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WIA John Moyle Memorial Field Day Results








Taking Amateur Radio to near the world's roof top

A devotee of the Summits On The Air (SOTA) program in set to use portable
Amateur Radio as he joins others on one of the most popular trekking routes
in the Himalayas.

Jim Linton VK3PC says the devotee will walk from Nepal to the Southern Everest
Base Camp, travelling through the Sagarmatha National Park (9NFF-007), which
is on the World Wide Flora and Fauna list.

On the WWFF website Allen Harvie VK3HRA said he had gained a permit to take
and operate a QRP radio. Due to weight and size needs, only 20-metres CW will
be possible from May the 6th to the 9th, during local sunset to sunrise.

Sherpa's are elite mountaineers serving as guides at the extreme altitudes in
the region. Supplies are carried by them on animals, usually yaks, to
replenish the Everest Base Camp that attracts thousands of trekkers each year.

The base camp becomes the end of a journey for most, and those going higher
in altitude take two days of rest by for acclimatization before climbing
Mt Everest.

No word on how the recent tragic events in the area may effect Allen, nor of
call signs to be used.


ANZAC Day activity event successful

The annual AM & CW event organised by Mike "Banjo" Patterson VK4MIK and run
by the Tablelands Radio Club of Far North Queensland, had plenty of on air
activity as it honours those modes used by service personnel in earlier wars.


Along with Gavin VK4ZZ as net control in the VK4 north was HMAS Castlemaine
VK3RAN at Gem Pier Williamtown that worked most states, with Luke Steele
VK3HJ assisted Tony Hambling VK3VTH.

VK3RAN checked into the AM & CW event net. Among the contacts were the Royal
Australian Navy Society VK1RAN, and Johnno Karr AX3FMPB at the Eureka Stadium
in the Ballarat Showgrounds.

Other highlights were the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum near Swan Hill operated
by Thomas Brownstein VK3EO, and the Mallala Cemetery north-west of Adelaide
that has the graves of 12 airmen and activated by Stephen Mahony AX5AIM.

On the day many used the alternative AX prefix. Roll-on ANZAC 100 next year
and all that it has planned.

(Mike VK4MIK and Jim VK3PC)


To commemorate ANZAC 100 a series of articles is to appear in Amateur Radio
magazine by the WIA Historian, Peter Wolfenden VK3RV. Here's a summary of
one of them.

The Garland's of Brisbane - an interesting father and son.

David James Garland was born in Perth in 1896, and as a Brisbane student
assembled or made the basics to receive, and perhaps even get the odd spark
transmission on air.

There is only sparse information about David's early activities, but this
was not the case when he moved with his family to New Zealand.

David was the son of David John Garland, an Anglican Church clergyman who
became a major player in the ANZAC movement.

In Wellington New Zealand, David junior continued his wireless interest and
while at Wellington College wrote to the Wellington Dominion newspaper editor
complaining about Post Office control over wireless.

World War 1 broke out stopping all wireless experimenters. The family moved
back to Brisbane and David, now about 19, attended University as an engineering
student. In the army cadets he prepared a sketch in of a man-driven generator
pack "for use with Calvary".

In March 1916, the student served with the Australian Wireless Squadron in
Mesopotamia. He also served with the Royal Australian Engineers at Australian
Headquarters in Melbourne during WWII.

In March 1919 the Queensland Wireless Institute was re-formed. At this meeting
S.V. Colville was elected Secretary and Treasurer, and David was elected
to the council.

Returning briefly, but importantly, to David senior. Prior to the war he
was a Chaplin to defence volunteers in Western Australia and Queensland and
enlisted in November 1917.

He has also been described as the architect of ANZAC Day, credited with
initiating the ANZAC Day march, wreath-laying ceremonies at memorials and
special church services.

David senior also began a trust to use money raised from the sale of ANZAC
Day badges for the care of soldiers' graves at home and abroad. He was awarded
the O.B.E. in 1934.

So in the Garland's of Brisbane we can see individuals constructively engaged
in a number of fields, contributing expertise and exerting some positive
influence on society in this part of the world. As a nation, we would have
been poorer without the Garland's of Brisbane.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Frank vk2akg tells us that a recall on certain smoke detectors prone to RF
interference has been issued.

Photo Electric Smoke & Thermal detector 449 Series are used to detect smoke
threats and communicate to a security panel.

