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WIA News Broadcast Feedback. -

WIA board had a busy October meeting.


The Wireless Institute of Australia Office in Bayswater will be closed for
the Melbourne Cup public holiday in Victoria on Tuesday November 7. Your
office closure for the Christmas New Holiday, make a note, it closes December
22 and re-opens Tuesday 22 of January 2018 at 11am.


A Successful contact was made between Beaconsfield State School, Mackay,
Queensland, and Astronaut Paolo Nespoliusing Callsign IRISS.

The contact began 2017-10-26 08:23 UTC and lasted about nine and a half

Contact was Telebridge via IK1SLD

About 300 students, parents and teachers attended the School for the
telebridge contact.

Beaconsfield set up space theme displays, with some students dressed up as

WIA ARISS Coordinator Shane VK4KHZ was at the school to moderate it all.

There were 13 questions from the students, leaving time for Science Teacher
Anna Berrigan to thank Paolo, before the audience broke into spontaneous
loud applause.

Immediately after the Mackay Tropical Stargazer Group had everyone in the
school grounds at large telescopes for planet viewing.

One highlight was seeing the ISS pass at low elevation over Queensland giving
most their first look at it in orbit.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

ACMA Annual Report 2016-17 is released

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has tabled its
annual report, which includes references to its activities for
radiocommunications services.

The ACMA has a network of fixed, transportable and mobile monitoring for the
entire spectrum. It also has a compliance laboratory that carries out testing
of radiocommunications devices to support industry to meet standards
compliance and product labelling.

There had been a steady decline in radiocommunication interference complaints,
down to 486 in 2016-17 BUT STILL nearly 300 enforcement actions were taken.

Interference to domestic free-to-air broadcast television and radio services
are treated separately, and again have declined.

The ACMA's strategy includes educating TV viewers about reliable reception
needing an optimised antenna.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Spectrum reallocation brings 5G closer to reality in Australia

More spectrum will be made available for spectrum licensing, bringing 5G
mobile broadband services a step closer for Australia.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is preparing to reallocate
spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band, and to move to more efficient arrangements in
the 900 MHz band for advanced mobile broadband technologies.

"The 3.6 GHz band is being looked at internationally as a pioneer band for 5G
mobile broadband. We want to make sure Australia is well placed to realise
the benefits 5G has to offer," said ACMA Chair Nerida O'Loughlin.

(Critical Comms Text ver only)


WIA News Broadcast Feedback

It has been suggested that there be a reduced membership rate for those not
receiving Amateur Radio magazine.

This follows the VK1WIA news that the WIA journal is going to be bi-monthly
in 2018.

Reduced WIA memberships for electronic-only magazine access were trialled a
few years ago, and withdrawn as this didn't result in either increased
membership take-up or proportional cost reductions.

The only "bankable" cost saving is in postage costs.

The cost of production and printing either don't change, or due to the
inverse-volume related to the size of print runs, the unit print cost per
magazine actually goes up.

The WIA is running at a loss and the board has focused on major reductions in
cost that can be achieved with near immediate effect, such as reducing the
number of magazine issues from 11 to 6 per year.

A no-magazine membership class has no certainty around how many and how
quickly WIA members would adopt this as their preferred option. Even if say
10% of members chose this option, it would take more than year to take effect
due to membership renewal cycles, plus the cost savings would be minimal at
this percentage level of take-up compared to other available options to
return to positive cash flow.

The WIA board appreciates the opportunity to explain what may seem to be a
simple matter, but in fact is rather complex when looked at in greater detail.

WIA board had a busy October meeting

The Wireless Institute of Australia board of directors had a full agenda in
October and made further progress on a number of matters affecting all WIA

Most items have background papers that are pre-read by directors before each
monthly board meeting.

Major discussions concluded were:

The WIA Radio and Electronics Convention and AGM contact and arrangements

Dispute Resolution process with an appointment to be made soon

The WIA membership acceptance now handled by the office under delegation

Update on the move of AR magazine to 6 issues and updates to contractual

And the creation of an operational management team

Each month the board has had a report on finances, and October was no
different. Directors reviewed the financial reports including a profit and
loss statement.

Four directors were to undergo training provided by the Australian Institute
of Company Directors (AICD). One reported that he had completed all of the
four eLearning courses, with three nearing an end to qualify for certificates.

