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WIA support for clubs. -

WIA Assessors receive recognition. -

WIA AGM 2016 on Norfolk Island (VK9). -

WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day 14 15 November.



CB operator found guilty

The South Australian District Court has convicted a 46-year old man of using
a Citizen Band radio to make outrageous claims and threats.

Under several aliases including "Mr Throat Punch" the defendant had used CB
radio between 2011 and 2013 to harass people and disturb communications in
the Adelaide area.

After his counsel asked for mercy, Judge Jack Costello issued a suspended
sentence of nine months' jail, provided the man be of good behaviour for
two years and pay a $500 fine.

The man, who pleaded guilty to five counts, was ordered to forfeit 20 pieces
of radio equipment.

The suspension was due to a guilty plea, contrition, remorse and attempts to

Judge Jack Costello warned the man he had received an indulgence from the
court, and a chance to mend his ways - and urged him to use it wisely.

(submitted by Paul ex- VK5FPAU now in the USA)

Drone crash report cites radio interference

Australia's national transport safety investigator has found that the drone
copter crash filming the final between Australia and New Zealand at the
Melbourne Cricket Ground was most likely caused by radio interference.

It followed four uneventful flights earlier that day.

The Australian Transport Safety Board has reported on how the Aeronavics
SkyJib 8 remotely piloted aircraft fell out of the sky to hit a median strip
on busy nearby Batman Avenue.

No-one was injured in the March crash.

The report found that it's quite possible the high volume of radio traffic
due to outside broadcasting and mobile phone usage at the stadium,
contributed to the accident.

The World Cup cricket match was being televised before a crowd of 93,000
people, with mobile phones and other signals probably being substantial and
sufficient to override control signals.

The report means that there will be an even better understanding of radio
frequency interference and through engineering measures to identify its
presence and reduce that risk.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Council acts to prevent radio station interference

North West Community FM Radio that serves the northwest suburbs of Melbourne
cannot use its newer antenna, cited as causing interference to the Hume City

Council invited the new antenna on to the roof of a five storey
administration building. The station then doubled its output power to better
serve the coverage area.

After failure of council's telecommunications and information technology
systems, it was switched off. The station still had its old antenna on the
nearby Broadmeadows Town Hall.

North West Radio, through its website and YouTube, is calling on the
community to express its views to the council by phone and leaving comments
on its online comments page.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Aussie balloon lost in polar sea

The pico balloon PS-52 from Melbourne travelled just north of New Zealand,
then turned south, but encountered poor weather in the Antarctic region.

Launched on Saturday September 5, it was tracked on HF by the weak signal
modes of JT9 and WSPR, via a solar powered 25 mW transmitter.

Andy VK3YT says the balloon reached the Southern Ocean on Monday, and after
being tossed around for a few hours by a rough weather front, it had a rapid
loss of altitude, and went down.

PS-52 reaffirmed such foil party-type balloons that normally float at
high-attitude in the jet-stream flow had to cope with weather when at
such relatively low altitudes.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Now although we did bring you this news last week, seeing it's a once in
a life time opportunity, and not everyone can tune in each week let's
run through the ANZAC 100 program for this month again.

The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Club will use the VK100ANZAC commemorative
callsign for 48-hours from September 19, on the anniversary of awarding the
Victoria Cross to Roy Inwood.

It's headed by Paul VK5PAS at the National Military Vehicle Museum, Edinburgh,
north of Adelaide. VK100ANZAC will have a transceiver into dipoles for the
40m, 20m, and 15m bands, between 0100 UTC and 0700 UTC.

Roy Inwood of 10th Battalion South Australia, Australian Imperial Force in
WWI, has his VC proudly displayed in the Adelaide City Council chamber.

Later, the North East Radio Club on September 25 and for three days as
VI5ANZAC. Organiser Nigel Freeston VK5NIG advises that the 11th Light Horse
Regiment Battle of Samakh, Palestine, had the largest-known group of
Indigenous Australians in one AIF unit.

