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VK2WI Broadcasts over the holidays.

WIA ANZAC 100 we re-visit The Garlands of Brisbane.


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak eyes off the Apple Isle.

Wozniak is one step closer to becoming an Australian citizen after securing
permanent residency.

The tech guru, who first applied for citizenship in 2012, has been moving
aspects his life to Australia, with Tasmania - a location he says is on his
bucket list - the place he hopes to make his home.

The man who formed Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976 has also become an adjunct
profession at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Read more:


VK2WI Morning only broadcasts over the holidays.

For three weeks starting today, December 28, the Sunday broadcast from VK2WI
will be in the morning only format. There will be no evening broadcasts
28 of December, January 4 and the 11th of January.

The evening broadcasts will recommence on the 18th of January.


Summerland Amateur Radio Club with DUNCAN VK2DLR will conduct a course in the
Advanced AOCP.

The course is down to start on Monday February 09 and likely to run to
Friday 13(!) February.

Contact -
Duncan VK2DLR, SARC Education officer SARC
put ADV in Subject.

Feb 7 the VK3 Homebrew Construction Group's first meeting of the year will be
David Giddy VK3IL describing antennas for the Summits On The Air program.
All welcome to attend 2pm at the Amateur Radio Victoria rooms at 40g Victory
Boulevard, Ashburton.

Seasons Greetings from theTARCinc

Members of theTARCinc (who by the way are the ONLY club from VK4 consistantly
sending this WIA National News their dispatches) wish everyone a merry and
safe Christmas anda fantabulous 2015. May your DX be reliable and fruitful !

VK pico balloon

The PS-30 PICO party-type helium filled high altitude balloon was due to begin
its flight at 8am (AEDT) on Saturday December 27 and like others in the series,
the solar powered, strong foil party balloon is fitted with a GPS receiver,
computer, 10mW transmitter, battery and antenna.

Full operational details and links:

(vk3pc via SouthGate)

To commemorate ANZAC 100 a series of articles appear in Amateur Radio
magazine by the WIA Historian, Peter Wolfenden VK3RV. Here again is a
summary of one of them.

The Garlands of Brisbane - an interesting father and son.

David James Garland was born in Perth in 1896, and as a Brisbane student
assembled or made the basics to receive, and perhaps even get the odd spark
transmission on air.

David was the son of David John Garland, an Anglican Church clergyman who
became a major player in the ANZAC movement.

In March 1916, David served with the Australian Wireless Squadron in
Mesopotamia. He also served with the Royal Australian Engineers at Australian
Headquarters in Melbourne during WWII.

In March 1919 the Queensland Wireless Institute was re-formed. At this meeting
S.V. Colville was elected Secretary and Treasurer, and David was elected
to the council.

Returning briefly, but importantly, to David senior. Prior to the war he
was a Chaplin to defence volunteers in Western Australia and Queensland and
enlisted in November 1917.

He has also been described as the architect of ANZAC Day, credited with
initiating the ANZAC Day march, wreath-laying ceremonies at memorials and
special church services.

David senior also began a trust to use money raised from the sale of ANZAC
Day badges for the care of soldiers' graves at home and abroad. He was awarded
the O.B.E. in 1934.

So in the Garlands of Brisbane we can see individuals constructively engaged
in a number of fields, contributing expertise and exerting some positive
influence on society in this part of the world. As a nation, we would have
been poorer without the Garlands of Brisbane.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


What use is an F-call?

In passing a few weeks ago I mentioned listening 10-up. It's also a slogan I
have on a t-shirt, it says: "I'm not ignoring you, I'm listening 10 up."

So what does that mean and what do you do when a station tells you that they
are listening "up", or "down"?

If you're a DX station and you've got a desirable call, it's likely that
you'll generate a pile-up, that is, lots of different stations all calling
at the same time, trying to get the attention of the single DX station.

As more and more stations join in the fray, the remote station will get
drowned out by eager hunters who try to call early, or try to call late in an
attempt to get the attention of the DX station.

The impact of this is cumulative. Over time, the DX station will get buried
entirely in spurious transmissions, so making a contact becomes harder and
harder, sometimes impossible.

I've talked about the rhythm of a contact. If it's all working as expected,
the rhythm will help you synchronise your call with that of the remote DX,
similarly, all the other stations on frequency will march to the same drum

Sometimes this just becomes too hard and a DX station might solve the problem
by "operating split".

In essence, the station operates two frequencies, their calling frequency,
which is where you can hear the station, and their listening frequency, which
is where everyone else is calling and the DX station is listening.