Other matters discussed were:

The readiness for the end of December audit

Revitalisation of Committees with some inactive and not responding

An information paper from the QSL Manager on the WIA QSL Bureaux

Nominated Training Organisation reported on a Field Trial for On Line Remote
Examinations involving an Australian citizen overseas

Matters also due to be finalised include a new WIA Regulation Postal Ballot
for the Election of Directors, and a review of the meeting and agenda process.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS With thanks to IARU, RSGB, SARL, Southgate AR Club, ARRL,
Amateur Radio Newsline, NZART, WIA Local News Service VK7, VK3PC and the WW
sources of the WIA presented by Shirley VK5YL whilst the LawMan Jason VK2LAW
takes a few weeks off.

One of last surviving Bletchley Park 'listeners' dies

The Forces Network reports that one of the last surviving Bletchley Park
'listeners' who intercepted and passed Nazi messages on to Allied
codebreakers at Bletchley Park, has died

Alison Robins, 97, taught herself Morse code and German during World War Two
and stayed up all night eavesdropping messages from U-boats around the
British coast.

She rarely spoke about her wartime years, that were spent in isolated points
around the coastline, intercepting messages from enemy fleets.

Read the Forces Network story at

Pope Asks Spacemen Life's Big Questions In ISS Live Chat

Pope Francis chatted with six astronauts at the International Space
Station (ISS) on Thursday, kicking off the rare interview with a
philosophical question on "man's place in the universe".

Italian Astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, 60, admitted that despite the bird's eye
view of Earth he too remained "perplexed", while American Mark Vande Hei
said seeing the planet from space made them "realise how fragile we are".

The Pontiff sat at a Vatican desk, facing a wide-screen television on which
the astronauts from America, Russia and Italy could be seen floating together
in their blue suits.

"Good afternoon... or good evening. I imagine time passes
differently at the space station, right?" the pope quipped.

"Astronomy makes us think about the universe's boundless horizons,
and prompts questions such as 'where do we come from, where are we
going?'" he mused.

A 30-second delay in the satellite feed gave Nespoli, Vande Hei,
Americans Randolph (Randy) Bresnik and Joseph Acaba, and Russians
Sergej Nikolaevic Rjazanskij and Alexandr Misirkin time to weigh up
life's biggest questions.

"Our aim here is to spread knowledge, (but) the more we learn, the
more we realise we do not know," admitted Nespoli, who is on his
third trip into space.

Jordan's first satellite - JY1-SAT

During the final satellite integration training for Jordan's first satellite,
JY1-SAT, the team was supported by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein
bin Abdullah II.

The JY1-SAT mission was proposed by Jordanian students who participated in
the first batch of the cooperation program with NASA, after which the interns
had suggested the design and launch of their first Jordanian CubeSat.


The names Ophelia and Brian won't be forgotten for quite some time in Ireland.

Amateur Radio Newsline have reported on two storms which swept over that
nation in mid-October with Brian coming on the heels of its deadlier

Ophelia's arrival generated Ireland's first severe weather alert in history
and according to the Irish Independent newspaper, even created the biggest
wave recorded off the Irish coast during a weather event.

It also left three dead.

Although the Amateur Radio Emergency Network was not formally called up
for the storm, members nonetheless took to whatever repeaters they could find
or made use of simplex calling channels, to check on the well-being of people
in their communities and beyond.

John Ronan EI7IG told ARNewsLine the hams had earlier tracked the storm and
advised AREN members to prep for water shortages, outages and to get
their GO-Kits ready ---- just in case.

IARU Region 3 Directors at the Region 1 Conference

As previously reported here on WIA National News, Gopal VU2GMN and Peter
Young VK3MV attended the IARU Region 1 conference in Germany back in

Each of the three IARU Regions conducts business at their conferences
differently, even though items of interest are mainly the same.

The two Region 3 Directors especially identified several items that are of
interest to us here in Region 3 - (which covers the Asia Pacific.)

Peter VK3MV says identifying intruders in our Amateur Bands is a major
concern all over the world, and in Region 1 elaborate monitoring equipment
is in use. In Region 3 this monitoring is mostly done by volunteers using
their own radio equipment.

WIA Secretary, Jim Linton VK3PC, says the next regional conference in the
triennial cycle is scheduled for Region 3 in South Korea, under the theme of
'Attracting youth to Amateur Radio'.


All major Australian contests, rules and results, are on the
Contest Section of the WIA website.


November CQ WW DX / CW CONTEST November 26-27.

Running ALL year 'til Dec 31 Victorian Local Government Award 2017 Challenge


John Moyle Memorial Field Day will be held over the weekend of the 17th-18th
March 2018 and will run from UTC 0100 on the Saturday until 0059 on the

IARU HF Championship event on 15 and 16 July.

