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WIA ANZAC 100 being heard worldwide

WIA ANZAC 100 a message from the Communications Minister

WIA VI4ANZAC on air on Vietnams Veterans day

WIA in your inbox



Record balloon flight in the news media

A network engineer by day, but into the 'balloon scene' in his spare time,
Andy Nguyen VK3YT achieved the recent record flight that lasted eight weeks
and travelled more than 110,800 kilometres.

Now 'The Age' newspaper in Melbourne and the 'Sydney Morning Herald' have
reported about the tiny electronics payload at the heart of the flight.

Andy, known as the master of miniaturisation, tethers by a fishing line a
25 mW transmitter, using standard HF frequencies in WSPR and the JT9 modes, a
GPS, solar panel for power - all weighing a mere 11 grams.

The record distance flight was of the standard 90cm balloon PS-46 launched
from Melbourne Australia on May 23. It went around the southern hemisphere
twice and was lost after leaving South Africa in storm on July 18, just short
of its third circumnavigation of Earth.

Andy admits being attracted by the challenge of designing and making small
light weight electronic parts that work in extreme conditions - down to
minus 55 degrees in rarefied air and the Sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The balloon transmitted every 30 minutes, and received by trackers, many in
Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, the US, Sweden and Peru.

The article by Bridie Smith, the newspaper's Science Editor, has the balloon's
entire path traced by an online simulation.

Read the full article at

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

ANZAC 100 being heard worldwide

In the first three months the ANZAC suffixed callsigns in Australia,
commemorating the Centenary of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army
Corps) landing at Gallipoli in WWI, had logged more than 11,000 contacts.

The Wireless Institute of Australia activity began on the ANZAC Day weekend of
April 25-26 with more than 40 event details until December 20, when the ANZAC
troops left Gallipoli, listed on the WIA website.

The most popular band used has been 20-metres with 3175 contacts, followed by
40-metres on 2463, although all HF bands and some in the VHF and UHF spectrum
were used as well.

The predominate mode is SSB on 4888 contacts, closely followed by CW with 4522.
The current eight ANZAC callsigns throughout Australia have also been heard on
AM, PSK31 and 63, FM, RTTY, JT65, SSTV and via satellite.

QSLing via eQSL has been logged for 88 countries already. All electronic logs
received online are being uploaded. The WIA has announced that VI9ANZAC will
be active on Norfolk Island in May 2016 during its annual general meeting

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

ANZAC 100, and a message from the Communications Minister

The Waverley Amateur Radio Society, through the VK100ANZAC callsign, is now
commemorating the landing of the 2nd Australian Division Signals Company at
the Dardanelles in August 1915.

To start its 5-day activation yesterday a message was broadcast from The
Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP, Member for Wentworth and Minister for
Communications. Let us now hear the Minister.

(play audio - outcue "lest we forget")

The Waverley Amateur Radio Society is using VK100ANZAC until Wednesday on 40m,
20m, plus Echolink and D-STAR.

Meantime, there will be two separate commemorations of the August Offensive
the final attempt to seize control of the Gallipoli Peninsula from the Ottoman

On August 5, and for seven days, the Yarra Valley Amateur Radio Group has
VI3ANZAC in conjunction with the Yarra Glen RSL.

The West Australian Amateur Radio News group will be VK100ANZAC from August 6,
for six days.

And in VK4:-


As part of the VK100ANZAC commemorations the special callsign VI4ANZAC will be
activated in Far North Queensland from the 15th August until 21st August 2015.

VP (Victory in the Pacific) Day is celebrated on 15 August.

This date commemorates Japan's acceptance of the Allied demand for
unconditional surrender 14 August 1945. For Australians, it meant that the
Second World War was finally over.

Some 34,000 Australians were lost forever, but many loved ones would be
returning home. In Australia, Prime Minister Ben Chifley announced the news
in a radio broadcast at 9.30am on Wednesday 15 August 1945. Australian cities
and towns immediately erupted in spontaneous carnival and celebration.
By evening, the jubilant crowds were the biggest ever to have assembled in

VI4ANZAC will be on air on VP Day transmitting from the Rocky Creek War
Memorial on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

During World War II, the Tablelands area became the largest military base in
Australia with camps located throughout the Tablelands region.

Rocky Creek was the site of the largest military hospital in the Southern
Hemisphere - a 3000 bed hospital which treated over 60,000 patients from 1943
to 1945.