This makes it possible for the drum beat to continue and for the DX station
to not be drowned out.

So, how do you do this?

On many modern radios you'll have access to two VFOs, you tune one, VFO A, to
the DX calling frequency, the other, VFO B, to the DX listening frequency.
You'll push the "split operation" button and when you listen, you're listening
to VFO A frequency and when you're transmitting you're doing that on the VFO B

A station will announce this by saying something like "listening 10 up", or
"2 up", whatever they pick.

During contests this is generally frowned on, since it ties up two frequencies,
but during normal day-to-day operations it's another tool to make HF contacts

I'm not Ignoring you, I'm listening 10-up.

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

Silent Keys are best sent to AR Magazine and your local state or club news
rather than this WIA National News Service.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Anniversary of BBC World Service

Money Week reports the BBC Empire Service, forerunner of the BBC World Service,
began broadcasting 82 years ago

Dr Matthew Partridge says the BBC Empire Service started broadcasting on
December 19, 1932 and had a budget of just 606 a week in 2014 prices.

The new service scored an early success when King George V delivered the first
royal Christmas Message six days after it launched in 1932.

Read the full story at

Still with the 'wonderful world of wireless' we learn that RT's long wave
service is now NOT closing next year BUT is extended until 2017

RT Radio 1 LW will operate a full service in 2015, with reduced hours in 2016
before working towards a full shutdown in 2017

The service was due to end early next year after RT postponed a decision to
close the transmitter until 19 January.

RT had previously announced that it would be ceasing its Long wave 252 service
from the Clarkstown long wave transmitter on 27 October and migrating its
Radio One service to digital platforms.

RT said that in slowing the pace of the long wave shutdown, it has considered
contact from listeners and submissions from a range of groups, who highlighted
that more time was needed to "understand and enable the migration to digital
platforms for all listeners".

Head of RTE Radio 1 Tom McGuire said: "We've listened particularly to the
concerns raised by and on behalf of the elderly Irish in the UK.

Read the full story at

Leading UK space organisations have joined forces with UK Astronaut
Tim Peake KG5BVI and Raspberry Pi to offer students a chance to devise
and code their own apps or experiment to run in space.

Two Raspberry Pi computers are planned to be flown to the International Space
Station as part of Tim's 6 month mission and both will be connected to a new
"Astro Pi" board, loaded with a host of sensors and gadgets.

Launched December 10 at an event held by the UK Space Agency, the Astro Pi
competition will be open to all primary and secondary school aged children
who are resident in the United Kingdom.

The last day of 2014 (UTC) will be the final opportunity to rack up those
remaining ARRL Centennial QSO Party points before you celebrate the arrival
of the new year.

To help with that goal, the League is sponsoring its final "Red Badges on the
Air Day" on Wednesday, December 31. That's when those high-value red ARRL
identification badge bearers will be out in force on the bands.

ARRL officers, elected officials such as Director or Section Manager, as well
as Headquarters staffers and volunteers, and other members of the ARRL family
are expected to be on the air for this event. Contacts with red badge wearers
are worth as much as 300 points per contact for working ARRL
President Kay Craigie, N3KN.

Many of the 200 or so holders of red badges will be on the air on December 31,
along with other ARRL appointees and members.

Maxim Society members are worth 50 points.

So again we congratulate the ARRL on its 100 years!

Oh and these events are considered activity days, not contests, and operation
is permitted on all bands. Participants can call "CQ ARRL Centennial QSO Party"
on phone or "CQ CENT" on CW or digital modes.



Deep Space DX

On 8th December, a group of Polish amateurs reported receiving
ARTSAT2 DESPATCH from deep space at a distance of 2,316,759km
(about 1,440,000 miles).

The previous day, the same group of radio amateurs also received
the 437.385MHz amateur radio signal from the Shin'en2 spacecraft
at a distance of 1,511,246km (about 940,000 miles).

Furness AR History sought

Chris, M0KPW is looking for people who have information on the
history of amateur radio in the Furness area, South Cumbria,
between around 1950 to 1970.

He's looking for information on activities in the areas around
that time, old photographs, facts, anecdotes etc. to help him put
together a talk about the history of radio in the area.

If you used to live in the area, or have visited the area over the
years, and have any information please contact Chris by email to or visit

Scottish Memories

Scottish Memories is a monthly nostalgia magazine and in an
upcoming issue they are planning to publish a wartime special
feature focusing on World War Two.

