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President Phil Wait VK2ASD Vice President Chris Platt VK5CP Secretary David Williams VK3RU Treasurer John
Longayroux VK3PZ

Victorian National Parks event successful

With perfect weather conditions the 2013 Keith Roget Memorial National Park
Award activation weekend saw a record number of portable stations set up and
log many contacts.

Award Manager Tony Hambling VK3VTH says a very enthusiastic group of radio
amateurs activated 26 unique VK3 National Parks on Friday to Sunday last

Included from across the border was John VK2AWJ, Larry VK5LY, Paul VK5PAS, Col
VK5HCF & Tom VK5EE. Their huge effort is most appreciated.

Also this year Tony VK3VTH reports what he believes is another first was the
husband and wife team Joe VK3YSP and Julie VK3FOWL who activated Churchill and
Dandenong Ranges National Parks.

The pair were kept busy. Well done to Julie VK3FOWL who recently joined our

Not to miss this third annual event is Peter VK3ZPF who described it as a
fantastic weekend.

He personally activated three National Parks, chased 14 others in the parks, to
log 100 QRP and 14 QRO QSOs. The VK3ZPF QRP portable station worked DX in the
Cook Islands, USA, Germany, England and New Zealand.

One of the many chasing the Award was Peter VK3TKK who got his tally up. He and
many others enjoyed the fun.

Tony VK3VTH say in seeking an Award remember there is an 'Endorsement' category
available. It may be QRP or Single Band or whatever you choose, but be specific
and it will be on the Award certificate.

Activations are encouraged throughout the year, but do keep in mind the summer
fire season particularly in some remote parks.

Tony VK3VTH says thanks to everyone for supporting the Amateur Radio Victoria
'Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award' program.

Information on Award submissions can be found at

For questions please contact Tony Hambling VK3VTH

(Jim Linton VK3PC)



Sydney Maker Faire

The WIA has booked a stall at the first Sydney Maker Faire at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum this Sunday the 24th November..
According to its organisers, the Maker Faire is:

"the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Eartha family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.... Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds".

Amateur Radio has a lot to offer the new "Makers", and to show the potential of amateur radio the WIA is bringing along some of the more 'out-there' aspects of our hobby, such as the Tamworth Radio Clubs Edge of Space high altitude Balloon, and the University of NSWs BLUEsat amateur radio satellite project.

Entry to the Powerhouse Museum is from 10 AM and costs $12 per adult.

Representing AR at Senior's Week 2014

John Murphy VK2PJM reports that the Hunter Radio Group, Adamstown Old Blokes,
Jesmond Electronics Club -Hunter, Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Net, WICEN
Westlakes Amateur Radio Club & Newcastle Computer Club have been invited to
display at an event sponsored by the Newcastle City Council.

The event for Senior's Week 2014 runs on 23rd March 2014 from 11.00 am.

Hi, this week I'm going to go through the list of attractions that will
available to you at the Wyong Field Day on Sunday the 23rd of February 2014
once you've paid your entrance fee of $15. Persons under 17 years of age get in
for free.

TRADERS & EXHIBITORS: The Traders and Exhibitors area will open to the public
for trading from 9:00am. As usual access to this area before then will be
restricted to CCARC Field Day officials and authorised traders so that they can
set up.

FLEAMARKET: For those who wish to sell their own equipment, open boot or
tailgate sales may be conducted in the Fleamarket. No bookings needed, just
turn up on the day and pay at the gate ($15 per person admission plus $25 for a
spot). Setup and trading starts from 6:30am. Please note that the Fleamarket is
not under cover, and as such traders in the Fleamarket need to provide
protection for their display in the case of adverse weather.

CLUBS FAIR: The CCARC has invited all WIA registered NSW AR clubs to present
their clubs at the field day. It is hoped that this will allow the clubs to
gain extra members. Other clubs that are not WIA registered (and hence not on
the WIA list of clubs in NSW) and any from outside of NSW are of course also
welcome to take part in this new part of the field day. There is no charge to
the clubs to be able to display. Please check the club website for contact

SHUTTLE BUS: There will be a free shuttle bus from the car park and railway
station to the main vendors area for those who have trouble walking.

EDUCATION: As well as assesments on the day, the CCARC is running a full day
foundation licence course on Saturday the 22nd of February. If you are
interested in either the course or an assessment, or both, please contact Chris
Lobb via email at vk2yychris at gmail dot com or direct to his mobile 0428 239
413 for full details and to register for the course and-or an assessment.

For full details about the field day, please go to the clubs website at CCARC
dot ORG dot AU.