This date coincides with the RD contest and the International
Lighthouse/Lightship weekend so there will be plenty of activity on the bands.

(Dale McCarthy VK4DMC)

Vietnam Veterans Day.

VI4ANZAC will be on air transmitting from Atherton on Vietnams Veterans day,
18 August and will be operated by Dale VK4DMC, a Vietnam Veteran. There are
quite few Vietnam veterans active in amateur radio including your news host
Graham Kemp VK4BB and WIA director Ewan McLeod VK4ERM.

Vietnam Veterans' Day is celebrated in Australia each year, it commemorates
the Battle of Long Tan and those Australians who served during the Vietnam War
and is an opportunity to remember those who did not come home.

The Battle of Long Tan occurred on 18 August 1966. The battle saw the action
of 108 ANZACS against a Viet Cong (North Vietnamese) force estimated between
1,500 and 2,500. The Battle was one of the heaviest conflicts of the Vietnam
War as well as one the few battles in the recorded history of the world to be
won against such odds.

The Vietnam War was the longest twentieth century conflict in which
Australians participated; it involved some 60,000 personnel. Each of the three
services was involved, but the dominant role was played by the Army.
500 service personnel lost their life and 3,129 were wounded. After the
cessation of combat operations in 1972, a limited number of Australian
personnel remained in Vietnam, and elements of the RAAF returned in 1975,
carrying out evacuations and assisting refugees almost until the moment of
South Vietnam's surrender.

VI4ANZAC will be activated on the other days of the period allocated by
members of the Tablelands Radio and Electronics Club.

(Dale McCarthy VK4DMC)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
V President Fred Swainston VK3DAC
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

WIA news in your inbox

The Wireless Institute of Australia has news releases on its website.

Periodically, these are summarised for members and sent to their address.

Do you have a email address?

They are available free to all members. With a email
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When may a person use an Amateur Radio station?

This is a question often raised, steeped in some misunderstanding, and causes
a few arguments along the way.

The Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination
2015, or LCD, makes the regulations clear. Not fully reading and understanding
their intent and history can be problematical.

All Foundation, Standard or Advanced stations, may be used by an unqualified
person, for the purpose of self-training in radio communications, provided a
licence holder is in charge, in other words, are present and effectively

The LCD defines 'operate' as meaning, "take an action to control the operation
of the station or of a transmitter that is part of the station."

This is particularly useful when a station is used at numerous events, like
the Jamboree on The Air, or for example, where a member of the public wants to
talk on a microphone. However, the LCD makes only Advanced or Standard licence
holders allowed to have a person use the station for the purpose of training
or being examined for a qualification - such as the time of a practical

Another misunderstanding that can arise is about the operation of an Advanced
station, by those who may hold a lower level amateur qualification. The ACMA
only issues an Advance licence to clubs. It asks that a nominated licensee at
that level be responsible to ensure that the station is used within its
licence conditions, and when it is used unsupervised, that the person does so
within their own licence parameters of frequency, power and modes.

If the club station is operated alone by a Standard or Foundation licence
holder, they must abide by their own licence conditions for which they are
personally qualified.

This also means that a club callsign may be used portable, such as during a
net, provided the conditions applying to the licensee present are met.

However, should an Advance licensee be present and in charge, it may at any
time be also used as an Advance station under its licence conditions.

The WIA hopes this clears up any confusion.

It reminds that the LCD provisions apply to all, and is a condition of
licences issued by the ACMA.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

WIA AGM 2016 taking bookings now

The Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting in May is also an
ideal opportunity to get away and visit the many tourist attractions of
Norfolk Island.

The destination was raised at the WIA AGM in Canberra, where it gained support
from about 100 people. Added to that list are others who subsequently filled
in an online expression of interest.

All were sent an advance email of details and a booking form. This was
followed up by the information posted on the WIA website and through the
WIA weekly broadcast.

The reasons for visiting Norfolk Island are varied, some just want to be there
in support of the WIA, while most see it as an opportunity to also enjoy other
tourist holiday activities. A half-day tour is offered to partners during the
WIA AGM and open forum.

The weekend program also includes a dinner with a guest speaker, the ANZAC 100
program callsigns, Summits On The Air, and a lot more.

We hear some may apply for a VK9 callsign, or operate portable VK9 and try
some DX contacts.

The WIA has some good prices for flights from Sydney and Brisbane, and a range
of accommodation available - although some places are limited.