Operation Jaywick will be commemorated in Queensland and Perth.

It saw seven enemy ships sunk in Singapore Harbour in 1943. This
surprise raid was not linked to Australia at the time.

On September 26, and for 120 hours at the Z Special Force Memorial, Dayman
Point in south-east Queensland, the Hervey Bay Amateur Radio Club will be
VI4ANZAC. The club had a close association with Horrie Young VK2AMZ (sk),
the leading telegraphist, who donated a treasured piece of the Krait ship
hull, that is now at the local Historical Museum Z Special Force display.

VI4ANZAC will be QRV 80m to 10m using SSB and CW in the memorial park with a
Hex Beam and dipoles of the first day, then further operation from club
member QTHs.

The second Operation Jaywick commemoration is in Perth as VK100ANZAC for
48 hours. This is in memory of the Krait ship that was refuelled and repaired
at Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia, and the brave exploits of its commando
crew. Krait left our shores disguised as a local fishing boat. The men
stained their skin brown with dye to appear more Asiatic.

On arrival six paddled 50 kilometres to set-up a base in an island cave,
then under cover of the night put mines on enemy ships, and hid during the

On returning to Australia the Krait came nearby to an enemy patrol boat,
however it was not challenged.

In the text edition of this broadcast is the URL of an SBS TV documentary
about Operation Jaywick, called 'Australia's Secret Heroes'.

Also in Perth on September 26, for 48-hours, the West Australia Defence
Amateur Radio User Group will be VI6ANZAC at the HMAS Stirling facility,
to mark the anniversary of two WWI Victoria Cross recipients.

These are Private Patrick Joseph Bugden killed during the Battle of Polygon
Wood, Belgium, and Sergeant John James Dwyer, awarded the VC for heroic
action at Zonnebeke, Belgium.

VI6ANZAC has 15 operators but more are welcome provided they are approved
prior to entering the restricted HMAS based on Garden Island.

A range of radio transceivers and antennas will be supplied by John VK6AG and
others attending, consisting of ex-commercial, dedicated Amateur Radio and
some home brew gear.

The main site is at Gilbert Point and a secondary daylight area on Mt Moke.
It plans HF, VHF and UHF, using SSB, CW and Digital.

Sounds like a really good opportunity for available VK6 radio amateurs.

For even more information please check out the facebook page

Details on the ANZAC 100 program are on the WIA website.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


President Phil Wait VK2ASD
V President Fred Swainston VK3DAC
Secretary David Williams VK3RU
Treasurer John Longayroux VK3PZ

The WIA support for the clubs

The WIA has updated the club pages on the WIA website,
improving the ability for clubs to accurately pinpoint
their club meeting locations on the club-page Google Map
by providing Global Positioning System or GPS coordinates.

Not only is this method highly accurate and easy for clubs,
it also makes finding club meetings simple.

The WIA clubs are invited to review and update their listings,
or use the monthly calendar for their events or activities.

If a club has misplaced the instructions and password for
updating their club page, then please email

Here's how you find a local club:

go to

click on the "Radio Clubs" link, and then select your state.

The map is zoomable, and you can click on a tower to get really
useful information on a club near you, or near where you're travelling.

The WIA website address is

ACMA SPECTRA system starts

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has commissioned the
new SPECTRA system for Apparatus Licence processing and management.

SPECTRA, which replaced the old RADCOM platform, means changes for all who
hold an ACMA licence, and the WIA Exams Service.

Here are the main changes:

Specialised blue licence paper is no longer used
Licensee contact can be through email if preferred
The station location is in the ACMA database
New simply licence application form is specific for Amateur Radio
The WIA no longer collects the candidate ACMA licence fee
The ACMA on receiving a WIA-processed result, callsign recommendation,
and licence application, issues an invoice to the candidate and a
licence on payment
Licence variation is discontinued for upgrading
The WIA public list of available callsigns complies with the SPECTRA

The ACMA will also send a Validation Notice before licence expires, and then
a Renewal Summary when a licence is renewed.

