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A well-known voice in the Amateur Radio news media has gone silent.

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, of Santa Clarita, California, died June 11
following a period of ill health. He was 73.


A well-known voice in the Amateur Radio news media has gone silent.
Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, of Santa Clarita, California, died June 11
following a period of ill health. He was 73. Pasternak was
co-founder (with Jim Hendershot, WA6VQP) of Amateur Radio
Newsline(tm) (formerly The Westlink Report) ham radio news webcast
and a frequent presence at Amateur Radio conventions. Pasternak
served as Newsline's managing editor and occasional newscaster for
the program. Even while hospitalized earlier this year, he kept his
ear to the ground for news from the Amateur Radio community, so he
could pass it along to those who had taken over Newsline during his
illness - discovered after he broke two ribs in a fall. ARRL Rocky
Mountain Division Director Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, got acquainted
with Pasternak at the Albuquerque hamfest and in 1997 was named
Newsline's "Young Ham of the Year" (YHOTY).

"An incredible man, ham, and one of Amateur Radio's too-few giants,
who woke up every day to make the hobby better for everyone,
especially its legacy - youth," Mileshosky said. "I've enjoyed the
energy he put into keeping hams informed via Newsline, and have been
honored to give back to his Newsline Young Ham of the Year Award
program, since being asked by him to sit on its judging panel well
over a decade ago."

ARRL Public Relations Committee Chair Katie Allen, WY7YL, said
Pasternak would be missed by those within and outside the Amateur
Radio community. "He truly was one of the good ones," she remarked
on Pasternak's Facebook page. "Thank you for sharing your light with
us, Bill."

A Brooklyn, New York, native, Pasternak became a radio amateur in
1959 as WA2HVK and once was very active on 6 meters. "I love the
hands-on approach to ham radio and built my very first transmitter
using parts salvaged from an old Dumont television set," Pasternak
recounted in an online biography. "It was a modification of a design
by Bill Orr, W6SAI, published in his famous Novice and Technician
Handbook. A crystal-controlled, low-power 6 meter AM transmitter
that doubled in the final, was screen grid modulated, and put out
almost no output power."

He eventually got into broadcasting and made his career in
television engineering and production. He retired as a broadcast
engineer with KTTV in Los Angeles in 2012 but continued as a
broadcasting consultant.

Pasternak was the spark plug behind the all-volunteer Amateur Radio
Newsline bulletin - which was relayed on repeaters around the US and
elsewhere - as well as the creator and administrator of the annual
YHOTY. He was the author of three books and served as a
writer/producer on several educational films and videos, including
the award-winning "Amateur Radio Today." In earlier years, he wrote
the "Looking West" column for 73 Amateur Radio Today Magazine for 26
years and penned a "VHF, FM and Repeater" column for WorldRadio. He
also contributed to broadcast trade publications as well as to CQ.

In addition to the ARRL, Pasternak belonged to the Radio Club of
America and the Quarter Century Wireless Association. He also
enjoyed flying, including stints getting on the air from thousands
of feet up.

He was the only person ever chosen to receive the Dayton Hamvention
Special Achievement Award (1981) and Radio Amateur of the Year Award
(1989). In 1995, the League presented him with an ARRL National
Certificate of Merit in recognition of his contributions to the
"furtherance of the goals of the Amateur Radio Service."

Survivors include his wife of 43 years, Sharon, KD6EPW.


Aussie balloon still floating on its record trip.

The pico foil party-type balloon PS-46 that has already gone around the southern
hemisphere is east of Africa. We told you on this broadcast last week how the
balloon, launched by Andy VK3YT from Victoria, moved easterly over South America
and then nearly to Africa.

Well, after days of slow progress it went towards Angola on Tuesday, before
making a sudden turn to zig-zag ever so slowly about 500 kms parallel to the
African coast.

The balloon then edged closer and with a warmer air-mass, came ashore at
Namibia, drifted over Botswana, South Africa and exited Mozambique on Wednesday
heading north.

Up to five ZS stations tracked its 25 mW data transmitter. At last report PS-46
was on Africa's east coast. It needs to go over the Indian Ocean to claim
circumnavigation status for a second time.

On next week's broadcast will be a further report on what has been a truly
remarkable flight and outstanding achievement.


