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WIA at NEXT weekends Wyong Field Day. -

WIA Committees think about 2015. -

WIA New appointment in the office. -

WIA says Keep your ACMA licence current. -

WIA DATE CLAIMER = John Moyle Field Day 19-20 March 2016. -



Longest serving agency head: ACMA's Chris Chapman says farewell

At Canberra's Senate Estimates Committee last week, ACMA Chairman Chris
Chapman made his last appearance before parliament and outlined the
achievements during his term heading up Australia's communications
regulatory authority.

Deputy Chair Richard Bean is expected to take over the regulator in the
interim until a formal appointment is made.

Chapman told the Senate committee:

"To round out some cold, hard but perhaps wearying statistics, I have over
10 years seen six prime ministerships, served under five communications
ministers, served with six department secretaries, come before six Senate
estimates committee chairpersons, regulated with 15 outstanding authority
members, chaired, unbelievably, 246 authority meetings, and participated
in 56 authority strategy sessions. Today, as I understand it, I am the
longest serving agency head in the Commonwealth's 194 agencies.

In regulatory responsibilities ACMA has regulatedbroadcasting,
communications, radiocommunications and the online spacei.t. It is the
spectrum supplier; it is the technical adjudicator, it is the protector
of consumer safeguards in the telecommunications space; it is the protector
of community safeguards in the broadcasting space. It is the program
deliverer in the unwanted communication space. It is this country's
representative in a wide array of international meetings and collaborations,
most recently leading the Australian delegation to the month-long World
Radiocommunications Conference last November. For good measure, it is the
third-largest collector of revenues in the Commonwealth.

I have had the opportunity to make, said Chris Chapman, a small, but
hopefully useful, contribution in our national interest. It has been an
unqualified privilege, Chairman, and I exhort anyone who has not been on the
inside of the public service to find an opportunity to do so.


( )

Something a little different from the land where it snowed this week despite
the rest of VK being in the grip of heatwaves or severe storms.

Hobart Cryptoparty

Members of REAST, TasLUG, Hobart Hackerspace and other local technology
groups have been invited to a cryptoparty at the Grand Poohbah in Liverpool
Street, Hobart. The Cryptoparty is being hosted by federal government
Senators Ludlam and McKim, along with REAST member Ian Mackintosh.

What is a cryptoparty you may ask?

Now that the Government & ALP have passed a mass surveillance data retention
regime through Parliament, it's time to take back our power and protect our
privacy and anonymity online. The cryptoparty will run a number of sessions
and break-outs, so there's something for everyone. Join them for Crypto 101,
break out groups, skills sessions, Q&A, music and good times.

People are encouraged to bring their laptop and smartphone as a team of
super-star geeks talk you through some simple steps to protect your data.
For those hyper geeks, there will be a 'going deep, going dark' session
running parallel.

Everyone is welcome - no matter your technical knowledge, a cryptoparty
supports privacy as a fundamental right.

The cryptoparty is a free event, but tickets are essential. Further details
on the event and how to obtain tickets can be found in the text version of
the broadcast.

Facebook Event Page:

Ticket Ordering:

(sourced to vk7wi news)

Buy Swap and Sell and Wanted

Townsville region have noticed, according to TARC news, an increase in
operators discussing buying and selling of equipment on Amateur Radio

This is being done by operators holding any class of licence.

You need to know this is a breach of Australian Law.

Haggle, Discuss or Bargain face to face, or on the telephone.

Be Responsible !


President Phil Wait VK2ASD

WIA at the Wyong Field Day

Preparations are complete for the WIA stand at the Central Coast Amateur
Radio Club Field Day at Wyong, in New South Wales.

WIA Directors will be there with sales of books and taking memberships.

Among them the President, Phil Wait VK2ASD, Director Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
popping in among his personal event obligations, and Peter Young VK3MV the
WIA Regulatory Counsel.