These changes are on the WIA website and expected in a future edition of
Amateur Radio magazine.

Milestone recognition for WIA Assessors

The Wireless Institute of Australia has recognised the 10 year service of
Assessors active from the very start of the Foundation Licence -- 10 yrs ago.
Each assessor in the first batch of 60 now has a certificate of recognition.

The voluntary coal-face of the WIA Exam Service they assesses candidates for
the Foundation, Standard and Advance licences.

An assessor gives up time, abides by a set of rules, keeps their ACMA licence
and Working with Children check current, and responds to any concerns or
changes that may occur.

The Assessors are trained and qualified by the WIA Registered Training
Organisation, accredited by the WIA, and their knowledge and performance is

Well done to all Assessors! Further qualifying Assessors are to be recognised
in 2016 for their 10 year contributions.


web service:-

Graeme Knight VK3GRK advises of a presentation entitled "100 years of

Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club invites the public to the
'100 years of Broadcasting' presentation by Radio KLFM's Brad Geier,

Although radio has been around since the late 1800's, broadcasting was not
conceived until the early part of the 20th Century.

Brad will take a look at the first broadcasters in Australia, early radio
station callsigns and what they stood for, as well as broadcasting today and
the challenges facing the radio industry. The presentation will also include
a brief history of Radio KLFM.

The evening commences at 7.30 pm, Friday September 18th, at the First Bendigo
Scout Hall, 9 Vine St.

A gold coin donation would be appreciated. Tea, coffee and biscuits available.

For more information, contact Kevin Crockett on 5439 7434.

Oh and to save confusion KLFM is actually a station in Central Victoria not
as it's name would suggest in the USA.

Staying in Central Victoria a moment here is a publicity opportunity!

The Castlemaine Pioneers and Old Residents Association often opens to the
public the Telegraph Station along with its telegraphy equipment and
documentation collection.

On Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday November 3, it wants to include Wireless
Telegraphy through the ages.

Tony Fella VK3KKP has been asked to coordinate such an event, but needs a
little help from other radio amateurs.

He has already asked the WIA to send him some printed publicity material.
Tony VK3KKP describes it as an unparalleled opportunity to promote Amateur

Although at this stage it's only a one-off event, it may lead to a more
permanent display.

If you can help this Castlemaine project then please contact Tony VK3KKP
via email phone 0413 690 025 plus skype and Facebook.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

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2016 - TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Happening from Friday afternoon 22nd to Tuesday afternoon 26th Jan
Girl Guides Association of Queensland Campsite and Training Centre
46-56 Toolakea Beach Road, Bluewater.

AX4WIT will be on-air from the camp to provide directions and contact.
Assessors on site for exams and tutoring.


WIA AGM 2016 on Norfolk Island (VK9)

The Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting and open forum
weekend in 2016 is in VK9, on Norfolk Island.

The location enthusiasm has so far meant 80 bookings being received for the
weekend of May 27, 28, & 29.

As we have been telling you the idea was first raised at the WIA AGM in
Canberra this year and instantly gained support from the members present.

The WIA board then looked at flight, accommodation and venue options and a
firm plan was posted on the WIA website along with a booking form.

Some may also extend their stay and enjoy the historical and tourist
attractions on offer.

There's still time to book a spot and be part of a memorable WIA AGM weekend
on Norfolk Island. Visit the WIA website for details and make a booking.


What use is an F-call?

In the past I've mentioned that we're not alone on the bands.

We as a community, Hams, or Radio Amateurs have radio spectrum we can use,
specific ranges of frequencies that are available to our exclusive or shared

Radio being radio means that we're also able to be heard by other radio

Those users come from all walks of life.

Not only do we have diversity within our own little community, the listeners
beyond our license add a whole new range of variety.

We sometimes refer to them as short wave listeners, but that's not all and
it's not particularly accurate either.

We have of course our share of CB listeners, sometimes disparagingly referred
to as Chicken Band, there are members of HF clubs and associations, people
with scanners, and many other individuals and groups that are able to hear
our transmissions.