ANZAC 100 lots of interest as more events happen

The Moorabbin and District Radio Club had 12 members at its VK100ANZAC
commemoration adjacent to Mentone RSL, marking the end of Gallipoli campaign's
first phase.

Headed by Ron Cook VK3AFW it made nearly 300 QSOs.

Each member involved in the first weekend of May event was given a club
certificate of participation.

The Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club as VI5ANZAC was at the Elizabeth RSL for
the Vietnam 50th anniversary of Australian forces at Vung Tau, landed by the
Royal Australian Navy. Good public relations resulted from VI5ANZAC on
June 6, with photographs and words taken for the RSL to feature in its

Another involved VK100WIA that logged in CW mode well over 1000 QSOs into
more than 100 DXCC entities June 4-10, thanks to Tommy VK2IR and Alan VK2GR.

The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society had VK100WIA on June 16-19, to
commemorate the '75th Anniversary of RAAF Secret Mission'. It included a
symbolic flypast of a P-3 Orion four-engine aircraft. The rescue mission was
for Madam Yvonne de Gaulle and the family of General Charles de Gaulle.
It ended when the plane crashed, killing its four crew. However,
Madam de Gaulle managed to escape by boat.

All ANZAC 100 event are on the WIA website and summarised for this
broadcast. If you have an appropriative event then please contact the
WIA VP Fred Swainston VK3DAC at

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


web service:-

Hi this is Frank VK2BFC with news from the Albury Wodonga amateur radio club

The Albury Wodonga amateur radio club will be holding their annual general
meeting on the Tuesday July the 7th at 7.30pm at the 1st Lavington scout hall
in Mutsch St Lavington.

Elections of office bearers for the next year will be held at the meeting and a
report on the plans of the club for the next year will be given.

The next financial year will be a busy one for the club as a new multi-band
analogue / digital repeater is being installed. This will cover the greater
Albury/Wodonga area on 6 metres , 2 metres and 70 centimetres. D-Star facilities
will be available on the repeater also.

The new 2 metre repeater will also be carrying the weekly WIA News every Sunday

The club has 3 weekly nets which all are welcome to participate in.

Monday at 8pm local on the VK3RNE repeater 147 MHz .
Tuesday at 8pm on 7.047 MHz for digital enthusiasts.
Thursdays at 830pm on 3.555 MHz .

So if you're in the Albury Wodonga area pop along to the 1st Lavington Scout
hall in Mutsch St Lavington on Tuesday July the 7th for the AWARC Annual
general meeting. full details are also on our website at

This is Frank VK2BFC


From Morse to Magnetron, that's the title of an
Exhibition assembled by the Geelong Amateur Radio
Club, to be held in Geelong during July this year.

The exhibition is of Military Communications,
Signalling and Navigation technology from World
War One, approximately, to the Vietnam era, and
is part of our nations' centenary commemoration of Gallipoli.

Free to the public, the Exhibition includes
interactive displays and Educational areas for
students, as well as the Real Hardware which
chronicles the rapid development in communications over the years.

All are welcome to come and see this unique
collection of Equipment, spanning from the
Trenches through Early Airborne Radar to the Space age.
The collection includes A Spy and Coastwatch
section as well as some Australian Designed and built Equipment.

A reminder of when we had an Electronics Industry.

The Exhibition is at Osborne House, Swinburne
Street North Geelong, it is open from 10am to 4pm
each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday commencing July 2.

Want to know more? Go to the GARC Website at WWW.VK3ATL.ORG

(Text news only this week)


What use is an F-call?

Recently I received an email from a fellow amateur who pointed out a curious
phenomenon that was being taken up by new amateurs with little purpose or

He pointed out that on air some amateurs, myself included, are referring to
local companies indirectly, saying things like the Green Hardware Store,
the J-store and the Blue Furniture Warehouse, meaning Bunnings, Jaycar and Ikea.

Gasp, horror, I've just said three company names on air. Bunnings, Jaycar and
Ikea, and I did it again. The world didn't come to a sudden and laborious stop,
reversed direction and made a big mess. We don't think twice about saying Yaesu,
Icom, Kenwood, Elecraft and any other brand, so what's going on?