The recall only affects certain model numbers manufactured between March 25th,
2013 and February 28th, 2014, which will have date codes between 13084 & 14059.


What are the defects?

When the Smoke Detectors are near a device with frequency levels ranging
between 440Mhz - 470Mhz, the Smoke Detectors may possibly become idle or
activate false alarms. Some devices other than 70cm Amateur gear such as
Satellite Phones and hand-held 'Walkie Talkies', also use this frequency
range for their operation.


17th and Sunday the 18th of May ARNSW will be conducting a Foundation course
and assessments will be conducted on Sunday the 18th for all license grades.

Bookings are required - best made by an email to

Waverley A R S has a Foundation and assessment weekend on May the 24th
and 25th.

Still in VK2, The May Trash & Treasure will be held on Sunday the 25th.
Stock level is building up so it should be a good display of goodies.
Watch the ARNSW web site all May for what is on offer.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, VK3PC, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Tornados in southern states of the USA

More than a dozen twisters accompanied by violent storms recently have left
a trail of death and destruction.

At least 30 deaths occurred in Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and

Mike Corey KI1U, the ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager, said he had reports
of weather observations from SKYWARN radio amateurs helping timely tornado
warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

Many people heeded those warnings sheltered in underground bunkers as homes
and buildings buckled above them.

For example, SKYWARN traced twister movement throughout Arkansas. While
forecasters watched the radar, their ears heard reports from SKYWARN that had
one of its most professional nets.

The observations come from very reliable on-the-ground observations. All
are well trained and called upon by the National Weather Service.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) was also involved and prepared,
as flood warnings had been issued for some areas.


The IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports interference from broadcast
stations to amateur radio operations in the amateur exclusive segment of
the 40 metre band.

The report notes that the source of the interfering signals has been
traced to Radio Hargeisha in Somaliland on 7120 kHz and Khartoum in the Sudan
on 7200 kHz.

Monitor those two frequencies and report times when transmissions are
heard to intruder watch.

Region III IARUMS Coordinator Peter Young VK3MV

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe


John Gould, G3WKL, has been elected as the new president of the
Radio Society of Great Britain.

Also Steve Hartley, G0FUW who was chosen for a seat on the RSGB Board of

Both were elected at the society's recent Annual General Meeting.

Radio still the dominant technology

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA has declared that
radio is king.

The FCC says based on its research those other 'non-broadcast sources' are
not yet meaningful substitutes for radio broadcasts - whether you're a
listener or advertiser.

The National Association of Broadcasters had submitted that radio competes
with non-broadcast sources, such as satellite radio and Internet-based audio
services, and wanted changes to local radio ownership limits.

Meantime, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) believes radio amateurs
and AM broadcasters have some common ground in cleaning up a worsening RF
noise environment.

The ARRL, drawing on earlier FCC positive support for AM broadcasts, points
to severe interference from power line noise sources that hurt both the
broadcasters and the ham community.


A recent radiocommunications interference case in New Zealand found a crane
telecontrol transmission in radio spectrum issued exclusively to another user.

The incumbent licence holder's radio service was degraded and, not
surprisingly, the crane control user also reported issues.

Radio spectrum is a resource which needs to be managed.

The main management tool is radio licensing. The two categories of licence
available for crane control (or other radio control or communication
associated with industrial equipment in New Zealand) are General User Licences
or assigned Radio Licences.

Assigned radio Licences in New Zealand include channels for Crane Control and
Bush Winch application. These are narrow band 12.5 kHz channels in sections of
VHF and UHF. Crane Control channels are generally reserved for cranes
temporarily operating at specified locations - typically at construction sites.




It seems perseverance has paid off for long-time 630 meter
Operator Murray Greenman, ZL1BPU, who uses the special-purpose
call sign ZL1EEfor contacts on that band. Amateur Radio
Newsline's Jim Meachen, ZL2BHF, is here with the details:


During the week of April 13th to the 20th ZL1EE had numerous
reception reports from Berndt Josef Wulf, VK5ABN/8 some 2010 miles
away near the city of Adelaide, Australia. But the real payoff
came when he learned that his signal had been copied by Dereck
Zeck, VK6DZ, in the Australian city of Elleker, some 3100 miles to the West.