Some of those people might one day feel welcome enough to join in the party
that Amateur Radio represents. They'll feel part of the community because
they've been listening for years.

So my first point for today is that you should be mindful of your audience.
Being less than complementary to other listeners, disparaging of mere
SWL'ers, or CB'ers is not an inclusive activity and should be frowned on just
as much as abuse of F-calls.

Secondly, our extended audience has lessons learned, skills acquired and has
its own eco-system around their activities. If Amateurs reach out to those
communities, you might find a whole range of new hams, just itching to join

If you are part of our extended family. Hello. Welcome, good to have you with
us. If you'd like to talk to us, or if you'd like to learn more about how
this magic of radio works behind the scenes, or how you might improve your
own station, don't be afraid to ask. Find a group of Amateurs, a club, or
contact your local training arm. If all that fails and you're not sure where
to go, drop me a line.

You can send email to

I'm Onno VK6FLAB.

Silent Keys are best sent to AR Magazine and your local state or club news
rather than this WIA National News Service.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

The next-generation vacuum electronics

Solid-state electronics started to replace vacuum tubes more than 60 years
ago, however these remain in some applications.

The 19th century technology, Vacuum Electronic Devices, are in military
service powering vital communications and radars.

The US-based Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) responsible
for emerging military technology, is looking at how to overcome the technical
barriers and cost of vacuum tube technology.

A driving force is the microwaves that have plenty of available spectrum.

Any development in communication, data transmission and other capabilities
will be of great benefit both to the military and other users.

RSGB Convention

Are you lucky enough to be visiting the UK in October?

The RSGB Convention takes place over 9 to 11 October at Kent's Hill
Conference Centre in Milton Keynes.

There will be a wealth of lectures on a very wide range of subjects.

Day tickets are available online and savings are available until 30 September.

Go to for all the information.

Malta Digital Repeater

The first DMR repeater in Malta has been operating for some time and now
has a new call sign, 9 H 1 DMR.

It is hosted by C Bridge DMR UK, Colour Code 1 with slots TS1 and TS2.

Amateurs visiting Malta are welcome to use the repeater using their allocated
Maltese call signs, which are obtainable free of charge on application to the
Malta Communications Authority (MCA)the Maltese equivalent of VK's ACMA

Later in this WIA News cast we will visit Malta to hear of a major Ham Radio
Rescue Exercise.

Pirate radio:

How today's rebels have exchanged the North Sea for coffee shops and

No more bobbing about in 'pirate' boats on the North Sea or shimmying up
urban tower blocks to fix an FM aerial: today's radio rebels broadcast from
coffee bars, record shops and restaurants, commanding global online audiences
and working within the law, they are "on-line."

Online stations are now transforming Britain's radio sector with their
specialist knowledge and unique choice of location.

A prime example of the movement is MEATtransMISSION, which operates from the
upstairs of a burger restaurant in Hoxton, east London. The station not only
broadcasts to diners across the MEATliquor restaurant chain but attracts
online listeners from 130 countries and follows rules which might not be
recognisable to Ofcom, including:

"no bongos", "no hippies" and "no Coldplay".

Who and Where are our broadcast stations?


Oceania DX contest Voice First full weekend in October

Oceania DX contest Continuous Wave Second full weekend in October.

WIA Spring VHF-UHF Field Day the weekend of 14th and 15th November.


Harry Angel 80 mtr sprint (WIA) provisional date Saturday 7th May.


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW.

Next Saturday, Sep 19th, the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club is holding its
annual on-air party. This year it's in the form of a friendly contest in
which everyone is invited to participate. The object is to make as many
contacts as possible with RAOTC members.

Essentially the contest runs from 0400 to 1200 UTC, that is, 2 pm to 10 pm
Eastern standard time or midday to 8pm Western time.

Only HF contacts made on the pre-WARC bands of 160, 80, 40 and 20 metres
count, using ssb, am or cw. VHF, UHF or repeater contacts don't count.