The 21st International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is on
August 18 to 19, 2018

Park radioactive Nov 25 and 26.

Are you new to the world of park activating and would like to try your hand
at a portable activation? Perhaps you are one of the many park 'die hards'
here in Australia. Either way, put Saturday the 25th and Sunday 26th
November 2017 in your amateur radio diary.

This is the weekend of the 2017 VKFF Activation Weekend for the World Wide
Flora and Fauna (WWFF) program.

The purpose of the WWFF program is to:

'draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna, and
to encourage the development of radio skills, especially in portable

The WWFF program encourages amateur radio operators to operate portable from
designated parks and/or protected nature areas around the world, and in turn
generate attention for these areas, whilst providing the amateur radio
community an interesting and rewarding activity.

And each year in November, a special activation weekend is held when amateurs
all across Australia venture out into the field to activate parks.

So far there are 14 amateurs heading out to activate 24 parks in Victoria,
New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

If you do intend to activate a park that weekend, please send an email to with details of your intended park activation or
activations. A register of all park activations for that weekend is being
maintained and your details will be placed on the list.

More information on the weekend and the WWFF program in general can be found

73 and thanks for listening,

I'm Paul VK5PAS, the National co-ordinator for the WWFF program here in

VK3 National Park radioactive from Friday 10

So far about 30 activations are to join the 4-day Keith Roget Memorial
National Parks Award activity period that starts this Friday.

Among the latest to register activity are regular portable operators,
Brett VK3FLCS, who will be in the Greater Bendigo and Kinglake National Parks,
and David VK3TUN in the Terrick-Terrick and Heathcote-Graytown National Parks.

Please give all Activators a call on the air as they set up portable.

Or use this opportunity as a Hunter to gain some of Victoria's 45 national
parks to qualify for an award.

The 4-day activation period is from Friday November 10, to Monday November 13

A list of the National Parks and award rules are on the Amateur Radio
Victoria website.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

A 'Magic Band' repeater returns

The Mt William 6-metre repeater in the Grampians of South West Victoria is
back on air with a new antenna - probably the last of its type being

The VK3RWZ repeater on 53.650 MHz has had good reports ahead of the period of
propagation lift expected in summer. Unfortunately, the Melbourne firm that
has supported Amateur Radio with special none standard antennas outside the
usual commercial frequency range, is shutting up shop after 40 years.

Without that expert help it seems out-of-band antennas of the quality needed
for rugged mountain sites will no longer be available, with VK3RWZ receiving
the last production.

(Jim Linton VK3PC)

Vietnam Veteran Memorial special event

Look for special event station, W 0 W, to be active between November 10-12th
whilst 'in country' did you have a contact with VI 8B LT5 0

This special event callsign for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of
Long Tan was initially overlooked in terms of QSL cards.

QSL cards for VI8BLT50 are now being printed, and as the VK8 operators made
over 30 contacts with VK stations, if any of those stations desire a QSL card,
they can now be requested via the WIA Inwards Bureau at Bayswater.

The VI 8 BLT 50 QSL cards have the same design as the VI 1 BLT 50, VI 4 BLT 50
and VI 6 BLT 50 QSL cards.

Those who don't wish to send in their own QSL card, can request a QSL by
emailing details of their QSO to and a card will be
forwarded via the VK Bureau operations.

If you wish to receive a direct card, please send a Self-Addressed Stamped
Envelope (with either your QSL card or simply the QSO details) to the WIA
Inwards Bureau at Bayswater.

(Submitted by John Seamons VK3JLS)


From 1 to 30 November, the Bo-Karoo Amateur Radio Club will be celebrating
the 40th anniversary of the commissioning of the Vanderkloof Dam with the
special call sign ZS 40 VDK.

QSL via the operator's instructions.

The Vanderkloof Dam is situated approximately 130km downstream from the
Gariep Dam and is fed by the Orange River, South Africa's largest river.
The dam was commissioned in 1977. It is the second-largest dam in South
Africa (in volume) and has the highest dam wall in the country at 108 metres.

(sarl text only edition)

Mellish Reef DXpedition VK9MA - November 3 - November 16 - URGENT URGENT

The DXPEDITIONERS would appreciate if the best locally observed propagation
times are sent to their PILOT Mike K4PI@BELLSOUTH.NET and he will advise the
team via sat-phone so the team can arrange to target VK in particular at the
best possible times.