As part of this they are hoping to write a feature about the huge
impact of radio on ordinary families during the war. Deputy
Editor, Rachel Bellerby, would like to hear from amateurs who were
involved in radio during the war years or whose family were.
Please e-mail her via

DXpedition to Iran

The Rockall DX Group are planning a new challenge for January -
activating Kish Island, Iran, which is IOTA AS-166 and number 33
on ClubLog's DXCC Most Wanted list.

EP6T should be on the air from 16th January, operating from 160m
to 10m. Emphasis will be on 160m, and the operation is expected to
continue until 26th January. According to the ARRL, of Iran's 80
million citizens only 13 are licenced amateurs, although 60
students have recently passed their exams and should be able to
receive an EP callsign in the near future. Details of the EP6T
DXpedition can be found at




Financial troubles for the long-time home of the Dayton
Hamvention. This as WDTN TV News 2 report that the venue
located in the suburb of Trotwood has cut back to only a
dozen full-time staff to save on operating costs.

The WDTN story quotes Hara's Director of Marketing, Karen
Wampler. She explained the difficulty facing the Hara Arena
in competing with other area venues such as the Nutter
Centre at Wright State University. Wampler went on to
describe the primary challenges for the HARA is a need for
renovation funds and an ownership model change. To that
end Wampler said that the arena is working with VenuWorks,
which is a company that specializes in restoring event
venues such as the HARA and that she anticipated some very
good news in 2015.

A quick look at the Hara Arena web page shows some 60 major
events already scheduled between January 2nd and September
26th of 2015 with the Dayton Hamvention in its usual slot in
mid-May. Specifically the weekend of May15th to the 17th,
so no matter what the TV news report says about the finances
of the 165,000 square foot HARA complex, for Hamvention
2015, the show will definitely will go on as planned.

The complete WDTN TV News 2 story is on the web at


A Morgantown North Carolina radio station was taken off the
air after thieves struck sometime on Thursday December 4th.
The owners of the station came to work to find thieves had
ripped the building apart and done thousands of dollars in
damage to the transmitter. The damage was so bad, the
station can't even get on the air.

Owner John Whisnant said that he knew something was wrong
when he turned the dial to AM 760 and didn't hear a thing.
He said that the thieves got in by cutting their way through
a fence topped with barbed wire on the top. Thy then
climbed through a window where they gutted the stations two
transmitters of its copper wiring.

The actual value of the copper wire taken is estimated at
only about $250 but the overall damage to the station will
be in the area of $50,000 to repair.


A priest in Naples, Italy, has decided to exorcise the electronic interference
his sermans have been recieving from ringing mobile phones by installing
a signal jammer, according to London's Daily Express.

"Phones were always going off during Mass and at other events like funerals
which just wasn't on" the good Father said.

A $63 electronic phone jammer was apparently the answer!

"It's great, as it has stopped the problem, but some of the local shops aren't
happy," he said.

The reason adjacent merchants were less enthused was that the phone jammer is
also blocking credit card authorization devices. The church, it turns out,
is located in the heart of the downtown area of Naples, (which is) full of

Oh and for those hoping to deploy the same system here in Australia? please
note there's no benediction for jammers here. The ACMA has banned from sale
such transmitters (e.g., a jammer) designed to block, jam, or interfere with
wireless communication."


As the WIA news did not receive any notification of their 2 main VHF type
contests usually held around this time of year we hope that those who
normally do compete are up to speed on any new rules and or times etc.
the various ones will take place.

So far activity notified for the broadcasts in the future are:-


Tablelands Radio Group will again hold AM and CW on ANZA Day 25 April





The next Kids Day, sponsored by the ARRL and The Boring (Oregon) Amateur Radio
Club, will be Sunday, January 4, 2015, from 1800 to 2400 UTC.

This is an excellent opportunity to showcase Amateur Radio and Amateur Radio
satellites to youngsters and even to hand over the keys so they can get some
hands-on experience.

For veteran radio amateurs, it's a chance to share their stations and
affection for Amateur Radio with the next generation.

Anywhere in the world you may be listening from, when you hear "CQ Kids Day"
from a Stateside station, jump in. The suggested exchange is name, age,
location, and favourite colour.


73 on 73 Award #4 - EA5TT

Paul Stoetzer, N8HM, who is sponsoring the award for contacts made via the
AO-73 (FUNcube-1) amateur radio satellite, recently recognized Manuel EA5TT,
for becoming the fourth recipient of the 73 on 73 Award.
He submitted a list of 73 stations worked via AO-73 between September 1, 2014
and December 8, 2014.

