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WIA AGM NEXT WEEKEND - We ask the questions "why a lack of F Call
participants, and "why is it not streamed or broadcast live like RSGB AGM and

WIA Team heads to Kazakhstan.





Aircraft museum gets its own Amateur Radio station

We have mentioned in these broadcasts several times of late of the Flying Boat
Museum at Lake Boga near Swan Hill in northwest Victoria, a memorial to those
who worked on, and with, those champions of the air during World War II.

A Lions Club project particularly commemorates the contribution made by
service men and women, at the No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot. The
re-constructed Communications Bunker was put on air by Thomas Brownstein
VK3EO during the recent ANZAC Day AM and CW event.

Now Thomas VK3EO has established a permanent station in the bunker, which
already houses war-time receivers and smaller transmitters from the Catalina

It will feature in future ANZAC Day events or when a large group of tourist
is expected at the museum.

He wants to source a TS-830 transceiver and FL2100z linear, and will set-up
a dipole antenna. The next step is to find a 500W AM/CW transmitter similar
to those originally used.

Thomas VK3EO describes that operating from the bunker has a real charm to
it, with its curved bomb proof walls having nice acoustic properties.

If you can help him source equipment please make contact via QTH-R, or check
out detail in the text edition of this broadcast.


(Jim Linton VK3PC)

IARU Region 3 directors at vital regional meeting

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3 will be at next month's
important Asia-Pacific Telecommunity meeting in Brisbane Australia, in the
lead-up to the World Radioconference Conference in 2015 (WRC-15).

This third preparatory group meeting will see a regional established. It
is one of a series of regional gatherings at which the IARU is seeking support
for an allocation at 5 MHz, to fill the gap between existing bands allocated
to us.

The IARU is able to input an Amateur Radio view on matters being discussed
and decided. The IARU Region 3 Directors, Peter Lake ZL2AZ, Shizuo Endo JE1MUI
and Professor Rhee HL1AQQ will attend in Brisbane, plus the Secretary Ken
Yamamoto JA1CJP.

The IARU Region 3 will submit an information paper on the WRC-15 agenda items,
which are of concern to the Amateur Services.

A strongly agreed Asia-Pacific Telecommunity position is essential to take
as a block vote to the World Radiocommunications Conference, held by the
International Radio Union in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2015.

Immediately after the Brisbane meeting, and also in that city, the IARU Region
3 Directors will hold their annual meeting.


I'm Geoff Emery, VK4ZPP, and I've been thinking.

In less than a fortnight, amateurs from around Australia, will be joining in
the activities of the WIA Annual General Meeting around the Sunshine Coast.
If you have followed the progress of this event, there have been some really
great get togethers in memorablelocations.

Similarly, the venues and stay over accommodation mark a separation of those
who can afford to come and those who have to stay away. This is the fact that
our aging membership means personal resources can be far less than the
marketer's idealised baby boomers out spending the kids inheritance. The
vagaries of the modern working world mean more people can be looking at their
bank balances at any time than years ago.

Just as the Institute is looking at ways of continuing the production of
Amateur Radio, so I feel, the cost involved in the AGM should be looked at.
We involve ourselves in electronic communication and teleconferencing is a routine part of life. Isn't it about time we thought about using our hobby
skills to bring these important events to amateurs all around the country?

ATV and internet streaming are technologies that spring to mind. We have the
technology and the skills but do we have the foresight to step into the
everyday world and ensure this is a community event rather than a special
event? We seek to have involvement in our clubs and in the Institute and
surely this would increase the opportunities to become involved.

I'm Geoff Emery and that's what I about you?


What use is an F-call?

Looking through the list of Amateurs attending the WIA conference, I notice a
distinct lack of attendance by F-calls. It was the same at the conference
last year. Few and Far between. We don't seem to have a way to attract
new blood to discussions that further the future of Amateur Radio, either
because a new F-call believes that they don't have anything to say, or don't
have the right to make their opinion known.

Let me disabuse you of that notion.

You have a license, you've studied for it, paid for it, passed the test and
now you have the responsibility that goes with being an Amateur.

You can of course choose to just listen, but if you do that, why bother with
a license at all? You could sit on the sidelines and be a short-wave listener
and take enjoyment from that. Or you could take a more active role in the
responsibility bestowed on you when your license was granted to you, and make
no mistake, an Amateur Radio License is a privilege, one that you were
granted, not one that you have a right to.