The WIA is located in the tea and coffee area, on the first floor of the
main pavilion.

The Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Field Day is at the Wyong Racecourse,
Sunday February 28.

WIA Committees thinking about the year 2015

A number of Wireless Institute of Australia routine functions are carried out
by its Committees, and their annual reports are due.

WIA President Phil Wait VK2ASD reported that the current Committee structure
has served during the past years, and the WIA Board may later this year
re-shape them.

In the meantime, each Committee is to write a report for 12 months to
December 2015. These eventually go to all WIA members, and before the
Members Forum at the WIA annual general meeting in May.

A few Committees have already reported. They will make interesting reading.

New appointment in the WIA office

The WIA Board of Directors has appointed a new Executive Administrator for
its office in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater.

The successful candidate is Bruce Deefholts, who comes to the WIA from the
corporate sector, but with some not-for-profit experience.

His new full-time contract position answers to the WIA Board through the

Bruce will also become the WIA company secretary organising and attending
WIA Board meetings.

The WIA has also appointed Petra as the new Examination Officer. Petra has
served in that role for some time as an agency temporary and has now
accepted a full time position with the WIA. We are very pleased to have
Petra on board.

A professional analysis of the WIAs existing processes and future
requirements was carried out in 2015, and the Board decided to replace
the position of Office Manager with the new position of Executive
Administrator. Meantime, the WIA office underwent a top-to-bottom review
to reflect the wishes of members, and to better face an environment of
regulatory change for spectrum users and the prospect of some further
government outsourcing.

The end result includes emphasis on customer service, delivery of member
services, office function streamlining, banking and finances.

Obviously Bruce will take some time to settle into his new role, so if you
have a query of the WIA could you please refer to the Frequently Asked
Questions section on the WIA website first, before contacting the WIA Office.

Keep your ACMA licence current - to avoid a lot of work

The ACMA will cancel your callsign if it doesn't receive a response to your
renewal invoice within a limited time after the expiry date. The ACMA will
lapse the licence, and your callsign will then be available for re-issue.

A few people try to get their licence back after it has expired, but are told
by ACMA to apply for a callsign through the WIA Office to re-start the process.
This means that the WIA needs to make a callsign recommendation and submit this
to ACMA with a licence application, to enable a new licence to be issued.

However this is not always under the previous callsign, because as we have
explained, it may have already been issued to someone else.

The answer is to always know your ACMA Amateur Licence renewal date, whether
or not you receive formal renewal, and make sure you renew it to keep the

ACMA's Amateur licencing process relies on you keeping your contact details
current with their office.



Foundation Licence holders seek more about the hobby

Coming up is Radio Presentation Day that covers several aspects of Amateur
Radio from the expert viewpoint, but in easy to understand language.

Amateur Radio New South Wales, in response to requests from Foundation
licensees is to dedicate March 6 for a day of presentations on topics
including portability and DX chasing, at its office in Dural.

Mainly for the newly licensed, this is a chance to further learn how to
effectively use the knobs and dials on a transceiver.

Those who bring their own radio with the programming lead and computer may be
able to get the help they need - if they register.

A top DXer, Tommy VK2IR will talk about antennas and how to build them.

SOTA, or Summits On The Air is an activity that is growing, and there will be
a presentation on how it works.

There will also be a talk about the digital mode JT65.

To register and RSVP send an email with your name, callsign and contact number

Radio Presentation Day is at Amateur Radio New South Wales, Dural, on Sunday March 6.



Feb 28 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont.

Send your stories for news. SCRIPT to
send audio to

get local audio news
get local news emailed

Back to Ceratodus - 50 Years- Easter 2016

Brando VK4VIP pops in..

"There will be a Ham Radio Reunion weekend at Ceratodus near Eidsvold in
Central Queensland at Easter this year. Fifty years ago, in 1966, a
group of hams met at Ceratodus, which resulted in lifelong friendships.