Booking deposits for the WIA AGM package close on August 25 - so be quick.

For more details of the WIA 2016 AGM May 27, 28, & 29 on Norfolk Island and
the online booking form, see the information on the WIA website.

This is Fred Swainston VK3DAC, Vice President of the WIA.



The 2015 Winter expedition to the Bogong High Plains will run from the
11th to the 14th August. VK3FMAW, VK3GT and VK3SN will lead the group
who plan to camp out on the roof of Victoria at elevations of up to 1800m.

All necessary gear will be carried and the guys will set out on back-country
skis from Falls Creek, covering up to 20 km of Australia's most beautiful
alpine high country each day. Tents, igloos and remote huts will provide
shelter each evening and radio will form a vital communication link throughout
the adventure.

As usual, the group will be active on 40m each afternoon and 80m most evenings
using solar powered QRP gear and simple wire antennas strung up in snow gums.
Other bands are also likely to be activated if conditions permit.

Many 2m repeaters in north-east Victoria will also be activated over the
course of the trip, so listen out on these if you're in the vicinity.

Snow depth currently looks good, so let's hope that it remains nice and cold
with plenty more precipitation! Listen out for the team and make contact with
the guys as they operate from the Victorian Alps

(Stephen VK3SN text only)

vk7 local news, email

Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club

Future events have this club thinking outside the box.. well done.

September meeting - Wednesday night 9th speaker will be member Tammy Jones,
Counsellor, Alzheimer's Australia Tas.

Topics covered during the talk will cover:

The brain and memory

What is dementia and dementia statistics

The dementia "umbrella", Alzheimer's disease, Vascular and other

Diagnosis of dementia and the importance of diagnosis

Research areas

Communication strategies

Alzheimer's Australia Tasmanian services

Planning for the future e.g. Wills, Powers of Attorney,
Enduring Guardianship, Advance Care Directives: and

Capacity - legal and medical

This should be a very enlightening and stimulating talk so we suggest you
note this one in your diary now. This condition can affect any of us.


Silent Keys are best sent to AR Magazine and your local state or club news
rather than this WIA National News Service.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

RSGB Construction Competition

Another great idea from the RSGB.

They have an annual Construction Competition which is open for entries and
judging will take place at the RSGB Convention in October.

The competition can be entered by individual members or groups of RSGB
members where the build team will be treated as a single entrant.

Projects that have been built for local UK club construction competitions
or as part of a club night construction can be entered.

Boeing demonstrates digital GPS navigation signals

Boeing has successfully demonstrated a digital version of GPS III navigation
signals, a breakthrough that could contribute to significantly modernising
the service.

The company said the development overcomes the limitations of current GPS
analogue payloads in combining multiple signals and accommodating future
requirements. It also has fewer components, weighs and costs less, is simpler
to integrate and test, and is able to incorporate future signals.

Boeing is developing the digital waveform generator in support of a
US Air Force solicitation for GPS III alternate sources. The demonstration
validated that the basic GPS signals can be generated digitally in different
code combinations with variable power levels and meet stringent signal

Sweden bans sale of light

On the site of the Swedish Amateur Radio National Society, Ingemar SM 5 AJV
reports that a disco light has been banned from sale

A Google Translation reads:

Recently reported a disco light, according to our measurements did not meet
applicable standards.

Electrical Safety Board had carried out similar tests and confirmed that both
disturbances conducted and radiated emissions were above the allowed values.
The lamp also lacked a valid EC declaration. Electrical Safety Board issued
the ban on sale and also an order for liability of the Agency's costs.

An earlier compilation of sample of LED lights are here:

SSA News in Google English

Our last story truly does have an international flavour//

The Marconi Radio Rover launched

A state-of-the-art outside broadcast or OB van that bears the Marconi family
crest is now available for radio stations after being launched at Sydney's
Queen Victoria Building.

It has been named in honour of Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi's daughter,
Princess Elettra Marconi, aged 85, who on medical advice, was unable to visit

However, the Princess sent a message from Rome, acknowledging her father's
dedication, and the contributions made by Ernest Fisk to Australia.

The event on July 20, marked her birthday, and the day Guglielmo Marconi died
in 1937. Marconi was a young man when he began, resulting in the famous
trans-Atlantic transmission in 1901. He had the first England-Australia radio
contact. Later, the Sydney Town Hall lights were turned on by radio from a
yacht in Italy, to open an electrical and radio exhibition.