RAOTC members can find full details of the contest on Page 4 of your latest
issue of OTN magazine, and non-members by visiting the RAOTC website at

If you hear someone calling CQ Old Timers next Saturday please give us a

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club invites all Radio Amateurs to
join them on their weekly 80 metre HF Net.

Networking with fellow Radio Amateurs is a great way to learn and share
knowledge, and what better way to do it than via our favourite medium
Amateur Radio!

Perhaps you would like to share and promote your club's activities, or tell
others about that exciting project you're working on!

BAREC members look forward to hearing about your interests and activities,
Thursday evenings at 8 pm AEST, or 1000 UTC on 3.655 MHz - and the callsign
to listen out for is VK3CMZ.)

(Graeme Knight VK3GRK)

Special occasion station ZS 9 HEL

During the weekend of 24 to 27 September 2015 a group of ZS amateurs
from the Western and Northern Cape will erect a special event station
in the Gam-kask-loof, also known as "The Hel".

A special call sign ZS 9 HEL was approved for this occasion.

Contacts will be primarily on phone on 80, 40 and 20 metre bands but there
will also be a 160 metre antenna.

Listen from Thursday 24 September till Sunday 27 September for this special

Cardboard or paper QSL's will be via the bureau.

South African stations can use the SA-QSL system including e-QSL.

The Enigma Event

Members of the ARI Fidenza will be activating special callsigns IO 4 ENG
and IQ 4 FE during the 'Enigma Event'.

The Enigma Event consists of exchanging ham radio messages over the air
encrypted with the Enigma code of WW II to commemorate its importance in
the history of communications and encryption.

The Event Enigma is one of the "European Researchers' Night" events on
Sept 25th, when a number of initiatives will be organized by European
research and cultural institutions.

An Amateur Radio Award (ENIGMA AWARD) is associated with this event.

The ham activity of the ENIGMA AWARD will start on Sept. 12th.

All details and rules are available on the official Web site

Finaly today, another country closes AM medium wave

In a post to the BDXC Yahoo Group Mike Terry brings news that Bermuda
is closing its AM medium wave broadcast transmitters

Mike reports:

Bermuda will be joining the growing list of radio countries no longer
active on the AM broadcast band (medium wave).

Closure of the 1280 VSB2 relay of BBN and 1450 VSB1 Gold is expected
September 30, 2015.

The 1160 VSB3 relay of the BBC World Service has been off since May 2015
due to transmitter maintenance issues and loss of sponsorship.


More in VK3 National Parks

The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award activation period in November
has risen to 22 registrations. Many more are expected in the next eight weeks.

The aim is to encourage portable operation in Victoria's 45 National Parks.

Those registered during the activity period of Friday 13th until Monday 16th
November, and log five or more contacts, will receive a free participation

The Award rules are simple, and can be read on the Amateur Radio Victoria

Just go to and select CLUBS then VK3.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Microwave Enthusiast Award

A new form of recognition for Microwave enthusiasts could be with us this

The "Microwave Enthusiast Award" will recognise individuals for their
technical ability with microwaves, and or demonstrated mentoring abilities.

Jim Linton VK3PC says "Full details of the Microwave Enthusiast Award are
expected to be released soon."


John Piek PA0ETE has contacted us with a story on a National Balloon foxhunt
in the Netherlands.

The annual balloon foxhunt in the Netherlands is a well-known multimedia
event in Europe that combines several HAM activities around a radio payload
which will fly underneath a weather balloon.

This year, the event will be held at Sunday, September the 13th and is the
37th occassion.

Usually, the balloon will fly at 11.00 UTC. As the balloon with its payload
will reach up to about 20 miles, its radio coverage reaches over several
nations such as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and
eventually more countries if the conditions allow as such.

This makes the event very interesting for an international audience since the
payload holds a complete transponder which always causes great activity when
the balloon and payload are in- and on the Air.