The radio spectrum is a fickle beast, it evolves with use, it challenges and
changes and discussions need to be had. Are Power Over Ethernet devices a
scourge or a boon, should repeaters be channelled differently, should we hand
back frequencies, apply for higher power, ask for new modes, improve our
training base, encourage more experimentation, develop our hobby, or just let
it evaporate through apathy?

I know that participating can be challenging, sometimes even confronting, but
don't think for a minute that your voice is not valuable or that you don't
have the right to speak.

If that was what was stopping you from coming to a conference where lots of
people share your hobby, think again.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.


The Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club will hold its 40th annual Manassas
Hamfest on June 8th in Virginia USA.

But something new this year will be a Youth Lounge.

N 4 H has been issued for the event by the FCC and will be used to operate
an HF through VHF station located in the Youth Lounge area.

Now this is something I bet none of this weekend's Hamfests down under have
ever considered!

Food for thought next year? and also for Wyong??


If you are thinking about getting into D-STAR and are
wondering just what you can expect when you get a radio or
DV Dongle, you can now find out by listening to live audio
streaming online from the VA6EFR Gateway.

According to Jeff Bishop, to monitor without any D-STAR
equipment just take your web browser to the Edmonton Fire
Radio website at and click on the
listen live link.

and in other streaming news if you cannot make it to Hamvention 2014,
then W5KUB, will make it possible for you to join in all the fun
over his video webcast of the event.

Tom's Internet video stream will begin on Wednesday May 14th
showing his ride from his home not far from Memphis, Tennessee,
to the Hamvention at Dayton's Hara Arena.

The next three days will showcase the magic of the Dayton Hamvention
over his dedicated video website at

Sony has created a tape capable of holding 185 terabytes.

Sony's new tapes hold the equivalent of 11,840 16-gigabyte iPhone 5s
smartphones - or about 3700 Blu-ray discs.

The tapes, which were developed with the help of IBM, obliterate the previous
record, which was set in 2010 by Fujifilm and IBM. Back then, the companies
set the record with a tape capable of holding 35 terabytes.

Sony presented and explained its new tapes at the INTERMAG Europe 2014
international magnetics conference, held this week in Dresden, Germany.




You may have seen this story when it was broadcast on the Channel 10 TV show
'The Project.'

It seems a Florida USA resident that the FCC says was the source of
cellular telephone jamming for upward of two years has been
handed a $48,000 Notice of Liability to Monetary Forfeiture.

The FCC says that a Mr Humphreys from Florida, was caught with a
jamming device in his car as he rode along Interstate 4 disrupting
not only cell phones, but allegedly police and other emergency communications
as well. Amateur Radio Newsline's Stephan Kinford, N8WB, has the details:

"For the FCC it all began back on April 29, 2013. That's
when its Enforcement Bureau received a complaint from Metro
P-C-S that its cellular telephone service had been
experiencing interference during the morning and evening
commutes in the Tampa, Florida, area. Based on the location
of the towers and the times that the alleged interference
occurred, the Bureau determined that the likely source of
the interference was mobile along Interstate 4 between
downtown Tampa and Seffner, Florida.

On May 7th, agents from the Bureau's Tampa Office began
monitoring the suspected route. On May 7th, 8th, and 9th
the agents determined that strong wideband emissions within
the cellular and P-C-S bands were coming from a blue Toyota
Highlander with a Florida license plate. On May 9th, the
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, working with the FCC
agents stopped the suspect vehicle. At that time the
Sheriff's Deputies reported that communications with police
dispatch over their 800 MHz two-way portable radios were
interrupted as they approached the SUV.

The agents from the FCC Tampa Office and the Hillsborough
Sheriff's Deputies interviewed the driver, who identified
himself as Jason R. Humphreys. At that time Humphreys
admitted that he owned and had operated a cell phone jammer
from his car and had done so for the past 16 to 24 months.
An inspection of the vehicle revealed the jammer behind the
seat cover of the passenger seat. Humphreys stated that he
had been operating the jammer to keep people from talking on
their cell phones while driving.