The award aims to promote activity on AO-73. The requirements are

1. Work 73 unique stations on AO-73.
2. Contacts must be made on or after September 1, 2014.
3. There are no geographic restrictions on your operating location.

There will be no cost for this award (donations to AMSAT-UK and
AMSAT-NA's Fox program are encouraged though).

No QSL cards are required. When you complete the requirements, email
your log extract including the callsign of each station worked, time
GMT, and date to as well as the address where you'd
like the award certificate sent.




E51AND has told the Ohio Penn DX Newsletter that Cook Island's resident hams
will be allowed a special 1 by 1 callsign for use during the 50th anniversary
of Self Governance in 2015. The special call is available for use at the
operator's discretion only during the period January 1, 2015 to December 31.
Visitors to the island will be issued callsigns in accordance with current


A new behind the scenes look at the operation of special
event station 2-S-Zed is now available for viewing on the
web. The video tells the story of the amateur radio station
especially constructed at Mill Hill School near London to
commemorate the 90th anniversary of the first radio contact
between Great Britain and New Zealand

As previously reported, on October 18, 1924, the first radio
communication contact between the two countries took place
at Mill Hill School operated by 18 year-old former pupil
Cec Goyder 4AA in Shag Valley, New Zealand, operated
by Frank Bell under the call sign 2SZ. The video tells the
story of this year's celebration. It is on line at

New LoTW Record

The ARRL's Logbook of The World online card-less contact-
confirmation service has recorded a new milestone of 100 million
QSL records out of some 630 million uploaded contacts.

That's an increase of more than 18 million QSL records since the
end of last year. WJ1B from the ARRL commented that if placed end
to end, that many QSLs would reach more than 17,000 miles not
quite all the way around the world, but enough to qualify as a
'long-path' QSO.


Ham radio in 1988 Italian movie

An English dubbed version of the 1988 Italian movie 'High Frequency' is
available on YouTube

IMDb describes the High Frequency movie as:
A boy who operates a ham radio and a man who works at a satellite relay station
witness the same murder thousands of miles apart and have to figure out how to
warn the next potential victim.

Original run time 105 minutes.



Radio ham helps ESA with tracking widget

Thanks to radio amateur Chip Sufitchi N2YO the European Space Agency's
new satellite tracking widgets are live

The tracking widgets are fed with the latest orbital tracks for ESA missions,
or missions with significant ESA participation. The default track shows the

Track ESA missions

ESA tracking widgets are powered by

Astronauts on the International Space Station have used their 3-D printer to
make a wrench from instructions sent up in an email.

It is the first time hardware has been "emailed" to space.

Nasa was responding to a request by ISS commander Barry Wilmore for a
ratcheting socket wrench.

The socket wrench just manufactured is the first object designed on the ground
and sent digitally to space, on the fly.

If a 3D printer can churn out something as useful as a tool in space, what
else is possible?

Spare parts, components, even equipment, according to the company behind the
printer, Made In Space. And that's just the start.

A 3D printer despatched to the Moon might be able to dig into the lunar surface
scoop up what is called the regolith, and transform it into the elements needed
for a moon base.

That prospect is extremely distant, obviously.

so, For the moment, if you 'need to hand the man a grander spanner' the
astronauts on board the ISS will be happy to know that they can make one in
under an hour.

Read in full at



More DX activity has apparently been cancelled for one reason or another.

NA-178. (POSTPONED) This was to be an operation from the Farallon Islands
but the NA-178 trip was unfortunately cancelled. The callsign would have been

SA-071. Paulo, PY2SEI, was to have been active as PS2AI from As Ilhas island
January 23-25th but has now been postponed.


Transatlantic tests between Namibia and Brazil on the cards

The SARL report that Pieter Jacobs, V51PJ, of Namibia, who is a very keen VHF
amateur, is planning to bridge the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil on 144 MHz.

On the other side of this 6000 kilometre sea path another keen VHF amateur is
anxiously waiting, his name is Orlando Neto, PY2ANE at Sao Paulo.

When Pieter was still located at Cape Town, as ZR1AEE, he ran skeds with
Orlando, but they only heard traces of a signal from each other on 144 MHz
digital via Troppo Ducting. Now Pieter has applied for permission to use
2 kilowatts of power for this research experiment.

So far all previous attempts by other VHF amateurs have failed to establish a
two-way contact across the Atlantic on 2 metres

(SARL via SouthGate)

REWIND a look back at history

Ralph H. Baer never reached the levels of public recognition of Bill Gates or
Steve Jobs but, as the inventor of home video games, his contribution to
technology and entertainment are arguably on the same scale.