As was pointed out to me, the Amateur License Conditions prohibit commercial use
of the amateur bands. The people who were on the air before me were using
strange constructs, so I copied them. People keep copying from what they hear
and so it continues, until at some point the original person who said it in the
first place, is no longer on air and their legacy continues. Sometimes this is a
good thing, but in this case it's just plain silly.

There's nothing preventing you from naming names, pointing people to a purchase
you made, or making suggestions about where to buy a particular part or
component. You're not allowed to start making a 30 second spot that starts
advertising the wares of a supplier or starting to sound like Pete Smith with
the Sale of the Century, but short of that, you're pretty much good to go.

So, thanks for pointing this out to me, and I hope that I'm able to pass on the

I wonder what other bad habits I've already picked up in my blossoming amateur

I'm Onno VK6FLAB

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

ARRL Kids' Day

If you hear the call CQ Kids Day it will be part of the ARRL's Kids Day Sunday
21st June.

Kids Day is a way to introduce young people to the magic of
amateur radio in the USA by getting them on the air and this year
it's on Father's Day on both sides of the Atlantic.

Young people will be getting on the air from amateur stations all
over the USA, so please give them a call and help these potential
new recruits into the hobby.

New high-end transceiver from Icom

Icom UK have announced the latest generation of high end HF
transceiver, called the IC-7851.

It has a host of new features and upgrades and you can read full
details on Icom UK's website at

Twin Cubesat Mars Flyby Will Support NASA InSight Landing

When NASA launches its next mission on the journey to Mars - a
stationary lander in 2016 - the flight will include two CubeSats.
This will be the first time CubeSats have flown in deep space. If
this flyby demonstration is successful, the technology will provide
NASA the ability to quickly transmit status information about the
main spacecraft after it lands on Mars.

The twin communications-relay CubeSats, being built by NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, California, constitute a
technology demonstration called Mars Cube One (MarCO). CubeSats are
a class of spacecraft based on a standardized small size and modular
use of off-the-shelf technologies. Many have been made by university
students, and dozens have been launched into Earth orbit using extra
payload mass available on launches of larger spacecraft.

The basic CubeSat unit is a box roughly 4 inches (10 centimeters)
square. Larger CubeSats are multiples of that unit. MarCO's design is
a six-unit CubeSat - about the size of a briefcase -- with a stowed
size of about 14.4 inches (36.6 centimeters) by 9.5 inches (24.3
centimeters) by 4.6 inches (11.8 centimeters).

MarCO will launch in March 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base,
California on the same United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket as
NASA's Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and
Heat Transport (InSight) lander. Insight is NASA's first mission to
understand the interior structure of the Red Planet. MarCO will fly
by Mars while InSight is landing, in September 2016.

Help needed to receive NanosatC-BR1

The first Brazilian CubeSat, NanosatC-BR1, has been experiencing battery issues
for the last several months and it now seldom emits a beacon in CW on
145.865 MHz

The ham community is asked for assistance particularly our northern hemisphere
readers and listeners to see if NanosatC-BR1 is still transmitting any signals.

Any help will be much appreciated by Edson PY2SDR

Help record the 2015 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast on June 21

Every year, the BBC broadcasts a special program to the scientists and support
staff in the British Antarctic Survey Team, music requests and special messages
to the small team of 40+ located at various Antarctic research stations.

This year, Thomas K4SWL is calling on all shortwave radio listeners and Hams
to make a short recording (say, 30-60 seconds) of the show and share it on the
URL of the Short Wave Post.

Now it IS today.. so random wires and mp3 recorders at the ready!

Please follow the tag: Antarctic Midwinter broadcast

Hit the record button and get ready for some cool solstice fun!

Thomas K4SWL




Google X Research Labs is said to be working on several new
battery technologies one of which is a solid-state power
cell in the form of a thin-film.

Solid-state batteries could be a technology that would
change our portable energy consumption with its high energy
density. By using solid electrodes, solid-state batteries
are much safer and even human implant application might be possible.

In the past several years, Google has been venturing out to
many other technologies that utilize batteries. Developing
its own in-house battery technology could shape and mould how
the energy source behaved. You can


Another shortwave broadcaster is making ready to shut down.
The Bulgarian DX Blog reports that International Radio
Serbia is going to close all operations on June 30th after
79 years of broadcasting.