This back to Ceratodus reunion will mainly be on Easter Saturday 26th
March 2016, and everyone is welcome to come along., particularly those
who were there 50 years ago."

Further Details can be obtained from Brandon VK4VIP: M# 0409 259 663
also with more Brandon will join the QNEWS broadcast a little later following
this the National WIA News

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART and the WW sources of the WIA.

Retiring ARRL CEO honoured by the IARU

The International Amateur Radio Union President Tim Ellam VE6SH/G4HUA has
presented David Sumner K1ZZ with the IARU's prestigious Michael J. Owen,
VK3KI, Memorial Award.

Tim Ellam cited David Sumner's "skill, diplomacy, and encyclopaedic knowledge"
of Amateur Radio, and his role on the international scene, as most deserving
of the award. Michael J. Owen VK3KI (sk), a towering figure in the IARU and
the WIA, died in 2012.

David Sumner started with his service at the watershed World Administrative
Radio Conference in 1979, which yielded the so-called "WARC bands," 30, 17,
and 12 metres.

Dave Sumner has travelled to more than 60 countries in connection with his
ARRL and IARU responsibilities, which include 17 years as IARU Secretary.

The IARU Administrative Council had kept quite its award decision until it
could be presented to the ARRL CEO in person. That opportunity arose when
Dave Summer K1ZZ was the keynote speaker at the Orlando 'HamCation banquet
on February 13.

In accepting the award, Dave Sumner called Michael Owen "a dear, dear
friend" and "a very special person."

A sometimes-emotional David, who steps down on April 18 as the head of the
American Radio Relay League ARRL, told the audience about the role that
Amateur Radio has played in his life. In his speech he described himself as
being passionate about Amateur Radio.

David said: "Our challenge is to explain our passion, how to convey it to
younger generations, that have grown up at a time when instant global
communication is taken for granted.

"Can we do it? Can we explain the allure of acquiring the knowledge and
skill to communicate anywhere on - or in orbit around - the planet without
relying on any infrastructure whatsoever? I believe we can."

David Sumner cherished the privilege of being able to turn a passion into a
career, spending 34 years guiding the ARRL headquarters staff.

Among his remarks were that he never wanted any other job, and enjoyed
playing a part in defending Amateur Radio spectrum.

In a lengthy speech, he praised various radio amateurs who were significant
influences on his life and his career. These included Nobel laureate
Joe Taylor K1JT, who developed the WSJT software suite that spawned the
popularity of JT65, JT9, and other "weak-signal" modes. At World
Radiocommunication Conference 2012, Joe Taylor received the International
Telecommunication Union gold medal - introduced as a radio astronomer who
got there through Amateur Radio.

Dave Summer held him in respect and awe, adding "It was probably the
proudest moment I've had in Amateur Radio."

Ontario distracted driving legislation and Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio operators in Ontario are enjoying a time-limited exemption under
the Highway Traffic Act's distracted driving regulations, allowing the use of
mobile 2-way communications apparatus until January 1, 2018.

Amateur Radio operators have been utilizing mobile communications equipment
safely and responsibly since before mobile telephony was popular and
affordable. In addition, the equipment that can be found in the vehicles of
thousands of hams across Canada translates to an instantly available means of
communications in time of disaster - a network of no cost to the served
agencies who may depend on it.

Phil VA3QR is spear-heading the effort to lobby the MTO to make the exemption
under the Highway Traffic Act Regulation permanent to all certified Amateur
Radio operators.

An end to Moore's Law?

MOORE's Law is about to come to an end, claims a recent article from the
journal Nature.

VK7WI News has said that the law, which was first articulated by Gordon Moore,
a co-founder of Intel, in 1965, states that the number of transistors on a
microprocessor will double roughly every two years.

Moore's Law proved to be true for most of the 70s, 80s, 90s and the first
decade of the 21st century, due largely to the technology industry engineering
its chips to keep up with the predictions.

