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WIA Treasurer's Statement. -

WIA VK2ZRH Roger Harrison on licence renewals. -

WIA AGM read the latest update in this weeks Social Scene.




After tonight for the next three weeks VK2WI News will be a morning only
transmission with the usual morning line up - VK1WIA followed by VK2 News
plus the ARRL DX News.

The transmissions will be at 10 am EDST being Xmas Day, New Year's Day and the
8 th January. The evening transmissions resume on Sunday the 15 th January .


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ABC to end shortwave broadcasts

News that the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) would end shortwave
transmissions in the Northern Territory, and the Pacific, has been greeted
with disbelief.

On last week's broadcast we told you that next month the ABC would turn off its
HF signals and deliver its services via satellite and short range FM
transmitters. However, a number of people have criticised the move to stop HF
in the top end.

And in the Pacific, the ABC Radio Australia decision to close has been
described as going against the trend in New Zealand and India, where
new technology is used.

The political argument is that there has been a lack of discussion or
consultation, leading to consternation and alarm across the Northern Territory.

The ABC claims dwindling audience numbers on shortwave and it can be received
by satellite. But opponents counter that it does not work when mobile, and is
problematic in poor weather. Bureau of Meteorology forecasts and official
emergency warnings go off the airwaves when the Katherine, Tennant Creek and
Roe Creek transmitters of the ABC's domestic shortwave service end.

Meanwhile your ABC is looking for a new chairman, with the present Chair's
tenure to end early next year.

The Turnbull Government has requested the Independent Nomination Panel for the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation to conduct a selection process to appoint
a new Chairperson to the ABC Board.

The request comes as the term of the current Chairperson, the Hon James
Spigelman AC QC, is due to conclude on 31 March 2017.

And Australia isn't the only country "pulling the switch."

Norway will become the first country in the world to move towards FULLY digital
radio transmissions. As a result of this, the national FM network will be
switched off early January 2017.

(Jim Linton VK3PC and

Open Radio Mini-Conference January 2017

The Linux Conference Australia, promoted as the world's greatest Free
and Open Source Software event, will be at the Wrest Point Convention
Centre in Hobart on January 16-20.

As part of it is a one-day mini-conference on Open Radio that will
showcase talks and demonstrations on software defined radio.

These include Amateur Radio activities, open source radio protocols and
modulation schemes, design of telemetry transmitters for embedded
systems and adding radio to the internet-of-things projects.

For more information contact the Tasmanian Linux Users Group's Scott
Bragg VK7LXX jsbragg@scriptforge.o

Of interest to VK amateurs who may send QSL Cards direct to the UK is word that
the UK's regulatory body, Ofcom has requested destruction of the RSGB Callbook

This after Ofcom admitted it released radio amateurs' private home address
instead of their mailing address in the RSGB Yearbook 2017 and the 2017
Callseeker Plus CD and Flash Drive.

Ofcom has asked the RSGB to destroy all the unsold copies of the RSGB Yearbook
2017 and replace those that have already been issued with a corrected edition.



Up on the website last weekend came news from an ex VP of the WIA,
Chris Platt VK5CP

A mediation (chaired by VK5CP) was conducted on Saturday 10 December 2016.
All WIA Directors, the WIA Treasurer and representatives of the WIA Reform
Group participated. The meeting was unable to resolve the varying positions
of the parties.

(Signed Chris Platt VK5CP Mediator)

WIA Treasurer's Statement

Hello, I'm Chris Hendry, VK3PAT, the recently appointed Honorary Treasurer of
the WIA.

The WIA Honorary Treasurers are very disappointed that the Board was unable
to achieve mediation on Saturday, December 10. Consequently, the Board has
failed to implement the recommendations of the Treasurers' Report as previously
agreed in its entirety by a clear majority of Board members. This places the
Honorary Treasurers in a very difficult position.

The Assistant Treasurer and I have given this matter a great deal of thought.
The decision regarding our next course of action comes down to one basic
premise: to act in the best interest of the members of the WIA.

