next Advanced course is scheduled to commence July 2014.

5WPM Morse courses are run when sufficient Interest warrants it.
Again interest can be registered via


What use is an F-call?

If you're new to Amateur Radio, like I am, it can be daunting to be surrounded
by other amateurs who have seen that, done that and wrote the book. As you
interact with those amateurs it will quickly become apparent that they got to
that place because they started something and tried it.

In today's culture we often solve a problem by throwing money at it. It's a
perfectly valid approach to life, but it leaves behind the thrill of trying to
make something work.

Having an Amateur License doesn't instantly transform you into a builder or
inventor, it sort of creeps up on you. You get your shack set-up and you find
that a particular thing you need, a switch, a connector, a patch-lead, or
some other gadget cannot be found, is too expensive or takes three weeks to
ship and you cannot live without it.

Perhaps you spend a little time online searching for other solutions and
alternatives and you hit upon a web-page that has a fellow Amateur describing
your problem and their solution, just as if the article was written
specifically for you.

Inventing and building is part of Amateur Radio, it's what makes the backbone
of the hobby and one day you might find out that a soldering iron isn't a
scary tool at all.

Go and have a chat with an experienced Ham, have some coffee, bring a smile
and be amazed.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.


Toyota Motor Corporation Japan, will in the next two years introduce systems
that will make it possible for cars to communicate with each other in order
to avoid collisions.

According to a statement by the company, the system will use radio to gather
data on the speed of other vehicles to keep a safe distance. It also showed
another system, consisting of cameras, radar and control software, that helps
a car maintain position in a lane on its own.

The system Toyota has developed incorporates technologies derived from its
automated driving research and the carmaker has said it aims to create a
virtual "co-pilot" in vehicles that helps drivers avert accidents.

Toyota also showcased a new pre-crash technology that can steer a vehicle
moving at a high speed away from pedestrians when automatic braking alone
cannot avoid a collision. This new system will be available after 2015,
the company said.


How secure is that USB drive you use?

Russia has denied reports it attempted to spy on foreign powers meeting at
the G20 summit in St Petersburg earlier this year, denouncing the allegations
as a "clear attempt to divert attention" from revelations concerning the
United States' National Security Agency.

Two Italian newspapers have claimed USB flash drives and cables to charge
mobile phones that were given to delegates - including heads of state - at
the September meeting were equipped with technology to retrieve data from
computers and telephones.


Close Down of Channel 1 and Amateur use of 1kW for 50 to 51 MHz

New Zealand's last Channel 1 Television transmitter is due to close down at
the end of November and RSM has advised that from 6th December 2013 onwards
(just in time for their annual VHF/UHF/SHF Field Day Contest) Amateurs
throughout New Zealand will have access to the bottom end of the 6 metre band
(50 to 51 MHz) without needing to apply for a permit.

The power on the licence will be 30 dBW (1 kW) to bring it into line with the
power on the General User Radio Licence for Amateur Operators.


Indian record for tracking Ham Radio balloon

We reported on this back in October when a ground station at Bangalore
and two mobile payload recovery teams were able to receive the 145.765 MHz FM
APRS radio signals from the balloon for over 12 hours without any disruption.

Well, the payload of this Indian amateur radio APRS balloon has been
successfully retrieved

The payload was found about 42.6 km off the coast of Gangoli, Karnataka
by sailors on a fishing boat "Suvarna Lakshmi". It was only possible to
track who owned the payload because one of the sailors who found the floating
balloon used the sim card that was in one of the pieces of equipment in the

Indian Record for Tracking Ham Radio Balloon


Li-Fi speeds better than a blink of the eye

Chinese researchers claim to have produced a 150Mbp/s connection, but some
experts were doubtful without seeing further proof.

The term Li-Fi was coined by Edinburgh University during a TED talk in 2011
though the technology is also known as visible light communications (VLC).

Both Wi-Fi and Li-Fi transmit data over the electromagnetic spectrum, but
whereas Wi-Fi utilises radio waves, Li-Fi uses visible light. This is a
distinct advantage in that the visible light is far more plentiful than the
radio spectrum (10,000 times more in fact) and can achieve far greater data


Amateur Radio Newsline


More room on 2 meters for ham radio space operations is one
of the outcomes of a recent IARU Region 2 meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

The gathering whose minutes have now been published covered
all Region 2 bandplans for all allocations from 137 kHz to
250 GHz. Included is a new allocation for the Amateur
Satellite Service on 2 meters from 144.000 to 144.025 MHz.