By developing and producing microprocessors to match up with Moore's Law,
chipmakers pushed their engineering and fabrication methods to advance despite
limits. Nature says the worldwide semiconductor industry is on the verge of
acknowledging that it cannot keep up with the pace of doubling transistors
every two years.

The greater the number of transistors that must be packed into a chip, the
more costly they become to manufacture. The fabrication facilities needed to
produce these transistors and chips also become more expensive - today, only a
few manufacturers can afford to build and support the cutting edge factories.

The post-Moore's Law strategy will no longer be based on the number of
transistors on the chip. Rather, the focus will start with applications,
and the chips will be built upon what the application requires.

It may, however, be more accurate to pronounce this as a temporary hold for
Moore's Law. New material advances could one day replace silicon's, bypass its
limits, and allow the industry to once again progress according to Moore's




SKEETER: Because emergency preparedness is vital every place disaster
strikes, the ARRL and the American Red Cross have a working relationship
here in the U.S. It's a relationship they recently reaffirmed, as
Amateur Radio Newsline's Jim Damron, N8TMW, reports:

JIM: The ARRL and the American Red Cross have signed a new memorandum of
understanding that spells out their relationship when disaster strikes
and when radio operators are called up for emergency response. The
document succeeds the agreement the two organizations signed in 2010 and
renews their cooperative relationship.

According to the memorandum, ARES personal are to be deployed in
keeping with a pre-arranged plan in order to keep communications open
during emergencies. The document also encourages both organizations to
communicate with state and local agencies and to share information
regarding disasters and disaster operations.

The ARRL commits to a role encouraging ARES units to work with Red Cross
chapters to create plans for disaster relief and emergency response.
And, likewise, the Red Cross field units are being encouraged to
communicate in planning with ARRL's field units.

The new document also makes it clear that for ARES volunteers to assist
the Red Cross, they do not need to undergo a prior background check even
if they are not registered Red Cross volunteers. However, hams who are
registered Red Cross volunteers must abide by the background check

The document was signed on Jan. 22 and is place for another five years.

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jim Damron, N8TMW, in Charleston, West


Contests are a popular aspect of Amateur Radio, giving an opportunity to
practice and develop operating techniques, and measure how well a station

All contests have one main purpose - to get plenty on air and to increase the
opportunities for making contacts.

ARRL DX CW Contest is This weekend February 20-21st.

"All aboard" the Sydney Ferries. VHF/UHF 'contest' Sunday March 13.

This contest now will include "Wharves" as well as the Sydney Harbour Ferries.

To be held for six hours in daylight on Sunday March 13, the VHF and UHF only
simplex AND repeater contest will be an exciting event for Sydney Siders,
PARTICULARLY that "long jumping jeweller of Lavender Bay."

Check out the Waverley Amateur Radio Society website

WIA John Moyle Field Day 19-20 March 2016

The next major WIA contest, the John Moyle Field Day aims to encourage portable
operation and tests emergency communication preparedness. There are a number of
categories and even those for home stations.

The WIA affiliated club with highest score wins the President's Cup.

To check out more including the rules visit the WIA website.

Harry Angel 80 mtr sprint (WIA) Saturday 7th May.


Remembrance or RD Contest August 13-14

36th ALARA Contest is on the last full weekend in August, Aug 27-28.


QRV is 9 H 3 DJ until June 1 while on a business trip.
Activity is in his spare time using mostly SSB on 17 meters.
QSL to home call K 0 MDJ.

QRV is PJ 7 AA till March 12.
Activity will be on 40 to 10 meters using CW and SSB.
QSL to home call AA 9 A .

Did you work 6 D 0 F ?
It was a special event marking the visit of Pope Francis to Mexico, members
of the Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores or FMRE used the special
callsign 6 D 0 F


Send QSL cards via XE 1 LM

TOGO 5 V 7
Wim away visiting Togo in West Africa. He has reactivate his 5 V 7 TH
callsign until 22nd February. He will be active on 40m to 6m CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL to his home call ON 6 DX.