The Honorary Treasurers will act professionally. Even though ongoing disunity
at Board level will make their task more difficult, the Treasurers will
continue to work diligently to identify and correct the multiple problems
with the WIA's accounts.

The continuation the Honorary Treasurers' services comes with conditions.

In view of the increasing deficit, the financial affairs of the WIA are to be
placed on a "care and maintenance" basis with immediate effect and until
further notice. Salaries and utilities expenditure can continue as well as
production and publication of AR Magazine where there are contractual
arrangements with advertisers and members.

At the time of recording this statement 124 WIA members have written to the
WIA Secretary requesting a General Meeting. The direct costs associated with
the proposed General Meeting can proceed, however, the Treasurer will not
approve the WIA meeting any legal costs in relation to the General Meeting
incurred by any Director. Such costs are to be at their own expense. Any other
costs are to be approved by the Honorary Treasurer before they are incurred.
Otherwise, there is to be no expenditure whatsoever other than that absolutely
necessary for the WIA to continue operating.

The Treasurers believe that it is in the interest of the majority of
WIA Members that the proposed General Meeting should proceed. If there is any
attempt to derail or sabotage the proposed General Meeting, the Honorary
Treasurers will withdraw their services immediately.

This is WIA Director Roger Harrison VK2ZRH with a reminder about licence

A colleague got a shock recently when he received a letter from the
Australian Communications and Media Authority saying his licence was
cancelled due to non-payment.

My colleague was shocked because he didn't receive a letter asking him
to renew his licence before it expired.

The A-C-M-A is not obliged by legislation to send a reminder notice to
renew your licence.

Do you - like my colleague - rely on receiving a renewal notice from the

It is every licensee's responsibility to ensure that your licence is
paid-up by or before the renewal date.

The A-C-M-A's process is to send a renewal notice a few weeks before the
licence is due to expire. It will be sent to the last valid postal or
email address that the A-C-M-A has on record.

The A-C-M-A sends notices as a courtesy reminder, and to facilitate payment
of the renewal fee.

It is your responsibility to keep your email, postal and residential address
current with the A-C-M-A to receive renewal notices.

It is recommended that you note your licence renewal date in your diary. If you
don't run a hard-copy diary, use the one in your mobile phone, or your tablet,
laptop or PC.

Or all of them.

Some people have taken the step to change their licence renewal date to their
birthday, or a date close to their birthday. If your birthday falls on
Christmas Day or New Year's Day you have to be a bit creative!

If, for some reason, you don't receive a renewal notice in the month leading up
to your licence expiry date, you can request one by contacting the
A-C-M-A Customer Service Centre, on 1300 850 115, or email

Should you not renew your licence by the due date, there is a window of
opportunity of up to 60 days when you can renew your licence by paying
the licence fee without penalty.

Miss that window and your callsign will be available for re-issue. And it can
be a pain to get it back!

So, don't give yourself heart palpitations and risk getting a letter from the
A-C-M-A advising that your licence is cancelled.

If you can't locate your licence renewal date, call the A-C_M_A on 1300 850 115
and check with them. At the same time, ensure that your current email, postal
and residential address are correct.


My colleague managed to renew his licence and retain his callsign. Phew !

More information is available on the WIA website. Just enter "Renewal of
Licences" in the search window and the link is at the top of the list.

Advocacy. Education. Support. That's what we do.

This is WIA Director Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, VK7WI News and the WW sources of the WIA.

Beijing blocks 7 MHz CW DX

The IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter reports one of Beijing's HF Over
The Horizon Radars has been transmitting on 6.999 MHz covering CW DX in the
40m amateur radio band

The newsletter says: A jumping Chinese OTH radar covered the CW DX-edge of
our exclusive 7 MHz band on Nov. 17th at about 1500 UTC
and later (long lasting). Parameters: 67 sps and 10 kHz

IARUMS also report the Australian Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)
has been heard on 10.131 MHz in the amateur 30m band.