Whether it's seeking that bargain from the flea market, grabbing that
discounted new equipment from the traders stands, educating yourself at the
seminars and exhibitors stalls or even taking that licence upgrade assessment.
The place to be on February twenty three is undoubtably - The CCARC Field Day
at Wyong!

73 'til next week, this is Ed VK2JI, Publicity Officer of the Central Coast
Amateur Radio Club.


At the Darling Downs Radio Club Incorporated's November Social / Technical
Meeting, Phil Webb (VK4HPW) will give a presentation titled:- "One mans
experience with making his own PCB's" Abstract:

He started making his own PCB's sometime in the '70's, painting the pattern
onto clear plastic (the sort of stuff used for covering note books), using
hobby black paint. At this time you could buy positive photoresist coated
phenolic blank PCB from Delsound in Brisbane. With the passage of time,
computer based PCB and Schematic programs became available and he was lucky
enough to have access to a very early (Version 1) of Protel PCB and access to
an HP GL compatible plotter. Technology has moved on, and today there is an
abundance of sofware programs for drawing Schematics and laying out the PCB, as
well as several ways of producing the phototool for use in manufacturing. In
the talk, he will be talking about how he makes his PCB's, with some references
to what some others do.

The talk is at the Drayton Bowls Club on the corner of Gipps and Ball Streets,
Drayton starting at 7:00pm on Monday 25th November.


The Very Particular World of Amateur Radio

Neil Meads of the BBC joined the Chorley and District Amateur Radio Society
during a "Castles and Stately Homes On The Air (CASHOTA)" event at Astley Hall,
a Grade I listed house in Lancashire.

A video and short article has been published on the BBC News Magazine
interviewing amateurs involved who share a range of perspectives on what they
do and why they do it.

Of note is the 10% growth in licences over the past year, and the club's
express goal to break down traditional stereotypes of amateur radio

Here's 13 year old Joshua 2E0IRN who's studying for his intermediate licence
upgrade under the club's education program:

"When I go on the radio I get the excitement of working far distance on very
low power... America, Australia, Japan are really good to talk because they're
a different culture and you learn about their culture and their way of life" (via to Bob VK6POP)


WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day weekend of November 23/24.


WIA Summer VHF-UHF Field Day 11/12 January

WIA John Moyle Field Day weekend March 15-16

WIA VK Harry Angel Memorial Sprint May 3



Manly-Warringah Radio Society's Flagpole contest September.







Bill Moore, NC1L, at the ARRL Awards Desk reports that the K9W Wake Atoll
Commemorative DXpedition has been approved for DXCC credit. More information
including QSL card routing can be found on the web at and we
will have further DX news later on in this weeks report. (NC1L - ARRL Awards



The International Space Station Expedition 37 crew has returned safely to Earth
bringing with it the Olympic torch that flew to the ISS with the Expedition 38
crew. Those returning with the torch were Russian Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin,
RN3FI; American Astronaut Karen Nyberg and European Space Agency Astronaut Luca
Parmitano, KF5KDP. The torch will be used to light the Olympic flame when the
Winter Olympics open in Sochi, Russia. Ironically the three returning space
farers made the trip back to Kazakhstan in the same spacecraft that ferried
them to the ISS last May. (ON4WF) arrlnewsline


Students at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan are planning to send a
sculpture called Artsat2 Despatch along with an amateur radio payload into deep
space. This to take place sometime in mid 2014.

The sculpture, which is 50 by 50 by 45 cm was created at the university using a
3D Printer. The ham radio portion of the payload will consist of a CW beacon in
the 435 MHz band using an omni-directional antenna.

The sculpture and ham radio gear are planned to launch as a secondary payload
along with the primary asteroid explorer Hayabusa 2. Hayabusa 2 will be making
a round-trip to the C-type asteroid 1999 JU3 arriving in mid 2018.

For hams here on Earth this mission should provide the ultimate in DX reception
challenge, especially when at its maximum distance of two million miles from

More about this interesting combined art and science exploration exercise is on
the web at, (Artsat-Despatch release)


Following on from reports of the impending re-entry of the satellite, the
European Space Agency's has confirmed the GOCE satellite entered the Earth's
atmosphere, on Sunday evening, November 10th U.S. time burning up in the
process. Early estimates suggested any surviving debris is likely to have
fallen somewhere along its polar flight path through East Asia and the Western
Pacific to Antarctica.

The GOCE mission was operating in an extremely low orbit of about 140 miles
above mother Earth. This was among the lowest of any scientific satellite and
required constant use of its novel electric ion engine to stay aloft. In
mid-October its fuel reserves were exhausted so its descent into the atmosphere
and burn-up was expected. .