We were supplied not much further other than to advise those interested to

WW SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS --- ATV (Every pixel tells a story) - Video

Slow Scan TV goes very 'HIGH' profile

In late September, University of Alaska-Fairbanks researcher Chris Fallen,
KL 3 WX, was attempting to produce an RF-induced airglow or artificial
aurora using the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
facility in Alaska, to warm up the atmosphere.

Clouds hampered his experiment, but KL3WX alerted his Twitter followers that
he also had embedded a few Slow-Scan Television frames in the powerful HAARP
signal, which were then copied in British Columbia and in Colorado.

"The SSTV images, aside from being a fun way to engage hams in some of the
ionosphere-heating science performed at HAARP, will be useful for
understanding radio propagation from Arctic or high-latitude sources," Fallen
told ARRL.

HAARP consists of multiple transmitters feeding 180 phased-arrays and is
capable of producing 3.6 MW (that's megawatts ! ) of RF.

HAARP's signal is essentially aimed straight up.


AMSAT-NA Announces GOLF CubeSat Program

AMSAT-North American President Joe Spier, K6WAO, has announced the next phase
of AMSAT's CubeSat program called GOLF.

No not the first space golf program as back in February of 71, Apollo 14
astronaut Alan Shepard famously took 2 golf balls along with him to the Moon,
making him the first person to play golf on another world.

As an initial step in this new GOLF program, the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors
approved the submission of a NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative proposal for the
GOLF-T satellite project.

The GOLF-T project will serve as a rapidly deployable Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
testbed for technologies necessary for a successful CubeSat mission to a wide
variety of orbits, including LEO, Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), Geosynchronous
Orbit (GEO), Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO), or beyond.

GOLF, an acronym for "Greater Orbit, Larger Footprint," is a crucial step
towards fulfilling AMSAT's strategic goals involving high altitude, wide
access satellite missions.


Two Canadian amateurs will operate as VY 0 ERC from the Eureka Amateur Radio
Club station on Ellesmere Island, IOTA reference NA-008, until 10th November.

Jean-Paul, HB 9 ARY will be active as 3 B 8 HC from Mauritius Island, AF-049,
between 4th and 18th November. He will operate SSB and slow CW on 80-10
metres, with a focus on 80m. QSL via NI 5 DX.

Active is Guinea until the 1st of December. Look for 3XY 3D/P to operate
mainly CW from Kassa Island, AF-051, from 2nd November to 1st December.
QSL via F 5O ZC.

Sub 9 kHz Yahoo Group:-

Canadian radio ham's 10 W ERP 8.27 kHz signal heard in UK

SWL Paul Nicholson in Todmorden, UK has successfully received an extremely
low frequency transmission on 8.27 kHz from Joe Craig, VO1NA, in Newfoundland

The ARRL reports:

For Joe Craig, VO1NA, in Torbay, Newfoundland, things have been pretty
exciting lately on very low frequencies.

He's among the early MF, LF, and VLF experimenters in North America active
even before Canada allocated Amateur Radio bands in that part of the spectrum.
He believes he accomplished a "first" for a Canadian radio amateur on
October 22, when his very VLF, very QRP signal on 8.27 kHz (that would be the
36-KILOMETER band) was copied in the UK.

"After much effort on both sides of the pond, SWL Paul Nicholson finally
copied a three-letter message," he told ARRL. "It's the lowest-frequency
transatlantic message, made possible because of Paul's EbNaut coherent BPSK
mode and DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab spectrum analyser." Even more amazing:

The power was 10 W ERP.

The transmission path was more than 3,500 kilometres.

Read the full story at


South African digital EME QSOs

On 22nd October, at 15.46 GMT, Alex, ZS 6 EME recorded the first ever
digital EME QSO with HB 9 Q on 10GHz.

This was the first microwave EME QSO on such a high band from South Africa.

They used the new digital mode QRA64D, while using only 50 watts at the feed
of his 1.5 metre dish. Later, on the 23rd, Alex completed 10 more EME QSOs on

On the 24th, he was able to make the first-ever South African digital EME QSO
on 5.7GHz with PA3DZL, as well as 7 more QSOs on 5.7GHz.


The SOTA, (Summits on the Air) Over 70s Group, are hosting an Afternoon
Smorgasbord at the Glebe Gardens Cafe Launceston at 4pm on Thursday November

All Amateurs & their friends & family are invited.

A donation of $9.00 is requested to cover cost of food platters etc. This is
a private function and you will need to BYO wine, beer and drinks and you
will need to bring your own beverage glasses.

Now laden with all those items and if you are over 70 no doubt a summit
or three may be within reach.. HiHi

Get along and have an enjoyable couple of hours in pleasant surroundings
with other radio enthusiasts. For those interested and fit enough, they
will also discuss future SOTA activations within Tasmania and its
surrounding islands.