The Marconi Radar History site reports JORN was developed by GEC-Marconi HF
Systems using staff from Chelmsford, Essex

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1
November 2016 newsletter can be read at the link we like in the text editions
of this NewsCast.

Amelia Earhart Expedition HF Transmissions

News of HF transmissions from Mili Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall
Islands has generated much interest on

The announcement generated a flurry of comments at a rate possibly not seen
since the Code versus No-Code debates of a decade ago.

Les Kinney and Dick Spink are trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance
of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart in 1937 and believe her plane may have come
down on the Mili Atoll.

On December 15-16 they planned to make transmissions on the original
short-wave frequencies used by Amelia, 3105 and 6210 kHz.

Read the post at

Tech Visionary, Radio Amateur and 73 Magazine Publisher Wayne Green W2NSD was convinced he knew what happened to Amelia

Discovery Channel - Finding Amelia

New Zealand's Radio Spectrum Management have released the draft of their Radio
Spectrum Outlook document for 2017-2021

The objective of this draft Outlook document is to provide an overview of the
areas of growth and development in spectrum management, review emerging
wireless technologies impacting on the use of the radio spectrum and outline
the indicative RSM work programme for 2017-2021. The Spectrum Outlook also
links recent international developments in spectrum allocations with the
relevant areas of the work programme.

RSM welcomes feedback from interested parties on the contents of this draft
Spectrum Outlook and closing date for feedback is February 15, 2017.

Changes of IARU membership

The original Belize IARU member society no longer exists.

It was given 180 days to respond to a call in the IARU calendar.

In fact, there had been no communications from BARC for 23 years. However, a
new organisation, having the same name, made an IARU membership application.

On the recommendation of IARU Region 2, the new Belize Amateur Radio Club
complied with the requirements of the constitution and Bylaws of the IARU.
A membership vote has been sent to all IARU member societies.

Also the Chinese Radio Sports (CRSA) has been now merged with the Chinese
Amateur Radio Club, and on the acceptance of the IARU Region 3, it is now the
successor IARU society.

The ITU paid tribute Dec 12 to 110 years of international cooperation among
its members states on the ITU Radio Regulations, an international treaty for
governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits for
ubiquitous wireless communications

The ITU Radio Regulations ensure interference-free operations of
radiocommunication systems and provide all countries with equitable access
to the radio spectrum - a scarce natural resource that does not distinguish
between national borders and needs to be harmonized globally.


All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.

Dec 1 - 31 Annual Youngsters on the Air (YOTA)


Jan 1 - Dec 31 The Victorian Local Government Award 2017 Challenge

January it's the WIA's Ross Hull Memorial VHF/UHF Contest

Jan 1 AMSAT CW Activity Day 24 hours. All forms of CW are welcome.

Ham Radio On The Ferries 12th of March

WIA's John Moyle Memorial Field Day 18th-19th March 2017

WIA's Harry Angel Memorial 80 meter sprint Saturday May 6 10:00 -11:46 UTC

May 13-15 Mills On The Air

VK SHIRES June 10 and 11.

Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest 160/80/40 Saturday night July 15 and Start Time
is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC


WIA's Flagship contest the Remembrance Day Contest 12th & 13th August

Aug 19-20 ILLW the 3rd full weekend in August since 1998

October CQ WW DX / SSB CONTEST (always Octobers Last full weekend)

Running ALL year 'til Dec 31 Victorian Local Government Award 2017 Challenge

Frank Garbelmann from Denmark, in a note to ROAR which is the International
Fellowship of Rotarians of Amateur Radio has advised during the Christmas break
until Jan 6th he is QRV with his Greenlandic call - from various places in
Europe, during business travel.

He has already "jumped" on the Santa train, with e.g. PA16XMAS and others
that run, special calls during the Holiday season.

Frank combines the radio hobby with the info on Rotary, to make an impact in
the lives of others ... As Frank said in his mail to us, "Enjoy the season,
vy 73 Frank, 5P2BA."

His email is in this week's text edition.