Using the new WSPR 2 digital mode Greenman operated overnight at
200 power out into a small 23 foot high Marconi antenna that was
squeezed into a 1/5 acre urban lot. This put the Effective
Radiated Signal below the maximum 25 watts permitted. It took a
week of trying but with the reception report from VK6DZ, he
finally broke the 3000 mile distance barrier.

As elsewhere the 630 meter allocation here in New Zealand is from
472 kHz to 479 kHz. What undoubtedly helped ZL1EE achieve this
remarkable low frequency DX is that his location is only about 7
miles from our West coast and most of the path to VK6DZ is over water.

It should be noted that activity between Australia and New Zealand
on 630 meters is quite strong, especially over the winter months
here in the in the Southern Hemisphere. The window of opportunity
for these contacts appears to be about two hours wide from local midnight.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jim Meachen, ZL2BHF, in
Nelson, New Zealand.


With the growing popularity of this band in the Southern
Hemisphere, there's now a New Zealand 630 Meter Net that meets
ever Thursday night local time. Those involved say that they are
looking for stations in other South Pacific locations who prepared
to listen and provide signal reports of transmissions as they are heard.


The KickSat CubeSat is now on-orbit and getting ready to release
its cargo of Sprite Pico satellites early in May. After numerous
delays, KickSat was carried to space on Friday, April 18th on
board a Space X Dragon freight capsule using the company's Falcon
9 re-usable booster. This as a part of the CRS 3 re-supply
mission to the International Space Station.

As previously reported, KickSats beacon can be heard on 437.505
MHz as well as 2401 to 2436.2 MHz transmitting various satellite perimeters.
Once released from their mother ship the Sprites will all be transmitting
on 437.240 MHz but each with its own unique digital code.

In addition to KickSat the Space X CRS 3 mission also delivered
several other CubeSats including SporeSat, T-SAT, PhoneSat-v2.5
and ALL-STAR/THEIA. All were deployed into a 325 by 315 kilometre
51.5 degree inclination orbit.


A Texas ham facing a $7000 proposed fine after admitting
interfering with other radio amateurs has entered into a Consent
Decree with the FCC. One where he will surrender his license and
make a voluntary contribution to the United States Treasury.
Amateur Radio Newsline's Ralph Squillace, KK6ITB, reports:


The story began last January 21st. Responding to complaints of
intentional interference to other hams operating on 7.195 MHz, an
agent of the Enforcement Bureaus Dallas Office used mobile
direction finding to positively identify the source of the
transmissions to the address of record for James R. Winstead,
KD5OZY, of Coleman, Texas.

As previously reported, the agent monitored the transmissions for
approximately 30 minutes. Throughout that time he heard the
replay multiple times of short sentences or conversations that had

just been transmitted and someone occasionally speak the word

The agent then identified himself to Mr Winstead and requested to
inspect the radio station located on the premises. During the
inspection, Winstead admitted that he intentionally interfered
with amateur communications on 7.195 MHz claiming that he had an
ongoing disagreement with another amateur licensee only identified
as George. He also showed the agent how he recorded and
retransmitted other amateur licensees? communications.

On February 19th the FCC proposed a $7000 fine which Winstead was
given 30 days to appeal. Now, in its Order released April 22nd,
the FCC says that it has entered into a Consent Decree between its
Enforcement Bureau and Mr Winstead. Under its terms, Winstead
has agreed to send the Commission a letter requesting cancellation
of his Amateur Extra class license. He has also agreed to make a
$1000 voluntary contribution to the United States Treasury in 12
monthly instalments. As a result, both the FCC and James R.
Winstead agree that the Consent Decree constitutes a final
settlement between them with respect to the Investigation as long
as Winstead abides by its terms.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Ralph, Squillace, KK6ITB, reporting.


Consent Decrees have long been used by various government bureaus
including the FCC to settle investigations but are rare in regard
to personal and hobby radio.


At the International DX Convention the YASME Foundation met
and elected its officers and Board of Directors. Elected were
Ward Silver, N0AX as President; Fred Laun, K3ZO, Vice-President;
Rusty Epps, W6OAT, as Treasurer and Kip Edwards, W6SZN, as
Secretary. All four along with Martti Laine, OH2BH and Bob
Vallio, W6RGG were also named as Directors of the group.