At the conclusion of the interview, the Hillsborough Sheriff
Deputies seized Humphreys' cell phone jammer pursuant to
Florida state law. On May 10th, Metro PCS confirmed that
the interference to its cell towers had ceased.

Now, after looking at all of the evidence in the case the
FCC has issued the proposed 48,000 fine. In doing so it
said that Jason Humphreys apparently wilfully and
repeatedly violated Sections of the Communications Act, and
several sections of the agency's rules by operating the cell
phone jammer. Also that operation of the device could and
may have had disastrous consequences by precluding the use
of cell phones to reach life-saving 911 services provided by
police, ambulance, and fire departments. It also could have
disrupted critical communications of first responders
driving on the highway near Humphreys' vehicle.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Stephen Kinford, N8WB,


The Notice of Proposed Liability or NAL to Jason R. Humphreys was approved
on April 24th and made public April 29th. At that time he was given the
customary 30 days to pay the fine in full or to file an appeal.


An amazing journey for a long duration foil party balloon
transmitting Contestia 8/250 telemetry data on 434.500 MHz
USB The medium altitude craft was launched from Silverstone
in the United Kingdom by Leo Bodnar, M0EXR.

During its long duration journey, the balloon known simply
as B-46 first headed West over to Southern Iceland, lopping
North across Western Greenland then heading West across the
Norwegian Sea. It then made landfall in Europe along
Sweden's Northern coastline traveling South East down into
Finland and into Russia where the flight appeared to end
close to the Ukrainian border. Depending on the altitude,
the 12 gram, three foot balloon could have had a radio range
of between 180 and 300 miles.

Bondar was one of the first to experiment with long duration
flights using what are commonly known as party balloons.
Reports of his work in this area appear to have prompted
other individuals and groups world-wide to experiment with
similar technology. The use of Contestia 8/250 sends two
lines of telemetry every 4 minutes and lasts about 1 minute.
Time between telemetry data was filled with beeps at 3
second intervals.

You can see the flight path of B-46 at

More about this flight and Leo Bondar's earlier ballooning
experiments is on his website at


Once again ham radio provided numerous communications links
for this years running of the Boston Marathon. According to
news reports there was heightened security due to last
year's terror attack, but that did not slow down the pace of
this year's event. Heather Embee, KB3TZD, has more:

The ARRL reports more than 300 amateur radio volunteers
provided communication support for the 118th running of
the Boston Marathon. In a show of solidarity following
last year's tragic bombings close to the finish line,
a near record numbers of runners - upward of 36,000 -
turned out for the Patriot's Day event along with a huge
outpouring of spectators.

Steve Schwarm, W3EVE, is the Boston Marathon Course
Coordinator. He said that in the wake of the 2013 bombings
that they received a fantastic showing of volunteer support
across the start, the course, and finish line from the
amateur radio community. Schwarm noted that the level of
ham radio support for the 2014 event demonstrated that
"Boston Strong" remains a rallying cry in the wake of last
year's tragedy.
The Boston Marathon is a major public service event for the
region's Amateur Radio volunteers. It follows a 26.2 mile
course from Hopkinton to Boston, Massachusetts. Amateur
radio communication support became critical in the aftermath
of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, when conventional
telecommunications systems, such as cellular telephone,
quickly became overloaded and confusion reigned.
For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Heather Embee, KB3TZD,


For an in depth look at the involvement of amateur radio in
this year's Boston Marathon take your web browser to the news
pages at






Manly-Warringah Radio Society's Flagpole contest September.

Amateur Radios International Air-ambulance Week, 9 days from Sep 28.


Tablelands Radio Group will again hold AM and CW on ANZA Day 25 April


Sangster Shield Contest

This year's NZART Sangster Shield Contest is to be held Saturday 17th and
Sunday 18th May; 2000 - 2300hrs NZST each evening.
CW only with maximum power output of 5 watts
Rules are published in the 2012/13 printed Callbook & in the 2014 CD Callbook
Also check out
Remember that there are 6 HALF hour operating periods each evening.


In DX up front JA 0 RQV is planning to activate Niuatoputapu
Island at the very small northern end of Tongan territory
between May 28th and June 3rd.

He will be signing A35JP/P with operations on 80 through 6
CW and SSB.