A look at more Northern VK4- Regional Nets

Monday Evening - Mackay Club Net - VK4WIM - 3597kHz from 0930Z
Tuesday Evening - RADAR Net - VK4WIR - 3613kHz from 0930Z
Tuesday Evening - Cairns ARC Net - VK4HM - 3596kHz from 0930Z
Wednesday Evening - Gold Coast Net - VK4WIG - 3605kHz from 0930Z
Thursday Evening - The TREC Memorial Net - VK4WAT - 3588kHz from 0930Z
Thursday Evening - Sunshine Coast Net - VK4WIS - 3660kHz from 0930Z
Thursday Evening - Hervey Bay Net - VK4CHB - 3615kHz from 0730Z
Friday Evening - Central Highlands Club Net - VK4WCH - 3618kHz from 0930Z

Members of the Chilean DXpedition Team will be active as XR7T from Ascension
Island hopefully in the period of January 10-17th, 2017.

The main aim of the DXpedition will be to work the greatest possible number
of unique callsigns, thus offering a possibility also to work "Little Pistols
and QRP stations". Activity will be on all bands using SSB and the Digital

CW is not available on this activation.

QSL Manager is Julio/CE3OP (direct/Bureau).

Commemorating a famed Pacific Ocean expedition.

The Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl made his world-famous voyage from Peru
to French Polynesia aboard the Kon-Tiki in 1947.

To prove his theory he led a crew and set out on a balsa wood raft similar to
those used in ancient times.

The Kon-Tiki expedition used the Amateur Radio callsign LI 2 B stroke mm.

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Kon-Tiki, a special event callsign
OZ 44 C will be on the air from January to the end of December 2017.

Further information is on the website

This is Roger Harrison VK2ZRH with news about the sporadic E DX season that
provides some fun on 10 metres, 6 metres and 2 metres over summer.

Last week, I outlined a little of the propagation experienced on the amateur
bands - and the broadcast band interference that listeners get excited about
and broadcasters complain of.

I also explained how the thin, dense horizontal clouds of iron and magnesium
ions form at heights between about 90 kilometres and 130 km.

Next Wednesday the 21st of December, is the summer solstice, otherwise known
as the longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.

Why is this important for sporadic E ? Well, the planetary waves I mentioned
last week reach a peak occurrence around the summer solstice. Hence, so does
the occurrence of sporadic E and the propagation it supports.

Notice that I said "around". The occurrence of sporadic E is different each
summer season. No two years are the same. Sometimes, it may be observed from
year to year that sporadic E propagation occurs on particular days. But, next
year will confound that by not repeating the occurrence.

Another common observation of sporadic E propagation is the often-strong
signals. REALLY strong signals ! It can appear that the station you're hearing
1500 km away is just down the street. But it seems unbelievable they're running
20 watts, as they claim.

The strong signals come about for several reasons. Firstly, ionospheric
absorption on the bands from 10 metres on up is very low.

Secondly, signals can be subject to what is known as raypath focusing.

It's a curious thing, but the Es cloud can act much like a shaving mirror and
focus signal raypaths into a small area where they come to ground at the skip
distance. This focusing amplifies the signal strength.

The corollary to that is that the area on the ground where the signal can be
heard may be quite small, maybe only hundreds of metres to a kilometre or so
across. You can hear someone in your neck of the woods working a DX station,
but can't hear the DX yourself.

That phenomenon has caused a few arguments on the air over the years !

Of course, the Es cloud can also de-focus the signal raypaths and cause the
signal at the skip distance to become quite weak. QSB rules when it comes to
sporadic E DX.

As before, I have published an article about this online. Google Signal
Strengths of VHF Sporadic E Propagation.

Don't forget the special event callsign VI2SYD75 will be on the air through
to 31st December. Time slots for using it are still available. Check out the
St George club website - S-G-A-R-S dot O-R-G.

This has been Roger Harrison VK2ZRH for VK1WIA News.


Who and Where are our broadcast stations?

Seeking reliable backup communication in a crisis, emergency managers are
finding new solutions in an old technology: ham radio.