The balloon fox hunt is associated with various multimedia activities that
attract thousands of interested radio enthusiasts. Both the active
participants (the hunters) as well as passive participants (the followers)
can participate by radio, Amateur Television as well as ground communications
via their Nationwide coverage repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS.

Both repeaters usually reach the east coast of the UK as well.

In addition, a shortwave special event station will be on air in the 40m
band, hosted by operators who are part of the organization, exchanging
Balloon data, reception reports and are available for QSO to support the

This year the overall event is supervised by a team of volunteers who make
connections via the two relay stations as mentioned before. Last year this
resulted in almost 600 unique registrations with the club callsign Radio Club
Gooi: PI4RCG.

The primary part of the even, the balloon foxhunt, usually runs for 2-3 hours,
not knowing where the payload will land. This always makes the event
spectacular, especially when the very small transmitters cover an extremely
wide area.

The 2m transmitters only have about 200mWatt of output power and the ATV 13cm
transmitter just 1 Watt!

Detailed information about the balloon fox hunt can be found on their website,
including frequency information and several audio and video streams. In
addition, the latest news can be found on Facebook and Twitter (Dutch only).
twitter: #ballonvosjacht
PI3UTR: input 144.975 (CTCSS 77Hz) Output 145.575MHz
PI2NOS: input 431.725MHz Output 430.125MHz
40m HF: 7.080MHz +/- QRM Callsign PI4RCG
Payload primary beacon: 145.450MHz
Payload Transponder: Input 432.550MHz Output 145.475MHz
ATV transmitter 2330MHz

FISTS Club - East Asia
FISTS Club - Australasia
FISTS Club - UK & Europe
FISTS Club - Americas

Is Morse code going through a revival?

There is some thought that since the dropping of mandatory CW proficiency
tests for most radio amateurs the A1 mode is gaining popularity.

The original Amateur Radio experimenters used it exclusively, with the voice
mode of Amplitude Modulation becoming available commonly in the 1920s.

Until 2003 the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) mandated Morse
code proficiency as part of Amateur Radio licensing - once considered
necessary to maintain a common language for all radio users.

However, the previous system of mandatory Morse code proficiency,
particularly in its later years, was not translating into use, with the voice
mode readily available and a more common practice.

The trend since the abolition of mandatory CW has seen that mode continue
and perhaps grow. Indications are that interest in Morse code by radio
amateurs may be emerging. The signs include the use of it during the QRP
portable work of the Summits On The Air program.

Training nets are available for those who want to learn or brush up on it.
The recent WIA Remembrance Day Contest (largest in VK) results are yet to be
published, but there are indications of a lot more CW logs being entered.

CW is promoted by all IARU member societies, included in their band plans,
contests, has as plethora of YouTube videos, is an on-line subject often,
and continues to sell keys and books.

Can it be that Morse code, the original digital mode, is finding greater

As they say, the jury is out, and we will have to wait and see.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)


New AO-7 distance record

TEXT news only:-

On September 5, 2015 Dave Swanson KG5CCI completed a contact with Manuel
EA5TT over a record breaking distance of 7947 km via the Oscar 7 satellite
operating in mode B (432/145 MHz)

On the AMSAT Bulletin Board Dave KG5CCI writes:

"On Saturday, September 5 at 1812 UTC I made a scheduled contact with EA5TT,
from the old US Forest Service Fire Tower on top of 'Rich Mountain' here in
extreme western Arkansas.

My 10 digit grid locator was EM24UQ01MU while Manuel is located in
IM99SL48CX, in Valencia, Spain."

Going by their grid squares this equates to 7947.381 km which they believe
to be a new record for AO-7 Mode B.


Centenarian amateurs honoured

Last week we told you of W2RP who was awarded certificate number one by the
QCWA for 90 years a ham.

Well 3 long-time radio amateurs have been in the news this week.

The Quarter Century Wireless Association has honoured 105-year-old
Charlie Hellman, W2RP who got his licence in 1925 when he was just 15.

Two of his siblings also held amateur licences.