Members of the Radio Club Argentino will be on the air from Carlini Base in
the South Shetland Islands during the last few weeks of February. They will
sign LU 1 ZI and the IOTA reference number is AN-010.

Members of the Italian DXpedition Team will be active as 3 XY 1 T from the
Los Islands, AF-051, between 18th February and the 4th March.


Ever thought about giving ARDF a go?

Well Jack has

"If you live in the Melbourne area or planning a trip to Melbourne around
April 10th how about coming out to Darebin Parklands and try your hand at
ARDF, Amateur Radio Direction Finding.

Loan receiving equipment will be available so all you need is a decent pair
of walking shoes and a good pair of ears to listen to the signals. If you
have been thinking about having a go at ARDF but always thought it was too
much like serious exercise think again for you can go at your own pace. For
more information go to or email the ARDF Coordinator

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

The UK Space Agency noted that the HamTV Digital Amateur Television (DATV)
transmission by Tim Peake GB1SS from the ISS was a 'World First'

On Thursday, February 11, 2016, at approximately 18:11 UT, an ARISS contact
took place between UK astronaut Tim Peake GB1SS and students at the Royal
Masonic School for Girls GB1RSM in Rickmansworth, Herts.

The ARISS team of licensed UK Radio Amateurs achieved a world first by
receiving live video from the ISS during the contact. Using the HamTV
transmitter, which has recently been commissioned on board the ISS, Tim Peake
was the first astronaut to use this equipment during a two way schools contact.

As well as building a vehicle based HamTV receive system, which was installed
at the school on the day of the contact, the ARISS UK team also installed
equipment at the Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall to receive the 2395 MHz
HamTV transmissions from the ISS, this was then streamed via the web to the

On the Expert Panel at the historic contact were Libby Jackson of the UK Space
Agency, Sian Cleaver of Airbus, Frances Wray of QinetiQ, Stephanie Fernandes
Engineering Skills Policy Specialist at the IET, Matt Cosby of QinetiQ and
Chris Bridges 2E0OBC of the Surrey Space Centre.

Radio amateurs across the British Isles and Europe were able to receive Tim
Peake's signal on 145.800 MHz FM. Among them was James Patterson M1DST who has
uploaded a video to YouTube.



Fred Crockford, who lives in the Borough of Brentwood, recently told his
local newspaper in the UK, "I have been retired longer than some people
have been at work."

With more, courtesy Amateur Radio Newsline here is RSGB News Man
Jeremy Boot G4NJH

"In fact, Fred, G6YUY, has also likely been on the air longer than many
people have been on the planet.

The retired trolley bus driver first went on the amateur bands in the
1920s, when radio operations were governed, he said, by the post office.
Now he's not just a licensed ham but a centenarian ham, having just
celebrated his 100th birthday.

He said radio has made every one of his many days an adventure. And he
told the newspaper the fun is in the surprise discovery of who is
available to talk from anywhere in the world. He said: "We talk to
whoever happens to be out there on that particular spot and at that
particular moment." A 70-foot-long-horizontal aerial carries his voice
everywhere - even to Australia.

Fred told the newspaper he still sets aside about two hours every
evening to reach out, via radio, to the world. And whether he lands in
the United States, New Zealand or Australia, the thrill of DXing is no
less a thrill to him at 100 than it was when he was a young man.

It seems that, at 100 years of age, his most treasured birthday gift of
all has been the gift of time.

Relay of Monthly RAOTC Broadcast

The monthly Broadcast from the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club is now relayed
as part of the Monday Night broadcasts from VK7AX.

This is part of the "NEWS NIGHT" program from VK7AX on Monday Nights.

It is anticipated that this relay will become a regular event with the next
broadcast from RAOTC scheduled for Monday 7th. March.