The fully equipped Marconi Radio Rover accommodates a production team and

A documentary that includes footage of Marconi equipment will be launched
later this year.



Morse code used in car battle

The advertising experts thought they had really struck gold by deciding to
include a Morse code message flashed by car headlights - and even hired a
translator for the job.

Soon after the advertisement for a Scat Pack variant of the Dodge Charger, the
advertisers took to YouTube explaining to those not familiar with the code that
it was "I'd rather walk than drive your car", taken as a swipe at its

Following this success, a second version was more pointed by actually naming
the competitors vehicle.

While undoubtedly creative, some purists doubt that the Morse code is accurate,
with radio amateurs now describing it kindly as coming from a very poor fist,
and another declares it as nothing but gibberish.

The light-hearted flashing had thousands trying to figure out the message, and
achieved a purpose of advertising - plenty of discussion - making the marketing
folks really chuckle.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Who and Where are our broadcast stations?



Remembrance Day Contest August 15 and 16

Saturday 29th August 0400 UTC - 1359 UTC
Sunday 30th August 0400 UTC - 1359 UTC

Oceania DX contest Voice First full weekend in October

Oceania DX contest Continuous Wave Second full weekend in October.


Harry Angel 80 mtr sprint (WIA) provisional date Saturday 7th May.



Later in this bulletin we will hear from Lesley ALARA contest manager
so make sure you remain tuned!

Contesting Review Group reports

The RSGB President's Review of Contesting, which commenced at the
beginning of May, has reached its finale with a day-long workshop.

There were 18 participants, from different parts of the UK, with
diverse experience. The workshop produced agreement that
substantial change is needed in certain areas.

Volunteers are now needed to work with the contest committee, who
will develop, consult on, and implement improvements in time for
2016 Contest Calendar.

Key outcomes are available on the RSGB website at


Tim, VE6SH is QRV as V 29 SH from Antigua Island, NA-100, till 8th August.
Activity will be mainly on 30, 17 and 12 metres using CW, SSB and some RTTY.
QSL direct to home call VE6SH


Ivan is active as SU 9 IG from Cairo until the 15 June 2016!
Activity is on 160 to 10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL to home call, OM 3 CGN

Jim, Phil and Matt, will be QRV as F/G6AY/p from Cezembre Island,
one of the rarest European IOTA groups, EU-157, on 26th-28th August.

They will operate CW only on 30-10 metres with two 100-watt stations
and vertical antennas.

Activity will be during their daylight hours only, as it is not permitted
to stay on the island overnight. QSL via G3SWH.


Special Callsign EI 80 OPC

Pat EI4HSB has been given the special event call sign EI 80 OPC
(Echo, India, 80, Oscar, Papa, Charlie)

This call sign is to celebrate 80 years of the first residents moving into
O'Neill Park Clones, County Monaghan.

Work started on the development in early 1933 and by 1935, 118 houses were
built, the largest estate ever built in Ireland.

EI 80 OPC will be on air until the end of August, but most active over the
weekend of the 14,15,16 August.


10th IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships held in JA, 6th till 12th of September.

FISTS Club - East Asia
FISTS Club - Australasia
FISTS Club - UK & Europe
FISTS Club - Americas

Mikes Morse Mania Display

Do you really appreciate really well preserved radio equipment ?

Well here is a chance to view 60 plus exquisitely restored Morse keys
and other heritage radio gear which is just part
of the collection of Mike/VK4MIK

The next Mikes Morse Mania display will be happening at the Cardwell Telegraph
Museum - The Bush Telegraph - in conjunction with the Cardwell Gathering
on Saturday 3rd October from 9am to Midday.

Mike hopes that you can make the journey and see the collection and at
the same time take in the other communication wonders on display at
the Bush Telegraph.


Microsoft releases open-source SDR.

Microsoft researchers have announced that their high-performance software
radio project is now open sourced through GitHub. The goal for Microsoft
Research Software Radio (Sora) is to develop the most advanced software radio
possible, capable of implementing the latest wireless communication technology
easily and efficiently.

"We believe that a fully open source Sora will better support the research
community on more scientific innovation," said Kun Tan, a senior researcher
on the software radio project team.