There is also a reference to Near Space Stations or NSS
operations in the definitions section. This is believed to
be the first mention of High Altitude Balloons in any
amateur radio band plan.

IARU Region 2 is the organization of the International
Amateur Radio Union for the American continent. You can view
the entire document containing this and bandplans for all
other amateur radio spectrum on the web at


The Department of Homeland Security has announced a pilot
project in cooperation with NPR Labs, to demonstrate the
delivery of the first-ever, real-time emergency alert
messages to people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in five Gulf states.

Twenty-five NPR affiliates in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana,
Mississippi and Texas have agreed to participate in the
venture to transmit emergency alert messages, such as
weather alerts, to 475 individuals who are deaf or hard-of-
hearing in the stations' listening areas. This to determine
how effectively the messages are being sent and received.

The public radio stations participating in the project will
receive emergency alert messages from FEMA's Integrated
Public Alert and Warning System. The stations will then
broadcast the emergency alerts to specially designed FM
Radio Data System receivers that alert the participants with
a flashing indicator.

The receivers can also show the content of the alert through
the receiver's digital display. Participants can connect a
strobe light or bed-shaker alerting device to the receiver
to help ensure alerts are noticed both day and night. (RI)


An international group of hams, including CQ Magazine's DX
Editor Wayne Mills, N7NG, is planning to operate from South
Sudan as Z81X from November 14th to the 28th. This is the
time period that includes the CW weekend of the 2013 CQ
World Wide DX Contest.

According to Mission Goodwill South Sudan spokesman Martti
Laine, OH2BH, the group of ten hams is led by International
Amateur Radio Union Region One President Hans Timmerman,
PB2T, and includes two local operators.

The operation is hosted by South Sudan's Ministry of Posts
and Telecommunications, and will include a series of
workshops aimed at developing a permanent amateur radio
licensing and regulatory structure. On the operating side,
the plan is to activate all HF bands with an emphasis on 80
and 160 meters. QSL via OH0XX and we will have more DX news
for you later on in this week's report.


NASA has used laser technology to transfer data over the
239,000 miles to and from the moon. This at a speed of 622
megabits per second.

Badri Younes is NASA's deputy associate administrator for
space communications and navigation. In a press release he
said that his agency is encouraged by the results of the
demonstration of the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration
to this point. As such NASA is confident that it is on the
right path to introduce this new capability into operational
service soon.

The space agency's Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration
is the first two-way space communication system to use a
laser instead of radio. Younes calls it the first step on
NASA's roadmap toward building the next generation of space
communication capability.

The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration is hosted on
NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer or
LADEE satellite.


New licence consultation launched

Important changes are being considered for the UK amateur
radio licence terms and conditions.

The RSGB, working in consultation with Ofcom, is running a
series of discussions on the RSGB website where any amateur
can contribute and help shape the future of amateur radio.
Three new discussion topics have just been launched,
looking at Airborne Use, Remote Operation and Embedding the
Progressive Licence Culture.

You can access the forum at In
previous news we mentioned that Paul Jarvis of Ofcom spoke
at Hamfest and the RSGB Convention. The slides from his
presentation are now available as a 21-page PDF file at

New internet support forum for amateurs

We've been given details of a new internet forum for radio users.

The Internet Radio Club aims to give online help, support
and a social gathering place for amateur radio operators,
short wave listeners and anyone else interested in radio.
The club is free to join.

The club says it has a policy of using plain and simple
English wherever possible to help newcomers.


WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day weekend of November 23/24.


WIA Summer VHF-UHF Field Day 11/12 January

WIA John Moyle Field Day weekend March 15-16

WIA VK Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 3



Manly-Warringah Radio Society's Flagpole contest September.


VK4RCA 70cm Repeater back in service

John/VK4JKL advises one and all that the Cairns Amateur Radio Club
UHF Voice Repeater VK4RCA located in downtown Cairns City
is back up and running on 439.850MHz following a lengthy time offline.