The YASME Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized to
conduct scientific and educational projects related to amateur
radio, including DXing and the introduction and promotion of the
hobby in developing countries. For additional information about
its activities take your web browser to





Manly-Warringah Radio Society's Flagpole contest September.

Amateur Radios International Air-ambulance Week, 9 days from Sep 28.


Tablelands Radio Group will again hold AM and CW on ANZA Day 25 April

John Moyle Memorial Field Day was held over the weekend of the 15th-16th March
2014 and Denis VK4AE contest manager has worked overtime to bring you the
results! visit:-

The WIA and the Contest Committee would like to thank all entrants who took
part and submitted their logs for this year's contest.

This year the rules were modified to ensure that more logs were submitted,
by requiring that if a station worked the same station a total of more than
5 times on any band or on any mode then the logs from both stations had to be
submitted to verify the contacts.

John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2014 Results in brief!

24 Hour Portable Operation - Multiple Operator Top of the pile (ups)

VK3ER Multi All Modes All Bands 793 Contacts
VK4IZ Multi All Modes HF 994 Contacts
VK2HZ Multi Phone All Bands 414
VK5OM Multi Phone VHF 42
VK4QD Multi Phone HF 1303 Contacts.


Husband & wife hams in International Museum Weekends

This annual event in June held for more than a decade supports museums
worldwide through Amateur Radio, by recognising their cultural and
educational importance and to foster international goodwill.

While there has been plenty of activity in the United Kingdom, only a few
stations are entered elsewhere. However for the first time the Melbourne
Museum is entered with a portable station run by Joe Gonzales VK3YSP and
Julie VK3FOWL.

It will operate in parkland to the right of the museum entrance in Nicholson
Street, Carlton - just on the edge of Melbourne's central business district.

Primarily using the 80, 40 and 20 metre bands it runs from 9am to 9pm Eastern
Australian Time, or for 12 hours from 2200 hours UTC - on the weekends of
June 14th and 15th, and June the 21st and 22nd.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award plaque winners

This popular award designed to encourage portable activity that began 45
years ago, has just been enhanced with personal plaques for the higher achievers.

The rules now have "Merit plaques" available for those who either work from,
or work to, all 45 Victorian National Parks. A third plaque called the "Grand
Slam" is for those who have worked both from and to, all National Parks.

First to claim a "Worked all 45" Merit plaque is Peter Freeman VK3PF, in
a contact with John Dawes VK5BJE portable 3 at Errinundra National Park.

VK3PF was a mere 45 minutes quicker than his rival Peter Fraser VK3ZPF, who
is the second to get the "worked all" Merit plaque.

However, Peter VK3ZPF in working Tony Hambling VK3VTH from Little Desert
National Park capped off all 45 worked from, and to, and qualified for the
"Grand Slam" plaque on the Saturday April the 26th.

Then Peter Freeman VK3PF with the "Merit plaque" secure, went to French Island
National Park a day later on Sunday April 27, to complete his "Grand Slam"
plaque of 45 Activated and Worked.

Just to recap, Peter Freeman VK3PF has the 1st Merit plaque, but Peter Fraser
VK3ZPF has the 1st Grand Slam plaque. Both vowed to continue operating portable
and give others the chance to get qualified contacts.



IT's All in the warmth of the radio valves!

Tony Hancock 90th birthday GB9TH

Like him or loath him for 'sending up' amateur radio, he was a comic genius.

Born in on the 12th May 1924,he would have been 90.

To celebrate, the Coventry Amateur Radio Society are operating GB4TH from the
Birmingham birthplace of the lad himself.

Mainly on 40 Mtrs. SSB we will not be using a 19DS/87B in the final, but are
likely to have Alan G7CDK as a guest operator who was the recording engineer
for The Radio Ham record.

For further information contact G8GMU

EI 6 DX will be on the air stroke F O from Bora Bora in French Polynesia
between May 7 and the 18th.

EI6DX/FO activity will be holiday style on 80 through 10 meters CW and SSB.

QSL via RX 3 RC, either direct or via the bureau.

And for those unfamiliar with the term holiday style, it basically means the
operator is on holidays and will get on the air as time permits.


Net is held each Mondays on 3.570 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)

A foundation course especially designed for ladies.

Jean VK3VIP President of ALARA Invites all ladies to attend this special
event which will be held on Saturday 31st May & Sunday 1st June in the
outer eastern suburb of Balwyn North.