Serbian International Radio currently has programming in 12
languages, including Italian and English. More than 70
employees of the station recently protested the announced
termination of the operation in front of the Serbian
government building in Belgrade.

Who and Where are our broadcast stations?

Submitting news items

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slants to keep your event 'fresh 'and always if the news room is to read your
item write in the 3rd person.


Dr Kevin Johnston VK4UH and Charlie Strong VK4YZ, Managers for the Harry Angel
Memorial 80m Sprint Contest, have announced the results of the 2015 Harry Angel
Memorial 80m Sprint.

The Harry Angel is an annual event commenced in 1999 to commemorate the life
of its namesake who on his passing was the oldest licenced VK amateur. The
contest runs for 106 minutes, one for each year of Harry's life.

The contest is run in four sections. Phone, CW, Mixed (Phone and CW) and new
this year was SWL/Listener. The contest is particularly suited to those new
to contesting as well as seasoned operators. Certificates are awarded to the
three highest scoring entries in each section. Point gained in the Harry Angel
also count towards the WIA Peter Brown Champion Trophy.

This year the contest was run on Saturday May 2nd and attracted 40 log entries
across the sections.

The certificate winners in all sections will be first announced on the WIA
Sunday Morning Broadcast and a full listing of all scores and entries will be
posted on the Contest section of the WIA website immediately after the
broadcast has gone to air.

The Contest Managers thank all operators who participated in the 2015 Contest
and those who submitted logs.

The provisional date for the 2016 event will be Saturday 7th May

Kevin Johnston VK4UH (Redcliffe and Districts radio Club & WIA) "

Next month is the

Trans-Tasman contest 18th July from 0800utc


Remembrance Day Contest August 15 and 16

Oceania DX contest Voice First full weekend in October

Oceania DX contest Continuous Wave Second full weekend in October.

War exhibit and Amateur Radio at Museum.

The annual International Museums Weekend is held over this and next weekend.

Setting up a solar-powered Amateur Radio station on the lawn next to the
Melbourne Museum at Nicholson Street Carlton are Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP.

There will be regular on-air demonstrations including CW, SSB and all digital
modes and displays of WIA posters, magazines and brochures.

They can be heard 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays on 80m, 40m, 20m and local
repeaters. So if you hear them please call in, or better still, visit the
Melbourne Museum and see the World War 1 Centenary Exhibition - details of it
can be found at the url in todays text edition and don't forget you can
register on the WIA site for the text edition to hit your email in tray'
automatically. Details on


Audio logs in CQ World-Wide DX Contests

A wheel is a wheel yet far to often we see folk trying to re-invent it.

A new requirement in the CQ World-Wide DX Contests requires the top entrants
to audio record all contacts they make for possible later verification. The
rules for the SSB Contest on October 24-25 and CW Contest November 28-29, asks
that any single operator seeking a top three finish in certain categories, to
record what is heard - in other words, an audio log.

Some claim this rule is an onerous impost.

Others just a sign of the times.

A technical solution is offered which captures QSO audio only, and remains
silent otherwise, thus reducing the length of the audio file.

The CQ World-Wide DX Committee can ask for such a recording, and if none is
made available, it may reclassify or disqualify the entry.

Will the audio requirement catch on to other contests - time will tell.

(sourced to Jim Linton VK3PC)

New RD3000 repeater in Malta

A new DR3000 repeater has gone on air in Malta. The repeater forms
part of the 9H1BBS repeater system, which consists of two analogue
Kenwood repeaters running on VHF and UHF each with a dedicated
EchoLink System and now joining the setup is a DMR repeater which
is directly linked to the UK c-Bridge.


Russian Yeti Expedition

Between June 11-16th and September, there will be a complex seasonal research
of cinema-radio expedition using the callsign UE44Y and known as the Russian
Yeti Expedition.

The expedition UE 44 Y will be active from various locations of
"Mountain Shoria, Kemerovo Region," until September 16th.

Activity will be on various HF and VHF bands of different types of mode

For QSOs/SWL with the expedition UE44Y headquarters (HQ) Russian Yeti Expedition,
there will be issued special paper 3 diplomas classes and an original ethnic

Complete details, as well as pictures of the QSLs, Logo and diplomas, can be
seen on

Tour de France PA15TOUR

From the 1st till 28th July clubstation PI 4 UTR will be on the air with a
special Tour de France call PA 15 TOUR.