The repeater has been repaired, tuned and tweaked by Club Tech Helmut/VK4YKI
and is now back in service.


Arecibo Observatory on-the-air this Sunday November 10th

As part of the celebration of it's 50th anniversary, the Arecibo Observatory
in Puerto Rico will be On-the-Air with the amateur radio callsign KP 4 AO as
a special event station.

It will go on the air from 1300 UTC until 2000 UTC.

A Commemorative Certificate will be available for those who make contacts
with KP4AO as well for those who operate the station.

The special event is sponsored by the Caribbean Amateur Radio Group and the
Arecibo Observatory Radio Club.

(text editions only)

Centenary callsign back in Scotland

The RSGB celebrations return to Scotland (EU-005, WLOTA 1234) using the
callsign GM100RSGB from last Tuesday (5 November) until 2 December 2013.

Activity still on all bands and modes.

QSL info can be found at:

6 V 7 D will be heard from Senegal between November 29th and December 7th.
His operation will be mainly on CW, with some SSB, on 40 through 10 meters.
QSL via DL 7 VOA.

A group of operators from India will be operating from the Lakshadweep Islands
from November 20th to the 10th of December as VU 7 AG and VU 7 KA.
They will be active on 160 through10 meters using CW , SSB and RTTY.
QSL via W 4 VKU

Lastly, a team of 8 operators will be active from rare Banda Besar Island
between November 10th / 15th. Operations will be on 40 through 10 meters
using CW and SSB.
Look for more details to be forthcoming at

RI 1 ANR from Novo Runway until March 2014.
Activity is on the HF bands with a focus on the low bands.
QSL via RK 1 PWA.

VK Club Bulletins
VK2 CCARC news

For all of you Ice Pilots TV show fans, the first episode of season 5 is
scheduled to have some of an ARISS contact that occurred a few months back.

Canadian ARISS mentor Steve McFarlane VE3TBD said we do not know the full
details of what will be included in this episode but we understand a Radio
contact with Chris Hadfield will be shown that involves the Canadian mentors
that undertake and support these events all across Canada.

This team, are made up of Teacher Lori McFarlane, technical coordination
Claude Lacasse and program mentor Steve McFarlane VE3TBD all located in
Ottawa but were on site during this contact from Hay river.

On FOXTEL the History Channel airs the show

Below are several on-line links to where you can watch it:


New D-Star repeater in the north of Portugal

This repeater has a range of 30 Kms and is primarily devoted to regional
contacts, the gateway is on.

This system is a non-Icom rigs, it's operated by two GM-300 from Motorola
and a Raspberry Pi with G4KLX software for the control of the system and
connection to D-Star network.

The data of this repeater are:
Callsign = CQ0DAM (DTMF = 54662)
TX on = 438,200 MHz
RX on = 430.600 MHz
PAR = 25W
Locator = IN51wg (4116'08''N/0805'51''W (WGS84))

We invite all who want to reach this region.

Jorge Santos, CT1JIB
Dstar-DTMF call: 1725


ARISS has congratulated mentors who have now mentored over 100 schools:
Gaston ON4WF with 112
Francesco IKWGF with 100

November Deployment for ISS CubeSats

Four CubeSats carrying amateur radio payloads are expected to be deployed
from the International Space Station on November 25, 2013.

The CubeSats include:
Pico Dragon developed by the Viet Nam National Satellite Centre, the
University of Tokyo and IHI aerospace.
437.250 MHz CW beacon
437.365 MHz 1200 bps AFSK AX.25 telemetry.

ArduSat-1 developed by NanoSatisfi.
437.325 MHz 9k6 MSK CCSDS downlink.

TechEdSat-3 developed by interns at the NASA Ames Research Centre.
437.465 MHz 1200 bps packet radio beacon transmitting 1 watt to 1/4 wave
monopole. It plans to test an Iridium Satphone modem and has a deployment
mechanism to de-orbit in 10 days.


Certificate of Appreciation

Andrew Thompson, Scouts Tasmania's District Commissioner, Launceston and
Tamar District presented NTARC with a Certificate of Appreciation for all
its work and involvement in the 2013 JOTA/JOTI event.

Great to see the work Hams put into each year being rewarded this way!