"It's just another avenue, another opportunity for us to be able to
communicate," said Herb Schraufnagel, public safety captain with
Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Emory HealthCare is among a growing number of hospital systems to adopt
ham radio. Hospital administrators and government officials took a lesson
from Hurricane Katrina, which left some Gulf Coast medical centres isolated
from the outside world, as landlines and cell towers failed.

When power, phone and Internet services go down, a battery-powered amateur
radio and portable antenna can provide that crucial link to the outside world.

"Ham radio will never die," said Barry Thomas, Sr., a ham radio enthusiast
and employee at Emory University Hospital Midtown.

"The quickest means of communication is Morse Code. It'll get out when none
of this will," Thomas said, referring to a room filled with computers and

"It is interesting that some of the technology that has been around for
80, 90, 100 years is still relevant," said John Davis, a ham radio enthusiast.
In addition to major hurricanes, Davis says the terrorist attacks of September
11, 2001 rekindled interest in ham radio as a public safety tool.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) has set up a permanent ham radio
station in its command centre.

"We look at ham radio operators just like GEMA staff, just like DOT staff
and Georgia State Patrol staff," said GEMA Director Charlie English.
"They are a critical partner with us."

Fox News producer David Lewkowict contributed to this article.

THE QNEWS WORK BENCH - the nuts and volts report - Measure Twice cut Once.
Virtual Ham Radio Build-a-thon

The Chertsey Radio Club are starting something new, a Virtual Build-a-thon
run by their resident expert Bob M6FLT

You can join them online via video conference to build the project.
To become part of their virtual community you just need your soldering iron
and Skype or Webex.

Each week for about 30 minutes you will be shown the next stage of building
the project. You can then ask questions and show Bob M6FLT how you are getting

Chertsey Radio Club hope to make the very best use of the technology they have
at their disposal to make this a fun and fully interactive event as if you were
there in the room with them.

Read more about this RSGB inspired Build-a-thon at


MacLoggerDX Version 6.06 released

Dog Park Software is pleased to announce that version 6.06 of MacLoggerDX
has been released.

MacLoggerDX is the Total Mac Ham Radio Assistant and premier Mac logger:

Organizing and filtering the spots from your favourite DX Cluster for DXing,
casual Contesting or rag-chewing.

It supports close to a hundred radios, automatically tuning to the spots you
are interested in and optionally swinging your beam around.

Alerting you to rare contacts or Band Openings and looking up, displaying on
2D, 3D and Satellite Maps and logging your contacts to a super-fast
sql database.

MacLoggerDX can also text or email you when the Bands are open or that rare DX
is spotted.

Awards Tracking, Band Activity, Schedules, Memories, QSL Generation,
ADIF import, export, eQSL, LoTW Confirmations and much more.

This is a free update for all Version 6 customers and can be downloaded from:


18th Anniv of Mir Space Station SSTV

Monday, December 12, 2016, marked the 18th anniversary of the activation
of the MIR SSTV Amateur Radio developed System which was transported and
put aboard the MIR Space Station

The MIR SSTV System sent pictures over a period of about 2 years and 4 months
to the delight of Amateur Radio Operators and others worldwide.

(Mir was deorbited in March, 2001).

For those interested in this historical event and background, the publication
Amateur Television Quarterly (ATVQ), Spring 2015 issue has an article,
"How Did the MIR SSTV System come into Existence"?

Back issue copies of ATVQ containing this article are available via
the link in the text edition of this, the WIA National News. See also web address:

A Youth Net meets Saturdays at 0100 UTC on IRLP Reflector #2.
Young Hams Net 3.590 - 7:30pm Victorian time.

Youngsters use Virtual Ham Radio

The ARRL reports an Emergency Communication Exercise used 'Hamsphere' to
introduce Youth to virtual amateur radio

Fifty students in Dominica were introduced to ham radio on November 23, in
the form of a simulated emergency drill conducted via the virtual Amateur Radio
platform HamSphere. W1AW at ARRL Headquarters monitored the exercise.