It is relayed on voice Repeaters 2m VK7RTV Stowport, 70cm VK7RDR Dazzler Range
and 70cm VK7RAK Hobart.

Also via Digital ATV in Ulverstone on 446.50 MHz. DVB-T and via BATC Video
Stream which can be found on the email edition of this broadcast

(Tony VK7AX, President & News Officer NWTR&TVG via VK7WI News)


Thinking Day this weekend

World Thinking Day will take place on 20th and 21st February. This is
when members of Girl guiding use amateur radio to try to contact other
members throughout the world as part of the celebrations of their
founders' birthdays.

For further details go

When you hear Thinking Day stations on the air, please give them a call from
here Down-Under.

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Communications Support

There is a full programme of Communications Support events that you can get
involved with and have some radio fun in the north of VK !

Sat 5 to Sun 6 March - FNERA Warabong Challenge Horse Endurance Ride Tepon

Fri 25 to Mon 28 March - FNERA Mt Baldy & Kuranda Horse Endurance Ride Tepon

Fri 25 to Mon 28 March - WRERA Euri Gold Farms Easter Carnival of Horse
Endurance Rides - Bowen Region

Sun 3 April - TCAC King of the Hill Hillclimb Round 1 - Mount Stuart

Sat 9 to Sun 10 April - Our Retreat Endurance Ride - Denison Creek Station

Sat 30 April to Sun 1 May - Breakaway Koumala Endurance Ride

Sun 29 May - TCAC King of the Hill Hillclimb Round 2 - Mount Stuart

VK isn't the only Country where cycling bodies call on we hams to help out.

Hamnet Western cape was involved last Saturday the 6th in marshalling the
99er Cycle Tour around the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town in South Africa.

The 102km race, and accompanying 64km short race, was patrolled by 12 rover
operators, distributed evenly along the track.

5000 riders left Durbanville.

APRS monitored all rovers, plus the 5 ambulance / rescue vehicles, and a
temporary digipeater assisted reception in hilly terrain.

There were no major injuries, though lots of riders bailed out because of
punctures or the severe South African heat.

REWIND a look back at history

Two Rewinds for the price of one today...

We'll be looking at ourselves, the WIA, and also the 85th Anniversary of
the VK6 News, known as NewsWest.

Here is Bob VK6POP, the President of the Western Australia Amateur Radio News.


Amateur Radio News broadcasts in Western Australia first went to air on 80
metres in 1931. Counting on my fingers. that was 85 years ago. Such an
anniversary in marriage would warrant gifts of diamonds and sapphires, but alas
in modern radio we don't even have a crystal to celebrate with.

The Wireless Institute began in Western Australia in 1913. Our story begins 16
years later when the Institute move into new headquarters in William Street,
Perth, and began setting up the VK6WI station, completed in February 1930.
The antenna was a Zeppelin style.

The early days of Amateur Radio involved a working relationship with early
broadcasters, in fact many Amateurs were also broadcasters. There are reports
of Amateur Radio transmitters being used to broadcast entertainment.

The first mention I can find of an Amateur Radio news broadcast is from Perth's
Daily News Monday 23 March 1931, saying:

The institute's transmitter VK6WI will go on the air on 'phone on Saturday
evening, March 28. using the 80-metre band. This will be a test transmission
in preparation of the dissemination of institute news to country members,
technical lectures to members and the testing of the set for 'phone, and
demonstration of the principles involved, for members preparing for their
A.O.P.C. certificates.

There's not much information about the continuing history of Amateur Radio News
broadcasts, however it picked up after the end of the war in 1945, through to
the present day. W.A. Amateur Radio News was formed as a club in 2014, with
its principal activity being the production and broadcast of the WIA National
News and the NewsWest programmes.

Amateur Radio news in Western Australia has evolved from a single live
broadcast on Saturday nights to broadcasts on Sundays at five different times,
on several bands from 160 metres to 23 centimetres, including a linked repeater
network covering much of the South-West of the State.