Robert, now a Silent Key, was W2JAN and Benjamin, 96, is W2VB.

Another long-lived radio amateur is Harry Wolf, W6NKT who is 106, although
he's 'only' been licensed since 1936.


Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Major emcomm training exercise in Malta

The Malta Amateur Radio League (MARL) have completed their involvement in a
European Union supported Earthquake simulation exercise.

Around 300 took part on September 3-5 in which under the scenario Malta was
hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

As part of the support provided by Amateur Radio to the exercise, around
220 messages were passed for the emergency services.

To demonstrate all the tools available to Amateur Radio they also used
digital modes to pass text files, photos and other images between locations,
and also assisted with setting up of networks and other IT and technical

This exercise provided a great opportunity to show what they can do in a
disaster in Europe, raising awareness with the authorities and highlighting
that disasters can occur anywhere.

(Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee)

TEXT news only:-

Mike from the International Boatwatch Network says that the IBWN has
been asked for assistance in locating the S/V "Walk About 1."

She has a blue steel hull, 43 feet, schooner rig with white sails,
Aft cockpit, wind vane and lift raft and is Belgian flagged.

Vessel has VHF and GPS.

1 Person is onboard, a 72 year old.

He left the Canary Isles 9th or 10th of august 2015. Destination Dakar
and then further to Gambia (Gambie river).

He should have arrived in Dakar around the 25th of august.

Our international listeners who may be sailing in the vicinity can contact
those concerned at the address shown in our text edition on

0032/496.27.26.15 or 0032/

Thanks to all for your assistance, Mike IBWN


TEXT news only:-

Sunday SOTA activation from Orroral Valley, Nammadgi National Park.

On Sunday Adan VK1FJAW and Andrew VK1NAM (myself) will attempt a SOTA
activation of Prairie Dog Hill VK1/AC-045.

Prairie Dog Hill is located at north-west end the of the Orroral Valley
at -35 36' 03.6" 148 54' 46.1".

The summit is a 6 km walk from Orroral Valley car park of which 4.5 km is
along Cotter Hut Road then a 1.5 km scrub bash to the peak. Th summit
status is 'Not Yet Activated'. If Adan and I make the summit and we make
four contacts each it will be a successful first SOTA activation. There are
no formed tracks to the peak, we are expecting heavy regrowth and monster
granite Tors.

Once on the summit I plan to operate a FT857 at 30 watts, starting on
144.2 MHz followed by 6m 52.2 MHz.

If you are in the shack Sunday morning around 10am , please listen for
Adan and I calling on 144.2 USB.

Reliable mobile phone reception is unlikely, therefore I may not have the
capability to post a SOTA Spot. In the event that we don't, I will seek
assistance via Mt Ginini repeater 146.950 MHz. Please monitor SOTAWatch for live spots and operating frequencies.

We look forward to making at least four contacts with local VK1 amateurs.
If you have mobile capability, you may like to take a Sunday morning drive
to the Orroral Valley.

Cheers and thank you.

Andrew VK1NAM

Canberra QF44MP


Sep 12 VK4 SUNFEST Woombye
Sep 25-27 VK4 CHARC AGM Weekend Camp Fairbairn near Emerald

Oct 2-5 VK4 Cardwell Gathering, Beachcomber Motel and Tourist Park
Oct 25 VK3 Ballarat Amateur Radio Group Hamvention Greyhound Track

Nov 14 VK4 Gold Coast HamFest Broadbeach (vk4py)
Nov VK3 QRP By the Bay details from VK3YE held 2nd Saturday


Jan 22-26 VK4 TARC Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
Girl Guides Campsite, Bluewater (vk4zz)

Feb 13 VK3 MERC HamFest 10am at Werribee Masonic Centre

Feb 28 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont.

Ap-May 29- 2 VK4 Clairview Gathering check Mackay ARS website. (theTARCinc)

June 11-13 VK5 VK Foxhunting Championship & SERG convention Mt Gambier (VK5HCF)

July 19 VK3 GippsTech 2016 Churchill

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