Dubbed the "Ferrari of Space" because of its streamlined looks, GOCE is the
first E-S-A bird to make an uncontrolled re-entry in more than two and a half
decades. In its final days on-orbit several news outlets suggested the public
track the demise of GOCE at the website. (ESA, BBC, Published News


The first South African CubeSat built by students at the Cape Peninsula
University of Technology, and South Africa's third satellite, was launched on
21 November, transmitting on 437.345 MHz. If you hear the signals, send an
email to

Measuring 10x10x10cm and weighing 1.2kg, the CubeSat named ZACUBE-1 was
scheduled to ride on a Russian rocket together with the UK FunCube and a number
of other CubeSats.

The main objective of the satellite project is the training of post-graduate
students in satellite systems engineering. ZACUBE-1 carries a HF beacon payload
for characterisation of the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory's dual auroral radar
network antenna at the SANAE base in Antarctica.

On board will also be a 20 meter CW beacon, and Radio Amateurs are urged to
record and give feedback on the received time and signal strength of this

The first signals of FunCube-1 will be at around the same time as ZACube-1 on
145,935 MHz BPSK and CW.

Funcube-1 "carries a high frequency beacon that serves as an active radio
source orbiting Earth. The radio signal will be received at our ground stations
and from interpreting the direction from which the signal is received, we can
deduce the propagation properties of the ionosphere," said Professor Robert van


The first release of the FUNcube Dashboard User Interface software is now
available for download here:

This software, when used with a FUNcube Dongle or other SSB capable VHF
receiver, will decode and display all the 58 telemetry channels, all the
on-board status flags and also the Fitter messages from the spacecraft.

The FUNcube Dashboard will also enable users to upload the telemetry they are
receiving to a central Data Warehouse so that others around the world can see
what is happening on board.

A fully illustrated set of installation and operating guidance notes can also
be downloaded from that page.

Additionally we also have some IQ and audio files available here that can be
used for testing.

Full details of the telemetry format, which has considerable heritage from
AO-40, can be found here.

[ANS thanks Graham G3VZV for the above information] (AMSAT NEWS SERVICE)

Activity (CoA) frequencies 3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz


The Rally Des Femmes previously scheduled for 08 December may be postponed.
Please keep your ears open for a new date for the event which is yet to be

The current list of upcoming events for the first half of next year is:

* Friday 28 Feb to Sunday 02 March - Nation Capital Rally - Of note, this is a
three day event although if last year is anything to go by, the Friday will
likely be a single stage requiring minimal WICEN input. However, this is a big
event and there will be multiple repeater setups required not to mention a
larger than normal (and more difficult) rally HQ setup needing extra
assistance, so help from those able to assist in the setup and teardown phase
will be most welcome!

and, * Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 March - 2 Day walk

It is looking fairly quiet for the first half of the year - but no doubt things
will get very busy again around the late September to early November period.

Matt VK1MA WICEN ACT Coordinator would like to thank all participants in the
various WICEN activities this year, saying: "Your help has been very much
appreciated, both by the club and the various groups that we have assisted this
year. Without you we couldn't have provided the support to these groups and we
are very grateful for this assistance."

He's looking forward to next years activities and of course the invaluable help
from everyone involved.

(via Matt VK1MA)


Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV VK IARUMS reflector email to
subscribe INTRUDER NETS Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with
VK4CEU David. Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is
definitely an intruder. Amateur HF Spectrum world wide 7.050 to 7.100 14.000 to
14.250 14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters 21.000 to 21.450 24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700


The Deccan Chronicle of India says that what are known as traditional fishermen
want the right to use amateur radio with both free ham gear and GPS. This as a
communications safety net when they venture out to see.

The newspaper says that these fishermen have not found any truly affordable and
reliable electronic method to send or receive communication while fishing in
deep sea, especially when they face severe cyclonic storm. As such, they are
forced to rely on what they term as unreliable mobile phones with no guarantee
of signals reaching destination or back-up power to keep them operating.

A large number of these fishermen venture 200 miles or more from the shore for
several days at a time. Their only way to communicate their location or safety
to their family are the unreliable mobile telephones they have now.

Because of this, fishermen have been demanding the state government provide
them with amateur radio gear and GPS equipment at a subsidy as they cannot
afford to purchase this equipment on their own. They say that if they are
equipped with amateur radio it will help to communicate to get weather updates,
find their location at sea and receive directions as to which way they should
proceed to avoid impending danger.

Currently some 70,000 fishermen from several villages along India's coast are
awaiting the response from the government on their demand. The president of the
District Fisherman Welfare Association is quoted in the article as saying that
when communication network fails during the storm, fishermen find no source of
information unless they are equipped with ham radio and GPS to help them reach
shore safely.