There are links to informative websites in the text edition of the news.

Although we at WA Amateur Radio News can't take credit for 85 years of Amateur
Radio News broadcasts in this State, we can be confident that we're well on the
way to ensuring its long term future.

Now, about those Diamonds and Sapphires.


A new era for Amateur Radio began after the so-called 'Big Review' had more
than 1,300 submissions and feedback from public meetings held around

That inquiry in 2003 sought to achieve a streamlined regulatory regime and
simplified administration.

A major outcome was the introduction of Australia's three-tier amateur
licensing system.

The Advanced replaced the Unrestricted AOCP, the no-code Limited Licence, plus
the Combined licence which was a mix of Limited Licence and Novice Morse code.

The Standard replaced the Novice Grades - the result was an amalgamation of
five licence types into two, with the end of Morse code proficiency tests on
New Year's Day 2004.

Then later that year came the third - a new entry level, the Foundation

The WIA Board, only new itself following a national body being formed,
committed itself to weekend training sessions for exam assessors in Melbourne,
Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

For a time the new assessor system ran in parallel with the old provision of
written exam papers that were later marked by the WIA Exam Service.

There was a lot of work to do - syllabus reshaping, question banks, working
with children checks and qualifying the assessors so the new structure was

Now, more than a decade on, much has been already achieved by the WIA in
licence reform, and a lot of possible change is now ahead of it.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)



Mar 5 VK6 PARG swap meet 8am till noon Mandurah. (parg sec.)

Feb 28 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont. (wia)

Feb 28 VK2 Central Coast Field Day (vk2ztm)

It's now only ONE WEEK to go to the Field Day!

So where will you be in just one weeks' time? Why not come along and join the
biggest gathering of radio amateurs in Australia at the CCARC Field Day at
the Wyong racecourse?

We are expecting a really big event this year and remember .... The Wyong
Field Day starts at 6:30am for the Flea Market and 9am for the Traders and
Seminars - and it all goes ahead RAIN, HAIL or SHINE !!

For those of you coming to the Central Coast Field Day on the train, there will
be a free shuttle bus service to the event.

We wish all of those taking their Foundation licence or upgrade assessments
the best of success.

As always a little for everyone in the program!
Entry is $15 - Under 17's free.

So whether it's seeking that bargain from the flea market, grabbing that
discounted new item from the traders stands, educating yourself at the seminars
and exhibitors stalls or even taking that licence upgrade assessment. The place
to be on February twenty eight is definitely

The CCARC Field Day at Wyong!

For full details about the field day, please go to the website on

(Dave VK2DLS, Publicity Officer of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.)

April 10 VK3 Darebin Park for the ARDF Day (vk3www)
April 17 VK6 HARGfest 96 Gladys Road Lesmurdie open to public 10am (vk6zms)
Ap-May 29-2 VK4 Clairview Gathering check Mackay ARS website. (theTARCinc)

May 27-29 VK9 WIA AGM this year on Norfolk Island (

June 3- 5 VK4 Central Highlands Social Gathering Theresa Creek dam (wia)
June 4 VK4 BARCfest Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. (vk4atc)
June 11-13 VK5 VK Foxhunting Championship & SERG convention Mt Gambier(VK5HCF)

July 9-10 VK3 GippsTech 2016 Churchill (

Sep 23-25 VK4 Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club AGM weekend
Lake Maraboon Holiday Village, near Emerald. (theTARCinc)
Sep-Oct 30-3 VK4 Cardwell Gathering Long Weekend, Beachcomber Motel(theTARCinc)

Nov 6 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HamFest 8am! (VK5KC)

Submitting news items

A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't plug commercial
traders "on air", but we at the WIA will put your supporters in this text
edition "no worries."

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to
and don't JUST send url's links but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different
slants to keep your event 'fresh 'and always if the news room is to read your
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