HamSphere is a virtual Amateur Radio transceiver, available for iOS and Android
devices. Under supervision, selected youth teams competed for speed and
accuracy in a hurricane emergency communication drill, dubbed "Haminica 2016,"
while becoming familiar with the virtual version of Amateur Radio.

Read the full ARRL story at

Hamsphere - Ham Radio for your PC and Smartphone

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz

Cyclones - Radio hams ready to assist

The Hindu newspaper reports Sadineni Yamini VU2YAM and her teams of
Radio Amateurs are gearing up to assist the Nellore district administrationa
in the event of a cyclone

The newspaper says: Following news that cyclone Vardah will cross the
South Andhra Pradesh coast, the weather department issued an alert to
fishermen and the Nellore district administrations along the south coastal
Andhra AND asked the Revenue, Panchayat Raj and Irrigation department officials
to remain in their headquarters and prepare for contingency measures.

Sadineni Yamini VU2YAM, a young entrepreneur from Guntur district, received
a call from Nellore District Collector R. Mutyala Raju to keep her teams ready.

Ms. Yamini is a renowned Amateur Radio, who is gearing up along with her teams
to assist the Nellore district administration in the event of cyclones hitting
the district.

Read the full story at

Rewind, a look back on our history

The BBC report on the 95th anniversary of the first transatlantic shortwave
reception between Greenwich, Connecticut, and Scotland

The ARRL, Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), and the Radio Club of America
(RCA), partnered in sponsoring the activity. The Greenwich Historical Society
also participated.

The BBC say: Len Paget from the Radio Society of Great Britain, GM 0 ONX said:
"The frequencies used for the transmission were thought at the time to be
useless for long distance communications and were given to radio experimenters
as they were thought to have little or no commercial value.

"The success of these experiments showed that trans-Atlantic transmissions
could be achieved using short wave frequencies with a power equivalent to that
used by your toaster in kitchen. "

He says the successful test back in 1921 proved that world-wide communication
could be achieved using short wave.

Read the BBC News report at

Read the ARRL story at


March 26 VK3 EMDRC HamFest, Great Ryrie Primary School, Heathmont (VK3BQ)

Ap 28- May 1 VK4 Clairview Gathering between Rockhampton and Mackay (TARC)

May 19 VK WIA AGM and David VK5KC, on behalf of the Group organising
the 2017 WIA AGM reminds us the venue is Hahndorf in the Adelaide
Hills, about 30 minutes drive from Adelaide.

All are invited to attend the weekend, although only financial
members may vote.

Friday night will be an informal gathering. Saturday morning will
be the AGM and open forum. The afternoon will focus on a series of
technical presentations highlighting the best of the Amateur
Service in VK5. Followed by a discussion on enthusing new and old
Amateurs alike.

Two partners tours will be offered on the Saturday to showcase the
Adelaide Hills.

Saturday night will be a Gala dinner with guest speaker.

Sunday on offer is a visit to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood
or a hosted trip to operate Parks and Peaks, or you may just spend
the day visiting the large range of shops in Hahndorf.

Sunday night will be a BBQ at the local football club fully
supplied by the Adelaide hills amateur Radio Society.

All details and registration are on the WIA website. Details of
presenters will be released soon.

Sep 9-10 ALARAMEET 2017 in Cairns (vk4swe)

Nov 12 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HamFest 8am (vk5kc)
held at Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa St, Goodwood.

Trading tables for second-hand goods. Sellers $10 a table.

Entry for buyers $5.

Commercial traders, door prizes, food and drinks.

Contact Roy or David




The following person has provided feedback for 'inclusing' (sic) on next weeks
WIA news broadcast

Name : Jim Penny

Callsign : VK4AQJ

Feedback :

Nothing major. I'm just being a pronunciation Nazi. Kiribati is pronounced
Kiribas, and the more usual pronunciation of gaseous in Australia is Gayshus or
gaysheeus. In the US, it is pronounced ɡasɪəs or gesɪəs.

It's worth remembering the Kiribas bit when you work a station from there. I
could almost hear the smile when somebody finally pronounced it right.

Submitting news items

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