Not sure if QSO's will be drug tested! hihi.



Panoramic Tour of ISS

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has been cataloguing her home
of six months to create panoramic images you can rotate and explore.
Each section of the Space Station required around 14 fisheye photos
stitched together.

Areas of interest can be clicked on for more information in another
browser window.

Eventually, the entire Station will be available to explore right
here on this page - follow us to receive updates.

Can you find the HAMTV transmitter on the floor?

[ANS Thanks European Space Agency for the above information]

A Youth Net meets Saturdays at 0100 UTC on IRLP Reflector #2.
Young Hams Net 3.590 - 7:30pm Victorian time.
Youngsters On The Air, YOTA

The SARL would like to thank everyone who contacted Etienne, ZS6EFN, for the
feedback received following last weekends announcement here that the SARL will
kick-off a Rookie Amateur Radio Program.

The first draft of the manifesto document has been forwarded to the SARL
Vice-President, Nico van Rensburg, ZS6QL, who represents the program at league
level on behalf of Ettiene

The document highlights the mission, objectives and structure in which the
program will be functioning and will be discussed during the next SARL committee
meeting. Ettiene is aiming to have the final document ready by the end of July

Keep an eye out for further developments by watching SARL news over the next few

RadCom Basics launched

Following the launch of the RSGB's technical e-Supplement, RadCom
Plus in May, the RSGB is delighted to announce that the electronic
New Starters' Newsletter has been re-branded as RadCom Basics.

Designed to help newly-qualified amateurs get started in amateur
radio, RadCom Basics is currently sent to the 2,300 Members who
have subscribed to it. If you are not on the circulation list but
would like to receive RadCom Basics please sign up on the web page

Over 4000 RSGB Members have downloaded the first edition of RadCom
Plus. If you would like to be notified when the next edition is
available, planned for September, go to

PU2WPX is the youngest radio ham in Brazil

The Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emisso (LABRE) reports that
9 year-old Leonardo PU2WPX is the youngest radio amateur in Brazil

Other members of Leonardo's family who are radio amateurs include his
14 year-old brother PU2KAG, parents Marcelo PY2FN and Elisangela PU2YLJ
and cousins PU 2 TSE and PU 2 TOB, both 15 years old.

Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emisso (LABRE)

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

WICEN in Victoria at the cross-roads

The two people who have lead WICEN Victoria for many years are to resign,
leaving the organisation in need of filling those top positions.

The State Secretary Mark Dods VK3ZR has been in the job for 14 years and
decided to take a break.

The State Coordinator John Kerr VK3BAF has also tendered his resignation, and
Minutes Secretary John Brown VK3FR is stepping down also after many years.

In a statement John VK3BAF said the three had been in the chair for many years
and new blood is needed for the organisation.

He reminds all that those positions must be must be filled, if WICEN Victoria
is to continue as an Incorporated body.

The issue will be finalised at the upcoming WICEN Victoria annual general


WICEN SA will be having a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Mt Barker on the 19th of
July 2015. They are officially able to sell sausages and soft-drinks from

The Mt Barker Bunnings is located at the Princes Highway & Mt Barker Road,
Little Hampton SA.

Michael VK5FMSB says this is a major fundraising event for WICEN SA and an
opportunity to become visible in the community.


VK7 Seasonal Bonus Reminder

We welcome Alan VK7BO to the SOTA honour roll - Alan has been quietly activating
many summits around Northern Tasmania.

This is also a quick reminder that the seasonal bonus for the VK7 SOTA
Association has started

What does this mean?

Between the 15 June and the 14 October inclusive you get 3 extra points for
activating summits that are greater than or equal to 1200m ASL.

So for a summit like Mt Wellington or Mt Barrow you get 10 points and
3 seasonal bonus points - an easy 13 points!

(73, Justin, VK7TW)

Sub 9 kHz Yahoo Group:-

The Mildura beacon receives more reports

The medium wave 473 kHz beacon VK3FI in north-western Victoria has been heard
in New Zealand, with a report from Con ZL2AFP at Wellington.

He reports that CW beacon was clearly audible. There was quite a bit of QRN but
this seems to occur when propagation is good. The best reception was at about
2330 hours New Zealand time.