But there is one hitch, that being his time on the air
will be limited to when and where he can find a source of
electric power as there are no power mains at the locations
he will be at. That means locating a generator or a vehicle
with a good battery to power his station. JA0RQV adds that
in the off chance his flight is cancelled, he will instead
operate from Vava'u Island or Tongatapu Island. Either way,
if you work him please QSL via his home callsign either
direct, via the bureau or electronically using Logbook of the World.


VK4XQA - celebrating the 100th anniversary of XQA - the first amateur radio
station established in Queensland.

Members of the Tablelands Radio and Electronics Club are operating the VK4XQA
special event style with rostered operations until Wednesday August 6th.

For further details surf to



Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the landing of Allied Forces in

This special event station will be active from 3rd June to 13th June.
See for more details and QSL info.

Joe, W5FJG, has been assigned to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
and will be operating from KC4AAA, the amateur radio station there.
He will operate SSB only on weekdays and some weekends, through the winter
season until November 2014.
Almost all activity is currently on 20 metres on or near 14,243kHz.
QSL to Larry Skilton, K1IED.


On the air, keep an ear open for special event station 8 N 2 HHH active on
all bands and modes until June 16th.

This in celebration of Japan's Hamanako Flower Expo on the island of Honshu.

When you make contact, please QSL as directed on the air.

(JJ1WTL/AC6IM via ARNewsLine)

LI for LA and LJ for LB

Celebrates 200 years of the Norwegian Constitution during 2014.

In addition, special event station LM1814 will be active as part of the


A group of hams from the Czech Republic will be active as MJ 0 ICD from the
Island of Jersey between July 21st and the 27th on 160 through 10 meters
using CW, SSB and the Digital modes.




LZ 1 GC is planning to be operational as C 21 GC from the Republic of Nauru
between September 29th and October 19th on 160 through10 meters using CW,
SSB and some RTTY.

Panama Canal Special Event

This year, Panama is celebrating its 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal.

On August 15th, the Panamanians will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the
inaugural transit through the Panama Canal. This activity is organized by
amateurs of the Republic of Panama.

A special event station is operating as HO 100 CANAL until August 15.
Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY.

The QSL Manager for the operation is HP 1 AVS.


Road to Kazakhstan

During September 2014 ARDF Enthusiasts from around the world representing
many radio societies from all IARU Regions will be heading to the Burabay
area of Kazakhstan to compete in the IARU 17th World ARDF Championships.

This championship event will be hosted by KFRR (Kazakhstan Federation of
Radiosport and Radio Amateur)

At this stage our WIA team will consist of 5. Accommodation during the event
will be at the Rixos Borovoe Sports Complex a ski resort in the Burabay area
about 220km from the north of Astana the capital of Kazakhstan.

Competitors will be hunting transmitters on the 2m and 80m bands. For the
competition they are separated into age and sex categories from Junior under
19 to Supervet 70 years plus. Other age groups for male and female categories
are 20 (open, all ages), 30 plus, (Women 35 plus) 40 plus, 50 plus 60 plus and
70 plus.

Most of the WIA team will be arriving early and spending some time touring
the neighbouring Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Following the event they will head
to Baikonur Kazakhstan and tour the Russian Kosmodrome Space Facility.

More information about the event can be found on the official event website:

If you are interested in finding more about ARDF this can be found here:

(VK3WWW, Jack Bramham WIA ARDF Coordinator)


Japan's QRP day special event station 8 J 2 VLP will be active with 5 watts
through June 30th. The QSLs will be sent automatically via the JARL Bureau.
Three other stations with the call signs 8 J 4 VLP, 8 J 6 VLP, and 8 J 9 VLP
will also be on the air for this event.

International President 2012 -2015: Bill Main VK4ZD
secretary: Dr Elwood Anderson, AE5EA
ANZO VP: Peter Lowe, VK3KCD
0645z - 0730z Anzo Net 7.118 (varies due to propagation)
0730z - 0830z International net 14.293 (varies due to propagation)

At the end of May there is to be an international gathering of Rotarians in
Sydney. The gathering is over 5 days. Much of the activity will be a
conference during the day.

Part of the Rotarians activities includes Amateur Radio and this event will be
no different. They plan to have operational a special event station and
callsign and hook up with other Rotarians around the world during the
conference time.