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

NZ radio hams help in search

WA Today reports New Zealand radio amateurs were involved in the tragic
search for two climbers stuck on Mt Taranaki

They report that Taranaki police Senior Sergeant Thomas McIntyre said
"AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications) came in and operated all
our search and rescue radio".

The bodies of the two climbers have now been recovered.

Read the full story at

Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club members will be providing the safety
communications for the Beechwood Classic billycart derby Sunday the 17th of
November. This is a major event with the longest and fastest billycart course
in Australia, a 5 kilometres of steep downhill gradient.


VK7 Equine Event

Needed are volunteers to assist in another equine endurance ride in November.

The dates are the 29th and 30th.

This event is the Tasmanian State Championships and it will be a 5 leg, 24hr event,
like in previous years'.

It will be held at the Lanphrey's site, on Smith and Others Road, Sassafras.

If you are able to assist then please contact NTARC's Community Communications
Coordinator Norm VK7KTN.

Friday November 15th 2013
Rally Victoria
Contact: Christopher Morley VK3CJK phone: 03 5127 5656

Saturday November 23rd 2013
AGM & Coordinators and Commanders Meeting
1st Mont Albert Scout Hall, 34 Alexander St, Box Hill
Contact: Gordon Cornell VK3FGC phone: 03 5339 2427


VK1 SOTA Dinner - 12th November

The local SOTA participants are holding a SOTA/QRP dinner at the Ainslie Footy
Club on Tuesday 12 November. The gathering is open to anyone interested in
SOTA/QRP operations or an opportunity to socialise and catch up with fellow
amateur radio operators. VK1NAM would like to encourage all interested folk
to come along.


NOV 10 VK2 ARNSW Radio Fest Dural

NOV 10 VK3 Microwave Test and Tune day (EMDRC)

NOV 10 VK3 Yarra Valley Hamfest Garry Cooper Pavilion, 16 Anzac Ave.

NOV 15-17 VK3 Victorian National Parks Weekend

Portable activity in Victoria National Parks

A special portable activation period for National Parks in
Victoria is less than a week away.

More than 22 parks will be put on air on Friday the 15th to
Sunday the 17th of November, check out the Master List for
locations and times.

The portable stations will look to make many contacts under the
Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award that encourages
operation in Victoria's 45 National Parks.

The event, in its 3rd year, has the suggested frequencies of
7.090MHz, 14.170MHz, 3.600MHz and 144.1MHz.

Visit the Master List on the Amateur Radio Victoria website which
also includes the award rules.

Don't be surprised if ad-hoc portable stations also set up in a
VK3 National Park for a few hours during next weekend.

Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club Rosebud RadioFest


Jan 24-27 VK4 TARC Australia Day Long Weekend Family Radio Camp
at Girl Guides Campsite Bluewater. (

Feb 23 VK2 Wyong Field Day and it is on come rain hail or shine.

Hi and here's this weeks update on progress from the CCARC
preparing for
the Wyong field day.

As promised last week, I now have the confirmed seminar list for the
field day.

The program starts at 10am with Ray Robinson from the Historical Radio
Soceity with a special lecture on the AWA Centenary - 100
years of Military Radio Production.

At 11am Brian Clarke VK2GCE will give an in-depth lecture on
Electro-magnetic compatibility. Where does EMI come from and what can
you do against it?

After the Lunch break from 12-1

David Burger VK2CZ finishes up the days program with a lecture on
Gigantic Yagi Antennas.

The club secretary tells me that replies are coming in to our
invitations to NSW and other clubs to take part in the club fair and the
spaces are
filling up, so if you're club is thinking of taking part, please make
sure you respond to the CCARC email asap.

For those who haven't received a direct email, the details and
application form are now up on the club website at CCARC dot O R G dot A U.

This is also where you'll find all the details about what is shaping up
to be the biggest Wyong Field Day for several years.

73 from Ed VK2JI, Publicity Officer for the Central Coast Amateur Radio

73 Ed


Apr 13-15 VK PR4AmateurRadio Expo.

Apr 18 WW Amateur Radio Day: Your Gateway to Wireless Communications.

Apr 25 vk3 ANZAC Day event Ballarat Showgrounds

May 2- 4 VK4 Clairview Gathering Clive VK4ACC 0429 632 815

Sunday Nov 2nd 2014 NOV 2 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society

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