A relentless inventor, Baer - who died aged 92 on December 6- produced the
first home machine to connect to a television and allow users to control the
images, creating the video game industry that today is worth billions of
dollars and has allowed an entirely new medium for art and entertainment.

His employer granted him $US2500 in funding after viewing a crude device
Baer had created with a fellow engineer that allowed two users to play "tag"
on a television screen by moving two white dots around.

Now fully funded, he and a small group worked to make the machine smaller,
easier to use and more functional. Some of the designs included guns that
could be pointed at the television to interact (yes, light guns are an
invention of Baer as well. He invented numerous things between the 1960s and

In 1968 the team finished Baer's seventh iteration, which they called
"The Brown Box" after the wood grain electrical tape that held it all together.
The machine could output in full colour and, while it included a version of
the original tag game, could also run several other games including
"Table Tennis", which would go on to play a crucial role in the success of
home and arcade gaming.

Read the full and exciting almost unbelievable story in the SMH


Jan 23-26 VK4 TARC Australia Day Long Weekend Family Radio Camp, Bluewater.

Feb 7 VK3 Homebrew Construction Group 2pm ARVic 40g Victory Bld Ashburton.
Feb 22 VK2 Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Wyong Field Day.

March 21 VK3 Dstar Users Group 9am Woodend RSL Anslow St.
March 29 VK3 EMDRC Hamfest

May 1-3 VK4 Clairview Gathering contact RADAR's VK4ACC 04 2963 2815
May 9 VK4 BARCFEST Brisbane

June 6-7 VK2 Queens Birthday 40th annual Oxley Region Field Day

July 1 VK4 Caboolture Hamfest
July 11-12 VK3 GippsTech 2015

August 9 VK2 SARC-FEST Lismore

Sept 12 VK4 SUNFEST Woombye

Oct 25 VK4 Gold Coast Hamfest Broadbeach



The official race website is one of the most popular
Australian sporting websites during the Christmas New Year holiday period and
is your information portal for everything there is to know about the 628
nautical blue water classic.

You'll also be able to follow the event on twitter for race updates

and via Facebook

Yacht Tracker

By far the most visited page of the website is the Yacht Tracker page, which
allows viewers to track the entire fleet or a particular boat from start to
finish. Yacht Tracker uses a specifically designed tool that calculates the
predicted results for each and every boat in the fleet, so you can see how each
boat is performing.

Each yacht will be fitted with a Yellowbrick tracker that will obtain a
position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back
to Yellowbrick HQ using the Iridium satellite network.


All boats will have VHF - International Channels 16, 72, 73, 80 and 81 plus
HF/SSB - 4483 kHz and 6516 kHz and such other frequencies as the Organising
Authority may determine.

The radio relay vessel "JBW" will be available for radio checks on 26 December
between 1130 hours and 1230 hours on race frequency 6516 kHz.

7PM - 7AM AEDT 4483 kHz
7AM - 7PM AEDT 6516 kHz

Daily position reports as follows:-
1905 hours on 26 December 2014 on 4483kHz
0005 on 27 December 2014 and on each subsequent day on 4483kHz
0735 and 1705 hours on each subsequent day on 6516kHz
and at other times as may be advised by "JBW".

A boat subject to recall may be identified by the Principal Race Officer on

Boats will maintain a 24 hour listening watch for the duration of their race
on VHF Channel 16.

Listening schedules will be conducted on 6516 kHz at 1205 each day from
27 December 2014 until 2 January 2015. Boats that have not reported in at the
previous position report schedule will be called to make a position report.
Weather reports may also be read during this listening schedule.

The Sailing Instructions require that boats report by radio when they are in
the vicinity of Green Cape and make a declaration confirming their time of

During the race, many boats are within sight of each other and crews listen
closely to the information from the twice-daily radio position schedules. In
more recent years, crews have been able to pin point the entire fleet's
whereabouts and follow each boat's progress against their own using on board
computers and Yacht Tracker on the official race website.

The coast radio network also broadcast navigation warnings as follows:
Coast Radio Melbourne 0857hrs, 1357hrs on 8176 kHz
Tasmanian Maritime 0903hrs, 2524, 4146, 6227 kHz and VHF CH 68

We have also had an unconfirmed report that audio could be streamed on

The above information is not to be taken as official but has been compiled
from several well meaning sources.

Submitting news items

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to
and don't JUST send url's links but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

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broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
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item write in the 3rd person.



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