The question of licensing was not touched on in the news article. You can read
more at (India Deccan Chronicle)


Amateurs operate on the margins of the commercial and military radio
world, don't we. Last week I attended the Military Communications and
Information Systems (MilCIS) Conference in Canberra. I mentioned my Amateur
Radio credentials on several occasions, and met at least one other Amateur, Dom
Bragge VK2JNA, who was working the booth for BENELEC ( along
with David Benchoam, BENELEC's General Manager. Have a look for the bone
conduction headset, that blew my mind when I tried it. During a later visit to
that stand, I met Bill Tainsh (, who offered to sell me
vacuum relays and lumped constant filters for Amateur use, but was cagey about
commercial customers. Then, there was the presentation on active RF filtering
in an high-use RF environment, meant for military use but I immediately thought
of multi-operator contesting and operations from far-flung islands.

Peter Ellis VK1PE


Wrapup of the 2nd Annual VK3 Microwave Test Day

On Sunday 10th November the EMDRC hosted the 2nd annual VK3 / Microwave test and
tune day at the clubrooms located in Burwood.

The format this year included the normal field testing of TX and RX systems,
from 1.3GHz, 2.4GHz, 3.4GHz, 5.4GHz, 10GHz and 47GHz, but also featured a
special visitor from Tasmania , Rex VK7MO and his high performance portable
10GHz EME station.

Setup began at 8am with tables, bbq, hall and test equipment ready, and as the
morning progressed more people arrived and began to set up stations and mingle.
The weather was cool, and the wind a bit brisk at times, but a typically glorious
Melbourne saw no rain and a very nice day.

Peter VK3QI manned a bench of test equipment to assist with testing and tuning of
gear that people needed help troubleshooting, and a number of people took advantage
of this throughout the day with some tinkering of a 10GHz station and a 1.3GHz
transverter among the tasks. All visitors were appreciative of
Peter's time and expertise and assisstance.

Inside was some show and tell with Graham having a number of his kits available
and others with gear to show off and explain.

As the day progressed, the bbq was fired up and we even had a fancy field
strength meter to test exposure limits from the devices in operation around the
grounds, public max exposure (20%) on the systems was typically around ~1m in
front of the antennas.

After lunch the group busied themselves with more testing, tuning and talking
as a way to divert their restlessness in anticipation of the moon rise and for
Rex to fire up his 10GHz 50w EME station. This comprised of a 90cm dish, and
was connected to a laptop running JT4F mode using the WSJT software. The group
worked Al, W5LUA in Texas from this station, and for the next 2 hours many got
a chance to individually work 10GHz EME.

A full report, with over 100 photos can be viewed via Andrew VK3BQ's report at


Nov 24 VK3 Southern Peninsula Amateur Radio Club Rosebud RadioFest

Greetings to all the listeners to the Sunday morning broadcast in VK3 travelling to this
event. And as reminder to all VK3s you'll find the SPARC RadioFest at the
Eastbourne Primary School at Allambi Avenue, Rosebud, on the beautiful
Mornington Peninsula. Doors open 10am.


Jan 24-27 VK4 TARC Australia Day Long Weekend Family Radio Camp at Girl Guides
Campsite Bluewater. (

Feb 23 VK2 Wyong Field Day and it is on come rain hail or shine.

Apr 13-15 VK PR4AmateurRadio Expo.

Apr 18 WW Amateur Radio Day: Your Gateway to Wireless Communications.

Apr 25 VK3 ANZAC Day event Ballarat Showgrounds

May 2- 4 VK4 Clairview Gathering Clive VK4ACC 0429 632 815

Jun 14/15, 21/22 WW The International Museums Weekend 2014 Special Event.

For well over a decade now the International Museums Weekend (IMW) has been
growing with keen interest particularly in the United Kingdom, but with only a few
radio amateurs taking part from the rest of the world. The members of the IMW
administration team are hoping to make the 2014 IMW a truly in international

Special event stations can be set up from absolutely any type of location which
might be broadly classified as a museum, including castles, preserved WW2
warships, air museums, railway museums, radio museums, preserved jails,
agricultural museums and even doll museums. To date over 270 different museums
have been activated.

The 2014 IMW will take place on the two weekends of the 14th/15th and 21st/22nd
June. More details about the event, its history and how to register to take
part can be found at

There is absolutely no cost involved for taking part, nor is there any cost for
the range of IMW Awards.

(John M0HEM - Publicity Officer International Museums Weekends)

Nov 2nd VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society

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