In the evening they plan to make the special event callsign available on a
roster basis to continue working international Rotarians and other stations.
Amateurs with stations having DX capabilities are invited to apply to be part
of the roster. Those wishing to be on the roster are invited to contact
ARNSW who will collect names and contact details and pass these on to the
Amateur Radio co-ordinator Peter VK3KCD.

The special event callsign is unique - it is V I 2 R Its short, just
Victor India Two Romeo.

Email giving name, callsign, telephone contact number
and email address. Include details of your station and main operating bands.

The conference is from the 31st of May to the 4th of June 2014.



Ok so you've done everything in ham radio, so what's new?

Well the new 630m MF band 472-479 KHz is alive with signals every evening.
There are 15-20 active hams who are regularly experimenting with different
modes, antennas and equipment and continually breaking records.

The current record is 5047 Km from Murray, ZL1EE to Derek, VK6DZ using WSPR
which we heard about here on WIA National News last week.

Recently Nick, VK2DX achieved the "full-house" - i.e. VK1-VK8 plus ZL.

And 2-way CW contacts with ZL1ZLD, a distance of 2340 Km was achieved by
Peter VK4QC back in Sept 2013 becomes the 1st QSO between the two countries
and has been officially verified.

Operating ZL1ZLD was Paul Chamberlaine ZL1BBR, of the Musick Point Radio
Group using the original Dansk transmitter at the home of the last New Zealand
coast station "ZLD" that closed in 1993.

Peter Hewitson VK4QC is an ex-Merchant Navy Radio Officer and Coast Radio
Station operator who in acknowledgment of the achievement on the new Amateur
Radio band now has a special QSL and pendant, from the Musick Point Memorial
Radio Station ZL1ZLD.

Peter VK4QC advises that his station is a Skanti TRP-8250, originally from HMAS Waterhen and antenna is a Marconi T, with 3 horizontal wires, 10m high
and 30m long with 8 radials, via an ex-NDB (non-directional beacon) aerial
coupling unit.

Like to find out more? Well Justin, VK7TW has put together a very
comprehensive presentation on VK/ZL Amateur Experimentation in the 630m band
with detailed information on equipment, antennas, tuning and links to
informative websites. Well worth a read for anyone wishing to accept the
challenge of this exciting band.

Excellent articles on building MF transmitters and antennas have been written
by Dale VK1DSH and Drew VK3XU and transverters are available from Graham

It doesn't take much to put up a receiver and leave it running all night to
record WSPR activity while you sleep. In the morning you awake to find amazing
results on your computer screen. Wow, how is it possible? Thousands of

A good start to find out how would be to join the Yahoo 600m forum where you
can get advice and encouragement from many hams who have done it before.
Just subscribe at

Also as previously reported, Noel, VK3FI currently has a CW beacon running
even further down on 473 KHz every evening which has been heard far and wide.
For example, a great report from Rod Graham VK3BQJ at Lakes Entrance in far
eastern Victoria has the VK3FI beacon signal peaking at 50 db. over the noise
floor, using an ICOM IC746 and a loop antenna.

The nightly beacon with a 12 words-per-minute CW identification, followed
by 20 seconds of carrier, has helped stimulate activity on the 472 to 479
kHz band.

The CW may be copied by ear, without special equipment or software programs,
while its burst of carrier allows those with programs such as Spectrum Lab
to detect its presence.

The beacon from 0900 UTC to 2200 UTC invites reports. Can you hear it? Then
email a report to

(Peter Hewitson, VK4QC with additional input from VK3PC Jim Linton)


this weekend

May 10 VK3 Moorabbin and District Amateur Radio club Hamfest 10am

May 10 VK4 BARCFEST: Salvation Army Hall Calamvale.

May 10 VK6 HARG swap meet open to Buyers 1pm. 5 Sanderson rd Lesmurdie

next weekend

May 16-18 VK4 WIA Conference presented by SCARC ( )

Jun 7- 9 VK2 Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club field day Port Macquarie

Jun 7- 9 VK5 South East Radio Groups' (SERG) 50th annual Convention and
Australian Foxhunting Championship.

Nov 2 VK5 HamFest Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society

Nov 15 VK7 Hamfest (Venue to be advised)

Nov 30 VK3 SPARC HamFest at Rosebud ( )

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If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
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