If you intend making it please contact or text, Peter VK7PL
on 0422 539 858 or Al VK7AN to assist with catering requirements.

(Peter, VK7PL via vk7news)


Hallo everyone, this is Clive VK6CSW reminding you that the Radio Amateurs
Old Timers Club of Australia's monthly bulletin goes to air tomorrow.

This month as well as the latest Club news, we feature an item on ferrite,
that magic material that is so important in electronics , and Ian tells us
where all the salt in the sea came from.

Everyone is most welcome to tune in and to join in the call backs afterwards.

The broadcast originates in Melbourne on the VK3REC 2m repeater at 10 am
Melbourne time with simultaneous relays on 40 metres on 7060 kHz and
160 metres on 1843kHz.

At 0100 UTC for eastern states listeners, Hans VK5YX will transmit the
program on 20 metres on 14.150 MHz.

At 0200 UTC, in Western Australia the program is transmitted simultaneously
on 7088 kHz and via the linked repeater network.

At night the broadcast is repeated at 2030 hours Melbourne time on 80 metres
on 3650kHz, and in Tasmania at 1930 on the VK7RAA and VK7RTC networks, then
at 2030 Tasmanian time via a TV presentation by Tony VK7AX.

For full details visit the Club website

Once again, tune in tomorrow for the November RAOTC bulletin.

73 from Clive VK6CSW.


Visit the WIA website,

To find A Club And Course Near You

To make a general enquiry

email for further information.

ARNSW 63 Quarry Rd Dural, email for details on
Bookings can be made by phoning the office on 02 9651 1490
and leaving contact details.

Amateur Radio Victoria 40G Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, or phone Barry on 0428 516 001.


Nov 5 VK3 BARG Hamvention greyhound racing track, Ballarat. (wia events)

Nov 11 VK4 GOLD CAOST HAMFEST 8.30am (vk4py)

Hi I'm Paul VK4PY in six (6) days the Gold Coast Amateur Radio
Society will be hold their annual HamFest on Saturday 11th
November here on the Gold Coast.

The event will be held at the Albert Waterways Hall, which is on
the corner of Sunshine Blvd and Hooker Blvd at Mermaid Waters.

Doors open to the public from 08:30am

Come and grab a bacon and egg muffin, or other items from the

To book at table or other info, go to and look for
the HamFest tab or email

See you hopefully at our HamFest on the 11th November...

I'm Paul VK4PY and you're tuned to VK1WIA and the National News

Nov 12 VK3 Rosebud's annual celebration of all things Amateur Radio (wia)

Hello, this is John VK3 Mike Kilo from the Southern Peninsula
Amateur Radio Club. Well, it's on again next week, the Rosebud
RadioFest will be held at the Eastbourne Primary School,
Allambi Avenue, Rosebud on Sunday, 12th November.

The features of this year's RadioFest include:

sales of new and pre-loved equipment in the main hall, an
excellent range of forums including Flex radio Systems
technology, Low cost technology solutions for 70 cm equipment
and ACMA's latest experiences in the field.

The event has excellent catering, plenty of off street car
parking, and great door prizes are on offer. Ticket sales
commence at 8 am and the main hall doors open at 9.30 am.

Entry is $6 with children under 12 free. Talk in is available
on VK3RSP on 146.675 MHz.

See you in Rosebud Sunday 12th. This is John VK3 Mike Kilo.

Nov 12 VK5 Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society HamFest 8am (vk5kc)


Feb 25 VK2 Wyong Field Day (VK2AOR)

March 25 VK3 EMDRC HamFest Great Ryrie Primary School Heathmont (VK3BQ)

May 4 -7 VK4 Clairview Gathering ( between Rockhampton/Mackay ) (TARC)

Submitting news items

A reminder when supplying HamFest info we obviously can't plug commercial
traders "on air", but we at the WIA will put your supporters in this text
edition "no worries."

If you would like to submit news items for inclusion in the
VK1WIA broadcasts, please email your item in text to
and don't JUST send url's links but take the time to pen YOUR contribution.

To submit audio read "how to submit items" in the weekly news page on

We would appreciate items no longer than 2 minutes in length as we only have
a half hour time slot window.

Remember the sooner you submit material the more the likelihood of it being
broadcast in the very next edition of WIA National News. Each item will only
be broadcast once, if you want a couple of mentions, please submit different
slants to keep your event 'fresh 'and always if the news room is to read your
item write in the 3rd person.



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