There are now more than 50 universities and research institutes using Sora for
wireless research or communication courses. As the wide range of adoption has
raised more demands for new features and other extensions for the Sora
platform, Microsoft Research has decided to make Sora a fully open source

The open source Sora system provides a lot of features, including,
Customizable RF front-ends, A customizable RCB (including the timing control
and synchronization function, new processing accelerators, etc.,) and Support
of new communication models, e.g., full duplex radios

(Sourced from the Inside Microsoft Research Blog Site via vk7news)

Net is held each Mondays on 3.570 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)


Hi, This is Lesley, VK5LOL, the Alara Contest Manager.

Just letting you know that our YL contest is coming up at the end of this

Saturday 29th August 0400 UTC - 1359 UTC
Sunday 30th August 0400 UTC - 1359 UTC

two 10 hour slots.

You can gain an extra 40 points during the contest by having 4 contacts with
either Jenny VK5FJAY or myself, VK5LOL - 10 points per contact.

ECHOLINK contacts will also be accepted.

Details of the contest are on our website -

in our latest Alara magazine

or in the latest AR magazine.

Looking forward to hearing many Yls and Oms on the last weekend in AUGUST.

73 & 33, Lesley VK5LOL


Ancient marine navigation given a publicity boost

Portable stations are ready for the annual fun-event on August 15 and 16, with
nearly 60 in Australia, including many regulars who would not miss the annual
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.

Victoria leads with 14 registrations, followed by New South Wales on 14,
VK5 has 10 including the South East Radio Group VK5SR at four lighthouses,
VK4 has nine, always supportive VK7 on eight, with Western Australia at
North Mole, Casuarina Point, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste lighthouses.

In all 390 marine beacons from 33 countries have so far registered.

Organisers predict that at least another 100 are to be made in the next

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW with the usual reminder that tomorrow,
Monday August 3rd the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club of Australia's monthly
News and Information bulletin will go to air.

This month as well as all the usual RAOTC news, we have for your delectation
stories on Heil Microphones, Square Kilometre Array weak signal reception in
Australia, how Monopoly aided POWs in World War 2, and possibly a little more
on Lithium batteries.

The principal HF transmission will be on 20 metres on 14.150 MHz upper side
band at 0100 UTC beamed north from Melbourne for the eastern states.
An hour later at 0200 UTC there will be a 40 metre transmission from Perth on
7060 kHz lower sideband plus a simultaneous transmission via all linked
NewsWest VHF and UHF repeaters.

As well, numerous local relays will take place. Details for your local area
transmissions can be found at the RAOTC website,
Remember as from Tuesday you can download the audio file from this website.

Everyone, RAOTC Members and non-members alike, is invited to listen to this
interesting half hour of Old Timer news, information and anecdotes and to
participate in the call backs afterwards, and we hope to hear your call sign
amongst them.

Once again, the RAOTC monthly bulletin is scheduled for tomorrow
Monday August 3rd.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

USA Radio hams honoured as 'unsung heroes'

The La Verne City Council gave a heartfelt 'thank you' to seven amateur radio
operators described as 'unsung heroes' when disaster strikes

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune says:

If no one else can communicate, the LASERS can, council members said Monday
night after giving certificates of appreciation to La Verne Amateur Services
Emergency Radio Support President and his team

"If anything goes down, call on us," advised Jack Swank W6FAM, also a Federal
Communications Commission examiner for Americans taking tests to become
licensed ham-radio operators. "If all else fails, amateur radio operators
can get through during any natural disaster or major emergency.

"We're under the radar. Many people don't know we exist," he added, but if
disaster strikes, these seven volunteers swing into action to open and keep
lines of communication going among emergency and public-safety personnel and
people fretting about the survival and condition of loved ones in an affected

Read the full story at



Sep 12 VK4 SUNFEST Woombye
Sep 25-27 VK4 CHARC AGM Weekend Camp Fairbairn near Emerald

Oct 2-5 VK4 Cardwell Gathering, Beachcomber Motel and Tourist Park
Oct 25 VK3 Ballarat Amateur Radio Group Hamvention Greyhound Track
Oct 25 VK4 Gold Coast HamFest Broadbeach

Nov VK3 QRP By the Bay details from VK3YE held 2nd Saturday


Feb 13 VK3 MERC Hamfest 10am at Werribee Masonic Centre

Feb 28 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont.

Ap-May 29- 2 VK4 Clairview Gathering check Mackay ARS website. (theTARCinc)

June 11-13 VK5 VK Foxhunting Championship & SERG convention Mt Gambier (VK5HCF)

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