Con ZL2AFP in his report had reception at -100 dbm, or S1 on a TS 440S via an
active antenna up about more than 10-metres above ground.

Night time reports also come from Western Australia, and John VK4TJ had good
reception of it near Toowoomba.

The upgraded home-built beacon CW beacon is at Nichols Point Mildura feeding an
L-antenna plus radials.

It had its day-time field strength measured at being about 500kms. A report by
Don VK3BIG at Geelong detected the beacon, while Phillip VK3ELV at Mount Bruno
in Victoria's north-east reported it at some 8 dB above the noise floor during

Further reports both on day or night reception of the 473 kHz beacon from
anywhere are most welcome and can be sent to

(Jim Linton)

REWIND a look back at history

Another Mayday story but this time not from south West WA but for the atlantic
and obtained from the Engineering and technology wiki at

The earliest use of radio aboard ships was as an extra service to wealthy
passengers who wanted to monitor their stock investments and run their
businesses while at sea. It was not until after the Republic and Titanic
disasters that radio evolved from a luxury to a necessary safety device.

Early in the morning of 23 January 1909, 80 kilometers south of Nantucket Island
the Italian ocean liner Florida was off course in dense fog. Suddenly there was
a crashthe Florida had collided with another liner, the White Star liner
Republic. The Florida's bow drove deep into the port side of the Republic, near
the ship's engine room. The resulting gash was below the waterline. To keep the
boilers from exploding, Republic's crew shut them down. This saved the ship, but
without generators, there was no electric power for lights or radio. The Florida
whose engines were still functioning, was not equipped with a radio, so despite
the heavy damage, it was up to the Republic to send a distress call.

Jack Binns, the Republic's 25-year old radio operator, rushed to his radio cabin
which had one of its walls ripped away in the collision. Fortunately, the
antenna was still intact and emergency batteries supplied enough power to
transmit a signal 95 kilometers. The nearest land receiving station on the
island of Nantucket was just about that distance away. Binns transmitted the
Morse code distress signal of the day, CQD, the D stood for urgent. A Nantucket
station retransmitted the message and several ships in the area steamed towards
the ships in peril.

It was clear that injuries to the Republic were serious, and passengers and crew
began evacuating to the damaged Florida, at best a stop gap measure. The lives
of more than 1,650 people were in jeopardy. Binns stayed aboard the sinking
Republic, trying to direct nearby ships toward them. One, the Baltic, headed
over. In the dark and fog, however, the Baltic had trouble finding the lightless
Republic and proceeded slowly to avoid accidental collision. The crews of Baltic
and Republic listened carefully for each other and then sent radio messages back
and forth to determine their relative positions. Finally, at 7:20 p.m., after
more than twelve hours of Jack Binns working his telegraph key in the freezing
cold, the Baltic came into sight and rescued the remaining crew of the Republic.

Radio had proven itself as a life-saving device at sea.

Binns testified before the United States Congress on the importance of radio at
sea, but unfortunately, his advice went unheeded. For his bravery, the French
government awarded him a medal. His employers rewarded him, three years later by
offering him the most prestigious radio operator assignment in their
fleetaboard their brand new ship Titanic. Luckily for him, Binns turned down
the offer.

This is Andrew VK6AS


July 1 VK4 Caboolture HamFest
July 11-12 VK3 GippsTech 2015
July 18 VK3 Gippsland gate Radio & Electronics Club HamFest @ Cranbourne
July 25 VK3 ALARA 40th Bday Lunch, Novotel Glen Waverley

Sept 12 VK4 SUNFEST Woombye
Sept 25-27 VK4 CHARC AGM Weekend Camp Fairbairn near Emerald

Oct 2-5 VK4 Cardwell Gathering, Beachcomber Motel and Tourist Park
Oct 25 VK3 Ballarat Amateur Radio Group Hamvention Greyhound Track
Oct 25 VK4 Gold Coast HamFest Broadbeach

Nov VK3 QRP By the Bay details from VK3YE held 2nd Saturday


Feb 13 VK3 MERC Hamfest 10am at Werribee Masonic Centre

Feb 28 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont.

Ap-May 29-2 VK4 Clairview Gathering check Mackay ARS website

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