Over a weekend you will participate in a course of instruction designed to
enable you to obtain your Amateur Radio License (Foundation).

The course held running all day Saturday with Examinations on Sunday Morning
is free of charge!

Light refreshments and Lunch will be provided at no cost to all
Ladies attending the course

A maximum of six places are available so booking is required

All course material will be provided but Ladies will need to have
read the foundation manual prior to attending the course

To reserve your place e-mail

(Jean Fisher VK3VIP National President & State rep for A.L.A.R.A.)



John Powell, W6JPA, is trying to raise $11,000 on
to send 2000 student projects to the edge of space. According to
news reports, next September 27th Powell hopes to launch 2000
student projects that fit inside ping pong balls called PongSats.

If his campaign is successful, students from all over the world be
invited to send their PongSats to be launched skyward on weather
balloons to an altitude of at least 98,000 feet. After the
landing and recovery, each of the PongSats would be returned to
its creators along with data from the flight, a DVD with video of
the launch and on board scenes and a certificate confirming the flight.



ILLW grows steadily as the event gets closer

With the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, the premium
fun-event in August, more than 225 registrations have already been received
from 30 different countries.

Among them are Germany and Australia having nearly 90 between them, followed
by the USA, England, Argentina, Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland. Many other
sea-going nations have a few registrations.

The basic objective of the popular event is to promote public awareness of
lighthouses and lightships, their need for preservation, and to promote the
goodwill of Amateur Radio.

Join in the 17th annual event by being at a lighthouse, lightship or maritime
beacon. For the guidelines, past or current activations or to register online
for August the 16th and 17th, visit the website

(Jim Linton VK3PC)



The United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast
Guard are again co-sponsoring this year's annual Military to
Amateur Radio Cross band Communications Test. This in celebration
of the 64th anniversary of Armed Forces Day.

This annual celebration features military to amateur cross band
communications SSB voice and Morse Code tests. These give both
amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners an opportunity to
demonstrate their individual technical skills, and to receive recognition
from the appropriate military radio station for their proven expertise.

Although the actual Armed Forces Day will be celebrated on
Saturday, May 17th, this year's Communications Test will be
conducted on May 10th to prevent conflict with the Dayton
Hamvention which is slated for May 16th to the 18th. QSL cards will be
provided to those stations making contact with the military stations.

(Text edition only)


Tomorrow is the first Monday in May and that means it's RAOTC bulletin time
once again.

Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW. This month's Radio Amateurs Old Timers
Club of Australia News and Information broadcast features the story of the
battles between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to provide electric
power to the public. Should it be AC or DC? - and some of the fighting was
pretty dirty, too!

Although the Bulletin is relayed on a number of different frequencies and
times throughout the day, the main Australia-wide coverage takes place on
20 metres. At 0100 UTC the bulletin is beamed northwards from Melbourne on
14.150 MHZ USB for Eastern states listeners, while an hour later at 0200 UTC
the program is beamed westwards for WA listeners, again on 14.150 MHz.

Also at 0200 UTC we have an HF transmission from Perth on 40 metres on
7060 kHz LSB intended mainly for country WA listeners, as well as the
NewsWest linked repeater coverage.

To find a local transmission time and frequency for your particular area,
please visit the RAOTC website at (rpt).

Everyone, RAOTC members and non-members alike, is cordially invited to tune in
and to take part in the call backs afterwards. We look forward to hearing from

Once again, the May RAOTC bulletin can be heard tomorrow, Monday May 5th.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


May 2- 4 VK4 Clairview Gathering this weekend ( 0429 632 815 )

May 10 VK3 Moorabbin and District Amateur Radio club Hamfest 10am

May 10 VK4 BARCFEST: Salvation Army Hall Calamvale.

May 10 VK6 HARG swap meet open to Buyers 1pm. 5 Sanderson rd Lesmurdie

May 16-18 VK4 WIA Conference presented by SCARC ( )

Jun 7- 9 VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club field day Port Macquarie

Jun 7- 9 VK5 South East Radio Groups's (SERG) 50th annual Convention and
Australian Foxhunting Championship.

Nov 2 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society

Nov 15 VK7 Hamfest (Venue to be advised)

Nov 30 VK3 SPARC HamFest at Rosebud ( )

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